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The San Pedro Sun

BEL Team to Assist with Hurricane Restoration in Abaco, Bahamas
A team of five Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) employees travelled to the Bahamas on Sunday, October 13 to assist Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) with hurricane restoration efforts on Abaco Island. Category five Hurricane Dorian claimed 61 lives and caused massive devastation to the Abaco and Grand Bahama islands during its passage September 1- 3, 2019. The BEL team will join other member utilities of the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) who have committed to assisting BPL with rebuilding its electrical infrastructure.

Belize attends High-Level Segment on Statelessness and 70th Session of the Executive Commission of the High Commissioner’s Programme
Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Patrick Andrews headed Belize’s delegation to the High-Level Segment on Statelessness (HLS) and the 70th Session of the Executive Commission (ExCom) of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Programme. The events are being held from the 7th to 11th October 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ambergris Today

Belize Delegates Head To Costa Rica For The U-13 CODICADER Games 2019
From Wednesday, October 16 to Sunday, October 20, Costa Rica will host the CODICADER Games (Elementary School Level). A delegation of 59 people will travel from Belize to compete in the disciplines of mini-volleyball, kids athletics, and football 7. Young athletes from all seven Central American countries will participate in chess, kids athletics, mini-basketball, football 7, artistic gymnastics, swimming, table tennis and mini-volleyball. These conventional disciplines will take place, as well as athletics and inclusive swimming, which are disciplines reserved for students with disabilities.

Various Belizean Sources


BTB at the Dia de la Hispanidad 2019

Garifuna Nuguya 12K Run
Let's enjoy Garifuna Settlement Day in Libertad Village, CZL, Nov 19, Corozal to Libertad Village.

Donation of Volleyball Equipment
Thank you to Mr Juan Chico Marin and Mr Miguel Neal and the Caye Caulker Volleyball Association for the generous donation of volleyballs and a scoreboard for the Ocean Academy High School volleyball teams.

San Pedro Trade License fees for 2020
It's back! Take advantage of this promotion! In honor of San Pedro's 35th Township Anniversary, the San Pedro Town Council is offering a 5% discount on Trade License fees for 2020. Please be reminded that you must fill out a renewal form prior to paying your 2020 fee.

Belize Indian Merchant Association presents BOLLYWOOD RETRO NIGHT. Time To Party! October 20th at the Princess Casino Free Zone. Cover $100.

Corozal Football Association - Week 6 Schedule
It all happens this Sunday, October 20, 2019 at the Carolina Football Field starting at 10:00 a.m.

Coming soon... Art classes at Museum of Belize with Yaoling Lee!!
Call us at 223 4524 for more information.

Ancient Maya Guardian spirits
Despite the European influence, the Yucatec Maya(Máasewal) of Belize still honor ancient Maya Guardian spirits like the Alux and the Nukux Tat ,especially at planting and harvest time . Alux is the Guardian of the milpas . While the Nukux Tat is the Guardian of the animals,forest and humans . For the Maya this spirits work with God(Yuumstil) to help them . Sadly due to Christianity many aspects of this Guardian spirits have been distorted to look evil and misunderstood by outsiders.

Community service hours at our upcoming Hanal Pixan Event
We are inviting college students to work their community service hours at our upcoming Hanal Pixan Event, Saturday October 26th. Interested students can message, call 422-0071 or pass by for more information! Go and preserve this beautiful tradition .

Channel 7

Man Murdered In Shadow of Police Station
The holiday weekend was peaceful for most Belizeans, but, not all: 3 people were murdered, and 3 more lost their lives in traffic accidents. We begin our newscast tonight with the street slaying of 20-year-old Troy Polonio. It happened last night on Raccoon Street, right in front of his girlfriend's house, which is a very short distance from the Raccoon Street Police Headquarters. Polonio's family describes him as a hard worker, a family man, and a new father who diligently looked after his 1-year-old son.

A Shallow Grave For Samir
A San Lazaro villager was stabbed to death and his throat slashed. A team of police officers, residents and relatives found Hazid Samir Diaz's body in a shallow grave in a field on Sunday morning after 10:00. Courtney Weatherburne went up north looking for answers. This morning Hazid Samir Diaz's family house was all shut. His family was out making burial arrangements while trying to cope with his death. Diaz was killed and his body found on Sunday morning in a shallow grave in this field not too far from his home. Diaz left his home on Saturday evening.

Alleged Killer On The Run
Police are now looking to their regional counterparts in Guatemala to find a murder suspect who they believe has skipped across the border. Cesar Augusto Lopez Mendoza is a Guatemalan who lives in San Jose Succotz. And, on Thursday night at 10:30, police believe he and another man chopped 56 year old Juan de Cruz Carrias - known as Johnny - to death. Cruz Carrias - who is from Santa Familia - was in Lopez Mendoza's house - and today, police would not shine any light on what may have prompted the murder.

Chester's Chile Collision
Commissioner of police Chester Williams is in Chile representing his Department at the Interpol General Assembly. But, tonight, he is recovering from some minor injuries after an accident today. Williams says he was being driven in an official vehicle which collided with the vehicle in front, after it switched lanes without indicating.

Mexican Counterfeiter To Court
On Friday we told you about 39 year old Mexican, Gilberto Hernandez Gallego. He was caught at the Phillip Goldson International with 40,800 US dollars in counterfeit currency hidden in a false bottom of his suitcase. He was detained and his two Brazilian traveling companions were refused entry and sent back home. Today, the second in charge of national crimes investigation didn't want to say much:

Powers Of The Bus Industry Meet
6 weeks ago, we showed you how the Attorney General and Transport Minister Edmond Castro managed to navigate out of a stand-off with the Belizean bus operators. The bus owners were pressing the Government to implement restrictions, which would limit the number of foreign-owned buses that can operate in Belize. The local operators wanted the Government to implement a statutory instrument that would require these foreign operators to hand-off their passengers to a local operator at the border. The local operator would then proceed to transport these passengers to whatever part of the country they were traveling to. From the perspective of the local operators, these foreign-owned companies should not be allowed to exclude the local operator out of possible revenue-earning opportunities in their own country.

Fire At Belmopan Terminal Terrifies Commuters
In other bus news... There was a bus fire at the Belmopan terminal this morning. It happened at about 6:15 AM. A Morales bus had just pulled into the terminal and was in the process of boarding passengers. That's when a young man who had already boarded noticed fire and smoke coming from the back of the bus. We spoke to two eyewitnesses. Voice of: Terminal Employee: "The bus came in. Everybody got on it and were about to leave when a young man came in and said that the bus was on fire at the back, and then his mother was going to enter the bus and he was yelling at her to not enter because the bus was on fire. And so some people were still trying to get on the bus but he got the notice of the driver and the conducter, and he told them that the bus was on fire. So they tried to get everyone off the bus but some people were still like mesmerized I guess. And they just sat on the bus until they noticed the smoke started entering and that's when they tried to come off the bus."

Mystery Killing In Cowpen
In our first segment we told you about two weekend murders - one in the city, the other in the north. The next one happened in the south, Cowpen Village near Independence. On Sunday evening, Santiago Pop's neighbor called police because he had not seen the 58 year old for two days. When San Juan police got to the small home - they found the door unlocked, went in, and found Pop face down in a pool of blood. He appeared to have been chopped to death. Second in charge of crime investigation, Hilberto Romero told us more:...

Two Cousins Killed In Bus/Cycle Smash-Up
And, two cousins lost their lives in a terrible motorcycle accident on Saturday evening. It happened on the Southern Highway near the junction with Savannah Road which is at mile 39. 41 year old Jaylon Gomez was driving a James Bus north and the motorcycle was going in the same direction. Suddenly the bike stopped, and Gomez violently rear-ended the motorbike. Both passengers, 40 year old Fidel Cho and 25 year old Edgar Cho suffered serious head injury. One of them did not have a helmet and died on the spot while the other who did have a helmet died on his way to the Southern Regional Hospital.

Cayo Motorbike Man Killed In Truck Collision
And there was also a fatal accident in Cayo where a 26 year old lost his life. And, again, the victim was on a motorbike. On Saturday morning at 12:30, Billy Lerma crashed into a truck driven by 50 year old Paul Wagner. It happened on Carillo Puerto Avenue where they collided at the corner of that Avenue.

Budna Finally Charged
In February 2017, 23 year old Alvaro Aldana was shot and stabbed as he walked with his wife in a park in San Ignacio. The case has been cold for almost three year, but this weekend police announced that they have charged 29-year-old, Melvin Ray Charles Budna, of Santiago Juan Layout, San Ignacio Town for Murder.

BTB Fam Trip Takes Press Corps On Southern Sweep
On Friday - members of the media including our Cherisse Halsall and Angel Noble went on a media familiarization trip in the Southeast of Belize. Now, this could easily be called a "media jolly", but that wouldn't be fair - sure, there was some jolly-ing - but there was also real work as the team went from a resort hidden along the Hummingbird Highway to a charming atoll off the coast of Placencia. Tune in tomorrow for a follow up, where we'll show you several of the culinary experiences that members of the media enjoyed over the long weekend.

Burgled Buttonwood Bay Nazarene
The criminal mischief over the long weekend included the burglary of Buttonwood Bay Nazarene school. Burglars broke into the Principal's office and the kitchen making off with items valued at $7,000.00. The school's principal Amelia Bencomo says the robbers stole from the children and this crime affects the life of the school.

Kenrick to Court With Injuries
Kenrick Reneau went to court with multiple injuries today - he says police shot him five times. Police - on the other hand - allege that that the 40 year old and his accomplice are the ones who fired at them! Today in court, Reneau and 27 year old Samuel Halliday were charged with four counts of aggravated assault upon a police officer.

The Avatars Of Cancer Survival
October is observed internationally as breast awareness month, and to remind Belizean women that they should not take breast cancer lightly, the Belize Cancer Society and the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children collaborated on a cancer-awareness initiative. It's called the 2019 Cancer Awareness Photo Unveiling. It's an annual event where these two organizations highlight the success that women diagnosed with cancer have had. They want to demonstrate that with the appropriate steps, taken early, cancer patients can become survivors.

BEL Linesmen To Let There Be Light On Abaco Island
On Sunday, a team of Belize Electricity Limited employees travelled to the Bahamas to assist the island's electricity company, Bahamas Power and Light, with power restoration efforts on the storm-battered Abaco Island. Dorian, a category five hurricane, claimed 61 lives and caused massive devastation to the Abaco and Grand Bahama islands during the first three days of September.

Pro Futuro to The Future
The Ministry of Education has partnered with the OAS and the Spanish organization Pro-Futuro to launch a program that intends to bring technology into Belizean classrooms. The program will be tested in the Belize and Cayo districts before a later national launch. We spoke to Starrette Greene from the OAS after the launch today, and he told us that all parties involved in the launch have worked to ensure that quality information is being provided through these proposed classroom technologies.

Children's Takeover Parliament in Belize In a Month
A Children's Parliament event is being organized in Belize to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It will be held on November 20th in the House of the Representatives and will see children take over the role of Speaker of the House, Mace Bearer, Clerk of the National Assembly and the 31 seats of the House of the Representatives. The children will debate an issue of national development.

Channel 5

Troy Polonio is Gunned Down on Raccoon Street
Three persons were brutally murdered over the extended weekend. We start with the deadly and brazen shooting of Troy Polonio Junior on Monday night. Polonio Junior was on Raccoon Street [...]

San Lazaro Villager Slain and Found Hours Later in Shallow Grave
In San Lazaro, Orange Walk, a search party followed a blood trail and made a gruesome discovery in a shallow grave off a sugar road on Sunday morning. They found [...]

Police Seek Two in Murder of Hazid Diaz
This afternoon, Senior Superintendent Hilberto Romero spoke briefly on the discovery as well as the ongoing criminal investigation into Hazid Diaz’s murder.   Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero, Deputy Head, National [...]

Retired Public Officer Chopped to Death in Cow Pen
A retired public officer was brutally killed inside his house sometime over the weekend. The neighbours suspect that he was murdered sometime between the hours of Friday night and early [...]

Billy Lerma Perishes in Fatal Accident in Santa Elena
Three persons lost their lives in two traffic accidents over the weekend. The first fatality occurred just after midnight on Friday as Billy Lerma rode a Senke motorcycle on the [...]

A Pair of Cousins Perishes in Bus and Motorcycle Collision in the South
Also on Saturday, a collision between a James passenger bus and a motorcycle claimed the lives of a pair of cousins. Just before six p.m., at the intersection of the [...]

Thieves Break Into Lynn Young’s Home
The Lake Gardens residence of BECOL C.E.O. Lynn Young was broken into over the weekend.  The thieves, who were captured on surveillance camera as they entered the property, made off [...]

Thieves Burgle Buttonwood Bay Nazarene Primary
Thieves broke into Buttonwood Bay Nazarene Primary School over the weekend and made off with seven thousand dollars in cash and other items from the principal’s office.  According to Vice [...]

Female Patron Catches a Beat Down at Dream Like City
Over the weekend in Belize City, a female patron was viciously assaulted outside of a nightclub near mile two on the Phillip Goldson Highway.  The incident, which was caught on [...]

A Wanted Poster is Issued for a Guatemalan National for a Murder in Succotz
The Belize Police Department has issued a wanted poster for Guatemalan national Cesar Agusto Lopez Mendoza. Mendoza is wanted for the murder of fifty-six-year-old Juan De Cruz Carrias, whose mutilated [...]

Melvin Budna Arrested for Murder 2 Years Later
Twenty-nine-year-old Melvin Ray Charles Budna has been arrested and charged for the murder of Alvaro Aldana two years after he was shot and killed behind PK Store in San Ignacio.  [...]

“Vaccines are Everybody’s Business”
This week is being dedicated to raise awareness on the importance of vaccines in preventing diseases and protecting public health. Hand hygiene is an easy and effective way to prevent [...]

ComPol Chester Williams Sustains Minor Injuries in Chile
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams sustained minor injuries in a traffic mishap in Chile, where he is attending the eighty-eighth Interpol General Assembly. Williams suffered from a sprain right knee [...]

Dr. Colin Young, Incoming Executive Director of C.C.C.C.C.
It is confirmed that Doctor Colin Young will be moving to the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre in early January 2020. Young, we reported some time ago, is demitting office [...]

Ministry of Education Adopys ProFuturo Program
A digital education programme was launched today by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the OAS and two foundations. Eleven rural schools will be equipped with tablets, laptops and [...]

A B.E.L. Team Travels to Bahamas to Assist in Restoring Efforts following Hurricane Dorian
Hurricane Dorian pounded the Bahamas for days in early September causing loss of life and devastating damage to the islands of Obaco and Grand Bahamas. The Belize Electricity Limited is [...]

“Building Resilience of the Caribbean Community”
Statistics are important in our daily lives; it keeps us accurately informed with what is taking place all over.  The Statistical Institute of Belize, which one of the major agencies [...]

2019 Cancer Awareness Flyer Unveiled
As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month today the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children in partnership with the Belize Cancer Society unveiled its 2019 Cancer Awareness [...]

James Adderly on Sporting Activities over the Rainy Weekend
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities....]

The Reporter

Troy Polonio Shot & Killed – Belize City
Police were called to a scene on Raccoon Street around 8:45 where they saw a man identified as Troy Polonio, 20, with a gunshot wound to the chest.


Man is fatally shot while holding baby
The third murder occurred in Belize City last night just after eight o’clock. 20-year-old Troy Polonio was shot in cold blood yesterday as he held his infant son in his arms. Polonio was standing in the yard that his child’s mother lives when a gunman opened fire in his direction.

Japan Embassy hosts 11 annual Japan Day
The Japan Embassy hosted their 11th annual Japan Day on Saturday, October 12. The event took place at Princess Hotel in Belize City and saw Japanese dance performances as well as Japanese traditional music performances.

Man who lived alone found dead inside his home
The second weekend murder occurred in the Stann Creek District. 58-year-old Santiago Pop was found inside his home on Sunday evening just after six o’clock.

Nazarene Buttonwood Bay Primary School Burglarized
The Buttonwood Bay Nazarene Primary School on Coney Drive, Belize City, is tightening their security after the school was burglarized over the weekend. According to the Principal of the School, Amelia Bencomo, the school had locked up its gates and doors as per normal on Friday.

Body found in shallow grave in Orange Walk
The first homicide case for the weekend came out of the Orange Walk District. The body of a man was found in a shallow grave on Sunday morning near San Lorenzo Village.

Heavy Rains over the past weekend; both relief and concern
After a long drought in Belize, the long weekend saw incessant rains in various parts of the country. Videos and pictures of flooded areas in the north, south and west circulated showing streets and thoroughfares inundated with water.

Guatemalan man wanted for murder in Cayo
A wanted flyer has been issued by the police department for Cesar Agusto Lopez Mendoza in relation to the murder of Juan De Cruz Carrias that occurred on Friday. Carrias was fatally chopped in Succotz Village, Cayo District.

Dr. Colin Young to take up new position at CCCCC
Dr. Colin Young leaves the Social Security Board at the end of the year to take up the position of Executive Director for the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre in Belmopan.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

BTB Fam Trip Day 2
The Belize Tourism Board’s Familiarization Tour Day One, saw 19 members of the media visiting […]

Chester Williams escapes traffic accident in Chile with minor injuries
Commissioner of Police (COMPOL), Chester Williams is in Chile attending the 88th Interpol General Assembly. […]

The Columbus Day conundrum – time to drop the holiday?
Yesterday, Monday, was a public and bank holiday observed as Columbus Day or Day of […]

Belize represented at 1st Caribbean Congress on Youth and Adolescent health
UNICEF Representative Dr. Susan Kasedde and Ministry of Health’s Dr. Julio Sabido are in Trinidad […]

Training sessions hosted for National Children’s parliament
Over the weekend, Belize hosted its first training session for the National Children’s parliament. Members […]

Taiwan thanks allies for support at the United Nations
The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has thanked its diplomatic allies for the […]

Caribbean Statistic Day observed in The Caribbean
Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) today issued a statement in the commemoration of […]


Seasons in Belize
Since Belize is a Tropical Country, our weather is much the same all year round – used to be the wet or dry – but since Global Warming, not anymore. So our seasons have very different markers, not dependent on weather. Our year-round cultural events, wildlife, fishing seasons, sporting events, regattas, migrant, birds, music, and fruit festivals, art, dance, and music – all contribute to a definite seasonal ambiance and sense of celebration. Generally, though, from mid-December through March temperature and humidity drop and the weather becomes mild, tempered by cool breezes. At this time there is a profession of “Snow Birds” of every size and color singing gloriously even in the city.

Northern Belize: Corozal and Orange Walk
The interior of northern Belize is a treasure trove for culture lovers, naturalists and archaeology fans. Visitors can escape to a less touristic, relaxed experience. Corozal is conveniently located between Mexico and Ambergris Caye, with its own turquoise shores and diverse landscape, from beaches and historical sights to a nature reserve. In town, remnants of historical and cultural heritage are on full display. There are gun turrets at Fort Barlee used during the 19th century during the Caste War; the vibrant Corozal Town Mural depicting the district’s history and the Maya temple of Santa Rita, where the mestizo population of Belize was born.

Oceana’s Wavemaker Annual General Meeting 2019
Oceana Belize will be hosting it’s Wavemaker Annual General Meeting on Saturday October 19th, 2019. Belizeans from across the country have been invited to join Oceana Belize at 10AM at the SCA Auditorium in Belize City for this annual meeting. The event aims to share the past, present, and future conservation campaigns for the organization. Additionally, special recognition will be given to inspiring individuals, who have joined Oceana Belize in making steps towards protecting Belize’s marine environment.


  • A Morales bus caught on fire early this morning, 2.5min. It happened at the bus terminal in Belmopan. Luckily no one was injured and the fire was quickly extinguished before it got out of control.

  • Belize 2019, 3.5min. Three week study abroad trip in Belize through SUNY Cortland. For my first two weeks I was an intern at the Belize Zoo and for the third week I was an intern at PAWS Veterinary Clinic in San Ignacio, Belize. On the weekends I was able to explore Belize and visit Xunantunich (Mayan ruins) and the beautiful island Caye Caulker with some friends. This video shows some moments of my trip but definitely does not nearly include all of my extraordinary experiences from my three weeks in Belize. Enjoy!

  • Caye Caulker Basketball Court, 1/2min. Last night I had occasion to walk through the basketball court. Wow! It was SO clean, no garbage in sight. Thank you village council for keeping our public areas spic and span.

  • KTV Latino Season 4, 2.5hr.


  • Wake up Belize Oct. 15 2019, 1hr44min.

  • XICHEL Hemp Consultants - benefits of HEMP, 33min. Representatives of XICHEL Hemp Consultants are in country to hosts a workshop to educate the public about the benefits of HEMP and to give insights into how to get into the industry. The session will be held at Om Shanti this Friday from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm.

  • Bruk It Down Jenny - International Day of the Girl Child conversation, 34min. Bruk It Down With Jenny joined in on the International Day of the Girl Child conversation with a segment focused on the challenges with raising "Raising the Girl Child." Jenny Lovell, Mental Health Therapist, gave us tips on how to raise a strong and resilient girl in this era.

  • International Day of the Girl Child 2019, 24min. Keeping with the focus on the International Day of the Girl Child, our spotlight feature was on Dominique Noralez. She gave us an update on the activism she has been into and talked about what it means to be "unscripted and unstoppable."

  • World Mental Health Day on 10th October, 65min. The international community celebrates World Mental Health Day on 10th October. The team this year is: "Working together to prevent suicide". We invited our panelist to talk about mental health issues facing vulnerable populations. They also shared the events that will be taking place to commemorate the day.

  • Japan Day 2019, 16min. The Embassy of Japan in Jamaica, Japan Foundation, JICA, Japanese Community in Belize & Animeniacs are collaborating to host Japan Day 2019. The theme is:“REIWA – Beautiful Harmony.” Reiwa is the current era of Japan. It began on 1 May 2019, the day on which Emperor Akihito's elder son, Naruhito, ascended the throne as the 126th Emperor of Japan. The organizers were our guests to promote the event and share the details of what you can expect.

  • Mennonites in Belize | Making Tamales, 2min. This how they make tamales in the Mestizo culture. Many of the Mennonites of the Beachy, Conservative and Holdeman churches are Mestizos and Mayas. They have changed some of their lifestyle but still keep many of their traditions.

  • Mennonites in Belize | Acapella Singing, 1min. This is a sample of 4-part acapella singing: soprano, tenor, bass, alto. Kleine Gemeinde, Beachy, Old Order, Conservative and Holdeman use this method of congregational singing.

  • Plautdietsch Singing | Mennonites in Belize, 1min. Mennonites singing in Plautdietsch at Mennoniten Gemeinde Rosenort, a conservative church in Spanish Lookout. I was invited for church service and enjoyed my visit there.

  • Go Green Belize Bball Tournament week 1 game 2, 10min. Young Generals vs Black Out. Seniors. Tres are flying, defense is hot, rebounds and turnovers all over the place. Highlighting the talents and skills of some our best young ballers as we attempt to instill a green earth solar conscious vibe into their thinking, reasoning and actions.

  • Go Green Belize Bball Opening Game, 9min. Dangriga Savage Storm vs Solar Roots Youth. What do you do when your shooting guard makes 4 tres in a row as the game begins? This video show what not to do...however Roots point guard, Jayden Lopez, will know what to do now that he’s back...Enjoy some of Belize's best up and coming 17 & under ballers...

  • Caye Caulker Belize Island Travel guide 2019, 16min. Things to see and do in Caye Caulker - Belize

  • U Janal Pixano'ob a tradition practice by the Yucatec Maya people of Belize, 1min. U Janal Pixano'ob a tradition by the Yucatec Maya people of Belize . A tradition to honor our love ones who are on the spiritual world.