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The San Pedro Sun

2019 Miss Garifuna San Pedro contestants officially sashed at Casa Picasso
As the 2019 Miss Garifuna San Pedro pageant approaches, the four lovely contestants vying for the title were officially sashed during a dinner ceremony at Casa Picasso on Wednesday, October 24th. This year’s contestants include: 15-year-old Diamond Virez sponsored by Victoria House, 14-year-old Malica Avila sponsored by Caribena Enterprises, 16-year-old Dana Reyes, sponsored by Casa Picasso and 13-year-old Keneisha Avila sponsored by Xanadu Island Resort.

UDP sees two women vying for a leadership position
For the first time, the United Democratic Party (UDP) has two well-known women from their party vying for leadership positions; Honorable Tracy Taegar-Panton will bid for First Deputy Party Leader and Honourable Beverly Williams will bid to be the 2nd Deputy Party Leader of the UDP. On Monday, October 21st Honorable Taegar-Panton announced to the media that she had visited the UDP headquarters to submit her name as a candidate for Deputy Leader of the UDP. Taegar-Panton is Albert Area (Belize City) Representative and Minister of State in the Ministry of Investment, Trade, Commerce, and Economic Development and has decided to run for the position when the party calls its National Convention in February 2020.

Jayme Marin charged for the stabbing death of Isaac Marin on Caye Caulker
Police formally arrested and charged 28-year-old Jayme Marin for the stabbing death of his cousin, 17-year-old Isaac Isaih Marin and the stabbing of 25-year-old Carlos Marin. Jayme, who is allegedly mentally challenged, was charged with the crime of Murder, Attempt Murder, Use of Deadly Means of Harm and Grievious Harm. No plea was taken when he appeared at the Belize City Magistrate Court on Thursday, October 24th, and was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until his next court trial on January 8, 2020.

Successful 2nd Annual Belize Birding Festival
The Cayo district welcomed over two-hundred participants at the 2nd Annual Belize Birding Festival 2019, this past weekend October 19th and 20th at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. The two-day festival included presentations, panel discussion, workshops, birding tours, vendor booths, and an evening cocktail. . This festival welcomes local and international birders and wildlife enthusiasts to enhance their appreciation of Belize’s spectacular natural habitat were over 500 bird species have been recorded. Belize continues to grow as exciting birding destination that hosted over 30,000 birding enthusiasts in 2018 (BTB, 2019).

Various Belizean Sources


Overall, it was a great week on the water with a lot of fish to hand for our anglers. The weather this month has been great. We did have a storm that passed over on Tuesday but moved through quickly, opening back up to sunny skies and lighter winds on Wednesday. All anglers enjoyed hooking and landed numerous Bonefish. The anglers that pursued permit had positive results with lots of opportunities and multiple permit to hand.

SCA wins 2019 Belize City High School Female Volleyball Championship
In volleyball news, SCA became the 2019 Belize City High School Female Champions once again. District competition is next. They will be hard to beat so you better get ready teams from the districts. In other news, in a hotly contested game, SJC narrowly defeated BHS in a hard fought five sets last night to become the Belize City Champions as well.

Ch'ookob - Holy Food
Ch'ookob is blessed food by a H-men(Maya Priest) offered to Yuumstil(God), Yuum Chaak and U YuumBaalamo'ob to receive blessings to call for rain to start planting. This food is known in Yucatec Maya as Ch'ookob or sopas made for the Ch'a Cháak in San Jose(Orange walk). The younger generation of Maya Maasewal mostly speak in the Spanish language. While the elders continue speaking their Yucatec Maya language. During this ritual the prayers are done entirely in Yucatec Maya language .

Traditional Maya altar
Between the Maya Maasewal of San Pablo and San Jose (Orange walk) their Maya spirituality is a important part of their lives . This traditional Maya altar is for the Yucatec Maya ritual known as Ch'a Cháak in San Jose . During this tradition the Maya Maasewal ask Yuumstil (God),Yuum Chaak(Rain) and the U YuumBaalamo'ob for blessings

Governments of Belize and The Republic of China (Taiwan) Collaborate on Belize Urban Resilience and Disaster Prevention Project
In April 2019, the Governments of Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan) held an agreement signing ceremony for a project entitled Belize Urban Resilience and Disaster Prevention. Since then the project has been well underway. The first phase of implementation commenced with the review and selection of priority sites for the installation of two water regime monitoring stations and the early warning system technology. These locations were selected according to stakeholder consultation and field surveys that were conducted in July and early September, respectively.

Foldable Grocery Bag Design Competition
Are you a designer? If the answer is "You bet!!", then this competition is for you. Visit for the rules.

U18 Jaguars Defeat El Salvador
Today the Jaguars made history again and have won themselves a spot to the finals tomorrow! Final score Belize 5-4 El Salvador! Let's hear it for the U18 Jaguars! You made us proud! Congratulations team!

Belize Reporting Decline In Dengue Fever Cases
Health authorities are reporting a decline in the number of dengue fever cases after the figure had has risen to more than 2,700 cases last month. While the Director of Health Services Dr Marvin Manzanero did not disclose the present number of cases said “last week’s figure is the lowest for the last eight weeks. “So the numbers continue to go down. It peaked three to four weeks ago in terms of total numbers, but with the rainy season now fully upon us, we are going to remain vigilant in terms of any potential increase in the number of cases,” he added.

As part of its efforts to increase trade and investment linkages between Indonesia and Latin America and the Caribbean, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted its first Indonesia Latin America and the Caribbean (INA – LAC) Business Forum held in Tangerang, Indonesia, on October 14th – 15th, 2019. The event consisted of more than two-hundred representatives from both regions who convened to discuss salient issues, such as geographical distance, and recommendations affecting the level of trade and investment between Indonesia and the LAC region.

BelizeIFF 2019 PROGRAM
We know you've been waiting for the FILM SCHEDULE. it's coming, its coming.. But here is a look at BelizeIFF 2019 PROGRAM in a glance.

Opening Night - BelizeIFF 2019
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 6 PM – 8 PM, Bliss Center for Performing Arts Belize City, Hosted by BELIZE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

Multicultural Multilingual Poetry and Urage Night Oct. 31
Our Yucatec Maya (Máasewal) culture will be present for this event . Featuring Maya elder Felicita Cantun (To Creek Orange walk) for the Multicultural Multilingual Poetry and Uraga Night.

The Yucatec Maya culture present in the premiere of Tecuani and the Duende
Carmen Carrillo a Yucatec Maya of San Jose Palmer(OW) gave a story of the Tata Duende(Nukux Tat) . Andy Chuc a Yucatec Maya of San Pablo(OW) gave the spiritual importance of the Tata Duende (Nukux Tat) for the Maya .

2nd Annual Rocktober Halloween Social
Hosted by Wayo's Beach Bar, Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 5 PM – 11:30 PM. Our Halloween on Halloween Party is always a good time! Join us this year for a spooktacular evening with fun games, drink specials & a costume contest!

Channel 7

Marathon Mason Trial Ends, Judge Deliberates
The murder trial for William "Danny" Mason, Ashton Vanegas, Keiron Fernandez, Terrence Fernandez, and Ernest Castillo is done. It was completed today, and tonight, the outcome is completely in the hands of Justice Antoinette Moore. She has reserved judgment to a date to be announced, and she will begin to decide on the guilt or innocence of all 5 men, for the July 2016 murder of Pastor Lewellyn Lucas. Today's closing arguments came from the defense attorneys Norman Rodriguez, Bryan Neal, and Iliana Swift. We begin our coverage tonight on the submissions that Rodriguez presented for Ashton Vanegas.

Will Faber Exploit Mason - Saldivar Connection?
And while Mason and his co-accused have to wait for a verdict - probably the biggest news coming out of the trial is the statement from Mason's key witness, a US Federal Agent. He said in a statement that Mason told him the UDP's aspiring leader John Saldivar was framing him. Now, Saldivar has responded, quote, "No evidence at all was presented in trial to substantiate this ludicrous and desperate statement." But, Mason may have been tactical in putting it out there - because, indeed, while the US Federal agent only reported that Mason had told him that - the message is clear: the Americans have been told that a UDP Minister was involved in a murder plot.

Police Asking Public's Help To Identify John Doe
The John Doe who was found murdered in the Orange Walk Cemetery yesterday has still not been identified. And, tonight, police are asking for your help. They have circulated photos of the man's tattoos in the hopes that someone can identify him. He doesn't match any missing persons reports.

Reynaldo Resigned
Belize's Deputy Director of General Tax Services, Reynaldo Verde remains in a US jail cell in Florida, accused of extortion and attempted extortion of a US real estate investor in Belize. The investor told the FBI Verde was trying to shake him down for tax arrears and secret recordings were made of their meetings. Verde was reportedly asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but got only a thousand US dollars, according to the complaint. It's a huge black eye for Belize, since he is the second most senior tax man in the country - but, not anymore.

Human Traffic Case Drops Through
5 Benque residents walked free from immigration offenses in connection to a human snuggling case. The persons are 33-year-old Felicito Theresito Galvez, his girlfriend, Joanna Beatriz Gomez, 39-year-old Enrique Moralez, Neysa Amanda Gomez, along with her boyfriend, Ervin Llobani Arevola. The allegation was that they were connected to a human trafficking ring and that they assisted 4 Hondurans to enter Belize illegally. But today in court, Magistrate Emmerson Banner, struck out the matter when the prosecution could not produce the 5 accused with disclosure.

Senate Meets to Prepare Brexit Contingency
There was a Special Sitting of the Senate in Belmopan today, and to our recollection, it was probably one of their shortest, finished in less than an hour. But, that doesn't make it any less important than any of the Senate's usual business. The Barrow Administration went to the Senate to pass a resolution authorizing the ratification by Belize of the Economic Partnership Agreement, between the CARIFORUM States and the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland Motion, 2019. That's a mouthful, but basically, Belize and the other Caribbean nations want to ensure that trade between them and the UK is not disrupted due to their Brexit.

Guns Off The Streets
Today,. the cops have found some stash spots for guns and ammunition - including one at the corner of Iguana and Seagull street, and the other on Curassow street. They started this afternoon on an abandoned lot at the corner of Iguana and Seagull street at around 12:15, where they found a 9 millimeter pistol, with a magazine containing 5 live rounds.

All UDP Horses Are Lined Up
All week long, we've been reporting on the political jostling in the UDP. And that's because today was the deadline for interested persons to submit their applications for executive posts at the February 2020 convention. For Party Leader, as expected, there are only two names: Patrick Faber and John Saldivar. For FIRST DEPUTY LEADER, as we have reported, two representatives are vying for the post, they are Hugo Patt and Tracy Panton. Pott is now being advertised as part of Team Saldivar.

Mike P. The Chairman Candidate Plays Political Chess and Checkers
And while Party Leader is the most prominent post, the executive member who has to work the hardest is the Chairman. His or her job is to organize the party to win elections. Today at a special sitting of the Senate, we asked Mike Peyrefitte whether he's a with either Saldivar or Faber: Reporter: "Interestingly though you're saying you're going to run independent?"

Attorney General Begs For Contractor General to Come On Board
We also asked Peyrefitte about the recent amendment to the legislation governing the Contractor General. The post has been vacant for some time - and government has been unable to find a suitable person to take up the. To broaden the field of applicants, the requirement for the job have been relaxed slightly. Today Peyrefitte as Attorney General said a replacement can't come soon enough: Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General of Belize: "It is expected that more people will apply, including those people who currently work with the public or including those people who don't work for the public service..."

Godwin on The Granting of Brads
We also got to ask the leader of government business in the Senate about the lucrative Brads Boledo contract. Godwin Hulse was a business senator when the contract was awarded in 2009 - and he discussed why it was given to Brads:.. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Senator for Government Business: "There were three applicants at the time. We had screened them thoroughly. One dropped out and at the last hour the other one dropped out so we were only left with Brads so the committee that I was on which was made up of several people, I was at the time Senator for the Business Community and so we after looking at the conditions that were put on the Brads Company to progress with this we were satisfied and recommended to the Government. Of course it was the government that did the final contract. So that is where it ended for me."

How Much Was The Brad's Haul For GOB?
The 10 year contract was awarded in 2009 and is about to come to an end. And - while we may never know how much Brad's Gaming Company Limited profited - how much did government get from that 10 year privatization? Well about 20 million flat, according to the Fin Sec: Reporter: "The revenue from the Brads Boledo concession, she characterized as lucrative." Joe Waight, Financial Secretary: "I think there is an annual license fee of 2 million Belize dollars and that's a flat fee, no percentage."

Telecom Tax Matters Still Piled High
We also asked the Financial Secretary about the pending matter with a sales tax department audit which alleges that BTL failed to pay 25 million dollars in sales tax. BTL has denied it flatly saying that the misunderstanding arises from the treatment of inter company transfers. The matter came up months ago - for transactions recorded almost a year ago - but the Fin Sec says it still hasn't been resolved: Reporter: "Is there any settlement on the BTL issue, the sales tax issue? We know that has been hanging, still hanging and there is now also an issue I am told with one of the major credit vendors for SMART."

The Tide Is High, But Why?
Changing gears now from government finances to the environment. If you've noticed rising tides and routine flooding in certain parts of the city you're certainly not alone. We looked into the short term effects of climate change on Belize city and we were hit with some conflicting views. One thing is certain however, the sea is continually reclaiming portions of our coastline. Cherisse Halsall has that story. Residents who live along the coast have noticed what seems to be major changes in high tides over the last two years. One concerned citizen Mr Stuart Young in the Home Park area says that these high tides have caused erosion in his neighborhood.

Man Pleads Guilty To Killing Cousin
Today in court, former firefighter Tishaun Hamilton plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter for the 2017 murder of his 17 year old cousin, Eaton Lamb. Hamilton was initially charged for murder. His sentencing has been deferred until December 9th. The killing happened in February of 2017 when police saw twomen having a loud argument. The police saw Hamilton with a knife in his hand chasing the other person, later identified as Lamb.

Destinee and Sadie
Sadie Vernon students got a special treat today, Miss Belize Universe Destinee Arnold stopped by to give a speech on the dangers of drug use among youth. The school had their own activities going on but Arnold's visit was the icing on the cake. Here is more. Arnold made a few other stops in the city including the Digi store in Mirab.

The Macaroni Miracle
Last night we showed you UB's engineering students preparing working models of functioning bridges. Today those bridges were tested for structural integrity and the team that built the strongest bridge won a first place prize plus bragging rights in the 11th annual Macaroni Structural competition. Cherisse Halsall reports.

Cops Continue Mentoring
Police have completed another cohort of their boys and girls club with a closing ceremony at the Radisson Fort George today. The press spoke to Douglas Hyde, Director Of PR For The Office Of The Commissioner Of Police. He told us that while it is a was a proud day for the participants it was also a sad one as they say goodbye to the friends they have made during their time in the program.

Remembering Gian Chand
Gian Chand Ghandi may have been the most important, most powerful hardest working senior government employee you never heard of. And that's because he worked in the background, He was an eminent attorney, but his art was actually statecraft, and, for decades, he worked alongside those who plied the levers of power. Power brokers, the legal fraternity and decision makers in government know his name well, and, now, students at the University of Belize will as well.

Channel 5

Justice Antoinette Moore Reserves Judgment in Mason et al Murder Trial
Supreme Court Justice Antoinette Moore has reserved judgment in the murder trial of the century that paralyzed the nation with gruesome details, scandalous accusations and serious allegations against ministers.  William [...]

Attorneys Confident that Accused are Not Guilty
Also making closing arguments today was attorney Norman Rodriguez who is representing Ashton Vanegas.  According to Rodriguez, the prosecution has failed to call on any witness to provide evidence that [...]

Faber Takes the High Road on Mason/Saldivar Allegations
In the course of the trial this week, a written statement was introduced from a U.S. Federal agent who was called in by the Belize Police Department following Lucas’ murder, [...]

Who Was Murdered in the OW Cemetery? Police Needs Your Help to ID Victim
Police needs the assistance of the public to determine the identity of a murder victim.  The body of the man was found between two graves at a cemetery in Orange [...]

No Pay for CGA Workers Amid Dire Financial Straits
The Citrus Growers Association, a representative organization of approximately two hundred and fifty small growers, remains in financial ruin.  We have covered extensively the dire situation that the C.G.A. has [...]

Crow-footing CGA’s Assets for Failure to Pay Bills
Marilyn Peters, who has also been with C.G.A. for the past fifteen years as an accounts payable clerk, explains how the creditors visited their offices a few weeks ago enquiring [...]

Foreign Company has Shares in Brads?
Earlier in the month, Prime Minister Dean Barrow responded to a letter sent by firebrand activist Geovanni Bracket regarding a proposed contract to automatically renew Brads Gaming Company Limited’s management contract [...]

G.O.B. Seeking Qualified Person for Contractor General Position
Belize has been without a Contractor General for almost two years and the work that the office is mandated to carry out is currently being executed by the Attorney General’s [...]

Belize Prepares for UK’s BREXIT
The Senate met in Special Session for about an hour this morning in Belmopan to ratify the Economic Partnership Agreement between the CARIFORUM States and the United Kingdom. This is [...]

Antwan Rivero Committed to Stand Trial for Murder
Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford has committed Antwan Rivero to stand trial for the murder of thirty-seven-year-old Marcia Melissa Downs, a mother of two. Rivero is to be tried in the [...]

U.S. National Guilty of Drug Possession
U.S. national, Robert Blackford, pleaded guilty to possession of two hundred and six grams of cannabis when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford this morning.  For his guilty plea, [...]

Caribbean Shores, No Place for Fiberglass Works
Residents of Caribbean Shores, those in the immediate vicinity of a boatyard near the Belize sign, have expressed serious concerns over the use of that property for ongoing fiberglass works.  [...]

Mentoring the Belize City Youth
It was a proud occasion for a group of just under a hundred young persons. For six months, they had been learning life skills in the Youth Mentorship Programme of [...]

“Not So Fast Saldivar, I am Running Independent” – Boss P
Today, applications to contest positions in the U.D.P. Executive closed. As we have been reporting, the big election will be for the new leader of the U.D.P. between Patrick Faber [...]

“It is not always chess. Sometimes it is just checkers,” says Michael Peyrefitte
As you would know, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte wants to be the U.D.P.’s next party chairman. The party will hold its convention in February of next year and Peyrefitte’s intention [...]

A UB Building in Honor of Gian Gandhi
The University of Belize has officially renamed its Faculty of Management and Social Science campus in Belize City in honour of the late Gian Gandhi.  He is the former Solicitor [...]

The 11th Annual Macaroni Structure Competition
It was all about macaroni this morning for a group of enterprising students from the University of Belize. But, the macaroni was not for consumption instead it was used to [...]

Miss Universe Belize, Preparing for the International Pageant
Miss Belize Universe, Destinee Arnold arrived in the country today and hit the ground running. During her time here, she is undertaking a number of appointments as she prepares for [...]

A Health Fair to Raise Awareness on Kidney Disease
This morning, the Belize Kidney Association partnered with the Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, BELAIFA, to host a health fair in an effort to raise public awareness on [...]


Darren Gentle, 26, executed in Orange Walk
Darren Lee Gentle, 26, an office assistant of the Ministry of Works, Orange Walk Town, was shot in the head and killed by an unknown gunman at about 8:00 last night while he was sitting in the passenger seat of an SUV that was parked on the San Jose Nuevo Palmar Road in Orange Walk Town. Gentle, the son of Ministry of Works CEO Errol Gentle, was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital, where he was officially declared dead on arrival.

Tracy vs Hugo!
The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) is about to enter a new era when its present leader, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, steps down and the party holds its leadership convention in February of next year. Two area representatives, Collet’s Patrick Faber and Belmopan’s John Saldivar, have tossed their hats into the leadership ring and will attempt to capture the votes of a majority of delegates that will get one of them elected as the new UDP leader, the one who will lead the UDP in the next general elections scheduled for 2020.

William “Danny” Mason beheading murder trial moves into closing arguments
On July 16, 2016, the shocking discovery of a head in a black plastic bucket that was identified to be that of Dangriga pastor Llewellyn Lucas gripped the nation’s attention. Belmopan police moved rapidly and charged Guyanese national, William “Danny” Mason, and four other men who were said to be Mason’s employees, with a string of offences, including murder and kidnapping. The murder trial of the era began in early March and suffered major setbacks and delays after Mason’s attorneys, Herbert Panton and Rachael Montejo, suddenly walked away from the case and Mason hired a new attorney from his native Guyana.

Unknown man found murdered in Orange Walk cemetery
Less than 24 hours after Darren Gentle, 26, was found shot to death at about 8:00 last night in a vehicle on San Jose Palmar Road in Orange Walk, another man was found dead in that district. This afternoon, at about 2:30, a man was found dead in the Orange Walk Town Cemetery, located at the corner of San Antonio Road and Dunn Street. Police said that the yet unidentified man was found by a man who was walking in the cemetery. The man called the police and when they arrived on the scene, they saw the victim about 20 feet inside the cemetery.

Mentally unstable man arraigned for murder and attempted murder
Jayme Patrick Marin, 28, a resident of Caye Caulker village, was charged with murder and attempted murder when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. Marin, described by his attorney Hurl Hamilton as being mentally challenged, was also charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. Senior Magistrate Ford explained to him that she would not take a plea from him because the offences are indictable, which means that a plea will only be taken at the Supreme Court if the matter is committed there for trial.

Belize High School students built robot for international competition in Dubai
During August, a small group of students at Belize High School began dedicating their afterschool times to a special project: They were building a robot that they have entered in an international competition to represent Belize. The group left Belize last week for Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, where they will be competing in the Annual Global Challenge which got underway on Sunday, October 20. Belize High School students built their robot for the competition, which is being held under this year under the theme, “Ocean Opportunities.”

Corozal F.A. Opening Season Week 6 update
Another successful week of our ongoing Corozal Football Association (CFA) Opening Season Youth Tournament 2019-2020. We are grateful to the Almighty Father for His continued blessings upon our office and participating teams. On Sunday, October 20, we had a total of 7 games, i.e. 2 U10, 2 U13 and 3 U20. We are pleased to report that all went well; it has been six successful weeks. These weeks have been a success, thanks to the match officials and the Disciplinary Committee persons, who have devoted their time and efforts.

Ladyville Rising Stars are the first Smart Mundialito Champion of Champions
he first ever Smart 13 & Under Mundialito Champion of Champions tournament was held on Saturday, October 19, at the Marion Jones Sports Complex football field, where the 2019 champions and sub-champions of both the Belize City Smart Mundialito and the Stann Creek F.A. Smart Mundialito participated in a quadrangular “champion of champions” knockout. In the semifinals, the match-ups saw the champions clashing with the sub-champions; then, following a U-10 exhibition, the semifinals losers played for 3rd place, and the winners squared off for the championship.

Dangriga sports stats – PLB Week 12 at Carl Ramos Stadium on Sunday; another must-win situation for the home team, Dangriga WAGIYA vs league leaders, Belmopan Bandits
The Premier League of Belize (PLB), as it is winding down its Opening Tournament regular season and heading to the top-4 playoff race, has two teams that have already made it to the top-4 playoffs automatically; those are Belmopan Bandits & Verdes FC. Four (4) teams are fighting for the 2 remaining spots, who are BDF, San Pedro, Altitude & our team, Dangriga’s Wagiya. This weekend, Saturday night & Sunday evening, will be an important weekend for 4 of those teams fighting for the two spots. Here in Dangriga this Sunday evening inside the legendary Carl Ramos Stadium at 4:00 p.m., it will be one of the biggest must-win games once again for our home team, Dangriga Wagiya, if they want to stay alive in the top-4 playoff race.

4 shutouts in Week 2 of National Amateur Women’s League 2019-2020 Opening Tournament
All 4 games in Week 2 of the National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) 2019-2020 Opening Tournament ended in shutouts. Saturday, October 19 results At the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga, Jewel Fury of Belmopan crushed Stann Creek Jewels, 8-0, with a whopping 6 goals from Mariela Morales (12’, 14’, 17’, 34’, 45’ & 61’) along with 1 each from Anijay Quiroz (20’) and Ada Cordova (79’).

Editorial: UDP leaders believe in their corruption
Most Belizeans should be familiar with a declaration from the UDP camp, a few years after they were ousted from office in 1998, that they had twice saved the economy only for the PUP to come behind and squander and steal the treasures that they had built up. Some in the UDP camp stated bluntly that this would not happen again. They would not leave the cupboard full for any incoming government, because it could be PUP. Some prominent members of the party also stated that they would get their “share” next time. We would be remiss if we continued this essay without mentioning that the first time the UDP got the boot from office, in 1989, the national treasury wasn’t overflowing with cash, but things were not too bad because the UDP government of 1984-89 had been well supported by USAID, sales of passports to Asians in an Economic Citizenship Program, and the sale of shares in the national telecommunications company.

Amandala sets the record straight re settlement with Rene
On 12th April 2019, Rene Villanueva, Sr., filed suit in the Supreme Court against Amandala and its Editor seeking damages for statements contained in an editorial published on 22nd February 2019. Amandala accepted that a statement in the editorial that Mr. Villanueva was born in Honduras was in error. In its defence, Amandala clarified that this statement had been corrected in its 1st March 2019 edition of the newspaper when Amandala published a portion of a letter from Lawrence Vernon which was headed “Eminent historian says Rene was born in Belize.”

The 9th wee wi
The way this story goes, this much liked, real personable brother who has some years on him, takes for wife a woman a little younger, okay, much younger than he is. Now, the person who told me this story was well brought up, very decent, never engages in debauched talk. The person who told me this story told me that in his youth he tried the church, to see if he’d like it, but the pastor of the church he was serving was a rogue, a villain, a dastard, a rapscallion, and he soured from the profession when he thought of meeting more low-quality scum.

Ten days of silence and solitude – A Journey Within
For most persons, taking a vacation break from one’s regular work schedule means an opportunity to travel to new places to enjoy scenery, people and experiences. For others it is also an opportunity to do something exciting or just relax and disconnect from the ever-present pressures of work and family responsibilities. But what if you had the opportunity to do something radically different, like taking ten days off to learn a healing technique that can sharpen and purify the mind, while helping you to free yourself from a lot of mental impurities that you might not realize are buried deep within your mind, resulting in miseries that negatively affect your life, and by extension, others with whom you interact? Would you try it?

From British Honduras to Belize: one family’s drama
Matron said after that time life went on without any great disturbance until the matter arose of her first grown-up dress. Mrs. Atkins, their seamstress, had Millicent’s and her measurements in her records and it was customary for her mother to purchase and send materials for her to sew their clothes, providing trimmings and suitable styles and sewing identical dresses for them both. When she reached sixteen, however, Mrs. Atkins recommended that the birthday should be marked by a special service at Church, at which time she should wear a dress made to order and properly fitted since she was now no longer a schoolgirl but a young lady.

Egbert “Eggie” Baldwin freed of murder charge after nolle prosequi
Ladyville construction worker Egbert Baldwin, 21, aka “Eggie”, who was charged with the murder of Ladyville plumber John Michael Williams, 32, was freed of the charge when he appeared today before Justice Colin Williams and a nolle prosequi was entered, indicating that the Crown would not proceed with the trial. Senior Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell entered the nolle prosequi because the main witness, Williams’ son, cannot be located.

Long Beach Crips member’s body found in Vista Del Mar
At about 8:00 last night, Brandon Bennett, 26, a laborer of Louise Bevans Street, Belize City, was found dead on the side of the Vista Del Mar Boulevard in Ladyville, lying on the ground in pools of his blood. He had been shot multiple times, in the head and chest. Police said that they found a number of expended bullet casings in the area near him. The time of, and the circumstances surrounding, the murder are not known, and no one was found in the area where the body was found.

Director of Health Services confirms shortage of anti-retroviral drugs
There is a shortage of anti-retroviral drugs in Belize, and this shortage will continue for at least another three to four weeks, according to the Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero. Dr. Manzanero made the remarks yesterday during an interview with 7News. Anti-retroviral drugs are the medication that persons living with HIV need to prolong their lives. Dr. Manzanero said that he is only aware of one particular anti-retroviral that is currently unavailable in Belize.

Rodney Castillo, Sr., dies in vehicle accident
–At about 8:00 this morning Rodney Castillo, Sr. 70, of Hopkins, was driving his SUV from Hopkins to the Lands Department in Belmopan when on his arrival near the Western Regional Hospital, he lost control of his SUV and crashed into the left front portion of a parked car. Castillo’s vehicle then swerved to the left side of the road. He was taken to the nearby hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

The Reporter

Deadline for Submissions to Fill Vacant UDP Posts Closes; Several Names Entered
The deadline for submissions to be selected on the UDP Executive passed at 5:00 this evening and the UDP Chairman shared that the following are the applications that have been made for the five vacant positions on the UDP’s National Executive.

Body of Murdered Man in OW Cemetery Still Unidentified
There is still no identity of the man whose body was discovered in the Orange Walk cemetery at the corner of San Antonio Road and Dunn Street, yesterday afternoon. The corpse was reportedly found sometime before 2:00pm, by a man who went to urinate near an open cement building that shelters three graves in the cemetery.

The ‘REPORTER Logo’ Hijacked To Create FAKE FACEBOOK Page & Post
Sometime last night ‘A Cyber Demon’ created a fake FACEBOOK page with the logo of this newspaper. Those fake posts, one of them depicted a group of Asian looking cartoon characters throwing Belizeans into the water from a land that is almost shaped like Belize, is completely and totally FAKE.

Mike Peyrefitte for UDP Chairman?
Attorney General, Senator Mike Peyrefitte declared that he too was going to enter his own race. Peyrefitte put in his name for the position of UDP Chairman – a post that has been held since 2013 by Alberto August.

The Jostle For Positions In The UDP
The jostle for positions in the UDP Executive has begun to take shape and intensify with two women Ministers offering themselves in key leadership positions this week, one of them even surprising the members of her team when she made the announcement.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man shot and killed in Gales Point
Minutes ago a man was shot dead in Gales Point Manatee. He has since been […]

9 mm pistol found on Curassow Street, Belize City
Shortly after midday today, police conducted a search on Curassow Street in Belize City. That […]

2 Belizeans obtain Certificate in Tourism Hospitality Management in Taiwan
Belizeans, Aaron Mai and Nisa Gonzalez both of the Cayo District were today awarded with […]

In April 2019, the Governments of Belize and Taiwan held an agreement signing ceremony for a project entitled Belize urban resilience and disaster prevention.
In April 2019, the Governments of Belize and Taiwan held an agreement signing ceremony for […]

Ms Universe Belize visits NICH President
Miss Universe Belize, Destinee Arnold today paid a courtesy visit to President of the National […]

Police Department seeks public’s assistance in identifying body
The Belize Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the body of a […]

Marking history – Junior Jaguars scorches Salvador, qualifies for finals in U-18 UNCAF tournament
The Under-18 boys’ national team have won Belize’s first major final at the Central American […]

Teachers query date for renewal of teaching licenses
In August, the Ministry of Education (MOE)informed all teachers nationwide that there is a grace […]

PSU, despite “lack of confidence,” to talk to Health Ministry over drug coverage
The Public Service Union (PSU) says it plans to talk to the Ministry of Health […]

Senate ratifies UK-CARIFORUM trade treaty
The Senate met in special session this morning in record time to ratify a treaty […]

Social Security Board is looking for a new CEO
Do you have what it takes to be Belize’s Social Security Board (SSB) new Chief […]

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to celebrate 40th Independence anniversary
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will celebrate their 40th Independence anniversary on October 27, 2019. […]

Mexican Cultural Institute presents Chaya, Dinner with the Maya!
The Mexican Cultural Institute in Belize, the Museum of Belize, Institute of Archaeology and the […]

Prosecution’s closing statements in Danny Mason trial discloses more revelations
On Wednesday, the attorney of William Danny Mason presented his closing submissions inside the Belmopan’s […]


Dangriga and Hopkins
If you are an independent traveler, you don’t want to miss a journey to the southern Stann Creek District. The Southern Highway stretches past colorful fields of citrus and bananas. This region, which includes Dangriga, Placencia, Hopkins, and the offshore Southern Cayes, is the pulse of Belize’s Afro-Caribbean culture. Garifuna villages face this beach-endowed coastline. In 2001, the Garinagu-an Afro-Caribbean people- were declared an endangered group by the United Nations. In Belize, they continue to thrive on their ancestral lands. They came from St. Vincent in dug-out canoes to our shores in search of freedom. Here they found peace and were able to practice their rituals, culture, and language.

Cayo District
San Ignacio is the most popular town to visit in the Cayo District. It’s a travel center from where all roads and activities fan out. Close to Santa Elena, on the east bank of the Macal River is the main population center of Cayo, with lots of good economical accommodations, decent restaurants, and frequent transport. If you are looking for a Belizean life experience, a local market is the perfect spot. San Ignacio Market is a vibrant place full of all the fruits and veggies from local farmers, local fresh prepared food, and there are many local artisans displaying their wares. It is a multicultural blend of colors, sounds, and flavors. Belize is well known for the variety of tropical fruits and veggies, like soursop, sapodilla fruit, star fruit, custard apple, yam, craboo, breadfruit, all depending on what’s in season.

The Scarlet Macaw
The Scarlet Macaw, the most magnificent and recognizable bird of the parrot family, is one of the largest, multicolored birds, with bright red, yellow and blue plumage. The normal size of this majestic bird is 35 inches from head to tail feather and it thrives in the rainforest of Belize. Scarlet Macaws are known to nest in holes up high and lay one or two eggs. This makes them one of a kind in their species. With their wide and strong wings, macaws are able to fly at a velocity of 35 miles per hour, they often fly in pairs or small groups and call each other in wild hoarse voices. Macaws are found particularly in southern Belize, where they thrive due to the conservation and protection policies Belize has in place.

Best Birding Hotspots in Belize
With more than 570 species of birds thriving in its varied ecosystems, there's no better place to go bird watching than in Belize. This gem of a country provides wonderful, year-round experiences for great birding experiences. From casual onlookers to veteran ornithologists, birders of every level delight in the sight of macaws, toucans, trogons, hummingbirds, storks, parrots, raptors, and other species commonly seen throughout Belize. Here are four of the best destinations to go bird watching in Belize:

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Textile sale will benefit Maya youth
A textile sale featuring more than 700 unique and beautiful textiles from the collections of 30 donors will be Thursday-Saturday, Oct. 31-Nov. 2 at the University Museum, Kent Hall, on the NMSU campus. The museum and Weaving for Justice are sponsoring the fifth annual Textile Sale to Benefit Maya Youth. There is no charge to attend, and NMSU students will receive a 20 percent discount on items for sale. In addition to textiles from Guatemala and Mexico, the sale will include items from the Andes and other parts of Latin America, including huipils (women’s blouses), yardage of cloth, table runners, jewelry, books, purses, story cloths, and tourist items. All proceeds from the sale will go to scholarships for Maya young people in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize through the Maya Educational Foundation (

A New Private-Island Resort Is Opening in Belize
A new private-island destination is coming to Belize, Caribbean Journal has learned. It’s called Ray Caye, and it will make its debut off the coast of Placencia in January 2020. The 20-room resort is a reimagining of the former Hatchet Cay Resort, now expanded and transformed, set about 18 miles east of Placencia Village.

Tracking Infectious Diseases in Central America & Caribbean
To better detect, understand, and respond to emerging infectious disease threats such as dengue, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is supporting research studies to better understand acute febrile illnesses (AFIs) in Belize, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. Announced on October 21, 2019, this international team including researchers from the CDC, Baylor College of Medicine, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, will create the network using a coordinated approach to detect and manage disease threats.


  • The Ya’axché Show, 12min. The 5 wild cats of Belize enjoy the forested areas, which they call home. However, deforestation is putting a pressure on jaguar, puma, ocelot, jaguarundi and margay populations. These wild cats play a major role in maintaining ecosystems. We are protecting and working to understand these wild cats species within the Maya Golden Landscape. On The Ya’axché Show to chat LIVE with Sayuri Tzul is Evarista Sho (Education and Outreach Officer) and behind the scenes is Maximiliano Caal.
  • Live Music from Belize August 2019, 3min. Here is the port of Belize.

  • Calisthenics Park Jam (Corozal Town Belize), 5min.

  • Kayak up Joe Taylor Creek Belize, 30min. Quick trip up our local creek.

  • San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize, 3min.

  • Snorkeling with Manatees Belize, 1.5min. Snorkeling Tours by Blue Dream & Blue Heaven Adventures with Michael Cain in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

  • Belize Scuba Diving with Dolphins, 1.5min.