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The San Pedro Sun

Hon. Patrick Faber Attends the Inauguration of the New President of Guatemala
The Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber returns to Belize today, January 15th, having attended the inauguration of the Republic of Guatemala’s new President Alejandro Giammattei. President Giammattei won the presidential elections in a second round of elections held on August 11, 2019 for a term of four years. The inauguration ceremonies in Guatemala included the installation of a new Congress. Minister Faber took the opportunity to greet and have a few exchanges with the new Guatemalan President and members of his new government. Both sides renewed the wishes of both governments to continue building relations of friendship and good neighborliness, including the promotion of tourism, trade and investment.

Copa San Pedro Football Tournament begins
On Thursday, January 9th, Copa San Pedro 2020 began at the Ambergris Stadium, with 11 teams competing for the coveted top prize of the football tournament. This year’s teams include Hell Fighters F.C., Intruders F.C., Conquerors F.C., San Mateo F.C., G Strikers F.C., San Pedro High School, Alaia F.C., San Pedrito F.C., Jokers F.C., Ambergris Hopes F.C., and Vince Assassins F.C. The current Copa San Pedro standings have Hell Fighters F.C., Intruders F.C., Conquerors F.C., San Mateo F.C., and G Strikers leading with three points each. Games continue this weekend, and football fans are encouraged to come out and support their favorite teams.

Environmental Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulations signed into Law
The importation and manufacture of single-use plastic and Styrofoam products have now been banned following the signing into law of the Environmental Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulations. The new regulation is geared at reducing the amount of plastic and Styrofoam that ends up in our landfills was officially signed on Tuesday, January 14th by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, Honorable Godwin Hulse.

Equal Opportunities Bill discussed at public consultation in San Pedro Town
The first round of consultations regarding the drafting of a new piece of legislation seeking to address the issue of discrimination in and around the workplace took place in San Pedro Town on Saturday, January 11th. The project, championed by the National AIDS Commission, includes discussions about an Equal Opportunities Bill in which the Belizean population is consulted and informed of the benefits, should the proposed idea become law.

Ambergris Today

Belize’s Single-Use Plastic Ban Starts Today!
On Tuesday, January 14, 2019, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, Hon. Godwin Hulse, signed into law the Environmental Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulations, 2020, which comes into force on January 15th, 2020. The purpose of these regulations is to carry out Cabinet’s decision to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution through the phasing out of single-use plastics, including shopping bags and Styrofoam and plastic food utensils.

Belize Reaches Half Million In Overnight Tourism Arrivals
For the first time in the history of our Tourism development, Belize has surpassed the half-million mark in overnight arrivals. In 2019, a total of 503,177 overnight visitors were welcomed to Belize, an increase of 2.8 percent from 489,261 in 2018. The National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP) endorsed in 2012, has a goal of achieving overnight arrivals of 556,000 by 2030. However, with 10 years remaining, the 2019 figure is representative of already attaining more than 90% of this 2030 vision.

Belize’s Single-Use Plastic Ban Starts Today!
On Tuesday, January 14, 2019, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, Hon. Godwin Hulse, signed into law the Environmental Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulations, 2020, which comes into force on January 15th, 2020.

Various Belizean Sources


Hon. Patrick Faber Attends the Inauguration of the New President of Guatemala
The Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber returns to Belize today, January 15th, having attended the inauguration of the Republic of Guatemala’s new President Alejandro Giammattei. President Giammattei won the presidential elections in a second round of elections held on August 11, 2019 for a term of four years. The inauguration ceremonies in Guatemala included the installation of a new Congress. Minister Faber took the opportunity to greet and have a few exchanges with the new Guatemalan President and members of his new government.

Alaia Foundation to host Ambergris Caye’s 2nd Half Marathon & 5K Charity Run!
The Alaia Foundation has announced that plans are underway for Ambergris Caye’s 2nd Half Marathon & 5K charity run which is scheduled to take place on April 5th, 2020. The foundation seeks to provide financial, educational, medical and environmental support with the events net-proceeds, to disenfranchised families/communities across Belize. Runners can take part in twenty-one or five kilometer distances, with several age range categories including; under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and over 60. The 5k run will take off from Seagrape Drive at 6am (tentative) while the Half Marathon (21K) will take off at 5am (tentative).

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday.

Latest press release from the Caye Caulker Business Association
The Caye Caulker Business Association (CCBA) would like to inform the Belizean public and visitors to our country that all electrical and water services have been fully restored to Caye Caulker. All hotels, guest houses, restaurants and other businesses are fully operational and are once again delivering the level of services that have earned Caye Caulker the "destination of the Year" award for 2019. The residents of the island endured the inconvenience of the recent utility outages and displayed the resiliency that the island is famous for. We would like to encourage anyone considering a visit to Caye Caulker to proceed with your plans.

The COCONUT HUT in Corozal is looking for a Female Mexican Chef
The COCONUT HUT in Corozal across from A&R is looking for a Female Mexican Chef who knows how to prepare Mexican/Belizean Food, Speak Spanish, English and Creole. Live near our location, Self Starter, Friendly, Clean and prefer if she already has customers that follow her good tasting seasoned food and drinks. Contact Hassan @ 637-9298 or email [email protected]

Verdes vs Running Rebels
The Verdes are hosting the Running Rebels in their first game of the 2020 season. Friday, January 24th, at 8:45, at the Sacred Heart College auditorium. Go Verdes! "Game 1 of our 2020 NEBL season is coming up! Mark your calendars, tell your friends & get ready for an exciting season opener!!"

Channel 7

PM Barrow Asks Ministers Who Took 25k/Monthly
Since Monday, the news and social media has been abuzz with reports of high level corruption in the UDP government. This is after court documents emerged form the US state of Utah saying that an Armenian fraudster - who allegedly conned the US government out of half a billion dollars - paid 25 thousand dollars monthly to a high ranking government official. And that another electronic transfer was made to another high official. The man who allegedly made these payments is Levon Termendzhyan, also known as Lev Dermen - and he was known to rub shoulders with many UDP ministers. So, who got the money? And for what? This is the question we've been teasing at for two nights. Well, today the Prime Minister held a press conference to squarely confront the issue. So whodunnit? That's what he asked his entire Cabinet yesterday:

Saldivar Denies Fraud, Bribery or Quid Pro Quo, but Mum on Cash
Of course there are huge political implications in that - especially with the UDP leadership convention coming up in three weeks. And here at 7News we know that at least one of those men aspiring for Leader, John Saldivar has been an associate of Lev Dermen. And we know that because Jules Vasquez went to the Gold Cup in 2013 as a journalist and learned that Dermen was a part of John Saldivar's entourage. In fact, information at the time was - Dermen was ferrying Saldivar to games in a private jet. Today we asked the Prime Minister about that connection:...

Dermen the Diplomat?
So, John Saldivar says his office was never used for fraud or bribery - because the suggestion is that Lev Dermen was tiring to buy his way into a diplomatic posting. And that's why he allegedly used cash to cozy up to UDP ministers. Today the Prime Minister said Lev Dermen did ask to be a consular representative for the city of Las Vegas - which is not a diplomatic posting, per se. Here's how he explained it: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Mr. Lev, Mr. Levon, whatever his name is, at no appoint approached the government for a diplomatic appointment..."

PM Says "All Hell Will Break Loose"ť When Evidence Comes Out
So, if Dermen just went - without any special introduction to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and asked to be consul general, if that is the case, then which minister or high official got monthly money from Dermen and why? PM Barrow says we will have to wait for the trial to find out: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Nobody in Belize knows who it is to whom these statements, these allegations refer. What is clear is that at least one minister of my government and at least one official of my administration; both are on the hook, though un-named, in terms of what the material is alleging..."

The Lev Revelation And Its Effect On UDP Leadership
And, if all hell breaks loose, then what will happen with the leadership of the UDP. Barrow is about to leave office, and either one or both of the men who would succeed him could be implicated. Yes, Saldivar has - through a statement denied that he was involved in any fraud, bribery or quid pro quo. But we note that he has not denied receiving funds - which as the PM has pointed out - could be simply written off as campaign contributions - which is not a crime. For his part, Patrick Faber has told us he only met Dermen once in passing, and that was it.

Did DPM Faber Get Money From Mason? Claim Denied!
In our first segment we heard almost everything significant from the press conference, but afterward, the press spoke with the Prime Minister in another impromptu session. We asked him about an explosive allegation made yesterday by his son Shyne Barrow. Reporter: "In an interview yesterday Shyne Barrow has asserted that Danny Mason had paid Patrick Faber $200,000.00. Do you know anything about that?" Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Mike, I'm not going to go there." Hon. Mike Peyrefitte: "He said it was an allegation. Shyne didn't say that."

Briceno Pre-empts The PM
This morning ahead of the PM's press conference, leader of the Opposition John Briceno called his own press conference to send a message to the PM: "Call names." Briceno said that he believes that the PM knows the identity of the Ministers referenced in the Lev Dermen case and called on him to act immediately to fire and criminally prosecute those in question.

Hugo Can't Remember Levon
Also, today before the press conference - we spoke to Corozal North Area Rep Hugo Patt in Orange Walk. He's aspiring to be the party's first Deputy. The press asked him if he knew the man named Levon:

Alleged Drug Traffickers To Court Under Heavy GSU Guard
Changing gears now from all that politics - we go to the Belize City magistrate's court where 8 foreigners who were jointly charged with drug trafficking for the importation of over 3,000 pounds of cocaine in September of last year, appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. They were also charged with abetment to the importation of cocaine and landing an aircraft without the permission of the Minister of Aviation. The prosecutor, corporal Chris Smith, said that the case file is not ready yet and he asked for an adjournment for March 18.

Styrofoam Ban Not Immediate
The long-awaited Environmental Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulations, 2020 came into force today, January 15th. And the aim of the Plastic ban is "to reduce plastic and styrofoam pollution through the phasing out of single-use plastics, including shopping bags and styrofoam and plastic food utensils."

OCEANA Endorses Ban
And the organization most concerned with plastics in our waterways is celebrating the plastic ban calling the legislation, quote, "A significant commitment to a cleaner environment and a greener future for Belize." Oceana's Communications director spoke to us about the difficulties involved in the transition away from plastics and styrofoam. She says that moves toward a plastic-free life will mean a better quality of life for all Belizeans.

Is A Migrant Caravan From Honduras Headed For Belize?
A new migrant caravan is headed from Honduras for the United States but this time, reports say they could be planning to walk through Belize on their way to the Mexican border. The caravan was expected to leave San Pedro Sula around this time, and reports say it could be passing form Guatemala through to Belize within 48 hours. From there, they are expected to be wanting to make their way to La Union and then into Mexico.

Hulse Says No Rush Of New Citizen-Voters Permissible
So, while Immigration and police try to figure out what they will do with this caravan of migrants, Godwin Hulse, the substantive Minister of Immigration, says that the politicians in his party will not be able to bypass the checks and balances for nationality applications for potential voters. You'll remember that this issue came up last week when scores of illegal immigrants started showing up to the constituency office of the UDP standard bearer, Dianne Finnegan, hoping that she would be able to aid them to get their immigration status regularized.

A Shooting In City
30 Year old Kurtis James Campbell was riding on Muhammed Ali Street last night when he heard the sound of a motorcycle engine. He turned to see a 19-year old known to him and stop at Seagull bridge. That's where the gunman pulled out a firearm from his pants and shot at Campbell.

La Zafra In A Time of Climate Change
This year's cane crop season officially began as it does annually with a grand ceremony, which was held this morning BSI/ASR's Tower Hill Factory in Orange Walk. It is observed to remind the stakeholders of the importance that the sugar industry has to the country's economy. But as viewers know, last year's extended drought has caused the nation's farmers approximately 50 million dollars in losses.

When Will Drought Support Arrive?
So, as you heard in our story, the meteorologists are forecasting that 2020 could be another dry year. Since last year's drought crisis, the Government and the Ministry of Agriculture have started lobbying the international financial institutions to fund a water management plan for the agro productive sectors.

Hon. Hugo and The Land Use Law
The Government is also contemplating legislation to regulate land use and the clearing of forests and trees to make way for farmland. They want to ensure that farmers are not contributing to the problems where the environment's natural water cycle is disrupted due to the mass clearing of vegetation.

Lee-Mark Shows Dara Love
Yesterday we brought you Joel "Dara" Robinson's appeal for funds to keep his Feeding Program going. And Dara's mission to feed the many hungry-belly school-age kids in his area has touched many hearts, including UDP Caribbean Shores Standard-bearer Lee-Mark-Chan. And, today he pledged a thousand dollars a month from now until the end of the school year to the Dara feeding program.

Will CJ Get Extension from Executive?
As we told you earlier, today, after the Prime Minister's extended press conference, the media tied him down for another session to discuss current matters. We asked him about the situation with Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin who reaches the retirement age of 65 in March.

DPM Was In Guatemala
And while Cabinet members all had to answer the Prime Minister yesterday about their involvement with Lev Dermen, one minister who didn't was Patrick Faber. And that's because the Deputy Prime Minister was in Guatemala on official business. He attended the inauguration of Guatemala's newly elected President Alejandro Giammatei.

Equal Opps Bill, the Other Side Of The Argument
And in our last story for tonight, we take you back to the Public Consultations on the Equal Opportunities Bill, which happened on Monday night in Belmopan. Last night, we brought you extensive coverage of the sales pitch from the National AIDS Commission about this draft legislation. They assert that if it is passed, the Belizean society will be more fair, and inclusive, and it will protect against 19 forms of discrimination that members of the general public face every day.

Channel 5

PM Addresses the Lev Dermen Debacle and his Administration
Accused Armenian/American fraudster Lev Dermen is sitting in a prison cell in Utah for having allegedly participated in defrauding the United States government of over half a billion dollars.  His [...]

PM Says Any Guilty Party will be Fired from Cabinet
PM Barrow went around the Cabinet Room on Tuesday asking each member in attendance whether they accepted monies from Dermen during the period in question, transactions that go as far [...]

Is PM Barrow Satisfied with Cabinet Ministers’ Responses?
We asked the PM if he was satisfied with the responses given by members of his cabinet and if he was prepared to launch an investigation ahead of the testimony [...]

How Will Dermen Scandal Affect U.D.P. Leadership Convention?
The leadership convention for the United Democratic Party is less than a month away and the Dermen scandal is a raging fire that the Barrow administration is desperately trying to [...]

Opposition Leader Demands that PM Barrow Fires Ministers Involved
Three hours prior to the Prime Minister’s conference, Leader of the Opposition John Briceńo hosted his own press conference, calling on PM Barrow to take immediate and swift action against [...]

Leader of Opposition: “It is time to send a strong message”
Lev Dermen received Belizean nationality in 2013 under his past name, Levon Termendzhyan. It is not certain if he obtained a passport since none was found prior, but a Special [...]

PM Barrow to P.U.P. Leader: “Blah Blah Blah”
Prime Minister Dean Barrow also took a jab at the Leader of the Opposition for seeking disclosure on the involvement of two ministers.  Barrow read parts of the P.U.P.’s press [...]

A Solemn Promise to Resign if Leader-elect is Proven to Have Accepted Dermen Monies
Going back to the possible consequences of either of the two leadership aspirants being found to have collected bribes from Dermen, PM Barrow says that should the convention proceed before [...]

John Saldivar Issues a Release on Dermen Scandal
The minister, whose name has been swirling in this scandal, issued a statement today. John Saldivar confirms he met Lev Dermen in 2013 and last saw him sometime in early [...]

DPM Patrick Faber Issues Release on Lev Dermen
Late this evening, DPM Patrick Faber posted on his Facebook saying he has had no relationship with Levon Dermen, that he did not make any request for him to be [...]

Did Danny Mason Give Patrick Faber $250K?
Aside from the Lev Dermen sandal, there is the saga of the convicted murderer, William Danny Mason.  The Prime Minister was asked if there was evidence that Mason gave the [...]

Foreign Nationals Back in Court for Charges Connected to Drug Plane on Coastal Road
A group of foreign nationals charged in connection with the landing of a plane carrying sixty million dollars worth of cocaine in September of last year were back in court [...]

Shooting in the City!
A Belize City man was shot on Tuesday night. Around eight-twenty, thirty-year-old Kurtis James Campbell was riding his bike on South Creek and when he arrived near Muhammad Ali Street, [...]

Cop Chopped in Cow Pen
A police officer was injured while confronting an armed man in Cow Pen Village. According to police, just before eight on Tuesday morning, the cops were called out to the [...]

Godwin Hulse: Lev Dermen is Not a Belizean
As you heard earlier, Prime Minister says there is no evidence yet to tie any member of cabinet or any other government official to the alleged bribery involving Lev Dermen. [...]

Godwin Hulse: Immigration Processing is ‘Inviolable’
Last week, U.D.P. standard bearer Dianne Finnegan collected documents from hundreds of immigrants at her political office on Partridge Street in the Lake Independence division of Belize City. She claimed [...]

Will Chief Justice’s Contract be Extended?
Prime Minister Dean Barrow also took questions on a number of other issues aside from the Lev Dermen scandal at his press conference. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin reaches retirement age [...]

PM says Bar’s Boycott was “Not a Very Successful One”
The Chief Justice is facing serious complaints lodged by the Bar Association. One of the chief complaints is the delay in the delivery of judgments as well as the exclusion [...]

Prime Minister Shocked that Chamber’s Request not Fulfilled
Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that he is surprised that the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has not received documents it had requested.  The request was in respect to [...]

PM Barrow Says Imer Hernandez “Came Out Smelling Like a Rose”
According to the Prime Minister, an I.D.B. audit on the infrastructural works of Imer Hernandez was concluded. PM Barrow says that Hernandez received a letter from the I.D.B., telling him [...]

2020 Sugar Cane Crop Season Finally Opens
The mills were cranked up today at Tower Hill, but the customary long lines of sugar cane trucks were missing. This year, because of a late start, production is taking [...]

Belize Network of N.G.O.s Awarded 27K USD
The Belize Network of N.G.O.s received twenty-seven thousand U.S. dollars to fund an exercise that will strengthen civil society organizations to promote good governance and accountability.  The donation is made [...]

Emergent Corp & BAPDA Awarded Micro Grants
Two other local organizations also received funding through the Belize Association of Planners and Research Triangle International micro grants. The Emergent Corp and the Belize Association of Persons with Diverse [...]

C.E.O. Pat Andrews Resigns
One more issue from the Prime Minister. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Patrick Andrews has tendered his resignation. Andrews, who was appointed in 2017 after he [...]

Dara Gets Help!
Businessman and politician Lee Mark Chang came up big for Dara’s Feeding Programme. Today, Chang presented a thousand dollar check to the grassroots initiative that feeds about fifty underprivileged school [...]

The Reporter

PUP Leader Comments On Recent Scandal
Following this morning’s press conference by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the leader of the opposition PUP party leader John Briceno called on the Prime Minister...

David Cruz, ”Deuce” Charged For Murder Of Timroy Neal
The brazen and callus killing of Timroy Neal captured the attention of everyone who saw the news, because the crime that took places near the Roaring Creek Police Station.

Dear Compol Chester: Don’t Pay 100k+ Hotel Bill, We Support You
Today, The Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is scheduled to meet with members of the Belize Tourism Board, as well as the San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association to determine who will pay the $100,000 plus bill, racked up by police officers at a local hotel on the island.


Liquor License meeting in the South
A group of businesspersons in Southern Belize came together in the first quarterly liquor licenses meeting. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung told us more about what was discussed.

What Yuh Know?
A social media icon is in Belize to find out ‘What we know?” 21-year-old Daniel Loveless is the founder and host of “What yuh know”. He is a social media icon who provides education through entertainment.

Murderer of Timroy Neal charged
A man from Roaring Creek Village, Cayo District was arraigned in Belmopan this morning. 26-year-old David Cruz is being charged with the murder of Timroy Neal.

Family still confused of why Escalante’s body was exhumed
The Escalante family is still confused as to why someone would want to exhume the body of Emil Escalante. When we spoke to the cousin of the deceased, he told us that Escalante had died due to injuries he suffered after being beaten a few months ago.

Promoting eco-friendliness in Belize
Yesterday, Belize took a giant step in promoting eco-friendliness by signing the Environment Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulations 2020 into law. These regulations came into effect today and are supposed to reduce the use of plastics in the country.

No Senate Inquiry as yet
Going back to the Prime Minister’s Press conference held earlier today. As we noted the Prime Minister said that they had questioned all Cabinet Ministers if they had taken any monies from Dermen.

Race is on for the next leader of the UDP
As it relates to the Faber and Saldivar leadership race, Prime Minister says their heads would still roll if they are involved.

$4,000 unaccounted for at the National Sports Council
Tonight, there is another story of possible corruption and it’s worth over four hundred thousand dollars, involving the National Sports Council. A report from the Auditor General for the period April 2015 to March 2016 has indicated some key findings in its audit including the lack of transparency and accountability.

PUP leader calls on PM to fire several Government Ministers
The opposition party (PUP) called a press conference a few hours prior to that of the Prime Minister’s. The media was in full force at the Charter house this morning where the Opposition Leader, John Briceno called on the Prime Minister to fire the ministers who are involved.

Caravan of migrants heading towards Belize?
There are reports of a caravan with migrants that are heading to Belize from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. As it stands right now details of it are scarce but there has been confirmed.

Civil Society Organizations awarded micro-grants
Two civil society organizations were awarded micro-grants today from the Belize Association of Planners (BAP), along with Research Triangle International (RTI). These five thousand dollar grants are for 6 month projects that are designed to...

Man shot in Belize City
A man survived an attempt on his life last night in Belize City. 30-year-old Kurtis James Campbell, a mechanic, was reportedly riding his bicycle on South Creek around 8:30 when he noticed a motorcycle behind...

Cane Crop Season 2020 declared opened
Sugar cane farmers are back on the job as the first crop season for 2020 was declared open today. The Belize Sugar Industry (BSI) had the official opening at the Tower Hill factory under the...

Single-use plastics to be eventually phased out
Yesterday, Belize took a giant step in promoting eco-friendliness by signing the Environment Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulations 2020 into law. These regulations came into effect today and are supposed to reduce the use of...

101 Birthday of George Cadle Price
The man instrumental in Belize’s Independence, George Cadle Price, would have turned one hundred and one today . Price was a Belizean statesman who served twice as the head of the Government of Belize in...

PM says Cabinet Ministers deny taking monies from Lev Dermen
The imminent testimony of Jacob Kingston in the US Courts against Lev Dermen has taken on a life of its own in Belize as fingers are being pointed at several Government ministers being involved in...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Canadian Travel Website: Belize is a go-to place to visit for travelers departing Montreal
The travel site MTL Blog has listed Belize as one of 13 destinations travelers departing […]

PM Barrow: ‘Any Cabinet minister who took money from Dermen will be fired’
Prime Minister Dean Barrow in a press conference this afternoon at the Biltmore Hotel addressed […]

Former Belize City Deputy Mayor’s name came up in auditor general’s reports
Former Belize City Deputy Mayor Eric Chang made local headlines when he refused to at […]

Guatemalans demand arrest of outgoing President Jimmy Morales for corruption allegations
At the heels of the swearing in of Guatemala’s new President, Alejandro Giammetti, Guatemalans are […]

John Briceno: Too much corruption has been allowed under this UDP administration
Leader of the People’s United Party (PUP), John Briceno issued a statement today discussing the […]

Mama Belize introduces new potato chips
Belizean company, Mama Belize is releasing its new signature product, potato chips. The new local […]

King Sugar is back – industry partners urge unity and cooperation in face of challenges
The outlook is still somewhat troubled, but there were smiles all around as the trucks […]

Cowpen villager to be charged for wounding officer with a machete
Authorities are investigating an incident that occurred in Cowpen yesterday morning. Farmer Narciso Manzano,67, told […]

Kurtis Campbell shot last night in Belize City
Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night in Belize City. About 8:20 […]

Coast Guard receives donation of instruments from Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow
H.E. Shyne Barrow continues into 2020 with distribution of instruments to various entities. Lt. Lewis […]

SIRDI to compensate terminated Marcos Osorio
Chairman of the Sugar Industry Control Board (SICB) Gabriel Martinez today said a combination of […]

Opposition Leader to host press conference this morning
Leader of the Opposition, People’s United Party (PUP), John Briceno has called a press conference […]

PM Dean Barrow to host press conference today to discuss accusations made against Government officials
International and Local media have been reporting on reports of a biofuel fraud involving over […]

Celebrating the life of the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price
Today would have marked the 101st birthday of the Father of Belize, the Rt. Hon. […]

Deputy Prime Minister attends inauguration of new Guatemalan President
Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber attended the inauguration of the Republic of Guatemala’s new […]

An unmatched experience: Tropic Air’s Blue Hole tour
For Belizeans and tourists alike looking for a memorable and adventurous activity to share with […]

Four years later: No arrests for murder of Anne Swaney
Yesterday marked the 4th anniversary since the murder of American, Anne Swaney, who was vacationing […]

Kenrick Longsworth in court on murder charges
Twenty-seven-year-old Kenrick Longsworth was feeling the heat yesterday morning as he faced charges of murder in […]


How to travel on a budget to Ambergris Caye
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is known as one of the more expensive destinations in Belize, but it’s an island, so as you can imagine, there’s a cost to that island life that makes things just a tad more pricey than the mainland.  Here are a few tips to help guide you to save money when you’re visiting. (and for any part of Belize for that matter) Throughout Belize, there are hostels in every tourist area, so no matter where you are going, you’ll be sure to find one. Many of them in San Pedro are on the beach – imagine that, what better location could you ask for — beachfront without breaking the bank.  Save your money for tours!

Belize: The biggest little country in Central America
Belize ranks as the 48th smallest country in the world and by population, Belize ranks the smallest country in Central America, with just over 350,000 people. The country of Belize itself is also small— it’s not much larger in size than the U.S. state of Massachusetts and measures 8,865 square miles. Its 160 miles long and 68 miles wide with the lowest population density in the Americas. What is most fascinating about Belize, is that this tiny country packs an unbelievable number of features into a small location, which makes moving around easy and convenient for vacationers, especially if they only have a few days off. Equally surprising, all major airlines fly to Belize and most major U.S. hubs are less than 3 hours away from Belize. So easy to get to and easy to get around … what are you waiting for? It’s time to book your holiday!

International Sourcesizz

Southwest Relaunches Spring Flight Sale With Deals From $39 One-Way
Southwest Airlines' nationwide spring sale featuring one-way flights from $39 is back like it never left. This time around, travelers have until 11:59 p.m. PT on January 23 to book. Internationally, Southwest is offering nonstop roundtrip flights between Fort Lauderdale and Cancun, Mexico for under $270 and nonstop flights between Houston and Belize City, Belize for just $155 one-way.

4 Cruises Hand-Picked for Divers and Snorkelers
If you think cruising is only about what you see and experience above the waterline, you may be missing half the picture. Any scuba diver knows that where there’s saltwater, there’s usually an entire world of marine life rippling beneath its surface. Yet while many fans are known for enthusiastically plotting scuba diving trips around places where they can expect the best dives, they may be missing a vacation that does all the legwork for them: a cruise. According to Torben Lonne, a scuba diver and the editor of, the online scuba magazine, Belize has the second-largest coral reef in the world, with “incredible biodiversity and infinite diving spots along the 186 miles of reef,” he says. “It’s also home to the Blue Hole, one of the most unique diving sites in the world—and visible from space.”

Cincinnati Museum Center brings exhibit on Maya civilization to U.S. for first time
The Cincinnati Museum Center is bringing an exhibit about Maya culture to the United States for the first time. Maya: The Exhibition, which opens March 14, features more than 300 original objects that detail the daily life, religion, politics and innovations of the Maya. Among the items are preserved clay and stucco sculptures, elaborate gold and jade jewelry, stone tools and large carvings with hieroglyphs. Interactive elements allow guests to get a more intimate look at certain objects.

Tenth KISS Cruise Will Feature Queensryche, Ratt and Fozzy
The KISS Kruise turns 10 in 2020 and to celebrate the band is inviting along their friends from Queensryche, Ratt and Chris Jericho's Fozzy to join them on their next cruise, which departs October 30, 2020 from Miami. The theme cruise, which sold out in 2019, features performances by all the bands, including KISS, as well as interactive activities with each member of the band and autograph sessions. The members of KISS also bring aboard their rare memorabilia collection, the KISS Expo. The five-night cruise will be aboard Norwegian Pearl and will include stops at Harvest Caye, Belize and Roatan, Honduras. Fans can go to for more information and to book


  • Opposition Leader John Briceno hosts press conference on Lev Dermen, 9min. and allegations that at least UDP Ministers took bribes.

  • Most enthusiastic water taxi sideman ever!, 1min.

  • Wildtracks Update: Grizzly the Grison moves on, 10sec. Grizzly arrived at Wildtracks in June, 2019, after being found abandoned in Hopkins when only a few days old. Seven months later, and Grizzly has moved to his soft-release site in a wetland area near Hopkins, after a stop at the Animal Medical Centre for his pre-release health check.

  • Belize Bone Fishing #1, 13min. Jordan’s first bone fish in San Pedro, Belize

  • Belize Bone Fishing #2, 5min. Jordan’s second bone fish in San Pedro, Belize

  • Double Rainbow, Belize, January 2020, 3.5min. Brightest double rainbow ever seen: New River lagoon, near Lamanai in Orange Walk district, Belize. January 8, 2020. Canoeing with Abdul and George. Also, we see a Kingfisher.

  • Belize Dive Trip 2020, 20min. Caye Caulker & Turneffe Atoll Dream Trip

  • Therapy Abroad: Belize 2020, The College of Saint Rose, 2min.

  • Tapir in the River, 1/2min. I usually just hear them running away, but today we got to observe this one as it fed n made it's way upstream! I did not know they dive! What a great morning! P.s we we're heading to the river to look for some Macaws we heard but instead got a Tapir.

  • PM's Press Conference yesterday, 1hr20min.

  • Prime Minister's Press Conference January 15, 2020, 65min.

  • Belize Dec 2019 Part 2, 13min. Part 2 covers the 2nd half of my visit to Belize, heading to San Ignacio, Tikal in Guatemala, and finally back in Belize City.


  • Awesome Belize Steel Band, 2min. Starting off a special day celebrating my cousin’s wedding with great music. Congrats to the newly weds Guy & Candice.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.

  • Youth Ambassadors Visa and Departure Orientation, 7min.