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The San Pedro Sun

Boca del Rio Beach rehabilitation project soon to start
The beach strip along the Boca del Rio Area is about to undergo a thorough restoration, restricting vehicular traffic and making the sandy stretch more family friendly and attractive to locals and visitors. The restoration project is spearheaded by The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) to address the congestion of traffic in the area and reclaim the beach that is slowly eroding. Businesses in the area welcome the initiative, but some are concerned about adequate parking for their customers, as the beach project will prohibit parking once it is complete.

Taiwan Scholarship Program 2020
The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Taiwan Scholarship Program 2020. This scholarship will allow Belizeans to attend undergraduate or graduate program of their choice at universities in Taiwan, starting from academic year 2020 (commencing in September 2020). A Mandarin Language Enrichment Program (LEP), if necessary, may be included to improve the recipients’ language abilities.

Team Arsenal captures top prize at first-ever 303 Wahoo Challenge
The Dive Bar north of San Pedro Town held its first fishing tournament, dubbed ‘303 Wahoo Challenge 2020’ from Friday the 17th to the 19th of January. The fishing tournament saw 17 teams set out to sea in hopes of landing the winning fish and capture the top prize. From as early as 6AM, teams headed out, set about fishing, hoping to catch the most Wahoo. At the end of the competition, it would be Team Arsenal, captained by Jody Leslie, who walked away with the ultimate prize. The event was also serenaded with a music festival that included live local and international performances throughout the weekend.

Illegal Harvesting of Nassau Grouper (Epinephelus striatus)
A joint operation between the Belize Fisheries Department and Dangriga Police on January 20th, 2020 in the Dangriga area resulted in the confiscation over 400 pounds of Nassau Grouper, including fillet and whole fish.

Ambergris Today

Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge Donates Soccer Shoes To Hope Haven
On Wednesday, January 22, 2019, Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge donated 27 pairs of soccer shoes to the children of Hope Haven in San Pedro. The donation was made possible by Mr. Nick Parker of Sequoia FC located in the US and accepted by Ms. Kristina Romero who encourages residents to volunteer in any way possible. It takes gestures of goodwill to brighten the path...We are glad to help shine the way!

The Belize Travelcast -The First Destination-Focused Podcast In Belize Launched
Belize Digital Media, a division of Lets Go Belizing LTD ( is proud to announce the successful launch of The Belize Travelcast, a first of its kind podcast series that provides authentic and relevant Belize travel stories and advice to a worldwide audience. The Belize Travelcast is the first of its kind destination-focused podcast for the Belize travel market, which sees over 450,000 overnight visitors and over 1 million cruise visitors each year.

Various Belizean Sources


Rrescued fishermen from Xcalak
Here are the rescued fishermen from our neighboring Mexican community of Xcalak. I saw the tears of the desperate family yesterday as I did the interview. That turned into smile just after midday today when one of the fishermen sent a text in spanish that said “mi Amor, estamos vivo y vamos a casa. Fuemos recatados!” God is good!

BTIA Destination Belize Presentation and Mixer
Join us next week Tuesday, January 28th at 6pm at the SunBreeze Hotel as we bring to you updates on our plans for 2020 and share details on our upcoming 21st edition of Destination Belize.

Corozal Football Association (CFA) Under 20 Female Elite Selection
The Corozal Football Association (CFA) presents its Under 20 Female Elite Selection. All the best of luck.

BTB Supporting the Sea to Shore Alliance
In keeping with our environmental mandate, the BTB is once again proud to be adopting a manatee from the Sea to Shore Alliance. Earlier this week the BTB handed over a sponsorship cheque to the Program Coordinator for the Belize Manatee Conservation Project.

Ministry of Health Belize Activates National Surveillance Team to Monitor New Strain of Coronavirus
The Ministry of Health is aware of a new strain of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that has been linked to cases of respiratory tract infections originating in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China - some of these cases have evolved to more severe cases. Today, the National Surveillance Team, headed by the Director of Health Services Dr. Marvin Manzanero, participated in a virtual meeting hosted by the Caribbean Public Health Authority (CARPHA) to discuss the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak. Twenty other Caribbean member states also participated in the meeting. Dr. Joy St. John, CARPHA Director, provided opening remarks to all participating countries, expressing that at this time the risk of transmission to the Caribbean is low based on what is presently known.

Statement from the Office of the Prime Minister
The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has been made aware of a new item publicly extracted in Belize from the Lev Dermen trial documents in the U.S. Various media houses have asked the Prime Minister whether the new extract, which alleges the existence of text messages between Minister John Saldivar and Lev Dermen’s convicted co-conspirator Jacob Kingston, provides a sufficient basis for the Prime Minister to act now. The short answer is that it does not.

CFA Closing Season Youth Tournament
Deadline for registration for the upcoming CFA Closing Season Youth Tournament for 1. U10M, year 2010 2. U15 M/F, year 2005 3. U17 M/F, year 2003 Has been extended to January 30, 2020. Contact us to confirm participation and remember all registration will done via FIFA Connect platform.

Corozal Community Art Workshop
Here os a drum roll for our Corozal Artists - Corozal House of Culture - "We are inviting community members to participate in an art workshop by Cuban graphic artist Falco. Mr. Falco will be participating at Corozal Graffiti Festival 2020 and will be spending time in our community creating a mural and conducting workshops with high school and primary school students. Interested persons are welcome to register for this free workshop".

A trio of Mexican fishermen who went missing for days off the coast of Xcalak, #Mexico have been found and are doing well. The trio got lost, due to an approaching cold front, while heading to the Chinchorro Atoll in Xcalak, Mexico. Family members and Mexican authorities felt they drifted to Belizean waters, so friends, local fishermen and our Belizean authorities were alerted. Yesterday, a Belizean and some of the missing persons' family members flew in a small commuter plane to search by air and after their second air rescue attempt, one of the fishermen was able to call and get through a family member to advise her that they had been found.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Togo, Doctor Sleep, Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Playing with Fire. We're Playing the Superbowl ON THE BIG SCREEN Feb. 2nd. Free Entry. See you there.

OCEANA Employment Opportunities
Exciting new employment opportunities now available here at Oceana. You or someone you know could be the newest member of our team!

Channel 7

John Saldivar's Name Appears In Utah Court Document
Tonight, the man who would lead the UDP, Security Minister John Saldivar is under intense scrutiny after the emergence of an extract from a court document in Utah.   The single entry in a much larger document names John Saldivar and points to string of text messages which will be produced as evidence in the trial of Jacob Kingston - an associate of the now infamous Lev Dermen. Jules Vasquez looked at  the significance of having Saldivar's name officially appear in this court document in Utah, and what it could mean for Saldivar and the UDP.  He starts with context on who Jacob Kingston is and his connection to Dermen and Saldivar.   This is Jacob Kingston, the Washakie Renewable Energy CEO who has pleaded guilty to 41 counts of fraud, money laundering and obstruction in the US.

PM Says Reference To Text Message is Absence of Evidence
Today, via text message we asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow if the appearance of this document changes anything in his threshold for firing any Cabinet minister who was on the take from Dermen.   Here's the Whatsapp exchange: Does the naming of John Saldivar as an evidence-worthy associate give you pause to reconsider (the threshold for firing a member of your cabinet)?

Saldivar Says Despite Court Document, Status Quo Remains
But, first to the statement of the man in the eye of the storm. John Saldivar issued a very terse press release this evening.  It says, simply, quote, "Nothing has changed from the position outlined in my statement of January 15, 2020. The information being circulated regarding expected testimony in US proceedings contains no allegation against me of any wrongdoing." End quote.

Saldivar Pushed For Dermen's Appointed
But, tonight, there is new insight into Saldivar's relationship with Lev Dermen - and it comes from one of his Cabinet colleagues.  Foreign Minister Sedi Elrington says that after Dermen's application to be an honorary consul was denied by the US, John Saldivar came to him directly in an attempt to appeal the decision on Dermen's behalf.
Now, this is a major revelation, because last week the Prime Minister only named Michael Finnegan as the sole minister who referred Dermen to the Foreign Ministry when he came asking about being Honorary Consul.  Here's how the PM put it last week:

PUP Tells The PM, Game Over
So, from that we learn that even after Dermen's name was rejected by the US, based on Saldivar's prodding, the request went back to the protocol section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is new insight into Saldivar's involvement with Dermen - but leader of the opposition John Briceno will not be fazed.  He's already formed his conclusion on this - and at an impromptu press conference today said the Prime Minister should stop avoiding what Briceno believes is an inevitable conclusion:

Sedi Says Saldivar Innocent
And, as we already told you, at the top of that statement from the PM - he stressed that the extract form the trial documents, quote, "absolutely does not constitute so much as an allegation - much less provable material - that Minister John Saldivar received money from Kingston or Dermen." End quote. And, today, Elrington stressed that Saldivar still has not been found responsible for any wrongdoing: Hon.Wilfred Elrington - Minister Of Foreign Affairs: "Actually what we're having at this stage are allegations and because we have such a good system, democratic system where you have what is called due process of law..."

Hon. Elrington Says Longsworth First Consul General To Get Booted
As we told you last night, the Prime Minister has fired former UDP Area Representative and Minister of State Herman Longsworth as Consul General to New York.  This is after he was named in an audit report of the Sports Council for diversion of public funds for works on the Marion Jones Stadium.   
The report found that he was the moving hand behind a shell company called Go Enterprises.  In mid 2015 the sports council retained Go Enterprises to do some work at the Marion Jones Stadium.  On 27th October - a week before the general election, the company received $75,000 in mobilization fees.  Longsworth - who held no office at the time since parliament had been dissolved and he wasn't running again - diverted $35,000 to the UDP/Albert Committee account and $5,000 into his personal account. 

No Confirmed Coronavirus Case in Caribbean or Central America
Belize remains in active monitoring following international health news about the new strain of coronavirus.  At this time the risk of transmission to the Caribbean is low based on what is presently known said Dr. Joy St. John, the director of the Caribbean Public Health Authority, as he provided opening remarks to countries participating in a virtual meeting to discuss the international outbreak.  Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero attended for Belize's National Surveillance Team.

Delivery Truck Found With Burnt Bodies
Two men are dead under tragic and mysterious circumstances. The cops found their bodies this morning in an abandoned delivery truck on Farm Four Road in San Juan Village - which is just outside Indpendence.  The truck is the property of a Belize City business owner. It left the City on Monday morning to do deliveries in Belmopan and San Juan Village but had yet to return.   Police were still on the scene this morning but Sr. Superintendent Hilberto Romero told us that they are following several leads:

PG Mother of Slain Son Says Police Keep Harassing Her Kids
And, keeping it in the south, shots rang out in Punta Gorda this morning - but it was allegedly the police firing at a young suspect.  He is the brother of Glenford Hines who was murdered in December.

Killed His Wife, Pleads Down to Murder
From a charge of murder to manslaughter 46 year old Noewellyn Williams took a guilty plea for the lesser charge when he appeared in Court today to answer to the killing his wife in the street.     You may recall the incident which occurred on August 9, 2019 at 88 Boulevard Plaza, located on Central American Boulevard.

BNTU Says Teachers Are Threatened With Violence
Yesterday, we brought you the story of the mother arrested, charged and fined for slapping a teacher at Salvation Army Primary School in Belize City.  The mom expressed that she knew she had taken the wrong action despite her efforts to get redress for what she claimed was the abuse of her child at the hands of the teacher.   Today, the BNTU is coming to the defense of the teacher and raising the concern once again for the safety and security of teachers in schools.

Water Search For Missing Tourist Called Off
The Belize Coast Guard has called off the search for American tourist Alison MacKenzie. Efforts to locate the 48-year-old who disappeared from Rendezvous Caye ended on Tuesday evening after a widening of the search area. According to Lieutenant Roque Canul, that's because Coast Guard policy dictates that after 72 hours, the chance of finding Mackenzie alive is nil.

PUP Anxiously Await Judgement
In November, we told you about the lawsuit that the opposition took out against the government of Belize for unlawful spending. The PUP alleged that Prime Minister Barrow, as the Minister of Finance, has engaged in the unlawful spending of 1.3 billion dollars in public funds. As we told you, they claim he failed to get prior parliamentary approval for the spending of all that money.  The case was argued in December and judgment was due this week. But, twice, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin has had to postpone it due to illness.

New Guat President Warms Up to Belize Quickly
Alejandro Giammattei, the new Guatemalan president, was sworn in last Tuesday - and there are some encouraging signs coming out of Guatemala City.   Giammattei has indicated that he wants to restore the bilateral relationship between the neighboring countries, mainly in commerce and tourism.  And he says, he wants to meet with Prime Minister, Dean Barrow.  The Prensa Libre quotes him as saying, "We are very interested in getting along with everyone, they are neighbors,".

Will Maheia Supports Turneffe Atoll Trust
Yesterday, we reported on the new agreement the Government of Belize signed via the two Ministries of Natural Resources and that of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Environment and Sustainable Development with Turneffe Atoll Trust.  The Trust will now manage the remaining 17,000 acres of land on that Atoll, majority mangrove and wetlands.  Some concerns were raised yesterday as to how the agreement came about, and the surprise of key stakeholders who reported not having knowledge of its genesis or process. Concerns were also raised as to the identity of the Trust and its principals.  Critics says that because of Cahirman Craig Hayes, it's basically a foreign trust.  

Can The Gang Dynamic Change in Belize?
On Monday, Police arrested Franklin Manfredo Mendoza, a man wanted in his native Salvador as an "organized terrorist". Mendoza wasted no time after arriving in Bella Vista, a village in the Toledo district, before attempting to recruit gang members.  Mendoza fled Salvador in the wake of a reported reduction in homicides that analyst Roberto Valencia, in an op-ed for the Washington Post, called an attempt by gangs to "calm territories and not invite further retaliation by the state. It's a regional example that Belize could be seeking to emulate and yesterday Jules Vasquez asked the COMPOL about a possible shift in Belize's gang dynamic.

Channel 5

An Official Exhibit List in the Case of Lev Dermen; John Saldivar is Named
There is new information tonight in the case of Lev Dermen, an Armenian national with U.S. and Belize citizenship that is causing tremors inside the U.D.P. as it heads to [...]

Prime Minister Barrow: Still No Evidence of Wrongdoing
The allegation of text messages between Jacob Kingston and John Saldivar as court exhibits prompted reaction from Belmopan. The PM did not give interview, but instead issued a four-paragraph statement [...]

John Saldivar’s Statement on Evidence List
A statement from John Saldivar was short and curt.  It states that nothing has changed from his position outlined in a statement on January fifteenth, 2019. Saldivar also echoes what [...]

Opposition Leader Calls on John Saldivar to Resign
The text message referencing Minister Saldivar was also the focus of a statement by Opposition Leader John Briceño.  He is calling on the Prime Minister to fire Saldivar from his [...]

Briceño Gives Barrow Advice in Figuring Out which Minister Took $25K
According to Briceño, if the Prime Minister wanted to act, he could have already done so.  Today, Briceño advised the PM to check with the U.S. Chargé d’Affaires to obtain [...]

Revisiting PM Barrow’s Threat of Termination
As we said, the Lev Dermen scandal has been unraveling for days. Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow called a press conference on the recent allegations. At the time he [...]

Does the Status Quo Remain Ahead of Leadership Convention?
As the scandal rocks the U.D.P., the likelihood of the upcoming U.D.P. convention being affected by the pending trial in Utah was a question that was placed squarely to the [...]

No Request for Ministers’ Names from U.S. Embassy
The Lev Dermen saga has been coming up in many ways. At the sitting of the House of Representatives on January seventeenth, Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musa suggested that [...]

Charred Remains are Discovered in a Burnt Flatbed Truck in the South
Charred remains were found this morning inside a delivery truck belonging to the Salvador W. Habet hardware store. The vehicle was set on fire in a remote area in the [...]

Luis Marin is Wanted by Police
Police are looking for the suspect in a string of robberies in the south. He is Luis Marin, who is being linked to robberies on the Coastal Road. Marin is [...]

Shots Fired in PG; Wanted Man Detained
Around eleven o’clock this morning, a shooting occurred in Punta Gorda Town. Information to News Five is that police fired shots as they pursued a man wanted for questioning into [...]

Another Delayed Judgment; P.U.P. Extremely Frustrated
The People’s United Party’s case against the Government of Belize regarding the spending of over one point three billion dollars, including the PetroCaribe funds that were borrowed from Venezuela, has yet [...]

CariCRIS Assigns Belize Bank “Investment Grade” Rating
The Belize Bank Limited, the country’s oldest banking institution, has been assigned an investment grade rating by the Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services.  CariCRIS is the Caribbean’s leading credit [...]

What Does Investment Rating Mean for Belize Bank?
The assigned rating augurs well for other local companies wishing to improve their profiles on the regional and international markets.  It is in line with some of the more prominent [...]

Lands Minister on Turneffe Land Trust Agreement
As we reported on Wednesday, the Turneffe Atoll Trust has acquired the remaining seventeen thousand acres of land within the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve. This is in the form of [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Transferring 17,000 Acres of Land without House Approval is Illegal
Weighing in on the matter was Opposition Leader, John Briceño. According to Briceño, under the National Lands Act, to transfer a large piece of land, such as the seventeen thousand [...]

Turneffe Atoll Trust on Land Trust Agreement
According to Executive Director of the Turneffe Atoll Trust, Alex Anderson, forty percent of the land mass at Turneffe was already sold to private entities and this move reserves the [...]

B.N.T.U. President on Julian Cho
Today, National President of the Belize National Teachers Union Senator Elena Smith was in southern Belize, at Julian Cho Technical School where she met with the school administration.  The B.N.T.U. [...]

Senate Report on Immigration Yet to be Completed
We also found out that Senator Elena Smith’s patience is running thin. The senator says organizations are tired of waiting for U.D.P. Senator Aldo Salazar to present his report on the [...]

Will Hugo Patt Without Support to John Saldivar?
One more story on the dilemma facing the U.D.P.  Minister of Natural Resources, Hugo Patt is running for first deputy leader under team Saldivar. They have been around the country [...]

NEBL 2020: Meet the Benny’s Hurricanes
The 2020 season of the National Elite Basketball League kicked off last Friday with matches across the country.  There have been many changes in almost all teams. There is also [...]

Healthy Living: Skincare Tips
If you’re investing a lot in your skincare or if you’re confused by all the ads and articles about how to best take care of your skin, then listen up. [...]


Minister John Saldivar is named in US fraud case documents
The trial of the fraud case Kingston v United States in which the businessman Lev Dermen is a co-defendant is expected to continue on Monday, January 27, after it was adjourned to give prosecutors time to pour over new evidence they are planning to lead.

The Reporter

Rumors That John Saldivar Received Bribes Not Verified: Lev Dermen Case
At midday this afternoon the internet and some media houses in Belize were hurry to publish rumors that are ‘at this time’ unsubstantiated, that National Security Minister Hon. John Saldivar was the person who received bribe monies from Lev Aslan Derman.

San Pedro Shines: An Evening Of Classical Music
San Pedro was treated to something not often seen in the town in recent years: The Belize Virtuosi String Orchestra, directed by Peter Illavsky, world-renowned Cellist in Vienna, Austria.

2 Bodies Found Burnt Beyond Recognition: In Independence Village
The Reporter has confirmed reports of two bodies found burnt in a delivery truck in the village of Independence in Southern Belize.


No one has been selected to replace Longsworth as Consul General
Love News has been closely following the story about the termination of Herman Longsworth as Consul General to New York. His termination comes on the heels of the Auditor General’s Report on the National Sports Council and payments given to a shell company, Go Enterprises, put together by Longsworth.

Is the police following protocol?
A man by the name of Derrick Hines was shot at today by police officers. The officers were reportedly in pursuit of him and fired warning shots. Hines’ family believes, however, that the police were not following proper protocol. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.

Man gets two more years added on to his 11 year sentence
A Prison trustee was sentenced to two and a half more years in prison for attempted sexual assault and common assault upon a prison employee. 32-year-old David Rosalez got more time added to his jail sentence after he tried to sexually assault an employee whilst inside the prison back in November 2018.

Persons should be vetted before receiving Belizean Nationalities
In the last Sitting of the House of Representatives, Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, listed off names of persons who had reportedly received Belizean nationalities despite possessing criminal records and ties to Central American gangs. The names were a part of an audit of the Immigration and Nationality Department from 2011 to 2013.

Burnt bodies found in Southern Belize
Charred human remains were found in a burnt vehicle early this morning in Southern Belize. There is currently no indication if foul play was involved in this accident.

Another allegation against Longsworth
Former Minister Herman Longsworth is also in the hot seat tonight as the Opposition Leader, John Briceno spoke of additional monies that were given to him for works on the Berger Field in Belize City.

Careless Driver charged
59-year-old David Zetina was charged for the offense of death by careless conduct for a fatal road traffic accident that claimed the life of a Biscayne resident, Constance Andrewin. Justice Marilyn Williams fined him $3,000 for causing death by careless conduct and slapped with him with a compensation fee of $10,000 to be paid to the state of Andrewin by June 2020 in default distress.

New chairman to be chosen for San Roman Village
In the midst of scandals and demands that guilty officials should either resign or be fired, it raises eyebrows when a chairperson decides to resign. The San Roman Village in Orange Walk is having by-elections in February after their chairman, Ponciano Vargas, stepped down.

Is John Saldivar Involved in Lev Dermen Scandal?
John Saldivar – he is perhaps the most popular Government Minister under the Barrow administration as he has been at the center of many discussions and debates over the years. And tonight, the discussions continue as Saldivar’s name has once again surfaced, this time in recent US court documents involving Lev Dermen.

Missing mother of five
A family in the Toledo District is appealing to the public for help in locating their missing family member. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.

Foreign Affairs Minister welcomes trade negotiations with Guatemala
The recently elected Guatemalan President, Alejandro Giammattei has expressed interest in working with Belize on trade and commerce. In a statement made to Guatemalan media, he noted that both countries must look beyond the territorial...

Police capture Salvadoran terrorist in Belize
A Central American fugitive was discovered in Southern Belize. The man, 25-year-old Franklin Mendoza, was reportedly a terrorist from El Salvador and was caught after an operation by the Special Branch Unit.

Noewellin Williams pleads guilty to manslaughter
A man was taken to court today for fatally stabbing his common-law wife in broad daylight on August 9, 2019. 45-year-old Noewellin Williams pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter. Williams on the advice of...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Department of the Environment drops case against Primrose Gabourel but not her son
The Department of the Environment (DOE) has been before the court since last August, charging […]

Ministry of Health activates national surveillance team to monitor new strain of coronavirus
The Ministry of Health informed today that it is aware of a new strain of […]

Police find charred human remains in burnt truck
Earlier today we reported that two bodies were found burnt inside a vehicle, however, in […]

“Prime Minister needs to fire John Saldivar,” says Briceno
As more evidence of Belizean involvement comes out in the international fraud case of Lev […]

John Saldivar on surfaced documents: “Nothing has changed”
Minister of National Security and aspiring UDP leadership candidate, John Saldivar, issued a statement today […]

Government pushes forward with plastic phase-out
Following the passage of the Environmental Protection (Pollution from Plastics) Regulations, 2020, which came into […]

Nine students and 1 teacher to participate in US Youth Ambassador program
Nine Belizean students and one teacher will participate in the United States’ prestigious Youth Ambassador’s […]

PM Barrow: FIU inquiry turned up clean
In a statement issued today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow informed that he spoke to Belize […]

PM Dean Barrow: Cannot fire Saldivar based on circulating documents
Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow issued a statement saying that he is aware of the […]

Teacher’s Union condemns attack on Salvation Army teacher
The Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU) has condemned the attack of a Salvation Army teacher […]

Anti-Discrimination Steering Committee meets with Evangelical association to discuss Equal Opportunities Bill
On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, the Anti-Discrimination Steering Committee met with Pastor Scott Stirm, Pastor […]

Minister of National Security named in US Court documents filed in Dermen’s case
Court documents relating to the trial of alleged fraudster, Lev Dermen, in the United States […]

Toledo woman missing, family seeks public assistance
The family of Kimberly Ann Wade, 40, is asking the public’s assistance in locating her. […]

Coronavirus kills 17 people; sickens over 500 more
The deadly coronavirus, a virus that originated in Wuhan, China has claimed the lives of […]

Authorities find two bodies burnt in vehicle in Southern Belize
Information to Breaking Belize News is that police have discovered two bodies burnt inside a […]

Interpol issues Blue Corner notice for Indian fugitive suspected to be hiding in Belize
Interpol, the global policing organization, has issued a Blue Corner Notice for an Indian fugitive, […]

San Roman Village chairman resigns; triggers by-election
The village chairman for San Roman in the Orange Walk District resigned from his position […]

FBI to assist with investigation into disappearance of American tourist
American tourist, Alison Mackenzie went missing while on a catamaran tour in Belize last week. […]


Caye Caulker, Belize: A Beauty on a Perfect Day
Caye Caulker is ABSOLUTELY beautiful – and my walkabout yesterday on THE MOST GORGEOUS DAY to me that I need to get here WAY more often. A few hours, twice a year when I have visitors does not suffice. It may seems so walkable but there is SO much happening, so many new hotels and restaurants…what seems like a zillion tour shops…the NORTH side of the island.

What’s New in Belize: Restaurants & Hotels
Over the past five years, there has been an abundance of development happening in the country of Belize. From luxury resorts and vacation homes to amazing, unique restaurants that are all new to Belize. Due to the increasing tourism industry and new trends, it was a necessity to offer brand new experiences to both our visitors and locals. Here is a list of new openings since 2019 and those coming up in 2020, for you and your family to ultimately enjoy!

Belize Is Perfect for a Quiet, Romantic Honeymoon
Some people want a honeymoon that’s filled with excitement and thrills. If your taste runs more toward spending quiet, romantic time together, consider spending your honeymoon in Belize. You can find gorgeous beaches all over Belize. Spend a day on the popular, tourist-friendly Ambergris Caye, or head to smaller, quieter Caye Caulker. Tour the miles of beachfront and quirky villages of the Placencia Peninsula in Southern Belize. Visit our stunning offshore islands with their spotless sand and shady palm trees. Anywhere you go, you’ll find quiet, unspoiled stretches of beach where you can stroll, sunbathe, relax or swim.

International Sourcesizz

The best affordable Caribbean and Central American beach towns to buy a home
Belize makes the best affordable Caribbean and Central American beach towns to buy a home list... In 2019, the data team at determined the best and most affordable beach towns in the Caribbean and Central American area. 5. Caye Caulker, Belize ⁠— With a population of under 2,000, Caye Caulker is also known as "budget island." The island is also right next to the Belize Barrier Reef, the third biggest coral reef in the world.

Mike Pompeo Urges Caribbean to Be Wary of Chinese Investments
The United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, on January 22 urged Caribbean countries to be wary of accepting “easy money from countries like China” as Washington sought to improve its decades-old relationship with the region. Addressing a policy discussion on “US-Caribbean relations, Pompeo acknowledged that the North American giant had been absent from the Caribbean for a long period. But Pompeo told the Caribbean foreign ministers and other officials present “it is tempting to accept easy money from places like China, but what good is it if it feeds corruption and undermines your rule of law”?

Eat Like the Belizean Locals
Belize is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities which implies there are multiple cuisines of foods. The majority of Belize’s population is Mestizo, which is a mixture of Maya and Spanish. It is then followed by Maya, Garifuna, Chinese, Creole, and Mennonites. There are also small percentages of other ethnicities such as Jamaicans, Lebanese and Americans as well as Europeans residing here.  Food is such a broad topic. Belize has so much to offer, however, there are specific Belizean signature dishes that locals enjoy eating daily. If you want to fully experience the life of a Belizean, here are a couple of foods you won’t want to miss tasting before you leave.


  • Origin Burger in San Pedro, 1.5min. Have you tried the Origin Burger at the only full Vegan restaurant in San Pedro? You will be pleasantly surprised! It's cheesy, it's messy it's absolutely worth trying! It's made fresh only at Origin.

  • Belize 2020, 5min. January 2020 was well spent in Belize while exploring Blue Creek and South Water Caye.

  • Belize City to Caye Caulker Maya Air, 40sec.

  • 4K Belize Drone Footage, 4min.

  • FISHERIES ADMINISTRATOR SAYS THE NEW FISHERIES RESOURCES BILL IS "INNOVATIVE", 2min. One of the highlights of the new Fisheries Resource Bill is that it allows for more inclusion of stakeholders in the management of Belize's fisheries resources. In particular, a new Fisheries Advisory Council will include representatives from a wide cross-section of organizations and individuals to advise the Minister on best practices for the sector. Additionally, there is now a requirement for management plans for fisheries. Fisheries Administrator, Beverly Wade says she is excited to witness this historic change during her tenure.

  • Bobo Di Great Live On More Fm Belize, 24min.

  • Mayan ruins of Xunantunich Belize, 7.5min.

  • Cave tubing Belize, 4min.

  • Snorkeling Shark alley Belize, 4min.