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The San Pedro Sun

Belizeans shocked over child abuse case that left a toddler dead
A tragic case of child abuse that led to the death of a toddler and injury of his two siblings has rattled the country of Belize. On Friday, January 10th in Belize City, Kenrick Longsworth brutally assaulted his three stepsons leaving one dead and two hospitalized. The details of the incident were so gruesome and the fact that it could have potentially been avoided, has left many questions as to how safe are children in Belize? The report on the incident indicated that on Friday night, Zelma Castillo arrived at her home on Lovely Lane, Belize City to find her three-year-old son Mark Tuyul Junior murder and her two other children, a two-year-old and a four-year-old, badly beaten.

Belize Supports Mexico as CELAC PPT 2020-2021
The inauguration of Mexico’s Presidency Pro Tempore (PPT) of the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States (Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños; CELAC) for the period 2020-2021 took place in Mexico City on 8th January with the participation of 29 Latin American and Caribbean states.During the ceremony, Mexico´s Foreign Secretary, Marcelo Ebrard, presented Mexico’s work plan which is designed to strengthen the region in several key technical cooperation areas. These include space and aeronautical cooperation, science & technology, tertiary-level education, bulk purchase of supplies, microbial resistance monitoring, and anti-corruption measures, among others.

Belizean Government Official named in another Fraud Case
An unidentified Belizean official has been named in a United States of America (USA) fraud court case. The case involves a Salt Lake City, Utah, USA biodiesel company called Washakie Renewable Energy (WRE) that allegedly illegally schemed to obtain $511 million in tax credits. Involved are the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jacob Kingston, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Isaiah Kingston, along with a California businessman Lev Aslan Dermen.

Belize in 2020: New UDP Party Leader, ICJ court case begins, General Elections
Belize will see three major events in 2020 that will impact Belizeans in many ways. On the list is the possible change in government with the election of a new party leader in the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) and General Elections. Then there is the hearing of Guatemala’s submissions regarding rights to Belize at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The election of UDP’s party leader and the ICJ court hearings are expected to take place within the first five months of this year. The General Elections date has yet to be announced by the Government of Belize.

Ambergris Today

Impersonation Of Staff At The Elections And Boundaries Department
It has once again come to the attention of the Elections and Boundaries Department that there are individuals who are visiting residents to obtain their personal information and claiming to be Elections and Boundaries Department staff. The public is advised that all staff of the Elections and Boundaries Department is issued with Valid Staff Identification Card. The public is therefore advised to request such identification card prior to providing any information.

Alaia Foundation To Host Ambergris Caye’s 2nd Half Marathon & 5K Charity Run
The Alaia Foundation has announced that plans are underway for Ambergris Caye’s 2nd Half Marathon & 5K charity run which is scheduled to take place on April 5th, 2020. The foundation seeks to provide financial, educational, medical and environmental support with the events net-proceeds, to disenfranchised families/communities across Belize.

Various Belizean Sources


Vessels entering Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Please be reminded that all vessels entering Hol Chan Marine Reserve must be registered with Hol Chan and the registration sticker must be visibly displayed as we will commence checking.

Ya’axché Vacancy Announcement
Vacancy Announcement: Ya’axché is looking for an Enforcement and Compliance Ranger for the daily implementation of enforcement and compliance activities within Ya’axché managed protected areas. Deadline to submit application is Saturday, 15th of February 2020.

2020 Street Art Festival
One of Belize's premier, annual art festivals is fast approaching! This year's Street Art Festival takes place on Saturday, February 29th in Downtown, Belize City! This event is suitable for the entire family and we hope to see you there!

Impersonation of Staff at the Elections and Boundaries Department
It has once again come to the attention of the Elections and Boundaries Department that there are individuals who are visiting residents to obtain their personal information and claiming to be Elections and Boundaries Department staff. The public is advised that all staff of the Elections and Boundaries Department is issued with Valid Staff Identification Card. The public is therefore advised to request such identification card prior to providing any information.

First Aid and CPR training today on Caye Caulker
Payment can be made at the door.

Caye Caulker: Make our island safer and reduce fire damage
If you are interested in a portable hose and pump for your hotel or residence, please contact Mr. John Newhouse to get specification. Thank you Mr. Newhouse for this initiative.

Corozal ArT In ThE ParK 2020
Saturday, January 18th, 2020. Come out and Enjoy.

El Chile Cantina & Grill in San Ignacio
The El Chile Cantina is having their grand opening this weekend. They'll open today, and will have the UFC fight on Saturday night on their huge screen. "The new El Chile Cantina is gearing up for their grand opening next Friday and Saturday. They've done a complete refurbishment to the Kenny Gibbs steakhouse, adding one of the biggest palapas in Cayo for the cantina. Ornate painting abounds, Mr. Humes painted everything, down to the tiny cracks in the bricks. The lion and Maya are amazing. The garden area already feels jungly, and they're adding more plants this week.

U.S. Embassy Belize is seeking a Public Engagement Assistant
The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the following position: Public Engagement Assistant Closing date: January 29, 2020

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Jankunu Productionz Presents "Saving Alligator High"

Ya’axché is looking for a Project Management Consultant
Tto manage a 3-year project focusing on climate-smart agriculture targeting cacao farmers and beekeepers of the indigenous forest communities in the Toledo District. The deadline to submit application is Friday, 7th of February 2020. Visit our website, follow the link to learn more about this opportunity.

The International Costa Maya Festival committee announces its official dates for 2020!
MARK YOUR CALENDARS and SAVE THE DATE! The International Costa Maya Festival committee announces its official dates for 2020! JULY 31 to AUGUST 1. Noche San Pedrana - July 25th More details to come...

Ma'alob aak'ab
The future of our Maya culture will only survive if we teach it to our future generations . A member of To'one Masehualo'on NGO leading Maya children from Xaibe(Corozal) in a song . The children group name is Jats'uts Óok'ot singing in the Yucatec Maya language .

One of the first prophetic series given by the Most Holy was the Proclamation of Juan de la Cruz also known as Juan de La Cruz Puc, known among the macehuales (Maasewal) as Santo Almaht'an (The Holy Commandments), perhaps the only document that is preserved of such proclamations and that is had as a book sacred in the communities attached to the cacicazgo of Xcacal Guardia . It was written in 1850, when after the appearance of the Cross, the rebellious Maya were in the process of reorganizing the armed movement; that is why the text is written with a belligerent spirit, which seeks to create awareness of the need to continue the war in which God is already taking part with the macehuales.

Burning Down of Maya Villages, 1867
Early January 1867, more than 300 British troops marched into the Yalbac Hills, destroying the Yucatec Maya (Máasewal) villages, their provision stores, milpas, houses and granaries, in an attempt to drive them away. The British troops burnt down San Pedro Siris, Chunbal Che, Santa Teresa, San Jose Yalba, Naranjal, Cerro, Santa Cruz and others. The Maya Máasewal had under their control North Western Belize and were asking rent payments for the use of their Maya lands. The British didn't want to pay, so the Maya Máasewal collected their money through raids.

Channel 7

The Fleecing Of The Nat'l Sports Council
If you ever wonder why sports programs for kids are so under-funded and under-resourced, or why public sports facilities are in such a dreadful condition - tonight, we have a part of the answer. It's because the National Sports Council has been systematically fleeced, raided like a broken piggy bank. And the evidence comes from a report of the auditor general who provides a small snapshot into the Council's inner workings.  The audit covers one year of operations, April 2015, to March 2016, a single fiscal year, but a multitude of infractions, hustles and lawless behavior.  And, all of it went un-reported, swept under the UDP's red rug.  That is until now.  

PM Says Proceed With Criminal Charges
Yesterday at the end of the press conference, we asked the Prime Minister about the audit which will be tabled in the House of Representatives tomorrow.  He said that he expects that if charges need to be filed, they should: Reporter: "In a case like this where the auditor general is questioning certain transactions, where there is like over 400,000 dollars that they can't account for, what do you in a situation like that? Yes you take it to the house...."

Beset By Scandal, UDP Staggers Into Last Year Of Third Term
And, really, the contents of the reports give the UDP a bunch of bruises and black eyes which - they can scarcely afford as they limp into the last year of their third term. Indeed, for a government elected on an anti-corruption platform, there have been all kinds of shameless mass-hustles.  Yesterday, the Prime Minister and party leader Dean Barrow reflected on it, but, not surprisingly, still concluded that there had been more good done than bad:..

Lev Dermen's Diplomatic Machinations
And, of course, the biggest corruption story right now involved Armenian Lev Dermen. He's in a jail in Utah for a tax fraud scheme in the states.  But all his former criminal collaborators have turned against him.  They say he used to pay a Belizean government minister 25 thousand US dollars a month.   But, what would he pay all that for? We know that he wanted to be a diplomat in Belize - allegedly to facilitate large movements of cash.

The Trial Will Tell
While we are not too sure about that type of thing happening on a regular basis without a ministerial recommendation, time will tell. The case is set to start in Utah on January 27th, when, hopefully, all will be known: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Clearly the evidence in this trail, will be forthcoming. What I am here to also tell you is this, if it turns out, that indeed there is evidence to show that a members, or two members of my cabinet received funds from Mr. Lev, there will be hell to pay."

Resort Owner Charged For Rape
He's the Owner of a fabulous Waterfoot Caye Island resort. But while he may be used to lounging on a beach tonight he's lounging in a cell block at the Dangriga police station. And that's because 53-year-old Wilfred Pascasio allegedly raped an 18-year-old girl who is reportedly employed as a housekeeper at his Yok Ha resort. Sr. Superintendent and deputy head of national crime investigations Hilberto Romero told us more: 

Timroy's Alleged Killer Charged
In December we told you about the merciless execution of Timroy Neal who was shot at point-blank range in front of a Chinese store in Roaring Creek Village. And tonight we can report that 26-year old David Cruz has been arrested and charged for the crime of murder.  Police say that while he alluded capture for almost three weeks he has remained the main suspect in the case. 

Chamber Still Waiting For Imer Contracts
In our first segment, we told you about an Auditor General's report showing corruption at the National Sports Council.   Well many have alleged that the awarding of so many civil works contract to Imer Hernandez Development Company is also suspicious.  But, many of the projects have been awarded by multilaterals like the IDB.  Recently, the leader of the opposition went to talk to the IDB to say something has to be wrong if all these contracts have been awarded to a contractor whose road works are consistently sub-standard. 

Kareem Says Dalla and Shyne Settling; Shyne Says No
On Tuesday we told you that DJ Dalla was suing Shyne - unbelievable because they are both leadings lights of the UDP.  It's the hard-pay scandal that has rocked the burgeoning Belizean entertainment industry this week. That's because Dalla claims that, not only did Shyne fail to pay him his MC fee, but the Music Ambassador "south-ed" him on the event's bar with a consignment for 30 grand in Dalla's name. On Tuesday Shyne told us that when it comes to payments made for Music Week he has all his receipts. But this morning DJ Dalla's Attorney Kareem Musa gave us an update on the case and a settlement that, according to him, was on the table:

PUP Still Sore Over Dianne's Immigration Invite
Musa also commented on last week's swarm of immigration activity around political hopeful Dianne Finnegan's divisional office in Lake Independence.   As we showed you, hundreds of immigrants form all over went to her office seeking help with their immigration issues after she offered to help a few in the division.   Musa says it points to a real failure in the work of the Immigration Department:

Police Charge Teen For Shooting
Last night we told you that 30-year-old Kurtis James Campbell had been shot to the back by someone he knows.  Tonight police have arrested and charged 19-year-old Allister Reyes with one count of attempted murder and one count of grievous harm.  Superintendent Alejandro Cowo told us what police believe motivated the shooting.  Alejandro Cowo - Supt. OC, CIB: "On Tuesday just about 8:30 pm Mr Kurtis James Campbell 30 years of age was riding his bicycle on South Creek and whilst approaching the corner of South Creek and Seoul street he was approached from behind by a person on a motorcycle..."

Security Guard Tied Up And Robbed
A Security Guard was robbed at gunpoint on the outskirts of Belize City last night. It happened at the Waste Control  Transfer station which has been targeted by armed criminals a number of times before.   Here's more on this latest robbery from the cops:  Alejandro Cowo - Supt. OC, CIB: "Last night at about 7:30 Mr Dane Grinage, 27 years, a security guard for the waste control transfer station located on 3 ½ miles on the George Price Highway..."

Sound Man Shyne and The Sea Scouts
And before we continue we have a small correction to make. The robbery of Security Guard Dane Grinage that we told you about in our last segment, did not happen at the Waste Control compound but at the adjoining National Solid Waste Transfer station.   Now, to continue with the news Last week we told you about the Coast Guard's Sea Cadet Mentorship Programme where you got to see Johathan "Windcuttaz" Coleman have his first day trying out the different programs available to the Cadets. One mainstay of Sea Cadet extracurriculars is music and that's for good reason. Studies show that musical experiences in childhood can actually accelerate brain development.

CEMO Gets An Early Start On Hurricane Season
Last year's hurricane season ended almost 2 months ago, and this year's season won't begin until June 1st. But, the Belize City Council's City Emergency Management Organization and the Belize Red Cross are already getting a head-start on disaster management. They want to ensure that if any natural disasters hit the seaside City, residents are prepared and protected with mechanisms at the community level for rapid evacuation.  The Council and Red Cross hosted a workshop today on early warning systems and the city's means of detecting imminent natural disasters before they actually hit the country. We stopped by this morning to learn more from the facilitators about the inclusion of the community in the city's disaster preparedness. Here's what they told us:

Bitter Reality Of World Sugar Prices
Yesterday, we took you BSI/ASR's Towerhill Factory in Orange Walk for the beginning of this year's cane crop season. 
The sugar cane farmers, are attempting to recover from major losses in investment due to last year's extended drought. For the thousands of cane farmers, their livelihoods have been under duress for a number of years.  First, they have been challenged by low prices on the global market for sugar. All the other sugar-producing nations of the world have FLOODED the global market, driving prices down.   The effect of this was demonstrated at the end of the 2017/2018 crop when farmers delivered a near record of 1.274 million tonnes of cane. Yet, due to the low market prices, their hard-work didn't yield them anywhere near a record payout.

CSME Ready for Belize Sugar?
But, as viewers are aware, there is the collective push from industry stakeholders for Belize's sugar to enter the CARICOM market.  All of last year, the Ministries of Trade and Agriculture had been working with the industry's private sector partners to collaborate with the other sugar-producing nations of the Caribbean. They want to ensure that regionally produced sugar can be sold within the CARICOM market. The sugar-producing nations assert that currently, sugar produced from outside of the region is flooding the marketplace, undermining the CSME.  And so, they have been lobbying the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) to institute the necessary protections to stop this. The Caribbean sugar producers say that the Caribbean market needs to make space for sugar produced by Caribbean countries.

Drought Relief Ready For Next Year
And keeping it on the sugar industry, we asked Agriculture Minister Godwin Hulse if the sugar cane farmers will benefit from the drought relief measures that the Government announced several months ago. You'll remember that in September of last year, the Barrow Government declared a partial state of emergency to address approximately 50 million dollars in collective losses that the nation's farmers suffered in the drought. All farmers were supposed to get access to relief funding arranged by the Government, and so we asked about cane farmers and their share. Hulse told us that the relief will be applied to next year's crop when the cane farmers are trying to replant. He explained why:

The Other Side of Osorio's Termination
And finally, from the sugar industry, our colleagues from CTV 3 News got an opportunity to speak with the Chairman of the Sugar Industries Control Board about the termination of Marcos Osorio. Up until last month, he was the long-time director of the Sugar Industries Research and Development Institute, better known as SIRDI for short. SIRDI researches ways that the cane farmers can improve their crops while farming as efficiently and economically as possible. But, last month, Osorio was abruptly terminated. He spoke out about it, and publicly questioned the motives of the members of the Sugar Industries Control Board and the Chairman, suggesting that there were no solid grounds for his dismissal.

Channel 5

Audit Reveals Half a Million Dollars Embezzlement at Sports Council!
Still reeling from the Lev Derman scandal, the government is hit by yet another black eye. An audit of the finances of the National Sports Council by the Auditor General [...]

PM Says Audit Will be Handed Over to Police
Prime Minister Dean Barrow received the report months ago in October 2019. On Wednesday, he told the media that the report will be tabled on Friday at the Sitting of [...]

Migrant Caravan Spotted from Cadenas Outpost
There is a developing story tonight on a caravan of Central American migrants heading north in search of a better life. Thousands of men, women and children left Honduras a [...]

Integrity Commission and Campaign Financing in Light of Dermen Scandal
The Lev Dermen debacle, the recent political scandal to plague the Barrow administration, brings to light the importance of the Integrity Commission, as well as a need for campaign finance [...]

Campaign Finance Reform, is it a Possibility?
The issue of campaign financing, as well as the absence of laws to regulate donations to political parties and their candidates, has resurfaced in light of the Lev Dermen scandal.  [...]

How Dermen’s Application for Honorary Consul was Rejected
There is more to report on Lev Dermen’s ties to Belize, including an application through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for him to be appointed Honorary Consul to Las Vegas.  [...]

PM Barrow Comments on Long Line of Immigrants at Diane Finnegan’s Office
U.D.P. Standard Bearer for Lake Independence Dianne Finnegan made headlines last week after lines of immigrants were seen at her constituency office. Finnegan maintains that she is only assisting individuals [...]

Kareem Slams Dianne Finnegan’s Immigration Assistance
The use of Dianne Finnegan’s Lake Independence constituency office to facilitate preparatory immigration transactions has raised the ire of many in the opposition People’s United Party.  The move which is [...]

Guatemalans’ Nationality Applications to be Converted to Permanent Residency
Hundreds of persons flooded Swift Hall on Monday hoping to get citizenship, including scores of nationals from Guatemala. But government has decided that because of the territorial dispute, there will [...]

PM Barrow Responds to Allegations made by Leader of the Opposition
In his New Year’s Day address, the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceño made bold allegations that cabinet ministers were complicit in the landing of drug planes which in 2019 [...]

Equal Opportunity Bill Consultation Heads South
A public consultation led by the National AIDS Commission and the Ministry of Human Development is underway at the SJC Auditorium tonight where the topic of discussion continues to be [...]

Choice Bank Limited Gets a New Liquidator
Julian Murillo is the new liquidator for Choice Bank Limited. On Wednesday the Central Bank of Belize announced Murillo’s appointment and if the name sounds familiar, that’s because Murillo is [...]

Dalla Vs Shyne and the Unpaid Consignment
Troy “DJ Dalla” Flowers versus Shyne Barrow….it’s a pending legal drama involving two well-known entertainers and stalwarts of the United Democratic Party.  One committed to taking out a twenty-six thousand [...]

Dalla Hits Shyne with $10k for Talent Fee and Logistics
Aside from the hefty thirty thousand dollar judgment which DJ Dalla is trying to recoup from Shyne, he is also charging ten thousand dollars for his services.  Those services include [...]

Shadron Gillett is Committed to Stand Trial for Murder
In the court room of Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser, Shadron Gillett was committed to stand trial during the April Session of the Supreme Court for the murder of Kevin Thomas.  [...]

Charges for Timroy Neal’s Killer!
A Roaring Creek resident has been charged for the murder of Timroy Neal that happened back in December of last year. Police say that the man they were looking for, [...]

Resort Owner Charged with Rape
The fifty-three-year-old owner of a popular resort off the coast of Dangriga has been hit with a rape charge. Police say that Wilfred Pascascio, the proprietor of Yok Ha resort [...]

Man to be Charged for Chopping a Cop
A man is expected to be charged for the chopping of a police officer in Stann Creek. Police say that twenty-six-year-old Byron Ramos of Cow Pen village chopped a police [...]

Single-Use Plastic and Styrofoam Ban to Be
On Wednesday, Belize enacted the phase-out of single-use plastics and styrofoam through the Environmental Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulation 2020.  The Minister of Environment signed that regulation into law which [...]

Belize Network of N.G.O.s Lauds Single Use Plastic Ban!
Senator for the N.G.O.s, Osmany Salas lauds G.O.B.’s efforts to initiate a ban on single-use plastics and styrofoam.  Salas says that while he hasn’t reviewed the final document with the [...]

Setting in Place Early Warning Systems for Belize City Residents
The Belize Red Cross in leading the charge in formalizing an Early Warning System for the Old Capital to better prepare in case of disasters. The organization is working along [...]

Belize’s Sugar to Enter CARICOM Market?
For some time there have been continuous efforts to get Belizean produced sugar in CARICOM and now finally there has been a breakthrough. Agriculture Minister Godwin Hulse, on Wednesday, said [...]

G.O.B. to Finalize Sugar Exportation to Taiwan
There is also a strong possibility that locally produced sugar will be sold in the Taiwan market. Minister Hulse says there have been ongoing discussions for B.S.I. to export sugar [...]

Allister Reyes Charged for City Shooting
Shifting to crime, on Wednesday, we reported on the shooting that left Kurtis Campbell with injuries to his back. Campbell was riding his bike when he was shot on Tuesday [...]

Security Guard Robbed of Cell-Phone
A Belize City Security Guard was robbed of his cell phone on Wednesday night in Belize City. Police say the guard was at his place of work when two men [...]

The Reporter

Wilfred Pascascio Faces Alleged Rape Charge
A Belizean businessman Wilfred Pascascio, 53, has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison on a charge of rape which he is alleged to have committed against a woman, 18. The victim visited the Police Station on Monday and reported that Pascascio had allegedly raped her at his resort located in Dangriga.

UN’s Anti-Corruption Anniversary: Underscores Recent Bribe Scandal
December of 2019 marked three years since Belize signed on to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), and after that time, we have still not implemented the Convention. But Belize is in good standing with the UN at present, indicated Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, who asked Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington to deliver his speech at Monday’s Supreme Court opening.


Minister of Immigration weighs in on Immigration scandal
Non-Belizeans must go through a process in order to acquire their Belizean Nationality and no step can be omitted in the process to get their paperwork done; that is what the substantive Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, had to say to us following the lines at Dianne Finnegan’s constituency office last week. As we reported, a crowd was at UDP Standard Bearer, Dianne Finnegan’s office last week Friday to see how they can get their documents expedited.

Will Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s contract be extended?
The renewal of the contract for Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin remains a burning issue particularly for members of the judiciary and the Bar Association. As we have reported in previous newscasts, there are several judgments pending from the Chief Justice and the Bar is looking to challenge him in the courts to get them done.

Belizeans participate in anti-money laundering seminar
Today the National Bank of Belize (NBB) hosted a first-of-its-kind anti-money laundering compliance workshop and seminar. The seminar was an all-day event and featured a guest speaker; the president of the Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA).

Imer Hernandez gets the nod from the IDB on his road contracts
Following yesterday’s press conference Prime Minister Dean Barrow addressed the comments made by the Leader of the opposition in his New Year’s message where he made allegations against the United Democratic Party as they relate to corruption.

Minister of National Security clears his name from Lev Dermen Scandal
Minister John Saldivar has issued a public statement saying that he was not involved in any case of fraud or bribery with Lev Dermen. The Dermen Saga began unfolding on Monday as the media got access to court documents that indicate that at least one Government Minister was receiving a bribe of twenty-five thousand US dollars on a monthly basis for an unspecified period. Saldivar used Facebook as his platform to issue a statement which we quote, in part, stating, “For the record, I met American businessman Lev Dermen in 2013 and last saw him sometime in early 2015.

PM says recent scandals are small compared to previous administrations
There is no doubt that the Barrow administration will have to come good in the next few months to counter the clouds of allegations being brought against some of its members. The Prime Minister has conceded that he is concerned about the issues but in defense of his party, he told the media yesterday that what stands now is small compared to the previous administration.

Shyne and Dj Dalla come to terms after treats of lawsuit
Bowen and Bowen Company is suing Troy “DJ Dalla” Flowers for a sum of approximately twenty-nine thousand dollars based on a consignment between the company and Flowers. As a result, Flowers is now pursuing a lawsuit against Belize’s Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow, saying that Barrow is the one responsible for payment.

Getting rid of Single-use plastics in Belize
The Ban of single-use plastics in Belize is in full swing after the Environment Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulations 2020 was signed on Tuesday. As we reported, the legislation will not see immediate enforcement by authorities but there will be a phase-out period of about 1 year.

Half-million dollars are being questioned by the Auditor General
Transactions amounting to over half-million dollars are being questioned by the Auditor General, Dorothy Bradley. Bradley submitted an audit report in late October to the Prime Minister where she highlighted several questionable transactions and where she has recommended that further investigations be conducted into them.

More government scandals continue to unravel
The popular adage, ‘when it rains it pours’ can be applied for the Barrow administration as there is yet another investigation to be carried out involving the questionable transactions amounting to over two point five million dollars. Tomorrow’s House Meeting will see two reports from the Auditor General tabled for review. The first has to do with the Julian Cho Technical High School.

Alleged shooter charged with attempted murder
Police have arrested and charged 19-year-old Allister Reyes of a Rasta Street address in Belize City for the shooting of 30-year-old Curtis Campbell. Campbell was shot on Tuesday night just before nine o’clock at the...

Making Campaign Financing for politicians transparent
Amidst the recent government scandal involving various Ministers and Lev Dermen, there are talks of creating new legislation to make campaign financing and support for politicians, more transparent.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

More than politics, Taiwan votes for democracy in recent election
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

Condé Nast Traveller is calling all adventurers to Belize
Last year Condé Nast Traveller, a luxury travel magazine based in England, published several travel […]

Man charged for Belize City shooting
Allison Reyes, 19, a laborer of 73 Rasta Street, was charged with attempted murder when he […]

Equal Opportunities Bill consultations come to Belize City
St. John’s College Gymnasium hosts tonight’s consultation on the Equal Opportunities Bill. The panel consists of […]

Guatemala asks OAS to facilitate meeting with Government of Belize
Guatemalan media, Agencia Guatemalteca de Noticias reported that Guatemalan President, Alejandro Giammetti has asked the […]

Belizean-born author publishes textbook in Social Work Higher Education
Belizean Born Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter’s book entitled Medical Social Work Practice: A Christian Approach was […]

Sports Council lost more than a million dollars in 2015, 2016
The Audit Institution’s performance audit has found that the National Sports Council (NSC), between April 2015 […]

Shyne Barrow: I have no claim with DJ Dalla
Shyne Barrow contacted Breaking Belize News this evening to personally refute our report that a […]

Allister Reyes charged with attempted murder
Police have arrested and charged Allister Reyes, 19, in connection with the shooting of Curtis […]

Security guard’s life spared during Waste Control robbery
An on-duty security guard was spared his life after he was confronted by an armed […]

Shyne to settle with DJ Dalla over Music Week dispute
A dispute between two scions of the United Democratic Party is in court, but it […]

Men’s Journal names Belize one of 15 winter getaways
With the number of travel writing pieces telling people to visit Belize that has been […]

Honduran migrant caravan arrives in Guatemala
Prensa Libre Guatemala reported today that a Honduran migrant caravan arrived in Guatemala today. The […]

Elections and Boundaries warns of impersonators
The Elections and Boundaries department issued a statement warning residents that they have been made […]

PM Barrow: Imer Hernandez cleared from all allegations
Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media yesterday that despite consistent criticism the Inter-American Development […]

US President Trump declares today Religious Freedom Day 2020; issues new rule ensuring prayers in school are protected
United States President Donald Trump has declared today as Religious Freedom Day 2020. “On this […]

Toledo residents reject Equal Opportunities Bill
The public consultations for the Equal Opportunities Bill was held last night in the Toledo […]

Dara Feeding Program back from the dead; Lee Mark Chang makes committed donation
It may be the fastest recovery ever. An interview with media houses on Tuesday afternoon by […]

U.D.P. leadership contestants deny involvement with Lev Dermen
In certain internet forums, one name has already been picked out as being conclusively the first […]


When Are The Best Months for Caribbean Travel?
It's not that you should not travel here under any circumstances, but you should be mindful of what to expect. The narrow weeks that span Spring Break can prompt a higher percentage of people who are on spring break and want to tear things up. Now it's never an annoying issue since there is typically enough space for everyone, but like all Caribbean countries, there is a surge of college partyers. It gets to be a bit hot in the summer if you live in the southern US. Here in the Caribbean, with the trade winds blowing, it's nice all summer long. It will likely be 15-30 degrees cooler here than in Phoenix or Houston or Dallas, or New Orleans.

Beginner Scuba Diving Tips and Tricks
We love Scuba Diving and try to do it as many times during a week as possible. We think it is a tranquil and peaceful, yet exhilarating, experience. We encourage everyone to try it. Many people out there are scared or concerned about scuba diving. While I'm not saying that reading this blog will clear up all your concerns about scuba, it will help introduce you to the fundamentals that you will experience in a diving class.

Belize Lobster Fest 2020
For 2020, the lobster season officially opens on June 15th, 2020. As the lobster season opens, Belizeans celebrate by having this annual lobster fest in three locations, San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Placencia. The lobster fest is one of Belize’s most popular food festivals celebrated annually in San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Placencia. Not only a key attraction for tourists, but many Belizeans also head out to the islands to partake in the different lobster themed events, pageants, and parties.

Exodus Water Taxi from San Pedro to Corozal and Sarteneja
My editor Shirlee decided to try the newish water taxi and wanted to share her experience for travelers wanting to go between San Pedro to Corozal or make a stop at Sarteneja. Personally I would rather fly however, there are some people who are scared of smaller planes and opt to travel by boat when in Belize. Some people just want a fun boat ride because flying is not an easy option where they live. Exodus Water taxi began operations on October 22, 2019. It runs opposite of the Thunderbolt schedule, meaning it leaves San Pedro at 7:00 am and returns from Corozal at 3:00 pm, stopping in Sarteneja both ways. Below is the Exodus boat, Sabrina docked in Corozal.

Rice and Beans or Beans with Rice? Salbutes or Garnaches? Decisions in Belize
Belize food is delicious – and often surprises visitors who know little about Belizean cuisine. Many Belizean dishes are also relatively simple. Often a limited number of basic ingredients. Simple but not easy – or at least not to me. I was reminded of that the other day when I took a second to look at the menu at Briana’s Deli on Back Street. (My favorite rice and beans in the country of Belize AND #6 in my Guide To 50 Big Experiences on Ambergris Caye) I always order the same thing. Rice and Beans with Leg Meat (Stew Chicken). But I took a closer look at the menu.

3 Popular Events for early 2020 on Ambergris Caye
2020 has started and there are plenty of fun activities taking place on the vibrant island of Ambergris Caye! Here are some events you should definitely mark on your agenda to attend during your vacation To kick start 2020, anglers are invited to join the 2020 Wahoo Challenge. The wahoo challenge a tournament is a tournament that has been taking place for many years now on Ambergris Caye. Ambergris Caye, already a vibrant and happening caye, comes alive for El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro. Celebrated yearly one week before lent, visitors and locals are all invited to join in various cultural celebrations. In celebration of lobster season opening June 15, an annual celebration of events is held on the island of San Pedro. Lobster Fest is held around that time to honor the opening of the season.

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Where to Find Belize's Adventurous Side, From Snorkeling to Hiking
Check out this article from Condé Nast Traveler on where to find Belize's Adventurous Side! I first visited Belize on my honeymoon in 2016. We filled our schedule with all types of activities, from snorkeling with sharks at Hol Chan Marine Reserve and diving in the Blue Hole to climbing ancient Mayan ruins. These are are all essential Belize experiences—but some dozen trips later, I’ve come to learn this Central American country’s greatest hits are a mere fraction of what it has to offer. Even on a first visit, it’s not hard to figure out where to go in Belize to get beyond the basics. Whether your schedule is weeks-long or you only have a few days on your hands, getting off of Belize’s tourist track is easy and rewarding. And, given the relatively small size of the country, you can cover a lot of ground quickly. Here’s where to go in Belize—and how to scratch beneath the surface.

A busy year in the Caribbean: Elections
The Caribbean has a challenging year ahead as voters are set to head to the polls in Belize, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. Elections will be hard-fought throughout the region, and with the economic outlook for the Caribbean being relatively positive—the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts a pick-up in growth from 3.3 percent in 2019 to 3.7 percent in 2020—the electorate of each country will keep a close eye on how candidates look to divide the economic pie.

US Armenian fraudster on Belize press headlines: Political scandal erupted
A political scandal erupted in Belize over the case of Levon Termendzhyan, who is accused in the US of participating in a fraudulent scheme. Levon Termendzhyan, known as Lev Aslan Dermen, is being investigated for fraud and accused of a fraudulent adventure that brought him more than $ 500 million. During the investigation, one of the accused, former partner of Derman, Jacob Kingston, testified that from 2012 to 2016, Leo sent 25 thousand dollars a month to an unnamed Minister of Government of Belize.


  • Travel Episode Belize, 2.5min. Although some good meals can be had in Belize, it's not surprising that the freshest seafood is on the shores of various Islands.

  • Ambergris Caye, Belize to The Split, Caye Caulker, Belize, 2min. A little day trip, on a private boat, from Grand Caribe, in Ambergris Caye, Belize to Caye Caulker, Belize.

  • Dara Robinson Feeding Programme on Life Support, 5min. Is the ‘Dara Feeding Programme’ closing its doors after thirteen years? Not just yet – that is, if Joel Dara Robinson gets his way. The local philanthropist says that his feeding programme is on life support. According to Robinson, he can no longer maintain the programme because donations have all, but stopped and support for fundraising efforts has dwindled over the past few years.

  • Snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef with kids!, 3.5min. Snorkeling is my favorite thing!!! There is no better place to do it than Belize! We booked a few days with Happy Go Luckie Tours.

  • ABC life Support Belize, 32min. We don't like to think about it but in the event of a medical emergency would you know how to help your loved one? Having basic first aid skills will increase the chances of their survival. ABC life Support bze offers training opportunities for you to learn these skills. We got a quick introductory lesson on how to administer CPR to a child and adult. We also learnt how to help a person that is choking. Javier Canul, Emergency Medical Technician and Co-Owner of ABC Life Support Belize showed us the appropriate techniques to respond in these times of crisis.

  • Child abuse or neglect, 35min. If you are a parent or work with or on behalf of children you are legally obligated to report instances of child abuse or neglect. Today we learnt about mandatory reporting and how it helps to initiate a system of processes that remove and protect children from abuse. We also got to talk about the healing process and how we can support those battling with their individual traumas. On set: Fermin Olivera - Social Work Lecturer/Researcher Jenny Lovell - Mental Health Therapist

  • Child abuse or neglect. how can it be detected?, 29min.

  • Staying at Ramons Village in San Pedro, Belize, 3.5min. we stayed for a week at Ramons Village in San Pedro for our Annual Scuba Trip!

  • Belize Dive Trip 2020, 32min.

  • "unBELIZEable Altun Ha," icon of Belize Mayan Ruin, 6.5min. Altun Ha is the closeest Mayan Ruin to Belize City. We enjoy taking friends and family to this one because it is an icon of Belize.

  • Belize Zip Line, 22min. Jim & Randi go Zip Lining through the jungle in Belize on 12/18/19.

  • Sunset in Belize, 4min. Sunset in Belize you must see.

  • Travel to Belize, 5min. Belize is a small country filled with lush rain forests, carribean culture, and beautiful coral reefs off the coastline. We explored ancient Mayan Caves, snorkeled with (harmless) nurse sharks, and ate more lobster than one can imagine. It’s a great place for adventurers, and also a great place to relax on a white sand beach with a rum punch in hand.

  • Skyline Belize trip, 15min.

  • San Pedro Pirates vs Altitude FC., 1/2min. Saturday 18th January. Live on TNC kick off 7:30pm

  • Tour of the Government House Property with Taiwan's Ambassador Remus Chen, 1min. Today the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project conducted a tour of the Government House Property with Taiwan's Ambassador Remus Chen and his delegation. The purpose of the tour was to give the Ambassador a personal viewing of how the constructions and renovations were progressing. We are happy to report that the Ambassador and his team were pleased with progress we have made to date.