Just a few days ago we reported the landing of a suspected drug plane (Jet) which landed on a dirt road near Guinea Grass village.

Today, Sunday January 26th., another suspected drug plane was found.

The Reporter has obtained pictures of the drug plane which landed in the South of Belize sometime last night. The plane was found this afternoon partially burnt, no cargo or persons in sight. This is the second plane to land in Belize in a week.

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Police sources say the twin engine Cessna was found in Southern Belize near Punta Negra. Residents of Barranco told the Reporter that they heard a plane flying over the area around 9:00pm last night (Saturday Jan. 25th.)

Police officers have been on the ground all day searching the area, and the Coast Guard has also been called in because the area where the plane landed is accessible only by water, since there are no roads near to that location, which in the the Payne Creek National Park Reserve, about 10 miles south of Monkey River Village.

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