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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Letter to the editor: A plea to the police and customs officers
In just a few more weeks, the season of war games begins on Ambergris Caye. What I mean by that is the period from mid-November to mid-January when roving bands of children and teenagers take over the island and turn it into a simulated war zone. By war zone, I mean the constant sound of illegal fireworks filling the air from sunup to sometimes midnight, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day. This has been going unchecked for years, no matter how many complaints the -police department receives. Let us make one thing perfectly clear; fireworks are illegal in Belize – period. They may be legal in the country claiming us, Guatemala, but in independent Belize, they are illegal.

San Pedro Pirates lose first semi-finals game against Belmopan Bandits
The opening leg in the playoffs of the Premier League of Belize saw San Pedro Pirates falling short against Belmopan Bandits on Saturday, November 23rd, at the Ambergris Stadium. The island team found a very complicated opponent in the Bandits, who at the end of the long whistle, took home a 2-1 victory, leaving the Pirates in a compromising journey to PLB’s championship. San Pedro Pirates will head to the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in the Capital City of Belmopan on Saturday, November 30th, where they will need to win if the defending champions want to make it to the finals.

Belizean children honored at National Children’s Award Gala
To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Belize signing on to the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of a Child (CRC), for the first time ever a National Children’s Award Gala was held at Caribbean Motors Hall in Belize City on Saturday, November 23rd. The aim of the gala was to recognize the outstanding work that children do in our society in different areas as well as to highlight the importance role they play. Organization leading the change were also honored, and San Pedro’s Hope Haven received an award.

Ambergris Today

16 Days Of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence
Annually, 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is launched on November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and runs until December 10th, International Human Rights Day. For the month of October 2019, Belize imported goods valuing $185.2 million. This represented a 4 percent or $7.8 million decrease from the same month in 2018, when imports totalled just over $193 million. Total domestic exports for October 2019 amounted to $26.1 million, down 24.8 percent or $8.6 million when compared to exports for October 2018, which were valued at $34.7 million.

Various Belizean Sources


October 2019 Trade, GDP & CPI, Labour Force Survey
For the month of October 2019, the Statistical Institute of Belize reported that there was very little change, overall, in the cost of goods and services which are regularly purchased by Belizean households, when compared to October 2018. Preliminary results from the September 2019 Labour Force Survey (LFS) show that the national unemployment rate grew from 7.7 percent in April 20191 to 10.4 percent in September 2019, despite an increase of over 5,600 new jobs over this five-month period (see Figure 1). This suggests that the country’s labour force grew at a faster rate than the rate at which jobs were being created during this period.

Olympic Champion Simone Biles to visit San Pedro
World-renowned Olympic Champion and Gold Medalist, Simone Biles, will receive the symbolic keys to San Pedro Ambergris Caye from Mayor Daniel Guerrero during a brief ceremony to be held at the Pineapple Restaurant at Ramon’s Village Resort at 7:00 pm, today Wednesday, 27 November, 2019. Also present at the event will be Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation.

Happy San Pedro 35th Township Anniversary Day!
Happy 35th Township Anniversary as we celebrate 35 years of its transcendence from a quaint fishing village.

Godoy cops top honour . . . Belizean is 2020 Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholar
Congratulations to Belizean Abbie Godoy on being named the 2020 Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholar! “I am honestly in shock. I wasn’t expecting my name to be called, because all of the contestants were really amazing and I felt a little intimidated coming from my University [of Belize], which is 3 000 students compared to some of the contestants who are from Harvard and the University of the West Indies (UWI),” Godoy told the media shortly after she was announced winner this afternoon.

Belize Participates in UNCTAD’s Regional Seminar on Facilitating Investment in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) held the Regional Seminar for the Caribbean on ‘Facilitating Investment in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) projects: Spotlight on Small Island Developing States (SIDS)’ on November 26 to 28, 2019. ent Promotion Agencies (CAIPA).

Cayo Baymen Rugby National Champions
Congratulations, Cayo Baymen! They are the 2019 national champions in Rugby 7's. The British High Commission has many great pictures from the event, which was held at Broaster Stadium on Saturday. A friendly Inernational match followed between Belize and Honduras which saw the visitors run out victorious with a score of 50 -10.

Somos Dive is looking for
Boat captains, Snorkel Guides, Dive Masters, Instructors. *All with up to date tour guide licence

Between the Yucatec Maya (Máasewal) of Belize few ancient Yuumstilo'ob are still worship today like Chaak ,Yuum Kaax , Itzamna (Hahal Ku ) and others . This Yuumstilo'ob are not idols but rather they are energies ,ethereal ,imperceptible materialities that were presented to humans in different representations .

Changes in Pump Price of Fuel Products
The Ministry of Finance announces that effective Thursday, November 28th, 2019, the pump price of three fuel products will change. The price for premium gasoline, regular gasoline and kerosene will register decreases as follows: Premium gasoline will decrease by 4 cents from $10.78 to $10.74 per gallon; Regular gasoline will decrease by 2 cents from $10.07 to $10.05 per gallon; Kerosene will decrease by 18 cents from $ 7.53 to $ 7.35 per gallon. The price for diesel will remain unchanged at $9.90 per gallon.

St. Francis Xavier Parish Fair
Saturday, November 30th at 4:00 p.m. at St. Francis Xavier School Grounds. Lots of games and prizes. Food and drinks. It is a family affair.

Between the ancient Maya and even the contemporary Maya still exist a huge respect towards Snakes . Snakes are represented in different forms as a symbolism or spiritual identities . This article is about the ancient and contemporary view .

Channel 7

Four Belizeans And Two Tourists Die In Catastrophic Accident
Tonight we start the news with one of the worst traffic fatalities we have ever reported on: 6 dead after a head on collision on the George Price Highway. It happened about three and a half hours ago - and Cherisse Halsall just returned form the scene. Here's her story: This was the smoke filled scene of panic and terror at mile 19 right after the major head on collision this afternoon at 3:00. It was between a Dodge Ram Tourist Van and a Chevy Captiva mini SUV. The van was flipped upside down - and the passengers - apparently tourists coming from a swim lay in a critically injured state on the highway, after they were pulled out of the wreckage. The passengers in the Captiva were trapped inside and at least one of them - hanging out the wreckage.

Alleged Suicide In Jail Cell
Tonight, there is another death to report inside the Queen street police station cell block - and this time it appears to be a suicide. 7news has received reliable reports that a 39 year old man hung himself in the cell block this evening. We don't usually presort on suicides, but this one happened in police custody - so it will likely be the subject of a criminal investigation. It is the second death in the cell block since June of this year.

Family Of Missing Minor Says They Warned Him Not To Go To Sea
Tonight, three men are still missing: 22 year old Sheldon Gibson and 21 year old Elijah Usher, and 14 year old Kevin Roches. Tonight their families are fearing the worst because it has been more than five days since they set off in Gibson's skiff-The LORRAINE for Mapp Caye. Since then neither they nor the skiff have been seen. Today we spoke to Sheree Clark, Kevin Roches's sister. She told us that they warned her teenaged brother not to go to sea, but he was headstrong. She spoke to us off camera:

Coast Guard Says Missing Men Case Is No Longer A Rescue Mission
The Belize Coast Guard is currently leading the search for these missing men, but are also starting to accept the likelihood that they are likely not going to find them alive. Today, at another event, the media got an opportunity to speak with Captain Elton Bennett, who is now the new commandant of the Coast Guard, and he told us that too much time has passed for this to be a rescue mission: Reporter: "Can you provide us with any update on the search for the 3 missing Belize City fishermen?" Capt. Elton Bennett, Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: "Nothing new to report, we continue to search units concentrating in the same search area that we were searching in for the past 48 hours and the reason being the possibility of them being submerged over the past two days..."

Finding Evan Neal Boat At Mapp Caye Re-energizes Investigation Into Disappearance
We also asked the Coast Guard Commandant to discuss the discovery of a boat in the same Mapp Caye area that appeared be to one of the vessels which was stolen from the lobster fisherman, Evan Neal. As we told you, back in January of year, Neal has and 2 of his workers disappeared while they were on a fishing trip on the same caye. The Commandant told us that the discovery of this vessel has caused the Coast Guard to renew their efforts to try and locate Neal: Reporter: "The boat for Mr. Evan Neal was found, I believe yesterday, are you guys continuing that search along those lines in that area, maybe?"

Man Taken From City, Shot In Boom, Critical at KHMH
A Belize City man is critical after he was shot last night. Police say Richard O'Neal was forced into a car in Belize City and then taken to Burrell Boom where he was shot multiple times. Police say he was found on a wooden bench outside a house with a gunshot injury.

Another Fatal Accident
And we continue the news now - with the story of another fatal accident - this one outside Corozal. Preliminary reports say there was a hit and run accident on the Philip Godson Highway in Carolina village, outside Corozal. One Hispanic male adult died on the scene.

New Admiral At Sea! Coast Guard Change of Command
Earlier in the news, we showed you our interview with Captain Elton Bennett who was discussing the ongoing search for all those Belizean fishermen who have gone missing near Mapp Caye. That interview opportunity happened at a major event at their headquarters in Belize City. The Coast Guard graduated 87 recruits from their latest intake, #10. The organization also celebrated its 14th anniversary today, and finally, Admiral John Borland has stepped down as the Head of the Coast Guard.

Coast Guard, Building Critical Operational Mass
All 87 recruits will join the Coast Guard fleet immediately. They will spend an entire year as a seaman's apprentice. The Commandant says that because the recruit training is only 3 months long, they couldn't focus on enough seamanship. This new intake of recruits is part of the Coast Guard's strategy to grow its numbers up to 700 officers in total. The commandant says that they are a bit behind on that plan, but it's still an important goal for the organization:

Admiral Borland Segues Over to Chief of Defense Staff, But When?
So, Admiral John Borland's time as the head of the Coast Guard is done, but that doesn't mean that he goes into retirement from the security forces. On the contrary, he's being given a big promotion. The Ministry of National Security has created a new post known as the Chief of Defense Staff, and he will be the first military professional to hold that office. If you're familiar with the US military, you'll know that each major arm of their security forces is lead by a chief of staff. Together, the joint chiefs all advise the US president on important Military decisions. Borland, as Belize's first Chief Defense Staff, will play a similar role, and he will have some authority over both the Coast Guard and the Belize Defense Force. He'll be responsible to coordinate these 2 elements of the country's defense apparatus.

Sports Council Sends Yellowman Home
We reported it weeks ago, but tonight we can confirm that Brian "Yellowman" Audinett has officially been terminated by the National Sports Council. A letter from the Director of the Sports Council Ian Jones says that he has not been doing his job as Facility Night Auditor since June first of 2019. And, because of that, he's being terminated for desertion of his post. Jones advises him that he was warned, but, quote, "the National Sports Council can no longer tolerate such neglect of work duties." End quote.

Four Years Later, Got Off Canadian Klinck's Killing
Back in January of 2016, the Cayo murder of 37-year-old Matthew Klinck, a Canadian filmmaker who resided in Belize, made major headlines. Well, after being on remand for almost 4 years, 22-year-old Brandon Anderson, and another male who was only 16-year-old at the time are free tonight. They were acquitted in the Belmopan courtroom of Justice Antoinette Moore. Klinck, the murder victim, became well known in Belize for the 2012 movie, "Curse of the Xtabai", which was a full-length Kriol language movie. It is believed that Klinck was killed sometime between January 2nd and January 4th of 2016. His decomposing body was found at his residence, which is located in Selena Village, which is just outside of Spanish Lookout in the Cayo District.

Scratch And Win Employee Charged For Theft
Two days ago, we told you about Cristian Novelo, a 25 year old sales agent for the Scratch and Win game who said årmed thieves stole $29,000 dollars and his pickup. But, police found inconsistencies in his story and more so when they spoke to his boss who said that money should have already been deposited.

Unemployment Figures Back To Double Digits
In June, we told you about unemployment figures which dropped to an all time low - 7.6%. That was for the labour force survey conducted in April. Well, the news tonight is that the September survey has now been completed, and unemployment is back to double digits. The findings of the September survey - where unemployment is always higher because it's the tourist off season were released this morning by the Statistical Institute of Belize:

Despite Drought, GDP Growth Stable
And while the unemployment spiked to double figures, GDP growth in the third quarter of the year remained unimpressive, but stable, which is not bad considering the effect of the drought. Jacqueline Sabal, Statistician II, S.I.B.: For the 3rd quarter of September 2019, Belize produced goods and services totalling $663.1 million dollars. This represents an increase of $11.5 million dollars or 1.8% from the same period pf last year." One of the major figures that stood out was the decline in tourism - the first quarterly downturn in many, many years.

Negative Inflation In Belize
And while tourism had a worrying decline, the SIB says that inflation was negative in the third quarter. Here's what that meant for you:

Belize's Ballooning Imports
But while inflation is among the lowest in the region, Belize's external trade profile is not encouraging. Imports have been trending up with a 46% increase in the last decade, while exports have been trending down. Here's the breakdown Tiffany Vasquez, Statistician II: "If we look at imports over the past years for the period January to October imports have been trending up we have had a downturn for the years 2016 and 2017 but since then imports have been on the rise again. If we compare imports of 2010 which were valued at 1.1 billion dollars to imports of this year which stands at 1.6 billion dollars it is a 46% increase."

The Seaweed Solution
Earlier this month we told you about the team of conservationists and other private sector reps. who visited a seaweed farm in Placencia. They went to see how seaweed is cultivated and how they can create a flourishing seaweed industry in Belize and internationally. Well today at the Roberts Grove Resort in Placencia, The Nature Conservancy, Beltriade and Compete Caribbean launched a seaweed mariculture project that will focus on making this macroalgea a export-ready commodity. Courtney Weatherburne has more.

Diego and The Dollar Store
29 year old Glenford Diego is in jail tonight for his alleged role in the robbery of Dollar store on Water Lane. On November 14th two men robbed store owner Mijan Ahmad at gunpoint. The items reported stolen included two cell phones and a video camera valued at $3,600.

The Deadliest Accident In Years
And, before we close tonight we have an update on the terrible accident that killed 6 persons today. As we told you, it happened at mile 18 on the George Price Highway when an SUV with a family and a van with tourists collided. So far, we know that four Belizeans and two tourists died.

Channel 5

Six Persons Perish in Massive Road Traffic Accident on GP Highway
A celebration of a son being recruited into the Belize Coast Guard has ended in tragedy for one Belmopan family and several others are mourning the loss of their loved [...]

Richard O’Neil is Kidnapped and Shot; Remains Critical at Hospital
A construction worker of Ordonez Street is tonight in a critical condition at the K.H.M.H. after an attempt was made on his life overnight. Richard O’Neil was reportedly kidnapped from [...]

An Elderly Woman is Assaulted in a Home Invasion in Belama
There were several burglaries reported in the Belama area over the past twenty-four hours, but on Tuesday afternoon around 1:15, an elderly woman was assaulted during a home invasion on [...]

No Signs of Missing Fishermen Presumed Killed at Sea
The search for three Belize City youths who set out to sea last Friday has since become a recovery operation as personnel from the Belize Coast Guard are now focused [...]

Efrain Martinez is Committed to Stand Trial for Murder
Turning to the courts…Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser committed Salvadoran national Efrain Martinez to stand trial for the January 2019 murder of Guatemalan national Elmer Salazar. The fifty-four-year-old former employee of [...]

Glenford Diego is Remanded for Robbery
Glenford Diego is spending his first night on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford for a robbery charge. He is accused of [...]

A New Leader Takes the Reins of the Belize Coast Guard
This morning at the Coast Guard Headquarters in Belize City, eighty-seven new recruits were officially welcomed into the maritime law enforcement agency.  While these men and women were formally inducted [...]

85 New Coast Guard Officers, More Resources Needed
The largest intake of coast guard recruits to date passed out this morning and will be deployed to active duty forthwith.  It is part of an organizational strategy to grow [...]

S.I.B. Releases Latest Stats on Consumer Prices and External Trade
The Statistical Institute of Belize says that the Gross Domestic Product for the last quarter grew by one point eight percent. Some of the factors that affected production levels for [...]

Unemployment is Up to 10.4 Percent in September 2019
Belize’s population as of September of this year is four hundred and ten thousand, six hundred and ninety-five persons. Of that number, two hundred and seventy-one thousand, six hundred and [...]

Increased Number of Women in the Labour Force
According to the S.I.B., while the labor force grew at a faster rate than which jobs were being created, there was an increase of women in the labour force.  Benavides [...]

Concerned Parents Speak Out on the Pine Street Preschool Closure
Officials from the Ministry of Education convened a meeting this afternoon at the Gateway Youth Centre in Belize City. Present were the parents of some thirty-plus students from the Pine [...]

Belize Seaweed Mariculture Project Launched
The Belize Seaweed Mariculture Project was launched today in Placencia.  The project is a joint venture between the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service, BELTRAIDE, and the Nature Conservancy Belize, [...]

Love and Rage is Launched during the 16 Days of Activism
Earlier this week, the Women’s Department in collaboration with its partner agencies launched the 2019 Sixteen Days of Activism to highlight the issue of gender-based violence. A number of activities [...]

The Reporter

Traffic Accident On The George Price Hwy. – Several Fatalities
There are reports of a traffic accident involving two vehicles just outside Hattieville on the George Price Highway. We are receiving news that several persons have been badly injured, but have not received official confirmation at this time. We’ll keep following this story and will provide details as we get them.

New Chief At Belize Coast Guard
The Belize Coast Guard Service today changed command from Rear Admiral John Borland to Captain Elton Bennett. The handing over ceremony happened earlier today at the Coast Guard’s headquarters near mile 4 off the George Price Highway in Belize City and in tandem with the Coast Guard’s 14th anniversary.

Man Abducted – Taken To Boom & Shot
The Reporter has confirmed that a man is in critical condition at the KHMH after he was shot multiple times last night.

Two Men Invade Home With Babysitter & Toddler
Belize City Police are looking for two men who invaded a home in the Belama Phase 1 area yesterday. A babysitter told Police that two men entered through the back door of the home around midday, tied her up and ransacked the home.


American artistic gymnast, Simone Biles is in Belize for the Thanksgiving Weekend. She is resting as she gears up for Tokyo 2020. 22- year-old Biles is the country with her Belizean family members and arrived on Wednesday. While on Ambergris Caye she was greeted by Belize’s Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. As part of her visit to the island, she was presented to Keys to Municipality of San Pedro by Mayor Daniel Guererro. Biles was also greeted by local athletes from San Pedro Town. It is uncertain how many days Biles will be in Belize but she is being accompanied by some members of the US press who is covering Biles journey to Tokyo.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

One person reportedly dead in Corozal hit and run accident
Our newsroom has learned of a fatal hit and run traffic accident which took place […]

Two Belizean women and several other people lose their lives in traffic accident
Confirmed reports are that two Belizean women and several others including tourists lost their lives […]

Salvadoran accused of killing Guatemalan to be tried
Salvadoran national Efrain Beltran Martinez, 55, charged with the murder of Guatemalan national Elmer Salazar, 43, […]

Men accused in murder of Matthew Klink not guilty, court rules
Twenty-year-old Brandon Anderson and a minor, 16 at the time, who were charged with the […]

Slight decrease coming to gas pumps at midnight
At midnight tonight prices at the pump will see a decrease for all but Diesel. […]

Multiple fatalities reported in road traffic accident
A fatal road traffic accident this afternoon claimed the life of several tourists and a couple […]

Ministry of Natural Resources mobile outreach comes to San Ignacio
Today, the Mobile Team of the Ministry of Natural Resources is at the San Ignacio/ […]

Pine Street Preschool: Parents meet with Ministry to decide way forward
Today, the Ministry of Education held a closed-door emergency meeting with parents who had children […]

Mopan Technical student reported missing
A San Ignacio student that attends Mopan Technical high school in Benque Viejo has been […]

Several injured in road traffic accident
There are unconfirmed reports of multiple fatalities and several injured in a road traffic accident […]

Adrian Morris charged for shooting Ramon Bernardez
Dangriga police have charged Adrian Morris, 28, with attempted murder, wounding and use of deadly […]

Woman alive after aggravated burglary
A woman is lucky to be alive after two armed men entered her home, tied […]

New Coast Guard commandant sworn in
This morning a new Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard was sworn in at the […]

SIB measures rise in unemployment rate
Unemployment is up once more, but the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), attributed the rise […]

Fun activities in San Ignacio and Santa Elena this week
Looking for fun activities to participate in or attend this week in the Twin Towns […]

Danny Conorquie foundation to host toy drive
The Danny Conorquie Foundation is currently accepting toys to spread the Christmas cheer to needy […]

Greenhouse gas concentrations in atmosphere reach record-breaking heights
Despite global commitments to combat climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gasses (GHG)’s, a […]

US fugitive busted in San Ignacio
This past weekend, Belize’s Special Branch in collaboration with US authorities captured an American fugitive […]

Late-night accident leaves one man injured
A resident of Bullet Tree, Cayo District sustained severe injury following an accident reported on […]


Things That Make You Go Hmmm and Sargasso Report
Whether you are living in San Pedro Belize or are just visiting, chances are you will see a few things that make you go hmmm. Most of my friends would agree there are many, I have chosen a few interesting ones to share with you. Over the past few years, sargasso seemed to be a never-ending plague and has definitely affected the Ambergris Caye economy. I am pleased to show you, the San Pedro beaches are looking very inviting these days.

Pre-Thanksgiving Frazzled on Ambergris Caye
I’ll share the pictures of my week so far. I’m heading to the camp (Cayo Frances Farm & Fly) for the very American holiday of Thanksgiving. It is being celebrated all over the island for a few reasons: This is the first big tourism week of the “high season” and many visitors like to celebrate Thanksgiving. Belizeans LOVE a good turkey dinner like everyone else. It’s a good chance to make some money AND enjoy delicious overeating. Buying up the imported sweet potatoes at the Greenhouse. The local ones are delicicous too – but a bit too starchy for my needs. I also found these SUPER CUTE local pumpkins. Hard as rocks but perfect for my Thanksgiving table.

Consider Belize as your Next Family Vacation Destination in 2020
Thinking of booking a family vacation?…why not Belize! If you are a family who likes to hop in a car and explore, Belize is the place for you. Belize, being only 8,867 square miles in size, its a small destination packed with amazing adventures, with everything relatively close to one another. From Corozal in the North to Punta Gorda in the South, from the two border points its less than three hundred miles. In Belize, you don’t have to travel far distances to reach your destination. In the morning you can be on the beach in Placencia and by evening you can be birding and hiking a nature trail amongst Belize’s lush jungle in the Cayo District.

How to avoid crowds in Belize?
If you were to ask me, when is the best time to visit Belize? I would tell you absolutely any time of the year! All year round the weather is pretty much the same – sunny, humid, hot, and some rain here and there (depending on the season). What this means is that you can visit the beach whenever you choose or if you prefer hiking and being near the jungle, then you can spend time at a jungle resort of your choice, and whenever you choose. The possibilities at any time of the year are endless. However, with all the things you can experience, we know that there are people who aren’t big fans of crowded places. Lucky for you Belize has a low season in which there aren’t many visitors so resorts, restaurants, and beaches are less crowded so you can definitely enjoy some alone time if that’s what you like.

Thanksgiving in Belize
When you hear Thanksgiving, most people associate it as an American and Canadian holiday; and though it is not considered as a holiday in Belize, Belize does celebrate Thanksgiving! It is very similar to the US and is also celebrated in November. Thanksgiving is a special time for family and friends who come together to give thanks to the blessings bestowed upon them and also to share an elegant, tasty meal. Likewise, the Americans and Canadians, Belizeans cook up a storm on this day. The most iconic part of the traditional Thanksgiving feast is the turkey and ham which is why you’d often hear a Belizean say “Turkey Dinner” and not Thanksgiving Dinner.


  • We got a pleasant treat today. Spotted Eagle Rays, 1min.

  • “Yochi” (2017) Trailer, 1.5min. Yochi, a selectively mute 9-year old Mayan boy, guards a nest of endangered Yellow-Headed parrots in the pine savannah of Belize. When his beloved older brother Itza returns from the city, Yochi discovers he's in debt and has turned to poaching...

  • The Belize Guatemala Conundrum by George Myvett, 27min. The territorial dispute between Guatemala and Britain initially and subsequently between Guatemala and Belize over the territorial domain of the latter has been an intractable problem for many decades. After a range of interventions has been attempted including: negotiations, mediation, conciliation and facilitation – which have not yielded an satisfactory outcome in terms of resolving the dispute, the principals have committed to a judicial settlement, pending requisite approval from their respective citizenry.

  • The sharing economy in Belize Exploring the relationship between Airbnb and hotel industry by Janel, 18min. Online accommodation platform, Airbnb, has revolutionized consumption in the hospitality industry, causing policymakers and stakeholders to question the impact of this innovation on the traditional accommodation industry. In Belize, increasing tourist arrivals but lower hotel occupancy rates have triggered an urgent interest in exploring the extent of Airbnb’s presence in the accommodation marketplace and the magnitude of the effect it is having on traditional hotels.

  • Land use in Northern Belize's sugar belt Design of a drainage master plan for the sugar industry by, 12min. Given the importance of the Sugar Industry to Belize’s macro economy, a study was undertaken to evaluate and support SIRDI’s capability to produce and manage GIS data, particularly topographic and hydrologic, in connection with watershed design and map production, and to design a drainage master plan over selected areas in the sugar belt in Northern Belize.

  • Cruising With The Filipina & Cuban, The Visit in Belize, 8min. Our adventure in Belize, visiting the Mayan Ruins. Enjoy, please don't forget to subscribe and press that thumbs up button.

  • Restoration and construction continue at the Crown Jewel of Downtown Belize City, the Government House Property., 1min.

  • Ocean Academy VS San Pedro High, 25min. In case you missed it, here is the video stream from today's basketball game Ocean Academy High School vs San Pedro High School. There were less than 2 minutes left in the first quarter and OA was AHEAD 13-3 when the rain moved in. The game will be finished tomorrow afternoon. There location and time are yet to be decided. Thank you to Barrier Reef Sports Bar for sponsoring the live video from Voice of Caye Caulker.

  • About Ocean Academy, 6min.

  • The Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, 3min. The Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (#CBWS) is the second largest marine protected area in Belize, encompassing approximately 178,000 acres (72,000 hectares) of the Belize portion of the Mesoamerican Reef’s largest estuarine system, and much of the northern shelf lagoon behind Ambergris Caye. Situated in the north east of Belize, Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1998 under the National Park Systems Act of 1981, as part of Belize’s National Protected Areas System, and as part of a transboundary protected area, the Sanctuario del Manati of Mexico, following Belize/Mexico bilateral agreements.

  • Investing in Cacao (Chocolate) farms in Beautiful Belize, 30min.

  • Davis Vacation Belize 2019, 9min.

  • Placencia, Belize Aqua Terra, 29min.

  • WE Sail Belize | Part 3, 5min. On this episode of WE|Sail, we finally check in to Belize. Our much anticipated arrival into the beautiful Central American Caribbean country nearly took us all day to check in, running around the entire island of Ambergris Caye of San Pedro into order to be sorted and legal!

  • halls aerial drone, Placencia, Belize, 2min.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.