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The San Pedro Sun

Police find AK-47 Rifle and ammunition in San Mateo
San Pedro Police conducted a joint anti-drug operation in the San Mateo Sub-division on Sunday, October 27th. The operation in the area led to the discovery of a yellow plastic bag containing 10 live 7.62X39 calibre ammunition. Further searches led to an AK-47 Rifle along with a silver AK-47 magazine. All items were labelled, sealed and deposited as found property.

Belize Emergency Response Personnel receive the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Certified Training in Emergency Care and Treatment (ECAT) in Disasters
Belizean First Responders from the Ministry of Health, Belize Emergency Response Team, Southern Emergency Services, Belize National Fire Service, Belize Police Department, and Department of Transport will participate in PAHO’s skills-based training course to improve their ability in providing emergency medical care and treatment to patients on the scene of an accident or emergency. The training is jointly funded by the European Union through the Health Sector Support Programme Belize, and the Global Affairs Canada under the project Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Program – Health Sector.

Ambergris Today

Manuel Heredia Jr Running For UDP Second Deputy Party Leader
Twelve applicants are vying for five vacant post in the National Executive of the United Democratic Party. San Pedro’s very own Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. is taking up the challenge and has applied for the post of second deputy leader against Belize Rural Central representative Beverly Williams. Minister Heredia has had three terms in Government under his belt and believes he can work with either Faber or Saldivar (both running for Party Leader) to continue his works in his electoral division but most importantly to give back to his party.

Belize And Taiwan Collaborate On Belize’s Urban Resilience & Disaster Prevention Project
In April 2019, the Governments of Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan) held an agreement signing ceremony for a project entitled Belize Urban Resilience and Disaster Prevention. Since then the project has been well underway. The first phase of implementation commenced with the review and selection of priority sites for the installation of two water regime monitoring stations and the early warning system technology. These locations were selected according to stakeholder consultation and field surveys that were conducted in July and early September, respectively.

Various Belizean Sources


Saga Spooktacular Halloween Fundraiser
The Saga Spooktacular Halloween Fundraiser is coming up November 3rd - food, fun, prizes, dogs in costumes...I LOVE attending this event and you feel great about donating to this cause. Here are some of my pictures from prior years...

BHA/Avianca/Tropic Air Roadshow
The BTB participated in the BHA/Avianca/Tropic Air road show held on October 24 at the Westin Camino Real Hotel in Guatemala City. Over 150 major tour operators attended the presentation on Belize as part of the road show. Many of them also visited the BTB booth where they received a wide range of information on the Jewel.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Julie Chung met with the U.S. Embassy Belize team
She congratulated the Embassy staff on their efforts to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Belize and to assist American citizens in emergencies, at times under difficult circumstances. When it comes to facing challenges, PDAS Chung quoted a Belizean saying, "Plantain nu eat like rice - make do with what is available to you."

An altar for Hanal Pixan in the village of Xaibe
The Maya Máasewal(Yucatec Maya) of Belize continue honoring their ancestors and their loved ones who are on the spiritual world . Un altar para Janal Pixan en el pueblo de Xaibe (Corozal). Los mayas máasewales de Belize continúan honrando a sus ancestros y a sus seres queridos que están en el mundo espiritual.

Free Medical and Dental Care on Caye Caulker
Oct 30 & 31 at Chan's Conference Room.

You Can Help Your School or Community
The Department of the Environment is launching its new programmes that seek to assist primary schools and community groups/persons that are psyched and all pumped up about making a real difference.

The Family and Diabetes Ride Out Diabetes
Belize Diabetes Association in conjunction with Ordonez Bike Shop will be holding its 11th Annual 'Ride Out Diabetes"' Campaign. This is a 2 days ride to promote a healthy lifestyle. The ride will be from Corozal to Belize City on Saturday. November 9th. 2019 and from Santa Elena. Cayo to Belize City on Sunday. November 10th. 2019. We are asking all cyclist to participate in our 11th ride, to help create awareness on the condition diabetes, and raise much needed funds for the Belize Diabetes Association.

Corozal House of Culture Card Design Contest
Enter our Christmas card design competition and get a chance to win $500 towards your school fees!! Bring your entries to Corozal House by November 21st!!

Corozal Football Table of Standing for Week 7
Please support our Corozal footbalers. Keep following current Football Statistics on the Corozal Daily. Please see below Table of Standing for Week 7. This week it marked the closing of round 1. Congratulations to all Top ranking clubs.

Notice to Vessel Owners in Corozal
The Belize Port Authority will be conducting registration and licensing of vessels for the year 2020 at the Corozal Town Hall. Schedule is as follows for: Corozal Town, Consejo Village and Surrounding Areas. Date: November 26th, 2019, Inspection Area: Town Pier, Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Important Notice: Proof of Captains and Vessel Owners address must be submitted along with other required documents in order to update the license and registration information. Contact number 222-5666

Garifuna Concert on Nov. 18th and a Garifuna Fair on the 19th!
In honor of Garifuna Settlement Day, Lerisi Garifunaduau Restaurant in Belize city will be celebrating by hosting a Garifuna Concert on Nov. 18th and a Garifuna Fair on the 19th! As a sponsor, the BTB encourages everyone to come out and enjoy the wonderful Garifuna culture at this event and honor the settlement of the Garinagu to Belize.

Card Design Contest in San Pedro
Enter our Christmas card design competition and get a chance to win $500 towards your school fees! Submit your entries to San Pedro House of Culture by November 21st.

Go experience Chaya! Dinner with the Maya
Join us for a lively evening of music and education from the Maya forest of Belize! Learn about El Pilar, the useful plants of the Maya forest, and the heroes who are managing the forest as a garden. Use your imagination to reflect on our household belongings and how differences tell a cultural story. October 31 2019 -7:00 p.m. Mexican Cultural Institute – Belize. Corner Newtown Barracks and Wilson Streets, Belize City

Huay poop or Uay poop: black butcher bird in whose body is the spirit of Kakasbal. He falls on his victims and takes them away forever. This being of the Mayab we refer to the Huay Poop, a sorcerer who on certain nights takes the form of a horrible and gigantic black bird, but there are also many more who claim that this evil creature is one more the transmutations of the Genius of Evil, the "Kakasbal" . Huay Poop story It happened to a pregnant woman when she saw that her brother was going to be taken by the Huay Poop, she offered him the son who was to be born a few days later, her brother was free under the faith of the pregnant woman, but the maternal love was greater and the fearful and loving mother kept her son in the old hollow of an old trunk.

Channel 7

Another Murder By Decapitation Near Belmopan
This weekend saw another gruesome murder out west, just outside Belmopan. A man was decapitated, and his body and head flung in different spots in the bush off Mount Pleasant road between miles 45 and 46 on the Western Highway. The victim is 32 year old Roaring Creek resident Michael Gladden also known as "Wangsta". His remains were found yesterday morning around 8:00 - and police have been busy trying to unravel the mystery of his very cruel demise.

Killing In A Small Village
A man was murdered in Gales Point Manatee on Friday. Now, Gales Point is a sleepy village of only a few hundred residents, but, on Friday night, a gunman was stalking. He struck around 6:30 when 28 year old Inmar Welch left his wife at home, and went on a bike to pick up something. A gunman was lying in wait, and he fired as many as 9 times at Welch, killing him with a headshot. Police gave us more details about Welch's death earlier today.

Online News Outlet Taken To Court For Contempt
The landscape of the media and journalism has shifted drastically in the last 10 years or so. Nowadays, if you're under 45, you probably get a fair amount of your news from Facebook and internet messaging apps, and you may get it mere minutes after a breaking story emerges. But, these new breaking news outfits are learning fast that the rules of accurate and responsible news reporting also apply to them, and breaking these rules has consequences. Tonight, Breaking Belize News is currently facing the possibility of being found in contempt of the Court of Appeal - which is not a minor matter. A person cited for contempt risks being sent to jail, if a judge so chooses.

From Meatpie Delivery Man to Stick Up Man?
Belize's biggest meat pie factory was held up on Saturday evening - and police say a former delivery man is behind it. 23 year old, Joseph Richards, a former employee of Dario's Meatpies, is allegedly one of the gunmen in a home invasion at the residence above the Hyde's Lane factory on on Saturday evening. Police say that Richards and a partner, who remains at large, injured two women in the burglary.

One Charged, One Wanted For Gentle Murder
On Wednesday night 26 year old, Daren Gentle, the son of C.E.O of the Ministry of works Errol Gentle, was shot and killed in Orange Walk. It happened on a feeder road near A&R in Orange Walk - and looks like it was a setup. Gentle and a partner were conducting a roadside transaction when they were shot at by a man who emerged from the bushes. Gentle sustained a fatal injury while his partner escaped on foot. Tonight, police are saying that 28 year old Micheal McDougall, a resident of Belize City, is the gunman. He was charged for Gentle's murder and arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate's Court. Police still have other persons detained:

Still No ID For John Doe Found In Cemetery
The John Doe who was found murdered in the Orange Walk Cemetery yesterday has yet to be identified. And, tonight, police are still asking for your help. Last week they circulated photos of the man's tattoos in the hopes that someone would identify him. According to Police databases he doesn't match any missing person reports from anywhere in the country. He was found Thursday afternoon in a mausoleum stuffed between two tombs. A cement cross from a nearby grave had been used to bludgeon him in the head and face. Today the only new detail police could share was his apparent time of death.

US State Dept. Official Visits to Encourage Belize Taiwan Links And Discourage China Switch
A senior US State Department official today concluded a quick visit to Belize. Julie Chung is the State Department's Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs - and her message was all about reinforcing good relations between Belize and Taiwan. Recently, China swiped two of Taiwan's central American allies: El Salvador and Panama. And in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has also switched its allegiance to China. The Americans aren't happy with that growing Chinese influence in the region, and Deputy Assistant Secretary Chung underscored how important the Belize - Taiwan relationship is for the United States:

What A Way! Yellow Water From BWS, Company Says Its Safe & Temporary
BWSL is having a moment. The water coming from its Double Run plant to Belize City is discolored, it looks like a sickly yellow. But, the company says the water remains safe to drink, and to bathe and wash with, but it may discolour your clothes. Now, the odd part is that even if you live in Belize city - you may not have seen discolored water coming out of your pipes. The company says it has gotten about 200 complaints from various parts of the city. Company executives held a press conference today to say that if your water is yellow, just let it run for a minute, and it's go away: Alvan Haynes, C.E.O., B.W.S.: "The first thing is really to reassure customer and consumers, everybody the slight discoloration of the water, and sometimes, it is worse than slight; based on what we have seen is that the water is not unsafe..."

Hattieville Suffered Saturday and Sunday Without Water
And while Belize City had to deal with discoloration, in Hattieville this weekend it was far worse. About 3,500 residents had to go more than 24 hours without water supply - and a potion of that without electricity as well. The problem was the result of a massive lightning strike. The CEO told us what happened and what it caused: Alvan Haynes, C.E.O., B.W.S.: "With this situation in Hattieville, there was a thunderstorm and it cause damage to BEL's system..."

Smugglers Busted With Weed and Contraband Cigarettes
Orange Walk police charged 4 men form different parts of the country with possession of drugs with intent to supply after they were caught on Saturday night with 1.2 kilos or 2 and a half pounds of weed, and over 100 packs of contraband cigarettes. Police told us more at the bi-weekly press briefing in Belmopan. ACP Joseph Myvett: "Orange Walk police were conducting vehicular check points near the toll bridge when a red Ford 150 pickup approached the check point at the time being driven by one Nestor Chimal, 38 years old of a Corozal town address..."

Brothers Badly Injured After Cycle Accident
Two brothers are fortunate to be alive after a terrible motorcycle accident in Orange Walk. It happened last night at around 10:00. Artemio Yam and his little brother Jose Yam were heading to San Lazaro when Artemio lost control of the cycle. Jose was badly injured. Police told us more. ACP Joseph Myvett: "What the police know so far is that the older of the Yam's, Artemio was driving a black motorcycle towards the direction of San Lazaro village from August Pine Ridge when he seemingly lost control we believe..."

SP Cops Found an AK
San Pedro Police got a high-powered weapon off the streets of that island Town. Yesterday, at around 1:30 p.m., officers were conducting a joint anti-drug operation in the San Mateo area. While canvassing, they came upon a yellow plastic bag, which contained 10 live rounds of 7.62 ammunition. The officers believed that there was something else, and after thoroughly searching the area, they came upon this AK-47 assault rifle, which had a silver magazine.

NTUCB Says Aldo's Many "Exigencies" Should Not Stop Immigration Report
10 days ago, we showed you our interview with Senator Aldo Salazar. He's the chairman of the Senate Special Select Committee on Immigration, and since the hearings concluded in December 2017, the public has been patiently waiting for the committee to produce a final report. Chairman Salazar has told us that he has been churning away at the nearly 300 hours of transcribed testimony from all witnesses who testified. You'll remember that those witnesses had to answer uncomfortable questions about corruption within Immigration and Nationality.

Snakebitten? Or Snake-Kissed?
It takes a special kind of person to have a Boa Constrictor as a pet. Roaring creek resident Mark Molina better known as Markie is one of those people. Viewers may have seen this video of Markie bitten by a snake. It has been circulating on facebook with many people turning this frightening encounter into another comedic post of the week. Well, when we bumped into the snake man in Roaring Creek today, he surely had a sense of humor saying his beloved pet snake just wanted to give him a smooch. Mark "Markie" Molina, Roaring Creek Snake Man: "Well actually they were provoking him before so when I held him, he got angry and thing so I let go his head because I always try let go his head and try get him tame but he just get out of hand and manage to bite me check."

BTV Says Goat Fishers Staged Illegal Pro-Gillnet Protest
We've reported many times on the controversial issue of gill nets. There are many conservation-minded Belizeans who believe that the Government should ban the gill nets in Belizean waters. They say that many animals that aren't the target of the gill net fishermen get caught up in the net and die unnecessarily. Then, there are some gill net fishermen who say that this is a traditional fishing method that shouldn't be taken away from them because that is the only way they feed their families. One such group staged a protest in Belmopan last Friday, and as our colleagues from Plus TV News saw, they had some posters with eye-catching captions.

Area Rep Outlines the Citrus Crisis Gripping Stann Creek
10 days ago, we showed you our interview with Agriculture Minister Godwin Hulse, who briefly discussed the biggest problems facing the citrus industry in the south. The industry must recover from this year's drought, as well as citrus greening disease, which has wiped out huge acreages of crops. But, while they battle with the risks of disease and natural disaster, the Citrus Growers Association is in a crisis of its own. This farmers group is saddled with debt it can no longer service, and it is staring down the prospect of bankruptcy.

UDP Politically Waterboarding Village Councils
Area Rep Ferguson also took the opportunity to complain about the appointments to water boards in several villages in the Stann Creek District. Since the Village Council Elections, new water boards must be appointed in all the villages. But, according to Ferguson, Dr. Carla Barnett, the Local Government Minister of State, is attempting to stack the deck with UDP recommended persons in villages that voted for a PUP council. Here's how he explained why that shouldn't happen:

Drug Plane In Guat With Major Artillery
Tonight there is the report of another drug plane - but this one is in Guatemala - and it ended in bullets and gunsmoke. According to a Guatemalan news site, early Friday morning the Guatemalan Air Force's radar detected an illegal flight that had entered the country's airspace. The flight touched down in the south central portion of that country, and when the military and police arrived, they found themselves in an armed confrontation with the alleged drug traffickers. In the aftermath of the confrontation one soldier was shot and the drug traffickers escaped having abandoned their cargo, the plane and a few vehicles.

Mr. Belize is Sculpted
Clayton Greenidge is Mr. Belize for the third time. Mr. Belize 2019 took place on Saturday night at the Bliss center for the performing arts. It's the competition where Belize's male bodybuilders compete for the coveted title, cash, and prizes. Greenidge who was sponsored by burn box gym was deemed to have once again sculpted the best physique in the competition proving that he is indeed an elite athlete worthy of the world stage.

Under 18 Team Football Team Made History In Regional Play
The Belize Under 18 Football team returned to Belize late this evening after doing Belize proud in the UNCAF under 18 tournament which was played in Costa Rica. They made it to the final on Saturday where they lost to Costa Rica - earning a very respectable silver medal.

Channel 5

Headless Body of Michael Gladden Discovered; Several Persons Detained
A grisly discovery was made on Sunday morning; the body of Roaring Creek resident Michael Gladden was found through a dirt road off the George Price Highway. Gladden was decapitated [...]

Gales Point Fisherman Inmar Welch is Gunned Down
There was also a murder in Gales Point Manatee, a community located just off the Coastal Road in the Belize District. It was the first homicide to occur over the [...]

Michael McDougall is Charged for the Murder of Darren Gentle; Another Being Sought
While investigations continue into the weekend murders of Inmar Welch and Michael Gladden, police say that one of two persons wanted for the murder of Darren Gentle, has been charged [...]

Still No ID for OW Man Found Dead in Cemetery
Last Thursday, the body of a Hispanic man was discovered between two graves in a cemetery in Orange Walk Town. The person, believed to be in his mid-twenties, had been [...]

Dario’s Meat Pies Robbed by Trio of Armed Thieves
Twenty-three-year-old Joseph Richards is one of three persons who police believe entered Dario’s Meat Pies on Saturday evening and robbed Nicole Perdomo of a little over thirty thousand dollars in [...]

Court of Appeal Hauls in B.B.N. for Contempt of Court
The Principals of Breaking Belize News an online news blog appeared before the Court of Appeal this afternoon. A contempt of court charge was brought against the online news publication [...]

“Dirty-looking” Water is Safe to Drink – says B.W.S!
B.W.S. says that the dirty-looking water pouring out of your pipes is safe to drink. For over a week, residents in the Belize District, including the city, have been reporting [...]

B.W.S. Says Land Clearing Responsible for Increased Levels of Iron in Water
So, as you heard just now, C.E.O of B.W.S. Alvan Haynes said that the water coming out of your pipes is safe to drink. He told the press today that [...]

Manny Heredia – an Independent for Second Deputy in the U.D.P.?
Senior Minister Manuel Heredia Junior confirms that he is running for the U.D.P.’s second deputy position. According to Heredia Junior, he made the decision just the day before applications closed [...]

More Sewage Disposal System Coming for San Pedro
Over the years, we have reported on different incidents of the illegal dumping of raw sewage on Ambergris Caye. It is illegal, but still happens on the number one tourist [...]

N.T.U.C.B. Disappointed About Delayed Draft Report on Immigration Inquiry
Two years ago, for months most Belizeans were glued to their television sets as gory details were revealed during an investigation on immigration illegalities.  Tonight, there is word from the [...]

Vasquez Family Calls on G.O.B. Again in Wake of the Killing of Isaac Marin
Seventeen-year-old Isaac Marin from Caye Caulker was laid to rest over the weekend. The young man was killed early last week inside his home on the island. His cousin, Jaime [...]

Yam Brothers Injured in Non-Fatal Accident in Orange Walk
A pair of brothers is tonight lucky to be alive after they were flung from a motorcycle over the weekend. Jose and Artemio Yam were travelling from August Pine Ridge [...]

4 Busted with Weed and Contraband Cigarettes
Four persons have been detained pending charges for possession of cannabis and uncustomed goods. Around ten o’clock on Saturday night, police intercepted a vehicle in Orange Walk and inside a [...]

A Visit to the Jewel by High-level U.S. Diplomat Julie Chung
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Julie Chung, concluded a visit to Belize today after meeting with various government and private sector representatives, as well [...]

Is China Pushing Predatory Lending and Debt-diplomacy?
Amid the trade dispute between the United States and China, the world’s two largest national economies, is an enduring relationship with Belize and Taiwan.  Chung, in a brief question and [...]

Belize Learns from Costa Rican Refugee Program
Since 2015, over three thousand asylum seekers from neighbouring Central American countries have applied for refugee status in Belize. The number continues to grow as masses of Central Americans journey [...]

Building Coastal Resilience Through Innovation
Experts from the National Oceanography Center are currently in Belize carrying out critical work on the sea bed. To collect data, they are employing the Sea Worker, a thirteen-foot vessel, [...]

Coastal Awareness Week 2019 Kicks Off
Coastal Awareness Week 2019 got underway today as the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute made its media rounds across Belize City.  The weeklong activities will include a trivia competition [...]

C.G.A.’s Financial Woes Continues
At least six staff members of the Citrus Growers Association did not report to work today and say they will not do so until they receive their salaries, which is [...]

P.U.P. Outrage over Water Board Appointments
The Stann Creek Area Representative also spoke about the appointment of water board members across villages in Belize. The appointment of new water board members would normally proceed after the [...]


PDAS Julie Chung visits Belize for the first time
Julie Chung, the US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, in the Department of State, has ended her first visit to Belize.

BWS says discolored water safe to drink
Over the past few weeks, Belize City residents have been noticing a discoloration in their pipe water.

Miachael Gladden murdered and decapitated
Police are investigating the gruesome murder of 32-year-old, Michael Gladden from Roaring Creek Village, Cayo District. On October 27, at around am police a pool of blood on the roadside between miles 45 and 46 on the George Price Highway.

Hattieville without water for over a day
Belize Water Services (BWS) also had another issue to discuss at the press conference. This past weekend, Hattieville residents were without water for over a day.

Area Rep for Stann Creek West discusses issues concerning residents
Area Representative for Stann Creek West, Rodwell Ferguson, has raised some concerns that he has observed in his constituency.

Man shot to death in Gales Point Manatee
The first murder of the weekend occurred around 6pm on Friday night. 28-year-old Inmar Welch was shot to death in Gales Point Manatee.

NTUCB calls on the Government of Belize for Senate Report
It has now been almost two years since hearings regarding the Auditor General’s Report on Immigration and Nationality were conducted. The NTUCB issued a press release today, regarding their disappointment at quote “the lame excuses made by Senator Aldo Salazar regarding the status of the Special Senate Select Committee’s Report.”

Two men injured after motorcycle accident
Two men are left injured following a motorcycle accident in San Lazaro Village, Orange Walk District. According to police reports, the two men were travelling on the road when the driver lost control and ran into a tree.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man found dead in a cemetery still unidentified
Orange Walk police are yet to identify a body found in the cemetery on the […]

“Latest violent incident with mental patient underscores need for upgrade of mental health services,” says Vasquez family
The family of the late Nestor Vasquez Jr., who lost their loved one following a […]

Joseph Richards charged for aggravated burglary at Darios Meat Pies
Belize City police have arrested and charged Joseph Richards, 23, with aggravated burglary. It is […]

“Upcoming trade mission an opportunity for Belizean businesses,” says Chamberlain Consulting
In November, 10 companies from Barbados will come to Belize on a trade mission; an event […]

Man charged for murder of Darren Gentle
Michael McDougall, 28, has been charged with the murder of Darren Gentle. Police say that one […]

Under-18 Jaguars beaten in final, to be honored on return home
This evening, the Ministry of Sports, National Sports Council and Football Federation of Belize will […]

Belize Emergency Response personnel receive certified training from PAHO
Belizean first responders from the Ministry of Health, Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT), Southern emergency […]

Police: Michael Gladden beheaded “over some female”
Michael Gladden, 31, is the latest person to be decapitated near Belmopan, Cayo. Over the […]

Dr. Candice Pitts hosted Family Fun Day in Mesopotamia
Over the weekend, Belize City Councilor and PUP Mesopotamia standard bearer, Dr. Candice Pitts, hosted […]

Two men alive after unfortunate accident
Two men are lucky to be alive after they were involved in a very unfortunate […]

Verdes return to summit as Bandits lose unbeaten status in exciting weekend
A first slip-up of the season for the Belmopan Bandits has handed control of the […]

San Antonio Village Council hosting meeting for villagers over waterboard issue
Last week, BBN reported of a ‘water board’ situation at the village of San Antonio, […]


The Mennonites of Belize
While the melting pot of Belize is home to a variety of different and distinct cultures, its Mennonites are certainly one of the more striking members present. The story of how this religious community of Christians came to live in a country like Belize is a lengthy and curious tale. The majority of modern Mennonites can be traced back to a denomination of Christianity established in West Prussia, meaning its roots go as far back as the 18th Century. At this point in time, the region was considered part of the Russian Empire; as a consequence of this, Belize’s Mennonites are called “Russian Mennonites,” despite their native tongue being known as Plautdietsch, a tongue connected to the German and Dutch languages and commonly referred to as “low German.”

The Chinese of Belize
Belize’s cultural richness includes Chinese individuals. Despite their unique appearance, Belize’s Chinese endure a variety of mistakes and misunderstandings that can be traced back to unfamiliarity with China’s people, history and society. While China is home to over a billion people who speak more than 12 different languages and different indigenous groups, most Belizeans think of China as a nation with one society and one language. Belize’s Chinese populace is easily recognized by its straight black hair, folded eyes and other trademark tells of Asian ancestry. Many of the first Chinese immigrants have descendants that blend their own familial traits with other Belizean ethnicities.

Belize Bucket List
elize’s lush jungle, pristine barrier reef, ancient Maya cities, rich culture, and natural beauty make it the perfect playground. Its diverse terrain results in a guaranteed destination for some fun, suitable for all levels for endeavors. Discover nature trails that lead you to beautiful hidden waterfalls, get your heart racing as you rappel down gushing cascades, or simply spend the day river tubing in crystal clear waters. There are countless “off the beaten paths” waiting to be explored. For more adventures, the Belize Barrier Reef has plenty to offer. Therefore, we have complied a Bucket List for your time in Belize.

International Sourcesizz

Developers, Retirees and Snowbirds Are Discovering Belize
Two years ago, Chris Maynard was the harried owner of a restaurant in Toronto, up to his eyeballs in work and exasperated by relentless city regulations. When a code enforcement officer told him to remove a sandwich-board menu from the sidewalk, he was ready to call it quits. Just then, he received a postcard from his girlfriend, Brandie Delouche, who was visiting Belize, the sun-dappled former British colony in Central America, with a friend. “She asked me if I could see myself living there,” recalled Mr. Maynard, a 49-year-old former member of Canada’s national soccer team. “I looked at the TV and there was six feet of snow in New Brunswick. So I put the restaurant up for sale, sold the house in four days and packed everything into our Jeep. I’d never been to Belize, but I trusted her.”

First Pres, ACT mission team going to Belize
First Presbyterian Church in Norwalk is partnering with Answering the Call Together (ACT) for a mission trip to Belize. The Rev. James Hodsden said the objective of the trip is not about “rescuing,” but working with the people in Belize and “go where God wants us to go.” During the February trip, the team of 30 people will visit hospice facilities, people’s homes and prisons, work with children and do construction projects.


  • BELIZE TOUR, 11min.

  • PLB Opening Season | Wagiya FC vs Bandits SC | Live at The Carl Ramos Stadium, Dangriga, 2.5hr.

  • Belize Bucket List, 3min.

  • Belize, 4min. Wild ride through the country!

  • Spearfishing for Snappers Under Big Peer (Belize), 9min. In this video we go spearfishing for snappers in some pretty murky water. We catch some fish and most importantly have fun.

  • Snorkeling The Belize Barrier Reef, 2.5min. Highlights from snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef in June 2019! In this video we visit Hol Chan Marine Reserve + Shark Ray Alley and swim with Nurse Sharks, Sea Turtles, and Spotted Eagle Rays.

  • Belize Adventures 2019, 10min. This video is our family vacation to Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort in Hopkins, Belize.

  • ACES - Crocodile Rescue and Conservation in Belize, 8.5min. We are so excited to release a video that has been a long time in the making! In February of 2018, we had the pleasure of meeting film maker, David Ozier. He came to Belize on his own dollar with donated equipment to film American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) in action and show the world what we do. We give you our most recent profile video featuring the Chris Summers and Christina Manzi, two conservationists brought together through a love for crocs.

  • Accion Deportiva, 40min.

  • Press Conference | U18 UNCAF Sub Champs!! | From The Marion Jones Sporting Complex | Belize City, 35min.

  • Heroes Have Arrived | UNCAF Sub Champs!!, 15min. Live From Philip Goldson Intl. Airport