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Today's Belize News: November 16, 2019 #539235
11/16/19 07:00 AM
11/16/19 07:00 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

The San Pedro Sun

SPHS Sharks place fourth at NSSSA volleyball championships
The San Pedro High School (SPHS) Sharks won fourth place at National Secondary Schools Sports Association’s (NSSSA) volleyball championships hosted by Delille Academy at the Russell “Chiste” Garcia Sports Complex in Dangriga over the weekend. The SPHS Sharks had qualified to the nationals as the Northern regional champion, but in Game three in the third-place consolation match on Saturday morning, the Sharks fell 0-3 to the Southern regional champs, the Julian Cho Technical High School girls. Aaliyah Leiva led the Sharks’ attack hammering five kills at the net on plays set by Caroline Sersland. Vatranny Perez hammered four kills and served an ace, and Dennisa Mairena and Normalee Gomez each scored two hits.

BTB’s New Tour Guide Training Techniques presented to SP Tour Guide Association
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) joined the San Pedro’s Tour Guide Association at an informative meeting held at the San Pedro Lions Den on Wednesday, November 13th. The main topic of the evening was a professional tour guide training program facilitated by BTB, which will be a mandatory requirement for every tour guide. The meeting also saw a new set of tour guide graduates receiving their certificates of completion. BTB’s Director for Quality Assurance and Industry Standard Herbert Haylock addressed a packed Lions Den discussing the new components of the training program. “We bring the communication component which deals with the tour briefing and debriefing, and the tour methodology which looks at the organization and entertainment value of the information,” said Haylock.

MSC Meraviglia Cruise: World’s Seventh Largest Ship debuts in Belize
On Wednesday, November 13th, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) Meraviglia cruise, which is the 7th largest cruise ship in the world, made its golden voyage to Belize, carrying nearly 4,500 guests (at double occupancy) on board. MSC Meraviglia is owned and operated by MSC Cruises and entered service in June 2017. It is the world’s seventh-largest ship and was built at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in St. Nazaire, France, by STX France. MSC Meraviglia was MSC Cruises' first ship in the innovative Meraviglia class of next-generation ships, designed to be able to call in most of the world’s international cruise ports.

Belize Coast Guard to get a new commander
On November 27th, the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) will be celebrating 14 years of service to the country, and following their annual ceremonies, a new Commandant will be sworn in. He is Deputy Commandant and Captain 42-year-old Elton Bennett. He will be replacing incumbent Admiral John Borland, who has commanded the BCG for over a decade. Bennett transitioned from the Belize Defence Force into the BCG. He has served for almost 14 years, ten as the Deputy Commander. Meanwhile, Borland will be taking a post in the Ministry of National Security in an advisory capacity.

MOH addresses allegations of forged internship documents signed off to foreign medical students for cash
An investigation taking place at the University of Otago in New Zealand named Belize as one country where medical students studying there from New Zealand falsified their work placement records. According to an online article, the students of that country allegedly received their elective paperwork signed-off for cash and chose specific medical centres around Belize, one of them being in San Pedro Town. The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Belize defended itself, stating that they dealt with the issue immediately when they learned about it 2016. The other locations where these students went included San Ignacio and Belmopan.

Ambergris Today

Then The Fishing Cooperative Thrived In San Pedro
Up until the 1930's and 1940's Sanpedrano men were mostly employed and engaged in the coconut industry, but the Hurricane of 1942 flattened the coconut plantations and destroyed 90% of the houses in the village. Sanpedranos were out of a job and San Pedro without an industry. To survive they turned to the sea for subsistence fishing and eventually took their surplus product to Belize City to be sold at he market. During this time lobster had no market so fishermen caught only what they would consume and threw away the rest from their fish traps. Lobster was considered a pest.

Various Belizean Sources


Ministry of National Security Makes Clarification on Amendments to the Firearms Act
The Ministry of National Security hereby clarifies that a proposal has been made for some amendments to the Firearms Act, including a proposal to limit the number of bullets that can be purchased by a license holder. The Ministry advises that the proposal is still under review. Along with the Commissioner of Police, the Ministry will continue to seek ways to improve the accountability of license holders as well as gun dealers.

Corozal Football Association Opening Season Youth Tournament
Football Action never stops in Corozal. It is alive and kicking. Here is our Schedule for Sunday, November 17th. It all begins at 9:00 a.m. at the Carolina Football Field on the Philip Goldson Highway.

Xmas Rocks II
The Bluffs will be hosting this year's Xmas Rock 2 concert. Planeta Vagabundo and half of Ascenthium will be performing on Saturday, December 21st. Great food, awesome rock and roll, and prizes too.

Scuba Diving Magazine's 2020 Readers Choice Award
Congratulations! Belize has won a total of 11 awards this year in Scuba Diving Magazine's 2020 Readers Choice Awards ! Ms. Michelle Bowers and Ms. Althea Sebastian from the BTB had the honor of accepting the award at the DEMA show this week.

DEMA Show 2019 - in Orlando, Florida. DEMA (Diving Equipment & Marketing Association) Show.

The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the following position: Janitorial Supervisor Closing date: November 27, 2019

Water Taxi between Sarteneja and Corozal
We are excited to announce that the STGA water taxi "Bay Runner" has once again started operating between Sarteneja and Corozal. On Mondays and Fridays, it will leave Sarteneja at 7:00 am, and again depart from Corozal at 4:00 pm. This has been made possible through the project “Enhancement of the water taxi to increase tourism services to and from Sarteneja”, under which the Sarteneja Tour Guide Association (STGA) is receiving assistance to strengthen its management capabilities through the reactivation of the water taxi services, thanks to the assistance of MAR Fund, with funds provided by the German Government through KfW, through the project "Conservation of Marine Resources in Central America - Phase II".

The Supplies Control Unit (SCU) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce is hereby informing the general public that effective Saturday, November 16th, 2019 there will be fixed prices for the sale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). This change with previously established threshold/limits now reflects quantities for sale in volumes <300 gallons, ≥300 gallons ≤2000 gallons and quantities >2000 gallons. The Government advises the general public that amendments to the legislation in establishing fixed prices has become necessary to prevent predatory pricing by major importers who have engaged in an act of driving prices downward well below the maximum ceiling for retail and wholesale of LPG. This temporary measure therefore is critical to keep local operators of LPG in business.

The Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow this afternoon met with Alexandria Fermin
His youth counterpart for the National Children's Parliament. Alexandria will act in the role of Prime Minister at the upcoming sitting of the Children's Parliament next Wednesday, November 20th.

Corozal/Sarteneja Road Project Groundbreaking
The Governments of Belize and Taiwan officially broke ground in Corozal yesterday, November 14th, signalling the start of the Corozal/Sarteneja Road Project. GOB signed a contract on October 21 with Overseas Engineering and Construction Company Limited S.A., the Taiwanese firm that will oversee the upgrade of the road. The contract is for the design and upgrading of 43.2 km (27 miles) of road, including the construction of two bridges to replace old ferries at Pueblo Nuevo and Laguna Seca. Upon completion, the new road will provide a direct and all-weather link between Corozal Town on the Northern Highway and many of the communities to the east of the Progresso Lagoon-John Piles Creek–Laguna Seca Waterway System, including the village of Sarteneja.

Statistical Institute of Belize needs Interviewers
Are you looking to gain work experience? If so, then why not add “field interviewer” to your resume? Statistical Institute of Belize Invites you. We are now hiring in Louisville, Libertad, Concepcion, Calcutta, Xaibe, Ranchito, Chan Chen, Consejo, San Andres, Copper Bank, Chunox, Progresso, Sarteneja, Little Belize, Neuland, and Corozal Town.

Panerrifix Voice & Steel
Panerrifix will be playing in Santa Elena in one month on Sunday, December 15th. Contact them for more information. "Save the dates...2 shows. Sunday December 8th in Belmopan and Sunday December 15 in Santa Elena, Cayo. "Voice and Steel" featuring all our four groups and our special musical guests from Eden High School. Tickets available from band members."

FCD Annual General Meeting
FCD is pleased to announce its 20th Annual General Meeting this 30th of November 2019

Between our Northern Maya communities of Belize there is the legend of El dueńo del agua(Nojoch Kaan) . This spirit is discribed as a huge snake mostly seen in the Noh Ucum(Rio Hondo) . Some say they guard the rivers,Cenotes,Swamps and even wells. Some have discribe them to have wings also . El Dueńo del Agua is also known as Tzukan or Nojoch Kaan(Huge snake). In some versions due to the influence of Christianity El Dueńo del Agua is seem as evil and when they grow to large it is believe God stroke them with thunder to kill them .

Channel 7

Fireman and Athlete Executed
Tonight police have an 18 year old held pending a charge of murder. He was caught minutes after he allegedly killed an innocent man last night. And while we've been numbed by senseless murders, this one is particularly so - because, again, an athlete and working man was targeted - and it happened right in front of his home. Fireman and accomplished basketball player, 30 year old Geovanni Lennan lay dead on Welch Street last night, all the life suddenly sapped from long, powerful limbs that once blocked shots. Shot jumpers, led fireman and manned firehoses.

Dollar Store In Heart of Downtown Robbed
Three nights ago, we showed you the "box head burglar" who broke into the Dollar Store on Water Lane and burglarized the place. The thief only got off with a small amount of money, but he did ransack the place. Well, that was minor compared to the very scary holdup that happened last night. Just after 8:00, two men went into the store and pretended that they wanted to buy something. While one of them was at the cooler and the other was at the counter - things suddenly changed. The man at the counter grabbed the storekeeper, 27 year old Ahmad Mijan by the collar and held a gun to his head. The other man then dashed behind the counter, grabbed the cash pan and also robbed the storekeeper of his possessions. While the store remained open, he then rummaged behind the counter for anything else of value he could find.

Ministry Puts Chester In Check On New Gun Laws
Last night, licensed gun owners all over Belize raised a collective eyebrow when the Commissioner Of Police appeared on TV and said that sweeping new regulations governing ammunition and gun licenses would come into effect next year. Here's a snapshot of some of the measures he announced for January. Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "What the new measures is going to do is that we are now limiting every license firearm holder to 200 rounds per annum, so each license firearm holder will only be allowed to have 200 rounds for the whole year..."

Security Guard Free Of Murder Charge
Tonight, a security guard turned alleged murderer - who was on remand for 5 years is at home after a "nolle pros" was entered in court today. In April of 2015, Darion Hamilton was charged with the murder of 41-year-old Wilmer Cisneros. The killing arose out of a petty dispute over a ten dollar entrance fee to the Blue Hole Bar.

Former City Admin Asks For 200K Too Halt Crowfoot Seizure
This week we've been reporting on former City Administrator Candice Miller's crowfooting of the city council's assets to collect on a 400 thousand dollar judgement debt ordered by the Supreme Court. Well, tonight, thanks to an ugly smear campaign launched by a city councillor on Facebook - we know some of the behind the scenes negations as the city tries to get out from under the crow's foot.

The Land/Border Dispute Dialogue
On Last night's news, we took you to the Belize/Guatemala Border at the edge of Benque Viejo Town. The area, known as Barrio El Juda, is where Guatemalans have begun encroaching on Belizean territory. Now, that's a problem for the Belize Government, who will have to work with their counterparts in Guatemala to reverse the situation. But, on the ground, the man feeling the most pain from these encroachments is Belizean Jorge Emiliano Espat.

Activists Criticize GOB Inaction
For yesterday's trip to Barrio El Juda, Jorge Espat invited the activists, Giovannie Brackett and Nancy Marin to accompany him. After visiting in person, observing Espat's plight, and talking directly with the Guatemalans in the area, they are convinced that this situation needs to be resolved urgently. Here are a few choice comments that both Brackett and Marin had for the Government about what they think is the adequate response to the encroachment:

Corozal Gets A "Brand New Second Hand"ť Firetruck
Countless times on the news we've told you about the decades old fire trucks that can be found at district substations all across Belize. Well, yesterday in Corozal, they got a brand new second hand one. Minister Edmond Castro handed over what is being called "a newly acquired fire truck" for the Corozal District. It's actually a used truck in good working condition donated by the Calgary Fire Fighters' Association, from the Calgary Fire Department in Alberta, Canada. We asked the Fire Chief today whether this 2000 model and trucks of this type are suitable for Belize's fire fighting needs:

New Fire Chief Building Consensus and Learning How to Fight Fires
Gillett took over the helm of the National Fire Service in July - and a large part of his mission is capacity and morale building by acquiring new equipment. We asked him how it's been going as an outsider with a specialization far from being a fireman: Reporter: "When you're going to run a national fire department you wouldn't look naturally to someone who has a specialization in natural resource management; a) how does that fit and, b) what type of pushback have you received because you are not from here. You are an outsider being brought in. Unlike Mr. Ted for example, the preious fire chief who came up in the department - you've never fought a fire."

BEL Boasts About New Office on San Pedro
BEL pulled out all the stops this morning for the Inauguration of its New San Pedro Branch Office. Now, it's just a building - but the company hopes to use it as an illustration of its commitment to this fast growing community with a prolific appetite for power consumption. And this morning's official ceremony focused on BEL's larger, new strategic direction intended to expand its offerings to customers. BEL General Manager Sean Fuller told the Media told us more.

Caye Caulker's Timeline For A Diesel Disconnect
And while BEL beamed with boasts of its ever expanding services on San Pedro, the island just across the channel, Caye Caulker, is still getting its electricity from diesel generators. General Manager Fuller says that the decommissioning of those long running generators is a mere 2 years away. Sean Fuller, General Manager, Commercial & Retail Services "The loan has been approved, the environmental clearance from the DOE has been approved. We are now in the process of going through the bidding process to select a vendor to supply the cable and install the cable. We will commence actually work on the ground immediately. We know that by the end of 2020 the cable will be installed and we're hoping to energize that cable link late 2020 or early 2021."

BEL Deflects Blame in Independence Day Blaze
And from future plans for the power needs of Caye Caulker to the power debacle that may have contributed to a fiery calamity. In September Elmer Chub perished in an Independence Day fire. At the time Chairlady, Seleny Villanueva-Pott, said that BEL had a part of the blame, because when the first responders arrived on the scene, the electrical lines were live and on fire. BEL needed to cut the power, before they could start to douse it with water.

Grinage Bros Gone Clear After Non-Cooperative Witness
Tonight, the 30-year-old John Grinage, and his brother, 28-year-old Sheldon Grinage are freed of a murder charge after being on remand at the Belize Central Prison for over 3 and a half years. The DPP's Office has decided to discontinue the prosecution against them for the 2016 murder of 32-year-old Mariano Castillo. In January of 2016, Castillo was stabbed to death when he was walking on Police Street. The Grinage brothers and another man allegedly attacked Castillo and fatally stabbed him with a kitchen knife. That injury quickly claimed his life.

Prosecuting Refugees
Earlier this month we told you about the UNHCR media training on refugee reporting. Now the Agency is sensitizing another valuable sector of the public service, The DPP's Crown Councils, to the plight of the refugees with a workshop on on Refugee Law and Policy.

Saltpickers and Storytellers
The Leo Bradley Library welcomed author Zoila Ellis today as she presented her new book, The Salt Pickers. The book is the ninth in Cubola Productions Belizean Writer's series which previously featured mainstays of the High school literature curriculum. And the author of "On Heroes, Lizards and Passion" and "Pataki Full" presents this new volume to speak to the particular concerns of female identity across all the countries and cultures that she's inhabited.

A Lazy Day On A Ladyville Lagoon
You may know about the Caribbean Shrimp Company, the shrimp farm enterprise headquartered in Ladyville. They boast of being an eco-friendly company that produces organically-raised shrimp produce. They also have other commercial interests in the form of a restaurant and a pool, and now, they are diversifying their business model yet again. The family-owned company is now launching the first Lagoon tour. It is a novel operation, which maintains their eco-friendly brand, and today, the invited the press to find out exactly how it will work. 7News attended the official launch, and Daniel Ortiz has that story:

BBS Fixes LPG Prices to Contain Predatory Pricing
The Bureau of Standards is laying down the hardline on butane or LPG importers by declaring fixed prices. Usually, they only set out a maximum price, or ceiling - but, now, the game has changed due to what the bureau calls "predatory pricing" by the major importers. A release from the bureau says that the major importers are, quote, "driving prices downward well below the maximum ceiling for retail and wholesale of LPG. This temporary measure therefore is critical to keep local operators of LPG in business." End quote.

Channel 5

Fire-fighter ‘Baney’ Lennan is Latest Murder Victim
A firefighter was executed early on Thursday night. He was heading to his house on Welch Street, Belize City when Jiovanni Ian Lennan, was ambushed from behind by a gunman [...]

Mahogany Street Barber Claims Police Brutality
Well-known Belize City barber and cabdriver Ursulo Mendoza, known by many as Dread or Barba, was manhandled by a pair of policemen attached to the Special Patrol Unit on Wednesday.  [...]

Barrio El Juda – a Guatemalan Community Inching its Way in Belize
The encroachment into Belizean territory was as clear as daylight when we visited Barrio El Juda on the western border on Thursday. Guatemalan families have settled there and their community [...]

Firebrand Activist Geovanni Brackett Calls on G.O.B. to Act Now
Joining the trip to the western border on Thursday was firebrand activist and former COLA President Geovanni Brackett. Brackett saw the developing Guatemalan community that has been inching its way [...]

Belize People’s Front says Belizeans Need to Put Pressure on Government
Nefretery Nancy Marin is the leader of the recently formed Belize People’s Front. Marin was also present during Thursday’s trip to the Barrio el Juda along Belize’s side of the [...]

G.O.B. Fixes LPG Prices
The government has moved to establish fix prices for the sale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas known as L.P.G. beginning this Saturday.  The fixed prices are to prevent predatory pricing by [...]

MOH Still Struggling with Procurement of Anti-retroviral Medication
The procurement of anti-retroviral medication for persons living with HIV/AIDS continues to be an issue for the Ministry of Health. For months the Ministry has been battling with a shortage [...]

Grinage Brothers Freed of Murder Charge
John and Sheldon Grinage were freed on Thursday for the murder of thirty-two-year-old Mariano Castillo. Crown Counsel Portia Staine-Ferguson entered a nolle prosequi since a witness could not be located. [...]

A Payment Plan to Compensate Candice Miller
There is fresh information tonight in respect of a proposal by former City administrator Candice Miller to the Belize City Council.  Pending an appeal, Miller has proposed to stop the [...]

Proposal for Decrease in Security Companies’ Gun License Fees
On Thursday, the Belize Police Department held a meeting with about twenty-five registered gun dealers in the country. That meeting, led by Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, covered a number [...]

Victor L. Bryant’s Gun Dealer License Still Under Review
One of the issues covered during the meeting was the storage of the firearms. Commissioner of Police Williams says that remains a high priority and they continue to carry out [...]

Independence Day Fire on Caye Caulker Caused by a Candle
While with the Fire Chief earlier today, the media got an update on the Independence Day fire on Caye Caulker during which one person lost his life in the blaze. [...]

National Fire Service Under a New Fire Chief; How’s that Going?
Fire Chief Colin Gillett was recently appointed to the position after career fire-fighter and former chief Ted Smith retired. Gillett, like Smith’s predecessors, did not move up the ranks of [...]

Calgary Fire Fighter’s Association Donates Truck to Corozal Fire Department
It is well documented that there is need for additional equipment and fire trucks for the National Fire Service to adequately fire fight in times of disasters. On Thursday, the [...]

B.E.L. Inaugurates New Branch Office in San Pedro
In the prime tourism island of San Pedro this morning, B.E.L. opened its first permanent branch office. With record tourism numbers, the utility company recognizes the need to keep up [...]

Liyan Moralez is Most Outstanding Candidate in 2019 CAPE Exams
Nineteen-year-old Liyan Moralez is majoring in chemistry and math at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad & Tobago.  He is the Most Outstanding Candidate in [...]

Mark King and U.D.P. – What’s His Future with the Party?
Former Lake I U.D.P area representative Mark King on Thursday let loose  questioning the quality of candidates running for high posts in the  in the U.D.P. King was highly critical  [...]

Mangrove Education Onboard the Mangrove Maiden
Mangroves serve many important functions for coastal communities. They act as a watershed and provide storm surge protection, as well as land stabilization. They also provide habitat for fish, birds [...]

BECOL to BELPO – We Are Not Responsible
On November thirteenth we told you about the Belize Institute of Environmental Law and Policy concerns about the state of the Macal River. In that story, BELPO’s Candy Gonzalez made [...]

Belize Beats French Guiana 2-0
The Belize Jaguars faced off with French Guiana on Thursday night in Belmopan in the CONCACAF Nation’s League. At the end of the ninety-minute game, Belize won two-nil. An early [...]

Belize Jaguars Heads to Grenada
And less than twenty-four hours after that win, today the Belize Jaguars hopped on a flight to travel to Grenada. The team will spend the overnight in Miami and arrive [...]

F.F.B. Update on Belize’s Place in the CONCACAF Nations League
So, Belize won a match on Thursday night and they have another game on Sunday in the CONCACAF Nation’s League. These games are to help qualify for the 2021 Gold [...]

Belize District Dominates the National Primary School Championships
Turning to the local competition in volleyball, Championship Games concluded just a few minutes ago at the Civic Centre in Belize City. Belize Elementary School of Belize City and San [...]


Guatemalan farmers invade Belize
The Guatemalan claim to Belizean territory has once more created an international incident along the border between Belize and Guatemala. This time, the cause of the problem is a group of Guatemalans who are squatting on private land in an area known as Barrio El Juda. Earlier this week, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, as he usually does, urged patience so as to give the necessary time for diplomatic efforts to work. Belizean landowner Jorge Emilio Espat, made a trip to the area today and took the media along as witness to what has been happening on his land for several months now.

Jiovanni Lennan, 30, shot dead tonight on Welch Street
The life of another Belize City man was lost as a result of senseless gun violence. Jiovanni Lennan, 30, a fireman of Welch Street, was killed at about 8:30 tonight on Welch Street near its junction with Gibnut Street. Residents of the area told us tonight on our visit to the scene that Lennan was playing basketball at Rogers Stadium. At the end of the game, he rode out of the stadium on his bicycle into Dolphin Street, in the direction of Yarborough, and made a right turn into Gibnut Street, and then made a left turn into Welch Street.

The CXC-CAPE results are in!
There were noteworthy performances in the CSEC and CAPE exams by Belize’s secondary and tertiary level students from various schools in the country. An exemplary trio of young women from Edward P. Yorke High School took top spots in the 2019 CSEC Examinations, namely Ms. Alexis Guy, Ms. Dayana Marroquin and Ms. Angie Matute. Guy, who is an alumna of the 2018 Youth Ambassador’s program, took first place with an impressive seventeen Grade I’s and one Grade II. Following closely behind, Marroquin scored fourteen Grade I’s and two Grade II’s, and Matute is the first female to be awarded the Subject Group Award in Technical Vocation. The Caribbean Examination Council has invited Angie to a ceremony in Grenada where she will be presented with an award for most outstanding performance in Technical Vocation in the region.

Ronald Haynes, a son of Samuel Haynes, Sr., visits Belize
Ronald Haynes, a son of the great patriot, Belizean Samuel Haynes, who penned the poem “Land of the Gods,” which became Belize’s national anthem in its variation as “Land of the Free,” is on his first visit to Belize. This morning, Haynes was a guest on KREM’s Wake-up Belize Morning Vibes (WUB) show with co-host Nuri Mohammad, and gave Amandala an interview after leaving KREM’s studios.

Former activist for Maya rights, Gregory Ch’oc, called to the Bar
Gregory Ch’oc, the former executive director of the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management, who stood at the forefront in the fight for the protection of Maya land rights and brought to the forefront other issues affecting the Maya communities in Southern Belize, has returned home as a qualified attorney. At a special sitting in the Supreme Court of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin this morning, Friday, an application hearing was convened for Ch’oc to be called to practice law at the Belize Bar. Ch’oc’s application for membership to the legal fraternity was moved by the former two-term Prime Minister and Fort George area representative, Hon. Said Musa, Senior Counsel.

In Dangriga, fisher folks rally for gill net
Their numbers are small, reportedly only 83 of 2,513 licensed fishers in Belize, and sentiments seem firmly against them, but some gill net users are holding fast to this fishing tool they have been using for decades. A small group of them congregated at Alejo Beni Park in Dangriga Town, on Wednesday, November 13, to emphasize to the nation why the proposed gill net ban would be wrong for Belize. According to News5, in a report by Isani Cayetano, the leaders of the group in support of gill net said that those behind the proposal for the gill net ban do not have all the facts. They said that laws are in place to ensure the sustainable use of gill nets, and charged that the persons who are pushing for the ban on gill nets are doing so only because they are being paid to do it.

Garifuna awards night at the Mexican Institute
Activities leading up to Garifuna Settlement Day, on November 19, are being held countrywide. This Friday, November 15, an awards and recognition ceremony will be held at the Mexican Institute of Culture, located at the corner of Newtown Barracks Road and Wilson Street. The purpose of the event is to recognize individuals, past and present, who contributed to and supported the preservation of the Garifuna culture in Belize. The event is a collaboration between the Mexican Institute and the Belize City Garifuna Council.

Coast Guard changes command: Elton Bennett takes over from Johnny Borland
The High Command of the Belize Coast Guard will change on November 27. Amandala was informed that Rear Admiral John Borland, the incumbent Commandant of the Coast Guard, will hand over command to Deputy Commandant Elton Bennett, who will be the new Commandant, and Rear Admiral Borland goes off to the Ministry of National Security to take up a new post as National Security Chief of Staff, which involves being the chief security advisor to the ministry. The change of command will be conducted shortly after the Coast Guard celebrates its 14th birthday on November 25.

Police statistics highlight decrease in major crimes
The Belize Police Department has released the crime statistics for the period January to September 2019, and when the figures are compared to the same period last year, there is a noticeable decrease in major crimes. At a press conference where the figures were released, Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, told the media, however, that there were some serious incidents. The Commissioner made specific references to the triple murder on the George Price Highway, in June, and the 5 men who were murdered at sea, which also occurred in June.

Dengue epidemic continues to rage — more deaths reported
The dengue fever epidemic which began affecting Belize from as early as January has showed no signs of letting up and continues to claim lives. Yesterday, dengue claimed the life of Ruggeri Tzul, 21, of Xaibe Village, Corozal District. Also, earlier this month, it was confirmed that Jennifer Moreno, 14, a Sacred Heart College student, died from dengue. Today, Amandala spoke with Ministry of Heath epidemiologist Dr. Russell Manzanero, who confirmed that since the outbreak of dengue in Belize, seven persons have lost their lives after contracting the disease.

Belize and Barbados move to establish trade partnership
The Caribbean sister nations of Barbados and Belize made a significant move today to begin a partnership which will see the two CARICOM member states trade in goods and services. To bring about the reality of trade between the two countries, the Belize Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, in coordination with BELTRAIDE, teamed up with its Barbados counterpart, the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC), for a Trade Expo which opened at the Best Western Biltmore Hotel this morning, featuring representatives from 10 companies in Barbados.

Carlos Chayash, 40, robbed and stabbed in Quintana Roo
Carlos Cirilo Chayash, 40, a supervisor from Trial Farm, Orange Walk District, who recently relocated to Carrillo Puerto, Mexico, on October 28, was beaten, stabbed and robbed by thieves. According to Diario De Quintana Roo, just before 6:00 Sunday morning, police in the city of Carrillo Puerto went to the Mayan Zone based on a 911 call from residents of the area, and on arriving in the center of the Vicario Colony, they found a person lying on the sidewalk on 66th Street, between the 75 and 77 blocks.

Gustavo Lizarraga, 25, drowns on fishing trip near San Pedro reef
At about 1:30 Friday afternoon, two cousins, Gustavo Lizarraga, Jr., 25, a laborer of the DFC Housing Site area of San Pedro, originally from Corozal; and his cousin, Roberto Lizarraga, 36, also a laborer of the same area, went on a fishing trip to the reef in a kayak. While they were paddling to the fishing area, high waves overturned the kayak, and the two men, neither of whom were wearing life jackets, hung on to the capsized boat.

Myron Martinez, 40, succumbs after Ladyville accident
Myron Martinez, 40, a driver for the Belize City branch of the Customs and Excise Department, who was the father of three children, died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) yesterday of massive head injuries he suffered in a collision on the morning of Saturday, November 9, in Ladyville, after slamming into a trailer that was carrying a house. Martinez suffered head and body injuries and was rushed to the KHMH in a critical condition. He fought for his life for 5 days in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, but died yesterday.

Ernesto Lewis, 33, seriously injured in collision on “S Curve”
Ernesto Lewis Jr., 33, of Ontario, Cayo District, is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after suffering massive head and body injuries during a collision on the “S Curve,” between Miles 54 and 55 on the Western Highway in Teakettle at about 7:30 Tuesday night. Police said that Lewis was driving his car from Ontario to Belmopan, but when he reached the S Curve, he crashed into a freightliner truck that was coming from the opposite direction. The car ended up under the truck.

editorial: Horrific murder rate has young males thinking short-term
The number one issue in a country with a horrific murder rate is, of course, murder, and in our case the demographic most in danger of being killed is the young male. This horrific murder rate weighs on the psyche of our entire population, but young males, naturally, are the ones whose minds are most affected. Speaking recently on a job training session facilitated by the Love Foundation, Caribbean Shores area representative, Hon. Kareem Musa, spoke of the importance of the program, and said it was disappointing that of the twenty-one participants at the training only one was male.

From the Publisher
On the occasion of Garifuna Settlement Day 2019, I’d like to pay my respects to two outstanding Garifuna gentlemen – Cliff Augustine, who is presently in Chicago fighting with kidney disease, and Cornelius “Pat” Cacho, who lives in Florida and recently became the University of Belize’s greatest benefactor. Cliff celebrated his 80th birthday while in Belize for this year’s September celebrations, and Mr. Cacho has to be in his nineties. Cliff Augustine, a native of Hopkins, left the Roman Catholic priesthood to marry Elma Whittaker, a graduate of Pallotti High School who worked for a while at Amandala and was also an officer in the last UBAD executive in 1974. Theirs has been the greatest love story I have ever seen.

Belize wins, 2-0, over French Guiana in Concacaf Nations League match!
A goal in each half, from rookie Ean Lewis at the 4th minute, and from veteran star Deon McCaulay at the 68th minute, gave our Belize Jaguars the 2-0 victory in the Concacaf Nations League match against French Guiana tonight at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. Belize had lost the first match against this opponent by default (3-0) back on September 5, after our team encountered difficulties with a chartered air carrier. Going into tonight’s return match, Belize stood at last place in our Group A of Concacaf’s League B; but this victory, and a 0-0 draw tonight between Grenada and St. Kitts & Nevis, means that we have moved up into the second position.

Dangriga Pool Tournament
Aba Isieni Cool Spot hosted a 10-week pool tournament for teams in Dangriga which saw the participation of 6 teams, each with 7 players. Of the 6 teams (One Blood, Griga Shooters, Wrecking Crew, Gunners, D’Invincibes, and D’Rebles), we had 3 teams that came out on top – Griga Shooters (First Place), One Blood (Second Place), Gunners (Third Place). The MVP for the tournament was Chris Banegas.

SCA girls and SJC boys are both 2019 National Secondary Schools Volleyball Champions
The National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) held its annual national high schools volleyball championships (female and male) on Friday and Saturday, November 8-9, in Dangriga, where the 4 regional champions – North, Central, West and South – met in a simple knockout format, with the semifinal winners on Friday going on to play for the championship on Saturday. The Nationals this year were hosted by Delille Academy at the Russell Chiste Garcia Auditorium, and it was both Central Region’s SCA girls and SJC boys emerging as national champions.

When I left Belize to come and live in New York City in 1978, the biggest issue in Belize was George Price and his People’s United Party (PUP) travelling all over the world to try and get support for our independence. The leader of the United Democratic Party, Dean Lindo, and his members, were afraid that if we obtained independence without a defense guarantee from Great Britain, Guatemala could invade our country. The UDP held many “No Guatemala” demonstrations in Belize City that drew large crowds from all over the country.

Search for Paul Nabor’s Naguya Nei
Over the years a number of times I’ve had a few dollars in my pocket and I’ve looked in the cd stores for Paul Nabor’s Naguya Nei, my pick for the best Belizean song, ever, but maybe it sells out within a week of hitting the shelves, because I was never fortunate to get a copy. I have the cd Watina, a great cd that has the song, but I always had my eye out for a full Nabor. Well now, Nabor is at my fingertips, on a phone one of my two sisters bought me, and while I am joyful about my find, I’m a little guilty, because I want to pay my two cents. I don’t know how our music artists make money these days, outside of doing shows.

Matron sacrifices her marriage!
One month before she was eighteen, Pauline Atkins came to the capital as a nurse-trainee, boarding with Granny “P” until the nurses’ building was ready for occupancy. She was popular right from the start, with a winning personality like her mother’s: friendly, vivacious, self-confident, helpful and generous. To a certain extent she was mentored by Matron, whom she respected and emulated in everything to do with work, and Pauline was not shy about putting forward her ideas for improving performance, conditions of service, and treatment of her fellow trainees; as well as about the overall conditions of patients, support staff and everything connected with the hospital.

Our poor Macal River
Dear Editor, Years of the dams holding back water, releasing it, holding it back, has naturally led to massive erosion. The river banks have turned to mud. Trees continue to rot and fall into the river and come downstream. With the heavy rains last week, enormous amounts of this rotting vegetation and sedimentation are washing downstream, flowing into the Belize River and eventually to the sea. The turbidity (the dark muddy water) does not allow for sunlight to penetrate to the river bottom, which means the river is not getting oxygen. What is happening to the fish and vegetation that need oxygen?

Cayo’s golden oranges
Dear Editor, It was a rich harvest. And there we were, swinging from limb to limb, like happy little monkeys pulling fruits from trees. Those who didn’t have the agility to climb could be found scampering like squirrels, collecting fruits from the floor of this Cayo orchard. From here, the sun-ripened delights would be sold and shipped for processing somewhere else, finally ending up on someone’s table as fresh oranges or a nutritious cup of juice. I wasn’t the happiest tree climber or the fastest picker, I admit. But I did pull my weight in the heat of the day. While we worked, the sweet fragrance of golden oranges filled the air, energizing our activity among the rows of healthy, green trees that stretched endlessly to the horizon.

Enablers of eco-cide: the fallen orange tree
Dear Editor, citrus growers and ALL Belizeans: There is a recognized aspect of the condition of those suffering from alcoholism, and that aspect focuses on what is termed “the enabler”, or that person(s) who contributes to the alcoholic’s consumptive addiction by the manner in which this person(s) relates to the alcoholic and supports the alcoholic’s habit. Let us move to the present catastrophic phenomenon of “eco-cide”, which can be seen as the genocide of the ecologies of our planet, our hemisphere, our country, our communities, and now, to the specific point of this letter — our precious and gravely ailing citrus industry, that has been devastated by the “greening disease” (Huanglongbing (HLB)), which is literally translated as “the dragon disease”.


Acclaimed Belizean Writer Zoila Ellis Launches New Book
Belize’s very own, Zoila Ellis along with Cubola productions announced the publication of “The Saltpickers And Other Caribbean Stories” written by her. Ellis is a Garifuna lawyer, writer and cultural activist.

BEL San Pedro Inaugurates New Headquarters
The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) officially inaugurated its new offices today in San Pedro Town. It’s a major upgrade for the residents on the island since they are the fastest growing community in the entire country.

Shovels in and construction begins on the Sarteneja Road
Work has begun on the 27 miles of road between Corozal and Sarteneja which will cost fifty million US dollars to pave. The fifty million loan was granted to construct this road from the Government of Taiwan.

Black Friday in Belize
Black Friday is taking on a life of its own in Belize as several businesses are using this period in November to promote various deals and discounts. This is the third year that the Belize Chamber and Commerce and Industry is promoting Black Friday in Belize.

Eco-friendly lagoon tour launched in Belize
The Caribbean Shrimp Company in Ladyville Village, Belize District, is looking to upgrade the services they are offering by including a unique boat tour through a mangrove lagoon. Reporter Courtney Menzies joined the tour today and brought back some highlights.

Corozal Fire Department receives new fire truck
The Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro, received a donation of a firetruck for the Corozal District. The donation was given by Calgary Firefighters’ Association, through the Calgary Fire Department in Alberta, Canada. National Fire Chief Colin Gillett and Corozal Officer in Charge, Kevin Williams received the truck on behalf of the Fire Service.

Firefighter gunned down in Belize City
A Belize City firefighter was gunned down last night, moments after exiting his house on Welch Street in Belize City. 30-year-old Geovani Ian Lennan was yards away from his home when he was approached from behind by a male person just after seven o’clock last night.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at to host blood drive in Belize City
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at and the Belize Blood Transfusion Services will be hosting a blood drive tomorrow. The drive is to raise awareness that lives can be saved, and health can be improved with the donation.

One Year behind bars for handling stolen goods
An unemployed man is sentenced to one year behind bars for handling stolen goods. In May of this year, 37-year-old Denmark Cruz was arrested and charged with burglary and handling stolen goods.

Grinage Brothers Freed
John and Sheldon Grinage, who were on trial for the murder of 32-year-old Mariano Castillo, were able to go home after a nolle prosequi was entered today. This morning, Crown Counsel Portia Staine-Ferguson was forced to enter the nolle prosequi indicating that they will no longer pursue the case since the third witness could not be located.

Gillnets Found In Marine Reserve
This morning, divers were shocked to find a 400-foot and a 50-foot gillnet within the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. According to a Facebook post by Oceana Belize, tour guides that were diving in the area found the nets strung out along the north wall. They brought the bycatch back to Ray Caye and counted them in the presence of two Coast Guard Officers and two SEA rangers.

Firearms Act To Be Changed
The Ministry of National Security has made proposals for changes to the Firearms Act. A brief release was issued today noting that there are several proposals being made but only listed one of them as being the placement of limits on how much bullets a license holder can purchase. According to the release the proposals are being reviewed.

Ten Thousand Dollars Donated To The Garifuna Collective Band
On November 4, 88-year-old Gerald Compton Fairweather passed away from bronchial pneumonia. To honor his memory and everything he had done for Belize, the National Institute of History and Culture, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, has set up a Compton Fairweather Award for promoting Belizean music both locally and internationally.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

US $50 million Corozal/Sarteneja Road Project breaks ground
On November 14, the Governments of Belize and Taiwan officially broke ground in Corozal signaling […]

Mark King lashes out at UDP
Former United Democratic Party Minister, Mark King, lashed out at his party during a recent […]

Three promising ballers killed in 2019
The Belize Police Department continues to say that crime is down. However, there seems to […]

Divers find over 400 feet of gillnets within the Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve
Photos courtesy: Dasha Shivers/ Ray Caye Island Resort Oceana Belize today informed that this morning, […]

Re-enactment of arrival of Garifunas to be celebrated in Libertad
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), through the Museum of Belize and the […]

Mind Health Connect launched to champion mental health awareness
Belize City Councilor, Allan Pollard, was at the launch of the newly established Mind Health […]

Corozal receives new fire truck
Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management (with responsibility for the National Fire Service), Edmond […]

Corozal student second to die from dengue
Another student, 21-year-old Ruggeri Tzul, has reportedly died due to dengue on Sunday morning. Just […]

Police seize kilo of weed at San Pedro airstrip
Alert authorities conducted a cargo check around 6:00 last night at the San Pedro airstrip […]

Armed culprits rob Dollar grocery story
Two armed culprits robbed Dollar grocery store on Water Lane in Belize City last night. […]

Water advisory lifted for San Ignacio, Santa Elena and Benque Viejo
The Belize Water Services (BWS) today informed customers in San Ignacio, Santa Elena, Esperanza, Benque […]

Ministry of National Security: Proposal for amendments to firearm act under review
The Gun Dealers Association of Belize issued a statement yesterday informing that there will be […]

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Cassava Bread- A Garifuna Staple
My Beautiful Belize recently had the unique opportunity to visit Sabal’s Cassava Farm as part of the 2019 Belize Tourism Board media familiarization trip on the southeast coast of Belize. Located at mile three on the Hummingbird Highway, right outside of Dangriga Town, this family-owned business has been operating since 1987 and produces cassava bread, starch, juice, and other deliciousness. The farm’s premier product – the cassava – is an essential part of Garifuna culinary culture, and the Sabals take it from the root to the dinner table. The best part is that they open that process to visitors who can tour the farm and observe the processing of the root vegetable, and the actual making of cassava bread, “Ereba” in the Garifuna language.

International Sourcesizz

Family mourns diver slain in Belize after moving from Palm Beach County
A former Marine who recently lived in Palm Beach County while learning to scuba dive had planned to return to his hometown of Atlanta on Thursday, according to relatives. But 36-year-old Drew DeVoursney never made it home. He and his Canadian girlfriend Francesca Matus, 52, were found slain in Belize this week, authorities said. A big man with a big heart, “he was very adventurous, very brave, and he was always wanting to be out in nature and not stuck inside,” DeVoursney’s mother, Char DeVoursney, of Atlanta, told the Sun Sentinel. Few details have been released by police about the murder investigation. The couple reportedly were last seen leaving a bar in the northern Corozal District on April 25, days before their bodies were found Monday.


  • The Voice Of Caye Caulker, 58min. Our Anchor Anisa Martinez had a sit down discussion with Mr. Dan Solo of Reef TV and they spoke about the future of The Voice and reached to an agreement to work hand in hand, to collaborate in keeping both islands informed

  • Collared aracari at my door, .5min.

  • Hobbs Craft Beer Video, 2min. Belize has a craft beer, and it's 12 ounces per can. Hobbs Brewing Company has a nicely shot and produced video highlighting their craft beer making process...and consuming. They're located in Placencia, and hopefully they'll have a distribution outlet in Cayo soon. Longer video showing their shop.

  • Sleeping Giant, 1min. Explore Belize.

  • Belize Bird Rescue interview with Channel 5, 10min. We as birders have no idea of the hard work that BBR does to give birds a second chance. This is but a glimpse of the hard work and dedication Nikki Buxton has made. All for the love of birds!

  • Orchid bee (Eulaema cingulata), 20sec.

  • Nectar feeding bats, 20sec. About 5:20 pm and not very dark yet. I learned about them when I began finding my feeder drained overnight. I began brining in the feeder at dark, but they kept showing up earlier and earlier.

  • Second Annual Walkathon at the Corozal Andres Campos, 8min. The Belize Diabetes Association Corozal held its Second Annual Walkathon at the Corozal Andres Campos at 1pm on November 14th, 2019. Schools from across Corozal and the surrounding villages, Were invited to attend this walkaton, and, to teach the younger generations how to avoid Diabetes. By 1pm, schools were already divide into different groups, awaiting patiently for the Ceremony. A short Ceremony Was made by the Belize Diabetes Association Corozal, after 1pm. Miss Adela Pederson Made National Anthem in Maya Langauge, Miss Judith Mendez and Mr. Lucas Hoare remars and closing ceremony.

  • Scuba Diving vor der Insel Caye Caulker, Belize, 5min. Scuba Diving vor der Insel Caye Caulker in Belize mit vielen Stachelrochen und Ammenhaien.

  • EXPOSING Secret Beach BELIZE, 8.5min. If you do ever find yourself on the wonderful island of Ambergris Caye in Belize, rent a golf cart and take a drive out to Secret Beach to relax in one of the many incredible restaurants and beaches along the coast. You won't regret it!

  • Wahoo fishing in Belize with a surprise blue marlin, 10min. Good day at Light House Reef and Turneffe Atoll

  • Belize Spearfishing (summer 2019) Freshwater, 4min.

  • Belize - Piramides Lamanai, 5min. Excursăo ŕs piramides do sitio arqueologico Lamanai em Belize, em 2018. Na época a bordo do navio Carnival Glory.

  • The Yaaxche Show, 15min. Rosendo Coy (Ranger Guide) and Marcelia Assi (Business Manager) shared information on Ranger for a day, EcoFarm, River patrol, Cacao farm, Birds of Belize, Maya healing and Maya cultural visit with Sayuri Tzul.

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