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The San Pedro Sun

Eleven Communities in Southern Belize Included in Research on Climate Change and Livelihoods for National Planning
The Community Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (CDRRF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development and the Social Development Commission (Jamaica) hosted a Community Profiles and Livelihood Baseline Assessment Workshop in Punta Gorda Town from October 7th to 11th, 2019. The workshop is an activity under the Building Adaptive Capacity and Resilience to Climate Change Project, which is being implemented in the Toledo District by Humana People to People Belize.

Belizean Represented at Fifth Meeting of the Executive Commission of Mesoamerica and the First Mesoamerica Cooperation Forum
Belize was represented at the 5th Meeting of the Executive Commission of Mesoamerica and first Mesoamerica Cooperation Forum by Ambassador Patrick Andrews, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the meeting, held in the Dominican Republic from October 14th to 15th, CEO Andrews underscored the relevance of south-south and triangular cooperation for integration and development of the Mesoamerican region.

Chelsea Muñoz joins cancer advocates to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is international Breast Cancer Awareness Month to honor those who are fighting or have survived the disease and commemorate those who have lost the battle against the disease. This year, the Belize Cancer Society, along with the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, commissioned a flyer that will be used to promote awareness of breast cancer across Belize. The flyer was unveiled at the Belize Biltmore Hotel during a special gala on Tuesday, October 15th, and showcases cancer survivors and fighters. Among the featured persons include San Pedro’s very own Chelsea Muñoz, former Miss San Pedro, and current Hodgkins Lymphoma patient.

An emergency response team to be established to monitor and restore the reef in the aftermath of natural disasters
The Belizean coastline is flanked by the second largest barrier reef system in the world, which sustains tourism, one of the country’s strongest industries. The reef also serves as a natural barrier against natural disasters such as hurricanes. These storms can cause grave damages to the corals, endangering its survival and the livelihood of thousands. To prevent such a catastrophe, a workshop was held at Gran Caribe Resort’s conference room on Friday, October 11th, to form an emergency response coordinating committee in charge of rehabilitating the reef after a hurricane.

Various Belizean Sources


Monthly Weather Summary for September
September is typically a wet month for the country of Belize. It also coincides with the peak of the Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season and a significant amount of the historical tropical cyclones that have affected the country occurred during the month of September. Apart from tropical cyclones, other systems that typically affect Belize during the month of September include tropical waves, Tropical Upper Troposheric Troughs (TUTTs) and at times cold fronts and frontal shear lines affect the country as early as September.

Caye Caulker Bakery productsto be sold at Brodies Northern
To all the visitors of Caye Caulker and the islanders that live on the mainland. Caye Caulker Bakery products will be available at Brodies Northern starting tomorrow. You don't have to wait to come to the Island to get Ms. Elivra's exceptional products.

Fixing street lights on Caye Caulker
If there is a street light in your area that went out, please tell us the street name and take a picture of the number on the post. Please post on this thread so we can get them reported and hopefully fixed. Please remember we need the number to make the report.

Poll: Renaming of the site known as Paslow
The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project is conducting a Poll to choose the new name for the site that was once named Paslow or "Ground Zero" at the corner of Queen and North Front Streets in Belize City. Choose only one of the six names in the attached Poll that you believe would be the best new name for the site previously known as Paslow or "Ground Zero". This Poll will run until midnight on November 1st., 2019

San Pedro Tour Operators Association Boaters Safety and Continued education
Boaters Safety and continued education are part of our association mission. Thank you, Marelco LTD for offering training on motor trouble shoot and motor maintenance services to our members.

Ministry of National Security Inaugurates Joint Interagency Information Security System
Today, the Ministry of National Security officially inaugurated its Joint Interagency Information Security System (JIISS) during a ceremony at the Ministry of National Security Compound in Belmopan. JIISS is a state-of-the-art, geospatial reporting program designed to gather data to assist security forces on their patrols. The information, which will be displayed on a live platform, will be sent back to base and the Ministry for real-time decision-making and information display. Initially, the program will be used by the Belize Defence Force and the Belize Coast Guard; however, the Ministry has plans to further develop the software for use by the Belize Police Department.

Prime Minister Barrow's Response Letter to the Leader of the Opposition
Dear Leader, I find your letter to me of 15th October 2019, concerning the Joshua Perdomo write-off, to be a weaponization of falsehoods, unsustainable conclusions and downright dishonesty. Indeed, it is a crass and opportunistic screed designed to score points off the public outrage that followed the discovery that Joshua Perdomo is the son of Cabinet Secretary Carlos Perdomo; something that certainly I, and seemingly you, did not know at the time of presentation of the write-off to the House. In fact, I believe the proof that you "only got religion" after the outing of Joshua's lineage, is plain from the failure of your side to say a word in the House when the motion was presented.

Ministry of Health Upcoming Mobile Visits
Mark your calendars to register and get the benefits NHI (National Health Insurance) has to offer. Look out for the date in your village and area!

Channel 7

Barrow Blasts Briceno With Long Letter
Last night we told you how the Leader of the Opposition John Briceno had written to Prime Minister Dean Barrow accusing him of malfeasance and threatening to take him before a judge if he didn't get back that 40 thousand dollar write off for Joshua Perdomo. Well, the PM has written back a fiery two page response.  He opens with a blistering attack, telling Briceno, quote,  "I find your letterto be a weaponization of falsehoods, unsustainable conclusions and downright dishonesty."  He continues, quote,  "it is a crass and opportunistic screed designed to score points off the public outrage that followed the discovery that Joshua Perdomo is the son of Cabinet Secretary Carlos Perdomo."

SIMPLEX Attorney Says PSU Ready To Fight, But Over What?
Just over a week ago, we told you how the Public Service Union decided that it will not back down on its claim to their Hilltop Headquarters in Belmopan. After throwing in the towel a few weeks earlier, the union came back with renewed determination, saying they found what they are calling a significant piece of evidence which they believe proves that they have a legitimate claim to the property. But, as we told you, Steven Perrera, the attorney for the new owners of the Hilltop property, Simplex Design Company, has already sent the union's president an eviction notice, demanding that they leave by the end of October, or else face a Supreme court battle. 

Cops Have No Suspects For Broad Daylight Robbery
Last night we showed you footage of a pair of robbers pulling up in an unlicensed vehicle and walking into the Orange Walk Zitro Western Union office to commit an armed robbery.  It happened din broad daylight in the heart of  Orange Walk Town, but the men left 5 minutes later, calm and collected with the proceeds of the robbery. Today at the press briefing, police told us that they can't discuss the details of the case but they are trying to confirm the identity of the thieves. Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero - Deputy Head, NCIB: "There was a robbery at Zitro Western Union situated on the Belize/Corozal road Orange Walk town. Police visited the business establishment where a report was received that two male persons entered the establishment with firearms, they held up the security guard and they proceeded to rob the cashier of an undisclosed amount of cash. Both persons then made good their escape in a vehicle which left from the area."

American Retirees on Placencia Held Up By Home Invaders
And from that Zitro Western Union robbery in the north to the aggravated burglary of a home of an elderly American couple in Placencia. The victims are 70 year old Torrey and Barbara Slade and they were home invaded last night around 11:30 at their home - which is at mile 19 on the Placencia road.  Police say 3 assailants stormed in through the front door with a 12 gauge shot gun, tied up the couple and ransacked their house. They stole their laptop, a hunting knife, a cellphone and a their vehicle, a 2001 Ford Escape. The burglars then drove off in the direction of Seine Bight Village.  While police found the vehicle shortly after, they have not found the thieves.

Senior Fishermen Refute Undersized Conch Charge
They're senior citizens, but they're also senior fishermen, and, today, 75 year old Oscar O'Brien Mena, 73-year-old Conrad William Daniels, and 72-year-old Edward Meighan were hauled to court, accused of possession of undersized conchs found on board a vessel called "Genie".

Weed and weapons Found in Graveyard and Northside Park
The cops have unearthed some criminal stash spots - including one in a cemetery, and the other in a Northside park.   They started this morning in Sandhill at around 10:30, when a joint police operation found a black 9 millimeter pistol, with a magazine loaded with evelevn live rounds in a bushy lot. They later found a pound of weed wrapped in a transparent plastic in the area.

JISS Has The Jazz On Security
This morning the Ministry of National Security launched its Joint Interagency Information Security System Program. The Program was developed by Belizean programmers to monitor and share information from Belize's security forces. We attended the Program launch in Belmopan this morning to find out what role this new system will play in a better oversight of defense operations. A new state of the art geo-statal reporting program has been developed for use by the Belize Defense Force and the Belize Coast Guard. According to C.E.O. Felix Enriquez, his new program will allow the decision makers in national defense access to realtime information akin to being on the ground with troops in the jungles or on the seas.

Wingle Da Water!
And while JISS promises vast improvements to the monitoring country's defense forces, there wasn't much the new security system could do to stop this police mobile from going for a swim off the George Price Highway this morning. It happened after 11:30 this morning at mile 12 where the mobile seems to have missed the bridge and taken a dive in the creek.  The Wingle was fished out by a backhoe.  

Lands Road Tour Goes From Rural To Urban
Viewers are well aware of the bad reputation that the Lands Department has developed over the years. It has become one of those least liked Government offices due to the run-around that is involved with trying to get a piece of land.  The public often becomes frustrated by the length of time needed to complete processes like land sales and transfers. And, for the residents who live in remote parts of the country, it often involves an entire day, or days lost dealing with the bureaucracy.

Phillo's Port Programs
And Willoughby - that tireless politician and self-promoter - already has 3 other outreach initiatives that he is planning for the residents of Port Loyola in the weeks to come.  He shared a few details on the importance of these projects, and why he thinks Port residents will benefit from them: Phillip Willoughby - UDP Standard Bearer, Port Loyola: "There will be 2 other initiatives that I, as the standard-bearer, will be looking into. Those are, 1, I've communicated with the Ministry of Agriculture, via the CEO, and I've shared with him my interest in having personnel from BAHA come together and make a presentation at a forum we would like to host again from within the constituency..." "And also create a separate data set of all those families who have family members living with a disability. We have to open up our arms and embrace those persons, especially if you're a single patient, and you have to deal with a child with a particular disability, you can't earn any income."

ASR/BSI's Success In Courting COTED
And from political saccharine to real sugar.ASR BSI is optimistic after a series of CARICOM Ministerial Level agricultural meetings in Belize two weeks ago. The meetings are being called a breakthrough by the he Sugar Association of the Caribbean.  ASR/BSI's Mac Maclachlan told us that it's all about Direct Consumption sugars which is now on par with Plantation White sugar: Their recommendations go to the COTED trade meeting in Guyana in November. 

Flota Charged For Murder
Police have made an arrest for a weekend murder in the north.  38 year old Gonzalo Flota, from San Lazaro, has been charged for the murder of Hazid Diaz - also from the village. Diaz was killed after going to socialize in the village and then buried in a shallow grave.  Gonzalo Flota was reportedly arrested in Mexico..

Man Charged For Attempted Murder of Teenaged Stepson
A man has been charged for badly beating his stepson and leaving him critical.   On Friday, 36 year old Guatemalan, Aroldo Coc arrived at the home of his common law wife Rosaria Rash in Mango Creek. He was violating a restraining order, and he then viciously beat Rash's 16 year old son Antonio Makin Jr. with a piece of firewood, hitting him multiple times on the left side of his head causing 2 large cut wounds.

Caught By A Facebook Con
19-year-old Taydon Castillo, a resident of Coney Drive in Belize City, is accused tonight of engaging con-man tactics. Several persons say that he posted merchandise for sale on the Facebook Group, Belize Buy and Sell. He then allegedly collected money from customers who wanted to buy his items, but he never delivered them their goods.  In one allegation, Yolanda Marisol Calles paid him $750 on July 30th for a cellular phone he advertised for sale on Buy and Sell. She claims that he never delivered the phone. Then, on October 8, Claudia Chi allegedly paid him $500 as a down-payment for an apartment he claimed he had for rent.

The Story Behind Belize's First Animated Short Feature
TECUANI and DUENDE may be the longest animated short film ever to be produced in Belize.  Now, it's not The Lion King, the film is only 18 - 20 minutes long, but it's a giant leap forward for Belize.   But it wasn't easy getting the project off the ground. Cherisse Halsall spoke to the film's creators today to find out about the story and the process behind the short film that is set to be the darling of this year's Belize film festival.   Tecuani and Duende Premieres at the Bliss Center for the performing arts on October 25th.

Barber Turned Robber?
Tonight, 19-year-old Orlin Garcia, a barber from Euphrates Avenue in Belize City, is at the Belize Central Prison. He was taken to court for allegedly robbing a restaurant on Albert Street at gunpoint. It happened last week Thursday. 2 armed gunmen barged into E and C Restaurant, which is located near to Barrow and Williams. They held up 2 employees, and stole two cell phones and $400 cash.  Police arrested and charged Garcia, and put him in custody at the Queen Street station, but he escaped by breaking a window in the cell block.

Why You Should Care About CARIFORUM
The CARIFORUM- EU Economic Partnership Agreement may not mean much to you but it certainly makes a significant difference on the national level. The director general of CARIFORUM, which serves  as a base for economic dialogue with the European Union, is in Belize to discuss with Belizean stakeholders how they can optimize their benefits under the EPA to increase economic development. Here is more from the preliminary session. Percival Marie - Director General, CARIFORUM: "Today we are meeting in Belize to organize the national seminar on services under the economic partnership agreement. At this seminar, we will try to explain to officials but both public and private sector officials in Belize what our obligations are under the agreement..." There will be follow up meetings in Belize. Other CARIFORUM member states have completed sessions such as this one in their respective countries.

Woman Charged With Maim
A 20 year old woman form Hattieville, Gertude Mejia who allegedly almost chopped a woman's hand clean off, was today charged with maim when she appeared yesterday before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts Anderson.  The incident occurred about on Saturday afternoon. Virginia Logan was walking on a street in Hattieville when she heard some women shouting at her from behind. She said that when she turned around she saw Mejia swing a machete at her and she put up her left hand to protect her head.

Channel 5

PM Barrow Takes Opposition Leader to Task
Tonight, the Prime Minister Dean Barrow is blasting the letter by Opposition Leader John Briceño, a day after Briceño wrote to him. That letter by Briceño, dated October fifteenth, was [...]

The Abyss That CGA Has Fallen Into
There is a looming death knell over the citrus industry in southern Belize, signaling that the livelihoods of hundreds may be hanging in the balance. Millions of dollars and years [...]

P.S.U.’s Deadline to Vacate HQ Fast Approaching
The Public Service Union is pressing ahead with a legal challenge to regain its former Hilltop headquarters in Belmopan. The P.S.U. has been issued a notice to vacate by Estevan [...]

Simplex Designs will Request Court Order if P.S.U. Refuses to Vacate
Perera says that if the deadline passes and the P.S.U. has not vacated the property, a court order will be pursued to have the union move out. According to Perera, [...]

U.S. Murder Suspect is Nabbed in Las Vegas
According to a news report in The New York Post, U.S. national Christopher Prestipino found refuge in Belize after he murdered a model in Las Vegas.  His stay in Belize [...]

Robbery in the North; No Suspects Yet!
Police say they haven’t yet identified the men who robbed the Zitro Western Union outlet in Orange Walk Town on the Belize-Corozal Road on Wednesday. While cops say that they [...]

Police Vehicle Plunges Into Canal on George Price Highway
A group of police officers and soldiers this morning escaped injury after the police vehicle they were travelling in plunged into a ditch filled with water this morning. It happened [...]

The Future of the Caribbean Sugar Industry
While the citrus industry is in crisis, up north the sugar industry is rebounding. ASR/B.S.I. has been attempting to get locally produced sugar into the tightly controlled CARICOM market. Now, [...]

Belama Phase Four Land Remains Unresolved
The dispute between several families and businessman Alex Chang over six acres of land in Belama Phase Four, Belize City,  remains unresolved. Chang through attorney Brandon Usher of Williams Law [...]

A Home Invasion in Placencia
There was a home invasion on Wednesday night in the south where an elderly resident came under attack.  According to police, three men, armed with a shotgun, entered a house [...]

Stakeholders Meet on State of Transportation Industry
Since enacting a statutory instrument on September fourth, government, as well as stakeholders in the public transportation sector, have been monitoring developments within the industry where Guatemalan and Mexican buses [...]

S.I. on Transportation is Revised
According to AG Peyrefitte, the statutory instrument has since been amended to reflect additional changes.  The revised S.I., he says, has been forwarded to Transport Minister Edmond Castro.   Michael [...]

Hattieville Woman is Behind Bars for Maiming Another
A young domestic from Hattieville, Gertrude Mejia, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison for the offense of maim.  Allegations are that on October twelfth, 2019, she intentionally and [...]

3 Seasoned Fishermen are Arraigned for Undersized Conch
Three seasoned Belize City fisherman, who have been in the fishing business for over fifty years, each appeared in court on fisheries offenses they are disputing.   This morning, seventy-five-year-old [...]

Philip Willoughby Host Land Consultation for Port Loyola Residents
The long lines and the slow process at the Lands Department are well known to persons who have to head to the capital to work out land issues.  So now, [...]

Consultation of Production of Industrial Hemp to be Held
Philip Willoughby also wants to host a consultation on the production of industrial hemp. Willoughby says he is in contact with respective ministries and representatives to have the consultation held [...]

The Belize District Winners of the 2019 Father Marion Ganey Primary School Quiz Competition
Schools in the Belize District took part in the revived Father Marion Ganey Primary School Quiz Competition. The two winning students are from Hattieville and Belize City.  The pair will [...]

“Local Service; Global Reach” on International Credit Union Day
Every year, the third Thursday in the month of October is celebrated worldwide as International Credit Union Day. Credit Unions around the globe organized a range of activities today to [...]

Credit Unions to Soon Connect to the National Payment System
But with a collective membership of almost half the country’s population, what is the future of the credit union movement in terms of the services it offers to its member-owners? [...]

Belize High School Launches Appeal for National Elementary Schools Robotics Competition
The Belize High School is moving robotics up to another level. A national competition is in the works and teams from across the country are encouraged to participate in the [...]

A Portrait Exhibition at the Museum of Belize
The Museum of Belize is launching a portrait exhibition called “The River of Art Flows Everywhere.” Taiwanese artist Yaoling Lee, who has been living in Belize for over two decades, [...]

Healthy Living: Benefits of Weight Lifting
Jogging, cycling, and even walking are considered forms of exercise that can improve your overall health. It is recommended that you should incorporate at least thirty minutes of physical activity [...]

The Reporter

Body Found Near San Lazaro Village In Shallow Grave
Police have formally arrested and charged San Lazaro resident Gonzalo Flota, 38, for the murder of Hazid Diaz. Diaz’s body was found in a shallow grave in a canefield in the community. He had been stabbed multiple times and his throat was slit.


Discussions for National Assembly Renovations continue
After having received forty thousand dollars from the Embassy of Taiwan for the refurbishment of the media section inside the National Assembly, the various news agencies have been consulted on the way forward.

Taiwanese artist opens exhibit at the museum
This weekend, art-loving Belizeans will have a treat since the Museum of Belize will be launching an art exhibit tomorrow. The exhibition, which is entitled “The River of Art Flows Everything” features artwork from well-known Taiwanese artist, Yaoling Lee.

San Ignacio Teen Missing
A Jasmine Alert has been issued for a teenager of San Ignacio Town, Cayo District. It has been a week since 16-year-old Kimberly Galvez went missing from her home in San Ignacio.

Police discover drugs and guns in operation
Today, police made three separate discoveries of guns and drugs during a joint operation in Belize City and rural Belize. The first was around 10:30am in Sandhill Village.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

BTB and the media explore Placencia and its wonderful attractions
Day 3 of the Belize Tourism Board’s (BTB)’s Familiarization Trip took the 19 participants on […]

Francis Fonseca donates to Stella Maris School
Yesterday, Freetown Area Representative, Francis Fonseca, visited the Stella Maris school which educates students with […]

Prime Minister says Joshua Perdomo must repay but debt legally uncollectible
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has revealed further details of the effort to recover $40,474.88 from […]

Gonzalo Flota charged with murder
Yesterday, police arrested and charged Gonzalo Flota, 38, with murder. His charges come in connection […]

Belize demolishes Nicaragua 7 nil; CODICADER U13 teams display impressive performance in Costa Rica
The under-13 boys’ football squad have two wins under their belt in their group in […]

Man charged for attempted murder of former stepson
Arolodo Coc has been arrested and charged with one count of attempt murder, one count […]

Police seeking 3 men for aggravated burglary
Police in Southern Belize are investigating a case of aggravated burglary. That is after three […]

Accused murderer from the US was in Belize for 1 week before returning to Vegas
The New York Post is reporting that accused murderer, Christopher Prestipino fled to Belize after killing […]

Mayor Wagner meets Miss Garifuna Belize City, Niri Centeno
Yesterday, Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner, met with a delegation of Garifuna representatives. That delegation […]

Police: No arrests in Orange Walk robbery
Orange Walk police are seeking two men in connection with an armed robbery yesterday. According […]

Dr. Candice Pitts opens sewing factory in Mesop!
Belize City Councilor and the PUP’s Standard Bearer in Mesopotamia, Dr. Candice Pitts, launched a local sewing factory yesterday...

PUP threaten legal action over Joshua Perdomo write-off
Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), John Briceño, continues his party’s attack on the controversial write-off of more than $40,000 in ...

Belize High School to host Lego League Robotics Tournament
Belize High School (BHS) will be hosting the first of its kind, the Lego League Robotics Tournament. The tournament is designed for students ages 9-14 years old...

Car catches fire on Bullet Tree Road
A vehicle was destroyed by fire this morning on Bullet Tree Road. Sydney Codd told […]

Belize High School to host Lego League Robotics Tournament
Belize High School (BHS) will be hosting the first of its kind, the Lego League […]


Conch Season Opened October 1st: My First Taste at El Fogon Restaurant
Conch season opens October 1st each year. The queen conch – which is actually a marine snail and a mollusk – is a very traditional food on Ambergris Caye LOVED by those who live here. And those who visit. I think everyone in Belize has their favorite conch dish. What I was craving was CONCH FRITTERS. They are served all over the island and all over the country. And while they can be too bready or too oily…too doughy or too bland, El Fogon Restaurant makes them as perfect as I can imagine. Here are some pictures of my day AND my lunch at El Fogon.

Top 10 Beaches in Belize
Belize is a small country with 386km of coastline, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. With an abundant variety of marine life, it offers a diversity of islands to explore and relax on warm shores, or bask on white sandy beaches and enjoy perfect sunsets. Are you looking for some marine adventures? Here are the top 10 islands in Belize that you should visit in 2020.

Top Waterfalls in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve Worth a Visit
The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, located in the West of Belize is the oldest protected forested area in Belize. Roughly a two and a half to three-hour drive, it is one of the most unspoiled and beautiful areas in Belize. Hidden amongst the Maya Mountains in the West you can find vast pine forest, stunning peaks, and beautiful waterfalls. Some waterfalls are easily accessible, while others require a hike, but these natural wonders are a must to be enjoyed when in Belize

ATM Cave Tour for Non-Swimmers - A First Hand Experience
As someone who is unable to swim at all, I wanted to share my experience of doing the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave tour in the hopes of helping anyone who is feeling uncertain or unsure about whether to do it. I went on the tour with Belize Caving Expeditions, and wanted to share these practical tips or things I wished I knew before doing the ATM tour. All in all, it was a very positive experience! To get more comfortable with being in the water, I spent one day in Caye Caulker dedicated to walking around in shallow areas and gradually went in deeper. I wore a life jacket and got used to floating, then being towed around by a friend, as well as practicing some kicks while wearing my Keen sandals. This made a big difference in helping to overcome my fears (the water was warm too, so it was quite pleasant!).

The People of Belize
While the United States of America prides itself as a “melting pot” of cultures, Belize is just as suitable a poster child for this claim; people from a wide variety of cultures call Belize their home, marrying their own cultural sensibilities with that telltale relaxed Belizean nature. Belize’s open-mindedness toward interracial couples has allowed for many cultures to thrive within Belize. Depending on where you go in this country, it is not that hard to run into groups of Chinese, Creoles, East Indians, Mennonites, Garifuna, Maya, and even Mestizos. Despite the drastically different origins of these different cultures, many of their traditions and beliefs have harmoniously blended into a greater Belizean society.


  • Police pickup takes a plunge on the George Price Highway, 1min. After 11:30 am on Thursday, October 17th. A large portion of the vehicles were donated by the USAs Central American Regional Security Initiative.

  • **PSA: The "jaguar attacks dog" video that is going viral in Belize is from INDIA, min. It shows a leopard attacking a sleeping dog, (disclaimer: very unsettling sounds and imagery). While jaguar conflict with livestock and domesticated animals in Belize does happen, sharing inaccurate media and sensationalizing the issue only serves to make it worse. A simple Google search will verify the origin of the video. Please pass on the word.

  • Traveling to Belize: 30th Birthday Vlog, 3min. A little recap on how I spent the big 3-0. Jetsurfing and visiting Secret Beach? An absolute must!

  • Saint Francis Xavier Credit Union Quiz Contest, 11min. Saint Francis Xavier Credit Union held its very successful Quiz Contest on Thursday October 17th, 2019. About 20 schools came out to compete inside the Andres Campos Civic Center from 8am until 12miday. Each student who represented their school from across Corozal, came up on stage to answer questions about Financial question at making children’s verse about S.F.X.C.U matters and the value about saving for our future. And, Fiancial Questions where asked to students who were on stage. There were 7 rounds until the end of the winner. Judges had a tricky voting on who all answered well their questions.

  • Belize: “Designing a Nation”, 1min. The story of how we updated the logo for this nation, using design to more accurately reflect and promote their developing nation that was "for travellers, not tourists."

  • Belize Tractor/Waterfall Adventure tour, 1.5min. An amazing adventure in Belize that offers a journey like no other, a tractor tour to the second largest waterfall in the country of Belize.

  • Belize 2019, 13min. Just an idea of what Belize has to offer. If you want to skip the intro, move up to 2.45 min and that is where the underwater time starts.

  • Caye Caulker Belize 2020, 2min. Updated aerial view of Caye Caulker.

  • Secret Beach San Pedro Belize, 3min. Come visit the Original Bar at Secret Beach - Pirates Not So Secret Beach Bar and Grill - the first bar to the right of the Secret Beach Sign.