You may recall the deadly fire that claimed the life of Elmer Chub on Caye Caulker last month. Fire broke out at a two-storey commercial building which destroyed apartments and golf-cart rental business that. At the time of the fire, there were complaints about water issues. Residents at the time complained that when the power was put out because of the fire, water supply was also cut off from the fire-truck rendering it unable to put out the blaze. On Monday, B.W.S. Operations Manager Dave Pascascio explained that that wasn’t what happened.

Dave Pascascio, Operations Manager, B.W.S.

“For Caye Caulker, we just recently constructed the generator house and we have not installed the fixed generator yet. We do have a mobile gen set stationed out there in the interim, we  turned that on after a while and we got that going but the fire was already well on its way.”


“Ok, so it wasn’t that you all didn’t have it?”

Dave Pascascio

“It was manually turned on, operated, not with a fixed gen set where we have auto controls.”

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