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Today's Belize News: December 21, 2019 #539699
12/21/19 06:21 AM
12/21/19 06:21 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Lions Club hosts Christmas party for island senior citizens
Senior citizens of San Pedro Town were honoured on Wednesday, December 18th at their annual Christmas organized by the San Pedro Lions Club. Dozens of guests were warmly welcomed by fellow Lions and Leos members, treated to a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and drinks while enjoying an evening of entertainment and music. The anticipated event included entertainment by the San Pedro Dance Academy’s beginners and advanced dancers. The staff of the Belize and Atlantic Bank looked after the guests and took food and drinks to their tables. Afterwards, they distributed presents and wished them a Merry Christmas.

San Pedro Police Formation obtains a Bullet Collection Chamber
In order to continue deterring criminal activities on the island and to keep track of the number of licensed weapons, the San Pedro Police Formation has acquired a Bullet Collection Chamber or Bullet Catcher, a device designed to capture cartridge casings (handgun bullets), for comparative analysis. With this new piece of equipment at the police station, every holder of a licensed weapon on the island will be required to test their weapons with this bullet catcher upon renewing their gun permits. This will provide police with information about the gun holder and the type of bullets, which can then be compared to any potential firearm crime committed on the island. The Bullet Collection Chamber is expected to come into use after the end of the year holidays.

Triple R Evac donates medical supplies to San Pedro Town, Caye Caulker and BERT in Belize City
Rickilee Response and Rescue (RRR) Air Evac Emergency Response Team donated $1 million worth of medical supplies to the polyclinics in San Pedro Town, Caye Caulker Village and the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) in Belize City. A container full of supplies was unloaded at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II on Tuesday, December 17th, and later that day, the other portion of the cargo was taken to Caye Caulker. The donation also comes with an ambulance, which is already in the country and will soon be transported to San Pedro.

Groundbreaking ceremonies held for new schools on Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye
Caye Caulker Village and Ambergris Caye will soon see the construction of new schools, following an official groundbreaking ceremony held separately at both island communities on Thursday, December 19th. A new pre-school and a state-of-the art facilities will be constructed for the current Ocean Academy high school in Caye Caulker, while a pre-school, primary and high school will be constructed on Ambergris Caye, some seven miles north of San Pedro Town. Officiating the projects was Belize Rural South Area Representative Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr., Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture Honourable Patrick Faber and the respective members of the village and town council authorities.

Various Belizean Sources


Santa Claus in Caye Caulker Today
Santa Claus is in town and today he will be at the Central Park/ Basketball court waiting for the Caye Caulker children. The Christmas party begins at 4:00PM until. Tickets are available from now until 8:00 TONIGHT and can be picked up from Miss Sayonara. Tickets are FREE and children between the ages of 2-10 are welcomed. Snacks, goodie bags and a gift from Santa will be available for all children with a ticket.

The Gaming Control Board of Belize would like to remind all gaming machine licensees that their licenses will expire on the 31st March, 2020. Licensees wishing to renew their licenses are asked to submit their application forms to the Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce in Belmopan no later than Friday, 31st January 2020 at 3:00 p.m.

BEL and Employees Gift Christmas Hampers to Families and Senior Citizens Countrywide
Employees of Belize Bectridty Limited (BEL) continued an annual tradition of delivering Christmas hampers to 90 deserving families and 60 senior titizans countrywide on December 19 and 20, 2019. The hampers are valuod at over $300 ead) and contain ingredients for a tradition. Christmas dinner, groceries and toil.ries. Employees and the Company donate towards the hampers throughout the year.

Biobarda Installed and Working
The Biobarda has been installed on the Mopan in Benque, and it's working well. They've already cleaned it, and they got quite a bit of trash out of it. A huge thanks to everyone involved with this amazing effort. Beta No Litta!

Ki’imak ba’atetaanbal ti San Pedro Yalbac!!! Happy Battle of San Pedro Yalbac, Belize!!!
On December 21,1866 the Yucatec Maya (Máasewal) defeated the British troops in the Yalbac area . This battle is known as the battle of San Pedro Yalbac. The Maya leaders were Asuncion Ek,Marcos Canul and Rafael Chan .

Channel 7

Coast Guard Saves Five Lost At Sea
All this week, the headlines have been dominated by terrible tragedies - a missing teen murdered, a man who allegedly killed his parents, a husband killed in front of his wife and child, and the list goes on. Well tonight, we start the newscast with a bright spot. The Belize Coast Guard saved the lives of 5 males: 4 adults and a 10-year-old boy who were stranded at sea early this morning. They went on an ill advised fishing trip off the coast of Belize City late last night, but sometime after 2 this morning, they encountered some sort of mishap somewhere between Water Caye and Goff Caye.

Jumoke Castro Lambasted in House For Vile FB Post
By now, you've likely heard all about Jumoke Castro's vile facebook post. He threatened PLUS TV News Director Shasta Wade with gang rape by a group of sons of UDP Ministers. This was in response to Shasta's husband, Luis Wade who made a post stating that the sons of a number of UDP Ministers were "entitled." Castro's post has been roundly criticized on facebook, condemned in the media, and today, it got the same in the House of Representatives - where his father Edmond is the Belize Rural North representative. The Speaker opened today's proceedings by saying something has to be done about cyber-bullying - and the PM supported her.

Briceno Fumes on Jumoke, Edmond Walks Out
And while the prime minister condemned the post, the leader of the opposition displayed outrage. He said it was despicable: Notably, Jumoke's father, Edmond Castro who sits directly across from Briceno left the house meeting during his presentation. As you heard, the Prime Minister referred to a press release from his party. That was issued early this morning, and it says, quote, "The UDP expresses grave concern over a despicable and outrageous post made on social media in which the wife of a media personality was threatened with sexual assault.

COMPOL Says They Can't Charge Jumoke For Rape Threat
And so what are the police doing about it? Or, maybe we should say, what can they do? Shasta Wade today made a statement to the police, but making a threat of rape is not an offence. Today at his office in Belmopan, Police Commissioner Chester Williams told us how he feels about the post, and the limits of his powers to address it: Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "I have read the post and as a man and the content has nothing to do with me, but reading it brings goosebumps over my skin. The graphic description, the nuisance in it, it's outrageous to say the least. I could just imagine how Mr. Wade wife feels when she read it and how Mr. Wade may feel as well when he read that post."

Did Police Give Kenzel Hulse Special Treatment?
And while Williams says he has suggested to the Wade's the best avenue to address the issue, the criticism against the Commissioner is that he has been a part of enabling sons of UDP Ministers. This evening, the National Evangelical Association Of Belize issued a statement referring to, quote, "the increasing pattern of Government Minister's sons out of control, and seemingly above the law and exempt of consequences." End quote. The statement goes on to allege that police showed, quote, "blatant favouritism" in dealing with the domestic abuse complaint against Kenzel Hulse.

The Huezo Standoff, Up Close
As we told you last night, 31 year old Mario Huezo was charged for two counts of murder for allegedly killing his mother and father, Rafael and Nancy Huezo. The magistrate has ordered a psychiatric evaluation - and his actions have certainly suggested a man in the throes of a serious mental episode. This was clear to police on Tuesday morning in Independence Village when he had a standoff with the cops.

COMPOL Awards Brave, Competent Cops
We spoke to Williams after he held an award ceremony at the Police Training academy for 8 police officers who had performed their jobs with bravery and distinction. He's been holding quite a few of these, and he said it's because he has to quickly reinforce and reward positive behaviors:

Death Stories From The Sea
In our headline, we told you about the 5 men who were rescued by the Coast Guard after their cold weather fishing trip took a turn for the worse. But while those men were found alive and relatively well, the families of two fishermen and one teenaged boy have yet to get any closure. Their loved ones went missing after they went fishing off Mapp Caye on November 22nd. They should have come back in that evening, and the fishermen 22-year-old Sheldon Gibson and 21-year-old Elijah Usher, and 14-year-old Kevin Roches were the subjects of an active search by police and Coast Guard. That search was called off after some weeks, and they are now presumed dead.

Man Says His Son Was Killed At Sea
And while Bennet promises to increase patrols around Mapp Caye, Sheldon Gibson's father is claiming that the Coast Guard know exactly what's going on out there. He spoke to us off camera earlier today, and told us that he believes his son was murdered on the very same day he left Belize City. Voice of: Windell Gibson: "Well I wasn't there when they killed him but he died 4:00 the same day, you hear me, and they shot him up in the guts with machine guns and that's why he couldn't float. They won't find the body because once your guts have burst you can't float." "Fourteen people have died right at Mapp Caye and there's no motive no how will I give one. All them people died at the same spot, you know."

The Future Of Fisheries
The comprehensive fisheries reform law was finally introduced at today's house meeting in the national assembly. Now, it is only the first reading but it is historic for the team of conservationists and fishers who have been working on this bill since 2009. We spoke to a representative from the Wildlife Conservation Society and Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association who were engaged in the process from the start. They provided some context and discussed the significance of the fisheries bill.

House Meeting To Push Through IBC Regs Rapidito
And the Fisheries bill may even have bi-partisan support - just like a whole package of legislation did today. All of them had to do with adjustments to Belize's international banking regulations, to bring them in line with European Union standard before January of 2020. Those were actually the reason for a house meeting five days before Christmas - which may be a first.

PM Barrow: Merry Christmas & "Buh-Bye"ť
And that spirit of bi-partisan support provided a fitting mood for Prime Minister Dean Barrow's last Christmas as a member of the House of Representatives. He's been a member since 1984 - 35 years without interruption, the longest unbroken tenure of any current member of the house. Today, he gave a nod to his last Christmas in the House:

PM: OCEANA's 2M Not Enough
Outside the House, we also asked the Prime Minister about government's much criticized partial ban on gill net fishing. Many in the conservation community and even some licensed gill net fishers have said they would prefer a full out ban. They would prefer the opportunity to draw down funds out of the two million dollars OCEANA has raised to promote alternative livelihoods. Today, the PM said 2 million is not enough:

PM Says Recession Temporary
We also asked the Prime Minister about the fact that GDP growth for the third quarter has been revised downward, from 1.8% growth, to a 0.4% contraction. That's two successive quarters of contracting GDP growth - which amounts to a recession. The PM said he's sure it will come around in the fourth quarter of the year:...

Money Or Not, Cheer Is Here
But, recession or not, this year Christmas cheer continued for members of the House. That's when the government apportions representatives a small amount of money to share with the most needy in their communities. The PM gave us the breakdown:

PM Mum On Vega's Extended Vacation
And, that means Christmas Cheer funds even went to the UDP's Orange Walk North's area rep Gaspar Vega - even though he probably hasn't earned it. That's because he hasn't shown up to work for over two years! That's right, according to our records Vega last appeared at a House Meeting in August of 2017.

"See-Ya"ť Says SIRDI to Osorio
But, one man has lost his job in the north. It's at the Sugar Industries Research and Development Institute, better known as SIRDI for short where long-time Director, Marcos Osorio, has been terminated. Some observers say that the decision to remove him was political. Reports are that he was removed because of his perceived proximity to politicians from Opposition Party. The official reason is that the stakeholders on the SIRDI board don't think that he is the right person to elevate the institute to the next level of research and development.

Judgment Reserved In Port and NCL Case
On Tuesday's news, we told you about the multi-million dollar dispute between the Port of Big Creek and Norwegian Cruise Line. It ended up in the Supreme Court before Justice Courtney Abel. The Port's management wants the court to order NCL to pay them huge sums in damages because according to them, the multi-national baited them into making a bad investment in a dredger, which caused them to incur huge financial losses. Then, there is a secondary dispute amongst these two companies. The two sides can't agree on exactly how much money NCL owes the Port when it was leasing the dredger from Tampa. The disparity between the quoted figures from the two sides is significant.

COMPOL Misses Murder Reduction Target
He's probably been on the news this year more times than any other public figure. And usually Commissioner Chester Williams is talking about crime. But despite all that talking, and taking care to hold crime down - the Commissioner will miss his target for the number of murders.

Christmas Vibes On The Alberts
Ask any business person and they'll tell you that sales are down this year - and ask any head of household, and they'll tell you plantain no di eat like rice. Now, we've been hearing that EVERY Christmas - more or less, since Christ was born. Still, it's part of our a tradition here at 7 News to go out unto Albert street and sample public opinion on that deathless question: "How di Christmas di Cohn?" BEL's Bounty of Hampers
And while most people are hoping for that bit of extra cash at Christmas time, for some these much looked forward to festivities can be completely out of reach. That's where BEL came in to assist some of their customers. In the last two days, the company and its employees have delivered Christmas hampers to 90 deserving families and 60 senior citizens countrywide. The Local Butterball Explained
If you're one of the lucky people who received a hamper this year your Christmas feast is covered. But if you're still in the market for that plump juicy bird, this year you'll be buying a local turkey - but even so, you can still find a butterball bird. Today, the General Manager of Quality Poultry told us about the difference between a butterball and a regular turkey.

Channel 5

Early Morning Distress Call, 5 Fishermen Rescued at Sea
Five persons were successfully returned to shore at the Coast Guard Headquarters this afternoon.  The group, including a little boy, was stranded at sea when the vessel they were out [...]

Jumoke Castro Receives Backlash After Threatening Shasta Wade
Fire and brimstone are pouring down on Jumoke Castro tonight. He is the son of U.D.P. Minister Edmond Castro and tonight he is feeling the wrath of not only the [...]

Firestorm Follows Jumoke’s Controversial Facebook Post
There is much public outrage in the wake of revolting comments posted by Jumoke Castro on his social media page in which he threatens Plus TV’s Shasta Wade with sexual [...]

Will Charges Be Levied Against Jumoke Castro?
Pastor Louis Wade and his wife have since contacted the police department, expressing concerns over the social media comment made by Jumoke Castro. Knowing that the comment was made by [...]

First Draft of Cybercrime Legislation is Under Review
Today, a press release surfaced on social media on Cyber Crime Legislation. According to the release, the Office of the Special Envoy in collaboration with the Office of the Speaker [...]

Opposition Leader Denounces Attacked on Nicole Usher
The leaders of both parties today also spoke on the recent case of domestic abuse that led to police charging Kenzle Hulse with harm upon his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Usher.  Usher [...]

No Special Treatment for Children of Ministers
But how does ComPol Williams ensure that investigations centred on the children of politically appointed persons are not tainted? It is often speculated that those highly connected to government ministers [...]

The Murder Count So Far for 2019
According to our records, the murder count so far for 2019 is at one hundred and thirty-one homicides; it is dangerously close to 2018’s figures of a hundred and forty-four [...]

PM Optimistic that Economy Will Grow in 4th Quarter
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is optimistic about economic growth for the fourth quarter. Revised figures released by the Statistical Institute of Belize show that there was a contraction in the [...]

N.T.U.C.B. says UNCAC Implementation Sluggish
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, along with the National Trade Union Congress of Belize and the Belize Network of N.G.O.’s, wrote to the Prime Minister reminding him of [...]

Where are the Details of the Coastal Road Contract?
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also asking the government for full details of the one hundred and thirty-three point two million dollar contract for the Coastal Road. [...]

Parliamentarians Gather to Meet E.U.’s Deadline
A string of important pieces of legislation was passed today by the House of Representatives to meet a deadline imposed by the European Union. The bills were passed to get [...]

One Million Dollars in Christmas Cheer?
It’s that time of year once more, Christmas Cheer! Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed that Christmas cheer monies have been dispersed to the thirty-one area representatives. Like the previous year, [...]

PM Comments on Gillnet Proposed Ban
Prime Minister Dean Barrow today commented on the debate surrounding the banning of gillnets. Recently, OCEANA Belize offered the government a gillnet buy-back programme if a ban on gillnets is [...]

Fisheries Bill Tabled in House, Finally
It has been in the works for nine years, but today amendments to the outdated Fisheries Bill were introduced in the House of Representatives.  The bill contains stiffer penalties against violation [...]

PM Barrow Comments on Gaspar Vega’s Repeated Absence
U.D.P. Orange Walk North Area Representative Gaspar Vega continues to absent himself from house meetings. He has been M.I.A from house sittings for a considerable amount of time after resigning from [...]

8 Officers are Recognized for their Exemplary Work
A group of officers was invited to the Police Training Academy in Belmopan today. But it was not to develop their policing skills; in fact, they were being awarded for [...]

Lead Investigator Comment on Conviction of Danny Mason et al
Following today’s awards ceremony, Sergeant Holly Vasquez, who was the lead investigator in the murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, was asked about his reaction to the ruling handed down by [...]

Supreme Court Proceeds With BPM’s Constitutional Challenge
The Belize Peace Movement and Vision Inspired by the People, V.I.P., have brought a constitutional challenge against the Government of Belize in relation to the electoral division claiming that the [...]

Constituencies Remain Inordinately Small
Deputy Solicitor General Samantha Matute-Tucker is representing the Attorney General and attorney Arthur Saldivar is representing the Belize Peace Movement and V.I.P.  The case was adjourned to February sixth, 2020.  [...]

Quality Poultry Products Goes Green with Electricity
Demand for renewable energy has skyrocketed in recent years, particularly because of the global discussion around climate change and the impacts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  The global [...]

Is Restaurant Causing Problems for its Next Door Neighbour?
A Belize City woman claims that a next door restaurant has been creating all sorts of problems for her.  Nicole Milton lives on Cemetery Road and she alleges that the [...]


Kenzel Hulse, 29, arraigned on a charge of harm
Kenzel Hulse, 29, who is the son of Minister of Agriculture, Godwin Hulse, has been charged with harm of his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Usher, 23. Hulse, who is a Belmopan resident, was arraigned yesterday in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court, where he appeared before Magistrate Johnelle Villanueva, who read the charge to him. He pleaded not guilty, and veteran police prosecutor Sgt. Clinton Magdaleno objected to bail being granted to him, because, he said, the offense is prevalent and a clear message must be sent, but Hulse’s attorney, Hurl Hamilton, was able to convince the magistrate to grant his client b

President Donald Trump impeached
On Wednesday evening, the US House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump on two charges against him — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The abuse of power vote passed 230–197, and the obstruction of Congress vote passed 229–198 against the Republican president. President Trump will now face a Senate trial, which will be held to decide whether to convict Trump of the two articles of impeachment and remove him from office. However, it is believed that the president will be acquitted by the Republican majority in the Senate.

Cricket Corner – Belize National Female Cricket Team, a giant in Costa Rica!!
Hello, my so wonderful Cricket Corner readers and appreciates! I know that my story will reach you all late, but I am very pleased to tell you about it again. So, pleasant reading. When the President of the Belize National Cricket Association, Dr. Roy Young, was elected and settled in, he started forming committees to handle various areas in the Association to help him to move the spirit of cricket forward in a most positive way. A few out of the twelve committees are for coaches, umpires, youths, males and females, public relations, etc. One such committee is for the National Female Cricket Team, headed by Miss Daphne McFadzean.

The House meets for the final time in 2019
The National Assembly will host its final meetings for 2019 at a special sitting of the House of Representatives on Friday, December 20, and a special meeting of the Senate on Monday, December 23. The upcoming meetings will introduce and reintroduce a series of bills such as: (i)Deposit Insurance Bill 2019, which will discuss a deposit insurance fund for the protection of insured deposits against the risk of loss within an insured limit. (ii)International Banking Amendment Bill 2019 to amend the International Banking Act, designed to improve the oversight of international banks and enhance the procedure surrounding the intervention in affairs of and other resolution actions in relation to international banks.

The PUP calls for investigation into assault charges by Minister’s son
Today, Belizeans and particularly residents in Belmopan, heard the harrowing cries and pain of a mother who detailed on PLUS and Vibes TV the physical assault and threats to her daughter and her one-year old granddaughter. The mother alleged that it is the son of a Minister of government who has had a pattern of abusive behavior but who operates above the law due to his high connections in government. The accusations, allegations and sordid details quickly made the social media and talk show circuit with further allegations that the victim’s statement has gone missing from the police and the accused perpetrator has been released.

Fishermen ready to dispose of their gillnets
The Belize Federation of Fishers invited the media to their office on Wednesday to weigh in on the current movement to ban gillnet fishing in Belize. As reported, the topic was discussed at the previous House of Representatives meeting; yet, despite the rallying of various NGO’s and fisherfolk for a complete ban on gill nets, the government voted to allow its continued use, under new restrictions. Many members of the public and organizations have publicly expressed their disappointment in this decision and feel that it will result in future detrimental effects on Belize’s marine ecosystems which will subsequently hurt the fisheries and tourism sectors.

Supreme Court bout over a dredge
Island Holdings Limited, the parent company for Harvest Caye, has found itself in a legal battle with Banana Enterprises Limited (a subsidiary of Big Creek Group) over a business deal that took a left turn. Banana Enterprises was apparently sought out by Island Holdings in 2014 for the acquisition of a dredge that would be used to dig a channel at Harvest Caye to accommodate cruise ships from the Norwegian Cruise Line coming into the country. In 2015 the parties entered into an agreement wherein Banana Enterprises would buy the equipment necessary to do the job, and Island Holdings would pay the cost to utilize said equipment to dig their channel. Subsequently, the dredge would be returned to the buyers, who would then use it for their own dredging purposes.

2 persons reported missing
Two persons have been reported missing and their families and police are seeking public assistance to find them. The persons are Jahira Martinez, 16, and Calvin Cattouse, 29. Jahira Martinez, a student of Uruguay Street, Belmopan, left home at about 7:30 Friday morning and has not been seen or heard from since. Calvin Cattouse, a laborer of Belize City, left home on October 1, 2017 to go to an unknown destination and disappeared. Since then, his where about remain unknown, and he has not been heard from.

November 2019 imports up 9.2% over November 2018
According to the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), Belize imported $180.8 million worth of goods in November 2019, 9.2% or $15.2 million more than it did in November 2018. The categories where imports increased are ‘Food and Live Animals’, ‘Mineral Fuels and Lubricants’, ‘Chemical Products’, ‘Machinery and Transport Equipment’, ‘Manufactured Goods’, and ‘Crude Materials’. The ‘Food and Live Animals’ category increased from $17.2 million to $23.2 million because of more imports of wheat, corn seeds, and lard; doubled imports of regular and premium fuel saw the ‘Mineral Fuels and Lubricants’ category go up from $21.7 million to $27.1 million; and imports of ‘Chemical Products’ went from $13.3 million to $15.9 million, on account of greater purchases of fertilizers.

3-year-old boy dies in house fire
A family in Silk Grass is devastated after a fire in their one-flat 20 X 24 timber house destroyed all their belongings and took the life of their youngest child, Isaias Ojeda, 3, who was sleeping in his bunk bed and was overlooked by a neighbor who had rushed into the house to save the children. The neighbor apparently forgot Isaias because he had been sleeping. The neighbor tried to rush back into the house when one of the children who had been rescued told her that Isaias was still inside the house, but by that time it had become so engulfed in flames that she could not re-enter. The child’s charred remains were later found among the debris.

Bart Lucas, 32, charged with shooting Christopher Guild, 35
Bart Lucas, 32, a laborer of Pinks Alley, has been charged with attempted murder for the shooting of Christopher Guild, 35, a customer care representative, on Barrack Road at about 11:00 Monday night. Lucas was additionally charged with dangerous harm, aggravated assault, and use of deadly means of harm. He was arraigned at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court yesterday before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer, who read the charges to him. Lucas pleaded not guilty, but no bail was offered to him and he was remanded until February 18, 2020.

Police charge Mario Huezo, 32, for the murder of his elderly parents
At about 9:00 Monday morning, the eldest son of Rafael Huezo, 80, and his wife, Nancy Huezo, 75, went to check on them at their home on Stadium Street in Orange Walk Town and found them both dead, in a state of decomposition. At about 2:00 Tuesday afternoon, police reported that the main suspect in the murder of the elderly couple — Mario Huezo, 32, the couple’s youngest son, had been captured in Independence Village in the Stann Creek District.

Damion Bregal, 17, reported missing from Belmopan, found dead in Teakettle
Damion Bregal, 17, a student of Cayo Street, Belmopan, left his home Friday morning, December 13, along with three friends, and when he did not return home, he was reported missing by his mother. His parents, other relatives and friends of his, and police then set about trying to find him. On Tuesday, December 17, the search to find Bregal came to a sad conclusion when his decomposing body was found in some bushes off the Young Gyal Road in Teakettle by a man who noticed a bad smell permeating the environment.

Police constable convicted of sexual assault of girl, 8
A nine-member jury deliberated in the Supreme Court of Justice Colin Williams for 2 hours and 23 minutes before returning to the courtroom to announce a guilty verdict in the trial of Constable Darren Martinez, 24. At the trial, the Crown was represented by Crown Counsel Riis Cattouse, while the interdicted cop was represented by attorney Oswald Twist. The trial, which began yesterday, Monday, December 16, concluded late this afternoon with the jury’s unanimous guilty verdict.

Constable Nadir Mendoza pleads not guilty to theft of Police Department’s firearms
A twenty-two-year-old police constable whose picture was put on a police wanted poster for the offense of theft was taken to the Belize City Magistrate’s Court this morning to be arraigned. Nadir Ryan Mendoza appeared before Magistrate Khadeen Palmer, who arraigned him on the theft charge. Mendoza pleaded not guilty to the charge, and since the court prosecutor did not object to the granting of bail to Mendoza, he was released on bail of $5.000 plus one surety in the same amount.

Verdes FC are PLB 2019-2020 Opening Season Champions
After a 1-1 draw in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2019-2020 Opening Season Finals game 1 a week ago at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, Sunday’s Finals game 2 at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio was “for all the marbles” between home standing Verdes FC and visiting Bandits Sport from the capital city; and this time it was the “Green Machine” with the 2-nil victory and the championship. A number of former Bandits players are now playing with Verdes, and a number of former Verdes players are presently on the Bandits register, so it was a natural possibility that one of those players would be instrumental in the victory against his former team; and, indeed, that was the case.

C-Ray D. Banner Saturday Race results – December 14
Early Saturday morning, a group of cyclists lined up in front of Data Pro on the Boom Road for the weekly C-Ray D. Banner Saturday Race. They raced to the Hattieville roundabout and return, for a total of 23.8 miles, which they completed in a time of 57:07 for an average of 24.7 m.p.h. U-23 cyclist Patrick Williams won both station prizes – going, at the Prison, and on the return, at Fresh Pond. In the Open Category, 1st was Ray Cattouse, 2nd Patrick Williams, and 3rd Brandon Cattouse.

San Pedro Town Council Co-ed Softball Tournament update
The San Pedro Town Council 2019-2020 Co-ed Softball Tournament continued over the weekend with 2 games on Sunday, December 15, at the Hon. Louis Sylvester Sports Complex in San Pedro. In the opener, Rusties out-slugged San Pedro High School Sharks to gain the 15-10 victory. Winning pitcher was Erwin Tate, and losing pitcher was Armin Badillo. The nightcap saw Extreme suffering their first defeat of the tournament, as RCGO edged them by a single run, 9-8, behind winning pitcher Christian Orellano, while Extreme’s Christian Logan was charged with the loss. Only one of the 5 competing teams, Beer League, is still winless in the competition

Editorial: The churches can do more in the battle against crime
We are not living our brightest moment when we describe the horrible violence in our land as a “sign of the times,” and this is precisely the response we are getting from many of our church leaders and their flocks. The last book in the Holy Bible, Revelation, prophesies of the Apocalypse — the destruction of the world. Many church leaders and their flocks are interpreting these horrific times as fulfilling that prophecy. If we, in the face of our horrific crime situation, looked soberly at this last days of the world pronouncement, we might conclude, sincerely, that it is a crutch to lean on because we feel helpless, or, disappointingly, it is a cop-out to blind ourselves from the plight of our neighbors who have less than we have or are going through experiences that we feel insulated from.

Breaking the silence!
I have not been writing for some weeks now as I buried myself in my corner and tried to mentally come to terms with the violent turmoil in our country. I have had to withdraw from social media and purge myself of all the negativity and the daily avalanche of a double murder, an execution style-shooting, a fatal traffic accident claiming multiple lives, drug planes landing and many cases of sexual and domestic abuse, which has bombarded me even when I don’t want to hear about it, as they are the topics of daily talk almost everywhere you go. The shock effect is gone, and we are living in days where our politicians raise fuel prices on us, create monopolies when it suits their financial and political interest, sign bloated contracts one after the other to siphon off money for the upcoming election, and we seem to have no power as a people to hold them accountable.

The UDPeez definitely won’t like it
Flat out I am not in the business of frightening people but, but some little notes I’d compiled popped up when I was sorting some scribbling, the used ones for to throw away, and yet to be completed material, for to stew on or maybe for insertion in my column. Aha, a couple pages of notes came up under the heading: “Who was worse for Belize: Dean Barrow or Ralph Fonseca?” Both these characters had full turns steering Belize’s economy, Ralph between 1989 and 1993, under George Price, and 1998 to 2005, under Said Musa; and Dean Barrow has been at the wheel to make or break Belize since 2008. Interestingly, both these squanderers faced off in Queen’s Square in 1984, Barrow getting the nod. Between them they have emptied the national vault like Henry money kyaahn done, and they have borrowed like paying back is not a part of loan agreements.

Agriculture in the American System/School & George Price’s Mixed Economy
A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article called “Economy and Independence”, in the leading newspaper of Belize — the Amandala, in which I wrote that the reasons that first the United States of America, and later Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and today’s China have been able to supply a high standard of living for their citizens was because every one of them followed a version of capitalism that was known during the nineteenth century as the American School/System of Political Economy. In Belize we know it as George Price’s Mixed Economy. The major concepts of the American School that distinguish that version of Capitalism from the British School are:

Enter Mercedes “Mechi” Olivera
During their stay Mr. Reg and Jerome had occupied the bedroom off the study, approaching it through the hall door, while Matron had shared her sister’s bedroom, which had given her a chance to try and get a feel of what the next day’s meeting with her father would be like. All Miss Millicent could say, however, was that Mr. Bertram had remarked to her, about a month before, that it was time for him to wind up his affairs now that he had reached ten years plus beyond the allotted three score and ten and, also, that the threat of another World War was imminent. After breakfast the next morning Mr. Reg had assisted his father-in-law into the study, where he had left him with Matron and Jerome before going out to look after some business in connection with the elder St. John’s properties, which he had supervised since his parents’ emigration to Canada.

Eckert Lewis interviewed by Charles Bartlett Hyde
FUN & GAMES: Let’s get back to the fight with George Meighan. When did you feel certain that the fight was yours? ECKERT LEWIS: By about the third round. FUN & GAMES: Did George realize it too? ECKERT LEWIS: I don’t think so, because he gave a good account of himself up to that time. He became conscious of this in the fifth when he got hit with the first good left hook. It stung him and he was surprised. It almost paralysed him and he went down, but he got up and came back on the attack in the sixth round. Then in the seventh, he got caught by another hook. I think he jabbed me but his right dropped, and my hook came through, not over, his right hand and he went down for the full count. I think it is important to say that we had no animosity over the fight. In fact we were together at a dance at St. Mary’s Hall the same night having fun together.

From The Publisher
Dean Barrow, ably supported by Michael Finnegan, has been, overall, Belize’s most powerful Creole politician in the second half of the twentieth century and the first two decades of the twenty-first. A highly intelligent man, Mr. Barrow knows how to choose his advisers, and when to accept their advice. Few will remember that it was Michael Finnegan who advised Barrow to choose Queen’s Square for his political constituency back in early 1984. What had happened was that Mr. Barrow had defeated Hubert Elrington in a Collet constituency candidate convention for the Opposition United Democratic Party (UDP).

Brian Plummer discusses serious matters
Dear Editor, As the Christmas season has started and the New Year is approaching, I always think about the future. The world is in flux. The struggle for global hegemony will intensify. The United States and China have made a phase 1 trade deal. It is a mere ceasefire, and the struggle for global dominance will intensify after the US presidential elections, regardless of who wins. The Caribbean and Belize were caught up in the Cold War. Belize sided with the United States and was spared the ravages of the Cold War like Jamaica, Grenada and Guyana.

Jamaica wins Miss World
Toni-Ann Singh won Miss World 2019 over the weekend to become the fourth Jamaican winner of the title. “To…all the girls around the world – please believe in yourself. Please know that you are worthy and capable of achieving your dreams,” the 23-year-old student tweeted on Saturday after winning the title at the 69th edition of the pageant in London. She beat 111 other contestants after impressing the judges with her answers to a variety of questions and singing Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’.

The Reporter

RTA: Motorcyclist Crashes Into Tractor Trailer
There was a road traffic accident on Savannah Road this morning involving a motorcycle and a toe head truck. The driver of the cycle was badly wounded and transported to the Western Regional Hospital in Dangriga.

Did Jealousy Cause Vicious Murder?
A Guatemalan labourer was hacked to death on Wednesday night at his home in Frank’s Eddy Village, Cayo, and the motive of the killing is jealousy, Police believe, over the attacker’s 17 year-old mistress who is also said to be the victim’s sister-in-law!

Defend Your Own Mind !
Someone has been subjecting the Belizean people to a social media propaganda campaign designed to turn public opinion against the Chinese people. And no one in officialdom seems to care. Recently we have seen a number of fake Facebook pages emerged which used the names of legitimate news outlets in Belize.

Vile FB Threat By Minister’s Son Spurs Outrage
Since late Tuesday, national attention has been riveted on the allegations that Kenzle Hulse, son of Minister Godwin Hulse, beat and assaulted the mother of his one year old child with a weapon. Hulse’s subsequent arraignment has drawn public and media scrutiny, on the streets and airwaves and of course, on social media.

GOOD NEWS ! – The Miracle At Christmas – 5 Missing At Sea Found Alive
The Reporter has confirmed with the Coast Guard that the five persons missing at sea have been located, alive. We are told they were located at Foreman’s Caye, which is near to Goff Caye.

Was Shooting On Fresh Pond Road Random ? – Driver At KNMH
A man from the Fresh Pond area of Burrell Boom is at the KHMH after he was shot multiple times last night.

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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Driver crushed to death at Imer Hernandez’s work compound in Georgeville
Breaking Belize News has confirmed that a man lost his life earlier tonight in Georgeville. […]

Man crushed by trucks at work site in Georgeville
Reliable sources have informed Breaking Belize News that a man was crushed in between two […]

Jumoke Castro’s apology not accepted, Shasta Wade press for charges
Jumoke Castro may have issued an apology to Shasta Wade for an alleged threat to […]

National Security Minister applauds Coast Guard for successful rescue
Minister of National Security, John Saldivar issued a statement applauding the Belize Coast Guard after […]

Persons reported missing at sea found alive
The Belize Coast Guard has found five persons who were reported missing at sea. Reports […]

Alliance of Ministers and Leaders of Belize condemn the ‘threatening’ comments made against Pastor Wade
The Alliance of Ministers and Leaders of Belize issued a statement condemning the threatening comments […]

BBN joins call to action against disgusting threats against women
Breaking Belize News joins the scores of Belizeans expressing concern, dismay and disgust against the […]

Speaker condemns violence in society, calls for regulation of social media
Speaker of the House of Representatives Laura Longsworth opened this morning’s meeting with a call […]

Belize Peace Movement condemns threats of sexual violence from Minister’s son
As public outrage continues to soar, the third-party umbrella organization Belize Peace Movement (BPM) has joined […]

Media organizations condemn threatening comments targeted at journalist
Media organizations, Great Belize Productions and 7 News Belize issued statements this morning condemning threatening […]

Another neighborhood watch condemns ‘reprehensible comments’ targeted at Pastor Wade
Bradley’s Bank Neighborhood Watch from Santa Elena, Cayo issued a statement joining all Belizeans in […]

House of Representatives latest and last meeting in calendar year
A special sitting of the House of Representatives is underway today, Friday in Belmopan, the latest […]

Belizean authorities launch search for people missing at sea
Reports to BBN is that Belizean authorities have launched a search near Goff Caye and […]

United Democratic Party speaks out against gender-based violence
Today the United Democratic Party issued a statement condemning the rising number of cases of […]

Neighborhood Watch condemns comments made against Belizean journalist
Cayo-based Bishop Martin Neighborhood Watch issued a statement today saying that it views with dismay […]

Jumoke Castro issues half-hearted apology for ‘disrespectful’ comments
A comment made by son of Minister for Transport and National Emergency Management and civil […]

Christmas shopping safety tips from a self-defense instructor
As December 25 draws nearer, last-minute shopping draws an increasing number of people out of […]

Former death row inmate re-sentenced; to leave prison in less than 3 years
Already behind bars since March 16, 1999, and previously condemned to the gallows, Andrew Kelly, […]


Tasting the unique Mechado
Cooked by my friend Dulce Gonzalez, an entire pot of gorgeous Mechado awaited consumption as requested by her grandson, the birthday boy, and I was honored to be invited to this special occasion. This rich, complex soup made with chicken, green olives, onions and Dutch cheese is served with hot corn tortillas and/or white rice. It is quite a complicated dish, requiring some patience, so I happily ingested my first bowl of goodness with a major foodie appreciation.

Full Moon Fun in San Pedro
The period right before and during the full moon was very active. On the day of, I was invited to the second half (couldn’t do the first half) of a high five Yoga workshop at Pier 366 Seafood House Restaurant. I knew this would be the perfect ambient outdoor place to soak in the glow. Dinner at Pier 366 was perfect for our group – part vegetarian, and all trying to eat healthily. As is often the case for workshops, we enjoyed fun family-style eating. We had delicious food wood-fired pizza, ceviche, goat cheese salad, and chicken strips. As we passed plates around the big covered table, everyone got to know each other a little deeper.

Eco-Tourism in Belize
Ecotourism is very popular, and Belize is perfectly situated to offer travelers the ideal ecotourism vacation. Its many areas of untouched, pristine forest, jungle, and wetlands make it the ideal destination for travelers who want an experience that’s respectful of nature. San Ignacio Town in western Belize is considered the eco-tourism capital of Belize. If you’re visiting Belize, use San Ignacio as a starting point for all your excursions.

Cooking with Chef Sean Kuylen
If you visit Belize and ask about the top chefs in the country, hands down one of the names you’ll hear is Chef Sean Kuylen. Born in Corozal and raised in Dangriga (known as the cultural capital of Belize), it started very early for Chef Sean Kuylen. Sean’s passion for the kitchen was nurtured by one of his greatest influences – his mother. She inspired him to become a chef when he was just a boy after he had burned up many of her pots cooking eggs and baking. Sean attended culinary school in San Francisco and finds the creativity of being a chef and pleasing guests exceptionally rewarding. Sean uses a unique touch with all his specialties of the Caribbean, most notably Belizean cuisine.

Things to do in Orange Walk
Located about an hour’s drive north of Belize City, you can identify this sweet town by an old tollbooth at the entrance of Orange Walk and a large town clock in the center of the town. One might wonder, why is it referred to as “Shuga city”? Orange Walk used to be the primary district that made sugar; as you will be able to see smoke coming up the stacks of the sugar mill on your visit there. If you’ve been researching Belize then you would know the Mayas were the first inhabitants of this country; and here in Orange Walk, you can find archaeological sites and many locals who are descendants of the Mayas (Mestizos). As well as their yummy, juicy, and mouth-watering Orange Walk tacos; the absolute best in the country.

International Sourcesizz

Booze-Soaked Caribbean Black Cake Will Make You Forget All About Fruitcake
Black cake is occasionally compared to British plum pudding, a dark confection also comprised of sugar and spices. Considering the invasive history of the British in the West Indies and the production of rum in Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas, the influence is likely but what manifests as black cake today is simply different, depending on the baker and their homeland island. The real history is passed down and perfected generationally from great-grandmothers to grandmothers to mothers to children. It’s rare to find someone who makes black cake well. My first introduction to it was through my grandmother, Selsie. My maternal family is from Belize, and there were only rumors of a distant relative who baked black cake. My family baked milk cake, a Belizean specialty, but that was a different kind of cake. Fortunately, Selsie’s coworker and friend, Ms. Ruby, was a Jamaican woman who baked black cake by request for Christmas.

CARICOM Secretary General speaks of “incremental but appreciable progress” in 2019
Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretary General, Irwin La Rocque says 2019 has been year in which the 15-member regional integration grouping has made “incremental but appreciable progress” in its efforts at having integration make a positive difference in the lives of the people of the Caribbean. In an end of year message, La Rocque said that in pursuing that task, he has drawn inspiration from the spirit of the young people in the Caribbean and was also encouraged by his engagement with them last June in a live and on-line session.

Illegal Chinese market biggest threat to Mexico’s jaguars: conservationists
The black market is the biggest threat facing jaguars in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America, according to the National Jaguar Conservation Alliance (ANCJ). ANCJ biologist Rodrigo Medellín Legorreta said that in recent years the illegal Chinese market for jaguar parts has taken its toll on the animal’s populations in Latin America. “This year . . . one of my groups that monitors jaguar activity informed me of a regrettable act: a jaguar we were tracking . . . was found without its head or claws, which indicates that illegal trade has unfortunately reached us,” he said.


  • Cute, Inspiring and Heart-warming story of Young Belizean Boy's overnight road to fame, 8min. Last week we took you to the Bi-annual Police Auction, and that’s where we met the little boy who bought a five dollar bike and made quite a stir on social media. Wind Cuttaz as he’s being referred to has had quite a week. Cherisse Halsall and cameraman Angel Noble did the original interview. They caught up with the young man today for an update on how he’s enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

  • Islands of Belize - Sailing with Raggamuffin Tours, 1min. Highlights of a 3 day sailing tour with Raggamuffins.

  • Belize Electricity Limited inaugurates New San Pedro Branch Office on November 15, 2019., 1min.

  • House of Representatives Meeting | National Assembly Chamber | Belmopan City, 1hr45min.

  • This is how the old school Maya Máasewal spend their morning in this cold weather at Orange walk district, 3min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - HUBERT LESTER USHER SR.,JP, 2.5min.


  • 12 Days of Christmas continues..., 2hr.

  • Dusk in San Ignacio Town, Cayo ~ A Love Letter, 1.5min. Mr. Witz captures Cayo at dusk, and he does it well. Mr,. Pitts is in there too. "I remember one night I told someone I would do a short film about San Ignacio town. However, at the time, I did not know what aspects of San Ignacio town I was going to base the film on. So therefore, one evening while riding through town, I saw the nightlife--- and I fell in love with it. The sounds, the smell, the people and the traffic lights all gave me a sense of belonging, which I needed to convey in this film. I did a few projects in town, and collected as much footage as I can, and slowly over the course of a year I developed this little film. Obviously, there is a lot more to downtown San Ignacio, but maybe the rest can be a story for another time. Here is my love letter to you San Ignacio Town."

  • TRIP TO BELIZE PART #1, 13min. Part one consist of the trip from Belize City to the Caye that we stayed at. I tried to provide some of the local enviroment as well as the area we actually stayed at.

  • Husking dry coconuts in Belize city, 3min. Making coconut oil, kinda starts with husking coconuts.

  • Mr Rhaburn Exposes Garifuna And Creole Diferences, 2.5min.

  • CTI & Progresso Cement Christmas Raffle 2019, 13min.

  • Christmas In Town 2019, 1hr30min.

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