The Phillip Goldson highway between the airport and Belize City has undergone a 20+ million dollar overhaul - but a part of it is already sinking.

Well, the engineers call it settlement, and it's a standard feature of that highway between miles three and four.

Yesterday in Belmopan, we asked the CEO in the Ministry of Works about the problem which the opposition raised in the house three weeks ago.

HE said they knew there would be settlement, but they didn't expect it would happen so quickly:

Errol Gentle, CEO, Ministry of Works
"As you know we have had problems with that area in the past. We upgrade the highway fully knowing that the settlement will continue. We are aware of the situation and we will be rectifying it. But for us to say that it will be resolved and will not sink again, we wouldn't be telling the truth, because it is an area that will happen again and again. And so it's unfortunate that we just recently upgraded the highway and that area is sinking. We expected it. We have done a lot of reconstruction in that area to try and remedy the situation. We didn't realize that it would have start settling again so early, but we have our plans in place and of course it will cost money and we will be doing some remedial work in that area very shortly and so what we do is more mitigation. We cannot really solve the problem, but we will do more mitigating efforts and we will try our best to ensure that the highway even though it is settling it is not breaking up, because I ensure as the CEO it is my responsibility - yes I have my chief engineer and all my engineers and my project engineers who supervise but I also go out there myself so I can see what is going on and I am satisfy at the moment that it is not in any dire need and yes it is settling and we will rectify it."

The contractor, CISCO construction has declined comment.

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