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The San Pedro Sun

Current State of the New River
The Department of the Environment (DOE) hereby informs the public, especially residents of Orange Walk Town and those people living in the vicinity of the New River, that the general condition of the river has improved over the past weeks. Since early September 2019, the DOE has been monitoring the water quality of the river near Orange Walk Town on a daily basis and has observed a steady improvement of the river.

Various Belizean Sources


Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “Beach Booze”.

Terance “Terry” Winemiller (LSU MA Anthropology, PhD Geography) died November 4, 2019
Terry was Associate Professor at Auburn University Montgomery where he taught GIS, Geography, and Anthropology since 2001. His research focused on GIS, Remote Sensing, and 3D digital modeling, as well as 3D imaging. He started a Geospatial lab, GIS Certificate Program, and GIS degree programs at the undergraduate and MA levels at AUM. Terry was a popular and tireless teacher and well-liked by his students. Following Terry’s graduate research funded by an NSF dissertation grant on ancient Maya water management in the Yucatan. Terry was Co-PI on NSF grant “Ancient Maya Wooden Architecture and the Salt Industry,” focusing on 3D analysis and presentation of the submerged Paynes Creek Salt Works, Belize with his former advisor Dr. Heather McKillop (McKillop, McKee, Roberts, Winemiller).

The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation Issues Clarification on Assertions Published in the Amandala Newspaper
The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation clarifies certain erroneous assertions made in an article in the Amandala newspaper entitled “A Father Wants Answers”, dated October 17, 2019. On September 9, 2019, the Department of Human Services received a report of medical neglect of two minors. A home visit was conducted which showed an environment that was a risk to the children. The parents were not cooperative with the social worker in the request for the children to be taken for medical attention. The police had to be called to assist with the removal of the children who were then taken for medical care. The medical examination showed that the children were dehydrated and malnourished.

WestJet's Frozen themed 737-800 at BZE
WestJet's Frozen themed 737-800 just got spotted at our very own Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (BZE). Let's hope that it brought some cooler weather with it!

Green Belize Panel Discussion
Join us at the Bliss Insititute Thursday night for the Green Globe event as we sit down to discuss current environmental issues affecting not only Belize but also the entire world - you don't want to miss it! The event begins at 6PM. SEE YOU THERE!

Corozal Football Action Sunday
Football Action continues at the Carolina Football Field this Sunday, November 10, 2019 starting at 9:00 a.m. Let's get it on!

Cayo West Fest 2019
The 2019 Cayo West Fest will be on November 30th at Galvez Stadium. "The San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council in Collaboration with COBY Entertainment brings you WEST FEST Nov 30th,2019 inside the Victor Galvez Stadium San Ignacio featuring NOTCH Nailah Blackman Supa G Dajah Music and Belize's Top Djs. Spread the Vibes and Lets Turn up the Westside."

Sisimite native to the world of the Maya, the name Sisimite is a corruption in Maya from a Nahuatl – Aztec – word tzitzimitl which loosely means "Demon" or “supernatural creature.” While known to the Maya for centuries, especially between the Yucatec Maya ,Itza Maya and Lacandon Maya ,the first outside report of the Sisismite came from a group of Spanish gold prospectors in the 18th Century. So, what does this creature look like ? The Sisimite has been described as a hairy ape-like creature, much larger than a human, with the face of a human. Some say it can be up to 9 Feet tall . It has only 4 fingers and no thumbs, and in some cases it has been described as having backwards-facing feet. Sisimites walk upright, like humans. They let out high-pitched screams but have no language. They are generally regarded as being hostile to humans and have been accused of kidnapping people.Their apelike fur has been described as ranging from a chestnut color to pitch black.

Channel 7

Kryon Green, the 12 Year Old's Struggle To Walk Again
Since May, we've been closely following the case of 11-year-old Kyron Green. He's the primary school student who was shot by a gunman who was aiming at one of his adult rivals. It's the type of senseless violence that defies logic. He was simply running an errand at a store for his mother, and he had nothing to do with the street war between two adults, but he nearly lost his life due to a stray bullet, which almost paralyzed him. Since then, he and his mother have been hard at work to try and restore his mobility. Their effort was greatly bolstered with the generosity of the World Pediatric Project and Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia.

Kishore Kumar and The Cash to Court
6 days ago, a team of police, FIU, and tax officers searched A store called, Almacen Shanti in Corozal town. They found huge amounts of cash - including 134,000 US dollars, 181,000 Belize Dollars, 1.6 million pesos, $350 Canadian Dollars, 122,000 Indian Rupees and a couple hundred Quetzal. Well, the owner of the business, Kishore Kumar has been charged operating a money lending business without a permit. He appeared in court yesterday, where he pled not guilty and was offered a steep bail of 150 thousand dollars. We understand his wife offered two properties as security and he was bailed. His attorney is Audrey Matura Shepherd and disclosure is supposed to be given on the 6th January.

Sludge Truck Not Toxic CITCO Says
A video showing a City Council sludge truck dumping its contents into the East Canal was making the rounds on social media today. Public reactions were negative speculating that those putrid contents were environmentally harmful. Late this evening the Belize City Council released a statement indicating that while the dumping of those contents are not standard practice, the truck's function is to separate refuse from water.

Teenaged Girl Reportedly Died From Dengue
A 14 year old second former from San Ignacio has reportedly died from Dengue. Jennifer Moreno was a Sacred Heart College student and the post mortem results should be out by the end of the day to say whether it was indeed Dengue that killed her. If so, she would be the 4th person to die from Dengue in Belize so far this year. Today we spoke to Director of Health Services Dr. Marvin Manzanero about this case and about the extra efforts the Ministry of Health is making to control mosquito populations.

Did Belize Health Official Forge Internship Documents For Vacationing Medical Students?
Manzanero also addressed an issue that's making international headlines. A news outlet in New Zealand claims that students from that country have been using fake documents to take two-month holidays while pretending to be on mandatory work placements overseas. And where are those bogus work placements? Well, supposedly in Belize, Bosnia and Italy, where - according to the news article, quote, "they can get their placement signed-off - sometimes for cash - after only a week or less."

Belize Borrowing Anti Retrovirals from Trinidad
Manzanero also gave us an update on the supply of HIV anti-retrovirals in country. As we've reported, there's a national shortage of the life - saving medication - which is a crisis for persons living with HIV. Today, he told us they have managed to borrow some stock from Trinidad: Dr. Marvin Manzanero: "We have a loan that is coming from Trinidad and Tobago. I don't know when the arrival date of that is going to be."

Youth Apprenticeship, Ten Years Of Struggle and Success
The Youth Apprenticeship Program, it's where young people who've struggled with traditional schooling can still get an opportunity to gain employable skills by doing an apprenticeship under a volunteer employer. The program started in 2010, and, since then, approximately 3000 graduates have passed through the program. Today the coordinator, Diane Finnegan held a luncheon for those employers who have generously taken a chance on the apprentices. And while the luncheon was hosted as a token of appreciation, it was preceded by a training that took the employers through the program's hand book so that they might better understand their role in mentoring program participants.

Caribbean Exposed To Risks Of Illegally Trafficked WMD Materials
Terrorist activities and Weapons of Mass destruction are not terms that seem urgently relevant in a country like Belize. In fact, Belizeans might only ever har about them by watching CNN or Al Jazeera. But The United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean believes that disarmament and non proliferation of WMD's are every country's business. They say the Caribbean region has become more and more exposed to the risks posed by illegal trafficking of WMD related materials, some of which are commonly traded within and through the Caribbean.

Post Mortem Says 18 Year Old Mother Drank Poison
Last night you heard 18 year old Shailee Polanco's mother saying that her daughter was killed - and that he rpost mortem showed blunt force trauma to the head. Well, the post mortem found that she died as a consequence of Pulmonary Oedema Due to the ingestion of Insecticide/Herbicide.

Raging River Swept Away BWSL Infrastructure
For the past two nights, we've been reporting on the flash flood in San Jose Succotz and Benque Viejo. It affected 400 persons in those communities - but that wasn't the full extent of it. The raging river also damaged BWSL equipment downstream in the Macal river and knocked out water supply to San Ignacio, Santa Elena and Esperanza. Production wells on the river were washed away when the riverbank was also swept away in the fast raging waters.

A Film About Fatherhood and Loss
The Belize International Film Festival started tonight and the first film up for viewing is a short called "My Father Belize." The Film was written, directed, and produced by a duo of American born Belizean cousins. "My Father Belize" has been making the rounds of the regional film festivals and earning praise and acclaim along the way. Today the cast presented the film to Belizean media ahead of the film festival and told us that this selection was always their ultimate dream:

Channel 5

100+ UB Students at Risk of Being Deregistered
There are tensions at the University of Belize, where over a hundred students at are at risk of being kicked out of the ongoing semester for lack of tuition payment. [...]

Ian Sangster: U.B. Students Need to Meet its Financial Obligations
There are over five thousand students enrolled at the four U.B. campuses across the country. Each student pays roughly about one thousand dollars for the associate’s programme and two thousand [...]

John Saldivar: “I refuse to go to the gutter”
On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber took on the government at a youth event in Belize City. Faber said that politicians and the people are corrupt and that there [...]

A 14-Year-Old Student Dies After Exhibiting Dengue-Like Symptoms
A second female has died in less than two months and the suspicion is that her death was caused by dengue. The fourteen-year-old student from San Ignacio died at the [...]

Complications Associated with Dengue
Regional Health Manager for the Western Health Region, Doctor Javier Zuniga says that there are many complications associated with dengue. He advises that persons, who detect symptoms of dengue at [...]

Western Health Region Installs Dengue Clinic to Help with Epidemic
Since the dengue outbreak was announced by the Ministry of Health earlier this year, weekly reports have shown the western region as one of the areas recording the highest number [...]

Latest Figures for Dengue Cases
While the case of the student is yet to be confirmed, according to Director of Health Services, Doctor Marvin Manzanero, for this year there have been four cases of dengue-related [...]

M.O.H. Yet to Receive New Stock of HIV Meds
Belize has yet to re-stock on anti-retroviral medication. Belize City clinics are completely out of stock of the much needed medication and clinics in other districts are running low.  The [...]

Primrose Gabourel, Dion Zabaneh vs. D.O.E. Continues before the Courts
Today, the case between seventy-three-year-old Primrose Gabourel and her son, forty-three-year-old Dion Zabaneh and the Department of the Environment, continued before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. The mother and son are [...]

Trove of Evidence against Reynaldo Verde Filed
Reynaldo Verde remains locked up in the U.S., facing charges of extortion and attempted extortion. The former Deputy Director of General Tax Services pled not guilty to those charges. Verde [...]

Scam Alert! New Zealand Medical Students have Elective Paperwork Signed-off for Cash!
The University of Otago in New Zealand is investigating claims that medical students faked work placement records in Belize. An online article claims that the medical students got their elective [...]

Human Services Department Responds to Allegations
Today, we reached out to the Department of Human Services for a comment on the report made by Kevin Arnold Senior. As you heard in our newscast on Wednesday night, [...]

Improved Water Quality in the New River
There is good news from the Department of Environment on the health of the New River. Today, Environmental Officer Aldo Cansino confirmed to News Five that the aerators that were [...]

Update on Water Interruption for San Ignacio & Santa Elena
On the morning of November fourth, residents along the banks of the Mopan and Macal rivers were alerted of flash flooding in the vicinity of those two waterways in the [...]

Water is Restored to the Twin Towns Out West
In San Ignacio, potable water had to be trucked in from elsewhere within the district in order to service priority customers, including hospitals, schools and the tourism sector; all this [...]

What is BWS Doing About Discolored Water?
The issue of discoloration that was initially detected in Belize City two weeks ago also remains a priority for BWS.  The change in color of water in the pipelines is [...]

Youth Apprenticeship Programme Turns 10!
Ten years ago, the Belize National Youth Apprenticeship programme was started in Belize City with the aim to reduce crime, through its focus on the development, education and employment of [...]

UNLIREC Hosts Workshop in Belize
The United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and Global Affairs Canada are hosting a two-day workshop in Belize. Ten Caribbean countries are participating in [...]

My Father Belize Premiers at 2019 Film Festival
The 2019 Belize International Film Festival opens tonight at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts and several pieces will be showcased at the inaugural event.  Among them is My [...]

What’s My Father Belize About?
If you are curious what My Father Belize is about, then here’s a brief storyline and what can be expected from the film.   Actor, My Father Belize “My Father [...]

The Reporter

18 yr. Old Male Reported Missing By His Family
Jaswant Brooks, 18, has been missing since Nov 5th 2019. He was last seen in the Lake Independence area around 11:00 a.m. and has not returned home.


Dangriga Mother With More Burden To Bear
Estella Polanco of Dangriga is grappling with the recent loss of her teenage daughter whom she believes was abused and poisoned by someone close to her. As if that were not a big enough burden to bear, Polanco is now faced with the loss of her three other children as they have reportedly been taken away by Social Services

Belize’s health sector accused of corruption
Yesterday we told you of an online article from New Zealand that alluded to corruption in the health sector in Belize. The publication made an update to their post in which it was stated, quote, “Belize is awash with bribery, fraud and profiteering, with everyone from government officials to the local mafia on the take.”

Highlighting social issues within our youths
Secondary and tertiary students participated in the University of the West Indies Country Conference to discuss major issues in society that are affecting them. The conference is held every two years and this year’s theme is “Youth and Security: Assessing Risks, Mitigating Vulnerabilities, and Improving Well being".

San Ignacio student reportedly dies of dengue
A student of San Ignacio, Cayo District has reportedly passed away due to dengue. The 14-year-old died yesterday morning and, according to Doctor Marvin Manzanero, the Director of Health Services, the results of the postmortem should reveal if there were other factors involved in her death.

Where are you Brooks?
18-year-old, Jaswant Brooks, has been reported missing and his family is appealing for the public to assist in locating him. He was last seen in the Lake Independence area in Belize City around 11am on November 5. His family became concerned when he did not return home in the evening.

OJ Elrington says he did not betray Patrick Faber
Orson OJ Elrington set the record straight today when our news reporter asked if there was truth in the story on social media regarding his betrayal of Patrick Faber. A social media post uploaded by Yellow Jaw Media indicated that Elrington secretly taped a conversation with Faber that spoke against the Barrow family.

PUP Condemns BWS for two day water shortage
Santa Elena, San Ignacio and Benque Viejo Del Carmen Towns, all in the Cayo District, have been suffering from a lack of water for two days. According to, Belize Water Services, the water source was adversely affected by the flood and was not restored until the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

Belize to get loan from Trinidad for anti-retro viral medication
Sticking on the issue of finances, there is an update to give you tonight on the acquisition of HIV retroviral medication. Recently, we had reported on a shortage of the medication.

Business charged for running illegal casa de cambio
Yesterday, police officers arrested and charged Kishore Kumar for operating a money exchange business without a permit. On Thursday, police officers conducted a joint operation at Shanti Store in Corozal Town and found more than six hundred and twenty thousand dollars in different currencies; among the total were one point six million pesos.

Facilitating for at-risk youth
Coordinators of the Belize National Youth Apprenticeship programme are looking to make adjustments after hearing what employers have to say about the apprentices. The programme began 10 years ago, with the aim to reduce crime, through its focus on the development, education and employment of at-risk youth.

Belize gets two Conde Nast awards
Belize has successfully snagged two spots on the Conde Nast Johansens Central and South America awards for excellence. Victoria House Resort and Spa on Ambergris Caye won for “Best for Romance” while Coco Plum Island Resort in Stann Creek received the award for “Best Waterside Hotel.”

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Why Belize City is place to be for Garifuna Settlement Day
Belizeans, even from Belize City, are used to traveling South for Garifuna Settlement Day festivities. While […]

San Ignacio teen tested positive for dengue hours before death
Yesterday, Breaking Belize News broke the news that a student from Sacred Heart College in […]

Authentically Belizean: ‘Time Fu Eat’ short film premiers tonight at 14th international Film Festival
Tonight the 14th Belize International Film Festival kicks off in Belize City, which will feature […]

Massive support at the top for Saldivar; will the delegate base propel Faber to be the next UDP party leader?
If the evidence of Sunday’s campaign launch by Belmopan area representative and Minister John Saldivar […]

Gaspar Vega still non-committal on “comeback”
Orange Walk North area representative Gaspar Vega and Belmopan colleague John Saldivar have long been […]

Businessman charged for lending money without permit
We reported that last week a joint task force of police officers, tax officers and […]

Dr. Louis Zabaneh speaks out against UB de-registration of students
Earlier this week we reported that the University of Belize (UB) was in the process […]

Free self-defense course being offered in celebration of International Women’s Self-Defense Day
In honor of International Women’s Self-Defense Day, defense instructor Renee Wentz is offering a free […]

Zac Efron to play journalist in “King of the Jungle” film about John McAfee
Together, Together, Together, everyone… The young hunk Zac Efron of High School Musical, the 2006 […]

Man injured in traffic accident in San Ignacio
A man was injured in a road traffic accident that occurred minutes ago near the […]


Best Spas in Belize
No matter what part of the year you choose to visit Belize; going to the spa is always a great idea. Many people look for complete relaxation and a holistic approach for their wellbeing, while others prefer something more luxurious and upscale. Luckily, this destination offers all that and more. From being near the jungle or on a beach at one of the many islands or in the hills on the western side of the country; there are a variety of spas available for you to choose from. Whether you are on vacation, or you aren’t on vacation but wish you were then this short insight of spas in Belize should boost your interest to visit.

Boat Trip with Panny To Robles Point, North North Ambergris Caye
Tour guide extraordinaire, Panny Arceo, deserves a website of his own. He is a senior guide- boat captain- storyteller- born and raised San Pedrano- musician and accordion player that knows ever inlet and coral head around Ambergris Caye like the back of his hand. (A hand that has only three fingers due to crocodile attack or barracuda or a myriad of other reasons depending on Panny’s mood) Earlier this week, he took four of us – me and Jeff, Jeff’s mom and her friend Ken, on a boat ride up to Robles Point for some sun and beachcombing and fishing.

Adventure in Belize
Belize is hands down one of the best destinations for you to visit – all 8,867 square miles of it. From its lush and beautiful jungles to breathtaking and scenic hills to its relaxing and refreshing sandy beaches and azure blue Caribbean Sea. Belize is home to many ecosystems and biodiversity, all of which you can experience for yourselves. This makes it perfect for any traveller; especially eco and adventure travellers. In every district there is something for everyone to do, whether you’re looking for a little bit of adventure or for an extreme adventure – the tour companies and guides make it possible to find the right fit for you. We now look at the various adventure tours that are offered throughout Belize.

Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Placencia, Belize
Placencia is a small peninsula measuring about 1 mile across and 16 miles north and south attached to the southeastern corner of Stann Creek District in southeastern Belize. Due to its unique geography, the Placencia Peninsula offers visitors two very different terrains. On the landward side, the peninsula is bordered by several mangrove-lined lagoons, known for their rich abundance of fishing opportunities. The seaward side fronts the Caribbean and offers spectacular vistas and easy access to the nearby Belize Barrier Reef. The beaches of Placencia Peninsula are renowned for their pristine beauty.

International Sourcesizz

The forgotten half of the Caribbean that mass tourism hasn't discovered
It’s not all about Barbados and Antigua – there’s more to the Caribbean than you might think Standing on the beach at Baracoa, I felt like I had arrived somewhere important. It wasn’t just that I had crossed – by car and bus – east to west, almost the entirety of Cuba – a stringy island 777 miles long. It was also because that morning, Oscar, the guide I’d hired to take me on a hike to a coffee farm, had mentioned in passing that Columbus “came here before anywhere else – and he said it was the most beautiful place in the world.” As soon as I could get online – and this being Cuba, it wasn’t that soon at all – I looked it up. It was true, even if the exact date of the landing was open to interpretation....

Pro-nature tourism is set to be a big trend for 2020 – so what’s it all about?
The climate crisis and plastic pollution have made headlines in recent years, but there is another environmental catastrophe steadily bubbling away that may be even more threatening to humanity. Devastating declines in biodiversity are driving fears of a ‘Sixth Mass Extinction Event’. Population shrinkages in insects, mammals, fish, birdlife and plantlife, driven by factors including habitat reduction, climate change and over-consumption, pose a very real risk of ecosystem collapse. Another area where we expect substantial growth in future is with pro-nature menus in hotels and restaurants. That might mean dining on vegetarian food at a luxury eco-lodge in Jordan, or following an entirely vegan-friendly itinerary as you journey through Belize and Guatemala.

Roxann Menning, 1963-2019
Roxann Marie Menning (“Roxy”) of Westminster, Colo., went home to the Lord Friday, October 25, 2019, after a fierce yet graceful battle with cancer. A celebration of life and memorial gathering will be held at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 13 at Grace Church of Arvada, 6969 Sheridan Blvd., Arvada, CO. Roxann devoted her life to caring for others, with more than 35 years in nursing that included travel nursing (ERs and ICUs), hospice and as a trauma nurse in one of the nation’s leading trauma hospitals. In addition, she gifted her time and expertise to the Belize Diabetes Association, Corozal Branch as well as volunteering alongside First Responders with her canines during Search and Rescue operations.

The Luxe Belize Getaway You And Your Girls Need Toda
Belize is having a moment right now. Though more established countries like Mexico and Costa Rica have long been the top contenders for luxury travel in Central America, Belize is slowly creeping up on the radar as one of the must-visit destinations for couples, families and more importantly — girlfriend’s getaways. The destination, which is set to debut a handful of ultra-luxe new resorts by 2020, already has quite a few properties that takes uber luxe to the next level. But in addition to properties that would make even Diddy jealous, it’s really Belize’s cultural diversity and attractions that make it a fantastic draw. This underrated gem is a melting pot of Mayan, Creole, Mestizo, Spanish, Lebanese, Chinese, British, Indian, and Mennonite heritage — also coupled with a range of activities such as the Altun Ha Mayan ruins, ziplining, swimming with the sharks or tubing through its famed Crystal Cave. Really, you can’t go wrong here.


  • Belize Vacation and Fun Moments, 7min.

  • 14th Edition Of The Belize Film Festival Opening Ceremony, 1hr25min.

  • Coatimundi, 1min. We have a little male coatimundi living around our garden who's in the habit of stealing the food off our hanging bird feeder and then quenching his thirst in our pool. He's just so adorable

  • Hot and sunny weather conditions in beautiful Hopkins Village Belize., 1min. Just another picturesque day on the beaches of Hopkins.

  • Ascenthium Set @ Metal Haven 2019, 42min. Ascenthium performing at the 2019 Metal Haven Bash. They had an amazing set, pyrotechnics and all.

  • OCEAN BLUE: Belize Barrier Reef, 3min. Video I created with footage from my Belize Barrier Reef and Blue Hole dives this summer.

  • Belize City Hard Rock vs Belmopan Tigers, 9min. Week 4 game clips, Go Green Belize Basketball Tournament.

  • 5 MUST SEE Short Films at the 2019 Belize International Film Festival, 11min. It's that time of year again for the Belize International Film Festival! Since we're getting ready with Popcorn & Soda in tow... Here's my 5 MUST SEE Short Films at the 2019 Belize International Film Festival!

  • Belize Chocolate Company, 1min. Belize Chocolate Co. makes their own chocolate from a single origin - "Every bean is born in Belize." How can you pass up chocolate straight from the plantation to you?

  • Travel in Belize, 4min. Paige and Billy meet up with Cynthia and Phil in Belize after their Chilean adventure fell apart. They had a great time exploring the beach and jungle of Belize, in high class!

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.