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The San Pedro Sun

(RRR) Air Evac Emergency Response donates medical supplies to San Pedro
Today, Tuesday, December 17th, the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II was the recipient of a large cargo of medical supplies courtesy of Rickilee Response and Rescue Team (RRR) Air Evac Emergency Response. The supplies are expected to last approximately six months and are the fruitful result of months of hard fundraising by the Triple R team in the United States of America. The generous donation to the island’s only public health center also includes an ambulance, which is on the mainland awaiting transport to San Pedro Town.

Two Mexicans and one Belizean arraigned for illegal fishing at Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve
On Tuesday, December 10th Adriel Ken, a Belizean waiter, Ronaldo Arriola and a 14-year-old minor of Xcalak, Mexico, were arraigned at the San Pedro Magistrate Court after they were detained by agents of the Fisheries Department for illegal fishing at the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve. Ken was charged for the use of a vessel for commercial fishing without a valid boat license to fish, engaged in commercial fishing without a valid fishing license and within a conservation zone. He was also charged for using a spear gun within a conservation zone and for the possession of undersize lobster. Arriola was charged for engaged in commercial fishing without a valid fishing license and within a conservation area. He was also charged for using a spear gun and catching undersize lobster. The minor was only charged for the possession of undersize lobster. They were all fined $500 plus a $5 court fee for each charge. They were released after paying their fines.

San Pedro Catholics pay homage to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Devoted island Catholics gathered at the San Pedro Central Park on Thursday, December 12th to honor La Virgen de Guadalupe (Our Lady Guadalupe). The annual tradition is part of festivities held across the Americas in the Roman Catholic Church. The day pays homage to the story of the appearance of the Virgin Mary to Juan Deigo, an indigenous Mexican farmer in the Hill of Tepeyac in 1531. In opening the celebration, the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church hosted the traditional mańanitas and mass at 4AM. Father Scott Guiliani was the main celebrant at the 5AM mass, leading a joyful celebration that felt as if the spirit of Our Lady of Guadalupe was amongst the devoted attendees. A generous full breakfast followed the mass.

SP Red Cross Branch’s last blood drive of the year yields 11 pints
The Belize Red Cross, San Pedro Branch (BRCSPB) held their last blood drive of the year on Saturday, December 14th at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II. Between 9AM to 3PM, a total of 22 persons showed up to donate; however, many were not able to do so due to different reasons and at the end of the day only 11 pints of blood could be collected. The response to the blood drive was considered satisfactory, as many people were eager to participate in the important event that seeks throughout the year to collect a healthy supply of blood to save lives in the case of emergencies. The amount of blood collected is believed to be enough to save over 30 persons, as one pint of blood can supply the vital fluid for up to three persons.

Annual Love FM Christmas parade lights the streets of San Pedro Town
The holiday mood in San Pedro Town was heightened on Sunday, December 15th with the 9th Annual Love FM Christmas Parade. As hundreds of islanders lined the parade route, the annual celebration began at the Boca del Rio Beach Park at 7PM featuring beautifully decorated floats and different marching bands. Mickey Mouse and his friends were also in attendance joined by a jolly Santa Claus and the Grinch. The parade was led by The San Pedro Town Council and staff, along with Area Representative Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr., Miss San Pedro Litzy Guillen Castillo and members of the Love FM crew. They handed out candy throughout the length of the parade and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Ambergris Today

RRR Evac Donates Medical Supplies To The San Pedro Polyclinic
On Tuesday, December 17, 2019 Rickilee Response and Rescue (RRR) Air Evac Emergency Response Team handed over $1million worth of medical supplies to the San Pedro Poly Clinic, Caye Caulker Poly Clinic and the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT). RRR is an emergency management company for water, land and air evacuation on the island of Ambergris Caye. This project was the brain child of Cruz, Chavez of Omaha, Nebraska & member of RRR Air Evac who teamed up with Project Cure to raise funds in the United States of America and in a short five months they were able to come up with this million dollar donation worth of medical supplies.

Belize Represented At International Meeting To Improve Food Safety
In coordination with International Atomic Energy (IAEA), Belize is attending the First Project Coordination Meeting for Improving Regional Testing Capabilities and Monitoring Programmes for Residues/Contaminants in Foods Using Nuclear/Isotopic and Complementary Techniques from December 16-21, 2019.

Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow Visits His Holiness Pope Francis
The Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, Special Envoy for Women and Children and the Chair of SCLAN, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow participated in the Pastoral Visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to the Pontifical Scholas Occurrentes office in Vatican City on Friday, December 13, 2019. This day also marked a special and significant day as His holiness was celebrating 50 years since being ordained as a priest.

Various Belizean Sources


Ground Breaking Ceremony for Caye Caulker Schools
Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 10 AM. The Caye Caulker Community is invited to the GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY for Caye Caulker Preprimary and Secondary Schools December 19, 2019 at 10:00 am. Follow the signs from the entrance to Bahia.Please join us as we break ground for the new pre-primary and secondary schools here on Caye Caulker. Community members, local leaders, school officials, students, area Representative Honorable Manuel Heredia JR. and Minister of Education Honourable Patrick Faber will join us on December 19th at the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Ocean Academy high school structure.

Annual Christmas Cheer program on Caye Caulker
Andre Perez and the PUP Belize Rural South have begun the Annual Christmas Cheer program with over 750+ food baskets, 5000 toys and 1000+lbs of sweets! We will be reaching out to both San Pedro and Caye Caulker in the next couple days...!

Holiday fun with The San Pedro Lions !
Mark your calendar for holiday events with The San Pedro Lions !

Changes in the Pump Price of Fuel Products
The Ministry of Finance announces that effective Wednesday, December 18, 2019, the pump price of three fuel products will change. The price for regular gasoline, kerosene and diesel will register increases as follows: Regular gasoline will increase by 1 cent from $10.05 to $10.06 per gallon; Kerosene will increase by 16 cents from $7.35 to $7.51 per gallon; Diesel will increase by 16 cents from $9.90 to $ 10.06 per gallon. The price for premium gasoline will remain unchanged at $10.74 per gallon.

Estel's 9th Annual BBQ Cookoff
Mark your calendars because the date has been choosen for the 9th Annual BBQ Cookoff!!!!

Hoodigenous Solstice Concert
Hoodigenous will be performing some acoustic soul at the Wildfire for the Winter Solstice. "Come share this cosmic day...SOLSTICE! We will imbibe the textured sounds of voice, guitar and cosmic musical mixes AKA HOODIGENOUS. GET TIX @ Back to My Roots $15 ... at the door $20

The Belize Krismus Brukdong Bram Festival Performance Schedule
We are exactly four days away from the largest Brukdong Bram Festival. I am posting the performance schedule for Saturday, 21st December. This Festival will be a first of its kind because we have never had so many top notch Belizean performers/bands performing all in one day at the same event. We may never see this assembly again. You don't want to miss it!

Ya’axché workshop to develop a National Agroforestry Policy
Ya’axché joined a national capacity building workshop to develop a National Agroforestry Policy. The policy aims to include the agricultural, forestry and environmental sectors; and, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Belize. The five-day exchange with CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Teaching Center) in Costa Rica provided an opportunity to visit models of silvo-pastoral systems and cacao-based agroforestry farms that have organic, fair-trade and eco-logical certifications. Our national team learned from the experiences of our partners in order to formulate an improved approach to implement a National Agroforestry Policy.

Channel 7

Cops Capture Huezo In Fiery Standoff
Tonight, a man wanted for questioning about the murder of his parents is in the hospital after a showdown with police today. Mario Huezo, the youngest son of Rafael and Nancy Huezo has been wanted from yesterday - after a sibling found the couple stabbed to death in their Orange Walk home. Mario lived with them, but he was missing and unaccounted for - along with the couple's Kia Soul car. Mario had last been seen at the family house on Friday night - apparently intoxicated. Police put out an all formations notice for the Kia Soul and it was spotted in Independence Village today - a short distance away from the Big Creek Port. Police pursued it - and the chase ended in a fiery showdown. Here's what passers-by captured form their cell phones while they waited for police to clear the road:

Toddler Perishes in House Fire
A toddler perished yesterday in a house fire in Silk Grass Village in the Stann Creek District. Four kids were home alone when the five year old reportedly started playing with a lighter which caused a mattress to ignite; it spread to devastating effect. A neighbor rescued three of the kids, but their 3-year-old brother Isaias Lobos became trapped inside and was eventually consumed by the flames.

Neighbor Was The Hero in Tragic House Fire
This evening we spoke with the Fire Station Supervisor Kenneth Mortis about the fatal Silk Grass fire. Mortis confirmed the details of the case and also sent a warning for parents who are in the habit of leaving their children home alone. Voice of: Kenneth Mortis, Fire Station Supervisor: "Dangriga fire department received and responded to a structural fire in Silk Grass Village. The caller did made mention initially that there is a high possibility that an infant might have been trapped in the building. So we responded and on our arrival we found the remains of a wooden structure gutted by fire and we finish extinguish this fire in the hot spots and immediately thereafter and investigation commenced..."

BDF's Accidental Shot
A BDF soldier shot himself in the leg while routinely clearing an M16 rifle today. Reports are that 21 year old Private Macario Cus had just returned from detail to Fair-weather Camp in Punta Gorda when a routine task went horribly wrong. Cus's weapon accidentally discharged and hit him in the upper leg. His fellow soldiers put him on a stretcher, hauled him into the back of a truck, and rushed him to a medical facility.

Decomposed Body Found Near Teakettle Village
There's more bad news tonight about a body found - and this time the report is coming out of the west. Late reports are that police visited the Dream Valley area on the Young gal road outside Teakettle village where a male's body was found in an advanced state of decomposition.

Guild Survives Ruthless Attempted Murder
A 35 year old man survived multiple shots to his body, and a graze to his head in a ruthless attempted murder last night. At around 11:00, Christopher Guild was walking on Barrack Road, not far from his home when a gunman on a bicycle came up from behind and tried to shoot him in the head. The well known footballer and working man - cringed at just the right moment to have the bullet graze the back of his head.

A CET Site Fire
Earlier in the newscast we told you about a fire where a 3 year old perished. Well, there was also another fire but fortunately no one was injured in this case. It happened last night around 10:00 in the CET site area of Gungulung, Belize City. Here is what the fire station supervisor had to say. Voice of: Kenneth Mortis, Fire Station Supervisor: "We responded to a house fire in the CET site area of Gungulung. We responded and when we arrive we found another wooden structure fully engulfed in flames. This on we manage to contain..."

Licensed Gillnet Fishers Ready To Give Up Their Nets
Today, the Belize Federation of Fishers called the media to their Belize City office to say that they have 13 licensed gill net users who are willing to give up their nets. That's 13 of the 83 licensed fishers countrywide. They told us that - for them - gill net fishing no longer makes dollars or sense - and are now interested in the two million dollars OCEANA has talked about for alternative careers: Nigel Martinez, Director, Belize Federation of Fishers: "What we are saying is to comply with the donors request. The donors is asking them to put a fix time on the ban so that they can release the funds..."

Cops Shot Robbers At Ming's
Placencia's visitors and villagers were shaken today by the news of a robbery and home invasion of a centrally located and much trafficked grocery store. Last night after closing time Hao Jia Luo, the owner of the store, was called downstairs by a man who would become his assailant. Luo's face was covered and his hands bound with tape, he was additionally robbed of his 9mm glock pistol. Police arrived shortly thereafter. They found Luo on the second floor and then proceeded to the third floor where they were caught in a standoff with Luo's assailant and another man. The cops shot both men and they were transported to the Southern regional hospital in a stable condition. Both weapons used in the robbery including Luo's pistol and a 9mm Tourism unit issued firearm were taken as evidence.

Accused Cop Runs From Court Cameras
He was on the run from the law and today he showed that he can also dodge the cameras as he sprinted from the courtroom to the clerk's office. Last week we told you that 22 year old Police Constable Nadir Mendoza was wanted for the theft of three firearms from the Precinct Three formation in Belize City. Well today he was arraigned in Belize City's Magistrate Court on a single charge of theft.

Big Ships Sail Into The Supreme Court
There is a big money fight currently happening in the courtroom of Justice Courtney Abel between the multinational cruise company Norwegian Cruise Line, and the principals of the Port of Big Creek from Independence Village. The Port's management says that they tried to establish a healthy business relationship with Norwegian. They assert that this backfired when the cruise company baited them into buying a multi-million dollar piece of dredging equipment which ended up being inadequate. The Port also asserts that NCL owed them several hundred thousand dollars for unpaid services which they provided. So now, they're trying to urge the Supreme Court order NCL to pay them several million dollars in damages due to the losses they suffered.

Cop Convicted of Sexual Assault of An 8 Year Old
Earlier we told you about a cop charged for theft of firearms. Well, also in court today, a cop was found guilty of sexually assaulting an 8 year old girl. PC Darren Martinez was convicted in court today and is facing 12 years in jail for the crime. A 9 member jury deliberated for 2 hours 23 minutes, and came up with a unanimous guilty verdict. After that, Martinez's attorney, Oswald Twist asked the court to grant his client bail until sentencing was set for January 28, 2020, but Crown Counsel Riis Cattouse objected on the ground that the offense carries a prison term of 12 years minimum.

Man Jacked Tourists At Zoo
A St. Matthews villager was charged with attempted robbery yesterday before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts Anderson. He is Esbey Solomon Alvarado. He allegedly attempted to steal from a tourist. Alvarado pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was offered a bail of $2,000 and his case was adjourned until February 17th. The incident occurred on December 14th. Jason O'Conner, an American tourist, reported to the police that when he and his female friend were outside of the zoo at mile 31 on George Price Highway, a man armed with a knife jumped out of the bushes and demanded money from him.

Drought Delays Opening of "Zafra"ť
Even though the drought ended several months ago, the country's agro-productive sectors are still suffering the financial pain of approximately 50 million dollars in losses. And the direct impact of it on the sugar industry is that this year's start of the cane harvesting season, known as "La Zafra", has been pushed back by an entire month. It was estimated that if the drought hadn't hit, the cane farmers of the north would have 1.3 million tonnes of cane to BSI/ASR for milling. But, the rain-starved crop has caused about 300 thousand tonnes of cane to be lost.

Fuel Prices Increase For Christmas
Tonight, you can add at least one more expense to your Christmas list: The price for diesel and kerosene are going up. Diesel will increase by 16 cents from $9.90 to $ 10.06 per gallon, and Kerosene will increase by 16 cents from $7.35 to $7.51 per gallon; regular gasoline will increase by a modest 1 cent from $10.05 to $10.06 per gallon.

Channel 5

Mario Huezo – prime suspect in his parents’ murder – is captured in southern Belize
A husband and wife were savagely stabbed to death inside their house in Orange Walk Town. The bodies of Rafael and Mario Huezo were found on Monday morning sending shock [...]

Three-year-old Isaias Lobos Perishes in Silk Grass Fire
Tragedy struck a family in Silk Grass, Stann Creek District, on Monday afternoon. Omar and Efijenia Lobos lost their three-year old son in a fire that totally gutted their small [...]

Attempted Murder Caught on Camera; Christopher Guild Remains Critical
There was a shooting in the dead of the night in Belize City on Monday.  A thirty-six year old resident, Christopher Guild, was heading to Freetown Road when he came [...]

Densmore Bowman was Chopped to Death
A post mortem examination conducted on the remains of thirty-four year old Densmore Bowman show he died a horrible death; he was hacked to death. The death certificate states that [...]

Police Officer Charged with Theft
A police constable is in plenty trouble with the law. Twenty-two-year-old constable of Esperanza Village, Nadir Rayon Mendoza, was charged for theft when he appeared in court today. He was [...]

License Gillnet Users Support Ban of ‘Destructive’ Gear
There are some in-roads being made in respect of the eventual ban of gillnets. As you know, the government has endorsed the continued use of the fish gear on the [...]

Banana Enterprises Take Island Holdings to Court Over Dredging Contract
Banana Enterprises Limited, a subsidiary of the Big Creek Group, is taking Island Holdings Limited, the parent company for Harvest Caye, to court for non-payment, following a business deal turned [...]

Banana Enterprises Loses Major Money on Dredge
According to Flores, Banana Enterprises lost significant money on the deal since the dredge has failed to serve the purpose that it was initially purchased for.   Zaid Flores, Managing [...]

Fuel Prices to go up at midnight
At midnight tonight, consumers will be spending more on three types of fuels. The price for regular gasoline, kerosene and diesel will be going up. Regular gasoline will increase slightly [...]

Drought woes for Sugar Cane Industry
A few months ago we told you about the drought that has hit the north. It has affected several different crops, and one of the hardest hit, is the sugarcane. [...]

BCCI writes to CEO in requesting documents for the contract of the Coastal Road
Since the signing of a huge contract of one hundred and thirty-three point two million dollars for the Coastal Road between Government and Imer Hernandez, serious concerns have been raised. [...]

BCCI is Concerned that Momentum has been lost in Implementation of UNCAC
Another thorny issue is the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. The Chamber along with the unions and NGOs were critical in the push to its signing three years ago but [...]

Fire Guts House in Belize City
A house was gutted by fire on Monday night in Belize City. The fire broke out after eleven o’clock in the CET Site area of Saint Martin’s in the Old [...]

A BDF is injured in a freak accident as he cleans an M16
A B.D.F. soldier had to be rushed for medical treatment to the Southern Regional  Hospital  after sustaining injuries in a freak and dangerous accident. Twenty -one year old soldier, Macario [...]

Businessman busted with contraband on Coney Drive
There was a bust of contraband goods here on Coney Drive. The list of items includes wines, vodka, whiskey and cigars, popular goodies especially at this time of the year. [...]


Husband, 80, and wife, 75, murdered
The Huezo family of Stadium Street in Orange Walk Town is reeling, trying to face the unbelievable reality, that their elderly, law-abiding parents, who were just trying to live their lives in tranquility with their family, have been brutally and senselessly murdered. The body of Rafael “Don Lito” Huezo, 80, a veteran watch repairer, was found lying in the hall of his house with multiple stab wounds in pools of his blood in a state of decomposition, while his wife, Nancy Huezo, 75, who owned a little shop in the family yard, was found lying lifelessly in pools of her blood on her bed, with multiple stab wounds in her body. She was also in a state of decomposition.

Timroy Neal, 28, executed in front of police station
ertainment, a business place that is located across the street from the Roaring Creek Police Station, when a gunman coldly executed him at about 10:30 p.m. The execution was captured on surveillance video, which showed Neal’s killer escaping into the night after he had made sure Neal was dead. On the surveillance video, Neal, 28, was seen running around the front of a car. Apparently, he had just been shot, and he fell to the ground in front of the car.

Verdes drop Bandits, 2-nil, to take PLB National Football Championship
With a 1-1 draw in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2019-2020 Opening Season Final game 1 a week ago at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, yesterday’s Final game 2 at the Norman Broaster Stadium was “for all the marbles” between home standing Verdes FC and visiting Bandits Sport from the capital city. Notably absent from the jam packed stadium was Bandits owner/Minister Hon. John Saldivar, who had been gracious in accepting the second place trophy in the previous season to then champions San Pedro Pirates FC. Saldivar was nowhere to be seen this time around, with Bandits manager Kenneth Budna receiving the club’s $5,000.00 check for second place, after a 2-nil loss to Verdes.

Drug plane touched down on Sarteneja airstrip and is destroyed
In this morning’s early hours, a twin engine aircraft made an illegal landing at the Sarteneja Airstrip in the Corozal District. The aircraft, which left South America, was tracked until it reached Belizean airspace, then it disappeared, and only its shouldering remains were found after daylight had set in. Belize police were notified about the aircraft entering into Belize airspace on Sunday, but apparently, Belize law enforcement authorities were given the slip and by the time police arrived at the scene of the burning aircraft, only some items were recovered.

8 major station prizes for 30th Annual KREM New Year’s Day Cycling Classic 2020
The countdown is on for the 30th Krem New Year’s Day Cycling Classic, and the count for major station prizes secured is up to 8 in the Elite Male Category, for the most lucrative prize package in any cycling race for Belizean riders on the cycling calendar. Today, race organizer Michael “Money Mike” Hyde of Krem Radio released the details of the eight major station prizes in this coming New Year’s Krem Classic, which travels from the northern “border to the boulevard” near Mahogany Street in Belize City, as follows:

“Migrant” thieves captured and beaten in Guinea Grass by residents
Two thieves who migrated from Belize City to commit robbery in Guinea Grass were found hiding near the water reservoir in the village by the villagers, who have a zero tolerance for thieves. The angry villagers captured and beat the two thieves, and then handed them over to police, who have detained them pending charges of aggravated robbery, and being without possession of a gun license. The robbery occurred at about 7:30 tonight. Guo Wie Wu, 55, a businessman of Guinea Grass, told police he was in his store when three armed men wearing camouflage clothing entered the store, pointed a gun at him and demanded money.

Belize’s economy has slowed, said IMF report
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released its final Article IV Consultation with Belize, which was completed on November 12 and was published on December 9 by the IMF Executive Board. The report says that Belize’s economic recovery has slowed down after registering a 3.2 growth in real GDP for 2018. “Growth for 2019, on a whole, has been projected to one and a half percent, while the current account deficit remains large in 2018 at 7.9 percent of GDP”, stated the report.

Editorial: Too much pain in Belize for mothers who have sons
There is a way to address the pain of our mothers with sons. We can do so by electing capable, caring leaders. Belize’s sons fought in the two great wars in the last century — the 1914-1918 war (World War I), and the 1939-1945 war (World War II). Belize’s sons have also fought in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In all those wars we fought alongside the Americans and the British. Hundreds of our mothers sent sons away to fight in World War I. Jamie Bisher, in his story, “World War I in Latin America (World War I in Belize)”, published on the website, reports of two contingents that left our shores, 129 in 1915, and 404 in 1916. At that time the population of Belize was less than 50,000.

2 lives lost in 2 traffic accidents
Two persons have died as a result of two separate road traffic accidents. Those two persons are: Manuelito Ye, 25, of Bullet Tree, Cayo, and Lydia Weller, 60, a resident of Dangriga. Weller’s death occurred at about 3:30 this afternoon at Mile 13 on the Stann Creek Valley Road near Alta Vista. Beverly Flores, 57, of Dangriga, was driving a Toyota Highlander SUV from Belmopan to Dangriga, and Weller was a passenger in the vehicle, along with her 4-year-old granddaughter.

Diana Jones, 34, found dead in Crooked Tree Lagoon
Diana Pott Jones, 34, a domestic of Pine Ridge, Crooked Tree, was found dead, tangled in a net in the Crooked Tree Lagoon at about 9:00 Saturday morning. She was last seen in the lagoon area by the bridge at about 5:30 Friday evening. At the time she was seen, she was clothed in a pair of blue jeans pants and a red blouse, and villagers believed that she was going to swim. Jones’ body was recovered and taken to the morgue. Police said that no signs of violence were visible on the body. The cause of her death will be certified by an autopsy scheduled to be carried out tomorrow.

Hattieville man executed in a hail of bullets
Phillip Roberts, 33, a resident of New Site, Hattieville, died in a hail of bullets after two gunmen ambushed him at his home on Friday around 8:30 p.m. Roberts had just finished eating and decided to go outside to throw away his leftovers, but when he pushed the door open and stepped outside, he was greeted with gunfire. The first gunshot hit the plate he had in his hand and the bullet ricocheted, hitting him somewhere in the neck area. Roberts ran to the side of the property, but another gunman was waiting there for him, and he opened fire.

BPP, BPM and VIP sue government over failure to implement redistricting
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP), the Belize Peace Movement and Vision Inspired by the People have teamed up and filed a lawsuit against the government of Belize for the failure of the Elections and Boundaries Commission to implement redistricting of electoral constituencies in accordance with the stipulation of the Belize Constitution. The Belize Constitution calls for the number of persons listed as belonging to each of the electoral constituencies to be roughly the same, and this has not been done during the recent re-registration exercise that was completed a few months ago.

Missing Densmore Bowman, 34, found murdered
Densmore Bowman’s family has been in turmoil ever since the 34-year-old Belmopan resident went missing on November 30. Bowman’s family went on an all-out investigation comparable to what’s conducted by the Belize Police Department in their search for him. This morning, their determination to find him and bring closure to the saddest chapter of their lives paid off when his cell phone and slippers were found between Miles 25 and 26 on the George Price Highway.

From The Publisher
When the United Democratic Party (UDP) was formed in September of 1973, out of an amalgam of the National Independence Party (NIP), the People’s Development Movement (PDM), and the Liberal Party, the average person would have expected that the new party would have been dominated by the NIP, at least in the beginning. Such an expectation would have been based on the fact that the NIP Leader, Hon. Philip Goldson, was a bona fide national hero, and had been such for more than two decades. The NIP, moreover, was officially “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.” Mr. Goldson owned the only Opposition seat (Albert) in the House of Representatives. I would say at least 70 percent of the support for the new UDP came from people who had been NIP in their thinking.

Rumberas and Jewel Fury, 1-1 in 1st leg of National Women football championship
The home-and-away championship series of the National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) 2019-2020 Opening Season kicked off game 1 on Saturday, December 14, down south at the Cowpen Football Field, where it was Rumberas hosting defending champion Jewel Fury. And it ended with a 1-1 score, just like the first leg of the men’s national finals series between Verdes FC and Belmopan’s Bandits Sport, which held their 2nd leg yesterday in San Ignacio, with the home team, Verdes securing the championship. First half in Cowpen was scoreless. The visitors, Jewel Fury took the lead early in second half on a goal by Jennisha Scott (60’), and it wasn’t until injury time before home standing Rumberas levelled the score with a goal from Jessica Acevedo (90+’).

Stann Creek F.A. 1st Division Cup semifinals over; Finals this Sunday – Conquerors vs Pomona Warriors
The best-of-two games semifinals of the Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA) 1st Division Cup 2019-2020 Opening Season were played on Friday and Sunday, December 13 & 15, at the Carl Ramos Stadium, in Week 15 of the tournament. In the opener on Friday night, Conquerors and New Site played to a 0-0 draw. And in the nightcap, Pomona Warriors dropped Pomona Impacts, 4-2. Shaking the net for Pomona Warriors were Orlando Acosta (13’), Harrison Roches, Sr. (42’ & 75’) and Timothy Estero (75’); while Pomona Impacts got a goal each from Dwayne Sampson (15’) and Tyler Peters (22’).

Old Road New Year’s Football Classic Week 1 scores
The Old Road New Year’s Football Classic regular season got under way with 2 games played yesterday at the Lucky Strike Field. In game 1, Lucky Strike won, 5-2, over Corozalito. Lucky Strike goals were by Kenen Gillett (40’), Daniel Lino (51’), Frederick Garbutt (65’ & 77’) and Kendale Chacon (85’); while Corozalito got a goal apiece from Tyrel Estrada (54’) and Wayne Godoy (82’).

Guilty feeling
I don’t have any credentials to talk much about music, so this is just an innocent plea to end a guilt trip I keep going on when I listen to YouTube music from artists in small markets. The story is that there’s no chum there for these artists. Flat out I don’t have the same guilty feeling when I listen to YouTube music from artists in big markets. Don’t sweat for the rich and famous when they aren’t getting richer. Your sweat should be for people who need your support. I’ve done quite a bit of work with youth in sports, and I’ve done much informal studying of American sports development, both college and professional. Administration and field management are critical to sports development, and I have good knowledge of the subject, so I can be loud when I get going.

Eckert Lewis interviewed by Charles Bartlett Hyde
FUN & GAMES: Which was your first professional fight? ECKERT LEWIS: It is hard to say because I was meeting people like Nappy Castillo, Bill Facey and others professionally when we were still small boys. The Boxing Board was not very strict where this group was concerned, because we were fighting three rounders and the prizes were very small. FUN & GAMES: Well, which was your first big professional fight? ECKERT LEWIS: I think that my first big fight was with Ludwig Lightburn, who was a champion also having won a lot of tournaments in the Golden Gloves. I remember Ludwig was reported to have said that he could beat any featherweight around, and I was around, so this match had to be made.

Enter Mercedes “Mechi” Olivera
We pick up the story from where Jerome and my younger brothers were in the heyday of their soccer football life, eating, sleeping and living for the game. One incident had disturbed the serenity of Jerome’s relationship with his parents, however, and this had resulted from the friendship of one of Mr. Reg’s attachments since returning to his bachelor quarters. He had become the target of a young Mestizo woman, Mercedes Olivera, the only daughter among four sons of well-to-do parents prominent in social circles in the most northerly district and the republic across the border.

The people should elect the prime minister; not the party
Dear Editor, When Boris Johnson won the election in the United Kingdom, it made me think of the need for Belize to elect its prime minister directly. I expected him to win, because the narrative he told was optimistic and urgent. The election showed me how the Westminster system encourages people to vote for party, more than the best-suited candidate. The leader of government in this system is chosen by the party, not the people, in general. It is no wonder that prime ministers in this system make decisions that are best for the party.

“Di man black till ih han inside ahn all black”
Dear Editor, They say you shouldn’t speak ill of the departed. However, I am of the opinion that the truth doesn’t count in that equation. As an avid Amandala reader (it sometimes costs me $2.50 a week for both issues), I have been reading the Publisher’s recent columns on Creole leadership with great anticipation for the subsequent installments. Upon reading the one featuring Curl Thompson and the one C.L.B. “Lindy Rogers”, I couldn’t help remembering the campaign leading up to the election in which Rogers lost to Curl Thompson.

‘Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister’ Review: Money, Power and China
Once upon a time, a wealthy man lived in Shanghai with his devoutly Christian wife, with whom he had three sons and three daughters. The girls grew up to be educated, cultured and stylish, and their family’s money and status attracted many aspiring suitors. In an era when China was experiencing significant political upheaval, each sister married an influential man and secured her position at the top of society. Their selection of husbands appeared to crystallize an essential aspect of each woman’s character, as summed up by an oft-repeated saying: “One loved money, one loved power and one loved China.”

The Reporter

Missing Belmopan Teen, Found Dead Near Teakettle
On Sunday December 15th. THE REPORTER listed several missing persons on our FACEBOOK page, One of the missing was a teenager named Damion Bregal. We had all hoped that it was just a case of a run-away teenager that had gone to a relative or close friend.

Christopher Guild Survives Multiple Gun Shots
A man identified as Christopher Guild, 36, a resident of Matron Roberts St. was reportedly shot four times just before midnight (Monday Dec. 16th) on Barrack Road.

Elderly Couple Found Murdered In Orange Walk
The Reporter has confirmed that Mario Huezo, sought for questioning in the heinous murder of Rafael and Nancy Huezo in Orange Walk, their bodies were discovered yesterday (Dec. 16th.), he was captured heading towards The Big Creek Port in the southern district of Stann Creek, following a high speed chase.

Cop Wanted For Theft Of Firearms: Police Issue Wanted Poster
The Reporter has confirmed with official sources that Police Constable Nadir Mendoza, 22, has been charged with theft in relation to three firearms that went missing from the Queen Street Police Station.


Cane Season delayed until next yea
As a result the Belize Sugar Industries has announced that the sugar cane crop season has been delayed by a month. Today BSI invited us to take a first hand ...

Fuel prices rise once again
According to a release from the Belize Press Office, these price changes reflect current demand and supply conditions of crude oil in the international petroleum ...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Body of missing Belmopan minor found
The body of missing Belmopan teenager, 17 year old Damion Bregal was found late this […]

Three-year-old dies in Silk Grass house fire
Authorities are investigating the cause of a house fire that claimed the life of a […]

Trinidadian host, Daniel “Loveless” of ‘What Yuh Know’ scheduled to visit Belize
Trinidadian host, Daniel (Loveless) Roberts of the online comedy show, ‘What Yuh Know,’ is scheduled […]

Police confirm grizzly details of OW double murder, suspect believed of killing parents detained
Authorities are investigating a gruesome and shocking double murder in Orange Walk. Around 9:30 a.m. […]

Police: Burnt aircraft found in Sarteneja
Authorities are investigating the origin of a burnt aircraft that was discovered around 5:00 a.m. […]

BDF officer accidentally shoots himself
Reports to BBN’s newsdesk is that an officer of the Belize Defense Force accidentally shot […]

Regular, diesel and kerosene fuels see price hike at midnight
The Ministry of Finance today announced that effective midnight, the pump price of three fuel […]

DIGI/ BECOL Basketball Tournament- Win or Go Home
17th December 2019 By Elvis ‘Tigre’ Usher SSBA President San Ignacio Town The DIGI / Becol Basketball Tournament […]

Tarrus Riley to perform in Belize Valentine’s Day 2020
Reggae sensation Tarrus Riley is finally making his return to Belize with a huge concert […]

Cuello’s Distillery giving back this Christmas season
As a part of its efforts to give back this Christmas season, Cuello’s Distillery is […]


A Cold Front Coming and Grinching Out For the LoveFM Holiday Parade
Christmas is A WEEK AWAY!!!!!!!!!! And all of Ambergris Caye is decorated for the holidays. Sunday evening, LoveFM (the biggest radio station in Belize) held its annual SUPER FUN Lighted Holiday parade on the streets of San Pedro. I got there early…the parade generally starts about half an hour after nightfall…but things didn’t go quite as I had planned. (WHAT? Things not going as planned? 15 Things No One Told You About Living in Belize) I know the parade was awesome. Last year’s was the biggest parade of the year in San Pedro but this year? It was my second trip to town for the day (each drive to town is about 40 minutes of bumpy golf carting), my “real” camera (non-phone camera) is broken and I just wasn’t feeling it. Add in that the parade started about an hour late?

Minimizing Lionfish in Belize’s Waters
Lionfish are very small creatures that are making a big impact on Belize’s marine life. For the past ten years, this invasive species has been reducing the biodiversity in the reefs; which makes it a huge threat to these ecosystems. Given that the Belizean economy is vitally dependent on tourism and a large part of this is the barrier reef attraction; this, therefore, means that minimizing lionfish is of utmost importance to keep the reef and biodiversity thriving.

What Expats Need to Know About Living in Belize
Belize has long been a regular vacation spot for many. A lot of these people are fine with staying at the country’s many resorts, knowing that their every desire and need will be handled. While most are content to think of Belize as their vacation spot, some get the completely natural idea of staying full-time. These people fancy living their lives in a paradise where they are free to snorkel or scuba or boat or chill on the beach whenever the urge strikes them. As to whether or not this is what Belize’s expat life is even like, read on to learn the truth.

‘Tis the Season to Get Cozy! – Roasted Pumpkin Soup Recipe
For those that are not able to escape the cold this year, that’s okay, we’ve found a way to help! Keep warm and cozy with Chef Sean Kuylen’s Roasted Pumpkin Soup recipe. It’s not just for sick days or side dishes. This recipe will comfort you from the inside out on the chilliest days. Chef Sean decided to add a Caribbean twist to his soup by adding spicy lobster medallions and pepito pesto. (roasted pumpkin seeds.) We’ll never turn down a good lobster dish! (Who would?) This savory soup only requires a few ingredients and it’s quite quick. In no time you’ll be enjoying the delicious creamy taste of a roasted pumpkin soup.


  • Medical Equipment supplies donated to Caye Caulker, min. RRR Director Miss Vanessa Parham along with the help of Project Cure came to Caye Caulker with a portion of a million dollars worth of medical equipments of supplies

  • Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Update, 22min. This the season for shopping! Marcello Blake, Vice President of the Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry talked with us about keeping our Belizean dollars at home during this season. He acknowledged the general consensus to stretch the dollar but unpacked BCCI's position on building the local economy and growing the business sector through commerce. He also shared that the business community needs to work on being competitive to provide more incentives for persons to buy in Belize.

  • What is social anxiety disorder?, 27min. What is social anxiety disorder? Christa Courtney, Professional Counselor, helped us understand this diagnosis. She talked about the difference between "shyness" and social anxiety disorder and how it impedes on normal interaction. She also offered guidelines on how to support friends and family who may be battling with their mental health this season.

  • Christmas staple - Black Fruit Cake, 34min. Eva Longsworth is the Chef at Doni & Dodits located in Corozal. She was our guest to share her grandmother's recipe for Christmas staple - Black Fruit Cake.


  • 12 Days of Christmas continues..., 2hr13min.

  • National Forensic Science Service (NFSS) Symposium, 10min. The National Forensic Science Service (NFSS) held its first national symposium in September of this year. Our team worked along with the NFSS to create a three-part documentary on the work of the department. Here's part one... The National Forensic Science Service has a very short but interesting history. It started in Belize in the late 1980s when the only analyses being done were for drugs and it was done abroad. In 1990, it became a Government Department and was housed in a one-room residence in the Buttonwood Bay Area. It was staffed by only three persons at that time. From 1998 up to 2006, it was situated at the Queen Street Police Station compound in Belize City and from there it was moved to its permanent location in Ladyville, where it presently sits. The National Forensic Science Service is a department within the Ministry of National Security. The NFSS consists of three units - the Forensic Laboratory, the Medical Examiner’s Office, and the Scenes of Crime Unit.

  • Sailing Belize March 2019, 3min. A few clips and photos from a week-long charter in Belize out of Placencia on a Dream Yachts Lagoon 450. Belize is one of my favorite cruising locations. I've visited multiple times and each time is magic.

  • Snorkling at Silk Cayes by Placencia, Belize Part 3, 15min.

  • Snorkling at Silk Cayes part 2 by Placencia, Belize, 8min.

  • Snorkling at Silk Cayes by Placencia, Belize, 5min.

  • Belize, Harvest Caye, 7min. Harvest Caye island is privately owned by Norwegian Cruise Line. Although they still have locals from Belize working on this island and selling their own products in the souvenir shop.

  • Maria of Maya Belize Channel- October 31st, 2019, 30min. Maria of Maya is a Medicine Woman Spirit connected to the Serenity Retreats Belize grounds in Corozal, Belize. Those who came to the Thinning of the Veil Belize Retreat hosted by Rissa in October, had the privilege of experiencing the divine healing and rebirthing energy of Maria first hand! As Maria states, she will remain at the grounds indefinitely to continue her healing work with the resort guests at the retreats hosted there! If you are interested in connecting to the Ancient Mayan energy and sacred lands of Belize, join us for our next adventure, The Ethical Witches & Wizardry Retreat April 18th-24th, 2020 (hosted by Rissa Vibes)!

  • Visit the Placencia Peninsula, Belize via Aerial Drone Video, 5min. Turn up that volume control, sit back and visit Belize, Central America. This Aerial Drone Video is of the Placencia Residences and Resort, just north of popular Maya Beach, Belize. Enjoy the sandy beaches, sailing, fishing, Scuba Diving, Mayan Ruins and so much more.