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Today's Belize News: January 18, 2020 #540129
01/18/20 06:47 AM
01/18/20 06:47 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

The San Pedro Sun

Ambergris Caye Lacks Adequate Solid Sewage Waste Management
One islander trying to help mitigate the issue by providing his services is Chuck Rice. He owns a company that designs and installs septic tanks and provides drain services. Rice believes the island situation is close to critical if the necessary measures are not set in place to treat sewage solid waste. He also believes this is the factor leading to illegal dumping as there is nowhere to dispose of solid waste. Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) counts with sewage ponds in southern Ambergris Caye; however, they do not accept solids. “They do not have the capacity to accept the solids because their ponds are not designed to break it down,” Rice said. The only solids they can accept are from the houses and businesses connected to their sewage system running from downtown to their ponds.

ComPol says police will not pay entire six-figure San Pedro hotel bill; “others might have to help”
The Belize Police Department has a six-figure debt with Pedro’s Inn in San Pedro Town for the accommodation of additional police officers assigned to the island. On Monday, January 13th, Commissioner of Police (ComPol) Chester Williams addressed the hefty hotel tab, indicating that police will not pay the bill in its entirety and that it must be a shared responsibility. According to him, the police officers were to vacate immediately, however, up to the time this article was written, and after checking with the hotel, the officers are still staying at the Inn.

Belize Sets New Record for Overnight Tourism Arrivals
It is with great pleasure that the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) announces that 2019 was a year of milestone achievement for overnight tourism arrivals. For the first time in the history of our Tourism development, Belize has surpassed the half-million mark in overnight arrivals. In 2019, a total of 503,177 overnight visitors were welcomed to Belize, an increase of 2.8 percent from 489,261 in 2018. The National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP) endorsed in 2012, has a goal of achieving overnight arrivals of 556,000 by 2030.

Ambergris Today

Hon. Patrick Faber Attends The Inauguration Of The New President Of Guatemala
The Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber attended the inauguration of the Republic of Guatemala’s new President Alejandro Giammattei. During his visit, Hon. Faber also met with heads of state and dignitaries of other countries and international organizations to promote better international relations.

Various Belizean Sources


Marine-themed bins in Placencia
We are more than halfway from reaching our goal. If you're loving the marine-themed bins and want to see more in the community, please support us. Mr. Goby and Thelo the Turtle really want their other friends to visit Placencia. Help them get here.

Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Program 2020
The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is pleased to announce that the application program of the 2020 Taiwan ICDF (International Cooperation and Development Fund) Scholarship Program at undergraduate or graduate level for qualified Belizeans is now officially launched. These scholarships are for enrollment at universities in Taiwan, commencing in September 2020.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Addams Family, Terminator, 1917, Richard Jewell. On Saturday: Jankunu Productionz Presents "Saving Alligator High"

San Pedro: Parallel Parking Only on Pescador Drive Starting Feb. 1
*This notice is for ALL VEHICLES* The San Pedro Town Council and the San Pedro Traffic Department hereby inform the general public and all drivers that effective February 1st, 2020, drivers needing to park on Pescador Drive will only be allowed to park in Parallel form. This new regulation is being implemented to ensure the safety of all pedestrians: residents, visitors and children. The San Pedro Town Council and the San Pedro Traffic Department appreciates your cooperation and understanding in this matter and encourages all drivers to drive safely and avoid speeding.

Police Officers visit Caye Caulker
On Wednesday, January 15th,2020, Police Officers attached to the Caye Caulker Police Sub -Station, conducted their ,weekly Meet and Greet on Hattie and Avenida Hicaco Street . During the visit the residence commended the police and also positively commended the initiative being carried out.

Dive Bar Music Festival this Weekend in San Pedro
Don't miss this weekend jam-packed with great music and fishing fun at the SeaStar Belize, this annual event is always a blast!

Legal Declaration of the North-eastern Biological Corridor through Statutory Instrument
The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration signed into law an order to declare the North-eastern Biological Corridor which comes into effect on January 22, 2020. The enactment of this order carries out Cabinet’s decision to protect important forests situated in the sugar cane belt in order to protect the biological connectivity of protected areas and safeguard the ecosystem services provided by these forests, including watershed preservation and rain formation. The declaration of the North-eastern Biological Corridor marks the beginning of a new era and culture of conservation for Belize.

Saturday, January 19th, 2020 - Meeting Place: Round House , Miami Beach at 8:00 a.m.

Escuela Secundaria Tècnica Mèxico (ESTM) 37th Anniversary
Today, Escuela Secundaria Tècnica Mèxico (ESTM), our learning institution, in San Roman Corozal celebrated its 37th Anniversay under the theme "Renewing our goals and celebrating our Accomplishment". Here is a photo snippet shared by ESTM. We extend our hearfelt congratulations to this wonderful scholastic institution.

9th Annual Chili Cook Off Sunday, January 26th, 2020 1:00 PM at the New Millennium Restaurant – Consejo Cost is $10.00 Belize which allows you to sample all the chili you want. Chili providers have free admission. Fundraising will be held by having the 50/50 draw and Silent Raffle. Mr. Jorge will be on hand to sell beer and other beverages. Chili providers should bring their Chili to the Millennium at 12:30. Each participant will receive a number for voting. Voting will end at 2:30 p.m. Winners will be announced at 3:00 p.m. Please make sure to bring a spoon or ladle with your chili.

Corozal Animal Program - CAP Art Auction Fund Raiser
On Friday, February 14th, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m at Serenity Sands. CAP will be holding an art auction along with a silent auction to help raise money for CAP's initiatives. DIRECTIONS - Follow Consejo Road for 5 KM (3 miles) - Turn right at the Serenity Sands sign onto Serenity Road - Follow this road 1.2 KM (0.75 miles) - Turn right onto Paradise Lane - Follow this road turning left onto Coconut Grove Road, then right onto Serenity Lane until you reach Serenity Sands.

Corozal Graffiti 2020
Happening One Week from Sunday.

Held at the Guadalupe Primary School Auditorium, Alta Mira on February 1st, 2020 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Music - Games - Food - Drinks - Used Clothing for Sale

Cruise ship visitors desirous of undertaking a city tour or enjoying the myriad attractions of Belize will now be able to easily identify personnel offering the respective services within the Fort George Tourism Zone (FGTZ) This week the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) issued brand new color-coded uniform shirts to over a hundred tourism related service providers. Categories included: A total of 60 tour guides, 18 tour operators, 27 vendors and 9 hair braiders each received two sets of uniform shirts. This initiative by the BTB is aimed at improving the image and professionalism of front-line personnel within the FGTZ.


The Reef Week Planning Committee met today to discuss activities to commemorate Reef Week 2020, to be held from 7th-15th March. At the end of today’s session, members , who come from several conservation organizations and supporters, unanimously selected Placencia as the venue for this year’s Reef Fair, to be held on Friday 13th March. The group also chose as this year’s theme: “True-True Reef Love Means Yuh Stay Involve”. This theme is expected to guide activities that will be held throughout the week.

Books of Chilam Balam
The Books of Chilam Balam are handwritten, chiefly 17th and 18th-centuries Maya miscellanies, named after the small Maya Yucatec towns where they were originally kept, and preserving important traditional knowledge in which indigenous Maya. The manuscripts are attributed to a legendary author called Chilam Balam.

Channel 7

PM: Compol and DPP Need To Act On Audit Report
There was a House Meeting in Belmopan today, but while there was important legislative business to deal with, news of various UDP scandals dominated the day's debates. The Prime Minister started off by tabling two reports from the Auditor General: the one we told you about last night for the National Sports Council, and another for Julian Cho Technical High School. As we told you, the one for the National Sports Council shows the diversion of hundreds of thousands of dollars of public funds by a Senior Pay Clerk, and the transfer of funds to political and personal accounts by the former Minister of State for Sports.

COMPOL Looking At Audit For Criminal Wrongdoing
So, will the police act on it? In the last case of explosive reports on the Immigration Department from the Auditor General, the previous Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie said he was waiting for the auditor general to send the reports to him before commencing a criminal investigation - clearly a recipe for inaction. Today, Commissioner Chester Williams said he has the reports and sees quote, "some degree of criminal implication" end quote. Here's what he told us this evening:

Faber Says He Never Got 5k Cash From Sports Director
And these reports fall squarely on the shoulders of Minister of Education and Sports, Patrick Faber. He's held the Sports portfolio since 2012, and Education since 2008. Both audit reports show significant, possibly criminal, and certainly costly, infractions at the National Sports Council and the Julian Cho Technical High. We asked him about a claim in the report that former Sports Director Patrick Henry gave Faber - who was his minister at the time - a cash donation of five thousand dollars - for a Collet Back to School Program - IN NOVEMBER! The donation was given on November 3rd, 2015- when everyone was already back in school. November third also happened to be the day before the November fourth, 2015 General elections.

Faber Says Not A Shilling Or A Smile From Lev
Deputy Prime Minister Faber also commented on Lev Dermen - the Armenian who is in a US jail for defrauding the federal government out of half a billion dollars in tax credits. Dermen's associate Jacob Kingston has turned on him - and testified that Dermen was sending 25 thousand US dollars monthly for a senior government official in Belize. Kingston has sent he also sent one himself by electronic transfer. There are very many theories about which UDP minister may have been receiving that big money - since quite a few of them are known to have associated with the man known in Belize as Levon.

Faber Denies Getting Mason Money
Faber also today again publicly denied receiving any campaign contribution from Danny Mason. As was reported earlier this week, Danny Mason told a US Federal Agent that he gave donations to UDP's John Saldivar, Frank Pawpa Mena and Patrick Faber. This was contained in a statement that a US federal agent gave as evidence in the Mason trial. Most of the details of the statement were not introduced into evidence - and were redacted. But, slowly, details of all that Mason told that agent are coming out - and today we asked Faber about it:..

And, while we caught Faber as he was leaving the house, we couldn't catch Saldivar. As is his now his trademark, he slipped out early, during a break - and left the house before any media was aware of it. But, his name was much in the house today, because he was the most visible ministerial associate of both Danny Mason and Lev Dermen. The opposition leader said that at some point, consequences have to be issued against wheeling and dealing ministers:...

Hon. Julius Says Belize's Caesar Stands Exposed
So, Prime Minister Barrow has twice publicly committed to act against whichever minister is implicated, and to stay on as long as is necessary to maintain the stability and integrity of government. And those positions drew criticism and unlikely support from two PUP reps today. First was Cayo South Rep Julius Espat. He spoke on the adjournment, saying that Barrow's sound and fury against corruption is just rhetoric: Hon. Julius Espat, Area Representative, Cayo South: "All we'll get is the rhetoric and the ridiculous downright shameful defense and justifications coming from him, but no proper action..."

Hon. Kareem Asks Barrow To Stay
And, speaking of smiles, that's what the PUP's Kareem Musa was sporting when he asked the Prime Minister to stay on, as long as is necessary to keep his successors away from the throne:

Belize Gets Radar Ready For Drug Planes
Suspected drug planes landing in Belize over the course of the 2018 and 2019, they were a frequent item in the evening news. In 9 months, the Department of Civil Aviation is going to acquire a 12 million-dollar radar, which will strengthen the ability of local authorities to not only track legal, but also illegal planes traveling into Belize's airspace. This morning at the PGIA, the civil aviation authorities signed an agreement for the acquisition of a primary radar. They invited the press to observe the ceremony, and our news team attended. Daniel Ortiz reports:

Shilling Water and Chips Bags Choking The Seas
The Phase-out of Single Use-Plastics was signed into law two days ago. And, while your lunch today was likely still packaged in a styrofoam shell, the transition to bio-degradable products has begun. That's right, by the end of 2020 you could be fined for carrying an excess of 10 plastic bags. That's a revelation that might come as quite a shock, and leave many Belizeans wondering how to go about living in this new greener world.

COMPOL Says Cops Will Leave Pedro's Inn, Eventually
On Tuesday night, we told you that the police had racked up a 6 figure bill at Pedro's Inn in San Pedro. That's because the cops had added deployments of officers staying at the hotel since the middle of last year, when crime spiked to a dangerous high on the island. Since the, the added police presence has brought down the crime - but at a cost. And, the question tonight is, who will pay the hundred thousand dollar tab? Word to us is that despite the Commissioner's claims to the contrary, the police officers are still saying at Pedro's Inn and the bill continues to climb. Today when the press asked the commissioner about it, he says he expects to order to be complied with and the cops will be moving:

PAC Men Spar
And, going back now to today's house meeting, at the top of the news we told you about the two audit reports from the Auditor General's office - one on the National Sports Council, and the other on Julian Cho Technical high school. These reports have now been tabled in the House of Representatives, and will be sent to the Public Accounts Committee for consideration and review. But, the committee is non-functional. That's because the Chairman is an opposition member, but the majority membership is from the ruling party. And, they can never agree on anything.

Earlier this week we brought you Joel "Dara" Robinson's appeal for funds to keep his Feeding Program going. And on Wednesday, we took you back to Dara's yard to witness his receipt of the first of 5 checks, given through a commitment from Lee Mark Chang, to support the feeding program for the rest of the school year. Well, Dara managed to touch yet another heart with his kindness and his message that we can all make each other's lives a little easier by just lending a hand.

Youth Certificates Better Late Than Never
On December 11th, 60 young men and women graduated from the Youth Apprenticeship Program in Belize City. And while the program is coordinated by Dianne Finnegan it was really the brainchild of Minister of Education Patrick Faber. But Faber couldn't or didn't attend the December graduation.

High Irregularities At Julian Cho High
Last night, we told you in passing about the report that the Auditor General has compiled detailing financial irregularities at the Julian Cho Technical High School. That's the government school, with over a thousand students in the Toledo District, that made the news in November because it was operating without a principal. The Auditor-General has reviewed their finances and expenditures, and she is concerned about the use of public funds at the school for the period between May 2014, and October 2016.

Hon. Requena Rails About Julian Cho High
As we told you, the report has just been laid before the House of Representatives in today's House Meeting. But, PUP's Toledo West Representative, Oscar Requeña, was determined to discuss the state of affairs at the government school during today's debate. Here's what he had to say on the topic:

DPM Faber Disagrees With Audit
Again, this falls to Deputy PM Patrick Faber who is the Minister Of Education and a close ally of the principal named in the report, Simeon Coc - who is the UDP standard bearer for Toledo West. Today, Faber told us that what he has seen in the report does not square with the facts as he knows them:

Re: Today's Belize News: January 18, 2020 [Re: Marty] #540130
01/18/20 06:47 AM
01/18/20 06:47 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 70,379
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

P.U.P. Goes in on Lev Dermen Scandal
The inaugural sitting of the House of Representatives for the New Year 2020 got underway this morning in Belmopan, amid a number of scandals wracking the Barrow administration.  While several [...]

PM Holds Position on Unnamed Bribe Recipients
In attempting to defend his position, PM Barrow reiterated what was said at his press conference on Wednesday, that essentially he is hamstrung until and unless names and credible evidence [...]

Many Questionable Characters Granted Belizean Nationality in 2013
The issue of Belizean nationalities being hurriedly granted to questionable characters was also a hallmark in the opposition leader’s statements on adjournment.  Quite a number of Canadian and American nationals [...]

$2.2 Million in Questionable Spending at Julian Cho Technical School
An audit of the National Sports Council for a one-year period showed the blatant disregard for government financial regulations and suspected fraud of huge sums of money. That audit was [...]

Toledo West Area Rep Calls Out Dr. Simon Coc
Area Representative for Toledo West Oscar Requeña spoke on the audit’s findings on the adjournment of the House. As a matter of national importance, Requeña called for action and highlighted [...]

Were the Release of the Auditor General’s Report Timely?
Was the timing of the Auditor General’s reports on the National Sports Council and Julian Cho Technical High School designed to undermine the Deputy Prime Minister whose portfolios as Minister [...]

National Sports Council Contacts F.I.U. on Fraud at Council
In respect of the damning audit of the National Sports Council, in a memorandum dated February twenty-eighth, 2019, Director Ian Jones reacted with an eighty-five pages memorandum. The majority of [...]

DPM Faber Speaks on Damning NSC Audit
Deputy Prime Minister Faber says he was the one who commissioned an audit of the National Sports Council when both previous junior ministers demitted office.  Those ministers of state also [...]

Make the Names Public!!
This afternoon on adjournment in the House, Caribbean Shores Area Rep Kareem Musa also weighed in on the Lev Dermen scandal, stating that because it is a federal case before [...]

Faber Says No to Receiving Mason’s Money
And while he may not have been close to Lev Dermen, Deputy Prime Minister was asked once again about his involvement with convicted murderer William “Danny” Mason.  You will recall [...]

Julius Goes In on John Saldivar
Minister of National Security John Saldivar was not present in the house this afternoon when Cayo South Area Rep Julius Espat took square aim at him for his open affiliation [...]

Finally, BCCI Gets Contract Documents for the Coastal Highway Upgrading Project
Late this afternoon, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry acknowledged that at three-twenty-five p.m., it received two packages addressed to the president containing the Procurement and Contract documents for [...]

Mark Tuyul Jr. is Laid to Rest
It was an emotional day today for the family of Mark Tuyul Junior, who was laid to rest this afternoon at the Eternal Garden Cemetery at mile thirteen on the [...]

Belize Youth Movement Expresses Outrage About the National Sports Council Audit
Back to the issue of the audit of the National Sports Council, the Belize Youth Movement is expressing outrage at the fleecing of public funds at the National Sports Council [...]

Guatemalan Prez Wants to Meet with G.O.B.
As you know, a new government took over in Guatemala this week. The president is conservative Alejandro Giammattei, and while not much was heard from him in respect of the [...]

Civil Aviation to Get $12 Million Radar
The illegal airplane landings have increased in recent years and civil aviation and security authorities believe that a new radar system will help to crack down, or at lease track [...]

Equal Opportunities Bill Consultation is Held in Belize City
On Thursday night, the Ministry of Human Development and National AIDS Commission held a public consultation in Belize City as a part of its community outreach to get feedback on [...]

Support for the Equal Opportunities Bill
So, following those three presentations, as well as remarks from Enrique Romero Executive Director of the National AIDS Commission, the public had the opportunity to make comments and give feedback [...]

Candid Comments from Non-Supporters of the Bill
And while there was support for the bill – there was a group of independent persons who wanted clarity on some of the points.  But there were many who didn’t [...]

Santa Cruz Land Woes Continue
Battle for control over the Santa Cruz Village Expansion project continues in the south. We first reported the issue in January 2019 when a public meeting was held to clarify certain [...]

Santa Cruz Farmers Fear Losing Farm Lands
The Santa Cruz Village Council is also facing another threat. According to Chairman Vincent Scott, more than thirty farmers have been cultivating land at the rear of the village for [...]

Apprenticeship Programme, Inspiring the Youth
Last year we were there when a group of Belize City youths completed an apprenticeship programme. Today, we were at Youth for the Future Drive, when they happily received their [...]

“What Yuh Know” in Belize
The popular YouTube show “What Yuh Know” will feature Belize in one of its upcoming episodes as the twenty-year-old founder embarks on a tour to promote education through an entertainment [...]

Agricultural Production is Not Meeting the Demands of the Tourism Sector
Earlier this week, a meeting was held to present the findings of an Agri-Tourism study of Ambergris Caye. The twelve-month study looked at agricultural produce that is consumed by the [...]


Belizean Gov’t official took US$25,000 monthly bribe
the subject of national scrutiny, because of allegations contained in a United States federal court document. The document is alleging that “a Government official from Belize” was receiving US$25,000 per month from a US businessman who is facing a life- in-prison sentence if he is convicted for his role in a fraud scheme that diverted $511 million from the U.S. government. The document did not specifically refer to that official as “a Government minister,” but at a press conference held by Prime Minister Dean Barrow yesterday, he told the media that he asked his Cabinet ministers if any one of them had taken the bribe, and they said no.

US fraud trial fingers Belizean officials
Just weeks ahead of the governing United Democratic Party (UDP) national convention at which delegates will choose the party’s new Leader and select members of the party to fill key executive posts, all eyes in Belize will be focused on Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s reaction when the names of two of his “Government officials” are expected to appear in an unsealed federal indictment in the US, in a massive fraud case that started in the state of Utah in March 2018. Officially, the case is listed as United States v Kingston, because almost all of the accused are from the polygamous group known as “The Order” in Utah. Only one of the accused is not classified as part of the”Kingston” clan, and interestingly, was the recipient of Belize nationality papers.

$400,000 missing from National Sports Council – audit report
An audit report of the National Sports Council which covers the period April 2015 to March 2016 that will be tabled during tomorrow’s House of Representatives meeting, was leaked to the media this week. The report, done by the Auditor General, paints a dismal picture of mismanagement, negligence and possible corruption in the management of monies that were allocated to the National Sports Council, but which remain unaccounted for, according to the report.

The first House meeting of 2020
Parliament will be meeting for the first time in 2020 on Friday, January 17. At the meeting there will be an introduction of one new bill — The Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters Amendment Bill, which is set to increase international tax transparency and improve access of the Belize Tax Services to information regarding global allocation of the income taxes paid and certain indicators of the location of economic activity among tax jurisdictions in which multinational enterprise groups operate.

Belize says “goodbye” to styrofoam
On Tuesday, the Minister of the Environment, Hon. Godwin Hulse, signed off on the Environment Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulations, which include a ban on styrofoam that had been announced to the public over a year ago. Cabinet had approved the regulations in March of 2018 with the intent to put an end to pollution caused by the disposal of non-degradable articles such as single-use plastic bags, and styrofoam and plastic food utensils.

Kenrick Longsworth arraigned for 3-year-old stepson’s brutal murder
Today, while several hecklers were on the street waiting to see and berate him, two members of the GSU practically dragged Kenrick Longsworth, 27, from the holding cell into the Magistrate’s Court for him to be arraigned by the Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser for the murder of his 3-year-old stepson. Apart from murder, Longsworth was charged with 2 counts of grievous harm for injuries he inflicted on his two other stepsons, ages 2 and 4. Chief Magistrate Fraser explained to Longsworth that she would not take a plea from him because the offence of murder is indictable.

Compol Williams said police alone will not pay hotel bill in San Pedro
A bill amounting to about $100,000 that was issued by the San Pedro Inn for the accommodation of additional police officers in the island town to ensure safety at that tourist destination, was issued to Chester Williams, the Commissioner of Police, on Monday. Compol Williams said that the costs incurred to increase policing on the island is a shared responsibility, and the police, alone, will not foot the bill. Williams said that the nature of the tourism industry in San Pedro is fragile, so the policemen will not be withdrawn, because the residents and tourists in San Pedro must be made to feel safe.

David Cruz, 25, remanded for Roaring Creek execution of Timroy Neal
On Thursday night, January 9, Timroy Neal, a resident of Roaring Creek, was outside Lucky Entertainment, a business place that is located across the street from the Roaring Creek police station, when a gunman coldly executed him at about 10:30 p.m. The execution was captured on surveillance video, which showed Neal’s killer escaping into the night after he had made sure Neal was dead.

Shadron Gillett, 19, has murder case committed to trial at the Supreme Court
Shadron Gillett, 19, charged with the murder of Kevin Thomas, was committed to go on trial in the April session of the Supreme Court after a preliminary inquiry was held today by the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. The prosecutor, Corporal Chris Smith, submitted several pieces of documentary evidence and 19 witness statements that the Crown intends to use at the trial.

Roberto Pott raises alarm that Belize Sailing Association is “taking on water.”
The Belize Sea Scouts has been in existence in Belize since 2004 and functions as a unit within the Scout Association of Belize. In 2010, the Sea Scouts leadership helped to birth the Belize Sailing Association (BzSA), the national body for sailing in Belize. As the flagship program, one of Belize Sea Scouts’ founding fathers, John Oliver (deceased) promoted and fund-raised for the Optimist Program that would see as many as 70 boats brought into Belize. One of the aims was to help expand youth sailing, nationally. There was enthusiasm and community spirit; but, as sailing grew over the past 10 years, fractures appeared, and basic good governance and business practices were overlooked.

The road to equal opportunity
The National AIDS Commission (NAC) has collaborated with the Caribbean Partnership against HIV & AIDS (PANCAP), the Human Dignity Trust and the Special Envoy for Women and Children to create a bill that will seek to legally protect minority groups against discrimination in the country. The Equal Opportunities Bill, as it is called, highlights nineteen variations of discrimination that have affected a multitude of Belizeans on a daily basis. The drafters of the bill have been researching these matters for over a year and have embarked on a countrywide tour since Saturday, January 11, to conduct consultations and shed light on the specifics of the bill.

Pat Andrews, CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, resigns
Pat Andrews, a former banker who left the banking business to take up a government appointment as Belize Ambassador to Washington, following which he took on another government contract as Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has resigned. Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media yesterday, following his press conference that Andrews is retiring.

Old Road Football Classic at Lucky Strike Field
Here are the results from games played so far in the Dickie Hernandez Old Road Football Classic, which will be holding Week 5 games this coming weekend. All games of the tournament, which kicked off in December, 2019, are being played at the Lucky Strike football field.

Immigrants overwhelm Swift Hall, seeking answers
Hundreds of Central American immigrants who have been living in Belize, but have not yet obtained their residency or citizenship documents, descended on Swift Hall, on the St. Martin De Porres compound on Tuesday evening in search of answers from Immigration Department officials about their status in Belize. Minister of State with responsibility for immigration, Hon. Beverly Williams, who was expected to be at this evening’s event, did not attend. Instead, the Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Immigration, Harold Zuniga, and the Immigration Director, Debra Baptist Estrada, were on hand to answer immigrants’ questions.

Pilots of cocaine plane and others remanded further to March 18
Eight foreigners, from Ecuador, Honduras and Mexico, who were jointly charged with drug trafficking for the importation of over 3,000 pounds of cocaine, appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. They were brought to court under heavy security that was provided by the police’s GSU (Gang Suppression Unit). The accused men are Carlos Humberto Gomez Henriquez, David Noe Orellana Discua, Jacobo Yovanz Mejia Garcia, Juan Pablo Lorrea Cruz, Miguel Cruz Meseguer, Nolan Jose Carrasco Lopez, Terrencio Cruz and Allan Yovanni Mejia Chirnos.

From the Publisher
The news that broke early this week that Dara Robinson’s feeding program for hungry children is on life support was just one more heartbreaker for our old capital roots community, coming just days after a stepfather had apparently gone berserk in the Lovely Lane/Pink Jungle area of the Northside and murdered one of the boy children in his care. You may note that I referred to our old capital “roots” community, instead of the traditional “black” community, because this is how it is today: Belize City is no longer black the way our generation remembers it. This is real.

Editorial: More rot in government for the PM to cover
News broke around midday on Monday of yet another scandal in the government, this one involving foreign parties who acquired status in Belize during a period when high-ups in the United Democratic Party (UDP) government were running amok, trampling on all the regulations set in place to ensure that persons who acquired permanent residency or citizenship status in Belize, were worthy. The Love FM news desk said they had in their possession a document in which a party who had pleaded guilty to fraudulent activities in the USA had named a Cabinet minister in the UDP government and a government official as facilitators in the scheme.

Corozal F.A. Opening Season 2019-2020 Week 14 report
First of all, we take this opportunity to thank our fans and clubs for being patient, and trust they had great moments during the Christmas holidays. As we resume the closure of the Corozal Football Association (CFA) Opening Season Youth Tournament 2019-2020, we thank them. This past weekend, we played the first leg of the Finals for the U-13 and U-20 Male at the Carolina Football Field. A total success! Also, the First Division played its knockout Semifinal games.

C-Ray D. Banner Thursday Race results – January 16
This morning at 6:30 a.m. when the darkness turned to light, the C-Ray D. Banner Thursday Race started in front of Data Pro on the Boom Hattieville Road, headed towards the roundabout in Hattieville and returned, for a total of 23.8 miles, averaging 25.1 m.p.h. in a time of 56:26. There were two station prizes: Brandon Cattouse of C-Ray D. Banner Cycling Team picked up the first one at the Hattieville Prison, and Joshua Fuller of Team Santino’s picked up the second on the return at Fresh Pond Village.

Dangriga sports stats
Stann Creek First Division PLB 2019 Champions, Conquerors, as they prepare for the upcoming 2020 Dangriga Mayor’s Cup Tournament, will be hosting a friendly practice match this Friday, January 17, at the Carl Ramos Stadium at 7:00 p.m. against Stann Creek Untied from the Maya CENTRE, Sittee River area from the southern village. Entrance fee is FREE, FREE.

People from Hollywood, like Miss Markle, messing up the world
This Hollywood girl, Miss Meghan Markle, we have every right to castigate her for taking a job that she must have known her cloth wasn’t cut for. American girls have never been queen/princess material. They are a very rich people, but too daam absorbed with rudeness to measure up. I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard little phrases thrown that Miss Markle felt that some racism was going her way. Really! Of course race issues must have made some situations not all that comfortable. Stories abound that the Duke of Edinburgh has suspicions about people who aren’t white. The man has got some morsels, but I tend to see him as unenlightened. Check these out:

Your choice: Gaydom or Christendom?
A decade or so ago, Bishop Dorick Wright, with apostolic zeal and foresight, created a Commission, an ecumenical one, but with the input of only Evangelicals. Not everyone on the Catholic side fully recognized the true intentions and the goals of the UNIBAM agenda. UNIBAM’s goal was not only to decriminalize homosexual behaviour, but to use court judgements to achieve the same level of acceptance that is given to heterosexual expression.

US blockade ends with only direct flight between El Salvador and Cuba
The suspension of direct flights between El Salvador and Cuba confirms that the US blockade against Cuba also affects third countries, diplomatic sources confirmed today. Avianca, a Colombian airline, was the only one that flew directly between San Salvador and Havana, but recently announced that as of January 15, it would suspend the route to avoid conflicts with the United States government. “This decision already negatively affects Salvadoran tourism, but also the Cuban community in El Salvador and their families,” diplomat Abel Bárzaga, from the island’s embassy in this country, told Prensa Latina. Bárzaga, in charge of Political and Diplomatic Affairs of the legation, said the measure taken by Avianca also spoils the version that the blockade is a bilateral issue between the US. and Cuba:

The tragedy of Gilroy, Carla, and “Little One”
In early September of 1967, a short time after her nineteenth birthday, which she had spent at home with her family, Jewel had come to my work area asking if I could spare the time to help with a problem she was facing. She being very resourceful and self-reliant, I had felt it must have been about something critical, so I had invited her to go ahead and speak; and she had related how the Agriculture Department was threatening to take away her father’s twenty-five acre plot, as he had developed only a small portion of it, and turn it over to another villager. One of the conditions under which the lease had been granted in the first place had been that the land should be developed or purchased outright.

Immigrants overwhelm Swift Hall, seeking answers
Hundreds of Central American immigrants who have been living in Belize, but have not yet obtained their residency or citizenship documents, descended on Swift Hall, on the St. Martin De Porres compound on Tuesday evening in search of answers from Immigration Department officials about their status in Belize. Minister of State with responsibility for immigration, Hon. Beverly Williams, who was expected to be at this evening’s event, did not attend. Instead, the Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Immigration, Harold Zuniga, and the Immigration Director, Debra Baptist Estrada, were on hand to answer immigrants’ questions.

11-year-old boy kills teacher, wounds 6 others in Mexico before shooting himself, officials say
An 11-year-old boy told his friends “Today’s the day,” then opened fire in a school in northern Mexico, killing a teacher and wounding six other people before fatally shooting himself, officials said Friday. The school shooting was highly unusual in Mexico, where weapons are difficult to acquire legally. “It appears the boy was influenced by a video game,” the governor of Coahuila state, Miguel Riquelme, said in a news conference.

The Reporter

Caye Caulker Village Council Removes Traffic Obstruction
Chair lady of Caye Caulker Village, Seleny Pott has denied allegations that the Caye Caulker is disingenuously and wantonly removing business signs from in front of businesses in the village. Pott said that the Village Council found that several business were obstructing the free flow of traffic, including pedestrian traffic, and they were given oral and written warnings.

San Pedro Resident Finds Portion of Old Soviet Spacecraft
David Campos, a maintenance worker at a resort several miles north of San Pedro Town stumbled upon a piece of history as he went about his work last week Saturday.

NICH Closes Archaeological Site Due to Flooding
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) advises tour operators, hoteliers and the public that its archaeological site, Actun Tunichil Muknal cave in the Cayo District and off the George Price Highway is closed today because of rapidly rising water levels in the river since early this morning.


Faber responds to all the scandals
At the top of our newscast, we told you how the discussion went in today’s house sitting as it relates to the Auditor General’s reports. The media met Minister Patrick Faber outside the National Assembly where he granted us an interview on several issues including the reports.

Strange Arrest
A Belize City man was caught smoking cannabis on Conch shell Bay yesterday. 37-year-old Lionel Ritchie Tillett was arraigned this morning before Magistrate, Stephanie Gillett in Court on a single charge.

Repeat offender, repeats his mistakes
27-year-old Ronald Hernandez , a repeat offender was out on bail, but he violated his parole conditions. He was arrested and charged for aggravated burglary and escape during his parole. Allegations are that on November 28, he trespassed in a home in Orange Walk while he was armed with a silver in color 9 mm gun.

Taiwan scholarship opportunities
The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is pleased to announce that they are now accepting applications for the Taiwan Scholarship Program 2020. This scholarship will allow Belizeans to attend undergraduate or graduate programs of their choice at universities in Taiwan, starting from the academic year 2020 (commencing in September 2020).

Commissioner donates to Dara feeding program
The Belize Police Department intends to spread positivity for the New Year. The Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) personally contributed several cooking items to Dara’s Feeding Program today

Recently installed Guatemalan President wants to do business in Belize
Recently elected President of Guatemala, Alejandro Gaimmattei has proposed a meeting with Belize’s Prime Minister and other officials for Sunday, January 26, 2020. Giammettei met yesterday with Luis Almagro, the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS) requesting his presence at the meeting as a facilitator and mediator.

Auditor General reports stir attacks in the House of Representatives
The two reports from the Auditor General that have made headlines in the last two days were tabled this morning at the House of Representatives meeting in Belmopan. The reports include findings and interviews conducted with relevant persons at the National Sports Council and the Julian Cho Technical High School.

John Briceno calls out Barrow Administration
Prime Minister Dean Barrow stood up to give his counterargument. Before he spoke on this though, he made sure to criticize Briceno’s argument by calling him, quote, “a shameless excuse for a leader of the opposition.”

Brian Harris paralyzed
A mother of eight is struggling to make ends meet since one of her sons was left paralyzed following a brutal attack on his life. As you may recall, 35-year-old Brian Harris was walking through a pecado road in Hattieville Village when he was shot five times on December 15.

Chinese business murderer charged
This morning, a trial by judge without jury kicked off before Madam Justice Marilyn Williams in the Supreme Court against Ladyville resident, Dillon Clarke . Clarke, along with John Chessman Jr., were jointly charged with the murder of Chinese businessman, Jiantao Yang.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize Youth Movement “Outraged” by Julian Cho audit report
The Belize Youth Movement (BYM), the youth arm of the People’s United Party (PUP), is […]

Dining in Placencia Belize? Check out the Breezeway
Local and international travelers have three major concerns: where to go, what to do and where […]

GOB makes designation to protect forests in sugar cane belt
The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration today signed into […]

Special Envoy for Women, National Aids Commission issue clarifications regarding Equal Opportunities Bill
The consultations for the Equal Opportunities Bill continue throughout Belize. The bill has been rejected […]

Belize, stakeholders sign contract for acquisition of $12 million radar
Today, representatives from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Indra systems and COCESNA (the organization tasked […]

Julian Cho Highs chool audit shows big money missing: Who will be charged?
The results of the Auditor General report of Julian Cho High School (JCHS) shows that […]

Wildlife Conservation Society congratulates Government for historical fisheries bill
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) issued a statement today congratulating the Government and people of […]

Corozal police find weed and ammunition
Corozal police conducted operations yesterday morning and found a parcel that had 937 grams of […]

Forbes features Gladden private island in Belize among most romantic private islands for Valentine’s day
Renowned American magazine, Forbes featured Gladden private island in Belize among the most romantic private […]

Regional agriculture organization with branch in Belize supports research aimed at producing food on Mars
Food on Mars? The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), which has a branch […]

An exemplary act by a father…Between these lines
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

NICH closes ATM cave as river levels rise
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) has closed the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM […]

First House meeting of 2020 considers Fisheries Bill, Caracol Road, Contractor General
The House of Representatives meets for the first time in this election year this morning […]

Belize Peace Movement demands good governance
Following Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s press conference addressing the allegations that government officials received payments […]

CARICOM Secretariat headquarters going solar
The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) informed that its secretariat is moving towards 100 percent renewable energy […]

Several accidents reported this morning, drive with caution
Breaking Belize News (BBN) appeals to drivers to exercise caution as reports of traffic accidents […]

Accident on the George Price Highway
There was a road traffic accident on the George Price Highway this morning near Mile 3. […]


Heavenly Hiking in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve
One perfect area for hiking is the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in the Cayo District of southern central Belize. Established in 1944 to protect and manage native Belizean pine forests, it covers an estimated area of 106,352 acres, with much of it under private lease. The reserve is primarily pine and broadleaf forest with some grass and wetland areas. The Macal River forms the boundaries of the reserve to the west and south and is fed by tributaries including Rio Frio, Rio On, Privassion Creek and Pinol Creek. To the north-east some small streams feed into Barton Creek. Replete with expansive cave systems and countless waterfalls, the area offers hiking opportunities for every level of fitness and adventure. Where to start? Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve, located within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, boasts close to 90 miles of well-marked and maintained roads and hiking trails. In the past, access to these trails was only available to their guests, but they now permit day hikers to explore the area once they register at the lodge.

Getting around Belize by Road
Getting around the country of Belize is quite easy; you can travel by road using buses, rent a car, take a flight or go by boat. But wouldn’t you rather take the scenic route? Belize boasts the most beautiful, picturesque mountains and jungle, from North to South. There are many off the map locations, small villages, orchards, and local vendors so you can stop along the way if you choose to. You’ll either need to take a local bus service to your destination or use a car rental. Here is how you can travel by road, and what you can experience on your way.

Life In Cave Systems
The largest cave system in Belize is the Chiquibul Forest, located near Guatemala, west of the Maya Mountains. This has many miles of tunnels. Other striking formations such as sheet flowstone, where the water spreads out in a flat sheet, create formations that resemble folds of cloth or other exotic shapes. Such formations can be found in the Rio Frio and Barton Creek Caves. There are also cenotes or sinkholes, providing evidence of underground, and even undersea cave systems. Two types of cave life exist. One type consists of organisms adapted completely to cave systems, including food, reproduction, and all aspects of life history. There are no plants capable of living in a lightless environment, except fungi.

International Sourcesizz

Improper raw sewage disposal in Belize threatens the Mesoamerican Reef
Ambergris Caye off the northeastern coast of Belize is the largest and most populous island in the country and is considered a prime tourism destination that supports the livelihoods of thousands of islanders. Its urban center, San Pedro Town, is the fastest-growing municipality in Belize, which day by day continues to expand both in population and size. While the Mesoamerican Reef, which runs from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico down to the Bay Islands in Honduras, flanks the island’s east coast, playing an important role in the local tourism economy. Continued growth, however, has put heavy pressure on the local marine ecosystem and its natural resources, with the improper disposal of sewage waste being one of the biggest problems.

The 10 Most Romantic Private Islands For Valentine’s Day
Gladden Private Island ($3,000 + per night) 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. This single luxury villa is perfect for one couple (there is a second master suite if you have friends). Housing for staff is on a smaller island hidden from sight, with staff available at a moment’s notice. The chef, manager and concierge are a two-minute boat ride away when signaled. This is the most romantic of all the island options, and truly private.

Why CARICOM had no national for OAS top job
Readers of Barbados newspapers were exposed recently to the views of John Beale, one of the country’s former Ambassadors to the Organisation of American States (OAS), on the forthcoming election for the post of Secretary-General. Because Beale served at the OAS and did sterling work, his views on the Secretary-Generalship of the OAS deserves attention.


  • Brompton around San Pedro, Belize - Part 1, 5min. Bicycle riding around San Pedro.. gives a good sense of the road and traffic conditions. Good riding.

  • Special Sitting of The House 1, min.

  • Special Sitting of The House 2, 2hr.

  • HUMMINGBIRD, 1min.

  • Musical guest is Tyrone "TY" Linares, 27min. Today's musical guest is Tyrone "TY" Linares. He debuted his latest video for the song "Nuh Like Me." Check out the full video at

  • The Guava Limb Café, 29min. Our foodie tour featured The Guava Limb Café from San Ignacio. The chef prepared a delicious recipe featuring pork, sweet potatoes and chaya. On our set: Edwin Alvarado - Chef, The Guava Limb Cafe. Julianie Murray - Manager, The Guava Limb Cafe.

  • The popular online show What Yuh Know comes to Belize, 23min. The popular online show What Yuh Know comes to Belize this week. Host and producer Daniel Loveless is in the country to test our knowledge and sample our local culture. The 21-year-old is on an 8 country tour, and today we spoke with him about the history of the show and his plans for his time in Belize.

  • Belize Institute for Service Excellence, Leadership and Research, 38min. We all want more hours in the day but since that's not possible it's very important to learn to better manage the time we do have. To help you work on your time management skills for 2020 we invited Sherlet Neal-Lopez, Managing Director of the Belize Institute for Service Excellence, Leadership and Research to share guidelines on how to make better use of your time for your personal and professional productivity.

  • Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Co & Jungle Lodge, 32min. Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Co & Jungle Lodge is introducing special Belizean rates for families to have the experience of a lifetime. Our guests shared the details and talked about the tours available to make your next vacation unforgettable. On our couch: Rhoda Gill - Corporate Service Manager, Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Co & Jungle Lodge. Kayron Garbutt - Travel Specialist, Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Co & Jungle Lodge. Carlos Hernandez - Tour Guide Manager, Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Co & Jungle Lodge.

  • Pixie Fairy Cupcakes, 17min. There is always time for cupcakes! Our foodie tour featured gourmet cupcakes from Pixie Fairy Cupcakes. Adrienne Young showed us a few of her tricks to make her unique treats.

  • Department of Human Services, 54min. There were so many questions about the recent case of child abuse that led to the death of three year old, Mark Tuyul Jr. We took the opportunity to get the feedback from the key stakeholders about what they are doing to protect children. Our guests explained that they are working together to reinforce the protection net for the nation's children. On our couch: Margaret Nicholas - Executive Director, National Committee for Families and Children. Lliani Arthurs - Director, Department of Human Services.

  • Bruk It Down Jenny - understand how to apologize for more sincere relationships, 32min. Bruk It Down Jenny began a first in a series of shows helping us to understand how to apologize for more sincere relationships. Jenny Lovell, Mental Health Therapist, walked us through the five languages of apology.

  • Turning clay into art, 36min. Yaoling Lee returned but this time to teach us to sculpt. She worked with our hosts to turn clay into art. If you are interested in learning this skill she host many workshops to teach children and adults. Her next workshop will be taking place Saturday 18th January at the Baquitas House of Culture.

  • HISTORICAL FISHERIES RESOURCES BILL PASSES DURING HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES MEETING, 2.5min. The new Fisheries Resources Bill was read a second and third time and passed at the National Assembly In Belmopan today. In presenting the Bill for its second reading, Prime Minister Dean Barrow noted that he is confident that the Bill has support from the House’s majority. The Senate will meet on Tuesday January 21, 2020, where, it is expected, the Bill will be ratified, and later sent to the Governor General to be signed into law.

  • Belize Diving Trip, 6min. Half Moon Caye - Belize - 11 dives

  • Belize Aggressor III (Take 2), December of 2019, 10min. More turtle and octopus footage.

  • From The Heart of Belize - Supreme Court, 2.5min. See Belize Channel

  • From The Heart of Belize - Holy Redeemer Cathedral, 2.5min. See Belize Channel

  • New Human Development Building, 2min.

  • Sylvia Batty and her role in the preservation of our national identity, 5min.

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