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The San Pedro Sun

Tropic Air celebrates 40 years of service; new Caye Caulker terminal welcomes guests
Tropic Air is celebrating 40 years of service in Belize, and to make the occasion extra special they showcased their new terminal in Caye Caulker. The terminal is not fully complete, yet, but it is operational, and on Wednesday, December 11th the first passengers checked in and enjoyed the new building’s airy ambiance and comfort. When the terminal is completed, it will count with an expanded arrival- departure and cargo areas, reflecting the airline’s growth and future goals to continue expanding.

The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) celebrated its 34th Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 5th December 2019 at the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina. In addition to presenting their main accomplishments for 2018/19, the BTIA also highlighted the targeted accomplishments for 2019/20 to its members and other invited guests. In the President’s Remarks, Ms. Melanie Paz stated, “In November of this year, the Executive Committee attended a strategic planning workshop, which focused on membership needs and the direction BTIA will take for 2020 and forward.

Two San Pedro women featured in Belikin 2020 Calendar

The San Pedro Dance Academy’s Annual Christmas Show features classics
Under the theme ‘Blast from the Past,’ the San Pedro Dance Academy held its annual Christmas Show on Saturday, December 7th at the San Pedro Lions Den. The event, which saw a packed den of happy parents and relatives, featured several dance numbers to the beat of classic Christmas songs and hits from the ’90s and ‘80s performed by the Academy’s beginner and advanced dancers. The annual show raises funds for the Dance Academy. Organizers thank all their sponsors who continue to support the event. Special thanks also go out to the performers, parents, and friends for attending the event.

Island Athletes excel at first CaribeMan Triathlon Tournament in southern Belize
Kent ‘Bob’ Gabourel, Keian Trejo, and brothers Brandon and Jordan Santos shone at the first ever 2019 CaribeMan Triathlon competition in Hopkins, Stann Creek District in southern Belize. The tournament took place on Saturday, December 7th and competitors from Belize, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, and as far as Italy tried to best each other in both the female and male divisions. At the end of a gruelling day of competition, two Belizeans emerged victorious in each category: Shalini Zabaneh took first place in the female category while Gabourel beat everyone in the male division, taking the top prize.

Ambergris Today

Focus On Today
Live one day at a time and set your priorities straight. It is good to have plans and set goals, but do not allow this to absorb you; because time passes and your happiness matters. As you read this I am pretty sure you have loved ones that surrounding you, maybe far away or waiting for you at home. Many might have their spouse and even children and other may just have their parents, so we must appreciate that each day that passes children grow, our spouse’s age and our parents become weak.

Permanent Residents No Longer Eligible For Fishing Licenses
The public is advised that via Gazette of Statutory Instrument 81 of 2019, permanent residents are no longer eligible for fishing licenses. Only applicants who are Belizean, at least 18 years of age, and who provide evidence of residing in Belize for a continuous period of at least six months are eligible.

Various Belizean Sources


SPTC 2020 Celebration on New Year's Eve!
Come bring in the New Year with us at the Central Park! Celebrate with friends, family or that special someone. We will have Dj's, a Live Band, Party Favors and a spectacular fireworks display for all to enjoy!

Apples for Kids Belize
Here's a change to support local businesses and children of Belize! A Belize Camping Experience!

Belize Police Department Public Auction
Friday, December 13, 2019

Caye Caulker Village Council Notes
This week was filled with great news for the Caye Caulker Community. The SIF team was here on the ground assessing the proposed property for the new upgrade health center. Later in the day, a meeting was held with the chairlady of the Caye Caulker Village Council and various stake holders of the community. A project management committee was selected and we will keep the community up to date with this new project. We are still currently in the planning stages, but excited for the new health center.

The Vision Serpent
The Vision Serpent is an important creature in Pre-Columbian Maya . The serpent was a very important social and religious symbol, revered by the Maya. Maya mythology describes serpents as being the vehicles by which celestial bodies, such as the sun and stars, cross the heavens. The shedding of their skin made them a symbol of rebirth and renewal. They were so revered, that one of the main Mesoamerican deities, Quetzalcoatl(Kukulkan), was represented as a feathered serpent. The name means "beautiful serpent" (From Nahuatl, 'Quetzalli' means beautiful and 'coatl' meaning snake or serpent.).

Water pumps and hoses for fighting fires donated to Caye Caulker
Today Belize Water Service Limited handed over to Caye Caulker Village Council 2 water pumps and 2 sets of hose. The pumps will be housed at the fire station for quicker access in the case of emergency. The pumps will be used only for fire emergencies to assist the fire department have better access to water. The Caye Caulker Village Council extends gratitude to Belize Water Service Limited for the donation to the Caye Caulker Community.

Ground Breaking for Masala Cultural Park in Corozal
The Corozal Organization of East Indian and Cultural Heritage (COEICH) is to set up an East Indian Park for everyone to enjoy. The Masala Cultural Park will have its ground breaking ceremony on Sunday, December 29th 2019 at 3:00 p.m. on 1st Avenue across Copper Horse Inn. All are invited to attend and support the preservation of our East Indian cultural heritage.

Corozal Football Association 1st Division Amateur Opening Season Youth Tournament Weekend Schedule
Sunday, December 15, 2019 @ the Carolina Football Field Starting at 9:00 a.m.

The Belize Krismus Brukdong Bram Festival
In exactly ten days the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project will be conducting its fourth edition of the Christmas Brukdong Bram Festival. We conducted our first event in 2016 and we have been conducting it every year under different names with various partners. A couple years we partnered with Krem Christmas and a couple we partnered with NICH to commemorate Mr. Peters' Legacy. The Christmas Bram has always been one of our project's signature initiatives and the reason why we have been trying to preserve this historic cultural event is because it is one of the more festive and enjoyable events within the Creole culture.

Channel 7

Village Vigilantes in Succotz?
In July 2011, a mob of Succotz villagers attacked accused child molester Roy Cumberbatch, they beat him within inches of his life and handed him over to police. Then, in August 2014, another band of angry Succotz villagers protested and burnt tires on the road in response to the death of Yolanda Consuelo Valencia, and her taxi driver Yannie Evan Cu - both victims of an accident allegedly caused by the former Deputy Police Commissioner Miguel Segura. Those stories made headlines and, tonight, Succtoz villagers are in the headlines again. Last night, in the truly unified, spirited and "no-nonsense" Succotz fashion, a mob of villagers combed the Nazarene area in search of thieves who they believe have been terrorizing the community over the last couple weeks. Courtney Weatherburne went to Succotz to find out more about the recent robberies and what is being done to keep residents safe.

Succotzeno Says Criminals Coming In
The media also spoke to another Succotz resident who expressed concern about the recent robberies and said that these thieves are not from the village. Wilson Patt, Succotz Resident: "The entire village got mad about what's happening in the community, so we all decided to get together and do like a patrol for the safety of our own village. There were rumors that people are going there taking photographs of some houses where some fancy vehicles are, especially the pickups and so are planning to get ready. We don't want anyone else to get hurt, so we went and the entire village got ready..."

Did Trapp Go to Toledo To Kill?
A Belize City resident has been charged for Sunday night's murder and shooting in Punta Gorda Town. Akeem Trapp, who just came off a murder in October is going back to jail, to be remanded for the murder of Glenford Hines Jr. and the shooting of Albert Valentine. The 22 year old from Flowers Bank will be arraigned in Punta Gorda for murder, Attempted Murder, Dangerous Harm and Use of Deadly Means of Harm. Trapp is alleged to be the gunman who chased Hines into Valentine's yard, killing Valentine, and injuring Hinds. He was then seen riding off on bicycle.

Man Found Guilty of Murder
And because those "nolle pros" outcomes are so common, the next story is something different. A man was convicted of murder today. 30 year old Valentine Baptist was found guilty of the 2016 murder of 19 year old Devin Parham. It happened today in a trial without jury before Justice Colin Williams. On July 6, 2016, Parham and his cousin, Victor Parham, were walking on Cemetery Road near to First Choice Pharmacy when a gunman on bicycle opened fire. Victor ran while Devin was shot multiple times and died on the spot.

Killer Pleads Down to Manslaughter
And there was another conviction in the Supreme Court yesterday. 25 year old Lloyd King charged with the murder of 28 year old Ronald Rivers pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. That was in a trial without a jury yesterday before Justice Marilyn Williams. Rivers, a well known basketball player, was shot and killed in March of 2013. He had stopped on Youth for The Future Drive to fix his car when King rode up on a bicycle and fired a single fatal shot.

Youth Apprenticeship Program - 10 Years Strong
Today, 60 young men and women graduated from the Youth Apprenticeship Program in Belize City. The second - chance program is in its 10th year of working with these youths who have dropped out of school. It gives them a second chance to get an education, and, more importantly, to get a job by connecting them to a network of employers. Today, the program's director, Dianne Finnegan said the promise of her youths is undeniable:

Praises For PSE Prisoners
And while Faber wasn't at the Radisson with the youth apprentices today, he was at the Belize Central Prison yesterday. He was there for a small ceremony yesterday to recognize 9 inmates who sat and passed the PSE this year. They received certificates for their performance at yesterday's ceremony. As Minister of Education, Faber was the guest speaker, and here's what he had to say after listening to the prepared remarks from the top inmate, Ismael Burgos:

Tropic Air, 40 Years, What Next?
Belize's biggest airline, Tropic Air celebrated its 40th anniversary today. Hard to believe, but the transport powerhouse which now flies 200 flights a day to 15 destinations on 19 aircraft, started out as a mom, pop and son operation back in December of 1979. It's been 40 years of strong growth, but what's next for Tropic Air? Today we went to their birthday party in Caye Caulker to find out: Tropic Air says it s was will carry over 300,000 passengers and 425,000 items of freight this year. It employs 360 persons.

Is Caye Caulker Airstrip Sinking?
We also got a chance to ask Greif about the state of the Caye Caulker airstrip. The airstrip was recently re-surfaced and inaugurated in September of 2018. But, darned if we didn't feel a pronounced dip when we landed on it today. We asked Greif about it today - and he didn't seem too concerned: "I think there is a dip, but that's why we built runway out of asphalt so it can follow the contours of the earth, so if places rise, if places go down, it doesn't break up. That's why we use asphalt as a medium. The other medium is still reinforce cement which drives your cost up ten times. My guess is there are dips in it, is it in the same place it was before? I couldn't tell you. It's not a concern of Tropic's."

Weed Bust On a Bus
And from planes to buses.Yesterday, police found over three pounds of weed stowed on a bus. Police stopped a bus coming out of Benque Viejo at mile 70 and found an unclaimed knapsack stuffed with 1.46 kilos of weed. It was deposited as found property.

Cayo Deliverymen Held Up In City
Three deliverymen for Big H Juice - all from Cayo - were held up and robbed in the city today. It happened at Martha's Shop in the Lake Independence area on LaCroix Boulevard. At 11:20, they were making deliveries when three men - one on motorbike and two on foot - coordinated to simultaneously hold up one man in the cooler area of the delivery truck and another in the cab.

Nourishment for Kids Bodies and Habits
Healthy eating - we hear a lot about it - but it's not easy to maintain because most affordable and available food choices are fatty, greasy, and carb-y - which also makes them, NICE. But one PUP politician is trying to get the school kids in his area attend to heather eating choices. Paul Thompson invited us to James Garbutt Seventh Day Adventist to share the program that he's had in effect at area primary schools for the past few months:

Alex and The Apples
And, to keep his program going, perhaps Thompson needs to reach out to Alex Perez at the Belize Camping Experience. He's got tens of thousands of apples and he needs to offload them quickly. Perez is selling the apples at a discount as a fundraiser for his program. The apples were donated and we met him today at Westrac in Belize City where he was trying to get them sold ASAP: "There are 1,200 and something cases. That's a lot of apples. I have an apple for every Belizean [laughs]. So, we need help. We need people to purchase these apples. We partnered with marketing board and they are selling apples...." If you would like to buy as apples for as low as one hundred dollars per box, you can call Perez at 6145541.

Jingle Box Rocks
Bowen and Bowen was in the giving mood today for its annual jingle box donation. They prepared over 200 care packages with about $80 worth of product to hand over to worthy organizations and needy customers. We found out more at their King Street Headquarters today: As you heard, each organization got ten boxes.

Channel 5

B.N.T.U. Upset with M.O.E. over Corozal Property
The Belize National Teachers Union is gearing up for round of battle with the Ministry of Education over a property in Corozal Town. The property is known as ‘teachers’ site’ [...]

M.O.E. Says that B.N.T.U. Does Not Have Lease, Title to the Land
According to Palacio, several efforts were made to rectify the situation involving the plot of land but the union was given the turnaround. Palacio says the union will not give [...]

Is Belize in the Throes of a Recession?
News of an economic downturn caused tremors in the private sector today.  Despite government borrowing and spending, for the second and third quarter of the year, there has been a [...]

Residents Say They Are Feeling the Pinch in their Pockets
As we reported, a contraction in economic activity in the previous two quarters is spelling bad news.  As the private sector crunches the numbers, a News Five crew took to [...]

2019 Sugar Crop Delayed Until January
Earlier you heard about the economic downturn, and now up north there the start of the 2019 sugar crop has been postponed until mid-January 2020 and it is expected that [...]

Belizeans Robbed in Chetumal by Taxi Driver & Accomplices
If you are traveling to Chetumal anytime soon you are being advised to be alert of your surroundings and especially so of taxi drivers. That’s because a group of Belizeans [...]

Succotz Villager Says Armed Guatemalan Bandits Stole His Truck
A man and his family say that they are lucky to be alive after they were targeted by three armed men.  The Chi family was at home last week Saturday [...]

Succotz Villagers Band Together to Root Out Criminals
The Succotz residents are up in arms about criminals targeting vehicle owners. They say that several strangers, reportedly Guatemalans, are moving about freely in their community conducting surveillance at different [...]

Keemo Charged for Deadly PG Attack
Twenty-two-year-old Akeem Trapp, a resident of Flowers Bank, has been arrested and charged for the murder of Glenford Hines Jr. and the attempted murder of Albert Valentine which took place [...]

Valentine Baptist is Found Guilty of 2016 Murder of Devin Parham
The court handed down a guilty verdict today against Valentine Baptist; the decision was delivered by Justice Colin Williams who found Baptist guilty of the murder of nineteen-year-old Devin Parham.  [...]

Gilberto Chanek Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter
Twenty-four year old Gilberto Chanek also appeared in the Supreme Court this morning. He was originally charged with the murder of fifty-year-old Carlitos Valdez; but today he pleaded guilty to [...]

Apples for Kids; Keeping the Belize Camping Experience Alive
As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Red, sweet delicious apples have been imported by the Belize Camping Experience as part of their activities to raise [...]

The Youth Apprenticeship Program Turns 10; 60 Graduate
The popular Youth Apprenticeship Programme concluded today with a ceremony at the Radisson Hotel. The group of young men and women will be knocking on doors and hopefully get the [...]

Why Was Minister a No-Show at Youth Apprentices’ Graduation?
The Youth Apprenticeship Programme is a programme through the Ministry of Education. This year, coordinator Dianne Finnegan says that the polo shirts used by the graduates at today’s ceremony were [...]

210 Families to Benefit from Bowen & Bowen’s Jingle Box
It’s the season to be giving. Going into the Christmas holidays, a number of initiatives are springing up to make the season festive for deserving families. Now, the Jingle Box [...]

A Feeding Program for Alberts
Albert Standard Bearer Paul Thompson is spearheading a feeding program in his constituency where for two weeks out of the month his office is providing fruits and healthy juices to [...]

For All Your Chickens & Turkeys this Christmas, Go to Quality Poultry
At dinner tables across the country, turkey is a key part of the holiday meal. In other areas, it would not feel like Christmas without chicken in relleño or escabeche.  [...]

Belizean Nationalist Hipolito Bautista Passes Away
And this news, well-known Belizean nationalist and playwright Hipolito Bautista passed away earlier today after battling a stroke.  Bautista is remembered for his role as Acting Chief Broadcasting Officer at [...]

The Reporter

Stand-Your-Ground: Santa Cruz Villagers Protest New Water Board
Chairman of Santa Cruz in Stann Creek West, Vincent Scott, told the Reporter this morning that the villagers have decided that they will not pay another water bill until their voices are heard.


Students provided with healthy snacks
The PUP Standard Bearer for the Albert Division, Paul Thompson, in collaboration with the Belize City Council, has started an initiative called Healthy Eats. This initiative aims to provide students in the Albert Division with fruits as snacks as opposed to junk food.

Bowen and Bowen provides a Christmas meal to needy families
Bowen and Bowen (B&B) is giving back to the community this Christmas season by providing over 200 needy families with a Christmas meal. Everything a family needs for this meal is placed in a box, which is then distributed to organizations in order for them to further distribute it to a family of their choosing.

Hipolito Bautista dies at 69
Businessman and former politician, Hipolito Bautista Senior passed away this morning. The 69-year-old resident of Belmopan suffered a stroke and had experienced several complications.

The Belize Camping Experience (BCE) was selling apples today at Westrac Limited in Belize City. In the aftermath of the drought, their main fundraising project, Harvest For kids, had a major setback.

San Jose Succotz Villagers fight crime in their community
There has been a recent increase in crime in area of San Jose Succotz Village and Benque Viejo Del Carmen Town, both in the Cayo District. As a result, some the villagers and townspeople have taken it upon themselves to patrol the area in order to keep it safe.

Spreading the joy of Christmas, Secret Santa in Orange Walk
Secret Santa continues as police officers chose unsuspecting citizens from buses in Orange Walk Town. Reporter Naim Borges went up north to capture this wholesome initiative.

Suspected cannabis found on bus
Yesterday afternoon, around 1:15, police and other law enforcement officials were conducting a vehicle check point at mile 70 on George Price Highway.

BNN calls on GOB to revisit decision made about the Gill net Ban
Despite the lobbying by Oceana Belize and other NGO’s for a phase out of gillnets, the Government has yet to make a move in either direction. Today, the Belize Network of NGOs (BNN), via a press release, called on the Government to reconsider its decision and immediately convene a conversation to reconsider the coalition’s proposal. As you may recall, a $2 million alternative livelihood program was proposed to the Government to financially support registered fishermen transitioning away from Gillnets.

Man charged for murder of Punta Gorda resident
One man has been charged for the murder of Glenford Hines Jr and the shooting of Albert Valentine. 22-year-old Akeem Trapp, a resident of Flowers Bank, was the murder along with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm.

Valentine Baptist, Guilty of Murder
Valentine Baptist sat in the dock as Justice Colin Williams read his almost thirty-minute decision finding Baptist guilty of the murder of 19-year-old Devin Parham. In arriving at his decision, Justice Williams said that he was not persuaded by the accused statement from the dock claiming that someone whom he knew only by face handed him a firearm.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Commissioner of Police hosts community meeting in Succotz village
The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, is presently holding a community meeting with villagers in […]

Belize represented at regional business summit
EXPORTBelize, a technical unit of the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), is representing […]

Tropic Air marks 40th anniversary, opens new Caye Caulker office
From one three-seater charter plane to a full fleet of caravans, with routes across Belize […]

Belize and Belice: What’s in a name?
This week controversy erupted over the latest use of a name some Belizeans refuse to […]

NICH shares Christmas cheer in Orange Walk and Corozal
President of the National Institute of Culture and History, Sapna Budhrani, went spreading Christmas cheer […]


Luxury Beachfront Villas to Jungle Eco-Lodges
When you think of traveling to somewhere in the Caribbean, you automatically think of luxury, relaxation, white sandy beaches, and crisp blue oceans. But luxury doesn’t only mean being near a beach; staying in the Belize jungle offers an alternative experience of what we know as luxury. Luxury beachfront villas can normally be found in Southern Belize – Placencia & Hopkins have the most beautiful, white sugar-like sand that just warms your toes. Some of the islands in the North – Turneffe Island and Ambergris Caye also boast beautiful luxury resorts. The Cayo District in Western Belize is well known for its many eco-lodges and jungle resorts. However, some can be found in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts as they are all in close proximity to the Belize jungle.

End of the World Marathon
The 1st End of the World Marathon was established in 2012 to cover the 26 miles of beach-side terrain along the Placencia Peninsula in Southern Belize and celebrated its 8th Annual on December 8th, 2019. A scenic drive down the Hummingbird into the fully paved 27-mile road off the Southern Highway lands you on the Placencia Peninsula; the laid-back coastal destination hosts diverse dining options, accommodations, and quick access to inland and offshore adventures. Registered runners are recommended to arrive the day before for packet pick-up and dinner before the 5:30 am race start time.

Wintering Wahoo in Belize
Wahoo! The simple term can simultaneously describe a pelagic game fish and an expression of excitement for their ferocious run on the reel. Best known to sports fishermen for its high-speed chase and high-quality flesh, the Wahoo is a prized game fish species most concentrated in Belize during the cooler months of October – February. Belize brags some of the best Wahoo fishing in the Caribbean with landings often in high numbers; it’s high reproductive output and fast growth rate have buffered it from overfishing. And, it’s delicious.  Sometimes marketed by its Hawaiian name ‘Ono’ (meaning tasty), Wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) brags a pointed snout, narrow-body, and long dorsal fin with razor-sharp teeth, making it one of the fastest predators in the sea. As a pelagic fish, wahoo will inhabit open ocean waters (versus bottom dwellers such as snapper and grouper) and tend to congregate in schools.

International Sourcesizz

Ninety percent of predatory fish gone from Caribbean coral reefs due to overfishing
Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have found that up to 90 percent of predatory fish are gone from Caribbean coral reefs, straining the ocean ecosystem and coastal economy. The good news? They identified reefs, known as supersites, which can support large numbers of predator fishes that if reintroduced, can help restore the environmental and economic setback inflicted by overfishing. The work, led by former UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student Abel Valdivia working with John Bruno, a marine biologist at UNC College of Arts & Sciences, suggests that these supersites – reefs with many nooks and crannies on its surface that act as hiding places for prey (and attract predators) – should be prioritized for protection and could serve as regional models showcasing the value of biodiversity for tourism and other uses. Other features that make a supersite are amount of available food, size of reef and proximity to mangroves.

The Great Barrier Grief — and countless other marine disasters
In the last, wrenching episode of BBC’s Blue Planet 2, there’s a distressing moment when a young Australian diver, expert in his patch of the Great Barrier Reef, admits ‘I cried in my mask’ as he swam over an ossuary of recently bleached-out coral bones. Professor Callum Roberts’s memoir of a life devoted to the study of our oceans, and in particular their coral reefs, is a ravishing, alarming account of these underwater palaces of wonder, and the existential threat they face from humanity and our warming climate. Reefs take up just 0.1 per cent of our planet’s surface, yet provide home and breeding grounds for more than a quarter of all sea life. They are also the canaries in the carbon dioxide coal mine. As ocean temperatures rise, corals bleach and die, the tiny organisms that feed them (zooxanthellae) expelled from their chalky hosts. Further, the acidification of the seas weakens the very structures the coral relies on for support and reduces the amount of calcium carbonate available in the seawater to make new coralline homes.

Belize Real Estate Scam Defendant Denied Joint Defense Privilege
A defendant in an overseas real estate scam case who is representing himself has ten days to hand over documents to the Federal Trade Commission after a federal district court ruled that none of his communications with two other defendants are privileged. Andris Pukke’s arguments in favor of privilege are “novel” but “doubtful,” Judge Peter J. Messitte of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland wrote in a Dec. 10 opinion.


  • Snorkeling Trip / San Pedro / Belize, 3.5min.

  • Belize - Volunteering at ReefCI, 2min. ReefCI offers a hands-on marine conservation program: Education, Marine Research and - of course - hunting Lionfish! Thanks to ReefCI for an unbelizable time!

  • Krem Krismus Night 3, 2hr.

  • Belize City Hard Rock vs Solar Roots Brotherhood, finals game 1, 24min. This is what great bball is made of: Two powerhouse teams with determination, skill and that don't quit attitude come face to face.

  • Birding at Ambergris Caye, Belize, February 2016, 28min. The third of three videos from a holiday to Belize in February 2016, covering a stay at the luxurious Matachica Resort on Ambergris Caye from 16th-21st February. It focuses mainly on the birding there (which was surprisingly good) as well as a snorkelling session at Shark Ray Alley.