Belize Heritage Plaza: That is the winning entry in the competition to name the site where the Paslow building once stood at the corner of Queen and North Front Streets in Downtown Belize City. The competition was launched in July of this year and the public was invited to make submissions and then Belizeans voted for the top 6 finalists. 

After the online polls were closed and the 313 votes that were cast were counted, Eddie Middleton's entry "Belize Heritage Plaza" got 94 votes and won 1st place. His prize is $800. $600 is the second place prize and that went to Phaedra Mohammed Ali whose entry, "Emancipation Plaza," was close behind with 91 votes, and third place, with 64 votes went to Collin Gillett with his submission "Freedom Square." He walks away with $400.

Now regarding the structure that will be built at Belize Heritage Plaza, the new two-story building will host a Tourist Welcome Center, vendor booths on the first floor, with offices and a Cafe on the second floor, and a parking area in the rear. Construction commenced in June 2019 and is projected to be completed in early 2020."

It is one of five structures in the Belize City downtown that the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project is currently investing in.

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