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The San Pedro Sun

Belizean fighters excel in first Island Fight Championships MMA tournament
The Island Fight Championships League held its first Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event on Saturday, January 11th at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium, with two island fighters claiming championship titles and two others winning their first ever matches. The event was well attended by hundreds of spectators and sanctioned by Consejo Mexicano de Arte Marcial Mixta through its representative in Belize MMA instructor Martin Dawson.

Ambergris Today

From January and under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belize takes over the Mesoamerica Integration and Development Project (PM) Pro Tempore Presidency corresponding to the first semester of 2020, to hold two regional high level meetings of the Executive Committee of the PM, to promote the definition of the 2020 Mesoamerican Business Agenda and the fulfillment of the following relevant ministerial meetings for Health, Environment, Energy, Transport as well as of the Commission for Promotion and Financing (CPF) work plan.

Various Belizean Sources


Tecuani and the Duende Thanks in Corozal
The members of To'one Masehualoon NGO takes the opportunity to Thank Mr Lee Mclaughlin director of animated movie Tecuani and the duende and Mrs Debra Wilkes coordinator of The Corozal House of Culture for the opportunity to support in a successful premier screening of the Tecuani and the duende in Corozal Town. It was a thrilling and beautiful event.

Wildtracks Update...and a Nugget Update
Nugget is our youngest manatee calf...but she is growing!! She has put on 4 kilograms in the last four weeks - and 2.1 kilograms this last week! The once shy and difficult to feed manatee now spends her days nuzzling and is always eager for milk. A very sincere thank you to all those who have helped her so far - especially to those who spent nights monitoring her during the 24 hour watches!

On January 09, 2020 PACT awarded a Secondary Investment for a total of $52,500.00 to the Belize Karst Habitat Conservation (BKHC) to implement a 6-month project entitled “Improving the Management of Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve”. This project will contribute to the development of a 5-year management plan for the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve, carry out the demarcation of the PA boundary lines and the installation of boundary signage.

Protected Areas Conservation Trust 2018-2019 Annual Report
We are pleased to present our Annual Report reflecting 2018-2019 results. Learn about PACT's investments into our People and Protected Areas, made over the past year.

Jose Luis Zapata Photography winds Award
Congratulations Jose Luis Zapata Photography - Named Winner of the 2020 WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards. We are excited to announce that for the fourth consecutive year we won the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award. We put our hearts and souls in all the weddings we photograph with one main purpose to create beautiful photographs that our clients can cherish forever. We want to thank all the beautiful couples that hired us to document their wedding day in Belize and to all the couples that took the time to give us a review.

Save the date! Grand Finale for the Corozal Football Association Opening Season Youth Tournament 2019-2020! Yes! Finals at the Carolina Football Field for the U10, U13, U20 and First Division. Come and support your favorite team, it all starts at 9:00 am sharp. Entrance $3.00

CONGRATULATIONS. Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development
2020 has started very positive for the "Pesca Tours" ladies. Five (5) families received additional equipment as part of the final stages to prepare them in diversifying their income while promoting sustainable fishing practices in CBWS. Each family received a stove to enhance their pesca tours initiative that include a meal with the host family. The ladies are now fully capacitated with basic English skills, are fully licensed food handlers and are now fully equipped with basic equipment.

Chargé d’Affaires Keith Gilges attends opening of the Supreme Court
Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Keith Gilges was honored to attend today’s ceremonial opening of the Supreme Court. The United States and Belize have much in common as democracies, and we are proud to continue our partnership with the government and people of Belize enhancing good governance and rule of law.

The magic of Yaoling Lee's talent is coming to Benque House of Culture!
Up coming event in Benque HOC. Workshops free of cost.

Channel 7

Belize's Most Wanted Caught in Isabella Bank After Heinous Crimes
Tonight we start the news with the story that has gripped the nation. Three children brutally assaulted, and one of them killed, allegedly by their step-father. And the ripples of disgust and anger only spread throughout the weekend as the tragedy sat heavy on every shoulder and united the country in the conviction that causing such harm to children was both unforgivable and unfathomable. A lot of the energy was fueled by the Commissioner of police's desperation to capture him. And after an all out community effort, he was caught on Sunday. That search culminated on at midday in the neighborhood known as the jungle - which is home to Lovely Lane, where the crime occurred.

What Happened That Night
But, for the family of the boy who was killed and the two who were injured, no apology or explanation can satisfy them. They have lost an innocent young life to the most unthinkable and cruel crime in recent memory. Cherisse Halsall has the story of what happened on Friday night: It's an extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile crime that happened at a home off Lovely Lane on Friday night.

And while this young life is gone, there is one good thing that happened: all sectors of the community came together to find him. And that was reflected in the rich, ten thousand dollar reward. It started out at a thousand dollars on Saturday morning, and then it went up to $5,000 dollars and just kept going up until it reached ten thousand dollars on Sunday.

Reward Will Be Split Four Ways
And while the community can pat itself on the back for working with the police to capture this suspect, there's no celebration for the Lavern Longsworth, she is Kenrick's mother. If her name seems familiar it's because she was much in the news about 10 years ago. That;That's after she set her then common law husband on fire, causing injuries that led to his death.

Kenrick's Mother Stands By Her Son
Longsworth said the mother of the children, Zema Castillo and her son had been in a relationship for two years - but it was interrupted by his many trips to prison. In her words, he was a jailbird without job. Williams also questioned how he got a woman to entrust him with her three kids:

Security Guard Critical
A security guard is in critical condition at the KHMH tonight after he was shot in the Lake Independence area. 31-year-old Micheal Pook was working in the BEL Ladyville compound when a gunman came up and shot him. We heard more from the police today. Supt. Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Eastern Division: "Michael Pook, 31 years old, was working as a security guard at a compound at the corner of Poinsettia and Tibruce Streets when he was approached by someone who fired shots in his direction. He was injured and taken to the KHMH where he is presently in a critical condition at this moment."

Family's Grieving Disrupted By Broken Grave
27 year old Orange Walk resident, Emil Escalante's family buried him yesterday, but woke up this morning to the most distressing news: someone had broken into his grave and taken his body out. Cemetery workers found the cement graves broken open and his casket removed from inside the vault and left half opened. It's really an unspeakable act of cruelty, and many questions remain as to why anyone would distress the family by disturbing this young man's burial site. And today ACP Joseph Myvette told us that officers are attempting to determine a motive.

Hattieville Shooting Over Village Beef
21-year-old Tyrone Belisle was shot in Hattieville just before midnight on Friday. Belisle was at home when he heard someone call his name. He stepped outside to see two men, one of whom he recognized. That man shot at him.

Shot in Hollywood Area
There was also a shooting in Lord's bank on Saturday night. It happened when 19-year old Phillip Guzman was walking in the Hollywood area.

Police Busy Cache of Ammo in Capital
And, finally from the police tonight - the cops did a number of operations in and around Belmopan this weekend.

Armenian Fraudster Sent Money Monthly to UDP Minister?
Scandal is threatening to shake up the UDP tonight, after court documents coming out of the US tell the story of an Armenian man named Lev Aslan Dermen. In Belize he was known as Levon - a big player with deep pockets. He was known as an associate of certain UDP ministers in the early to mid 2010's. But, right now, he's in jail in the US state of Utah, accused of spearheading a large biofuel tax fraud scheme. He is described in court documents from the "suspected crime figure" and "the leader of an Armenian organized crime group".

Bar Boycotts Supreme Court Opening, Kinda
On Friday's news, we told you the executive of the Bar Association's plan to boycott this year's ceremonial opening of the Supreme Court. It was calculated to send the message that they are not satisfied with the Chief Justice's performance in the timely delivery of judgments for cases he has presided over. And, as Chair of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, he has also refused to allow DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, the Bar's current President, to take her seat on the Commission.

Judiciary Trying to Keep Kids Out of Jail
Although the Chief Justice's remarks today were a brief catalog of some of the Judiciary's activities last year, he did have a few disclosures which caught our attention. During his presentation, he shared details of a Child Diversion Program that the state is trying to implement. It is designed as an outreach initiative to discourage young defendants from becoming repeat offenders later in their lives.

Code of Ethics For Judges
Here now are the Chief Justice's remarks on how the Judiciary is trying to keep judges honest, and corruption-free. He said that there has been great focus placed on international standards for judicial ethics: Hon. Kenneth Benjamin - Chief Justice: "Article 11 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), to which Belize is a signatory as of December 2016, requires each state party to a.) take measures to strengthen the integrity among members of the judiciary, and b.)..."

AG's Update on UNCAC
Here now is what Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte had to say about Belize's glowing commendation as one of the nations trying to fully implement UNCAC.

Progress With Maya Land Rights
We also took note of the comments from the AG on how the Government has been moving toward compliance with the 2015 ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice that Maya Customary land Rights exist, and should be properly protected.

"Bring Back The Prado"
"Bring back the Prado". That's what The Christian Workers Union is telling Social Security Board CEO Dr Colin Young tonight. As we reported a few nights ago, Young bought the 7 year old Prado when he left office in December of last year. The Chairman of the Board also said it had a zero value on the Board's books. The Union noted the current policy regarding disposing of SSB assets via public auction or tender.

Fire On Tamarind
In other news, there was a fire off Jane Usher Boluevard this afternoon. A white bungalow house belonging to one, Karen young, was seen engulfed in flames.

Channel 5

1 Child Dead, 2 Siblings Critical at K.H.M.H. After Stepfather Bludgeons Them
On Friday night, a young mother came home to find her three-year-old son dead inside their house on Lovely Lane, the heart of Jungle, which is the Pickstock hutment in [...]

Physical Abuse – the Writings Were on the Wall
Both sides of the families agree that signs of domestic abuse were detected in the relationship between Zema Castillo and Kenrick Longworth was releases from prison last year for a [...]

ComPol Says Mother Must Accept a Degree of Negligence
This morning, the Belize Police Department, led by Commissioner Chester Williams, held a press conference to discuss the weekend tragedy.  ComPol Williams began by giving an official police account of [...]

How Was Kenrick Longsworth Finally Caught?
The arrest of Kenrick Longsworth on Sunday afternoon brought to an end an intense manhunt that had been undertaken by police officers in Belize City since Friday evening.  While his [...]

ComPol Says No Apology for Labeling Jungle Residents as Harborers
In the pursuit of Kenrick Longsworth, Belize City police descended on Pickstock Hutment, popularly known as Jungle.  In a social media post, Commissioner Williams suggested that the fugitive stepfather was [...]

Documents Surface Alleging a Minister Received Money from a U.S. National Involved in a Huge Fraud
A throve of documents has been obtained on a complex case in the U.S. Courts  involving an alleged scheme to illegally obtain more than five hundred million U.S. dollars in [...]

Legal Year 2020-2021 Declared Open
The traditional opening of the Supreme Court took place as scheduled this morning.  Members of the Judiciary were in full force as they made their way to the courtroom following [...]

Immigrants Meet with Minister Bev Williams
At this time, a meeting is currently underway at the Swift Hall in the Lake Independence constituency of Belize City where as promised, Minister of State for Immigration, Beverly Williams, [...]

The Tomb of an Orange Walk Resident is Vandalized and His Body Exhumed
Less than twenty-four hours after the body of Emil Escalante was laid to rest over the weekend, the tomb at the cemetery in Orange Walk was broken into and his [...]

BPD Owes Six Figure Hotel Bill; Who Will Pay?
The Belize Police Department owes a San Pedro hotel over a hundred thousand dollars. The hefty hotel tab is reportedly for accommodations for officers who have been working on the [...]

Trove of Ammo Found in Belmopan Area
Belmopan Police carried out a number of operations in the Belmopan area over the weekend. One of the operations netted a trove of ammunition. Police say that the more than [...]

Guatemalan Nominates Judge for I.C.J. Territorial Dispute Case with Belize
Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington confirmed to the media today that Guatemala has nominated a judge who will sit on the bench to hear submissions on the territorial, insular and [...]

Guatemalans Remain on Belizean Land
Two Guatemalan families remain settled on Belizean territory along the western border. They are residing in an area known as Barrio el Juda and the property belongs to businessman Jorge [...]

Charges in Santa Cruz Abduction
Police say one man will be charged in connection with an abduction and beating in Santa Cruz Village. The incident happened minutes before midnight last week Wednesday. Twenty-six-year-old Stefan Kerr [...]

Shooting in Hattieville
In the crime blotter, there was a shooting in which a twenty-one-year-old man was shot in Hattieville on Friday night.  Police say that Tyrone Belisle was at home when he [...]

Lord’s Bank Villager is Targeted by Gunman
The second victim of the gun violence over the weekend was Philip Guzman, a resident of the Hollywood area in Lord’s Bank Village. Guzman was heading home from work when [...]

Belize City Man Critical with Gunshot Injuries
Michael Pook was at his worksite when he came under gunfire. Pook is hospitalized in a critical condition. Police say that they are pursuing different angle, even taking a look [...]

Fire in Jane Usher
There was fire in Belize City just before two o’clock this morning. No one was at the house when it went up in flames. The Fire Department managed to contain [...]

Gender Neutral Rank for Female Officers
The Belize Police Department says that it’s in the process of designating ranks within the force as gender-neutral. Currently, the female police constables are referred to as W.P.C.  Moving forward, [...]

Female Officers to Take Legal Action over Hairstyles
And on the topic of female police officers, today Commissioner Chester Williams told the media that two of his officers will take the department to court. The legal action is [...]

The Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities....]


Body of Emil Escalante exhumed from his tomb
Police in Orange Walk are investigating the exhumation of the body of Emil Escalante, 27. He was laid to rest yesterday, but was found today on earth with his body exposing in his coffin.

The Reporter

Belize Supreme Court Opens The New Year – 2020
Foreign Minister, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington who sat in for Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte at today’s opening ceremony of the 2020 Supreme Court calendar explained that the AG had other over-riding schedules and asked him to deliver his speech.

Union To SSB: That Deal Is Too Sweet, Get That Prado Back
In a scathing release issued today, the Christian Workers Union is calling on former CEO of the SSB Colin Young to ‘Bring Back the Prado.’ The former Chief Executive Officer departed with the luxury 2012 Toyota Prado, acquired for over $120,000.00 and assigned to him during his tenure.

Bizarre Grave Vandalism – Unheard-off In Belize
Orange Walk resident Emil Escalante, 27, was buried around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 12th at the Orange Walk Cemetery following weeks of fighting for his life after being beaten outside a nightclub in Orange Walk two month ago. But early on Monday morning, family members returned to the cemetery to find out that his tomb had been vandalized.


BIG initiative at Liberty Children’s home
Bowen and Bowen Limited and Bowen Imports and Goods (BIG) started an indefinite monthly initiative with Liberty Children’s home. They will be assisting them with household items such as groceries, water and detergents to sustain their daily needs.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Four persons to share cash reward for information leading to capture of Kenrick Longsworth
Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, today commented on the capture of the accused child killer, […]

San Pedro police rack up 6 figure hotel accommodation debt
Earlier this week we learned that the San Pedro Police Department has racked up a […]

Belmopan police find huge stash of bullets and home made gun
Over the weekend, Belmopan police conducted several search operations. One operation led to the discovery […]

Belizean nurses celebrate ‘Year of Nurses and Midwife’
The Nurses Association of Belize in conjunction with the International Council of Nurses (ICN) is […]

Chester Williams: No apologies for “Jungle”
Over the weekend Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, accused the Jungle community in Belize City […]

Man stripped of clothing to prevent suicide at “[#%!] house”
Sometime last week a photo went viral of a nude male detainee at the holding […]

Chester Williams: Kenrick Longsworth not a mental patient
Today Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, was asked about the mental health of accused child […]

Hattieville “beef” leaves one injured
Police say that the shooting of Tyrone Belisle, 21, is the result of a feud […]

Former accused murderer critical after shooting last night
Last night a man was shot in Belize City. He has since been identified as […]

Jane Usher home destroyed by fire
Shortly after 1 o’clock this morning, there was a fire in Belize City. It occurred […]

Sixty countries including Belize congratulate President Tsai of Taiwan on her re-election
Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that over 60 nations have congratulated Taiwan’s re-elected President, […]

Cayo Animal Welfare Society hosting spay and neuter clinics in Santa Elena, Cayo
The Cayo Animal Welfare Society (CAWS) is hosting a low-cost spay and neuter clinic in […]

Tomb destroyed in Orange Walk
The family of Emil Escalante,27, is still mourning his loss and today they were informed […]

National Student Union in Belize calls on Government and stakeholders to put in place measures to ensure the safety of Belizean children
The National Student Union of Belize issued a statement this morning expressing its sincere empathy […]

Supreme Court reopens today
This morning marks the ceremonial opening of the legal and judicial year. Following a church […]

Mayor Bernard Wagner to donate $5,000 to medical expenses for abused boys
Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner, has pledged $5,000 to assist two boys that remain hospitalized […]

Man shot in Belize City
A man was shot in Belize City last night.He was at a residence near Poinsetta […]


Sticking to your goals with the Fittest in Belize!
One fun thing about our island home is that it has a wide variety of fitness centers for you to choose from. We highlight one person, however, because we think it’s amazing to say she is the ‘Fittest in Belize’! Liliana Nuñez is a CrossFit Coach, athlete and fitness enthusiast. A fitness professional for ten years, Liliana began with her Personal Trainer certification from the National Personal Training Institute. She also has her Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and Mobility certification.

Do Not Miss the San Pedro Carnival | El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro
Located on scenic Ambergris Caye, San Pedro has a well-deserved reputation as Belize’s party town. During Carnival, you can guarantee the people here will be living up to that reputation. San Pedro is also a popular tourist destination where you’ll find plenty of great restaurants, nightlife, and luxury beach resorts and hotels. This year, it begins on February 23.

Blue Hole from Below
Giant stalactites, dripstone sheets and limestone columns (all scientific proof that the cavern formed above sea level) are now inhabited by inquisitive Caribbean Reef Sharks and Black Groupers. Descending through its thermocline is an expedition into darkness. The limestone wall is a calming reference as you slowly sink to the recreational diving limit of 130 feet. Here, an eerie hue of dusky cobalt illuminates greyscale columns carved by erosion during the last ice age. In just a few minutes of immersion, it becomes impossible not to be in awe of nature’s handiwork.

San Pedro Scoop January 2020 newsletter

Several Temporary and Fulltime Teaching positions available at Corozal Community College

International Sourcesizz

Surprising benefits of the Coconut Embryo
The mature coconuts are collected regularly for their milk. You can usually crack open a coconut for lunch and in the older, mature coconuts you'll sometimes find a soft, spongey type formation on the inside of the coconut. This happens when the coconut is ready to shoot some leaves out and is an edible, soft predecessor. This part is actually the Coconut Cotyledon which is sometimes called the 'Coconut Embryo' or 'Coconut Apple' and is suspended in germination and is generally eaten raw.

International movements of Atlantic tarpon, need for protection
The results of an 18-year study of Atlantic tarpon by scientists at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science revealed that these large silvery fish take extensive seasonal migrations -- 1,000s of kilometers in distance -- beyond U.S. borders. The new findings can help protect the fish, which is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN -- International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the main draw of a more than $6 billion catch-and-release sport fishing industry in the United States. Using electronic satellite tags, the UM research team tracked nearly 300 Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) in coastal waters of the western central Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, including as far away as Mexico, Belize and Nicaragua. The results showed that the mature tarpon make extensive seasonal migrations along a warm, seasonally moving ocean-water feature known as the 26o C isotherm where temperatures remain constant.


  • A Scarlet Sky Teaser, 3min. In a dense tropical jungle, a team of conservationists camp underneath the nests of endangered wild scarlet macaws in Belize, in order to protect them from being poached and becoming extinct amidst a silent war of poaching and habitat destruction

  • Belize Scuba, 17min.

  • Belize Scuba 2, 15min.

  • Underwater Belize, 2min. Manatees & Mangrove Magic.

  • Rapelling in Belize, 4min.

  • Hand Feeding giant Tarpons in Caye Caulker, 5min.

  • Government House Property Rehabilitation Update, 1min.

  • Maya Ceramics Tell A Story, 5min. She's been studying Maya ceramics for four decades and in that time Dr Laura Kosakowsky has learned that the Maya could have set their famous calendar by the ceramics their civilization produced. Cherisse Halsall travelled to Belmopan today for a first-hand look at the ancient pots of the Maya.

  • FlavorFizz Shack is a food truck, 21min. FlavorFizz Shack is a food truck that sells health smoothies and fruit bowls. We had a sample of the delicious snacks and talked with them about their wide selection of treats.

  • Chamber Music from Austria - Beethoven for the 250th anniversary, 44min. Chamber Music from Austria and Belize is a showcase of musicians who are performing an homage to Beethoven for the 250th anniversary of his birthday. Our guests talked to us about their love for classical music and how they are supporting its growth in Belize. If you've missed the first show there is another taking place today at the Mexican Institute of Belize.

  • Belmopan Consultation Part 1 of 2, 49min.

  • Belmopan Consultation Part 2 of 2, 2hr20min.

  • Here are the official numbers for tourism arrival in 2019, 2.5min. Belize hits half million mark for overnight Tourist arrivals! Here's what our Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation has to say.

  • Belize Marine Life, 14min. My time studying tropical marine ecology in Belize has certainly been one of the most memorable and impactful experiences of my life. Witnessing the dying coral reefs was a very difficult moment during my studies. However there is hope, with the help of marine protected areas and conservation efforts, the Belize barrier reef is recovering.


  • Snorkeling Belize's Reef With Raggamuffin Tours, 6min. These are some clips from the three day snorkeling trip with Raggamuffin Tours out of Caye Caulker, Belize.

  • Accion Deportiva, 60min.