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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: Who Do I Look Like?
I don’t usually acknowledge my joke source in my columns because a lot of different people send me the same jokes. This one is special, though. It was told to me over twenty years ago by Celi Jean. It’s still one of my favorites. “Mario, you need to work on our house instead of going fishing all weekend,” Yolanda said. “You could start by fixing that doorstep.” I was picking up Mario at his house for our Nosenada Social Club monthly fishing tournament. “Do I look like a carpenter to you?” he said. “You can take care of things around here while I’m out working.”

Doctor Love: Going Crazy
Dear Doctor Love, I have two girls; one is fourteen and one is twelve. The older girl is quiet and responsible, so I allow her to go places and do things that the younger girl isn’t allowed to do. The youngest gets really angry and she acts out. She throws tantrums when her sister is allowed to go to the park on Friday evening and she can’t go. She screams and throws things because her sister got a cell phone and she didn’t. I’ve told her she acts like a brat. How do I make her act right? /s/Going Crazy

Various Belizean Sources


Three Missing in Separate Incidents
Alison Paige Rote, s resident of Colorado, USA, reported that on Friday, January 17th, 2020, he was on a tour along with Alison Mackenzie and several others on an island. They were camping on Rendezvous Caye, and at 6:00 a.m., on Saturday, January 18th, 2020, he woke up and discovered that Alison was missing. 15 year old Alijea Flowers, a student of 46 Neal’s Pen Road in Belize City was reported missing on Saturday, January 18th. 16 year old Jareth Herrera has been reported missing. Herrera is a resident of San Pablo Street in the Marcus Canul Area of Orange Walk Town.

Corozal Football Association
First of all, we give thanks to the Almighty Father for granting us life and guiding us throughout this journey. It was not an easy one, we had a fee stepping stones, but thanks to our Organizing Committee, Frank and Martin we still managed to deliver. CFA Management congratulates each and every club that participated in the CFA Opening Season Youth Tournament 2019-2020. Thank you. As we continuously share the same common goal, to work on youth development through Football. Certainly all these players are grateful for the opportunity and I can assure you that most of them sees you as a role model . Yes, we are creating an impact on them.

Corozal Beach Cleanup Campaign Conducted today by Belize Red Cross
Beach Cleanup Campaign Conducted today by Belize Red Cross-Corozal Branch, Oceana Belize and Corozal Town Council. Keep Corozal Safe & Clean! Thank you so much. Photo credit Councillor Otto Riverol.

Nojoch Chiich Felicita Cantun doing a sacred Maya ceremony for El Festival del Pueblo
This is the Yucatec Maya Culture of Belize . Kux'ano'on !!!

Destination Belize 2020 Sales Kit
Find out more about how you can be in the next Destination Belize magazine. This is your chance to be apart of Belizean history while capturing the world’s attention.


US Tourist missing since Saturday
US tourist, Paige Rote, 58, told Police that on Friday he was on a tour along with a group of tourists who camped for the night and at Rendezvous Caye and that when he woke up, one of them, Alison McKenzie, 43, was nowhere to be found on Saturday morning.

The Reporter

Several Persons Get Needed Wheelchairs From NGO’s
A number of persons yesterday benefited from donations of motorized and manual wheelchairs, roll aids, walkers, and even battery replacements for their motorized chairs at the fifth annual joint Access Life/Belize Assembly for Persons Living with Diverse Ability (BAPDA) Belize Expo Tour and Fair yesterday in Roaring Creek, Cayo.

2 People Reported Missing In Separate Incidents
In the first instance, US tourist, Paige Rote, 58, told Police that on Friday he was on a tour along with a group of tourists who camped for the night and at Rendezvous Caye and that when he woke up, one of them, Alison McKenzie, 43, was nowhere to be found on Saturday morning.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to meet with Caribbean leaders
United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is scheduled to meet with Caribbean leaders in […]

Bella Vista man lucky to be alive after failed attempt on his life inside home
Authorities have detained one suspect and are seeking another in a shooting incident that occurred […]

Young girl reported missing in Orange Walk
Authorities are seeking the public’s assistance in locating Jareth Herrera, 16, of San Pablo Street, […]

American national reported missing after trip to the Cayes
Authorities are seeking the public’s assistance in locating American national, Alison Mac Kenzie, 43. Mac […]

Four injured in Cayo traffic accident
Four people are receiving treatment at the Western Regional Hospital (WRH) following a road traffic […]


Golf Carts: The primary mode of island transport on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
For the Northern Islands of San Pedro and Caye Caulker, and in Placencia, Belize, golf carts are a popular means of transport.  It’s a perfect match for the laid– back lifestyle that Belize islands provide. Moving around in any of these destinations is made a whole lot easier by renting a golf cart.  There is no shortage of suppliers to find a golf cart, so you can pre-reserve a golf cart or you can pick one up when you arrive. It’s more than just a mode of transport on the island, it allows you to do some exploring of your own, while still enjoying all the elements of the island. Many visitors make a day trip out of exploring the island for a day on a golf cart.  You can bar hop throughout the day and find a variety of eateries whether you explore the North or the South.

Experience Diving in Belize
Belize is fringed by the second largest Barrier Reef in the world. It extends over 190 miles along the coast and affords protection to our hundreds of islands. Come and explore its deep underwater canyons from a depth of 45 to 90 feet. You will see brain coral, elkhorn, and staghorn. It is also home to turtles and reef sharks as well as the usual Caribbean reef fish and myriad tiny, colorful tropical fish. Belize is a small country, both in area and population. The Tourist Industry is still young. This means that our waters have not been over-fished or over-dived; from its inception, our tourism was put in place with extreme measures taken to protect our resources.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Do you remember “Cheers?” Where everybody knows your name? If you don’t, you were most likely born in a bubble. Even now I can still hear someone yelling “NORM”! This is how I feel when I walk into Sandy Toes here on Ambergris Caye. This home town beach bar is located right in the middle of Boca Del Rio, and is owned by one of the youngest, most interesting entrepreneurs on the Caye, his name is Ishmael Lisbey, or to all who walk into his bar, Ish for short. Ish will greet you with his boyish smile. Ish makes you feel right at home, like you have lived here for years! If you’re a local, an expat, or if it is your first time visiting, the odds are high that you will make some new friends at Sandy Toes.

Top Adventures in Belize
If you’re planning a beach or jungle vacation in Belize, then you've made the right decision! Some of the top adventures in Belize include fantastic sea activities, exotic wildlife, impressive caves, and the world’s second-largest barrier reef are just some of the reasons why Belize is well worth a visit. Here are the top adventures in Belize:

Why Travel to Belize in 2020
If you're looking for a unique destination for your next vacation, then look no further because a vacation in Belize will be the best decision you'll ever make! Imagine a country of vast rainforests filled with exotic wildlife, colorful tropical vegetation, and the majestic remnants of a fascinating ancient civilization. Now combine that with some of the world’s loveliest beaches, its second-largest barrier reef, scores of little islands, and a long, unspoiled Caribbean coastline. Then put those geographical wonders so close to each other that traveling between them is a couple of hours by land and mere minutes by air. And throw infamously friendly, English-speaking locals to make your travels and stays so pleasant you immediately feel right at home.

Belize Real Estate
With 239 miles of coastline and 200 islands and cayes, it’s easy to find a property to buy in Belize. However, to find a place where you’ll love to spend time in—and one where you can make attractive capital gains and great rental returns—you need to know where to look. While Ambergris boasts a bustling tourism scene, with lots of amenities, and stunning turquoise seascapes, the uncontrolled pace of development will warn off many real estate investors.

10 Best International Family Vacations for 2020
Want to venture somewhere new—perhaps outside of the U.S.—in 2020? We know kids like active adventures like ziplining and kayaking (think Belize), but we also know parents want them to try new foods (like wasabi-infused specialties in Japan). Throw in some great tour leaders (we’re looking at you, Adventures by Disney) and some under-the-radar destinations (like Guyana) and you have tons of vacation options across the globe. These are the best international family vacations for 2020.

Los Mayas
El Yucatek, el Mopan y el Q’eqchi’ son los tres idiomas y grupos mayas que encontrarás en Belize. Sus comunidades más grandes están ubicadas en los distritos de Cayo, Toledo y Orange Walk. El Mopan y el Yucatek emigraron desde la península de Yucatán en México alrededor de 1200 A.D. hasta la actual región de Petén en Guatemala, y su migración en el siglo XIX llevó a la población actual en Belize. Los Q’eqchi ‘vinieron de Alta Verapaz, en Guatemala. Se estima que durante el Período Clásico (250 a 900 dC), la altura de esta antigua civilización, Belize fue el hogar de al menos dos millones de mayas, dado los nuevos datos descubiertos en Petén a principios de 2018.

The Top Most Romantic Places in Belize
I’m not an expert in destination weddings or honeymoon getaways but there’s something that is clear to me…Belize is special…Belize is magical…Belize is perfect for romance. I have been all over Belize and have worked in the tourism industry for years. Through my experience, I have encountered many couples vacationing in Belize and most of the time they couldn’t stop raving about the country. Time after time, they would say the same thing: how fortunate they were to travel to Belize and choosing an adventure destination for romance was a fun bonding experience.

International Sourcesizz

Belize Further Highlights Illogic Of Buggery Law
We don’t know where Maurice Tomlinson’s challenge to Jamaica’s sodomy law now stands in the Supreme Court’s docket. However, he, other gay rights activists, and all reasonable subscribers to the ideals of human rights, among whom this newspaper counts itself, ought to welcome the recent ruling in a similar matter by Belize’s Appeal Court, which should enhance the possibility of success by Mr Tomlinson. For, while rulings of Belize’s courts are not binding in this jurisdiction, they are, as the jurists say, persuasive. And in any event, the logic of Caleb Orozco in the Belizean cases, now upheld by two tiers of that country’s court system, is profoundly unimpeachable and likely to be sustained by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Belize’s final court, if the government decides on a further appeal.


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  • Top 4 MUST DO Belize Adventures, 3.5min. In this video you will see what our favorite MUST DO Belize adventures are. We were astounded by the diversity of the natural beauty and the vibrant culture of Belize when we traveled there. You will get a glimpse at these top Belize adventures: - Snorkeling Silk Caye off the coast of Placencia - Hiking around Caracol Ruins in San Ignacio - Swimming in Rio on Pools in San Ignacio - Cave Tubing on the Mopan River

  • 360 degree short video of a lil stroll in downtown Belize City, 2.5min. Crossing the Swing Bridge and the beginning of Albert Street. Giving you a lil different perspective.