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The San Pedro Sun

The Ministry of National Security Advises the Public about Appropriate Conduct Regarding the Belize National Forensic Science Service
The public is advised that the Belize National Forensic Science Service (NFSS) is a Government Department under the Ministry of National Security. The NFSS is tasked with collecting and analyzing exhibits from crime scenes, accident scenes, conducting post mortem examinations according to forensic inspection and testing standards, and producing certified reports detailing their collection and/or analysis of items. Members of the public are not required to pay any fee or other forms of compensation to public officers employed by the NFSS for performance of their government mandated duties mentioned above

CCJ allows appeal, no fraud by Caye Bank and Nagel
In the course of oral argument before the CCJ, the parties came to an agreement. With the consent of the parties and having considered that there were no sustainable bases for a finding of fraudulent misrepresentation, the CCJ ordered that the appeal be allowed, and the decision of the Court of Appeal be set aside. Further, on the issue of breach of contract, the court ordered that the matter be remitted to the Supreme Court for assessment of damages to be heard by a judge of that court. The matter of costs is to be decided at a later stage. The Court was comprised of the Hon. Justice Wit, Hon. Justice Anderson, Hon Justice Rajnauth-Lee, Hon. Justice Burgess and the Hon. Justice Jamadar.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Police Keeping Guns Off The Streets
San Pedro Police are working hard on keeping La Isla Bonita safe and have conducted several patrols and as a result they have successfully arrested and charged several individuals for having a firearm without proper licenses. On Thursday, December 12th, 2019, about 6:00 a.m., Police was conducting patrol in the Northern San Pedro, as a result, they conducted searches on Marcus Garcia 25-year-old, Belizean maintenance worker of 10 miles North of San Pedro Town, the search resulted in the discovery of (1) One Chrome .38 revolver Smith & Wesson brand and (4) .38 live round of ammunition.

Love FM Spreading Christmas Cheer
Hundreds of island residents and tourists lined up the streets of San Pedro on Sunday, December 15, 2019, to witness of the most cheerful parades of the year, the Love FM's Christmas Parade. It is without a doubt one of the season's most anticipated events as participants spread Christmas cheer and share candies and other goodies.

Various Belizean Sources


Belize Represented at IAEA Project Coordination Meeting
In coordination with International Atomic Energy (IAEA), Belize is attending the First Project Coordination Meeting for Improving Regional Testing Capabilities and Monitoring Programmes for Residues/Contaminants in Foods Using Nuclear/Isotopic and Complementary Techniques from December 16-21, 2019. The regional project is expected to improve food safety in Belize for the protection of the domestic market and public health. This will be done through the strengthening of national capacities for risk assessment and increased monitoring programmes for pesticides residues and contaminants in priority commodities.

The Ministry of National Security Advises the Public about Appropriate Conduct Regarding the Belize National Forensic Science Service
The public is advised that the Belize National Forensic Science Service (NFSS) is a Government Department under the Ministry of National Security. The NFSS is tasked with collecting and analyzing exhibits from crime scenes, accident scenes, conducting post mortem examinations according to forensic inspection and testing standards, and producing certified reports detailing their collection and/or analysis of items. Members of the public are not required to pay any fee or other forms of compensation to public officers employed by the NFSS for performance of their government mandated duties mentioned above.

BTB Kiosks - Christmas Festivities


Mr. Lucio Guerrero passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its most sincere condolences to the Guerrero friends and family on the passing of Mr. Lucio Guerrero. The Town of San Pedro has lost a true pioneer and a devotee of his faith, and love for his island. We hope his family finds the strength in each other to overcome this great loss. May his soul rest in peace.

A interesting view of the Census of the 2010 in Belize showing our People who continue identifying as Yucatec
A interesting view of the Census of the 2010 in Belize showing our People who continue identifying as Yucatec Mayas(Maya,Masewal,Maya Masewal,Mayero etc) and also who can speak the Yucatec Maya language by district. In the year 1991 around 5,686 warriors identify as Yucatec Maya(Máasewal) and in the year 2000 around 3,155 warriors identify as Yucatec Maya our numbers are decreasing .

Channel 7

Elderly Couple Killed In Orange Walk - Son's Whereabouts Unknown
Tonight, Orange Walk Town is reeling after a well-known, well-liked and law abiding couple were stabbed to death in their home. Rafael Huezo Sr and Nancy Huezo were killed sometime between Friday night and this morning - when they were found in an advanced state of decomposition. Our colleagues at CTV-3 were first on the scene - and we have this report: For Orange Walk residents, it was an unbelievable scene as the bodies of a well-known couple were carried out of their home on Stadium Street in body bags.

Village Vigilantes Unleash Brutality on City Robbers
And keeping it in the Orange Walk District, a mob of vigilantes doled out some harsh village justice on two Belize City men - who allegedly came to their village to rob. It was an unbelievable scene that started around 7:15 when two men in camouflage outfits held up the village grocer. They were caught a short time after in a scary and unforgettable scene. Here's the story: This was the scene on Friday night when two men robbed Zhen Zhen store in Guinea Grass. ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Friday last, police responded to a robbery at Zhen Zhen store in Guinea Grass, shortly after 9:20 p.m..."

Another Burnt Up Drug Plane - This Time It's Sarteneja
Another suspected drug plane has landed in northern Belize, and this one was also burnt up. But, this one didn't land on some bushy improvised airstrip - it was on a proper paved runway in the village of Sarteneja. Police told us they got the call at around 5:00 and found the plane on fire - with its contents gone: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "This morning, shortly after 5 a.m., Corozal Police were called to the Sarteneja area where, on the Sarteneja Airstrip, a burnt aircraft, twin-engine, was seen on the airstrip, still engulfed in flames. A search conducted on the area revealed several items, empty buckets, and other paraphernalia."

NICH Park Ranger Killed In Cruel Accident
Belizean roadways have seen a multitude of fatal accidents in the last month. And over the weekend, four more lives were lost. And in one of the most horrific accident of the weekend, a man was run over not once, but twice, according to his family. It happened on Saturday morning at around 12:30 on the Bullett Tree Road when 30-year-old Park Ranger Manuel Ye had an accident and Santos Navarro and an Uncle of his came to the aid of. That's when all three men became victims of a bizarre accident. Here's more: A father and husband was killed in an alleged hit and run on Friday night. Manuel Ye was headed home from San Ignacio on the Bullet Tree Road when he fell from his motorcycle. Before long a taxi driver and his uncle stopped to help him, but before they could leave the scene of Ye's minor accident, all three men were hit by another vehicle.

Bowman's Body Found, Closure For Family
The family of 34 year old Belmopan resident Densmore Bowman can breathe a sad sigh of relief tonight: Bowman's body was finally found this morning after 10:00 near mile 25 on the George Price Highway. A post mortem examination found that he had been chopped to death. Sure, it's the absolute worst kind of discovery to find their loved one decomposed in a shallow grave, but for Bowman's family, it represents closure. Bowman had been missing for 17 days, from November 29th. The family found some clues two weeks ago at mile 24 but they had no idea that if they had just walked a mile ahead, they would have found his body sooner. Courtney Weatherburne was out on the scene and has this story.

Police Say It's John Doe
This morning at the press briefing in Belmopan, police didn't have much new to share since the information was just coming in that human remains had been found. We'll keep following the case to see if police make any arrests.

A(nother) Murder In Hattieville
And down the road in Hattieville, a man was ambushed and killed at a Farmer's Site house on Saturday night. 33 year old Phillip Roberts also known as Jonathan had been renting the house to someone else and was just there on Saturday evening with his girlfriend enjoying a meal. That is when two gunmen pounced on him. Here is more from police. Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero - Deputy Head, NCIB: "On Saturday, the 14th day of December 2019, around 8:03 p.m., police responded to a shooting incident in the Farmer's Site area of Hattieville. Upon their arrival, they found Phillip Roberts, 33 years-old, with gunshot injuries..."

Narrative of an Ambush
And we also spoke to one of Roberts' girlfriends who was inside the home when the shots rang out. We also spoke to his sister off camera. Roberts leaves behind 2 daughters. He died on the way to the hospital. The post mortem is scheduled for Friday.

Shooting Victim Survives Night On The Side of A Picado Road
So, while Hattieville police are investigating the Roberts murder, they must also determine what was behind the shooting of a Belize City man. It is believed that his assailant or assailants shot him last night and left him for dead on an unnamed road. He's 37-year-old Brian Harris, who's a resident of Belama in Belize City, but according to police, they found him this morning suffering from multiple gunshot injuries on a picado road off mile 17 and a half on the George Price Highway. It is unclear why Harris was in the vicinity of Hattieville.

Man Crashes Into Lamppost and Dies
22-year-old Jaime Williams died in an accident just before 10:00 last night. It happened at the junction of Trapiche road and Loma Luz Boulevard. Williams was driving from San Ignacio to Santa Elena town. But something went wrong and he slammed into a lamp-post which caused the vehicle to flip and his body to be flung into the roadside bushes. Today his family visited the scene of the unbelievable accident.

Teenager Dies When Dad's Van Has A Blowout
And in the south, a 15-year-old student lost her life on Sunday morning while she and her family were heading back to their home village of Bella Vista. Sometime before 1:00 a.m. yesterday, Shelmadine Coc was traveling with 34-year-old Santiago Coc Sr., 14-year-old Jonathan Coc, 12-year-old Santiago Coc Jr., 2-year-old John Coc, and Teresa Chok. Police believe that Coc Sr had a blowout - which caused the van to flip. Although everyone in the vehicle suffered varying degrees of injuries, Shelmadine Coc was the most severely hurt. She passed away on the scene.

Friday's Fatality Came First
Turning now to the Stann Creek District, we have an update on the accident we first told you about on Friday. A 60-year-old Dangriga resident died in that collision at mile 13 on the Stann Creek Valley Road. She was in a Toyota Highlander SUV - which crashed head on into a chevy passenger van. Police say the accident happened on a curve: ACP Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB: "On Friday the 13th of December sometime around 3:30 pm, Dangriga police were called to an area between miles 12 and 13 on the Hummingbird Highway where they arrived at the seen of an accident..."

Apparent Drowning in Crooked Tree
And in another kind of weekend accident, a woman apparently drowned in Crooked Tree Village. She's 34-year-old Diana Emerita Pott Jones, and her body was discovered at around 9:00 on Saturday morning. There were no signs of violence on her body, which lines up with initial police investigation into her death. The cops told us today that she was last seen swimming in the lagoon on Friday evening at around 5:00. Here's are few more details from the Assistant Police Commissioner Joseph Myvette:

Police Seeking Well Known Suspect For Timroy Neal Murder
On Friday's news, we told you about the ruthless street execution of 28-year-old Timroy Neal, a resident of Roaring Creek Village. Surveillance cameras from the Lucky Entertainment Store in Roaring Creek captured the entire murder which happened at around 10:00 last Thursday night. He was walking toward the store when a gunman arrived on a motorcycle. That assailant ran up behind him and shot him before he could react. When he fell to the pavement, the shooter then immediately took the opportunity to shoot him 6 more times before fleeing the scene.

Cricket Women's Team Starred in Costa Rica
Belize's first all-female cricket team to travel internationally has returned with Gold from the Mid-Season International Tour in Costa Rica. They play six games against three teams from Costa Rica - and lost only one. It's an incredible outcome in the first international outing for Belize's Women Cricket Team. And even more so because organized cricket for women just recently started up in Belize. We were at the airport to greet them on their return this afternoon:

Another Guatemalan Gold Panner
Last Thursday, Chiquibul forest rangers busted a trio of Guatemalan gold panners in Ceibo Chico. But, two escaped and the Joint Forces Unit detained one of them. He is Santos David Xol Yat, a 30 year old Guatemalan national, resident of Monte Los Olivos, Peten, Guatemala. He was one of two Guatemalans in a creek at the foothill of the Chiquibul-Maya Mountains, 5 miles within Belize. One of them had a shovel in his hand, and the other had an iron bar which both of them were using to dig inside the creek.

6 Guns Off the Street in San Pedro
Police took a total of 6 guns off the streets of San Pedro in just a few hours on Thursday. We told you about the first bust on Friday, when the cops got three guns in an early morning operation. They found one on Marcus Garcia, another on Alex Matura, and another on Matthew Moses. Well, later that day, island police conducted an operation where they got three weapons.

How Were They Going To Use Molotov's?
You've heard a whole lot from today's press briefing, but the police didn't want to talk about this: three roughly made Molotov cocktails. They were found inside a car that police stopped because it was going against traffic on Fair-weather Street.

Belmopan Teen Missing
Even though the final days of 2019 are almost here, residents will definitely remember all of those missing person cases this year which resulted in disturbing murders. And so, families of two more missing persons are anxious to locate them as soon as possible. 17-year-old Damion Bregal, a resident of Cayo Street in Belmopan, left his family house last week Friday evening, and since then, he hasn't been seen or heard from.

Jahira Avoiding Her Family?
AND, Another Belmopan family is worried about their missing 16-year-old teenager. She's Jahira Martinez, a resident of Uruguay Street, and she was last seen last Friday morning at around 7:30. At today's press briefing, Police said that they are looking for her, but they have received information that she may be purposefully avoiding her family.

Teenaged Minor Shot On Seagull
And, finally, a teenager was shot on Seagull Street on Saturday night. Kamron Adolphus, and Rasaan Leslie were both shot by a gunman on a bicycle.

Channel 5

The bodies of an elderly couple is found at their home on Stadium Street
With the clock ticking toward the Christmas holiday, the past weekend turned out to be a bloody one for families across Belize as the incessant murder count keeps going upward [...]

OW Couple’s Death is a Murder Investigation
The discovery of the bodies of husband and wife couple, Rafael and Nancy Huezo, rocked Orange Walk this morning.  According to police, Nancy had what appeared to be an injury [...]

Phillip Roberts is Dispatched in a Hail of Bullets in Farmers Site
There was another murder over the weekend. On Saturday night, shortly after eight o’clock, police were called to Farmer’s Site in Hattieville, Belize District where another murder took place two [...]

Brian Harris Survives Near-fatal Attack in Hattieville
This morning, also in Hattieville, residents made a shocking discovery when they found thirty-seven-year-old Brian Harris with multiple gunshot wounds along a makeshift path off the George Price Highway. Harris [...]

Body of Densmore Bowman Found in Shallow Grave
The family of Densmore Bowman finally has closure; Densmore had been reported missing since November twenty-ninth, when he left his house in the Young Bank area of Belmopan to collect [...]

Another Suspected Drug Plane Lands in Sarteneja
A burning aircraft believed to have been laden with an undetermined quantity of drugs was discovered this morning on an airstrip in Sarteneja Village.  According to police, they were notified [...]

Woman found dead in Crooked Tree Lagoon
Thirty-four-year-old Diana Pott Jones was found floating in the lagoon in Crooked Tree on Saturday morning just after nine o’clock. There are multiple reports circulating about what may have happened [...]

The BPM and IP challenge the Lection and Boundaries Commission for violating the Constitution
Тhіѕ morning, Сhіеf Јuѕtісе Kеnnеth Веnјаmіn hеаrd frоm the Belize Peace Movement  and the Vision Inspired by the People in their case against thе Еlесtіоnѕ аnd Воundаrіеѕ Соmmіѕѕіоn in which [...]

Attorney says he is pushing case ahead of the general elections
The case is being heard by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin in the Supreme Court. Deputy Solicitor General Samantha Matute-Tucker is representing the Attorney General. Saldivar was asked if he was [...]

The BPM explains lack lustre turnout at event
When the representatives of the Belize Peace Movement exited the court, they were also asked about the disappointing turnout at a recent rally at Battlefield Park in Belize City to [...]

Villagers respond to robbery in Guinea Grass
A robbery in Guinea Grass on Friday night played out in the village when several residents took matters into their own hands to hunt down the culprits. Police captured the [...]

Tragedy hits Silk Grass family; toddler dies in fire
There is tragic news from the Stann Creek District. A two-year old boy was killed in a fire this afternoon in the village of Silk Grass. The child was inside [...]

Belize City Man Dies in Traffic Accident in Santa Elena Town
A number of persons lost their lives in traffic fatalities. Twenty two year old Jaime Enrique Williams lost his life as a result of a traffic accident on Sunday night. [...]

One Dead in Bullet Tree Road Traffic Accident
A man tragically lost his life on Saturday morning after he was ran over on the Bullet Tree Road, Cayo. It was about twelve-forty when police in San Ignacio Town [...]

Dangriga Resident Loses Life on Stann Creek Valley Road
Dangriga resident, sixty year old Lydia Weller, was also a victim of a traffic accident on Friday afternoon on the Stann Creek Valley Road. That fatality happened at around three-thirty [...]

A truck laden with electrical poles overturns on the Hummingbird
There was also another traffic incident on the Hummingbird Highway. Around two thirty this afternoon, a truck transporting electrical poles overturned and ended belly up. The driver was reportedly trapped [...]

Dr. Lisa Johnson is UB’s Dean of Health Sciences
Doctor Lisa Johnson has been named as UB’s Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences. According to a press release from UB, as dean, Johnson will lead development and implementation [...]

Fragments of Hope reseeding and replanting Belize’s reef
Fragments of Hope is a non-profit community-based organization that has been working to respond to coral reef challenges by re-seeding and re-planting the reef with diverse and resilient corals. There [...]

Two Belize City Youths are Shot on Seagull Street
Aside from the bloody murders, a couple of persons were injured in shootings.  Two young men, sixteen and nineteen-years-old, was attacked in Belize City on Saturday night, as they stood [...]

Missing Teens Reported in Belize City and Belmopan
The families of two missing teenagers in Belize City and Belmopan are trying desperately to locate them in good health after they disappeared on Friday in both municipalities.  Sixteen-year-old Jahira [...]

No Compassion for Mark Faber on Compassion Lane
There was another shooting incident, this time in Ladyville on Friday morning, in which Mark Faber was shot in the leg by someone who accosted him while walking along Compassion [...]

James Adderly has the sporting events of the weekend
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities...]

The Reporter

Phillip Roberts Of Hattieville – So Many Unsolved Murders
A man murdered in Hattieville last night (Saturday, Dec. 14th.) has been identified as Phillip Roberts, 33.

Elderly Couple Found Murdered In Orange Walk
The bodies of elderly watch repairman Rafael Hueso and his wife Nancy are currently being removed from their home on Stadium Street in Orange Walk Town.

Another Drug Plane Landed, Wee Hours – This Morning
Police are en-route to an area near Sarteneja in northern Belize where we are told another drug plane landed early this morning.


Guinea Grass residents protect their community against thieves
It made the news last week when a pair of robbers went to Guinea Grass Village, Orange Walk District and were met with more than they expected. The Guinea Grass residents did not take the idea of criminal intrusion into their village lightly and as a result they took matters into their own hands and apprehended the two men.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Final farewell for Hipolito Bautista
Final services were held for 69-year-old Hipolito Bautista of Belmopan this past Saturday, after his death […]

Another act of violence on Compassion Lane, Ladyville
For years the area that encloses Compassion Lane and Marage Road in Lardyville has been an […]

No suspects in Seagull Street double shooting
There have been no arrests or leads in a shooting that almost claimed the life of […]

Post mortem to determine cause of Diana Jones’ death
Investigators are awaiting the results of a post mortem examination to determine the cause of […]

Police: Phillip Roberts killed in ongoing rivalry
We had previously reported on the murder of Phillip Roberts, 33. Today police claimed that his […]

Brian Harris shot last night, found this morning
Last night gunshots rang out in Hattieville. When police patrolled the area they found no one […]

Guatemalan gold panner busted in Ceibo Chico
On Thursday, December 12, a Joint Forces Unit patrol based at Ceibo Chico Conservation Post in […]

Fire in Silk Grass claims toddler’s life
Earlier today, BBN reported on a house fire in Silk Grass village. Sources have confirmed […]

Redistricting constitutional challenge advances to case management
This morning Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin heard from claimants against the Elections and Boundaries Commission as […]

Caribbean Tire coming to Punta Gorda: bringing huge discounts with it
Caribbean Tire is celebrating the opening of its new branch in Punta Gorda with a […]

Special Envoy for Women and Children visits Pope Francis
Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow participated in the pastoral visit of […]

Elderly couple found murdered inside OW home, police seeking relative as possible suspect
Authorities are seeking a relative of Rafael Hueso and his wife, Nancy, who may be […]

Body found believed to be that of missing Belmopan man
Sources have confirmed to Breaking Belize News that a man’s body was found this morning […]

Taiwan in the eyes of a Belizean student abroad
Benque Viejo native, Asuncion Martinez is a Belizean student and recipient of an International Cooperation and Development Fund […]

Two persons found dead inside home in Orange Walk
Reports to Breaking Belize News is that a couple was found dead inside their home […]

Ministry of National Security advises public not to pay members of Belize National Forensic Science Service
The Ministry of National Security issued a statement today advising that the Belize National Forensic […]

Traffic accident in Santa Elena claims life of Jaime Williams
A road traffic accident on La Loma Luz Boulevard in Santa Elena has claimed the […]


Aqua Sushi Restaurant – an example of the ever-evolving culinary arts of Belize
Aqua Sushi and Steakhouse at Grand Caribe is a prime example of just how much our local chefs have grown. Chef Samuel Gonzalez Jr. (Samii) is a fantastic success story of a young man who moved his way through the kitchen to become an executive chef, with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the cooking sanctum. His mind is always working, and as he tastes food wherever he goes, he has lots of ideas on how to re-create, improve, re-design or replicate. It’s no surprise that when he was trained to take on sushi that he would pass the test with flying colors!

Coffee and Pastries/Belize City
Le Petite Café: This quaint coffee house is in what might be the most beautiful part of Belize City, fringed by the sea and in an iconic colonial neighborhood. BakeD: This coffee house is the new kid on an old block. It is in the King’s Park area, a block west of Princess Margaret Drive, on a lovely, residential corner across from a park in a tranquil neighborhood. Martha’s Café: This lovely colonial house has a wrap-around verandah overlooking Belize Harbour. The view is second-to-none, and near to a park and the Baron Bliss Lighthouse.

Touring the Mennonite Communities of Belize
In 1957, several Mennonite communities were living in Mexico. The Mexican government had recently changed the law to allow Mennonites to be drafted into the army. The Mennonites realized they needed a new home. The Mennonites made a deal with the government of Belize. The Mennonites would help Belize produce a wide variety of agricultural and dairy products, and in return, they could practice their religion free from persecution. Their children would never be drafted or sent to war. In 1958, the Mennonites established their first community in the community of Spanish Lookout in the Cayo District.

The British: A Brief History
History can be compared to a river rushing over all the events that lie like rocks in its path, swirling around and coming back for a second look at only those with the biggest impact. This is especially true of the British influence in modern-day Belizean culture. So many aspects of everyday life in Belize are directly attributed to British tenure that it’s easy to take them for granted. However, Britain’s early occupation, and then colonization, is one of the reasons Belize remains unique among all the countries of Central America.

International Sourcesizz

The Best Hotels and Resorts in the Caribbean and Atlantic Islands: The 2020 Gold List
Congratulations to Turtle Inn for being in Condé Nast Traveler 2020 Gold List!

To help overcome the threats facing our oceans, these ocean-loving A-listers are leading the way in marine conservation. Find out which stars are doing their bit to help the environment and save our planet's seas.

Below Caribbean waves, ‘a huge disaster’: Stony coral tissue loss disease attacks reefs
A malady called stony coral tissue loss disease has been raging since 2014 through reefs under the deceptively calm blue paradise of the Caribbean. In five years, it has wreaked devastation on the fragile coral ecosystems that are at risk of extinction from the effects of climate change. The disease has ravaged the entire Atlantic reef off Florida, spread across parts of the Caribbean and has recently been reported near Belize in Central America. “It is a huge disaster that’s going on underneath the waves,” says Karen Neely, a coral ecologist at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. “This is on the level of the Amazon burning. It is on the level of a disease that’s wiping out all of America’s forests.”

Belize women’s cricket team makes history by winning first three matches against Costa Rica
The national women’s team of Belize made history by winning its first three international games of cricket. Belize Women have won the first three games played against Costa Rica Women. The women’s cricket team of Belize is currently on a tour of Costa Rica. They are playing 6 T20Is against the hosts as part of this tour. All the matches are recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and supported by ICC and the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA). The venue for all of the matches is the Los Reyes Polo Club in Guácima. Belize have won the first three games played in the tour. Belize Women thus have made history. They played their first-ever international match, and have managed to win the first three games of the series as well. Costa Rica won the fourth game whereas Belize won the 5th and 6th T20Is to win the series 5-1.

Deeper Green Biodegradable Belize Book
Photographer Colin Dodgson has a picture book out featuring pictures from all over Belize. 100% of profits from the sale of ‘Deeper Green’ will be donated to the World Land Trust to help protect and preserve endangered animal habitats around the world, acre by acre. Can't wait to see this book. More pictures from the book can be found in the

W Magazine interview

. And here in this gallery, and here, and here. "‘Deeper Green’ is a collection of images made by photographer Colin Dodgson whilst traveling through Belize in December of 2018. Working in collaboration with the World Land Trust on the occasion of their 30th anniversary, Dodgson and WLT ambassador Jonny Lu travelled to the Central American country to gain insight into the organisations working on the ground and on the front line of sustainability and conservation in the region.


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  • Renewing a Belize Passport, 15min. Useful information you might need when renewing a Belize passport.

  • Marie Sharp's Habanero Sauce - Proud Products Of Belize, 1min.

  • A jam session with the 501 Genesis Band, 10min.

  • Belize Electricity Limited wishes you a happy and safe Holiday Season, 1.5min.

  • The Bridge Trance-spiration Video, 4min. Ignite Ltd. put together a video that perfectly captures the wild time that 'trancespired' at The Bridge rave. The Bridge 2019! Dance party on a bridge in Belmopan, Belize by electronic music label, Mind and Me Music. A BIG Thank You to Jahmai Trapp from Ignite Ltd. for this beautiful capture.

  • Vacation to Maruba Beach in San Pedro Belize, 10min. We take a trip to the hidden beach. Maruba Beach in San Pedro Belize. We get our hair braided, had some yummy smoothies and something else...

  • Corozal, Belize Central Park - Christmas Decor, 2.5min. The little town of Corozal pride's itself for their beautiful, bright and colorfully lit Central Park. During the Christmas Season, it is beautifully decorated and illuminated with Christmas lights and decorations. It has one of the biggest Christmas trees in the entire country of Belize. This is but a short preview of what the park looks like. Video or photographs alone cannot capture the true beauty of it. You need to personally experience it to capture the essence of its beauty

  • Accion Deportiva, 60min.

  • Swimming with Sharks! Ambergris Caye Belize 4K, 3min. This year we explore the beautiful waters of Belize for our Christmas holiday vacation... see all the fun we had along the way!

  • Maya in Belize Ground rights, 5min.

  • Belize 2019 Our Adventure on Coco Plum Island Part 3, 25min. Part 3 of our vacation of a lifetime on Coco Plum Island in Belize ! Join us for a day of paddle boarding and a night of drunken Karaoke ! Plus lots more beaches and bikinis !

  • Santa Rita Mayan ruin in Belize, 18min. Archaeologist believe that Santa Rita is almost certainly the ancient city of Chetumal and was occupied from 2000 BC to 1530 AD, with its primary importance in the Late Post Classic Period from 1350-1530 when it was an important center for the trade of honey, vanilla, cacao and anchiote to the northern Yucatan and other locations. The breadth of the trade that flourished in Santa Rita is evidenced by findings at the site that include Andean pottery from the Late Classic Period and turquoise jewelry from the Aztecs.