Going back now to Commissioner Chester Williams - we also asked him about the rumblings on San Pedro that police will be drawing down on the deployment of manpower in that island town.

Police had beefed up their presence there after the murder of an American tourist in June of last year. That added presence has cooled the island down - and now townspeople are concerned about rumors that the additional resources may be moving on. Williams today said he'd have to be not in his right mind to do that:

"They've heard rumors that the police team that has been instrumental in keeping crime down on the island, you are thinking of moving them, sir. Is there any truth to that?"

Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police
"I haven't done a psychiatric evaluation in quite some time, but I'm sure I'm not crazy. I don't understand why I would move or break up something that is working. I can state here that as the Commissioner of Police, I am extremely satisfied with the work being done in San Pedro by Superintendent Noble and his team. They have performed exceptionally well over the past 6 months, so much so that the crime situation in San Pedro has decreased significantly. And we're hoping that for 2020 will see better results from them. Mr. Noble and his team have the full support of this high command of the Belize Police Department. So, let me state that the rumor is not true, and should be dispelled."

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