PUP Orange Walk South Area Representative and cane farmer Jose Mai is not happy with the two million dollar relief package government plans to give cane farmers.

Government has announced that it will make a two million dollar loan from the CDB to get some relief to cane farmers. Mai says the figure is laughable and it is not nearly enough:

Hon. Jose Mai, Area Rep., OW South
"The losses suffered in sugar cane according to the competent authorities SIRDI, saying that we have between 30-50% losses in sugar cane. Total losses to the agriculture sector I understand is 50 million dollars, so you lose 50 million dollars but you will get 2 million dollars which is totally ridiculous. This is far from reality, they are just completely in another world. 2 million dollars will do nothing for us the cane farmers. If you divide it among the cane farmers you end up getting $375 per cane farmer. They are treating the farmers with such disrespect. Unacceptable completely."

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