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The San Pedro Sun

Murlene ‘Mel’ Spain re-elected as President of San Pedro’s Lions Club
During the San Pedro Lions Club 44th anniversary celebration on Saturday, November 9th, Murlene ‘Mel’ Spain was re-elected as President. Hosted at the Lions Den on Barrier Reef Drive on San Pedro Town, the event saw a reshuffling in the club’s Board of Directors, who were officiated in front of invited guests from the island and mainland. The annual event also included refreshments for the attendees and live music with the island’s number one band, Rompe Raja! As the Club’s efforts in the community were applauded, Belize Zone 59 Chairman Moises Cal further commended the organization for their continued work on San Pedro. Immediately after, a new board was installed. Spain was re-elected as President, and Everette Anderson as Vice-President.

San Pedro Invader lose 8-0 against Guardians F.C
For their third match in the 2019 National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) Football Tournament Opening Season, San Pedro Invaders hosted the Guardians F.C in San Pedro Town on Sunday, November 10th. The island girls tried their best for a home victory, but when the long whistle blew it was a clear 8-0 victory for the Guardians F.C.

San Pedro Police burn kilos of seized drugs
A large amount of drugs, consisting of marijuana, crack cocaine, cocaine, pills such as Ecstasy, among other illicit drugs, were destroyed by fire by the San Pedro Police formation on Wednesday, November 13th, at a location south of San Pedro Town. The drugs had been in storage for several years and were the result of concluded cases and drugs that had been found and labelled as ‘Found Property.’ Present to officiate the destruction of the items, besides the police, were members of the judiciary system, forensic department, an attorney at law, the Government Press, and a Justice of the Peace.

Belize Port Authority levies charges in water-taxi explosion deaths
The Belize Port Authority (BPA) has concluded its investigation into the explosion that occurred on May 5, 2019, on a boat docked at the Ocean Ferry Water Taxi Boat Terminal in Belize City. Charges have been brought against boat Captain Ernesto Delgado, as well as boat companies San Pedro Water Jets International and Ocean Ferry Belize. The explosion took the lives of eight-year-old Kimberly Melissa Guy, ten-year-old Yamiri Yasmin Guy, and injured several other persons.

Ambergris Today

MSC MERAVIGLIA: World’s 7th Largest Ship Makes Golden Voyage To Belize
MSC Meraviglia, the 7th largest cruise ship in the world, made its golden voyage to Belize on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, carrying nearly 4,500 guests(at double occupancy) on board. MSC Meraviglia, is owned and operated by MSC Cruisesand entered service in June 2017. It is the world’s 7th largest ship. It was built at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in St. Nazaire, France by STX France. MSC Meraviglia was MSC Cruises first ship in the innovative Meraviglia class of next-generation ships, designed to be able to call in most of the world’s international cruise ports.

Ocean Commits Over $2Million Dollars To Assist Fishers Transition From Gillnet Use
Oceana and the Belize Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries have committed via written letters of intent to the Government of Belize, over BZ$ 2 Million dollars to assist Belizean fishers transition away from gillnet use in Belize’s waters. Both Oceana and the Coalition require that the Government of Belize take the necessary legal steps in 2019 to declare a ban on gillnets beginning in 2020. This policy change will support sustainable fisheries management efforts and ensure that Belizean fishers will always be able to fish. Eligible beneficiaries for this initiative have been identified by the Belize Fisheries Department in response to the request made under the Freedom of Information Act.

San Pedro Police Destroys Over 100Kilos Of Drugs
For the first time ever San Pedro Police destroyed over 100 kilos of illicit drugs that have accumulated over the years here on Ambergris Caye. On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, the above the ground burning of the drugs took place under heavy police presence. According to Superintendent Chris Noble from the Coastal Executive Unit of the Police Department the police department got rid of a large amount of drugs that were label as found property and other concluded case that were handled at court. This operations was the first of its kind and Supt. Chris Noble hopes that it is not the last but is hopeful that a proper working incinerator can be brought to the island for such operations to take place.

Various Belizean Sources


Oceana Commits $2M+ To Assist Fishers Transition From Gillnets
Oceana and the Belize Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries have committed via written letters of intent to the Government of Belize, over BZ$ 2 Million dollars to assist Belizean fishers transition away from gillnet use in Belize’s waters. Both Oceana and the Coalition require that the Government of Belize take the necessary legal steps in 2019 to declare a ban on gillnets beginning in 2020. This policy change will support sustainable fisheries management efforts and ensure that Belizean fishers will always be able to fish.

Missing sign at Caye Caulker Mangrove Reserve
If anyone has information about who removed this sign, please PM me. It was taken down and has disappeared from our little reserve that is leased from the government to restore mangroves. I'm angry and saddened that anyone would be so shitty.

Boil Water Advisory Lifted for San Ignacio, Santa Elena and Benque Viejo Water System
Belize Water Services informs customers in San Ignacio, Santa Elena, Esperanza, Benque Viejo and Succotz that the boil/disinfect water notice that was in effect from November 5, 2019 has been lifted. We are pleased to confirm that BWS and the Department of Public Health have confirmed that the potable water quality has been restored; therefore, boiling or disinfecting is no longer necessary.

New requirements for Water Sports Activities to be discussed
New requirements for Water Sports Activities are being introduced and Public comments are being accepted in seven destinations. Click the link to see the schedule of sessions open to the general public.

MSC Meraviglia Makes Voyage to Belize
MSC Meraviglia, the 7th largest cruise ship in the world, made its golden voyage to Belize today carrying nearly 4,500 guests (at double occupancy) on board. MSC Meraviglia, is owned and operated by MSC Cruises and entered service in June 2017. It is the world’s 7th largest ship. It was built at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in St. Nazaire, France by STX France. MSC Meraviglia was MSC Cruises first ship in the innovative Meraviglia class of next-generation ships, designed to be able to call in most of the world’s international cruise ports. The ship initially operated in the western Mediterranean and has also cruised in Northern Europe as of summer 2019. In October 2019, MSC Meraviglia repositioned to the United States for the first time.

Itzamna also known as Hunab Itzam Na Is the creator of the world and supreme father of the universe . Itzamná represents the creation of the world and the universe . Also writing,science and divination . The word "Itz" seems to be a sacred liquid (like water,sap,semen and blood ) and also magical . Itzamna can mean "Wise wizard" . Some Believe that the Maya Cross between the Yucatec Maya communities is a representation of Itzamna and Chaak . In the Cruzo'ob Maya faith the interpretation of the message of "Hahal Ku" the true God of the Maya Máasewal is some times declared as literally Itzamna . The early colonial sources variously connect, and sometimes identify,Itzamna with Hunab Ku, Kinich Ahua and Yaxocahmut .

Official handing over of fire truck to the Bay Area Firefighters, Corozal

O.W.C 1st Inter-generational Expo
The Octavia Waight Centre is having their 1st Inter-generational Expo on Friday, November 29th. They'll have music, art, games, informational booths, and fun for everyone. It starts at 9:00am. "Save the date! The Octavia Waight Centre is initiating its' first Inter-generational Expo and invites you to be apart of this special event. Come and enjoy fun activities for the family, There will be music, games, art exhibition, prizes and lot's more! All happening on November 29, 2019 from 9a.m. to 3p.m. at the Octavia Waight Auditorium 3 Carmelita Street, San Ignacio, Cayo. ENTRANCE IS FREE. Mark the date and be there! It's an event you just don't want to miss."

Charge d’Affaires, a.i. Keith Gilges greeted attendees at today’s Garifuna Awareness Day Cultural Expo
We were honored to participate in today’s expo hosted by the National Garifuna Council celebrating the unique culture and countless contributions of the #Garifuna community in #Belize. Belize is a country with many languages, cultures, and peoples, each of which plays a big part in making Belize such a special place!

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
The theater is closed this weekend. Headed to pick up a replacement projector. We’ll be back next Friday (Nov 22).. upcoming movies are IT 2, Angel has Fallen, Lady and the tramp (2019) Once upon a Time in Hollywood. See you next weekend !

Channel 7

Bze/Guat Showdown At The Barrio
Last night, we showed you the comments from Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington the Guatemalan encroachment on Belizean territory that is taking place on the Western edge of Benque Viejo Town, in the Cayo District. That's where the Belizean land-owner, Jorge Emiliano Espat, owns the land he inherited from his father and grandfather.  He says that his family has owned it for several generations, and now, he is slowly losing it to the Guatemalan encroachment that is taking place in the area known as Barrio El Juda. He is frustrated with the glacial pace of Government's efforts to reverse the situation through diplomatic channels.  And in the meantime, the Guatemalan Campesinos living in the area are moving more and more into his land.

COMPOL Proposes Radical Changes to Gun License Regs
Gun owners beware, because the Police Department wants to radically change the regulations governing the sale of licensed ammunition, and the requirements for getting a gun license in the new year. Commissioner Chester Williams called the gun dealers to the Police Training Academy for what turned out to be a lively meeting.  He wants to seriously curtail the amount of ammunition they can sell to any licensed gun owner in a year.  Here's how the Commissioner put it:

The Plane Didn't Land
Williams also discussed recent drug plane activities.  On Monday night, a suspected drug plane could be heard circling over Belize city. And on Monday morning at 2:00 AM, Corozal residents heard a drug plane - most audible in the Xaibe area. That one was reportedly being pursued by a chopper from the Mexican Army - which CTV-3 reports - had gotten permission to enter Belizean airspace in pursuit of this drug plane. Today, Commissioner Williams would only say that the planes did not land:

Man Snatches Purse, Gets Knocked Down
A purse snatcher got the come uppance of his life yesterday in downtown Belize City.  He snatched a woman's purse off a desk inside city hall, - and then hopped on his bike and darted off into downtown traffic on Regent Street.   But, he rode out into traffic and an oncoming driver couldn't stop in time and knocked him down.  He went sprawling unto the pavement and the purse tumbled out of his hand.  He dashed off, leaving the purse, and his bike. Today, through some sharp detective work, we tracked down the passenger in the vehicle that knocked him down:

New Mental Health NGO Launched
If you've attended a health or wellness fair in recent years you've probably picked up a pamphlet or had a foot massage at one of "Mind, Health, Connect's booths, but after a few years of providing information and resources the founders of this NGO are looking to be more visible in their quest to spread Mental Health awareness and bring a much needed conversation to the national forefront.  Mind, Health, Connect was officially launched this morning at the Image Factory Art Gallery. We stopped by to talk to the founders about what they've achieved in the seven years that they've been carrying out activities and what they hope to achieve moving forward. 

Two Students Suspected To Have Died Of Dengue - What Can Be Done?
Belize is having a dengue outbreak - and seeing the greatest number of infections since 2015.  Reports say that two students: a sixth former from the north and a second former from the west have reportedly died from the disease.  So what's the Ministry of Education doing to raise awareness amongst students of the symptoms? We caught up with Minister of Education Patrick Faber earlier today and asked what's being done: Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education: "I join with the ministry of health to of course encourage the enabling of the environment to not have these kinds of mosquito diseases..."

Health Minister Says Dengue Is a Crisis
And, today in Corozal CTV3 News spoke to Minister of Health Pablo Marin today about the recent death of 21 year old Ruggeri Tzul reportedly from Dengue. He declined to comment stating that the ministry is currently conducting its investigation into the young man's sudden death but told them that his Ministry had requested additional funds to combat the Dengue crisis.  Hon. Pablo Marin - Minister of Health: "Every time there's a crisis with dengue, we always ask for more finances and we have gotten more finances through the Ministry, thanks to the Prime Minister we got more finances..."

The Road Of Promise for The North
3 Weeks ago we showed you the signing of a contract between GOB and  Taiwanese firm, Overseas Engineering and Construction Company Limited S.A., for the upgrade of the Corozal/Sarteneja Road.   It will cost 50 million US dollars to pave the 27 miles of road between Corozal and Sarteneja. And today a groundbreaking ceremony was held at the junction of the Corozal and Sarteneja roads. Minister of Works Rene Montero called it a historic event: Hon. Rene Montero - Minister of Works and Transport: "Today marks the official start of the upgrading of the Corozal Sarteneja Road to paved standards. It is indeed a happy occasion, as it marks a new level in another important milestone of the road infrastructure development in Belize."

Cayo Cops Catch Robbers Quickly
Cayo Police were quick to catch the the robbers who allegedly held up a San Ignacio Store on Tuesday afternoon.  The 44 year old female business owner, Shu Yun Chen was confronted by two masked men, one with a gun and one with a machete.   Police told us more at the press briefing this morning: Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero - CIB: "There was a robbery at G and A store situated at Flamingo Street San Ignacio. The report is two male persons entered with firearm and held her up and stole an amount of cash. Thereafter one of the males persons inflicted an injury at the establishment..."

Marine Marauded By Roommates
A US marine got jilted by his own roommates after they stole $70,000 dollars in jewelry from their apartment. Fortunately police have detained the culprits and retrieved most of the US national's belongings. Here is more. Supt. Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB: "Mr. Edwin Beaks retired US marine residing in Belize City reported that someone stole from his apartment an assorted amount of jewellery amounting to over $70,000. As a result police conducted an investigation which led to the detention of 4 male persons those persons will be charged today and will be going to court later this evening. Majority of the jewellery that were reported stolen were recovered by police."

Ex Soldier Succumbs After Collision
Accident victim Myron Martinez died yesterday at the KHMH while receiving treatment. The accident happened on Saturday morning on the Philip Goldson Highway. The retired BDF soldier was heading to his Lord's Bank home when he slammed into a trailer. He received severe head injuries. Police say they are investigating the trailer truck driver.

Garifuna Collective Gets First Compton Fairweather Award
Last week we told you about the passing of noted patriot, and seminal record producer Compton Fairweather.   Today, NICH honored his memory by creating and giving a cash award in his name.  It is ten thousand dollars for an outstanding music contribution that gains international recognition for Belize.   Today, Belize's leading record label, Stonetree Records and the Garifuna collective was the first recipient of that.

Why No Shyne?
Now, the last time the Garifuna Collective got state level funding was in August of 2018, when they were headed to Spain for the World Music Expo, known as WOMEX. On that occasion Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow teamed up with BTL and BTB to cover some of the total costs.  But today, Shyne was nowhere to be seen. We asked the Minister of Culture about that: Jules Vasquez: "One notable omission here today sir is the Music Ambassador. In your moment of greatness generosity, the man who back handily referred to you as ungenerous, I will be kind, is not here to see your generosity. Why is the Music Ambassador not here?"

The Collective's Message To Musicians
But the show went on without Shyne - and after the award was given, the afternoon segued in a kind of "how-to" session for up and coming musicians who want to emulate the Garifuna Collective's global success.  But, Al Ovando cautioned them, that it's not an easy road, and there's not blueprint to success.  In fact, he says, even "success" is a very relative term, open to interpretation:

The Cape-Man Liyan Moralez
On Tuesday, we told you that Corozal Junior College's Liyan Moralez is the Most Outstanding Candidate for his eight Grade I's and one Grade II on the CAPE examinations.  For that performance, he is the winner of the Belize Scholarship for 2019. Moralez is currently studying in the Caribbean but CTV3 spoke to him by phone and he told them how much it took to achieve the top grade. 

Education Minister Praises Gov't Secondary School
And the Minister of Education is beaming with pride over the trio of brilliant Belizean students who performed exceptionally on the CSEC exams. Today, when we caught up with him, he underscored the achievement of Edward P. York, a government school, in producing the exam's three top performers.  Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education, Culture,: "It is a success story every year that we are able to see so many more students take a CSEC examinations of course this is in no small part because of the government's intervention and the government's paying for six CXC's or CSEC's for these students..."

PUC Announced Decision on BWSL
The Public Utilities Commission, which regulates the utility companies in Belize, has conducted a Full Tariff Review Proceeding on the Belize Water Service Limited.  After careful examination of all the variables surrounding the water company's performance, the PUC has approved an average tariff increase of 1.42%, which Belizean water consumers will have to pay to BWS over the next 5 years. Currently, consumers on the mainland are paying $17 dollars and 49 cents for every 1,000 gallons of water they consume. With newly approved tariffs, consumers will experience no increase in their water bill for the next 2 years.

Gunman Caught After Newstime Murder
And there was a murder just a short while ago near Rogers Stadium.  It happened in Welch's Alley - where one man was fatally shot.   But, then the gunman ran away, and the police reportedly intercepted him in the roger's stadium. Reports say that the driver of the getaway car was then caught on Cemetery Road near the pound yard bridge.  Our team is out on the scene now getting information.

Channel 5

Did the Plane Land?
Commissioner Chester Williams confirmed today that there was a suspect low flying aircraft within Belize’s airspace late Monday. But he says that there is no information to suggest that the [...]

Crow-footing of CitCo’s Assets Affect Maintenance Work
At the start of the week, former City Council Administrator, Candice Miller started to crowfoot the assets of the Belize City Council located at its facility on the George Price [...]

Driver in Fatal Accident to be Served with N.I.P.
Police say that the driver involved in the fatal accident that claimed the life of retired B.D.F soldier Myron Martinez is expected to be served with a notice of intended [...]

Hugo Patt Says His Candidacy Comes From Much Deliberations
This morning in Corozal District, six area representatives, including Gaspar Vega and Minister of National Security John Saldivar, were on hand for the groundbreaking ceremony to commence work on the [...]

Pablo Marin Says It’s the Corozal Bay Way
Hugo Patt’s entry into the race to fill the available posts is wholly endorsed by cabinet colleague Pablo Marin, who is also an area representative in Corozal Bay.  Marin was [...]

B.N.N. Calls Out Fisheries Department
There is another report on Guatemalans entering illegally in Belize. Following the protest against the ban of gillnets in Dangriga on Wednesday, the Belize Network of Non-Governmental Organizations says that [...]

No Increase in Water Rates for 2 Years
Residents can breathe a sigh of relief tonight following an initial decision made by the Public Utilities Commission not to increase water rates for the next two years. On October [...]

What Determines the Decision of the Public Utilities Commission?
According to Commission Chair, John Avery, there were several factors that were taken into consideration.  An analysis of the data showed that BWSL benefited handsomely from revenues collected by between [...]

Guatemalan Community Growing along Western Border in Belize
In the west, a sizeable group of Guatemalan families have set up homes on land belonging to local businessman Jorge Espat. The problem has been building up for some time [...]

Over $70K Worth of Jewelry Stolen
Over seventy thousand dollars was stolen from an apartment in Belize City. Quick police work led to the recovery of most of the items and four persons have been detained. [...]

Three are Charged in Connection with Robbery in the West
Police have charged three persons in connection with the robbery at J and A Store in San Ignacio. In Wednesday night’s newscast we told you about the two men who [...]

Two Charged for Lee Lopez’s Murder
Twenty-seven-year-old Jason Garcia and a minor were charged and arraigned for the murder of Lee Lopez. Lopez was stabbed to death in front of his home on Heron Street in [...]

The Garifuna Collective is Awarded $10K for Putting Belizean Music on the International Stage
The Garifuna Collective has carved a name for itself; recently it was recognized as number one in the Trans Global World Music Charts and is the only Belizean band that [...]

Why Wasn’t Music Ambassador at Garifuna Collective Award Ceremony?
DPM Patrick Faber was also asked about Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow who was notably absent from the Garifuna Collective Award ceremony today. It is known that DPM Patrick Faber and [...]

Education Minister Pleased With CSEC Performance
Ahead of the CSEC and CAPE award ceremonies to be held on November twenty-ninth in Independence, the media asked Minister of Education Patrick Faber about the outstanding performances by students [...]

Another Suspected Dengue-Related Death of a Student
There is a report that a Xiabe resident and student from Corozal Junior College died after contracted dengue. This is the second student in the past two weeks who has [...]

ComPol to Institute Firearm Control Measures
In February of this year, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams met with the gun dealers in the country to discuss stronger gun control measures. In that meeting, there were several [...]

Firearm License Holder Must Be Certified to Handle Firearm
During that meeting, another issue that was discussed was the issuing of gun license. Commissioner Williams says that the licenses will change, but another big change will be that all [...]

Firearms Dealers Weigh In on Proposed Gun Control Changes
So, all those changes and what are gun dealers saying? Well, at today’s meeting, the President of the National Gun Dealers Association says that for the most part they are [...]

The Corozal/Sarteneja Road Finally Set to Begin
With a fifty million dollar loan from the government of Taiwan, the ground breaking took place today of a stretch of twenty-seven miles of road from Corozal to Sarteneja. The [...]

Mark King Gives his Take on U.D.P. Leadership Race
There is more on the leadership race of the U.D.P., when we caught up with Mark King today in Belmopan, we asked him about his thoughts on the leadership race. [...]

Mark King Says Some U.D.P Candidates are Not Fitting of “Honorable”
And while Mark King thinks it is too early to tell who will win that race, he says he has a problem with the quality of the candidates that the [...]

Mind Health Connect is Officially Launched
Mental health disorders can affect just about any person; the issue took centre stage recently when two persons lost their lives at the hands of persons diagnosed with mental health [...]

Providing Access to Help for Mental Wellness
Martine King says that statistics show that suicides rates are higher than ever, rates of depression and anxiety because attention is not being placed on mental health. The non-profit organization [...]

Healthy Living: Mindfulness, a Way to Improve Your Wellbeing
Stress, anxiety, pain management, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder – that would be a shortlist of all the things that are said to be remedied by the mindfulness practice. [...]


Education Minister congratulates EP Yorke on CSEC scores
Belize performed well on this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificates (CSEC). As we previously reported, two students from Edward P Yorke won the titles of Most Outstanding Candidate and Outstanding Candidate in Belize.

NGO created for Mental Health
A non-profit organization for Mental Health went public today to inspire hope and provide information on the resources available to improve mental health. Mind Health Connect has been under the radar for quite some time now assisting individuals in need and providing information on mental health resources.

Western Regional Hospital is improving its services
Improvements and additional services are being made at the Western Regional Hospital. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Belize on its way to digitizing the education system
The Ministry of Education is working on digitizing the education system. In this day and age, the ability to utilize technology is an important asset.

Education Minister discusses what schools can do to help prevent dengue in students
A Corozal student passed away this past weekend, reportedly after battling with dengue. 21-year-old Ruggeri Tzul became seriously ill on Sunday, just two days after having been diagnosed with dengue.

Foreign Fishers protesting against gillnets
The Belize Network of Non-governmental Organizations (BNN) has called for an investigation into reports of foreign fishers coming into Belize and protesting the ban of gillnets. A release from BNN states that they are appalled at reports that, quote, “non-resident fisherfolk entered Belize via our southern border over 2 weeks ago without clearing Customs or Immigration and were transported to Belmopan to participate in a media appearance in favor of the continued use of gillnets in Belizean waters.”

World Diabetes Day
World Diabetes Day is being observed today in hundreds of nations. In Belize, the focus is on awareness, prevention and management. Reporter Alisha Valentine reports.

Seven Students Granted Scholarships
Seven students were granted high school scholarships through the Programme for Belize and the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area (RBCMA). A short ceremony took place last Saturday, November 9 in Belize City, to present the scholarships to Leann Pott of Rancho Dolores, Jayvan Anthony of Lemonal, Aldair Chan, Roany Tuz and Gloria Soliz of August Pine Ridge, Ed Canizalez of San Felipe and Julio Cesar Perez of San Carlos Village.

Second store in San Pedro Town raided
Authorities on Ambergris continue to conduct operations on various stories in search of possible uncustomed goods and expired products. Our Island correspondent has the details.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man killed on Welch street identified
The man killed on Welch street earlier tonight has been identified as Giovanni Lennan. Residents in […]

Murder on Welch street, suspect reportedly detained
A man was reportedly shot and killed a short while ago on Welch street in Belize […]

The Jaguars’ dream is alive
After the heartbreak of Grenada and the humiliation of St. Kitts and Nevis, this was […]

Belize City Council and partners redevelop Fred Westby Park
After months of collaboration, yesterday the Belize City Council, Caribbean Shipping Agencies and Diversified Life […]

Three men charged with robbery of J&A Shopping Center
Three men have been charged in connection with Tuesday’s robbery of J&A Shopping Center in […]

Neighbors allegedly steal $70,000 worth of jewelry from retired US marine
On Tuesday retired United States Marine, Edwin Beeks, reported he was a victim of burglary. […]

Stalemate at Barrio de Juda: Guatemalan residents insist they have title to property of Belizean Jorge E. Espat
Landowner Jorge Emiliano Espat of Belize City is clearly in a pickle after being unable […]

Retired soldier Myron Martinez succumbs to injuries received in traffic accident
Police today confirmed that Myron Martinez passed away yesterday while receiving treatment at the Karl […]

Prices for gun license to go down in 2020
The Belize Gun Dealers Association today issued a statement informing all gun owners that the […]

Man hospitalized and dog killed by GSU in raid connected to murder investigation
The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) of the Belize Police Department is under fire again – […]

Police meet and greet in Old Capital’s downtown neighborhoods
What started in the wake of complaints of police not being fully engaged with those […]

Cameras “with facial recognition” to watch over Belize City
“Every breath you take and every move you make/Every bond you break, every step you […]

World’s 7th largest ship makes golden voyage to Belize
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) yesterday announced the arrival of the MSC Meraviglia, the 7th […]

Commissioner confident of success in Eldon Arzu case
Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, and ex-President of the Police Association, Corporal Eldon Arzu, are […]


A Step Back in Time: Belize’s Spectacular ATM Cave
Do caves fascinate you? There’s a reason they do, writes Sam Anderson in the UK publication “Independent”. But reading about them can’t compare to a visit-especially if that cave was the site of Maya sacrificial rites and rituals. Your motive for wanting to go cave exploring could be as diverse as seeking inspiration, exploring ancient secrets or testing your bravery when you step into the dark recesses of an unknown world, notes Anderson. Caves are “totally alien landscape: barren, inhospitable and forbidden,” he adds. All the more reason to shore up your courage and visit Belize’s Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave where a crystalized skeleton is just the start of your journey into the past. Located within a jungle that is part of the Mountain Taper Reserve, it takes around 45 minutes by vehicle to reach this spot from either San Ignacio or Belize’s capital, Belmopan.

Sleepy Sarteneja Village: Glowing Water and Art on My Quick Visit
Sarteneja is a small village located on a peninsula in Northern Belize. It is surrounded by the sea and the view is enviable. I mean almost impossibly GORGEOUS. I took so many pictures of one collapsed dock…from every single angle. The village is a traditional fishing and ship building village – and still is today. I’ve been there a few times before. To stay overnight and visit the Manatee and Monkey Sanctuary called Wildtracks. And to work with some visiting veterinarians to do a clinic to spay and neuter pets and village dogs. This time I was staying further down the peninsula – outside of a village called Chunox – at Orchid Bay Development and community. (Chunox is pronounced “chew-nush”, it’s a Maya word)

British Honduras Arrival Of Garinagu
In the 1800’s, in a show of solidarity, Belize formed a secretariat, The Caribbean Organization of Indigenous Peoples. This was done to galvanize the efforts of our neighbors in Honduras and Guatemala to receive the Garinagu who were fleeing St. Vincent in order to be free to practice their religion and culture, as well as abusive practices. The first mention of their presence in the settlement of British Honduras comes from a Magistrate’s meeting of August 9, 1802, recording the decision “that the admission of Caribs into the settlement rests with the Superintendent”. However, there was considerable opposition to their being admitted into Belize. On December 17, 1802, one Andres Cunningham Esquire addressed the magistrates: Saying that although he didn’t wish to be classified as drunk, childish or hysterical, he saw great danger in receiving Charibs, because he believed stories of the supposed atrocities that these people had committed in Grenada and St. Vincent.

International Sourcesizz

Caribbean Trade Ministers Asked To Endorse Three Outcomes On Region’s Sugar
The Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) promotes trade and economic development of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and oversees the operations of the Single Market and Economy. COTED trade ministers will meet in Guyana on November 18th and have been asked to endorse three outcomes from the COTED Agriculture Ministers meeting which took place in October concerning sugar. They are that: Refined sugar would be ineligible for Conditional Duty Exemptions when regionally produced white sugar meets the quantity and specifications required by industrial users of sugar;

Belize trying to solve illegal migration from Guatemala
The Belize government says it has taken “several diplomatic steps” towards the “peaceful and expeditious” removal of Guatemalan nationals who have encroached on private property in the Barrio El Juda area, Cayo District. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that members of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) and Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) had also conducted a joint operation “to officially inform the settlers that they are illegally inhabiting Belizean territory and to provide a timeline for the voluntary removal of their belongings”. It said that all illegal construction has ceased since that joint operation and that high-level officials within the Ministry of National Security, the BDF and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have made multiple visits to the area.

Unlimited First Class Flights For Life—How American Airlines Made The Most Expensive Mistake In Aviation History
Lots of companies make mistakes. Some mistakes just turn out to be more costly than others. In the case of American Airlines, well, they are still paying for their mistake nearly 30 years later. Their mistake may not hold the same grandiose numbers as the other examples used, but in terms of aviation, which works on thin margins, this was a substantial misjudgement. In the case of American Airlines, well, they are still paying for their mistake nearly 30 years later. Their mistake may not hold the same grandiose numbers as the other examples used, but in terms of aviation, which works on thin margins, this was a substantial misjudgement. In 1981 American Airlines realised that those metal birds that they make their revenue from required some basic inputs such as fuel and well, staff. Unfortunately for American Airlines, they had run out of cash. Scraping for nickels to keep their fleet flying, American’s former President Robert Crandall wanted to cut costs dramatically and rebuild the airline from the ground up. With high interest rates at the time, the airline came up with an alternative way to try and raise quick cash—by offering unlimited First Class tickets for life, for $250,000 each.


  • Belize by Ryan Shirley, 10min. Belize is one of my all time favorite countries to visit. I lived there for over a year and I've been back several times. It is a extremely diverse country with its varying landscapes, wildlife and cultures. From the worlds second largest coral reef systems, the Great Blue Hole, to its many ancient ruins, Belize is a country like non other. I hope you enjoy the video and can visit this beautiful country soon!

  • Harpy Eagle at BFREE, 20sec. Rarely sighted bird in Belize.

  • Nice dive in Belize with great friends, 4.5min. More like a parade from Nurse McSharkerton.

  • Honourable Manuel Heredia speaks with The Voice Of Caye Caulker, 13min. Speaking with Honourable Manuel Heredia about the up coming conventions and what to expect from him if elected as the second deputy.

  • Drugs Go Up In Smoke, 1min. As San Pedro Police Destroy over 100 Kilos of Illicit Drugs on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

  • Destination Belize Beyond the Pages Making of Cassava Bread, 5min. See how the Garifuna's traditional Cassava Bread is made.

  • Feeding Tarpons in Caye Caulker, Belize, 1min. The Tarpon Feeding Dock is on the West side of the island, off Calle La Posa. Just walk to the little building on the dock and buy some bait fish for about 5$. You can also just watch for free. Lots of fun, you can try it with the fish in between your toes or if you want people on the dock to freak out, hold the fish with your teeth!

  • Belize Diabetes Association Corozal Walkaton 2019, 4min. Today, was all about Diabetes Day and Around the World. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Over time, having too much glucose in your blood can cause health problems, such as heart disease, nerve damage, eye problems, and kidney disease. You can take steps to prevent diabetes or manage it.