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The San Pedro Sun

See Belize Travel Channel officially launched
Belize now has a dedicated channel to promote the country as a travel destination for both locals and tourist. During a press conference held at the North Park Hotel in Belize City on Friday, December 6th, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and Color Blind Multimedia Productions (CBMP) announced the launch of ‘See Belize Travel Channel.” Aimed at showcasing the best Belize has to offer, the new channel is currently available for viewing on Channel 12 on Central Cable Vision (CCV), with a countrywide roll out coming soon.

What If You Could No Longer Enjoy Belizean Conch Soup or Ceviche?
The Queen conch is a well-loved delicacy; an important part of Belizean culture that has been around for generations. So, for many Belizeans, Golding’s quote above is not something they imagine or think about happening, particularly in a small country of 360,000 inhabitants, especially since the symbolism of the quote refers to the destruction of a people’s way of life.

Letter to the Editor:Speed Trap Island?
Dear Editor, Most people who come here to visit from other developed countries were taught the speed limit was 15 mph in school zones, 25 mph in residential areas and progressed to 35 mph and up, depending on street conditions and location. It seems to me this island plan to stop excessive local speeders was put into effect with little more thought than a way to increase revenues; the term used in the states is “speed trap”. I fear tourists coming to visit our island will quickly dub us “the speed trap island” and I would not say, as it stands right now, I would blame them.

Hellfighters Footsoldiers Ambergris Caye distribute toys to island children
The Christmas Season is all about celebrating and sharing with one another, and to keep the tradition alive, the non-denomination group called Hellfighters Footsoldiers Ambergris Caye distributed presents to over 200 children on Sunday, December 15th. The event was made possible by Send Me Ministries, in Alabama, USA, and Richard and Gina Headricks of Ramon’s Village Resort, who have been supporting the event each year. The annual activity took place on Sea Grape Drive and saw parents and their children participating in a service that ended with a family lunch. Following the feast, it was time for the children to have some fun with a Christmas pińata.

Ambergris Today

Priyanka Chopra Donates 50,000 Pairs Of Crocs To Children In Belize
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra has teamed up with a footwear brand Crocs to collaborate in a donation campaign. She will give 50,000 pairs of classic clogs to school children in Belize. The actress took to Twitter to announce the good news. She also posted a video with the caption that read: “This initiative is very special to me. What started as a conversation with @Crocs of shared interests and concerns for the children of the world, has blossomed into this amazing association with @UNICEF, an organization that is so close to my heart.”

Various Belizean Sources


Special Envoy concerned about the Hulse incident
The Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow is gravely concerned by the most recent report of gender-based violence involving Ms. Nicole Usher and her infant child. This case serves to demonstrate the pervasive nature of gender-based violence in Belize and the fact that both victims and perpetrators come from all echelons of our society. It also highlights the need for continued advocacy and action on this issue by all stakeholders, including the general public. The work must also continue on ensuring gender equality, which is the root cause of gender-based violence. Gender inequality manifests in many ways in our society , including a lack of understanding of shared parental responsibility.

Corozal Child Advisory Logo Competition
Calling all creative minds! The Children of the Corozal Child Advisory Board needs a logo to depict what we wish to accomplish for the children of Corozal Town. Deadline is 31st January, 2020.

Ya’axché is securing the services of a GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist – with a strong interest in conservation science – to contribute to our growing geospatial data work in the Toledo district. He/she will be assisting program directors in carrying out various GIS and Remote Sensing related tasks and projects.

Groudbreaking for schools on Caye Caulker
It is a proud day for Caye Caulker and for Ocean Academy High School as we break ground for the new pre-primary and high school campus. We were honored with the following dignitaries: Honourable Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Education. Honourable Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation Dr. Carol Babb, Chief Education Officer. Dr. Corinth Mortar-Lewis, former President of the University of Belize. Mrs. Heidi Curry, Ocean Academy Principal & Founder. Mrs. Seleny Villanueva-Pott, CCVC Chair. Ms. Sayonara Pasos, Chair of O.A. Board of Governors. Ocean Academy Student Performances.

Corozal Christmas Parade
Sunday December 22, starting at the Corozal Central Park at 6pm.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Joker, The Aeronauts, Police Code, Klaus. *This will be the last movie weekend until after the holidays, so come out and enjoy some quality family and friend time!*

Brukdong Bram Festival
We are exactly two and a half days away from the largest Brukdong Bram Festival to hit Battlefield Park sponsored by the Downtown Rejuvenation Project. All the action starts promptly at 1:30 pm on Saturday 21st. December with the performance of a 60-member Burrell Boom Marching Band. Music, singing and dancing are all necessary for us to have a full fledge Krismus Bram, but a Bram is not a Bram if you don't have food and drinks. Here is the Menu for Saturday's Festival.

(The day the Yucatec Maya defeated the British). The Guerra Social Maya, more commonly known as the Caste War, is one of the most important historical events in Belizean history. Even so, the Caste War is ignored in Belizean schools. How can this historical event so important, which lasted over 80 years of armed conflict (1847-1930’s), saw over 300,000 die, many villages burnt down and people displaced, be forgotten? Today in Corozal and Orange Walk you can still find people who can tell you stories from the Caste War which were told to them by their grandparents. During this war, borders were created, the Maya gained their freedom and the face of northern Belize was changed forever.

Channel 7

The Cops Say Mario Huezo Killed His Parents
Last night, we gave you more insight into  Tuesday morning's stand-off in Independence Village between the cops and 31-year-old Mario Huezo. He was the suspect that Orange Walk police were seeking for the double murders of his parents, 79-year-old Rafael Huezo and 59-year-old Welma Nancy Huezo.  Well tonight, he has gone from being a person of interest to the accused perpetrator. The cops believe that he killed his parents, and they've moved swiftly to charge him with 2 counts of murder. He was arraigned this evening in Orange Walk before Magistrate Patricia Arana.

Jealousy and Murder In Franks Eddy?
A 39-year-old Franks Eddy Villager was murdered last night in front of his wife and 10-year-old daughter. David Coc was at home with his family when two men came to his house and shouted for him to come outside. Coc refused and the men forced their way in and chopped Coc to death. The report is that Coc's killer wanted to be with his wife and because he could not have her, he was overcome by jealous rage and went after Coc. Courtney Weatherburne has the story. This Franks Eddy Village home was left in disarray, the door was hanging on by only a couple hinges and muddy bloodstained clothes were thrown in the yard.

Police Are Looking for Coc's Killer
Today at the press briefing, police did not give any additional details but they said they are seeking one person in connection with this case. Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero - Deputy Head, NCIB: "On Tuesday, the 17th day of December 2019, police visited an area at Teakettle Village, where the body of Damion Bregal was discovered, with chop wound injuries, decomposed.  A post-mortem examination has been conducted, and investigations have commenced into this matter."

Police Discuss Damion Bregal's Murder
We also asked the police to briefly discuss their investigation into the murder of 17-year-old Damion Bregal. He's the Belmopan teenager who went missing on Friday, December 13th, after leaving his family home in the company of friends. His family was worried sick about his well-being, and their worst fears were confirmed yesterday, when his body was discovered in an advanced state of decomposition on the Young Gyal Road, right outside of Teakettle Village in Cayo.  Here's what police had to say about the discovery:

The Special Envoy Speaks On Behalf Of Alleged Domestic Abuse Victim
Last night, we showed you an extended interview with Nicole Usher. She has come out publicly to accuse her ex-boyfriend, Kenzel Hulse, who's the son of Minister Godwin Hulse, of domestic abuse.  It's that tricky "She says, he says" situation that will have to be resolved in the Magistrate's Court. But, the Kim Simplis-Barrow, wife of the Prime Minister and Special Envoy for Women and Children, has issued a public statement on it.

Threats of Sexual Violence On Social Media?
Today, the public reaction to this case caused an ugly backlash. It started when PlusTV"s Luis Wade made a post referring to what he called the entitled sons of UDP Ministers. It's consistent with Wade's plain spoken posts and qualifies as fair political comment. But it elicited an ugly reaction from Minister Edmond Castro's son, Jumoke Castro. He threatened Luis Wade's wife Shasta with a gang rape led by some sons of UDP's. Shasta Wade is PlusTV's manager and news director.

Guild's Killer Also Shot At A Cop
Last night, we told you about the arraignment of 32-year-old Bart Lucas. He's the man who police believe was caught on camera trying to carry out a brazen execution of 33-year-old Christopher Guild. You'll remember that the victim was walking, and going about his business, when suddenly, a man rode up on a bicycle and shoved a handgun near his head, and opened fire. Fortunately, Guild realized at the very last second that he was in danger, and he ducked quickly enough that the bullet grazed the back of his skull. 

Hard Words Result In Stabbing On Reggae St
The cops are also investigating a stabbing incident which happened last night on Reggae Street in Belize City. It appears that two friends who were socializing had some sort of hard talk, which escalated with one man pulling a knife, which he used to stab 25 year-old Sylvestre Thompson. Here's more from police: Supt. Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB: "Yesterday, just at about 3 p.m., Mr. Sylvestre Thompson, 25 years old, he was along with other friends socializing in the Reggae Street [area], when an argument ensued with one of the male persons..."

The Rise of the "Wind Cuttaz Bwai"ť
Last week we took you to the Bi-annual Police Auction, and that's where we met the little boy who bought a five dollar bike and made quite a stir on social media. Wind Cuttaz as he's being referred to has had quite a week. Cherisse Halsall and cameraman Angel Noble did the original interview. They caught up with the young man today for an update on how he's enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.  From complete anonymity last week Johnathan "Windcuttaz" Coleman has become a national sensation. It went viral and exploded into 100 memes and remixes and that vaulted him into a shopping spree and he's not just enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, he's also benefited in material ways. We caught up with Johnathan at the Real Barber Shop, where Barber Ansar Ahmad had offered him a free haircut.

Convicted Killer Catches A Break
A man got a huge break in court today after his sentence was cut down from 25 years to only 2 years and 10 months. Andrew Kelly, aka "Sweetie Law" was convicted of the March 1999 murder of 27 year old Chinese businesswoman Yang Li Chan. Kelly was initially sentenced to death then it was changed to life imprisonment.

Accused Killer Camron Harris Gets Off
19-year-old Camron Harris was also acquitted today in Justice William's court room, of the November 2016 murder of Nelson Zelaya. Zelaya was standing in the back of his yard when he was shot in his back with a shotgun and three times in his head with a .38 pistol. The main witness for the Crown, represented by Senior Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell, was Nicole Moody, Zelaya's common-law wife. She said she was in the bathroom, located outside of the house when she heard a loud bang.

How Will Brexit Affect Belize?
One week ago, general elections in Britain saw Boris Johnson and the conservative party returned to office on an overwhelming mandate, the largest in a generation. Claire Bruce - MBE, Deputy High Commissioner: “What I can really say of course, there was a mandate for the conversation government that no-one was unexpected, including them. But it is a great for any country to have a mandate that allows a government to get on and deliver what it wants to do. Now, I know we’ll wait and see what comes out of the next few days, you know we will exit the EU by the end of January and then we will start on the other work that comes...”

Coast Guard's Revise Stance on Guild Net
Since last week we've been reporting on government's decision not to outright ban gillnets. The conservationists and even licensed gillnet users have come forward to urge a rethink and an outright ban. In the middle of all this is the Belize Coast Guard, which had come out stridently in support of a complete ban.  Captain Elton Bennet - Commander, Coast Guard: “So the Belize Coast Guard is very environmentally friendly, we’re very much in support of marine products and marine life because that is the environment we operate in. The coast guard position is for anything that promotes that healthy marine life...”

Salvation Army's Christmas Aid
900 needy people received Christmas food hampers today thanks to The Salvation Army. These packages include many non-perishable food items and they were handed over to multiple families at The Salvation Army's 3 Belize City locations. The holiday care packages were made possible by donations from numerous businesses and the general public. We spoke with Major Johnathan Kellman from The Salvation Army about the sharing event.

Channel 5

Deadly Chopping in Frank’s Eddy, Was it Caused By Jealousy?
There have been eight murders in one week. The most recent is Guatemalan national who was chopped to death inside his house in Frank’s Eddy, Belize District, on Wednesday night. [...]

Police Charge Son for Allegedly Butchering His Parents
Thirty-two-year-old Mario Huezo has been charged with two counts of murder. Huezo stands accused of callously killing his parents, Rafael and Nanny Huezo, whose bodies were discovered on Monday morning. [...]

Shooting Victim Richard O’Neil Succumbs
Shooting victim Richard O’Neil from Ordonez Street, Belize City, succumbs while undergoing treatment at the K.H.M.H.  O’Neil was abducted on November twenty-sixth in Belize City and taken to an area [...]

Damion Bregal was Chopped to Death
Seventeen-year-old Belmopan native Damion Bregal was chopped to death and his body dumped along the Young Gyal Road in Teakettle Village, Cayo. The teen went missing last week without a [...]

Still No Arrest in Densmore Bowman Murder
The murder investigation into the brutal slaying of thirty-four-year-old Densmore Bowman remains open. His decomposing body was discovered on Monday along mile twenty-four on the George Price Highway. The Belmopan [...]

One Man Charged for Barrack Road Attempted Murder
Thirty-two-year-old Bart Lucas has been charged for the attempted murder of thirty-four-year-old Christopher Guild who remains in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. On Monday night, just [...]

Altercation between Two Friends Leads to Stabbing
Twenty-five-year-old Sylvestre Thompson was stabbed by his friend on Wednesday afternoon. He was on Reggae Street hanging out with some friends when an argument ensued. One of his friends produced [...]

A Home Invasion in Orange Walk
A man broke into the home of a business woman in wee hours of Wednesday night, burgled and attacked her.  We understand that the businesswoman, who lives above her business [...]

Special Envoy & Women’s Commission Issue Statement on Gender-based Violence
Nicole Usher, a Belmopan resident, was bold enough on Wednesday to speak out against the violence she suffered on Tuesday.  Many women suffer in silence, but Usher publicly claimed she [...]

Cameron Harris is Acquitted of 2016 Murder
Twenty-two-year old Cameron Harris will be home for the holidays. This morning his murder trial ended in his acquittal when Justice Colin Williams upheld a “no-case submission. Harris and his [...]

Andrew Kelly is Resentenced; Less than 3 Years Left for Him to Serve for Murder Conviction
After spending half his life behind bars, Andrew Kelly will now only have to serve two years and ten months more before he is released. Kelly was behind bars on [...]

Where is Calvin Cattouse?
Calvin Cattouse of Belize City is among the many persons who left their families, and never heard from again. In his case, he went missing in early October 2017.  His [...]

Traffic Fatalities Spike in 2019
Aside from homicides, loss of lives due to traffic accidents was a main cause of death during the year. Tonight News Five’s Isani Cayetano revisits those horrible accidents, in which [...]

Running W Serving Quality Local Hams
For most Belizean families, the holidays are not complete without a ham on the dinner table. And with Christmas just a few days away, many shoppers haven’t bought their hams [...]

Running W Gives Away 12 Baskets to Needy Families!
And in the spirit of Christmas and hams, the Running W is also reaching out to twelve needy families this holiday season. PR Rep Terrence Rhaburn tells us more about [...]

Belize Supports Resolution to Reject Violence in Bolivia
At the Organization of American States, Belize joined seventeen other countries in voting for a resolution rејесtіng vіоlеnсе in Воlіvіа and саllіng for full rеѕресt of the rights of the [...]

Increased Patrols by Police to Keep Christmas Shoppers Safe
The Christmas holidays are always a festive time of the year, but it is also a time when crimes such as robberies and burglaries spike.  In recent weeks, there have [...]

Safety Measures for Homeowners
As to the spike in home invasions, Superintendent Alejandro Cowo also shared some advice on precautionary safety measures that can be taken by homeowners.   Supt. Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., [...]

900 Plus Receive Hampers from the Salvation Army
The headquarters of the Salvation Army in the downtown area of the City was buzzing with activity today. The organization as it has very year came through big time for [...]

Meeting Its Target with the Salvation Army’s Kettle Appeal
Back in early November, the Kettle Appeal of the Salvation Army was launched; its annual target for some years now is to raise one hundred thousand dollars in efforts to [...]

Healthy Living: Healthy Holiday Eating
The Christmas countdown has begun. In less than a week, we’ll all be indulging in the Christmas merriment, which includes lots of deliciously rich food. Christmas is surely no time [...]

The Reporter

Mario Huezo: Officially Charged For The Murder Of His Parents
The Reporter has confirmed that Mario Huezo, 32, was formally arrested and charged moments ago for the murders of his parents, Rafael and Nancy Huezo, in Orange Walk.

Altercation Leads To Fatal Chopping In Frank’s Eddy Village
A man was chopped to death last night (Dec. 18th.) in Frank’s Eddy Village, Cayo. The Reporter understands that David Efrain Coc, 39, a Guatemalan labourer suffered chops wounds to the right side of the head...

Rotarian’s On A Mission To Clean-Up Plastics
On Monday (December 16th. 2019) the Rotarians in Benque Viejo installed the first ever bio-barrier across the Mopan in the hope of cleaning the river of trash and improving the waterway’s health.


A day in the life of a Coast Guard Officer
Every year, the three branches of security forces in Belize reward their officers with a Christmas luncheon. Yesterday, we showed you the Belize Defence Force’s soldiers enjoying the day.

Guatemalan National Chopped to death in rural Cayo
Police are investigating a homicide that occurred in rural Cayo District. Love News has confirmed that a Guatemalan national was chopped to death last night. The incident reportedly occurred on the Dark Knight Road in Frank’s Eddy Village at around ten thirty last night.

44-year-old man killed in hit-and-run
It wasn’t reported in the news, but this past Sunday, a 44-year-old man was knocked off his bicycle and killed. The victim, Jose Carlos Hernandez Escobar, was travelling from Boston Village to Sandhill Village, Belize District.

Forensic Service is free for everyone says National Forensic Science Service
The National Forensic Science Service is a group civilians authorized to work with the police to solve crimes and prosecute perpetrators. These men and women are often seen at a crime scene collecting evidence, taking pictures and dusting for fingerprints that will then be presented in court.

Man charged for Guild’s attempted murder
An employee of Transparent BPO was shot in Belize City on Tuesday night. 35-year-old Christopher Guild was reportedly walking towards Freetown Road when he was approached from behind by a dark complexion male riding a black bicycle who fired several shots at him.

Jonathon “Wind Cuttaz” Coleman’s road to fame
A 12-year-old boy has stolen the hearts of Belizeans across the country. Jonathon Coleman, a Belize City resident, has received opportunities of a lifetime after a video of him went viral.

Salvation Army Christmas Hampers
The Salvation Army in Belize assisted over nine hundred families today. They distributed Christmas hampers in Belize City, Hattieville, Maskall Village and the Cayo District.

Kelly will soon be a free man
After spending half his life behind bars, Andrew Kelly will now only have to serve two years and ten months more before he is freed. Kelly, who was once on death row, had appealed and as a result, was given a life sentence.

Thompson stabbed by a “friend”
A graphic designer of Belize City was stabbed yesterday evening at around three o’clock on Reggae Street. 25-year-old Sylvester Thompson was socializing with two friends, 18-year-old Jaheim Lawrence and a minor when an altercation ensued between Lawrence and Thompson.

Elderly couple’s son charged for two counts of murder
Police have levied charges in the double homicide case of 79-year-old Rafael Huezo and his 59-year-old wife, Nancy. The couple’s son, 32-year-old Mario Huezo was charged for two counts of murder this morning by Orange Walk Police.

Harris brothers walk from murder charge
his morning another murder trial ended in an acquittal when Justice Colin Williams upheld a “no-case submission”. It was the case of 20-year-old Cameron Harris. Harris and his brother, 22-year-old Lenford Harris Jr., were charged with...

Special Envoy condemns Gender-base violence, Amidst assault accusations against Kenzle Hulse
On the heels of the arraignment of Kenzle Hulse on the charge of harm, the Special Envoy for Women and Children issued a release condemning gender-based violence. The allegation against Hulse is that the choked,...

Anisha Young second DNA test inconclusive
A second DNA test requested by the family of Anisha Young, who went missing in December 2018, is being conducted in the Cayman Islands’ Forensics Lab. This comes after the family was not satisfied with...

Desnmore Bowman chopped to death
A postmortem examination was conducted yesterday on the body of 34-year-old Densmore Bowman. Bowman’s body was retrieved from a shallow grave just off the George Price Highway between miles 24 and 25.

DNA testing soon to be done in Belize
While we are on the topic of forensics and court cases there has been a number of queries from the public on the time it takes for samples from a crime scene to be tested....

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Mario Huezo charged with murder of his parents after couple found dead in Orange Walk
The youngest son of Rafael and Nancy Huezo who were found dead in Orange Walk a […]

U.S. Embassy hosts ‘Toys for Tots’ delivery at Marla’s House of Hope
The United States Embassy in Belmopan today hosted a Toys for Tots delivery to Marla’s […]

President Trump formally impeached; next steps stalled
On mostly party-line votes, President of the United States Donald J. Trump was impeached Wednesday […]

Special Envoy calls on public to exercise restraint and be mindful of ‘distasteful comments’ in wake of Kenzle Hulse domestic controversy
Earlier today, Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, issued a statement expressing […]

Belize City man charged for unlawful sexual intercourse with teenager
Fifty-eight-year-old caretaker, Eddison Glenford Broaster, has been remanded through the Christmas period on indictable charges […]

National Women’s Commission: Perpetrators must be held accountable for violent acts
The National Women’s Commission, following public backlash and controversy over a high-profile case of domestic […]

Canadian universities team up with educational institutions in Belize to develop climate change adaptation programs
Universities in Canada will be working with the University of Belize and the Institute of […]

Education Minister breaks ground for new pre-school and high school in Caye Caulker
Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, today broke ground for a new pre-school and high school […]

Wakanda not forever: U.S. drops fictional country from list of trading partners
The United States of America trades with nearly every country in the world and it […]

Belize votes in favor of OAS resolution on Bolivia
On December 18, the Organization of American States (OAS) presented a resolution rejecting violence in […]

Salvation Army delivers Christmas hampers for Belize City residents
For many, Christmas will not be bright due to current economic circumstances. The Salvation Army […]

Cameron Harris walks from a murder charge
20-year-old Cameron Harris, charged with the murder of Nelson Zelaya while a minor, was acquitted […]

Kidney Association makes holiday plea to be kind to kidneys
The Kidney Association of Belize (KAB) is asking its members and the public to exercise […]

Burglar/s steal liquor and cash from BDF headquarters
Reports to BBN is that the office of the Financial Officer of the Belize Defence […]

Special Envoy issues statement on gender-violence in wake of Kenzle Hulse backlash
Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, issued a statement today expressing concern […]

Man reportedly chopped to death in Frank’s Eddy village
A man was killed in Frank’s Eddy Village in the Cayo district last night. We […]

Rotary collects pounds of plastic waste from Mopan River
Residents of the westernmost town of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo District, have been asked […]


2019 Is Almost Over! What I’ve Been Doing Other Than Blogging: Favorite Books, Shows, Podcasts
What It’s REALLY Like To Be Self-Employed on Ambergris Caye (For Me) Or, perhaps more fitting- FAIL: How NOT to Stay Focused While Working From Home Ahhh to be self-employed on an island in the Caribbean…sounds like heaven, right? Yes. It is. Very much so. And I am eternally grateful and totally surprised to be in that position today. But…AND it’s a huge BUT for someone whose inner workings can be best described by this graphic: As you can imagine there are distractions that would make self-guided work hard on Ambergris Caye.

Junior Buddy the Jaguar
As The Belize Zoo’s jaguar ambassador, Junior Buddy was likely the country’s most recognizable jaguar, and for good reason. For environmental education, visitors had the unique chance to interact and admire Junior Buddy as a big cat ambassador – a gorgeous example of how majestic and essential jaguars are in our ecosystems and why their conservation is important. Secondly, Junior Buddy was the only jaguar born and raised in The Belize Zoo (TBZ). And while the country mourns the sudden passing by heart failure of world-famous Junior Buddy, his 12 years has surely left a mark (or pawprint) on the lives that he touched.

Must Dos in 2020 – CC+L to do Guide
It’s the new year, which means it’s time to add new adventures to your bucket list. Belize offers many exciting and amazing explorations just waiting to be discovered. The country’s lush jungle, pristine barrier reef, ancient Maya cities, rich culture, and natural beauty make it the perfect playground. As you wander Belize’s great outdoors, go at your own pace and you will surely have a fantastic time! Here are Belize’s top ten must-dos in 2020.

The Largest Barrier Reef In The Western Hemisphere
When you vacation in Belize, one of the most popular and amazing attractions to visit is the Belize Barrier Reef. This is the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and is located along the coastline of Belize. The Belize Barrier Reef holds an incredibly diverse ecosystem with a wide range of both plant and animal life. The Barrier Reef Reserve System protects the reef and also includes 450 cayes, three atolls, and seven marine reserves. It covers about 960 square kilometers of area.


  • Standard Bearer of the Peoples United Party Mr Andre Perez giving out hampers to the community of Caye Caulker, 8min. Spreading Christmas cheer.

  • Ground breaking ceremony for the new OA building in Caye Caulker, 68min. This project is an important milestone for the development and growth in the education system for the island. It is indeed a happy and exciting occasion. This project has been long awaited for and is now finally materializing. It is an effort from The Minster of education Patrick Faber, Minster of tourism and aviation Manuel Heredia Jr., the village council and the OA body who have been lobbying effortlessly for this dream to become a reality. The new structure is being built on 5-acres of land in the North West area of Bahia Puesta Del Sol.

  • 12 Days of Christmas continues..., 2hr25min.

  • Ground breaking for the new OA building in Caye Caulker, 6min. The new 5-acre campus will feature state-of-the-art facilities needed on campus to accommodate the students and teachers. The project is being funded by the Caribbean development Bank. It is overwhelming that we're getting this new facility. Ocean Academy High School Principal Heidi Curry said. "We want the very best for our students, and we're excited for it to open." If all goes as planned, the new campus will be ready for students by the 2021 school year.

  • Carol of the Bells as performed by Cayo Music School with Ascenthium, 5.5min. The Cayo Music School had their annual recital, and Ascenthium played the Carol of the Bells with them.

  • Crique Jute Dance Group (Toledo District Belize Central America), 30min.

  • Final Game Senior Division Go Green Belize Bball, 13min. We are sure your bballing appetite will be addressed as Belize City Hard Rock and Solar Roots Brotherhood go for the win in this challenging contest.

  • Skydiving into the Blue Hole, Belize, 8.5min.

  • Christmas Bram, 15min. Christmas Bram, as Belizeans know, is a Kriol cultural tradition that involves Brukdown music and residents dancing and singing while they move from house to house in their communities!


  • 12 Days of Christmas continues..., 2hr23min.

  • The National Forensic Science Service Laboratory, 14min. The National Forensic Science Service laboratory is the only forensic laboratory in Belize which is responsible for the analysis of all evidence submitted by law enforcement for investigation and prosecution of criminal offences. The Forensic Laboratory Unit staff consists of 13 persons and is headed directly by an assistant director. The forensic laboratory is made up of qualified and trained staff with a wealth of invaluable experience who uphold principles of objectivity, integrity and scientific inquiry in the daily execution of their duties.

  • Paradise awaits you in Belize, 3min.

  • Cay Caulker, Belize Island snorkeling, Dec 11th 2019, 4.5min.

  • Belize | Cahal Pech | Mayan Archaeological Site, 5min. Right outside the of San Ignacio in the Cayo District of western Belize, sits the Mayan archaeological site of Cahal Pech. Here, we take you on a tour of this small, but nonetheless magnificent ruins. Go in the off season, like we did and you'll have the site on to yourself!

  • Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize, 24min. Scuba diving