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The San Pedro Sun

BIDC Expo promotes Barbados’ products to Belize
Belize presently enjoys a favorable trade balance with Barbados which buys more Belize exports than Belize imports Barbados. Ten Barbados companies promoted their products and services, seeking Belizean partners, at a two-day trade Expo hosted by the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation (BIDC) in collaboration with BELTRAIDE, at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 12-13. It’s all part of the move to regional integration under the Caribbean Single Market and Economy CSME, whereby Barbados presently buys a lot of raw materials from Belize, but now hopes to offer value-added manufactured products to Belizean consumers.

Oceana Belize and Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries to commit over two million dollars to assist fisheries’ transition from gillnets
Oceana Belize and the Belize Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries (CSF) have committed via letters of intent to the Government of Belize (GOB) over two million dollars to assist Belizean fisheries transition from gillnet use in Belize’s waters. Both Oceana and the Coalition require that the GOB take the necessary legal steps in 2019 to declare a ban on gillnets at the beginning of 2020. This policy change will support sustainable fisheries management efforts and ensure that Belizean fishers will always be able to fish. Eligible beneficiaries for this initiative have been identified by the Belize Fisheries Department in response to the request made under the Freedom of Information Act.

Belize removed from EU tax haven blacklist
Belize is back in good graces with the European Union (EU) after its Economic and Financial Affairs Council removed the country from the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions on Friday, November 8th. This change came after the recent amendment to the International Business Act, along with the promulgation of the Economic Substance Act. The House of Representatives and the Senate passed these pieces of legislation within a couple of days to meet the requirements from the EU, so to be removed from the said blacklist.

One year later: Organizers reflect on BIG GARBAGE CLEAN UP Campaign
Illegal dumping and improper garbage disposal have long been an issue on the island resulting in street sides littered with large items such as appliances and old furniture. This has led to the pollution of our water system, threatening the health of our environment and marine life. The goal of the SP BTIA and ACES’ four-day clean-up campaign was to pick up garbage from multiple locations in various neighborhoods, but due to the massive amounts of trash located in one area, the San Pedrito Highway, efforts focused on clearing that road of all trash. Throughout the four days, there was an army of seriously dedicated and hardworking people, along with multiple golf carts, trucks, trailers, backhoes and bulldozers, who pulled tons of trash from the San Pedrito Highway. Despite the combined efforts, tons of garbage remain along the road. Over four days, more than 150 volunteers collected more than 900 bags of trash and 744 square yards of garbage with 151 vehicle/truckloads delivering to the Transfer Station, located south of Ambergris Caye.

Various Belizean Sources


Ocean Academy Dolphins vs San Pedro Sharks Monday
Put it on your calendar. Caye Caulker Basketball Court!! Ocean Academy Dolphins vs San Pedro Sharks, 2:00 Monday 18 November.

Grenada vs. Belize, Nations League Football
6pm Live on The National Channel | Exclusively on Central TV & Internet | Channel 10 on Dibo | (not authorized for facebook streaming)

Battle of the Drums 2019
This year's Battle of the Drums kicked off Friday night with the annual event of Food & Fete, a celebration of Garifuna cuisine and music. On Saturday, the Competition and Show had a full house as everyone cheered for their favorite drummers.

Garifuna Settlement day celebrations at the Philip Goldson International Airport Arrival

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Special needs child who was taken away from mother and dropped in state custody passes away
On Wednesday, BBN broke the story of a distraught mother who was desperate for help […]

Motorcyclist injured in road traffic accident on Spanish Lookout Road
A motorcycle driver was injured in a road traffic accident this afternoon on the Spanish […]

Teenager, 13, goes missing after leaving school
Gwen Lizarraga high school student Andrea Ashaida Bowen, 13, from Belize City has been reported […]

Ocelot killed by poachers
Our colleagues at PGTV have confirmed the discovery of a decapitated ocelot in southern Belize. […]

New prices for butane: What you need to know
This week, the Government of Belize (GOB) announced that, as of today, the prices for […]

New HIV infections rose in 2018, especially in Belize District
The Ministry of Health National HIV program this week released statistics on the condition of […]

Ahmadiyya Muslim community organizes blood drive
Today the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Belize is having a blood drive. It started at […]

Basketball community and local leaders mourn loss of Giovani Lennan
Yesterday, the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) issued a statement mourning the loss of Giovani […]

Accused murderer walks after prosecution drops case
This morning a man accused of murder woke up in his own bed at home. […]

Jaguars on their way to Grenada for date with destiny
Yеѕtеrdау thе Веlіzе Јаguаrѕ lеft Веlіzе аѕ thеу bеgаn thеіr јоurnеу tо Grеnаdа […]


I Recycle Countrywide and Stopping a Silent Killer
I was long overdue for another recycling and garbage update but got minorly slowed down by other things. A parttime grant writing position fell in my lap helping secure funds for organizations helping people on a low socioeconomic scale in another country. I decided it would be an advantageous thing to learn in case any of my chosen island charities ever need assistance one day. I will eventually start researching potential grants in the garbage and recycling area too. We have been funded in this area before by The Inter-American Development Bank and we could still use a lot more help with our crazy Ambergris Caye garbage situation.

Milperos – Slash and Burn Farming
In the latter part of the 1800’s Belize (British Honduras) was known as a haven for colonizers, buccaneers, and other settlers looking for freedom and a better quality of life. For some reason, however, it is a little-known fact that, following the Civil War of the States between North and South, ex-Confederates from the states of Louisiana and Mississippi were also drawn to our shores. At the same time, the abolition of slavery, the emergence of free trade and declining mahogany prices, devastated the colonies of the region. In response to economic decline in the Caribbean, the British reorganized and consolidated their efforts in the Caribbean in order to reduce overall operating expenses. As a result, British Honduras was now administered by a lieutenant governor who was subordinate to the governor of Jamaica. Citizens of British Honduras, realizing the need for economic revitalization, observed the events in the United States immediately following the Civil War (1860 to 1865) with considerable interest.

Central Americans in Belize
Belize is rich in many diverse cultures. People from a huge variety of backgrounds have found their way to its sunny shores. This mix of cultures gives Belize its unique blend of colors, flavors, and traditions. Belize was initially a British colony. Its inhabitants have included Dutch Mennonite people looking for a place to practice their religion, the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna looking for a home, descendants of the ancient Maya, Mexicans and Central Americans.

Oh My Meat Pie! A Belizean Breakfast Classic
While it may not sound like a breakfast item, meat pies are truly the best-selling most popular breakfast food in Belize. These mini hand pies are a Belizean staple. You will often see vendors riding around with coolers on the front of their bikes selling these little pies in the morning and during lunchtime. These pies are an ideal pocket food as they are made to eat on-the-go and readily accessible in both quantity and price, usually costing $1.50 BZ ($0.75 USD). Meat pies are purely dough stuffed with chicken or beef, and seasoned sauce; golden crisp on the outside, warm, soft and, juicy on the inside. It’s like a soup explosion in your mouth!

Milperos – Slash and Burn Farming
The Milpa is an intrinsic part of the Mestizo-Maya culture and it is merely the name for a field used for planting subsistence crops, especially maize. So, the Milpero is the farmer who leases a tract of land from the government and pays for it over a period of 5 years. Except for owners of cattle, who often live away from their villages on their rancho, the typical small farmer lives with his family in a central village. He is usually in his forties and according to studies made, has an average family of seven. Usually, they learned the arduous process of subsistence farming from their fathers and grandfathers. This is not to say that they had no experience outside of their village. Because farm work is seasonal, most milperos had “worked out” in jobs including logging, cutting sugarcane, extracting pine resin, carpentry, as chicleros, or even as hired laborers on nearby Mennonite farms.

International Sourcesizz

U.S. could send asylum seekers to remote jungle region under Guatemala plan
Asylum seekers rejected by the United States could be transported to a remote airport in the lowland jungles of Guatemala as part of the Central American nation’s new migration accord with the Trump administration, according to senior officials from both countries. Guatemalan Interior Minister Enrique Degenhart, who was in Washington on Friday to finalize his country’s asylum cooperation agreement with the United States, is planning to receive and resettle migrants in the Petén department, far from Guatemala’s capital. The plan would have U.S. immigration authorities deliver migrants to Petén’s Mundo Maya airport, which is used primarily by tourists visiting the Mayan ruins at Tikal. There are currently no direct flights there from the United States, and any new routes would require the approval of U.S. aviation authorities.


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