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The San Pedro Sun

Ministry of Education Moves to Expand Inquiry Based Pedagogy and STEAM
The Government of Belize has secured assistance through the Inter-American Development Bank to execute Education Quality Improvement Program (EQIP) II. The program comes at a cost of US$10,000,000. The EQIP II is designed mainly to improve the quality and gender equity of education at the primary and secondary levels, with a special focus on innovation in Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education at the secondary level.

The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Continues to Contribute to the Infrastructure Development of Belize
Today in Belize City, H.E. Remus Li-Kuo Chen, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize, presented a bilateral cooperation grant to the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Belize. The grant from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize is for the year 2019 under the Bilateral Cooperation Program between the two countries.

Ambergris Today

Tropic Air Acknowledges Senior Employees During 40th Anniversary
In commemoration of Tropic Air’s 40th Birthday, the airline is marking it by celebrating with customers. And is also thankful to its staff who have been with them for over 30 years. Steven Schulte, Tropic’s CEO and John Grief III – President of Tropic Air were present to thank senior employees for their hard work and dedication to the company. Senior Staff members include: John E. Greif III – President of Tropic Air – 40 years Aida Lucy Marin – Accounts Clerk – San Pedro - 35 years Flora Ancona – Operations Manager – San Pedro – 34 years Maria Icela Graniel – Financial Comptlr – San Pedro – 34 years Michael Estell – Pilot – San Pedro – 33 years Averaldo Badillo – Senior Mechanic – San Pedro - 32 years Elroy Vernon – Ramp Agent – Belize City – 32 years

Various Belizean Sources


Monthly Weather Summary, November 2019
November is the last month of the Atlantic basin hurricane season. For Belize it is a month in which the climate of the country transitions gradually from the rainy season to the cooler transition period between December and January. Therefore, it is a month in which the country is affected from both tropical systems such as tropical waves and possible tropical cyclones as well as frontal systems.

Caye Caulker Public Consultation
The Caye Caulker Local Tourism Committe along with representatives from GITEC Contracted under the STP II project, held a public consultation with stake holders, the local tourism committee and villagers of the island. Mr.Yagmur Karabulut who is the consultant team representative of GITEC along with Keisha Rodriguez, Ann Gordon, and Safira Vasquez acquired information on the islands environmental and tourism stance in order to formalize proactive plans for both the island itself and the tourism sector. The discussion was based on potential hazards that can negatively impact the village, and it was identified that the two main threats are hurricanes and climate change I.e, change in temperature.

Saturday, December 14, the San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross will hold its quarterly blood drive at the Polyclinic from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. Be someone’s hero! Give the Gift of Life during this Christmas season. Tourists and San Pedranos are welcome! Donors should be be 18-65 years of age and should eat breakfast or lunch before donating.

Fraudulent Activity on Hon. Hugo Patt’s Facebook Account
It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Natural Resources that the Minister, Hon. Hugo Patt’s Facebook account has been hacked and the compromised perpetrator(s) has been using his account to solicit funds for land transactions and other financial aids. The public is advised that Hon. Hugo Patt does not engage in communication via Facebook Messenger or any other social media platforms and these messages are in no way associated with him.

Tour of the West
December 12 & 22, bicycle race.

Institute of Archaeology Catalogue Tuesday
Catalogue Tuesday is on its way. Below, you can see a ceramic plate being reconstructed to be catalogued. This plate was found broken at San Juan in San Pedro Town circa 2015

LOVE FM Christmas Parade 2019
The San Pedro Town Council presents the Love FM Christmas Parade! Don't miss it! This Sunday, December 15, 2019, starting at Boca del Rio Park at 5:30 p.m.

8 Festival del Pueblo
XMaya Ko'olel Mujer Maya dedicated to our women. Women have rights! Dedicado a la Mujer. Las mujeres tienen derecho! Respect them! Respetenlas! Thank you! Gracias!

Tourism Talk – Micro-Moments: Purpose is the word for 2020
Travel has never been so well-positioned for success — if done right! Micro-moments: Purpose is the word for 2020. While buzz words like transformational floated above the tundra in 2018 and 2019 we soon realized it was really about making meaning. People bought experiences and used travel as a platform to make meaning in their life. And while this is still happening, we find “meaning” as a driver amplifying into self-realization

The Belize Hotel Association held its 2019 Biannual Meeting on Tuesday, December 3, from 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel located in Western Belize. Attendance consisted with the presence of the BHA Board of Directors, Association Members, CEO Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mr. Yashin Dujon, Ministry of Tourism officers, Belize Tourism Board representatives, other tourism stakeholders and invited guests. Prior to the Biannual Meeting, the Belize Hotel Association hosted an informative morning seminar themed “Being in the Micro-Moment” from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM which highlighted how to maximize intent-driven moments that have taken over the customer journey.

It was a night filled with joy and love as children from all the schools in San Pedro performed for all to see! We also had entertainment by Pandemonium Steel Band which has become a town favorite for this event.

Moonrise over Corozal

Corozal Town Council Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
It’s beginning to look a Lot like Christmas, the Corozal Town Council held its official lighting ceremony of the Town’s Christmas Tree on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at Central Park at 7pm.It was fun-filled event enjoyed by Corozal residents and tourists alike. After the formalities, students from different schools performed songs and dances for the festive occasion. The fireworks was one of the main attraction that everyone enjoyed the event. Awards were given to certain people. Corozal Town Council always held their best Christmas Tree every year. If you missed the Christmas Tree Lightning Show 2019, here’s are some pictures.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “The Boat Parade.”

Éek'uneil - Yucatec Maya Legend
The Éek'uneil known as "Cola Negra" is a Maya creature ; It is not included in the mythological item because it lacks divine character. Popular beliefs describe it with a length of two to four meters, skin with various shades of gray and black tail. Some know it as the Queen of the snakes because it is believed it devours other snakes . An element that distinguishes it from other offices is the fact that it feeds on human milk . The Éek'uneil - as it is also known - when it detects a woman who is breastfeeding, immediately goes home. To prevent stopping it, it releases a highly toxic poison-which causes immediate death- as it moves towards the place.

Channel 7

GDP Revised, Recession Is Real
When we reported on the GDP, or Gross Domestic Product two weeks ago - the figures showed modest but stable growth of 1.8% in the third quarter - which is fair, especially coming off a drought. But, the bottom just fell out of that picture because, tonight, that number has been revised sharply downward. The new revised figure shows that the GDP contracted by 0.4% in the third quarter. The Statistical Institute of Belize says there was, quote, "an error in one piece of data obtained from one of the SIB's data providers." End quote.

Accused of Stealing Yohny's Truck
Today, police charged the 23 year old man accused of stealing tour operator Yohny Rosado's pickup truck. As we've shown you, early on Sunday morning, a man walked into Rosado's yard at the Faber's Road junciton, jumped into a parked van, hopped out, and then jumped into Rosado's 2014 Isuzu D-Max and drove off. It all happened within seconds, and, within minutes, he had crashed the pickup into a ditch on the George Price Highway. He ran off the road and significantly damaged the pickup's front end.

Yohny Says Guilty or Not, His Truck Is Gone
Of course, it's no consolation for Rosado whether he's charged or not - because he's lost a customized pickup truck valued at 45,000 dollars. Today he told us that the system has failed him - even when he played by all the rules - starting with the moment he woke up to see his stolen truck racing down the road - away form his home: Yohny Rosado: "At the moment when it happened I went berserk but thank god I did the right thing. My wife was by my side with my child. So, I stayed back and I did what a civilized person would do..."

Tillett's Tale of Police Abuse
Last night we told you about what can only be called "brute force and ignorance" exhibited by a police officer in a security video from Southside Grocery on Faber's Road. The video was captured on Sunday night just after 8:00 when Anthony Tillett went to the store to pick up some items for his mother. And that's when the cop - as can be seen on the video starts choking Tillett roughly and then starts punching him while another officer restrains the youth. Today we spoke to the 24 year old Tillett, who told us that from the moment the officers arrived, he was alert to their movements. It seems that one of the cops interpreted that as aggression.

Mother Says Same Cop Beat Her Teenaged Son
Tonight another mother is complaining about police beating her son - and she says it's the same cop seen in that video! Anacelia Castillo says the cop she saw on TV last night with the brutality against Anthony Tillett looked very familiar. On Sunday, a team of police including Ramirez went looking for her 14 year old son after a cop's motorbike was stolen in the George and West Street area. She says police went to her yard, and beat down her son - and she's upset because her son is the one who ended up being charged for assaulting officer #2326 Francis Ramirez:

One Year Later, Anisha's Family No Closer To Closure
23 year old Anisha Young went missing exactly a year ago - and despite several leads - tonight, her family is no closer to closure. They held a press conference just a short while ago led by their investigator Jose Uk Espat to say that all best efforts have amounted to naught: Jose UK Espat, Family Representative: "Today I believe that we have reached to the legal or a dead end I terms of what can be done through the system; the forensic system, justice system, the police department - we have reached sadly an abrupt and unjust, unfortunate end to what can be done if given the fact that if we dont find anymore remains, there is nothing else we can do."

Deon Badillo Died and Police Said, Did Nothing
A Hattieville mother is calling on the police as well as the KHMH for answers in her son's death. Josephine Badillo told us that her son, 27 year old Deon Badillo was knocked down off his bicycle on the morning of Thursday November 21st. Badillo was heading to work when a man driving a motorcycle hit him from behind at mile 15 on the Western Highway. Badillo survived the initial hit. He didn't have any visible life-threatening injuries. Still, he was taken to the KHMH but his mom says Badillo was discharged from the hospital the same day of the accident. Well, at the moment Badillo seemed fine and he and his mother went to the police station to make a report on the accident. But days later Badillo began complaining about pain to the head and neck. Badillo was later taken back to the KHMH where he died last week Tuesday morning - a week and half after the accident. Here is her story.

The Secret Santa Story
Christmas is fast approaching and for many, the cost of the traditional feast is enough to make you at least consider forfeiting the entire celebration. Well, things just became a bit easier for a few Belizeans because of a "Secret Santa", who today partnered with police to surprise a few lucky commuters with a Christmas ham. Cherisse Halsall was there: It's something you get used to seeing every year, increased and more vigilant checkpoints along the highway, to snag smugglers, outlaws, and drivers whose papers aren't in order.

BDF Gets Its Chopper Back
They burst unto the scene three and a half years ago: two used UH -1H helicopters donated by the Taiwanese to the BDF. Well, for three weeks now, both choppers had been down - awaiting parts for repairs. But we can confirm tonight that one of them was seen in the air today taking a test flight. We are told that it will take another test tomorrow - and if all goes as planned one of them should be back to being fully operational by tomorrow evening. And, as for the Facebook story put out by a politician that a solider had been bitten by a snake.

Hon. Figueroa Scolds Developing Nations At COP In Madrid
The the 25th Conference of Parties is being held this week in Madrid, Spain. Delegates have gathered to discuss policy amidst what many have called a global climate emergency. Today in Madrid, Belize Minister of State our the Environment Dr Figurao spoke in what is known as the high level segment. He is the chair of the Alliance of Small Island Developing States and laid out what's at stake in stark terms:

Belize's Ranking on Human Development Report
The UNDP has released its annual human development global report. It utilizes an index to measure human development. In the report it states " The HDI is a summary measure for assessing long-term progress in three basic dimensions of human development: a long and healthy life, access to knowledge and a decent standard of living. A long and healthy life is measured by life expectancy. Knowledge level is measured by mean years of schooling among the adult population," so according to the report Belize is not doing so bad, it states, quote, "The country shows a pattern of slow but consistent improvement in its HDI ranking since 1990. Belize ranks 103 out of 189 countries which puts Belize in the high human development category.

Man Gets Off Murder Charge, His Brother Remains Accused
A man has gotten off a murder charge while his brother, who was a minor when the crime was committed, remains on trial 22-year-old Lenford Harris was charged with the murder of 27-year-old Nelson Zelaya, but today Senior Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell entered a nolle pros motion in the court of Justice Colin Williams.

Forget Hallmark, NICH Hires The Pro's
This Morning Central Christian School's Khloe Landero was recognized, during a very lively school assembly for her Christmas Card creation in NICH's Christmas Card Cover Contest. IT was a surprise for the standard four student and who is one of the budding young artists that NICH wants to encourage: Landero was given a five-hundred-dollar cheque and a tablet courtesy of the Ministry of Education.

Hope For Lady Cricketers in Costa Rica
In April, Belize's male cricketers were crowned the central American Champions, and now the Cricket Association is hoping the females can do the same. On Thursday, they're heading out to play in the Mid-Season International Tour (Women) in Costa Rica. They are expected to play six games against three teams from Costa Rica. It's their first international outing and the president of the Belize National Cricket Association told us why he's full of hope and expectation:

Computers For The Kids
Two years ago, we told you about the Charlie Burton Park on Gibnut Street in Belize City. It's the brainchild of community activist G. Michael Reid who designed it as an outlet for the kids in his neighborhood. But, the need for productive outlets has increased and that's why G. Mike reached to corporate sponsors for a few old computers and a printer to help the kids with their schoolwork.

More On Haynes Home Invasion
Police have made no arrests after the second home invasion on Samuel Haynes Street in the Belama Phase One area in two weeks. As we told you, it happened yesterday afternoon around 2:00. The men pried their way into the home, open of them had a gun, and they tied up a 22 year old housekeeper and a 17 year old minor. They stole a number of items from the home and held up another male employee as they were leaving.

Channel 5

Victim of Police Brutality Speaks Out!
In this newscast we have reported on countless cases of police brutality. The most recent was caught on camera prompting a long list of questions over the behaviour of the [...]

Another Home Invasion in Belama Phase One
As the season gets underway, criminals are on the loose. Tonight, there is yet another home invasion to report in the Belama Phase One area of Belize City. For the [...]

Former Belmopan Mayor Tony Chanona Victim of Armed Attack
Former Belmopan Mayor and businessman Anthony Chanona was held at gunpoint on Monday night near Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on the Ring Road.  He had just exited the church [...]

Police and Business Community Discuss Citizen Security in Belmopan
ComPol Williams also addressed the media following this evening’s meeting and spoke of increased measures that will be put in place to ramp up police presence in the Garden City, [...]

One Man Detained, Still No Charges for Deadly PG Shooting
Police are yet to levy any charges in respect of Sunday’s murder of Glenford Hines Junior in Punta Gorda though one person is in custody. Hines was gunned down on [...]

Shane Jones is Charged for the Murder of Edwin Usher
On December seventh, police formally arrested and charged Shane Jones for the murder of Edwin Usher. On December first, Usher was gravely beaten outside of a bar at the corner [...]

Is Sydney Bucknor Jr. Guilty of Killing his Uncle?
Also appearing in court today was twenty-six-year-old Sydney Bucknor Junior, who is charged with the murder of his uncle, sixty-one-year-old Michael Bucknor. Sydney gave the police a caution statement in [...]

Belize City Tour Operator Victim of Carjacking
Well-known Tour Operator, Yhony Rosado, is on the news tonight for a robbery at his home on the George Price Highway. Rosado and his family were in deep slumber when [...]

Without a Trace; it’s been 1 Year since Annie Young Disappeared
It’s been one year since Anisha Young vanished without a trace. The twenty-two-year-old went missing after a night out with her boyfriend at a local nightclub on Newtown Barracks in [...]

Gathering the Families of Missing Persons
At news time tonight, the family has organized an event at the Digi Park on Newtown Barracks in Belize City. They are encouraging family and friends of other missing persons [...]

Jose Luis Espat Weighs in on Anny Young’s DNA Evidence
Late this evening, the Young family, along with Jose Luis Espat, who has been working closely with them since Anisha’s disappearance last year, called a press brief to provide an [...]

Where is Devon Lopez? His Mother Goes 1-on-1 with News Five
There is another report of a missing person whose family is desperately looking for. It’s been nine days since Darlene Whitfield says she has seen her son, Devon Lopez and [...]

Darlene Whitfield Believes her Son is Dead and Wants Closure
The family has been working closely with investigators from the Belama precinct as information on his whereabouts is being reviewed.  In the one-on-one interview with News Five; an emotional Darlene [...]

Kevin Jex Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter
Kevin Jex was back in court today for a mitigation hearing. He was originally accused of the murder of Desmond Miller but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter [...]

Belize City Man Busted with .357 Revolver
Twenty-five-year-old Travis Tyler Navarro is tonight in trouble with the law. He was reportedly busted with a loaded point three-fifty-seven revolver in the wee hours of Saturday morning. At around [...]

Another Carjacking in the West
There has been an alarming increase in carjacking in the west in recent days. The stolen vehicles are quickly transported over the border into Guatemala. Another such case occurred on [...]

S.I.B. Sends Revised Notice of Retraction of Economy
Revised figures have been released by the Statistical Institute of Belize. They show that there has been a contraction in the economy by point four percent in the third quarter [...]

U.S. Experts Challenging Belize’s Proposed Hemp Bill
Belize is in the process of establishing a hemp industry. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Dean Barrow during his Independence Day speech this year. According to the PM, [...]

Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries Weighs in G.O.B.’s Refusal to Ban Gillnets
The Government of Belize remains under sustained fire from the N.G.O. community after announcing on December fifth that it will not ban the use of gillnets.  OCEANA was first to [...]

PACT Gets Approval for 2 Climate Programmes in Belize
Earlier today, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, PACT, announced that a pair of programmes under its Climate Finance Portfolio has been approved through international climate finance mechanisms.  Support for these [...]

Khloe Landero Wins the NICH Xmas Card Competition
In November, NICH launched its second annual Christmas Card Competition. Last year they received fewer than five submissions but this year a whopping eighty-five entries were submitted. A young student [...]

The 11th Annual Stella Maris Xmas Party Hosted by Belize Bank
The children of Stella Maris School headed to the Radisson today for their anticipated Christmas Party. Every year, the Belize Bank throws a party for them to celebrate the season. [...]

El Festival Del Pueblo in San Lazaro, Orange Walk
El Festival Del Pueblo or the people’s festival has gained momentum since it started eight years ago in San Lazaro, Orange Walk. It is the brainchild of Hugo Carrillo, a [...]

M.O.E. Breaks Ground for 3 Schools in the South
The Ministry of Education broke ground for three new schools in the south. Last week, Minister of Education Patrick Faber, ministry officials and village went to the villages of Bella [...]


GoB response to cheaper butane shocks LPG importers
In what has been described as a first of its kind, ever, the UDP leadership went to the House of Representatives and presented a bill declaring that butane cannot be sold BELOW the price set by the government. The latest prices for LPG were published by the Bureau of Standards in mid-November this year, and the main LPG importers — Belize Western Energy Limited, Gas Tomza, and Zeta Gas — had been selling the product significantly below the prices set by the local authority. The reduced price for butane was of course welcomed by consumers, households and commercial users, especially during this Christmas season when so much cooking and baking is done.

Jasmine Garcia, 36, found floating in sea
At about 7:00 Sunday morning, the body of Jasmine Garcia, 36, a domestic of Wagierale area of Dangriga, in the Stann Creek District, was found floating in the sea about 200 feet from the Dangriga Town Pier. She was seen with wounds on her head and on her neck, and she was semi-nude. Friends of Garcia told police that she was seen alive and well on Friday evening, socializing in the Back-a-Town area with others, and she left at about 9:00 p.m. for an unknown destination.

Dominican Prime Minister wins unprecedented fifth term in office
Before Dominicans went to the polls last Friday, December 6, to elect a new parliament, the island nation was awash with political violence and intrigue, as the security forces had to be reinforced from other islands to maintain order in an atmosphere of legal challenges and reform agendas. Election observers were sent from Commonwealth countries, including Belize, which sent its Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai, and Ambassador Assad Shoman to the former French and British colony. The Dominica Labor Party (DLP), led by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, won 18 out of the 21 seats in parliament, for an unprecedented fifth term in office.

Glenford Hinds, Jr., killed in his yard
Two men were shot at about 10:00 last night in Punta Gorda. One was hit and died almost immediately, and the other is fighting for his life in the Southern Regional Hospital. Glenford Hinds, Jr., 36, of West Street, was shot in the lower back and armpit by stray shots fired at Albert Valentine, 25, a laborer of Punta Gorda who was walking on the street in front of Hinds’ yard. Valentine was struck in the back and arm. Both Hinds and Valentine were rushed to the Punta Gorda Community Hospital, but Hinds was declared dead on arrival.

Gillnet fishing to continue in Belize
The campaign to end the use of gill nets is seemingly not any closer to coming to a positive end, as the government still has not voted in favor of a complete ban on gillnet fishing. Following the House of Representatives meeting on Tuesday, December 3, the government issued a press release highlighting new measures that would be deployed to phase out, the use of gillnets gradually over a span of two years. For years, various NGOs and other organizations have been joining forces under the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries and providing evidence to the government regarding the many dangers of gillnet fishing in the country.

Anthony Tillett, 27, victim of police brutality
Anthony George Tillett, 27, a vendor and businessman of Fabers Road, Belize City, is recovering from bruises and pain in his neck and abdomen after he was reportedly choked and punched in his abdomen and chest by police at about 7:30 last night while buying at a Chinese store on Fabers Road not far from his house. Tillett told us today that while he was at the store waiting to be served, a police vehicle appeared in front of the store and a policeman came towards him. He braced himself for the routine search and put his hands on his head as the police approached, he told us.

BDF soldier bitten by snake in Cadenas
A Belize Defence Force (BDF) soldier is recovering at the BDF hospital in Price Barracks, Ladyville, Belize District, after he was bitten yesterday by a venomous snake while patrolling Belize’s border with Guatemala from the Cadenas operational base in Toledo. The soldier was quickly rushed to the medical facility in Ladyville by helicopter after he was bitten, and this prompt response saved his life. Cadenas, located on a hill, is a remote operations base in the southwest of the country, near the border, and can only be accessed by air or by the Sarstoon River.

Prisoner serving 7-year sentence commits suicide at Central Prison
A prisoner at the Kolbe Foundation-managed Belize Central Prison was found hanging in a cell in which he was alone, around 9:00 o’clock last night by a prison guard, Prison Superintendent, Virgilio Murillo told Amandala this morning in a telephone interview. Byron Alarcon Tello, a Guatemalan national, was put in a cell by himself after other inmates observed him acting strangely. Tello, who had not exhibited any signs of mental instability since he first entered the prison more than a year and a half ago, was seen yesterday by other inmates biting his knuckles until they began to bleed, Murillo said.

Suspected drug plane found destroyed in Chan Chen
The remnants of a suspected drug plane that was destroyed by fire was found this morning about a mile north of Chan Chen, the northernmost part of Belize, close to the Mexico-Belize Border, in the Corozal District. Police in Blue Creek, on their arrival, found the smoldering aircraft abandoned. There was no one near the remnants of the aircraft when police made the discovery, and there was no cargo inside the plane. Authorities believe that the destroyed plane is a Hawker Sidley 125, which is similar to the drug plane that was found abandoned in Blue Creek in October.

Editorial: GoB didn’t have to close the valve on cheaper LPG
Belize’s leaders said that the LPG (liquid petroleum gas, also known as butane) importers/distributors (call them monopoly), who recently lowered the price of the product, had a foul motive, which was to run small distributors out of business, hence the GoB’s move to halt the sales of the cheaper LPG. Let’s get this clear: the government could have protected small distributors without denying cheaper LPG to thousands of households and hundreds of businesses that use the product. The GoB panicked, but they deserve applause for wanting to protect small LPG retailers. It is not usual for them to show this kind of concern.

Puppy Leslie presents: The Hub’s Christmas 3-on-3 Basketball Program!
Basketball legend Darwin “Puppy” Leslie was guest on yesterday’s Krem Sports Show hosted by Gilroy “Press” Cadogan, and Puppy was there to announce the launching of a new sporting facility, The Hub, on Chetumal Street with the hosting of a week-long “3-on-3 Basketball Program” on the Hub’s basketball court, commencing on Monday, December 16, and continuing all week until Friday, December 20, when prizes and awards will be issued. Registration is free for the 8 Senior teams (ages 14-16 years) and 8 Junior teams (ages 10 – 13 years), with only one spot still available up to show time yesterday.

Female football fireworks! Semifinals over; Rumberas vs Jewel Fury for NAWL Championship
Women football is reaching a new level in Belize. And the completion of the semifinals of the National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) 2019-2020 Opening Season this past weekend has set up a long anticipated and eagerly awaited clash between two powerful teams, featuring the two top goal scorers in recent competitions. Jewel Fury’s Mariela Morales was top goal scorer in this NAWL abbreviated Opening Season regular competition, eclipsing back-to-back top goal scorer, Kaite Jones, who had moved from Gladiators to Rumberas this past season. But in the playoff semifinals, Kaite has again asserted herself, scoring twice in their game 1 semifinals 3-2 win over Verdes Rebels in Cowpen; and early yesterday afternoon at the Norman Broaster Stadium, it was the visiting Rumberas taking the 2-0 victory with another brace from Kaite Jones (18’ & 72’), who now leads all scorers in the playoffs.

Michael Sutherland, Belize’s “Maradona” passes
The Belize football community lost one of its most passionate voices with the passing on Thursday last of former footballer, Michael Sutherland, a.k.a. “Diego Maradona,” who made his transition into the eternal arena after a long battle with cancer, that could not dampen his enthusiasm for the sport or his love for his Belizean people. “Blessed love” was his usual parting greeting with friends and associates in football circles and in his frequent calls to Krem’s Press Sports Show, his favorite on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning, as well as his occasional participation in Krem’s Morning Stew program, where he even once participated in a singing contest. Diego’s was an indomitable spirit of love and joy that impacted all he came in contact with, even in the midst of his tremendous struggles with disability in his battle with cancer.

The bombshell robbery of Maya artefacts
It had been nearly two years after their resumption of intimacy that Lucille had become pregnant again, and said it had been a strange feeling to be having marital relations with the sole objective of bearing a son, which she believed to be Neville’s motivation; and that the psychological effect on her may well have caused the long delay in her conceiving. She worried that in Neville’s persistence in his original gender preference he was setting himself up, once again, for another big disappointment.

Brian Plummer says old economic models are outdated
Brian Plummer’s letter to the Amandala, Friday edition (December 6, 2019), has to be considered as a first response to Bill Lindo’s call for Belize to dump any association we have with the British system of capitalism and adopt the American system. Mr. Lindo, in his article “The economy and independence” published in the November 22 and November 26 (2019) editions of the Amandala, says that the most successful countries in the world follow the version of the capitalist system practiced/developed by the Americans.

From the Publisher
There was a group of young, educated, black Belizeans who at some point decided to target the Deputy Premier, Hon. C. L. B. Rogers of the ruling People’s United Party (PUP), in his Mesopotamia constituency. (As we have pointed out in previous columns focusing on Creole leadership in the second half of the twentieth century, Rogers may have been the most powerful Creole leader in Belize from the middle 1960s through the 1970s.) When precisely this organized decision to focus on defeating Rogers took place, I’m not sure, but I know that Wilfred Elrington, Diane Haylock, and a former UBAD Party vice-president were prominent in a group which supported the Opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) candidate, Curl Thompson, contributing significantly to Thompson’s defeat of Rogers in the 1979 general election. (Rogers had defeated Thompson in Mesop in the 1974 general election.)

Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa is Named Miss Universe
Zozibini Tunzi, a 26-year-old model and beauty queen from South Africa, was chosen as Miss Universe 2019 during the contest’s Sunday night gala in the American city of Atlanta, becoming the third representative from that country to earn the prestigious title. Tunzi, who was born in Tsolo (Eastern Cape) and graduated in public relations from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, was crowned by her predecessor, Catriona Gray of the Philippines. Her Miss Universe biography describes her as a “passionate activist” who is “engaged in the fight against gender based violence.”

The Reporter

What If You Could No Longer Enjoy Belizean Conch Soup or Ceviche?
The Queen conch is a well-loved delicacy; an important part of Belizean culture that has been around for generations. So, for many Belizeans, Golding’s quote above is not something they imagine or think about happening, particularly in a small country of 360,000 inhabitants; especially since the symbolism of the quote refers to the destruction of a people’s way of life.

Minister: Hugo Patt’s Facebook Account Hacked
Today December 10th. the Government of Belize issued an urgent alert that the minister’s Facebook account was hacked. The statement read as follows:

Tricky Home Invasion In Belama Phase 1
Police are on the hunt for two men who invaded a home in Belama Phase I Monday afternoon. According to reports the two men, both masked and one of them armed with a gun, entered the home and tied up two females who were inside.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Villagers in Succotz are in pursuit of alleged bandits
Reports to BBN is that concerned villagers in San Jose Succotz village are chasing at […]

One year later, no progress in Anny Young missing person case
Today, December 10th marks one (1) year since the disappearance of Belize City resident, Anisha […]

Statistical error reverses GDP growth in the third quarter
Belize’s economy contracted slightly in the third quarter of 2019 as opposed to expansion after […]

Francisco Rodriguez acquitted of arson of Kimmie’s Bar
The man accused of arson and previously manslaughter in the death of Jacqueline Arteaga in […]

Sugar crop season postponed to mid-January; farmers pray for rain
Belize’s leading industry faces a delay to work and a race against time. The sugar […]

Standard 4 student wins NICH Christmas Card Competition
Today, the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) honored the winner of its Christmas […]

Crime Stoppers Belize launches P3 Tips app for confidential information
On Tuesday, December 3, Crime Stoppers Belize launched its latest tool to assist in the […]

Belize Women’s Cricket team plays international cricket
The Belize National Cricket Association issued a statement today informing that 14 women from the […]

Former Belmopan Mayor shaken up after armed robbery
Former Belmopan Mayor, Anthony Chanona has been left shaken up after he was robbed and […]

Home invasion reported in Belize City
Authorities are investigating a burglary that occurred in Belize City. Argenize Caballero, 22; Nubia Banos, […]

DFC launches Readiness III program to support climate-resiliency in Belize
Since 2015, Belize has engaged with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to improve access to […]

Belizean businessman, Jorge Espat launches candidacy for PUP Cayo West
Belizean businessman, Jorge Espat, has launched his candidacy to serve as standard-bearer for the People’s […]

International Anti-Corruption Day: What will Belizeans do differently?
More Belizeans are aware of, and condemning, various forms of corruption in Government and the […]

Digi/ Becol basketball tournament
9 December 2019 By Elvis ‘Tigre’ Usher SSBA President San Ignacio Town The DIGI / Becol Basketball […]

Community and police meet to discuss crime fighting strategies
In light of the recent increase in crimes in San Jose Succotz village, the community […]

Gillnet find mocks Government’s ‘get-tough’ policy
Not even 24 hours after the Government set out its path to managing and eventually […]

International Anti-Corruption Day: Belize left off Transparency International list for the tenth year running
The Belize PEACE Movement says it has confirmed that for the tenth year running, Transparency […]

Op-Ed from Senior U.S. State Department Official on International Human Rights Day
By Robert Destro Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor at the U.S. […]


Christmas Church Services in Belize
After all the festivities for Garifuna Settlement Day and Thanksgiving, it’s time to prepare for the Belizean Christmas holiday. During the Christmas season, many families make it their priority to attend church services and sing the beautiful Christmas hymns. The Christian faith is the main religion practiced by many; the Roman Catholicism is the most common religion followed by Belizeans. There are Methodists, Anglicans, Buddhists, and Jehovah Witnesses, just to name a few. But not all of these religions celebrate Christmas or have the same traditions as others.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if floating in the Caribbean could help cure cancer? The Morgan Adams Foundation believed it was possible! A not-for-profit, Colorado-based organization, with a mission to raise funds for pediatric cancer research, hosted their 17th annual Concours d’Elegance in August this year. Their success was, impart, due to their brilliant idea to curate the travel section of their Live Auction. They launched a marketing campaign featuring a place their 1,700 elite guests were already looking to go- Belize!

Belize’s International Yoga Fest
Held annually by the non-profit organization Rhythm of Change Belize (ROC), the Belize International Yoga Fest (BIYF) is designed to bring together yoga and meditation practitioners, aspirants, and curious world citizens to enjoy soulful moments of wellness, healing, relaxation, and reflection in our very own Belize City. And while yoga may seem intimidating to us who can’t touch their toes, the ROC has worked hard to bring forth individual, social, and environmental changes in Belize through meditation, stress-relieving stretches, and gratitude practice that shows yoga’s effects are diversely positive, and not just physical.

North Park Hotel Highlights Beautiful Historic Belize City
I’m often asked this question: We hope to spend one night in Belize City before (or after) heading out to the Cayes – do you have any safe, nice suggestions? Or: We need to go into the city for the afternoon/evening and need a place to stay before returning to San Pedro. Do you have a recommendation? My answer is now a resounding yes! Not long ago I spent the afternoon and night at the North Park Hotel. Here is a photo of the main room – the dining area. Not only was it “nice” but the hotel is a beautifully kept historic home in my favorite part of Belize City. A view of the sea…an area where you feel safe and happy to walk around at dawn and take pictures.

Creole Culture
The colorful culture of Belize Creoles has been the result of the mixing of races and customs between the white slave master, their African slaves, and the other groups that interacted in the early logwood mahogany, and chicle camps. It also evolved out of constant contact among different groups who resided in the only main hub of the time: Belize Town. This was the period of slavery, and afterward in the era of British colonial administration.

Belize and Tourism
Over the past few years, Belize’s tourism industry has grown immensely! As a Caribbean/Central American country, visitors enjoy coming here for the amazing weather, scenery and various adventure activities. This little country has become a top destination for adventure travelers, eco-travelers, families, retirees, and newlyweds. All this over the span of about 15 years, but how did this industry get to where it is now? The tourism industry accounts for approximately 37.1% of the employment rate (61,500 jobs). These jobs include taxis, water taxis, car rentals, tour guides, farmers, fishermen, craftsmen/women, gift shop owners, hair braiders, hotel owners and much more.

International Sourcesizz

Mixed results for Caribbean nations on UN Human Development Index
Several Caribbean islands saw their rankings rise and fall on the United Nations (UN) 2019 United Nations (UN) Human Development Index (HDI). According to the UN, the HDI is a statistic composite index of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators, which are used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. Barbados and the Bahamas were the only two countries to be given the distinction of being on the list of states with a “Very High Human Development.”

Belize launches Readiness III to facilitate climate-resilient projects
The Belize Press Office in a release, on Monday, announced the launch of Readiness III to support the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) accreditation of the Green Climate Fund (GFC). Belize, since 2015, has engaged with the GCF to improve access to international funds and to encourage investment in projects and programs to help the country adapt and mitigate climate change and its effects. Through GCF Readiness support, multinational professional services network Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) was selected to conduct a GAP Assessment and to develop an action plan for the DFC.

Colin Dodgson's Deeper Green is a Thoughtful Visual Ode to Conservation Work in Belize
“Growing up, I surfed all the time, so I have a built-in connection with nature,” says the photographer Colin Dodgson (who lensed W's current cover story, starring Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie). The launch of his new book, Deeper Green, took place yesterday (December 9) in London surrounded by the leafy tropical greenery of the Barbican Conservatory—a fitting backdrop given that natural connections the threads that link each photograph in this series. The book, a sensitive documentation of ten days spent shadowing park rangers in Belize in December 2018, was released in collaboration with the conservation charity World Land Trust. The WLT will receive 100% of the tome's profits.

Mixed results for Caribbean nations on UN Human Development Index
Several Caribbean islands saw their rankings rise and fall on the United Nations (UN) 2019 United Nations (UN) Human Development Index (HDI). According to the UN, the HDI is a statistic composite index of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators, which are used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. Barbados and the Bahamas were the only two countries to be given the distinction of being on the list of states with a “Very High Human Development.”


  • Belize Stand Up Bote Paddleboard Fly Fishing for Bonefish, 1.5min. Cayo Frances Farm & Fly is a great little camp in Northern Belize. They have a handful of Bote boards for use as well. The food is excellent and the host Jeff is super accommodating.

  • Ice Business, Maya Beach, Belize, 2min.

  • Miss Universe 2019 || Miss Belize- Where the successful journey began, min. Lets get a look back from where Miss Belize's successful journey began

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries - JEFFREY RICHARD MEYERS, 2min.

  • Christmas in Belize - Brad Pattico, 26min. Legendary folklore singer, Brad Pattico was our guest to talk about his music and Christmas in Belize.

  • International Anti-Corruption Day Part 1, 25min. Today is International Anti-Corruption Day. We invited a few of the social sector partners to discuss the implementation of the United National Convention Against Corruption in B(UNCAC) in Belize.

  • International Anti-Corruption Day Part 2, 23min. International Anti-Corruption Day. We invited a few of the social sector partners to discuss the implementation of the United National Convention Against Corruption in B(UNCAC) in Belize. On our couch: Osmany Salas - Belize Network of NGOs. Giacomo Sanchez - Belize Chamber of Commerce, BCCI. Marvin Mora - President, NTUCB.

  • Courts Belize and Courts Optical - gadgets and eye wear, 22min. Courts Belize and Courts Optical has a variety of gadgets and eye wear that will make perfect gifts for your family this season. We got a sample of these and they shared the details of the sales and discounts now available. Stop by the store to get great deals on phones, speakers and transition lens and sunglasses.

  • Cojac's Sumptuous Rum Popo - New flavor now available for all your festivities, 18min. Looking to spice up your Rum Popo for this Christmas? Cojac Smith of Cojac's Sumptuous Rum Popo shared a new flavor now available for all your festivities. Today he shared his recipes for the Pumpkin Spice and Vegan blends.

  • The United Nations Development Program - 2019 Human Development Report, 34min. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has released the 2019 Human Development Report. Representatives of UNDP were our guests to unpack the data. The team ranked Belize among the bottom tier of the developing countries thought they acknowledged that there are a few indicators that are of concern. These include the rising gap in the wage difference between men and women and the disproportionate allocation of the economic assets among the population.

  • Krem Krismus Night 2, 2hr.

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  • Caribbean Beach Cabanas in Placencia Belize Paradise Guy, 9min. In today's video, we are heading to the mainland of Belize to a Micro resort called Caribbean Beach Cabanas. This Placencia resort is a very popular place to stay for those vacationing on the mainland of Belize. It is right on the famous sidewalk with easy access to plenty of bars, shops, and restaurants. Come along as I give you a tour around the resort and introduce you to the General manager Randy.

  • Celebrate Belize!, 4min. A celebration in picture and words of one of the most unique, natural, friendly places on earth - Belize.