by Hector Silva

WHEN JOE NORTH BEGIN TO SHOW UP, CHRISTMAS DI COME.> - Well last night . his pickney showed up..

In olden days, when the cold fronts began to blow, Belizeans would say. - "Joe North di come, chase the cockroach THEM ".

Meaning that the cold season has approached, Get your coats ready.

How does Cold Fronts affect Belizeans ? - It is a relief from the hot weather days of the previous months. -

Likewise, it is a somewhat indicator that the Hurricane Season IS or HAS come to a close. ( there have been crazy hurricanes in late November. )

BUT very Cold Joe Norths in Belize affect those with old broken limbs, those of old age and if you catch a bad FLU.


Oh yes ! - -A cold front, especially a DRY COLD front, greatly affects the pasture for the animals. - It also affects blossoming trees like Mango Trees. - It burns the blossom.

A WARNING.- This last 2019 devastating DRY, combined with the coming DRY COLD FRONTS can be dangerous to crops.

And if the roaches don't allow you, with your warm shirt, or coat, you are in big trouble,

I always remember in my home village, when there was a very COLD NIGHT, our teacher would send us to check, especially the old folks and the sick.

MY BEST NECDOTE. - In olden days, flannel cloth was one of the best shield for cold. - - Heavy coats was out of the reach of the average person.

BUT I AM PROUD TO STATE that the best defense against any cold was, - A 200 POUNDS, BLUE SEAM CROCUS BAG, well washed in the river, or rumpled news paper under your clothes. - ( ask your granny, )