He is serving for three terms as Prime Minister and Dean Barrow is now winding down his last term. Today, Barrow told the media that he will not remain as U.D.P. leader and Prime Minister up until the day of elections, which are due in 2020. Barrow intends to step down before the general elections, but has not decided on the exact date. Barrow says that he will consult with his Cabinet colleagues after the party convention in February 2020 to decide on an exit date.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“I really have to talk to colleagues in cabinet once the contest is over. The convention date is February ninth. The budget is usually read on about March eight or so. Should I stay for the budget at least since we would have been at the time of the convention right in the middle of crafting it? Is it fair to leave that to the somebody who is new? And if I stay for the budget do I go on the first of April once the financial year starts? Do I wait little longer? It really is going to be dependent on what colleagues say after the convention is over.”

Channel 5