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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Signs Economic Cooperation Agreement with the United Arab Emirates
he Governments of Belize and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed an agreement on economic cooperation today in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, aimed at strengthening the ties of friendship and cooperation that exist between both countries.

Meet the Miss Garifuna San Pedro 2019 pageant contestants
The National Garifuna Council San Pedro Branch (NGCSPB) is pleased to present the four beautiful young ladies vying for the title of Miss Garifuna San Pedro 2019-2020. Under this year’s national November celebration theme, ‘Lererun Garifuna Laguchabei Labagaridun Garifunaduau!- Garifuna Language is the Foundation of Garifuna Survival!’ the pageant is set to take place on Saturday, October 26th at the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex.

San Pedro Pirates score their second victory of the season
For the 10th week of Premiere League of Belize (PLB) 2019 Opening Season, San Pedro Pirates traveled to Stann Creek District, Placencia Village, to go against Placencia Assassins on Sunday, October 6th. This 3-2 victory over Placencia Assassin, makes it the second win of the Pirates for the season. he game began promptly at 4PM inside the Placencia Football Field. The first goal was at minute six by Pirates Facundo Garnier. A few minutes later, San Pedro Pirates managed to score another goal courtesy of Henry Vivas. Placencia Assassins responded with a goal at minute 28 by Leomar Leslie.

Ambergris Today

Mixed Martial Arts Tournament in San Pedro
Mixed Martial Arts Tournament for kids and youth this Saturday at SPHS auditorium. Great event to see these kids showcase there talent and skills starting at 1pm. Good Family Fun.

San Pedro Comes Alive With New Color
Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually as a form of artistic expression, usually done without permission and within public view. Our little town is coming alive with lots of colors and spectacular graffiti drawings and in most cases with permission of the owners. Business owners are contracting the graffiti artists to spice up their building. This week we shared with you a cool pic of the week where you can see an awesome drawing of a brown skinned girl rocking a “tree” fro! And for your enjoyment we went around town to take pictures of other cool pieces of art work. Which one is your favorite?

Various Belizean Sources


Belize Signs Economic Cooperation Agreement with the United Arab Emirates
Governments of Belize and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed an agreement on economic cooperation today in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, aimed at strengthening the ties of friendship and cooperation that exist between both countries. The agreement provides for the establishment of a Joint Economic Commission that will include public and private sector representatives and will be co-chaired by the Minister of Economic Development of Belize and the Minister of the Economy of the United Arab Emirates.

Belize Red Cross, Corozal Branch - Bahamas Relief Fundraiser 2019
Thursday October 23, 9am-noon at the Catherine Kelly Center.

Former COLA president writes the PM
Dear Prime Minister: This is to raise to your attention a matter of urgent and critical national importance. In 2009, your administration, after a tendering process, granted a contract for the management of lottery services to Brads Gaming Company Limited, owned by one Kim Jen Chee. Mr. Kim has automated most of the ticket sales and delivered millions of dollars in administrative fees and taxes to the Government, but there have been many glitches in service, such as a failure of the multipack machine during a Sunday Lottery Draw in 2013, and a hacking of the central system of the company in 2017. The Government through the Lotteries Committee retains overall administrative responsibility.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “Beach Booze”.

Voluntary Fire Service Training by the Fire Department on Caye Caulker
You must be committed to three days of training, if interested please comment your name and phone number below, must be 18 years or older. Please note gender is not a factor.

WORLD POLIO DAY - 5K Polio Fun Run/Fun Walk in Corozal
October 26th. - 6:30 a.m. at Central Park - Everyone is Invited. Finish line at Corozal House of Culture.

Garifuna Settlement Day Yurumein and Celebration in Corozal
November 19th.

UB students visit Institute of Archaeology
Today students from the University of Belize visited the Institute of Archaeology for an interactive lecture. Students from the Introduction to Anthropology class were taught about the excavation process, laboratory techniques and how to catalogue artifacts. This activity was also a part of the outreach that the institute carries out, promoting Belizean Archaeology within schools.

Channel 7

Senate Votes No On Joshua Perdomo - But Is It Only Symbolic?
There was a fiery debate at today's Senate Meeting in Belmopan, and most of the controversy involved government write-offs for monies that they can't ever collect on. There were 5 write-off motions, and 4 of them sparked a back and forth from the different Senators. But the biggest one of the day was the House-approved write-off for Joshua Perdomo. And, the debate became so heated that it ended with the Opposition senators and all the social partner senators voting down this write-off. For only the second time in memory, the nay's had it in Belize's Parliament. And it's all because of the influence of Osmany Salas, as the 13th Senator.

Write Off Rail-Up By Business Senator
That write-off was the second in a series of 5 that the Government brought to the Senate today. The first was connected to a Government vehicle attached to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Back in August of 2010, a Home Affairs employee ended up in an accident that damaged it extensively. The Government can't hold him liable for it because according to police, there was insufficient evidence to prove that he was negligent.

Why Write Off Decades Later?
So, the Business Senator was outraged that it took the Government nearly 9 years to account for that public asset, and he took even greater issue with the 3rd write-off of the day. In that one, another Government vehicle was damaged in another traffic accident all way back in November of 1999. That's 20 years ago, and the Business Senator made sure to point that out:

Write Off or Repaired?
So, Government sought to write off $15,000 for that vehicle in 1999, and in the 4th write-off for the day, the leader of Government Business tabled another one for a little over $14,000. That's how much the Government says it lost when another Government vehicle, attached to the Income Tax Department, was involved in an accident in May 2000.

Getting It Right With One Write Off
AND, in the 5th and final write-off for the day, Senator Mark Lizarraga had no complaints to make. He said, that the loss of $15,000 is easily understandable, and so is the fact that the Government can't pursue the person who wrecked a BDF truck back in August of 1997. And in an important update, you'll remember how Lizarraga read from a letter that attorney Audrey Matura wrote, in which she criticized the Government for these write-offs. That letter was supposed to form a part of the discussions that the Senate Committee had, prior to them going to the Senate today.

Will Brad's Hit The Jackpot With An Auto Renew On Exclusive Lottery Contract?
In 2009, Belize's lottery was privatized - and the 10 year contract famously went to Brad's Gaming Company Limited, owned by Kim Jen Chee. Now, the contract is about to finish - and rumors say it will be automatically renewed - which raises concerns for some Boledo fans. And that's what the activist Geovanni Brackett put in a letter to the Prime Minister in a letter dated today. The letter says, quote, "I outrightly reject the process of 'automatic renewal' on principle, and on the face of the many complaints made against Brads Gaming Company Limited over the years, and the general dissatisfaction of the Belizean people with the services rendered." End quote.

Consumers Complain About Higher Light Bills
At the beginning of the year we told you that your light bill would be going up. The increase was to recover 18.9 million dollars BEL has already spent absorbing a steep hike in the cost of power. The law says that cost had to be passed through to consumers. And indeed throughout this year electricity bills have been on a steady uptick. And consumers have taken notice; some have even taken to Facebook to voice lengthy, angry, and humourous twists on the cost of electricity. We spoke to Dawn Sampson, BEL's general manager of employee and corporate services, today to try and get to the bottom of the price hikes. She says that in addition to an increase in electricity consumption there are several other factors at play in the price increase.

Business Senator Not So Sure on BEL Guarantee
So, while the electricity company has been taking heat on social media for those high light bills, they're on the verge of making a major upgrade to the electricity they supply to the island of Caye Caulker. Right now, the island is powered by generators, which is an expensive and inefficient way to conduct business, and it is also not eco-friendly due to greenhouse gas emissions. So, they're seeking to make a 6.8 million-US-dollar loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. That amount will allow them to afford the infrastructure upgrade, which will include a submarine cable link to the mainland, a sub-station on the island.

Contractor General Bill Debated And Then Withdrawn
And while the Attorney General and the Business Senator shared words on that one, there was a lengthy back and forth between all the parties represented in the Senate Chambers. The divisive bill was the Contractor General Amendment of 2019. The Government wants to make one change so that whoever can serve as the New Contractor General is also eligible to become a public servant after their tenure is over. Currently, the law prevents a former Contractor General from becoming a public servant after leaving the post, and that has caused the Government major difficulties to find a suitable candidate.

Air Force Cabinet: Two Ministers In UAE
Ministers Erwin Contreras and Rene Montero are in the United Arab Emirates where they signed an agreement on economic cooperation. Pictures provided to the press suggest that the ministers may have had a looong layover in Dubai, but Contreras as the Minister of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce, was still up to sign with the UAE's Minister of the Economy, Sultan bin Saeed al Mansouri. According to a release the agreement establishes a framework for expanding the economic relationship between the two countries in a number of key areas, including: Trade, Investment, Transportation, Energy and Renewable Energy, and Tourism, among others.

No Witness, No Case, Alleged Killers Get Free
Two men got off a murder charge today after the main witness did not show up to testify. 25 year old Lyson Cacho and 23 year old Tarique Gillett were charged with the March 2015 murder of 29 year old Michael Welch. They were freed when a nolle pros was entered, indicating that the Crown cannot proceed with the trial. Crown Counsel Portia Ferguson entered the motion after it became clear that the main witness was unavailable, despite efforts by the Crown to locate him. Aside from the testimony, there was no evidence against the men. Welch was shot and killed on March 1st, 2015. He and his cousin were sitting in the pan of a pick-up truck that was parked on Periwinkle street when two gunmen approached them. Welch and his cousin ran in different directions.

CARSI Carries NGO's Forward
Today 3 organizations received grants from the US embassy's Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI). The grants are valued at $750,000 US dollars total and they focus on "strengthening the partnership between government and civil society organizations and; improving government services to respond to gender-based violence and trafficking in persons especially vulnerable and marginalized populations."

Belize Ambass. to US Speaks to Russian TV
And, speaking of Belize - US cooperation in security matters, Belize's Ambassador to the US and the Permanent Representative to the OAS, Daniel Gutierez appeared recently on the RT America news network to talk generally about US-Belize relations. Gutierez told the interviewer that two key priorities for the CARICOM block of states are correspondent banking and climate change:

Did US Ask Belize the Big Question?
And another key element in Belize - US relations is immigration. Unlike other Central American nations, there is no caravan of Belizeans heading north to the United States. In fact, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras top the list of countries with the most illegal immigrants intercepted at the US southern border. They are running from poverty, violence and climate change, by the tens of thousands. And, the US is now trying to stop those refugees before they reach that southern border. And that's why the superpower has signed what are called "Safe Third Country" agreements with Guatemala and Salvador.

Which is Better? Fresh or Frozen Chicken?
Are you having Chicken for dinner tonight? It's the most widely consumed meat in the country and while that may be due to its low cost when compared to beef or pork, there's no arguing that chicken is the centerpiece of Belizean cuisine. But how do you know that the poultry you're buying is optimally stored? Should it be frozen or soft? And if it is soft is that because it is fresh, or is it because the grocer plugged out his freezer to save electricity overnight? And could that give rise to Salmonella?

Alex Aguet, Back In Belize After Decades Long Journey of Self Discovery
Right now at the OM Shanti Wellness Center on Fort Street here in Belize City, husband and wife Alexander and Kimberly Aguet are facilitating a session, ambitiously titled "How To Use Food And Exercise To Reverse And Prevent Chronic Diseases + Mental Health Issues". That's a whole lot of problems to address in one session - but Alex Aguet is confident that these big problems have simple solution. We tracked him down today to find out more about this Rehabilitation Specialist And Osteopath who left Belize at the age of 18 on a spiritual quest.

Mexican Agro Expo
The Embassy of Mexico, in collaboration with the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism - Chetumal (CANACO), held a business meeting today at the Mexican Institute for the presentation of Expo Pro Agro Innovación 2019. During the meeting, CANACO presented an overview of the business opportunities at Expo Pro Agro Innovación 2019. We stopped by to hear about the potential agri-business buyers on the Mexican side who will be attending the expo and their interest in making connections with Belizean entrepreneurs.

Channel 5

Senate’s Heated Debate over Joshua Perdomo $40K Loan Write-Off
It was a rare occasion in the Senate today.  The upper chamber voted against a motion to write-off forty thousand four hundred and seventy-four dollars and eighty-eight cents owed by [...]

Senate Votes Against Motion, but “Money Motions Cannot be Defeated by the Senate”
At the end of the debate, a division was called by Senator Chebat to document the vote of each senator.  As we said, seven of the thirteen voted against the [...]

Private Sector Senator Says G.O.B. Should Collect From Guarantor
Also voting against the write-off was Senator for the Private Sector, Mark Lizarraga. According to Lizarraga, while it was expected that the Senate would not be able to block the [...]

John Briceño Writes Letter to House Speaker About Denial of his Constitutional Right
Still on the unpopular Joshua Perdomo write-off, the Leader of the Opposition John Briceño has written to the House Speaker Laura Longsworth taking issue with the conduct of the debate [...]

Senate Debates Amendment to Contractor General Act
Senators also debated the amendment to the Contractor General Act.  The amendment removes the limitation which barred any Contractor General to return to the public service after his or her [...]

2 Men are Freed of the Murder of Michael Welch
Two Belize City men were freed from murder charges after spending almost five years on remand at the Hattieville Prison. Lyson Cacho and Tarique Gillett faced trial for the March [...]

Dell Laptops are Stolen from Ladyville Technical High School
Over the weekend, the business centre at Ladyville Technical High School was burglarized and a number of laptops donated by Digi were stolen.  The Belize Police Department is asking the [...]

Lionel Longsworth Takes the Rap for Gun Charge
Tonight, three of four men linked to a gun found in a parked vehicle are home free after twenty-three-year-old Lionel Longsworth took the rap for the firearm and ammo. Harold [...]

Drought Decimates Acres of Crop in Little Belize, Farmers are Distraught
The financial losses to farmers up north don’t look good after months of a drought gripped the farming community.  In Little Belize, a small Mennonite community in the Orange Walk [...]

Climate Resilient Farming is a Must Amid Devastating Drought
The extreme dry weather conditions that have adversely affected the agriculture sector has once again prompted a discussion on climate resiliency and the need for farmers to adopt other practices [...]

A Farmers Registry for Times like These
According to District Agriculture Coordinator Elsner Campos, it is important for farmers to enroll with the ministry so that a record of their location, the crops they grow and the [...]

Senate Approves C.D.B.-B.E.L. Loan Motion
A project to electrify Caye Caulker Village will cost the Belize Electricity Limited some thirteen point six million dollars. The monies are being borrowed from the Caribbean Development Bank on [...]

Will Lottery Contract Be Automatically Renewed for Brads?
In 2009, Brads Gaming Company Limited owned by Kim Jen Chee was granted a management contract to manage the lottery programme which rakes in millions of dollars in administrative fees [...]

Former COLA Prez Raises Concerns; Says Contract Should Be Tendered
Brackett has since written a letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow seeking information on the boledo deal. He is also advocating for the tender process and for information on who [...]

Lottery Contract Process Needs to be Transparent and Accountable
Brackett says he will lobby the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Senators and other social partners to get answers on the situation around the popular boledo. At today’s [...]

CARSI-ESF Awards US $750,000 in Grants
The U.S. Government, through the CARSI-ESF grant programme, has awarded seven hundred and fifty thousand U.S. dollars to three organizations in Belize. Since 2007, over nine million U.S. dollars have [...]

Former COLA Prez to P.S.U.’s Gerald Henry: “This Doesn’t Take Niceness”
Former firebrand COLA President, Geovanni Brackett also chimed in today on the Hilltop property debacle where the headquarters of the P.S.U. was sold even though negotiations were ongoing with the [...]

MAR Countries Meet to Discuss Reef Restoration
Today the Meso-American Reef Network held its second biennial meeting. Belize, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras gathered in Belize City to talk about the challenges of the Meso-American Reef and how [...]

The Reporter

Belize’s Senate Voted To Decline The Joshua Perdomo debt write-off
The Senate has voted against the very controversial Joshua Perdomo debt write-off. When a division was called it resulted in 7 Senators voting NO and 6 voting YES.


Three organizations awarded grants from the US Embassy
The US Embassy issued $750,000 US in the form of a grant to three organizations as part of the 2019 Central America Regional Security Initiative, Economic Support Fund (CARSI ESF). The grant is in favor of organizations who support good governance by using civil society engagement to strengthen government effectiveness.

Sibling still missing 9 years later
Benjamin and Onelia Rash are siblings who went missing on August 30, 2010. The two resided in San Marcus Village, Toledo District and remain unaccounted for up to now. Benjamin would have been celebrating his 19th birthday this week while Onelia turned 17 on October 5, 2019.

Scouts Headquarters soon to be a reality
The Scouts Association of Belize came closer to its dream of establishing its headquarters in February when a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the building. The headquarters will be located on Albert Street West in Belize City and will be named after its patron, Sir Colville N Young.

Concerns raised over contract between GOB and Brads
It was almost ten years ago that Brad’s Gaming Company Limited received a contract to be the sole manager of lottery services. With news of the owner, Kim Jen Chee, seeking a renewal, Activist Geovannie Brackett wrote to the Prime Minister querying if there will be an automatic renewal of the contract.

Creating business connections between Mexico and Belize
The Mexican Embassy in Belize in collaboration with its National Chamber of Commerce held a business meeting with various business owners today. In the meeting business owners were presented with business opportunities of Expo PRO AGRO INNOVACIÓN 2019, an expo held in Chetumal Quintanaroo from October 23-25.

16 Laptops stolen from Ladyville Technical High School
Sixteen laptops from Ladyville Technical High School were stolen sometime between October 6 and 7; one week after Digi and the Ministry of Education had given students laptops through their DIGI learn program.

Belmopan to get new city hall
The Belmopan City Council is looking to relocate its main offices. Mayor Khalid Belisle noted that they are currently looking at acquiring a new structure as they have outgrown its current offices.

Belmopan City Council makes efforts to combat crime
On September 14, the body of 19-year-old Adamir Choc was found on the outskirts of Belmopan. Shortly after two teenage boys were gunned down a stone’s throw away from their home. The hideous crimes sent shock-waves through the capital. Thereafter, Belmopan City Council and the Commissioner of Police Chester

Twelve surveillance cameras for Belmopan
surveillance system, Mayor Khalid Belisle

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Former COLA President raises concerns about Lotto contract
Giovanni Brackett, former president for the activist group COLA has written to Prime Minister Dean […]

Opposition Leader writes to House Speaker regarding decision to block debate of write-off motions
The Leader of the Opposition of Belize, John Briceno today wrote a letter to the […]

Positive Vibez releases new Punta Rock single
Garif Valentine also known as Positive Vibez has released his new Punta Rock single entitled […]

Song for 1st ever animated movie in Belize shot in Cayo
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) today announced that the launch of the 1st ever animated movie […]

Join the San Ignacio’s Cancer Walk on October 26, 2019
The San Ignacio Cancer Society is hosting its annual cancer walk on October 26, 2019. […]

Taiwan to celebrate 108th National Day
Taiwan commemorates October 10 as their National Day. The day is set aside to commemorate […]

Senate rejects loan writeoff for Joshua Perdomo – Ashley Rock joins opposition and other Senators in rejecting writeoff motion
The Senate by majority of the Opposition and social partners has voted down the write-off […]

Man,23, shot in Belize City
Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night in Belize City. Russell Reyes,23, […]

Senate debates motions and financial amendment bills
The Senate meets to consider and assent to several important bills and motions brought from […]

Belize signs economic cooperation agreement with United Arab Emirates
The Government of Belize and the Government of the United Arab Emirates signed an agreement […]


People and Culture
Exploring New Cultures Is the Best Part of Traveling. Whether having a friendly conversation or trying a local dish, you will be immersed in the various cultures! The Mayas that live in Belize today are descendants from one of three denominations – Kekchi, Yucatec, and Mopan Maya. They live in small villages in Southern Belize and still embrace their ancient rituals. Mestizo people of Belize were initially descendants of the Spanish and Maya. Today, many are recent immigrants who have left neighboring Central American countries to seek refuge in Belize. Creole is descended of Africans who were brought over as slaves during British colonization. Many Belizeans who have African traits in their blood are identified as Creole.

Ray Caye Island Resort
Take a look at Ray Caye Island Resort, located 17 miles East of Placencia, Belize; on this island, you get to wake up to sunshine and blue waters every day while leaving nothing but footprints in the sand in keeping with your love for conservation and sustainability. Ray Caye’s primary source of power is solar power. Solar panels generate free electricity by transferring the sun’s heat to produce all the energy needed to operate the property. The resort understands how important protecting Belize’s marine ecosystem is. Recently, the proprietors of Ray Caye partnered with The Getch Foundation, a program started in 2015 by Sir Richard Branson and the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator that focuses on ocean conservation, to assist in protecting Belize’s Marine Reserve Cayes.

The Family Coppola Hideaways
As people become more conscious about going green, many are now wanting to stay in eco-friendly resorts when they travel. Blancaneaux Lodge, located in Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, and Turtle Inn, located in Placencia, are incredible places to do just that in Belize. The resorts are dedicated to sustainable tourism practices, designed to protect endangered species. Owners Francis and Eleanor Coppola see their role as conservators to preserve and strongly support Belize’s “Best Kept Secret”. With that said, the luxurious hideaways were created and designed in a way to blend into the natural environment by using low profile, environmentally sound designs, thatch, hardwoods, pine, bamboo, and locally produced tiles.

International Sourcesizz

Caribbean Running Out Of Prep Time For Sweltering Planet
The clock is ticking on Caribbean preparedness for climate change, with a recent study giving the region more than 10 years within which to ready itself for a world warmed to 1.5 degrees Celsius. “A 2030 attainment date for 1.5 degrees Celsius, as suggested by this and other similar studies, gives the Caribbean region less than 15 years to prepare for the consequences of a 1.5 degrees Celsius world and for the subsequent years when global temperatures move beyond this threshold,” writes the researchers, including Dr Tannecia Stephenson, a physicist and co-lead for the Climate Studies Group Mona, in the 2018 paper on the subject.

Are Queen Conch Shrinking in Belize Waters?
A recent study by WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), the University of Miami, and Universidad de Puerto Rico has detected a decrease in the average size of adult queen conch (Lobatus gigas) in the waters of Belize, possibly the result of fishers using shell length rather than thickness as a reliable indicator of age. The study represents the first research to measure a reduction in adult body size for queen conch, a phenomenon previously studied in fish species subjected to overfishing. Scientists in the study suspect that current methods used to regulate the harvest of these marine snails are allowing too many juvenile animals to be taken.

Ancient Mayans created their own climate catastrophe 1,800 years ago
A surprising new study suggests that ancient Mayans may have inadvertently caused their own demise by radically altering the climate. The research looks at newly found evidence in Belize that shows the Mayans responded to increases in population and environmental pressures by creating canals and wetlands. They also had regular “burn events” while farming their lands, which may have caused a rise in carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere. “We now are beginning to understand the full human imprint of the Anthropocene in tropical forests,” said the study’s lead author, Tim Beach, in a statement.


  • Police Link Up, 2.5hr.

  • What Belize can teach the world, 4min. Belize's Ambassador to the United States of America, H.E. Daniel Gutierez, speaks on immigration and drug trafficking

  • Belize - River boat tour and Altun Ha Mayan Ruins, 6min.

  • Full Interview Exclusive: Belize Ambassador speaks on immigration and drug trafficking, 12min. Daniel Gutierez, Belizean ambassador to the US, joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss climate change, immigration, the importance of regional cooperation, the future of democracy in Latin America and more.

  • Raise My Voice - Nicole Craig, 4min. Nicole Craig sings the official theme song for Belize's first animated movie 'Tecuani and the Duende - The Voice of the Jaguar' Much of it was shot in Cayo, and some at Monkey Falls. Great song.

  • The making of Tecuani and the Duende, 1min. We want to share the whole process of animation and bringing Belize's first animated movie to life. Check out how the characters are rigged, and meet Tata Duende (in his many forms) and Tecuani

  • Tecuani and the Duende Official Teaser Trailer, 1min. A young girl, Tecuani, is unaware of the adventure she is about to embark on as she chases a purple lizard into a forest cave. Her journey begins with an encounter with the fearsome Tata Duende, a legendary guardian of the forest with missing thumbs and backwards feet. The Duende awakens young Tecuani to an epic story that has been forgotten for a thousand years. Will brave Hunahpu’s efforts to secure another chance for humanity be for nothing? Can Tecuani fulfil her destiny and find the ‘voice of the jaguar’ to awaken her people?

  • GOB Sitting Of The Senate, 3hr30min.

  • A view from Corozal afternoon after the rain., 2min.

  • Manatee Training session, 15min. Friends of Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary held a training session to sensitise boat captains to decrease manatee deaths in Belize. We spoke to three persons and got insight on what the training entailed and the reason behind it. They also spoke on training the captains on communication with guests on their tours when showing them the manatee sanctuary.

  • D-star performing live at Belize Albert Street (Street Art Festival), 3.5min.

  • Belize KTV Latino 2019 Season 4, 3hr15min.

  • Jaime Awe - Maya Cities Sacred Caves of Belize Central America, 10min.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.

  • Stony Coral, 9min. In recent years, the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease has reported in the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve and the spread of this disease does not seem to be slowing down. Earlier this week, Mesoamerican Reef Fund -MAR Fund- and other partners joined forces to discuss how we plan to move forward in light of this very real threat to the health of our marine resources.