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The San Pedro Sun

Transport & National Emergency Management Minister on Official Visit to Taiwan
Belize’s Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Honorable Edmond Castro is in Taiwan as part of a three-member cabinet delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Honorable Patrick Faber, and including Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister, Honorable Manuel Heredia. They are there to conduct official government business and participate in celebrating Taiwan’s National Day.

2019 Oceana Belize Ocean Hero Awardees are fisher folks Guadalupe Lampella and Dale Fairweather
At the seventh annual Ocean Hero Award ceremony organized by Oceana in Belize, two outstanding Belizeans received the prestigious Belize Ocean Hero Award on Saturday, October 5th, in Belize City. This year’s winners are fisherman and sea advocate, Dale Fairweather from Placencia Village and fisherwoman and avid diver, Guadalupe Lampella from Riversdale Village in Stann Creek District. Janelle Chanona,Both were recognized for their exceptional efforts in conserving and protecting Belize’s marine resources, the environment and its creatures for future generations to come.

BEL carries out extensive maintenance works in San Pedro Town
To guarantee a robust power service in San Pedro Town, the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) deployed a large crew to conduct necessary substation maintenance and system upgrades across the island on Sunday, September 6th. Residents endured an extensively planned power outage for several hours, starting from 6AM until mid-afternoon when power was restored in phases. The island is reportedly using between 11 to 12 megawatts, meaning that it is approaching its capacity. BEL is looking at options. One of the plans includes a long-term strategy that could see the installation of another submarine cable that would not only connect Ambergris Caye but also the other nearby islands, which are also expected to develop. This new cable will be designed to accommodate each island’s projected power load based on its potential future growth.

Various Belizean Sources


Tropic Air announces scheduled tour flights from Placencia to Blue Hole
Tropic Air announces that effective November 13th, 2019 it will commence regularly scheduled air tour flights from Placencia to the Blue Hole. These new flights will initially operate on Wednesdays, will take approximately one hour, and will complement the existing scheduled Blue Hole tour flights from San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Belize City Municipal.

Forest Communities
Forest communities have immense value for sacred forests. These forests play a vital role in connecting spiritually with nature. Sacred forests have allowed forest communities to create a balance between humans and nature, protecting wildlife and ecosystems. The community spiritual leaders are a group of elders that guide ceremonies within the forests to pay respect and show appreciation for resources and services forests provide. Prayers, harmonic flute melodies, incense, food and beverages are offered to the spirits of nature. It is strongly believed that this positive energy is brought to the community to nurture sustainable livelihoods.

Caye Caulker's U13 football tournament
86 photos

Licensing and inspection of daycares
Looking for a daycare for your little one? Here are a few pointers from the Inspector of Social Services Institutions who spearheads the licensing and inspection of daycares.

ar-old girl of Altamira, Corozal, was taken to the police station by her mother and filed a report against the child’s boyfriend. According to the police blotter, the minor was engaged in unlawful sexual intercourse with the boyfriend on Friday, September 27 at her home. This incident is not the first instance for the child as she also reported that she had engaged in unlawful sexual intercourse when she was 13 years old, with another male person. The second incident is even more disturbing as the minor was reportedly raped by her stepfather. The child was at the Western Regional Hospital where she was being treated for complications brought on by pregnancy. Police interviewed the child and found that since November 2018, up to August 2019, the child’s stepfather had been beating her and having sex with her against her will. Police are yet to indicate if the stepfather has been arrested and charged.

Tecuani and the Duende @ BBG
They are having a 'Fantastic Freaky Fundraiser at Belize Botanic Gardens' on Friday, November 1st. They'll have 2 screenings, and fun for the entire family.

West Punta Fest
The date is set for the West Punta Fest. It'll be on Saturday, October 26th, at Sacred Heart College. Come out and wish Mark a happy birthday while dancing the night away. Supa G will be there, as will Clayton Williams, Taprick, and the New Generation Band.

BTB at the Pleasant Holidays Fall Roadshow
In Charlotte, North Carolina

Channel 7

Reefs Under Attack - What's The Solution to Stony Coral?
There must be a regional emergency plan to address the threat of stony coral tissue loss disease: that was the position and consensus coming out of day 2 of a 4 day intensive regional meeting on this disease. In late August, we showed you a full feature on Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease or SCTLD for short. To recap, it was first detected in Florida in 2014 and it has wiped out almost half of their coral species on the Florida Reef Tract. Then in late June, it was confirmed here in Belize, in the Bacalar Chico marine reserve. It is spreading and mercilessly killing the corals.

PSU's Hilltop Flip Flop, Explained
Last night we told you how the PSU had done a major flip flop on the position it has taken on its Hilltop headquarters in Belmopan. Last week the Union President publicly conceded that the union's general membership has agreed to abandon the claim for the property and try to get some kind of payout for what it called "equitable interest." But, in a total reversal, the union yesterday sent a release saying it's going to put up a legal fight to hold unto the property. And, all this is based on some new document, which suddenly gives them firm legal footing, firm enough to go to court.

Cops Threw Andrew Augustine Into The Lion's Den
Last night, we told you about the abrupt end in the attempt murder case against Stephon Anderson. The DPP's Office entered a "nolle pros" against him yesterday, which means that they dropped all charges against him, for now. The cops brought the charge against Anderson because they say that he was the gunman who shot Andrew Augustine back in February 2014. But, he was freed because the Augustine took the witness stand in the Supreme Court yesterday and requested that the case be dropped. He said he forgave the alleged shooter.

A Mother's Cry Against KHMH
Last night we told you that 24 year old Jamal Elijio, one of the men who was shot last week Thursday on Santa Barbara street, had died on Sunday afternoon. Today we heard from his mother. She lives in New York City and is heartbroken both at his death and at her inability to attend his funeral due to immigration issues. But she told us that the family feels that the KHMH was negligent with Jamal's care, and that their decision to schedule what she believes should have been an emergency surgery cost her son his life. Here's more via telephone:

Mother of 9 Gets Out Of Jail After 3 Nights, Is Her Son To Blame?
A 45 year old mother of 9 is home tonight after spending the last three nights in jail. And it's all because her son, or someone put bullets in her attic. Carlyn Young was charged jointly with her 25-year-old son, Ledwin Dixon after police searched their home on Wednesday and found four live 9 millimeter rounds inside Young's attic. Both of them were denied bail. Today, in a special bail application before Justice Marilyn Williams Dickie Bradley was able to secure a five thousand dollar bail for her.

Is New Fisheries Bill the Solution?
Yesterday, the Belize Network of NGO's put out a press release complaining that the Government is putting enough priority on illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing that continues to happen in Belizean territorial waters. They say that for years, and across government administrations of the 2 major political parties, there has been a draft Fisheries Resources Bill. It was created to strengthen the country's enforcement against illegal fishing, which tends to happen more frequently near the country's borders. The problem is that even with all that time to perfect it, none of the recent administrations have taken the necessary steps to pass the draft legislation into law.

Fisheries Not So Sure Of A Gillnet Ban
We also asked Wade to comment on the ongoing assessment of gill net use in Belize. The proposal by conservation groups, some fisher groups and the Coast Guard is to ban the nets, but the Gillnet Taskforce is taking a mighty long time to reach a final position. And, part of the reason is that the Fisheries Department is very much taking a wait and see approach. We asked the Director about it today and she was clearly not enthusiastic about a ban:

Fisheries On Fish Kills
We also asked the Fisheries Administrator about the New River in the Orange Walk, and all those fish kills that you've seen pictures of since it was discovered that this important waterway was polluted. The mass numbers of dead fish in the river, back when the pollution levels were at their highest, was the biggest indicator that the health of the New River was at an all-time low. Beverly Wade told us today that the government agencies and their partners on the ground continue to closely monitor the condition of the river, and that they had to investigate reports of fish kills all the way up to Libertad in the Corozal District:

The Queen Conch Quota
And, finally from Wade, we asked her about this year's conch quota. The season opened on October first and we wondered how the quote is being managed. Last year, fishers fulled up the quota from early in the year, but Fisheries still let the season stay open until the end of April. Wade says Belize has an abundant and well-managed resource:... Beverly Wade - Fisheries Administrator: "It's been an excellent start to the conch season this year. The Fisheries Department applies an adaptive management approach to its conch fishery where it monitors the production through the open season and it looks at certain indicators..."

BYM Demands that Gov't Write Off All Student Loans
On Friday, the write-off loan motion for Joshua Perdomo's 40,000 dollar student loan went back to the House of Representatives - where 17 members on the UDP side voted yes to approve it. And, today the PUP's youth arm, known as the BYM sent out a release demanding a loan write-off for all students. The release says, "the Belize Youth Movement is making a call to all the Belizean Youth to rise up and demand that their student loans be also written off.Let us demand that what is good for them is also good for everyone."

Ministers In Twain For 10/10
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber is on an official trip to Taiwan for that friendly country's Independence Day celebrations. He's accompanied by Minister of Transport and NEMO, Edmond Castro, and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Manuel Heredia. They are there to conduct official government business, and, apparently, from the pictures we've seen, to ride around Taipei.

Vasquez Family Demands More From GOB On Mental Health
Last week we told you that the police officers who were in charge of the detention cell when 60 year old Nestor Vasquez Jr was beaten have been recommended for dismissal. His head injuries, inflicted by the mentally ill Colin Francis left him comatose and led to his death two days later. Today the family issued a statement commending police, but cautioning, quote, "even as we are pleased with the progress in the disciplinary proceedings, we still urge the Police Department not to treat this as an isolated incident.The Police Department is duty-bound to address this as a systemic problem of a culture of brutality and inhumanity within its organisation.

The Wonder of Yaoling Lee
Belize City's coffee shops: the smell of coffee brewing and the sounds of the milk being steamed and frothedan imported concept that has quickly taken its place in the city's social landscape. Locales like Spoonaz, Hano, and Taka kitchen can be cool places to hang out, but did you know that these coffee shops and restaurant can be great places to view and experience the work of new artists? Yaoling Lee is one of the artists blazing the trail of bringing art to public spaces where people meet, and eat. Here is that story.

Channel 5

P.S.U. Says It Will Not Be Moved From Hilltop H.Q.
There is more tonight from the Public Service Union in respect of its former Hilltop property. The union says it will not be moved from its Hilltop headquarters in Belmopan.  [...]

P.S.U. Says it’s Fighting for “What Rightly Belongs to Us”
Henry says that the P.S.U. has hired the services of Courtenay Coye LLP and the documents should be filed before October thirty-first. He says that the union will not vacate [...]

2 Camalote Residents Injured in Roaring Creek Accident
A resident from Camalote is in critical, but stable condition tonight at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was severely injured during an accident on the George Price Highway. [...]

Vasquez Family Issued Release on Decision of Police Tribunal
Last week, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams indicated that Sergeant Shawn Walton and Constables Edward Pitterson and Bernard Cayetano are being recommended for dismissal from the force, resulting from the [...]

IMF Provides Initial Report on Belize’s Economic Performance
The latest IMF report, though in preliminary stages, says that while economic recovery is underway, the pace is slowing. It reports heightened spending on wages and public investment and weaker [...]

Belize and the Region Tackle the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease
Turning to a grave issue endangering the eco-system… Coral reefs world-wide are under pressure from a number of threats—climate change, pollution, coastal development, invasive species and even diseases. But about [...]

High Level of Coral Bleaching Detected; Warmer Temperatures Responsible
As you heard, the coral reef monitoring team is working with regional partners to learn more about the stony coral tissue loss disease. But that is just one problem that [...]

Fragments of Hope Restoring Belize’s Coral Reef
And on the topic of coral reef health, the Fragments of Hope has been working in several sites for many more years to re-seed devastated reef with resilient and diverse [...]

P.S.U. President Says “We Felt a Bit Disrespected”
In August, P.S.U. President Gerald Henry completed the first three weeks of his countrywide familiarization tour. Henry met with public services across the country, in government departments in every district. [...]

M.O.H. Providing Worst Environment for Public Officers
Earlier today when we caught up with the P.S.U. president, we asked him about his recently concluded tour nationwide.  President Gerald Henry visited government ministries and spoke to dozens of [...]

P.S.U. President Says G.O.B. Needs to Spend Monies on Hospitals
According to Henry, the government needs to prioritize its spending more appropriately to areas where it is urgently needed such as health.   Gerald Henry, President, P.S.U. “I always point [...]

Jamal Elijio’s Killers Remain at Large
Police are tonight still investigating a shooting in Belize City last Thursday during which three men were injured, one of whom passed away on Sunday at the K.H.M.H.   It is [...]

2 Belize City Men Plead Guilty to Burglary
Two maintenance workers caught on surveillance camera were sent to jail after they pleaded guilty to the burglary of a warehouse on Queen Street, Belize City. Sometime between last Thursday [...]

An Elderly Man is Sentenced to 7 Years for Burglary
A sixty-one-year-old man, who was caught burglarizing a gift shop, learnt a lesson the hard way when he was convicted of burglary and sentenced to seven years behind bars, even [...]

The Belize Youth Movement Issues Release following Loan Write-Off to Joshua Perdomo
The government side of the House last Friday gave final approval to the write-off of forty thousand dollars to Joshua Perdomo, the son of the Cabinet Secretary. As soon as [...]

Season 4 of KTV Latino – the Twists and Curve Balls
You have asked and we heard so KTV Latino is back and with a bang. The show opens at eight-thirty from the Bliss tonight. A pool of ten singers with [...]

Network of N.G.O.s Weighs in on Pending Fisheries Bill
The Belize Network of N.G.O.s wants the government to address illegal, unreported and regulated fishing activities as a matter of national priority.  Government is particularly being urged to enact the [...]

Fisheries Admin says Fisheries Bill Cometh
The Belize Network of N.G.O.s is calling for the passage of a fisheries bill to put in place mechanisms to protect the industry and fisher folks.  We asked the Fisheries [...]

The Delayed Fisheries Bill – What Is In It?
So, why are conservationists and their partners clamouring for the bill to be passed? Well, they say that when passed and enacted, it means that there will be stronger enforcement [...]

Conch Season is Open!
The Fisheries Department says that they are ready for the new conch season. If you’ll recall the season was closed off two months early because the quota for the queen [...]

“Working Together to Prevent Suicide”
This week Belize joins the international community in raising importance of mental health. World Mental Health Day will be observed on Thursday under the theme “Working Together to Prevent Suicide”. [...]


PSU will battle in court over Hilltop headquarters
The Hilltop property in Belmopan that houses the Public Service Union (PSU) headquarters has been at the center of controversy ever since it was revealed that the Belmopan City Council, under the leadership of UDP Mayor Khalid Belisle, secretly brokered a sale of the property without even as much as a whisper to the PSU. Last week the purchaser of the land, Simplex Design Company Ltd., through its attorney, Estevan Perera, issued a letter to the PSU, giving the union one month to vacate the property or face an eviction action in the court.

Jamal Elijio, 24, dies after Thursday night shooting on Santa Barbara
Jamal Elijio, 24, a laborer of Belize City, died of injuries he received in a drive-by shooting at about 8:30 Thursday night on Santa Barbara Street. Elijio was with Marquin Drury, 27, a mechanic of Santa Barbara Street; and Justin Richards, 32. Drury was shot in the neck; Richards was shot in the shoulder; and Elijio was shot in the stomach. They were all rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they were admitted in a stable condition.

Despite public outcry, UDP passes Joshua Perdomo’s $40,000 write-off
“Therefore be it resolved that this honorable House approves the write-off of forty thousand four hundred and seventy thousand and eighty eight dollars as a loss to the Government of Belize,” Prime Minister Dean Barrow said, as the Joshua Perdomo write-off got its 3rd and final reading when it came back to the House from the Finance and Economic Committee. Forty thousand dollars may seem like a very small amount to a government that has become accustomed to wasting millions of taxpayers’ dollars without accounting for it, but the Perdomo write-off is one controversy that will not go away so easily.

Excelsior High School’s security guard shot in school’s security booth
Rodman Welch, 33, a stevedore of Belize City, who works as a security guard at Excelsior High School on Fabers Road, is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after an unknown gun man shot him in the face at about 10:30 last night while he was on duty at the school.

Bush fire destroys house on Jane Usher Boulevard
A bush fire that erupted behind the basketball court on Jane Usher Boulevard destroyed a 12’ x 14’ plywood house in which a man and his son lived, and they are now homeless. At the time of the fire no one was at home. The incident occurred at about 6:00 Friday evening. A resident of the area said that the bush was set on fire by children because of the mosquitos in the area, but the fire got out of control.

Stars of the future – FFB U-15 and U-17 Inter-District Championship Finals put the spotlight on future national stars
On Saturday, September 28, at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) staged the championship finals in two of its youth competitions; it was the U-15 Male Inter-District Finals between Orange Walk and Belize District, followed by the U-17 Male Inter-District Finals between Toledo and Belize District. And it was a real treat for the less than capacity filled stadium, as fans witnessed outstanding and heroic performances from some young men who are but a few years away from leading Belize to respect on the international stage.

Verdes takes over standings lead at Week 10 of PLB Opening Season
It’s been a “neck and neck” Bandits-Verdes race from Week 1 of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2019-2020 Opening Season, and the two teams remain undefeated after Week 10 games this past weekend; but for the first time this season, Verdes FC is the sole standings leader, after their seventh victory yesterday in Dangriga over winless FF Valley Pride, while the Bandits were held to a draw in Mango Creek by Altitude FC. Though they were tied in points from Week 1 right through to Week 9 (3-3, 6-6, 9-9, 10-10, 13-13, 13-13, 16-16, 17-17, 18-18, 21-21), the Bandits always maintained the top spot by virtue of their bigger “goal difference.”

CYDP Peace Cup 2019 weekend results
The CYDP Peace Cup 2019 football tournament continued on Saturday, October 5, with 4 games at the MCC Grounds. In game 1, Eagles defeated Ladyville FC, 3-1, with goals from Michael Robinson (16’) and Keron “Benny” Patnett (63’ & 85’); while David Solorzano (87’) scored for Ladyville FC. Game 2 saw Barrack Road FC with a 2-nil win over Starz Academy, courtesy of a goal each from Jamaal Ford (3’) and Dejean Thompson (64’).

Weekend Ryders Race results for Sunday, October 6
Here are the results from Race #4 of the current 5-race series. The A & B went from M&M Engineering to Mile 25 on the George Price Highway via the Chetumal Boulevard and back to Old Belize, for 44 miles; while the C-Class went up to Mile 20 and back to Old Belize, for 34 miles. Racing was held yesterday, October 6. Class-A top finishers: 1st Place – Barney Brown (Digicell, 1:59:59); 2nd Alvan Gillett (Kulture); 3rd Vallan Symns (Kulture); 4th Warren Coye (Santino’s); 5th Dwayne Wade (BzeBoyz).

Playoffs near in Belmopan 1st Division 2019 football tournament
The single round-robin is almost completed in the 9-team Belmopan 1st Division football tournament, after which the top 4 teams will go on to the playoffs. Four games were played over the weekend at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium, 2 each on Saturday and Sunday, October 5 and 6. In the opener on Saturday, Roaring Creek United bombed Camalote Warriors, 6-1, with goals from Kenroy Williams (24’), Noah Moro (39’ & 48’) and Shemar Ingram (50’ & 69’), along with an own goal by Camalote’s Maynor Castellanos (51’ OG); while Camalote’s only goal was by Bertan Bermudez (57’).

Editorial: Unworkable contract costs in Belize City
Judge Courtenay Abel’s ruling in favor of the complainant in the case brought against the Mayor of Belize City and the Belize City Council (BCC) by former City Administrator, Ms. Candice Miller, most likely did not surprise many people. Ms. Miller had accused the Mayor, Bernard Wagner, of wrongly dismissing her for “gross dereliction of duty.” The background story is that former Mayor, Darrell Bradley, had signed Miller to a 4-year contract mere months before the previous Belize City Council was due to dissolve. Former Mayor, Bradley, is a trained attorney, and so, drawing up contracts being routine for members of that profession, the only question was how much the learned judge would award Ms. Miller.

We need to pass a law to stop people from cursing others, “black”
This story has many threads leading into it, but if you are brave and stick with me to the last, you will get my point. We are approaching October 12, a national holiday formerly named Columbus Day, so at least I will not be guilty of not being with the season. Let’s get this clear: We are a country with many races and we must do everything we can to decrease the friction that can arise in a country where so many diverse peoples share the same beautiful country. Let’s get this clear: We don’t need such a law because people with melanin are begging for such a law. We need such a law so that people who have melanin don’t have to respond to racism.

From British Honduras to Belize: one family’s drama
A novel written by the late Chrystel Lynwood Hyde Straughan (This novel, edited by Mrs. Straughan’s, nephew, Evan X Hyde, will be published in serial form in Amandala.) CHAPTER 1. Matron, as most of us called her, was my mother’s best friend. She was not the first native to be appointed to that post at the local public hospital, but she was the first who was dark-skinned and, therefore, unmistakably one of us. In colonial societies the ruling class is usually comprised of citizens of the colonizing country (in this case British and white) and over time, what has been described as an hierarchy of colour had developed when this group reproduced by mating with the black population of various shades.

PSU: Stand up and be counted!
For a union to be effective in the service of its members, it requires administrative and technical staff and space where its members can hold meetings and socialize. Recognizing the special role that unions play in the socio-economic development of a country, progressive governments in the Caribbean and elsewhere have always moved to assist unions in their development plans.

Our slow and silent death…
We have had so little time in Belize to collectively focus on living in a healthy environment and respecting our natural environment because we have been so busy weeping over the deaths of our brothers and sisters. This seems a more immediate threat, while Mother Nature plots against us as we have looted her to the point of her silent death. The earth is fighting back, and we do not even have time to recognize it and soberly deal with it, due to the immediacy of the killings at hand, the hardships of life and the never-ending scandals of corruption.

Judge rules for Candice Miller in wrongful termination lawsuit against Belize City Council
In May 2018, by a unanimous vote, the People’s United Party-controlled Belize City Council decided to terminate City Administrator, Candice Miller, for gross dereliction of duty. Miller, who was granted a new four-year employment contract just prior to the March 2018 municipal elections by the then United Democratic Party mayor, Darrell Bradley, sued the Council for wrongful termination. The Council filed a counter suit, suing Miller for the one million dollars in costs that were incurred by the council due to her failure to advise the incoming council that they needed to file a defense in a lawsuit that was filed against the Council by Belize Waste Control, one of the sanitation companies doing business with the city.

Objections to voters on voting list in Caribbean Shores and Belize Rural North go to court
Representatives of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) squared off in the Chief Magistrate’s Court over voters who had transferred or had registered for voting at addresses where they reportedly do not reside. The complainants had come from two constituencies, Belize Rural North and Caribbean Shores. The Caribbean Shores transfers were heard first and the transfer of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Edward Broaster, from the Freetown constituency to Caribbean Shores was heard.

Taiwan celebrates its 108th Anniversary
On Friday night, the Republic of China (Taiwan) celebrated its 108th Anniversary in the Kings Room at the Ramada Princess Hotel. The event was attended by the Governor Genera Sir Colville Young, members of Cabinet, the diplomatic and consular corps, members of the media and the Taiwanese community, among other invited guests.

House of Representatives meeting on Friday
The House of Representatives will be meeting in the National Assembly chambers tomorrow, Friday. Based on the Order Paper in circulation among members, the House will introduce a new Customs Regulation Bill and another bill, the Caribbean Development Project loan, for the Belize Electricity hydroelectric plant. The House will also get a report from the Finance and Economic Development Committee.

The Reporter

Verde Remains In Detention – Bail Denied
The Reporter understands that Reynaldo Verde, who awaits trial in the United States under investigation by the FBI for alleged extortion and obstruction of commerce, has been denied bail and will remain in custody in federal detention for the duration of his trial.

R.T.A In Lake Gardens – Car Crashes Into 18 Wheeler
A red four-door sedan crashed into a tow-head truck, then into a nearby lamp-post last night in the Lake Garden Area in Ladyville.


Mesoamerican countries meet in Belize
The Belize Marine Fund provides grants to conservation organizations to assist them in their work of managing the country’s marine resources.

Road collision leaves two hospitalized
A road collision has two men hospitalized and a woman shaken up. The incident occurred last night in Roaring Creek Village, Cayo District. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Mesoamerican countries work to save corals
Belize boasts of having the second largest barrier reef in the world, which forms part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System also runs along Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

PSU planning to take Belmopan CitCo to court over Hilltop HQ
The Public Service Union (PSU) will file a lawsuit against the Belmopan City Council this week challenging the sale of its Hilltop property to Simplex Design Company Limited. The union decided to take legal action in light of an eviction notice issued to them by the new owners. According to the Belmopan City Council, the union was in arrears with its lease.

Empowering Women Through self-defense
The Ahmadiyya Women Association, will be conducting a women empowerment through self-defense programme on October 15. The five week training workshop will engage women in learning the basics of self-defense.

Tackling Climate Change
A team of activists from the south recently returned from the United Kingdom where they attended meetings on climate change. Climate Change has been affecting many countries around the world.

Turneffe Island Resort receives prestigious award
he world’s most distinguished travel title, Condé Nast Traveler announced the results of its annual Readers’ Choice Awards – and Turneffe Island Resort placed in the top ten resorts in Central America. 600,000 readers across the globe submitted a record-breaking number of ratings for their individual travel experiences.

Court finds elderly man guilty of burglary
Edwin Augustine, a park ranger, caught Leslie in the act. Augustine testified that whilst walking the grounds of the park, he heard noises coming from inside the gift shop.

BYM calls on youths to demand student loan write offs
The youth arm of the People’s United Party, the Belize Youth Movement (BYM) has made a call to Belizean youths to demand that the Government write off their student loans. According to a release, this is in light of the recent write offs taken to the House of Representatives.

Vasquez Family calls for advances in mental health care
On June 6, the actions of three police officers cost the life of Nestor Vasquez. Since then, the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams has recommended the dismissal of the officers. The officers whilst on duty had placed two mentally ill persons in the same cell including Nestor Vasquez.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize slow and vulnerable in economic recovery, warns IMF
An International Monetary Fund team led by Daniel Leigh visited Belize from September 23-October 4 […]

Ancient Maya canals and fields show early and extensive impacts on tropical forests
Geographical research at The University of Texas at Austin, published in the Proceedings of the […]

Simone Biles makes history again!
A little under two months since the last time she made history, United States Gymnast […]

Reynaldo Verde denied bail
There are new developments in the Reynaldo Verde saga. Verde, has been denied bail and […]

Thieves make off with 16 laptops from Ladyville Tech
The Belize Police Department is asking the public’s assistance in locating 16 laptops that were […]

Family of Nestor Vasquez restate demands just ahead of World Mental Health Day
The family of Nestor Vasquez today issued a statement acknowledging the efforts made by the […]

Belize Youth Movement demands loan write off for all students
The Belize Youth Movement (BYM) issued a statement today demanding the Government of Belize to […]

Belize can still qualify to Nations League A and Gold Cup in 2021. Here’s how.
No points after two games. Sanctioned for failing to appear in our first match. A […]

Mexican Embassy in Belize invites Belizean businesses for meeting of Expo Pro- Agro Innovacion 2019
The Embassy of Mexico, in collaboration with the National Chamber of Commerce, Services, and Tourism […]

Deputy Prime Minister, Tourism Minister and NEMO minister visit Taiwan
Belize’s Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro is in Taiwan as part […]

Nine countries still on European Union’s Blacklist- including Belize
Nine jurisdictions remain on the European Union’s (EU) blacklist including Belize. The European Union […]

Kidnapped Mexican minor found in Belize
A 13-year-old minor that was reportedly kidnapped in Tulum, Mexico was found in Belize. The […]

Public Service Union taking battle for Hilltop headquarters to court
The Public Service Union (PSU) announced this week that it will be mounting a legal […]

Results of Digi/ Becol Basketball Tournament
he DIGI / Becol Basketball Tournament continued this weekend with games held at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium […]


Belize in December: Festivities and Flip-Flops
Here’s why I am so ready to get back for the holidays in Belize. Snow, sleet, ice not needed. Crowded mall parking lots, blaring Mariah Carey Christmas songs, that constant feeling like you haven’t bought enough gifts? Take a break and head down to Ambergris Caye for Christmas spirit AND warm weather and sun. Here’s what happens on the island in December and some additional pictures to show how San Pedro dresses herself up for the holidays.

The Story of The Garifuna Collective
The Garifuna, also known as Garinagu, trace their origins to a group of captives stolen from West Africa and shipwrecked off the coast of St. Vincent. The group mixed with the indigenous Arawak, before the British deported them to Honduras. What started as a settlement of roughly 2000 has grown into a world population numbering over half of a million. The Garifuna now populate the coastal regions of Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Belize, and also live in communities in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans. For the Garifuna, music goes beyond entertainment. It is used for storytelling, stress relief, and healing. Most importantly, music for the Garifuna is a vehicle for community building.

4 Alternative Options to Plastic Straws
It doesn’t have to be this way. We can make a difference. Globally, we need to work on reversing the effects of the last 30 years of plastic pollution, as well as ensuring that we do better for our oceans in the future. Every individual or business has to decide where to start. It’s actually quite easy to make a switch, and every effort counts. For example, straws might seem like a trivial place to begin — but they are available just about everywhere a drink is sold. The US alone uses 500 million straws each day. The sad truth is that none of them can be recycled because they’re typically made from single-use plastic and are so flimsy that they can’t endure the recycling process. Most of these straws end up in the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes where they clog shorelines and endanger wildlife. They can easily end up being mistaken for food by marine life, which, when swallowed, can cause injury or even death.

Belize’s Hospitality Industry is Going Green
The movement for going green has been exemplary throughout the years. Many consumers and companies have taken the extra step to positively contribute to the well-being of the environment. Whether it be done through the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), purchasing organic food, biodegradable products or turning down the thermostat, these actions can make a huge difference to our planet. By adopting eco-friendly habits, not only are you doing your part to protect the environment, but it is also self-satisfying. Utilizing and maintaining conservational techniques make the planet livable for the next generations to enjoy, and it also gives us hope of a cleaner and brighter future.

International Sourcesizz

The Maya Gods of Time
Developed by Dr. Jennifer John and her husband, this site gives us another way of viewing Maya art. It showcases little animation they have detected played out in Maya art. The key to their reading is the viewer's own motion: that is how they turn a ceramic in their hands to see all the imagery, or pass in front of murals or duck between, and in and out, of carved lintels supporting temple doorways.

Simone Biles leads U.S. women gymnasts to another world team gold
With her Belizean family behind her, American National Simone Biles becomes the most decorated female gymnast in history. From the moment they arrived here, the U.S. women’s gymnasts, led by the incomparable Simone Biles, made clear they’re not letting anything stand in the way of history. In the process, Biles, the reigning Olympic and world all-around champion, became the most decorated female gymnast in history, collecting her 21st world championship medal to move past Russia’s Svetlana Khorkina. Her haul of gold medals at world championships — which now stands at 15 — was already a record. And she is expected to add to her tally over the next five days, when she’ll vie for her seventh world all-around title and compete for medals in all four event finals.

Sugar Breakthrough - Caricom Producers Upbeat After Belize Meetings
A Caribbean Development Bank-funded technical study has found that plantation white sugar can be used to replace refined sugar and, in fact, is being used in manufacturing processes within Caricom and elsewhere in the world, a finding that has changed the tone of a trade dispute among Caricom producers. Interest groups came away from a series of meetings in Belize, where the report was presented, saying the talks from October 2-4 made more progress in the past week than in the past several years in resolving the long-running stand-off between sugar producers and manufacturers over the quality of white sugar, also called plantation white. The two sides are fighting over the high volumes of refined sugar being imported into the region to the disadvantage of regional producers of plantation white.

Belize’s Maya Drained Their Swamps to Make Farmland
IN RECENT YEARS, TALK OF “draining the swamp” has gotten awful popular in the United States. Swamps and wetlands are a lot of things—critical wildlife habitat, buffers against storms, and natural filtration systems, as well as places to hide, barriers to agriculture and development, and refuges for disease-spreading mosquitoes. In short, our modern relationship with wetlands can be complicated. The ancient Maya of Central America were pretty clear about their wetlands: They were a resource, a place to cultivate crops for nearly 1,000 years through a system of wetland agriculture. A new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is showing just how complex and massive Maya wetland agriculture was. “When Europeans came to America they had a very negative view of wetlands,” says Timothy Beach, a geoarchaeologist at the University of Texas at Austin and coauthor of the study, “but to most Americans, they were like our refrigerators today. They were filled with all kinds of goods.”

Turneffe Island Resort Recognized With Condé Nast Traveler's 2019 Readers' Choice Award "Top 10 Resorts in Central America
Condé Nast Traveler today announced the results of its annual Readers' Choice Awards with Turneffe Island Resort recognized as the one of the top 10 resorts in Central America. More than 600,000 Condé Nast Traveler readers across the globe submitted a recording-breaking number of responses rating their travel experiences to provide a full snapshot of where and how we travel today. The Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards are the longest-running and most prestigious recognition of excellence in the travel industry and are commonly known as "the best of the best of travel." The full list of winners can be found here.


  • The Weekend Highlights in Sports, 7min.

  • The Business Perspective, 75min.

  • Tracking the Health of Coral Reefs: Live from Belize, 35min. A Smithsonian Science How Webcast, October 8, 2019 at 2PM and 3:30PM EDT, from Carrie Bow Cay off the coast of Belize.

  • Live from the Bliss KTV Latino Season 4, 3hr15min.

  • Transparent BPO is holding a Job Fair to recruitment, 16min. Transparent BPO is holding a Job Fair to recruit for over 250 jobs within the company. Our guests shared the criteria for those interests in applying. They also talked about the company culture and what differentiates it from its competitors. The fair takes place this Saturday at the compound on Coney Drive. On our couch: Audralee Enriquez - Recruiting Manager, Transparent BPO. Mark Wagner - Team Leader (TL), Transparent BPO. Anna Acosta - Sr. Operations Manager, Transparent BPO.

  • The Sugar Association of the Caribbean - future of the sugar industry in the region, 36min. The Sugar Association of the Caribbean representatives were in country to hold stakeholder's meeting about the future of the sugar industry in the region. Our guests updated us about the outcomes of those meetings. On our couch: R. Karl James - Chairman, Sugar Association of the Caribbean. Mac McLachlan - Director, BSI ASR. Ruy Martinez - Regional Commercial Director, ASR.

  • Social sector as the former Executive Director of the Community Rehabilitation Department, 44min. Fermin Olivera as spent many years in the social sector as the former Executive Director of the Community Rehabilitation Department. We talked with him about the challenges in caring for children who come in conflict with the law. He shared insights into how parents and community can support the crucial work of these departments.

  • The Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise - Update, 18min. The Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise is working to "connect the world" through the many programs that serve vulnerable populations in Belize. They recently made a donation of fire trucks and ambulances to the country. They are able to continue their work through fundraising events that provide the financial support to the organization. The International Magic Show is one of these event. Today they talked about what's in store for this year's show. On our couch: Andre Carillo - Service Project Representative, Rotary Club of BELIZE Sunrise. Victor Usher - Treasurer, Rotary Club of BELIZE Sunrise. Selma Bermudez -President of the Rotary Club of BELIZE Sunrise.

  • Belmopan Aggregates & Hardware Store Customer Appreciation Sale, 27min. Belmopan Aggregates & Hardware Store will be holding a Customer Appreciation Sale on the 10th-12th October. The company has been operating in Belize since 1989 and today they shared about the history of the company and previewed some of the incredible deals that will be available.

  • Grace - Flava With A Beat - Grace Curry Coconut Conch, 23min. The conch season is open and Grace Flava With A Beat wasted no time offering up this tasty meal. Chef Duane Lizama shared his Grace Curry Coconut Conch recipe and introduced Grace Kennedy's newest product - a spicy curry seasoning.

  • TR Shine - musical guest upcoming projects, 29min. Fun Friday began with music courtesy of TR Shine. He was our musical guest and talked with us about his upcoming projects. He shared his keys to success and how he has managed to excel on the local and international music scene.

  • Police Link Up, 52min.

  • Scotiabank and its recent sales of assets, 2min. Several weeks ago, we told you of Scotiabank and its recent sales of assets taking place in other Caribbean countries. We also reported that there are ongoing negotiations for Scotiabank in Belize to the Republic Financial Holdings Limited in Trinidad and Tobago. The bank’s local manager has since denied that report. In speaking with Joseph Cox of CARICOM, he explained to us what the situation regarding Scotiabank in the other Caribbean countries has been.

  • Kayaking in Placencia, Belize at Paradise Resort Hotel, 4min. Kayaking in Placencia during Sunset at the beautiful Paradise Resort. Kayaks and bicycles are offered free for the guests which made our stay an awesome time.

  • Exclusive: Belize Ambassador speaks on immigration and drug trafficking, 4.5min. Daniel Gutierez, Belizean ambassador to the US, joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss climate change, immigration, the importance of regional cooperation, the future of democracy in Latin America and more.

  • Drone over Philip Goldson Highway Belize, 2min.

  • Battle of The Drums, 1min. Mark your calendars for November 16th! We are excited to be a sponsor for this cultural event. Come out and bring the family to Battle of the Drums 2019 in Punta Gorda.

  • Congratulations to our returning 2019 Youth Ambassadors!, 3min. Two weeks ago, a delegation of eleven students and one adult mentor journeyed to the US as a part of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative. Love News saw the students off on September 17, and this past Saturday, we were there as they arrived back in the country. One of the students, Darrelli Garnett, told us about her experience.