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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: Who Said?
“Here’s the coffee,” Mario said, handing me a cup. “And I got us some johnny cakes. They were sold out of meat pies.” Mario and I were having a late breakfast from Celi’s Deli on the deck of the Holiday Hotel. As we tucked in to our food an elderly gentleman in wet bathing shorts and tee-shirt took a seat at the table next to ours to drink his coffee. When I nodded to him, he said, “Good morning. It’s a beautiful day.” “It sure is,” I said. “It’s a great day for swimming.”

Launch of the Honey Production Redevelopment Support Project and Covered Structures – Support to Small Disadvantaged Farmers
On Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF) hosted the official launch of the Honey Production Redevelopment Support Project and Covered Structures – Support to Small Disadvantaged Farmers. The Ministry of Agriculture has identified beekeeping and vegetable production under protected covered structures as priority areas for development due to their high potential for enterprise development, economic opportunities for rural communities, and their eco-friendly nature. This also coincides with the Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy (GSDS 2015-2020) which calls for new and emerging sustainable ventures with good economic prospects.

Doctor Love: Confused
Dear Doctor Love, I’m an older woman and I really don’t know how to socialize without feeling like I have to weigh and censor my opinions. It seems like any discussion of current events becomes a debate about political correctness. One example is, the other day someone in our group said that restaurants and bars in San Pedro should put in gender neutral bathrooms. I said that San Pedro needs to address the limited wheelchair accessible bathrooms and stores first before worrying about accommodating such a small percentage of the population.

Various Belizean Sources


South Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood Watch Meeting Dec. 11
Looking forward to seeing you at our monthly SACNW meeting this Wednesday December 11 at 7 PM at Lone Star Grill. Last meeting of the year!

Miss Universe Belize Destinee Dominique Arnold's costume
Its not what you wear, its how you wear it. When you have class and style, you can make a crocus sack look like a million dollars. So while all the parts of our Miss Universe Belize Destinee Dominique Arnold's costume did not make it to Atlanta with her, she surely rocked the parts that would never have known otherwise.. that is the spirit, confidence and character of a true Queen.. it is always great to see one of the many rich and diversified cultures of Belize displayed on the international stage..

Congratulations El Chingon!
Top People’s Choice winners of the annual Lighted Boat Parade!

Corozal Inter Office tournament scheduled for January 9th 2020
A teams are asked to kindly pay registration fee of $200 by December 27th to finalize roster. Please contact by calling the number below.

Pictures from El Festival del Pueblo
Sunday y at the Yucatec Maya museum U Chan Mul Yaax Kaax at San Lazaro village Orange walk .

Tecuani and the Duende Screening Tour
We are delighted to announce the second leg of our national screening tour! Save the date for the screening closest to you - more details will be released as to venue and time closer to the screening date. Please help us share this - lets bring Belize's first animated movie short to as many Belizeans as possible! Look out for our Spanish language version which we will also screen in Belize's bilingual communities.

Florentina Choco recognized as the Commonwealth Point of Light 108 by Her Majesty the Queen of England
"Having grown up with limited economic resources and no formal education, Florentina [Choco] was nominated by her community to study solar electrification, becoming the first indigenous solar engineer from Belize" The Commonwealth Point of Light award will be presented to Florentina Choco [on behalf of her Majesty] by the Governor General, His Excellency, Sir Colville Young at a reception at the British High Commission Residence.

The River of Art Flows Everywhere” on Tour at the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), through the Museum of Belize and the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk, cordially invites you to the Grand Opening of the touring Yoaling Lee Art Exhibition. “The River of Art Flows Everywhere” opening will be in Orange Walk Town and open to the public on Friday, December 6th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk.

The Reporter

Murdered Dangriga Woman Last Seen Two Nights Earlier
We have gathered that Jasmin Francis Garcia, 36, whose body was discovered near a pier on Front Street in Dangriga Town early this morning was last seen alive on Friday night.

Hit-&-Run Victim Was Walking In Broad Daylight
Police have identified the victim of yesterday afternoon’s fatal traffic accident on the Southern Highway as Liborio Itch, 64, a farmer of San Jose Village, Toledo District.

Demographics and Population Control!
The Montevideo Convention on Rights and Duties of States posits that the state as a person of international law should possess four qualifications; (1) a permanent population; (2) a defined territory; (3) a government; and (4) the capacity to enter into relations with the other states.

Company Vehicle and Workers Robbed At Gunpoint
A company vehicle belonging to Recino’s Imports of San Ignacio Town, Cayo, was ambushed and its workers were robbed at gunpoint of the day’s sales on Saturday night on the George Price Highway.

Home Invasion in Succotz
A family of Succotz Village, Cayo became the latest victims of a home invasion and armed robbery on Saturday night.

Body of Young Woman Found in Dangriga
Police sources have confirmed with the Reporter that the body of a woman was found in Dangriga Town early this morning.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi is crowned new Miss Universe
South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi was tonight crowed the new Miss Universe, topping the other 89 […]

Game 2 of Verdes-Bandits Premier League finals crucial after Game 1 draw
The first leg of the “El Clasico” Premier League finals finished 1-1 at the Isidoro […]

Belize not in top 20 at Miss Universe; Belizeans proud of representation by Destinee Arnold
The prestigious Miss Universe pageant is being held tonight at Tyler Perry studios in Atlanta, […]

Destinee rocks the stage at opening of Miss Universe 2019
The highly anticipated and prestigious Miss Universe 2019 pageant has just began. The pageant is […]

Verdes, Bandits meet tonight in the first game of Premier League final
They were the number one and number two teams all season long. Now, a 2-game […]

End of the World Marathon 2019 being held in Placencia today
Today, the annual End of the World Marathon 2019 charity event kicked off in Placencia. […]

Hit and run claims life of elderly farmer
A hit and run traffic accident yesterday afternoon claimed the life of an elderly farmer. […]

Armed thieves target Recinos employees
Authorities are investigating a report of an armed robbery that occurred around 10 last night. […]

Three masked men enter home and steal vehicle in San Jose Succotz
Authorities are investigating an armed robbery that occurred last night in San Jose Succotz Village. […]

Police investigate house fire in San Ignacio
Authorities are investigating the cause of a fire that occurred yesterday in San Ignacio. Carmita […]

Woman’s body found floating in sea in Dangriga
This morning, authorities recovered a body from the sea in Dangriga. The victim was observed to be partially nude with head injuries […]

Over 1,000 feet of gillnet found in waters of Southern Belize
Rероrtѕ tо Вrеаkіng Веlіzе Nеwѕ іѕ thаt rеѕеаrсhеrѕ thаt wеrе lооkіng fоr сrосоdіlеѕ nеаr thе ѕоuth оf Рuntа Gоrdа tоwn fоund аbоut 1,500 fееt оf gіllnеt […]

Security guard knocked down in Belize City
Minutes ago, there was a road traffic accident in Belize City. It occurred near the intersection of Vernon Street and Central American Boulevard[…]


2019 San Pedro Holiday Lighted Boat Parade Shines on A Gorgeous December Night
The 2019 Holiday Lighted Boat parade AGAIN was just about the cutest thing ever. (Next week, I’ll be the declaring the 2019 LoveFM Holiday Parade thru town the cutest thing of the year. I can’t help it. I secretly love all things Christmas.) Last night, about 10 boats bobbled and bumper-car-ed in the water to line up as the sunset on a gorgeous night in San Pedro. Wayo’s Bar was packed…Hurricane’s Bar had a good sized crowd. Sandy Toes was hoping but I spotted a bar – on the longest dock in the area that had almost no one there. SO I chose that as my outpost.

Christmas Bram- Dance to the Rhythm of the Brukdong
Bram in Belize is the Kriol term used to describe festivities lasting until dawn during the Christmas season. This jovial event has its roots buried deep in our history. The earliest record of Bram took place during the height of the slavery era in Belize and also continued Post-Emancipation. Ex-slaves took jobs working in Belize’s mahogany forest. This would take them away from their family for months. However, when the rains stopped, these men knew it was time to return home. Their return meant that the Christmas festivities had begun. This jubilant time was mostly celebrated in Old Belize Town and villages along Belize River Valley. Today, the actual Bram celebration (Dec. 25th -26th) is mostly found in towns and villages outside of the city.

10 days in Belize
I was standing at a bike rack outside a supermarket in Placencia, a village on the Caribbean coast of Belize, watching some dogs casually walking through the door like they're about to do some grocery shopping. This Canadian guy (let's call him Friendly Drunk Fievel. Not his real name - sadly, he was not in fact a mouse from An American Tail) pulled into the parking lot in a golf cart, struck up a conversation and offered to give me and the bikes a ride back to the hotel. I was not about to get in this golf cart, a tiny bit because I read a book about serial killers on the plane ride, but mostly because he'd rolled up while drinking a beer and was telling this rambling story about smashing his kids' iPads and hiding the TV in the closet because everyone spends too much time on screens, and someone stole his laundry but then brought it back, and the Barefoot Bar in town is his living room or some shit (WTF? I have no idea).

Why Low Season Is A Great Time To Visit Caye Caulker, Belize
have to be honest. When I booked my trip to Belize, I hadn’t done much research on the place. Scratch that. I had done zero research. I won’t go into too much detail on how I ended up booking a one-way flight to a country I knew next to nothing about, but I will say this — it’s incredible what a few shots of tequila and access to the Internet can lead to. Thankfully, everything worked out because I was overdue for a vacation anyways. Despite not knowing much about the country I was jetting off to, I was excited to explore a new place, unwind in the hot Caribbean sun, and sip on a Pina Colada or two.

Belize on the cheap: A budget-friendly Belize travel guide
If you’re used to traveling cheaply in Central America, when you enter Belize, you’ll notice that you can’t stretch your money as much as you could in Guatemala or Honduras. This is because similar to Costa Rica, Belize is a bit on the expensive side for Central America travel. But don’t give up yet, by smartly planning your Belize vacation, you can still do Belize on the cheap while maximizing a great travel experience. Travel to Belize costs more than Central American counterparts because the country’s population is very small (approx 390,000 people), and aside from a few local products, EVERYTHING is imported. For instance, the average price for gas in Belize is $6 USD per gallon while it’s $3.50 in the U.S. Just imagine how this effects the Belizean economy.

25 Things You Should Do With Your Partner In Belize (In 2020)
You know your partner better than we do, but let’s be honest, one thing that carries through for all relationships is the fact that they take work. Often times, finding time to reconnect as a couple, and ‘maintain the spark’ gets lost under all these other work and life commitments. It’s important to make time for each other; studies have shown that the benefits of being in a healthy, loving relationship lead to better health, lower stress levels and better mental and emotional wellbeing.

International Sourcesizz

Rapid Growth Follows from Belize Automobile Market players Strategies
The Belize automobile Market report provides a complete perspective on the trends shaping the Belize Automobile market. The Belize automotive market is slowly shifting towards a service oriented model with new players focusing extensively on customer experience and consumer data. Transitions in automotive markets are providing opportunities for some parts while other components face stiff decline over the forecasts.

Colin Dodgson’s photographic love letter to Belize
“It’s all relative,” Colin Dodgson says. “You really have to approach it with the same intent.” Colin — known for his rich, empyrean-style of fashion photography against sweeping landscapes and hazy evening sunsets — is referring to the way he shot the images inside Deeper Green, his latest book. “I don’t classify myself as just a fashion photographer. I have operated in the realm of fashion as well as many other realms of photography,” he says. Created in collaboration with the World Land Trust, the book is comprised of a collection of images made whilst traveling through Belize in December 2018. Working with his friend, the WLT ambassador Jonny Lu — whose studio published the book — the pair travelled to Central America to learn more about the different organisations in Belize looking to improve sustainability and conservation in the region.

Treasured memories: Judge wants jailed gold hunter to reveal historic trove
Treasured memories: Judge wants jailed gold hunter to reveal historic trove Held in contempt of court since December 2015, ex-treasure hunter Tommy Thompson has stayed mum on the whereabouts of what is considered to be the most lucrative treasure trove in history. Now, a federal judge has demanded he reveal the location. On Wednesday, federal Judge Algenon Marbley ordered government prosecutors to draft an order that would require Thompson, currently being held in an Ohio jail, to give written consent for government investigators to probe a trust based in Belize where the treasures are believed to be stored. The trust has refused any inspection of Thompson‘s holdings without his consent, to AP.

Diving In Belize – Top 5 Locations To Tick Off Your Bucket List
Belize is one of the more famous dive destinations in the world due to the world-renowned Blue Hole. But, there are plenty of spots in this Central American country that you’ll be bummed if you miss. The good news is, the country is small and, with the right planning, it is quite possible to do a lot of these dives on one trip. The country is about 290 km (180 mi) long and only 110 km (68 mi) wide. So, get your logbook ready and make sure your dive computer is set up and let’s get going down the list.


  • Grand Slam Lodge, El Pescador Belize, 1.5min.

  • Hawksbill turtle at Scuba School And Family Dive Center Belize, 1/2min.

  • Belize Aggressor Scuba Diving Trip Video - Fall 2018, 10min. Highlights of a 7 day dive trip aboard the Belize Aggressor III


  • PLB Opening Season FINALS | Bandits SC vs Verdes FC | Live at The Isidoro Beaton Stadium, Belmopan, 2.5hr. Final Score 1-1.