"My Journey: Belize"

BTB is pleased to share that a feature on Belize copped the Best Trade Feature at the CTO Awards held on November 4th. Martin Steady of Selling Travel visited Belize in November 2018 as part of a press trip organised by the BTB and our European marketing agency Brighter Group. With over 130 entries we are thrilled that our Jewel won the prize.

Forest-clad highlands, ancient Maya cities, the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere ó Belize has plenty to surprise

by Martin Steady

I am exhilarated! From speeding round the northern point of the Ambergris Caye ('tropical island'), we are forced to slow right down as we approach a narrow channel that was dug by the Maya 1,500 years ago.

We inch forward and slowly ease a few yards to the right to brush Belize mangroves, then a yard or two left to caress Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Now at the narrowest point, arms extended I can almost touch Mexico and Belize from the boat at the same time.

I'm on the way to Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve (42 square miles), and am later alarmed at our noisy and aggressive 'welcome', delivered at full force by a very shouty cockerel. How rude! But what a pristine haven of wildlife this place is.

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