by Jorge Aldana

I am super happy that the San Pedro Town Council and our town, through the SCFM Initiative, captured one of the four silver awards at the [email protected] Celebration.

Working to make our town child friendly is not easy. Tireless nights, long hours of work, dedication and sacrifice and working closely with children - but with the help of many organizations, we have come along way.

I am super proud of the CAB and the technical steering committee and in particular Mayor Daniel Guerrero for his unwavering support and commitment to our children on the island. Never have I seen a Mayor that engages children, like Mayor Danny. 2014 to now; Hard work pays off.

Congratulations is also in order to Hope Haven who captured the NGO Award for the work they do, in making the lives of children better on Ambergris Caye.

It is historic for us and I am happy! I am super happy! I am extremely happy!