All roads lead to Sugar City on Sunday where the ninth annual Tacos Fest is set to go down at the Central Park in Orange Walk Town.  Vendors from across the country are invited to participate in a culinary event that showcases the best preparation of corn and flour tortillas, freshly diced vegetables and a variety of meat choices.  The festival, according to organizer Dillon Jones, promises music and dance and many other competitions.

Dillon Jones, Organizer, OW Tacos Fest

“This year we are happy to say that it’s the ninth year into Tacos Festival.  We have moved the location for this year because of the condition of the river.  We used to do it by the Banquitas House of Culture, but because of the condition of the river which I must say is much better today, we don’t want to take that chance and take it down there so we are moving it to the Orange Walker Central Park which is smack down in the middle of town.  I believe it’s a good move because over the years people have been telling us that the fest has outgrown the space.”

Isani Cayetano

“Now Belizeans on a whole enjoy Orange Walk tacos.  Is that going to be the only feature or are there other vendors from across the country who are open to participate in this event?”

Dillon Jones

“We open Tacos Fest to anybody who wants to sell tacos.  It’s tacos on that day so you won’t find any other food there for that day.”

Jessica Carbajal, Tacos Vendor, Orange Walk

“Every year it gets better.  We look forward for the Tacos Fest because of our customers, every year they are there looking forward to find us.  Last two years I was the winner for first place, this past year I came in second and like Dillon Jones says, it is not a competition but if the price is there we are more welcomed to receive it, right.  The tacos place that we have is for my mother-in-law, she has approximately fifteen to twenty years selling tacos.  Now we are out there representing her, she stays at home, prepares the meat and we sell it.  We’ve been there for years and people know us very well, and as I mentioned to you, every year Tacos Fest gets bigger and better and we are always there participating and serving our customers.”

Channel 5

Universal Tacos Fest brought "Shugah City Tacos"

Universal Tacos Fest brought "Shugah City Tacos" to OYE. The 9th Annual Tacos Fest takes place this November 24th at the Central Park. Our guest shared that there will be over 30 vendors selling a variety of tacos. We tasted some courtesy Taqueria Alicia. On set:
Dillon Jones - Organizer, Universal Tacos Fest
Andrew Salgado - Quality Poultry Ltd.
Jessica Carbajal - Taqueria Alicia