You know, I am not sure about you all, but if I ever had the opportunity to travel in time, I would certainly want to go back in time and visit old British Honduras around the turn of the 1900's. Why this period? Because by this time Belize City was starting to develop into a thriving little city. Of course, we all know time travel is not possible at this time, or is it?

If you really want to visit downtown Belize City and see what it must have looked like at the turn of the last century, let's go on a historic tour of downtown with me. This tour will be accomplished through historic photographs of downtown. The tour will come with maps to show you where we are during the tour and there will be "red stars" on the photos to help identify the objects you will be reading about during the tour. You will also see some "red arrows" on the map. Those arrows will show you the area the photograph is covering in relation to the map.

I hope you will enjoy the tour.

by Regent Albert