Over the years, we have reported on different incidents of the illegal dumping of raw sewage on Ambergris Caye. It is illegal, but still happens on the number one tourist destination in Belize.  While there is one sewage disposal system on the island, the problem persists.  On Saturday, Area Representative Manuel Heredia told the media that multiple projects are in the pipeline to help counter the dumping of waste on land and in the waterways.

Manuel Heredia, Area Representative, Belize Rural South

“The sewer system – we have in several areas we have that in down town. D.F.C. has no sewer system. I believe that by now much more was to be done. That part is more a central government issue than a local issue. It is a local issue in a way because we supposed to make sure that as we expand there are more infrastructures to go on. In the northern part of San Pedro, I believe you heard that there is a loan that is being made for the expansion of water and sewer on northern San Pedro. Likewise, with BWS, there is the plan for the expansion of the sewer in other areas including D.F.C.; there is a loan especially for downtown and a loan for up north.”

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