Chair lady of Caye Caulker Village, Seleny Pott has denied allegations that the Caye Caulker is disingenuously and wantonly removing business signs from in front of businesses in the village.

One of the disgruntled business operators, or someone on his or her behalf, forwarded messages to us saying that the Village Council is giving as its reason that the signs obstruct traffic and that the Traffic Committee in San Pedro says that the officers should simply use their discretion.

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But when we checked with Pott a few minutes ago, she indicated that the warning was circulated from two months ago that any, table or other prop that businesses have obstructing traffic would be removed if the owners or operators did not move them before January 15.

Pott said that the Village Council found that several business were obstructing the free flow of traffic, including pedestrian traffic, and they were given oral and written warnings. She added that the majority of the business complied after the first warning, but about eight others didnít and it is someone from among them now that is falsely accusing the Council of stealing their signs.

Pott back up her position by sharing the written warnings that the Council sent out to the businesses. In the first one, the initial date for taking down the signs was December. A second warning was issued, extending the date to January 15. Pott explained to us that they adapted the San Pedro Traffic Departmentís method and applied it to Caye Caulker, where a deadline is given, and offending businesses are fined for non-compliance.

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