A total of one hundred and eighty million dollars in goods was imported last month, an increase of nine point two percent from imports in November 2018.  Increases were recorded in categories, including food and live animals which rose from seventeen point two million to twenty-three point two million dollars.  Merchandise imports for the first eleven months totaled one point eight billion dollars, an increase of forty-six point six million dollars from the year before.  Domestic exports, on the other hand, were also up by twenty-eight percent, amounting to twenty-six point nine million dollars when compared to exports for November 2018.Export commodities such as marine products went up by two point six million dollars.  Export revenues from bananas increased by one point four million dollars for November.  Turning to the Consumer Price Index, results from the Statistical Institute of Belize’s monthly C.P.I. indicate that in November, the all-items consumer index was virtually unchanged from November 2018 with the C.P.I. standing at one hundred and five point fourteen.

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