Hi everyone:hereís the situation.
I have a German Shepard that I breed with a friend of mineís Shepard in Belize city. I live here in San Pedro. Unfortunately my living situation changed and I canít have my dogs with me but I would like to have her back on the island. So here is one of my ideas Iím tossing around.
Iím hoping I can find someone interested in taking in my dog and her 5 puppies while I find buyers for them. They will be ready to travel here in about three weeks after they have had their first round of shots. They will be 8 weeks old first week in November. Iím willing to let you have your pick of one of the dogs in exchange for this service. And the last issue is I still will not be able to take my dog home at the end so Iím also hoping that I could board my dog with you so I could have her back with me on the island. Iím not ready to let her go.
If you or if you may know someone that may find this as possibility I would love to get in contact with them and show photos of the dogs and go into more details as to how to go about making this happen.
Also I will say that Iím imagining that when I show these dogs off that they wonít last long in your care with the exception of the mom and the pup you choose.
Look forward to any feed back and any potential interested party thanks. PM me here leave comment or questions and Iíll be happy to reply.
PS. Must be a dog lover of course and knowledgeable of dog care and handling and have secured yard.
Preferably not far out of town as I live in town. But willing to travel for right set up/ situation. Also leave a message if you might be interested in one of the pups.

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Namiste/Have a blessed day