To guarantee a robust power service in San Pedro Town, the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) deployed a large crew to conduct necessary substation maintenance and system upgrades across the island on Sunday, September 6th. Residents endured an extensively planned power outage for several hours, starting from 6AM until mid-afternoon when power was restored in phases.

BELís power supply commitment to San Pedro and the entire Ambergris Caye is based on the constant growth of the island community. According to them, the existing submarine cable that connects San Pedro to the national grid has a capacity of approximately 17 megawatts. The island is reportedly using between 11 to 12 megawatts, meaning that it is approaching its capacity.

However, before that happens, BEL is looking at other options. One of the plans includes a long-term strategy that could see the installation of another submarine cable that would not only connect Ambergris Caye but also the other nearby islands, which are also expected to develop. This new cable will be designed to accommodate each islandís projected power load based on its potential future growth.

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