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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Police officers prepare for bike patrol
Officers attached to the San Pedro Police Formation are being trained for bicycle patrol. Members of the Tourism Police Unit are currently on bike patrol and to have more personnel available when needed, four police constables received training on Tuesday, December 10th. This took place at the Boca del Rio Park and was conducted by Sergeant and Head of the Operational Unit Samuel Gladden, along with police constable Harris Gabourel.

GOB turns down financial package for gill net transition, sets new regulation for fishing licenses
The Government of Belize (GOB) announced on Thursday, December 5th its intention to control and eventually phase out the use of gill nets in Belizean waters over the course of two years. This mechanism includes a moratorium on gill net licenses, restrictions on its importation based on licenses and usage in the southernmost waters of the country. Such a move by GOB was not well received by marine conservation organization entities like Oceana Belize, who believe the decision will allow for the continued practice of the destructive fishing method.

Tropic Air celebrates its most senior employees!
40 years of providing air service to Belize can only be achieved by having loyal, hard-working employees. Tropic Air Belize is happy to acknowledge its longest-standing staff members who have been an integral part of the growth of the company. John E. Greif III, President, and Steve Schulte, CEO, were pleased to join five of six employees who have worked at Tropic for well over 30 years for a quick photo op in preparation for their grand celebration!

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Boasts Second Largest Fire Truck Fleet In Country
The San Pedro Fire Department can now boast the second largest fleet of fire trucks in the country as a donation of twin trucks boosted its fleet to four fire trucks. The donation took place today, Thursday, December 12, 2019, at the San Pedro Fire Station where Hon. Edmund Castro, Hon. Manuel Heredia and Mayor Daniel Guerrero officially accepted the donation from Casa de la Caye Villas.

Various Belizean Sources


Topic is "The true meaning of Christmas" - Must attend High School in the Corozal District. 1st Prize $60 and 2nd Prize $40. Please read rules on the below flyer. Winners will be announced December 23rd, 2019. Email your submission to [email protected] by midday on Sunday, December 22nd, 2019 or drop off entries in envelope marked "The Bay Pulse" at Mama Lowes's on 4th Avenue (next to the public library) by midday December 21st, 2019.

First Form students from Belmopan Comprehensive High School visit the Olmec Roundabout
Today, First Form students from Belmopan Comprehensive High School visited the Olmec Roundabout to observe and learn more about the colossal Olmec head donated to Belize by the Embassy of Mexico in Belize. Many thanks to Amb. Carlos Quesnel for joining us and to his team, Ms. Paulina and Ms. Montserrat, for engaging with the students.

New Fire Trucks in San Pedro
On Thursday, December 12, 2019, The San Pedro Fire Station increased its fleet from two fire trucks to FOUR fire trucks, making it the second largest fleet in the country, since it received TWO fire trucks today that was donated by Mr. Brad Campbell and Mr. Mark Brakken from Casas de la Caye Villas. In a short ceremony, Pastor Clive Welsh offered an inspirational invocation, followed by Mayor Daniel Guerrero who welcomed everyone to the Handing Over event and expressed his sincere gratitude to Casas De La Caye Villas for their contribution towards the community.In his speech, the Mayor emphasized on the importance of these vehicles as one will be stationed in North Ambergris Caye and the other in South Ambergris Caye.

The Construction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Headquarters Building in Belmopan
Today, December 12, 2019, the Minister of Foreign Affairs received the second and final tranche of payment for the construction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Headquarters in the City of Belmopan. The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has partnered with the Government of Belize to provide the necessary funding for the construction of the 20,000 gross square footage modern and sustainable facility which is now 70% complete. It is anticipated that the building will be completed by June 2020.

Historic Launch - The Joint UH-UWI Center for Sustainable Development at the University of Havana, Cuba
The week of activity for the 47th Anniversary of Cuba-CARICOM Relations culminated with the opening of the Joint University of Havana - University of the West Indies Center for Sustainable Development of the Caribbean at the University of Havana. A similar center is intended for the Mona Campus in Jamaica. The joint campus initiative is the first of its kind for the University of Havana. Its significance is that it is with a Caribbean institution. The 291-year-old University of Havana is highly respected and has research links with many of the world’s leading institutions.

Quality Poultry Products Adopts Corozal Intersection Park
Release from QPP - "Quality Poultry Products is excited to present to you the newly transformed intersection park in Corozal Town. As a social partner we wanted to give back to the community of Corozal, as well as to demonstrate our commitment that we are here to stay! We thank the Corozal Town Council for allowing us the opportunity to adopt the intersection park".

Channel 7

Police Officer Is Wanted Man
Tonight police are looking for one of their own - reportedly after a few guns went missing from the precinct three station.   22 year old Police constable Nadir Mendoza from Santa Elena town is the subject of a wanted poster that went out this morning.   According to reports, he is a person of interest in relation to at least two guns which went missing from the Queen Street station.   The guns went missing over the weekend - and initial reports are that the constable was detained.

COMPOL Putting Out Citizen Security Fires On The Western Front
For the past two weeks we've been reporting on carjackings in the west - led most likely by cross border bandits pressing into border communities.   Well, police hope to put a stop to it.   This morning, a convoy of Police and BDF left Benque's police station and headed down the Arenal road.  Cherisse Halsall traveled to Benque and beyond to see what the cops are doing to thwart trans-national crime. It's been an intense two weeks for the people of Benque, Succotz, and the surrounding areas. 

COMPOL, Yes to Succotzeños Aggressive Neighborhood Watch
And what police are battling in Arenal - they are also fighting in Succotz.  The bandits have been operating between the two western villages and the town of Benque Viejo. As we told you last night, Succotz residents organized and armed themselves to expel bandits from their area. Now, some facebook accounts portrayed this in an exaggerated narrative, with clear racist undertones.  Compol Williams said he lent that no credence, but underscored his support of that kind of concerted community action:

Cop Who Choked Tillett On Interdiction
Compol Williams also commented on the story that's been much in the news recently.  It's the case of the police officer seen choking Anthony Tillett.  Williams says he's seen the video and action has been taken: Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "I did saw that video, and I will say it is disturbing and I have given instructions to professional standard's branch to move expeditiously with that matter. I know the officer has been placed on disciplinary charge and will be interdicted from duty. The complaint that Mr. Tillett, does not wish to proceed with criminal charges against the officer, so we're only proceeding internally against him and whenever that matter is disposed to the tribunal, then we will see where it goes from there..."

Civilian Complaint Review Committee Looking At Choking Complaint
And, another non-police oversight body has also been reviewing the case.  This morning, the rarely - heard - from Civilian Complaint Review Committee posted on its Facebook page that it yesterday reviewed complaints against the Police for November 2019. They looked at complaints from Jordy Usher of Georgeville, and the video of Anthony Tillett being assaulted. 

Fiery Traffic Fatality In Trinidad Village
A man on a motorcycle lost his life early this morning on the Trinidad/August Pine Ridge Road in the Orange Walk District. He is 25-year-old Leonardo Velasquez, and he crashed head-on into a trailer that was attached to a tractor. At today's police press briefing, the Deputy Head of the National Criminal Investigation's Branch discussed the deadly accident: Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero - Deputy Head, NCIB: "On Thursday, the 12th day of December 2019, at around 5:30 a.m., there was a fatal road traffic accident on the Trinidad/August Pine Ridge Road in Orange Walk..."

Fog Was A Factor In Fatality
But there was one significant factor that did contribute to the accident. And that is fog. An eyewitness told CTV-3 that at 5:00 this morning, the fog caused limited visibility. Ronald Castaneda's father was driving the tractor and he was on the trailer behind it: Ronald Castaneda - Eyewitness: "We came early this morning and the mist was thick and heavy, it was like about 5:00 in the morning and we came illuminating the area with our headlights and the tractor also had its lights to see the road but the mist was very strong. My dad was driving and I was coming in the trailer with the workers and we stopped to enter but we did not see any lights that were coming and my dad tried to enter to go to the cane field and the motorcycle crashed into the tractor and the unfortunately the man died."

Belama Burglars Came Across River
So, while the cops are trying to decide if they will bring charges for this morning's fatal accident, they continue to look for suspects for Monday afternoon's aggravated burglary in the Belama Phase 1 area of Belize City. As we reported, two females, a 22-year-old housekeeper and a 17-year-old minor were at a home on Samuel Haynes Street when armed burglars broke in and tied them up.  They also robbed a male employee on the way out.   What they didn't count on was that a vigilant neighbor was armed, and he opened fire on them as they tried to escape. They fired 2 shots back, dropped a suitcase full of stolen liquor in the process. 

Police Looking For Big H Robbers
The string of Christmas Holiday crimes continued yesterday in Belize City. A delivery man from Big H and his helpers were robbed of over a thousand dollars in company cash while they were on the job.  Police told us this morning, that the attackers pounced while the delivery man was make a sale to a grocery shop on Lacroix Boulevard:

Compol: Unreported Threats Leads to Deaths
Tonight both Densmore Bowman and Tariq Devon Lopez remain on the missing persons list. They are among a host of persons reported missing in recent weeks. Also among those were 18 year old, Micheal Cobo and 42-year-old Elito Puc, those men were found dead and terribly mutilated.  Indeed, it's getting to the point that the public presumes the missing to be dead within a week.  We spoke to Commissioner of police Chester Willams today after his Arenal Road tour to ask him about police strategies to locate missing persons. He told us that people are dying senselessly because they refuse to inform police of threats to their lives. 

Jasmin Was Killed By Stab Wounds
The family of 36 year old Jasmin Garcia finally got the results of the post mortem examination today. It found that Garcia received head trauma from multiple stab wounds. The family also says Garcia was not sexually assaulted. As we reported, Garcia was killed and her body dumped in the sea in Dangriga.

Belize Federation of Fishers Rejects Gillnet Regs
OCEANA, Will Maheai and NGO senator Osmany Salas have spoken out against the Government's position on gill nets, because it is not the full ban that conservationists were expecting. Well, the Belize Federation of Fishers has joined the chorus, stating quote, "Most fishers are of the view that the proposed changes do not go far enough and that the enforcement measures being taken will not be effective. We feel that a total ban is needed". It continues by saying, quote, "more than a dozen gill net fishers have indicated to the BFF that they are prepared to immediately give up their nets providing that alternatives are made available." 

Costly To Be Caught Fishing At a National Monument
And while illegal and unregulated fishing in Belize's waters - outside of gill nets - continues to happen to this day many fishers, both local and foreign get away with it.  But one Cowpen Village fisherman didn't. Diogines Gomez pleaded guilty to charges of illegal entry into a natural monument and illegal fishing when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts Anderson. 

SPU Boss Gets Big Extra Payment For September Special Duties
Our next story is about police overtime.  Well, not overtime, because cops don't make that. But during Easter, September celebrations and December, they do get paid for what's called payment "extraneous hours."  Basically, it's extra hours the cops work to keep criminals at bay while you celebrate.   But, tonight, there is scrutiny surrounding the Police Special Patrol Unit, and particularly its commander Superintendent of Police Aaron Gamboa. The so called "extraneous payments" made to him and his unit for September have been raising eyebrows.  In Gamboa's case - as commander he's claiming 211 "extraneous hours" in September.

Making Caribbean Sugar A Market Priority
For several months now, we've been telling you about the important meeting of the Caribbean Ministers of Trade at the Council for Trade and Economic Development or COTED for short. 
It is an important decision-making arm of CARICOM that specifically oversees the Caribbean trade market, and the major players in Belize's sugar industry were eagerly anticipating that it would take the necessary steps to promote the trade of regionally produced sugar within the Caribbean.  Well, a press release from the Sugar Association of Caribbean, of which Belize is a member, says that last month's COTED meeting saw positive developments.

Two More Firetrucks For San Pedro
If you watch the news with regularity, you will know that San Pedro has seen the most deadly fire disasters in Belize with multiple persons perishing in house fires over the years.   Well, finally, there is some relief.  2 Firetrucks were donated today by the owners of Casa de la Caye Villas.  At today's ceremony, Brad Campbell and Mark Bakken, who represented the donors, officially handed over the two fire trucks to a contingent of Government representatives.

Tropic Boss Opposes An Air Monopoly
And while San Pedro has two more Firetrucks - it's unlikely that they will have a new air carrier any time soon. And they don't need one.  The island is serviced very regularly by Tropic Air and Maya with dozens of flights a day.  Some say that the competition isn't sustainable - and there have been rumors for years that the two companies may have to consider a merger.  Tropic's CEO says it's not a good idea:… Jules Vasquez
"Are the air route, air ways, or skies in Belize, is it large enough for two major carriers like Tropic and Maya Island?"

Allegedly Tried To Rob Cop
Last week Tuesday, we told you about 31-year-old Dillon Diamond. The cops say that he's the parolee who tried to rob an off-duty police officer, and tonight, the man who was reportedly his accomplice is out on bail. He's 28-year-old Orlando Salazar, and he was arraigned today before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson the offense of attempted robbery. He pleaded not guilty to the offense, and he was released on bail of $5,000. He must return to court on February 13th, 2020.

Lights, Camera, Selfies?
If you are a selfie queen like many of us are - (and I won't call any names) you will know that lighting is everything. Well, it goes beyond lighting in photography. Mexican photographer Esdras Castillo is in Belize offering training for Belizean photographers. He is showing the participants all the camera tips and tricks to capture the best photos. The workshop started this afternoon at the Mexican Institute in Belize City. Here is more. Diego Sapien - Director, Mexican Cultural Institute: "It is going to be a two-day workshop for Belizean photographers in general people who are interested in photographic arts, to understand it a bit more and to do it in little tricks and manoeuvres of the camera to do it in a professional level."

The Inter American-Development Bank's Vice President, Alexandre Meira De Rosa, visited Belize this week to meet with top government officials and members of the private sector. He was here to discuss how the bank's partnership and cooperation with the Government and the private sector could be strengthened to ensure the country's continued sustainable development. 
The IDB Vice President was accompanied by Cassandra Rogers, the IDB Country Representative, and he paid a courtesy visit to Prime Minister Dean Barrow. The IDB executive also met with Joy Grant, the Governor of the Central Bank of Belize, to discuss the current macroeconomic and fiscal conditions in Belize. They also had meetings with key private sector partners to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Channel 5

Putting an End to the Guatemalan Bandits in the West
A surge in the theft of vehicles, mostly S.U.V.s, in the communities along the western border, has put the police and residents on high alert.  In the past few days, [...]

A Crime Fighting Strategy for the West
Forming part of today’s tour was Operations Commander, Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal. Vidal spoke to the leaders of representatives of the communities to get a better feel of things and [...]

A twenty-five year old dies when his motorcycle collided into a tractor
A horrible traffic accident early this morning claimed one life on a main thoroughfare. It happened in the village of Trinidad up north where a twenty-five year old resident on [...]

BDF Salaries to be Adjusted, Despite Delays
A salary adjustment for members of the Belize Defense Force has been long in the making, bringing up to par the wages of all three arms of the national security [...]

GOB Seeking to Recover Excess Monies Paid to BDF Soldiers
While some officers benefited from the initial payout resulting from the salary adjustment, many of them were overpaid and government is now seeking to recover the extras.   Isani Cayetano [...]

Ministry of Education says the BNTU has no lease or title to a parcel of land in Corozal
This evening, the Ministry of Education issued a lengthy statement in respect of a parcel of land in Corozal Town where it intends to build a pre-school. The land in [...]

ComPol holds public meeting in San Jose Succotz
Commissioner Chester Williams met with residents of Succotz on Wednesday night at a public meeting to discuss safety and security in the village. As we reported, villagers were frustrated and [...]

Officer Caught on Video Beating Man Placed on Interdiction
An internal investigation is underway into the brutal beat down of Anthony Tillett at the hands of police officers. Tillett was purchasing at a store on Faber’s Road, not too [...]

Cpl Darrel Usher Withdraws Challenge to Transfer
Well-known Corporal Darrel “Tutsi” Usher, of Belize City, has withdrawn his challenge regarding his transfer. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams directed the transfer of Usher from the Hattieville sub-station to [...]

Home Invasions in Belama on the Rise?
Armed thieves, believed to be residents of St. Martin’s area of Belize City, are said to be operating in a ring that has been involved in a number of aggravated [...]

Police Say They Are Seeking Two Suspects
The most recent incident was preceded by a similar home invasion a week ago on the same street, leading investigators to believe that a band of thieves may be targeting [...]

ComPol Williams Comments on Anisha Young
It’s been one year since twenty-two-year-old Anisha Young vanished without a trace. Her family has given up hope that she is alive and has been doing all they can to [...]

ComPol speaks on missing persons trend
In recent weeks there has been a number of persons reported missing – some of those men, the likes of Elito Puc, Michael Cobo and Jaswant Brooks, have been found [...]

A hefty fine for illegal fishing
A fisherman charged with illegal fishing took a guilty plea in court today. Forty-one- year-old Diogenes Murillo Gomez was caught fishing in a forbidden area and will have to pay [...]

Pizza driver is accused of robbery
A driver for Pizza Express, twenty-year-old Orlando Salazar, was arraigned on a charge of robbery before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson. He pleaded not guilty and was offered bail in the [...]

Big H Deliverymen Robbed on La Croix Boulevard
One more item on the crime blotter; a trio of deliverymen was held at gunpoint on Wednesday morning as they were delivering Big H products at a shop on La [...]

Saldivar believes there should be a ban on Gillnets
The decision by the government not to ban the use of gill nets is being defended by Minister John Saldivar. In a social media post on his page, Saldivar writes [...]

BFF Seeks Gillnet Ban Despite GOB’s Position
The Belize Federation of Fishers is the latest organization to come out against government’s decision not to discontinue the use of gillnets, despite a concerted effort by several stakeholder groups [...]

IDB conducts high level visit to Belize
There was a high level visit by representatives of the International Development Bank this week. Vice President Alexandre Meira da Rosa accompanied by Country Representative Cassandra, met with top government [...]

DFC treats Youth Hostel for Xmas!
Every year the D.F.C. spreads cheer for the Christmas season and today the Belize City branch office went to the Youth Hostel to spread some good tidings. They provided lunch [...]

Healthy Living looks at the serious problem of obesity among children
Obesity is listed as a chronic illness. Genetics, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle all contribute to being overweight and obese. But obesity can also lead to common diseases: diabetes, hypertension, heart [...]

The Reporter

Early Morning RTA In Orange Walk: Motorcyclist Died
There was a fatal traffic accident on the outskirts of Trinidad Village in the Orange Walk District at approximately 6am. this morning (Thursday, Dec. 12).

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Late night murder in Roaring Creek
Breaking Belize News (BBN) has confirmed that there was a late night murder that occurred […]

San Pedro/Ambergris Caye receives 2 more Fire Trucks
Today San Pedro and Caye Caulker received two more fire trucks. On hand to receive […]

Accused truck thief charged; Yohnny Rosado wants payback
By Aaron Hume: Twenty-three-year-old Armando Medina, former supervisor at Transparent BPO, is accused of the theft of a […]

Conservatives forecast to win UK general election and proceed with Brexit
Exit polls released at 10 p.m. UK time (4 p.m. Belize time) have predicted a […]

New Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Belmopan almost complete
Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington received the second and final tranche of […]

Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries calls on gillnet fishers to voice their concerns
The Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries issued a statement today adding to the ongoing and controversial […]

The Annual Christmas Bird Count
By Carolee Chanona: Rooted in bird conservation, the annual bird census brings participants of all ages and experiences […]

Case dropped against one of two men accused of murder
Justice Colin Williams released Lenford Harris Jr., 22, one of two brothers charged with the murder […]

Commissioner discusses crime-fighting strategies with residents in Western Belize
Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams hosted a community meeting last night in San Jose Succotz […]

Belize Federation of Fishers pressure for gillnet ban
The Belize Federation of Fishers (BFF) issued a statement today informing that it held an […]

Short Term Financial Solutions From A Focused Customer Company
With regulatory bodies and international monetary agencies tightening the noose of compliance on traditional finance companies, short term […]


A Peek at Tropic Air’s New Caye Caulker Terminal on Their 40th Anniversary
The flight between the islands is maybe my favorite “tour” in Belize. Couple the view with the excitement of being back in Belize? There is no better way to get to your destination. You can see the old terminal in the forefront of this picture. And behind it…THE NEW! Modern and sleek but low-key and natural. I’m a giant fan and, if you know me, I don’t like change! This change, I like. Big windows to watch the planes and enjoy the view. Inside is not 100% ready yet – really just some finishing touches and finishing the bathrooms. Spoiler alert: these might be the nicest bathrooms in the country. Seriously.

10 Reasons To Retire In Belize
If you’re from North America or Europe, you may be looking for a nice place to retire that offers features that you can’t get in your home country. Belize is becoming an increasingly popular place to retire for people from North America and Europe due to several factors. Here are the top ten reasons to choose Belize as a retirement destination:

Bicycles In Belize
Belize conjures up images of sand, sea, rainforests, and Maya pyramids. While this is true, have you ever stopped to contemplate how we get around or what sports we enjoy? What about cars and other modes of transport? The bicycle has been a staple in the daily life of Belizeans since colonial times. Many years ago, they were used because they were cheaper than cars and distances were short. Even children used to ride to school, as adults rode to work. Today, the bicycle is a vital aspect of our lives, and has different meanings and uses to everyone.

The Final Holiday Boat Parade
Celebrating its 13th Anniversary in 2019, the annual Holiday Boat Parade is a popular tradition amongst tourists and San Pedranos alike, usually held in the first weekend of December. As the evening reveals its picturesque sunsets, guests begin to position themselves for a front-row into darkness on the island’s waterfront while pre-registered boats ‘line up’ behind the leading jet-ski for the 2-hour display. Boats are free to decorate as they please in an effort to vie for over $10,000 BZD in cash prizes, thanks to numerous local donors and sponsors that have ensured the event’s continuation.

International Sourcesizz


Explore these pristine, little-known Maya ruins
National Geographic features Belize's Maya history in video! "Deep in the jungles of Belize you'll find the largest Maya city in the region.

Belize’s low property prices lure US buyers
It will be turkey with trimmings at David Green and Elaine Thwaite’s house this Christmas — cooked by Elaine’s son Jack, previously a chef at Scott’s in Mayfair, London. This traditionally English-sounding affair, however, will take place deep in the Mayan jungle in Belize, where Green and Thwaite run the Hidden Haven resort in the Cayo district’s San Ignacio. They paid $300,000 for the 15-acre resort, which includes two main houses and cabanas for holiday lets. “The hardest elements have been opening a bank account, due to money-laundering checks, finding good workmen and learning to be more laid-back, because most people here are,” says Green. “But we live just 20 minutes from the capital, Belmopan, we have hundreds of Mayan ruins to explore, wonderful beaches and the world’s second-largest barrier reef.”

Tiffany Trump returns to snowy New York after Belize trip
‘The cold never bothered me anyway!‘ Tiffany Trump returns to snowy New York after spending two weeks on a romantic spring break trip in Belize with boyfriend Ross Mechanic. While New Yorkers were experiencing the last few weeks of winter, Tiffany spent the past two weeks exploring the jungles of Belize. The couple filled their days with adventurous activities, including zip-lining and snorkeling, and Tiffany happily shared photos and videos throughout their trip. One underwater photo sees Tiffany wearing her snorkeling gear while swimming up to the camera, which was presumably being held by Ross. The two also posed for a picture while swimming in the ocean, and the image sees them with their arms wrapped around each other, smiling from ear to ear.


  • Test run of the fire trucks in San Pedro, 11min.

  • On Thursday, December 12th, the San Pedro Fire Department received two additional fire trucks!, 15sec.

  • Two More Fire Trucks for San Pedo, Ambergris Caye, 1min.

  • A week with Reef Ci in Belize, 8min. Marshall University's Tropical Ecology 2019 spent two weeks in Belize. After a quick trip to Tikal the class went to BFREE ( for a rain forest experience. The coral reef portion of the trip was spent with ReefCi on Tom Owens Caye. The island is less than 100 m long and is surrounded by reef.


  • 12 Days of Christmas, 2.5hrmin.

  • Krem Krismus Night 4, 2hr.

  • San Pedro Residents Participate in Procession in Honor of Virgin of Guadalupe, 3min.

  • Belize, The Sleeping Giant and Itza Resort Diving, November 2019, 21min.

  • Green Iguana Project - Belize, 5.5min. Inside the San Ignacio Hotel in the Cayo district of Belize, is the Green Iguana Conservation Project. We took the tour and learned a lot about the conservation efforts of the Green Iguana which is endangered in Belize.


  • Lool-Ha at El Festival del Pueblo in San Lazaro, 1/2min. Lool-Ha is a dance group from the village of San Pablo.