Over the Christmas holidays business owners in San Pedro, proprietors of bars and nightclubs, were granted extensions to keep their establishments open beyond midnight. Those extensions, in some cases, were granted while the San Pedro Town Council was closed for business. Chairman Eiden Salazar, of the San Pedro Liquor Licensing Board, authorized a number of those extensions on documents that did not bear the town councilís letterhead or stamp.

The issue raised several concerns within the business community, leading to speculations about the validity of, as well as the collection of monies for those extensions. Earlier today, News Five reached out to Salazar who explained that while in fact the extensions were granted outside of the town councilís working hours, arrangements were made for payments to be collected when the offices reopened for business after New Yearís Day. According to Salazar, the town board was fully aware of the situation and had the approval of Mayor Daniel Guerrero.

Channel 5