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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Police investigating Sudden Death
Police have confirmed that a deceased male was found north of San Pedro Town and the body has been transported to the mainland. The identity cannot be revealed until his family is notified. The nationality of the individual is believed to be Belizean, an employee of a beach resort in the northern part of the island. Preliminary information indicates that the deceased was last seen on Saturday, January 25th around noon. When he did not show up to work on Monday, January 27th, checks were made at his place of residence where he was found motionless. The body does not show any signs of injuries. Police continue investigating.

Ambergris Today

The Island Academy Wins Belize’s FIRST Lego League Competition
Belize held its first national Elementary School Robotics Event on Saturday, January 25, 2020. San Pedro had representation in this first ever robotics competition where The Island Academy had their team – Team Island Innovators. The 2020 Challenge included three parts: the Robot Game, the Innovation Project, and the Core Values. Island academy took first place in first LEGO league competition and they will now represent the country in Houston, Texas in April.

Various Belizean Sources


The Ministry of Education Notes the Wide Circulation of Misleading Information Presented to Teachers in Order for Them to Make a Decision
The Ministry requested and held meetings with stakeholders, including the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU), and shared its intention to address the three pressing issues coming from the BNTU and Managing Authorities. The intentions shared in the called meeting with the BNTU on December 12, 2019, are as follows: 1. Adjusting the education rules that will empower the Chief Education Officer to change the vacation period. This would address those years when the holiday would be two weeks.

Consejo Garbage Situation
The Consejo Village Council is seriously concerned with the current garbage situation which is way out of hand on Consejo Road. The garbage on the sides of the road of Consejo has never been this bad and we need to come together to rectify this matter! We hope that someone from the Corozal Town Council gets in touch so we can work together on this matter urgently".

Mopan Technical High Excellence Award Ceremony
Mopan Technical High hosted their first ' Excellence Award Ceremony' in which students were given certificates for outstanding academic achievement. Thanks to the parents for being part of this ceremony. Congratulations to all! Keep up the good work!

Cayo Baymen Rugby Club
The 2020 Rugby season is almost here, and the Cayo Baymen Rugby Club is starting practice tonight at 7:00pm at Galvez stadium. Everyone is welcome.

More street lights in Bahia Puesta Del Sol as a response to CCBTIA’s efforts
The Association acknowledges Mr. Herschel Armstrong, Manager of Distribution, Planning and Engineering of BEL for joining officers of CCBTIA on 8 January 2020 on a late night site inspection of the subdivision. This resulted in prompt action for increased lighting as shown in these pictures. CCBTIA reminds BEL of the work at hand to secure the energy needs of this growing community. As BEL informed among other things: - renewable energies for cleaner environment and back-up; - a new generator for the island; - a better staffed office on Caye Caulker; - re-assessment of the needs based on growth rate and density of development;

Sharon Ashe-Patterson passes away
Some of my FB friends have known Sharon Ashe-Patterson who lived in Ambergris Caye, Belize many years and I just received information today that she has passed away at her home in Connecticut on November 8. There is no service planned at this time. The last time we spoke she said she did not want anyone to be sad because she had had a wonderful life. She was also a wonderful friend.

Graffiti Fest 2020
Here's the finishing touch of the Graffiti Fest 2020 that was held at Miami Beach, in front of Wood House, Jammrock and Bay-breeze. The Graffiti Fest was held on January 26, 2020 in Corozal. Hundreds of locals and tourists came to witness the second Annual Graffiti Fest 2020. The Corozal House of Culture invited the public to attend the Graffiti Fest Graffiti artists showcased their talents using various forms of paint, brushes, artistic tools and colors at this year’s Corozal Graffiti Festival 2020. This year’s graffiti theme was “Ancient Chactemal” offering our community an array of talent honouring our ancestors.

Rest in Peace Mrs Linda
Last night when I got the news of the passing of Mrs Linda Magana of Libertad Village, Corozal District, I couldn’t help but to paused and reflect on the many years this exemplary Christian was a part of my childhood and youth. I was raised in the Seventh Day Adventist Church and I use to be a youth leader in my youthful part of my life. I would see and speak to Mrs Linda at least four times for the week. And so, when I think of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Libertad, her face is one of the few I associate the church with. She lived a life for Christ.

Notice to all applicants and holders of Liquor License in Corozal District

Cayo Goes Green Mixer and AGM
Join us for our 2020 AGM this Friday, January 31st at the Cahal Pech Village Resort, San Ignacio Belize Conference room at 5:30pm. We want you to get involved in our goal in making Cayo a Green Destination in Belize. Come and chat with us to see what we have planned and also bring your contributions to the table to achieve this goal for 2020 and beyond. All are welcome to join. See you there!

El Pescador hosted few anglers last week so the fishing was light. From February onward, many more flies will be presented to fish on the flats. Unseasonal rain and cloud cover made fishing tough. Small numbers of bonefish were caught this week with one guest making good catches. Cloud cover played a major role in making sight fishing difficult.

FCD hosts exchange program
This weekend, FCD hosted an exchange program for youth from 5 Guatemalan communities (La Rejoya, Nueva Armenia, San José Las Flores, Las Flores de Chiquibul and Puertas del Cielo Chiquibul) located near the Chiquibul Forest. This activity forms part of a larger program to promote the joint protection of the Chiquibul Forest. Activity was made possible through the Canada Funds for Local Initiatives.

Channel 7

Lev, Last Man Standing
The trial of Lev Dermen started today in Salt Lake City, Utah - and it's big news in Belize, because Dermen allegedly paid $25,000 US dollars monthly to a Belizean minister back in 2013. But, today, there were no bombshells - in fact, nothing at all. That is because the day was spent on jury selection. That could go into tomorrow - to be followed by opening arguments. Then the prosecution will present its case. And, during that Jacob Kingston is expected to take the stand - possibly as early as Thursday. He is then expected to talk about bribes he paid to officials in Turkey, the United States, and, yes, Belize. Kingston has told prosecutors he exchanged text messages with Minister John Saldivar on behalf of Dermen.

Bar-owner Gunned Down In 'Griga
It was a very violent weekend and we have four murders to report tonight, two in the South, and two in Belize City. We start on Friday night in Dangriga where a bar owner was apparently executed inside his bar. It's a popular watering hole and today Cherisse Halsall went to Dangriga's Wagierale area to find out more. On Friday night, Darrell Bermudez Laurie was serving drinks inside Hide and Seek Bar in the Wagierale area of Dangriga. That's when two men rode up to the bar on bicycles, one of them stepped onto the verandah and opened fire on the barkeep. Darrell was shot three times. He didn't survive.

Skydeck Owner Slain
And while that happened at 6:30, three hours later there would be another murder, this time in Belize City. A well-known club owner was ambushed and executed as he left a gathering with friends in a gang affiliated area.

Man Killed Inside Home In PG
And the weekend's next murder happened last night in Punta Gorda. The still of a quiet Sunday night in the Cemetery area of Punta Gorda was shattered when a gunman barged into a home and killed 23-year-old Denroy Nicolas Sambula: ACP Joseph Myvett: "Last night sometime after 7pm, Punta Gorda police were called to an area near the cemetery in Punta Gorda Town where upon arrival they observed the apparent lifeless body of Denroy Nicholas, 23 years-old, inside his yard. What we know so far is that he was at his mother's home inside the said yard and had just stepped outside to go into his own room which is within the same yard when a single gunshot blast was heard and he was seen on the ground..."

Monday Morning Murder In Gang Territory
And the killing continued this morning in Belize City. It happened in the Lake Independence area around 10:00 am, where 27 year old Ronald Michael was out cutting grass for a friend. But, that area is ridden with gang hostilities between rival groups, and Michael may have been strayIng from his turf - and that put him in the line of hostile fire. Daedra Haylock was on the scene: From the indications of the residents in the area, 2 shots and the morning's routine was interrupted. Some disturbed as they rested during the morning, others as they relaxed, others as they carrying on their morning's house routine. 27 year old Ronald Joseph Michael is reported to have entered the area to cut the grass of one of their neighbors. Even with the close nature of the maze of yards and houses that is as much as everyone was able to tell us. While information was sparse incoming as we combed through the onlookers trying the determine relations and who could offer information, the grief was palpable with the screams and cries a female relative carried off as she could barely withstand her pain. Others begging and angry that the yellow caution tape and police prevented them from advancing to the police vehicle to view their family member.

Man Succumbs 6 Weeks After Being Shot
And, our final story for this segment may or may not be recorded as a murder. Brain Harris died this weekend - 6 weeks after he had been shot in mid December. At that time - the 37 year old was shot on a Picado road in Ladyville and left for dead. He survived five shots and survived through the night on the side of the road, unable to move. He was found in the morning and rushed to the hospital.

Cops Bust "Tonz A' Gunz"ť
Sharp police work led to a major bust of handguns this weekend. Intelligence coming out of Benque Viejo told Cayo police that 25 year old Omar Ibanez would be heading their way with major guns and ammo stashed in secret compartments in the rear bumper of his Toyota Corrolla. They stopped him at the Red Creek checkpoint just outside Santa Elena and today, the head of national crime investigation told us what they found: ACP Joseph Myvett: "Saturday sometime after 8pm whilst police officers were on a vehicular checkpoint in Red Creek area on the George Price Highway..."

Narco Plane In Payne's
And while cops in the West made that bust, try as they might, police in the south could not get anything from a narco plane that landed in the remote reaches of Payne's Creek National Park in the Toledo District. The plane landed at about 11:00 on Saturday night - and it would be almost another twelve hours before police got there - because the area could not be accessed by land. The head of National Crimes told us what they found when they got there: "On Saturday, police were called to the Payne's Creek area in the Toledo District whereupon arrival they observed a twin engine aircraft almost completely burned in an area where apparently a makeshift airstrip was recently constructed. So far no one has been detained and no other items have been found in that area. It is a very remote area that this aircraft discovery was found in."

PG Town Blaze
A board house was completely burnt over the weekend. It happened on Cerro Road in Punta Gorda town. ACP Myvette told us more earlier today.

CARICOM Leader's Spouses Meet In Belize
This Morning the Spouses of Caricom Leaders Action Network in partnership with the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children hosted a forum for Adolescents and Youth. The Purpose of the forum entitled Adolescents And Youth: Engaged For A Change And Sustainable Future.

MOE & Teachers Clash
There's increasing friction between the Ministry of Education and the Belize National Teachers Union. The teachers are taking a vote on whether they will take industrial action and the Ministry is going on a public relations offensive. This morning, the ministry sent out a release trying to set the record straight; they say the union is misleading its membership. The Ministry stressed that the Union's current matters of concern are part of an ongoing discussion with the BNTU about a change in the education rules.

Shaquile Shot, Survives
Earlier on we told you about the weekend murders - but one man escaped death after a shooting. On Friday at 10:15, 24 year old Shaquile Perrera was walking at the corner of Seagull St and North Creek when he was shot in a drive-by. Police told us more:...

Fugitive Shane Was In South
And while no one has been charged for that attempted murder - police have tracked down and charged the man accused of committing an attempted murder last weed in Independence Village.

Construction Store Robbed
And, finally, in crime news - the construction supplies store was robbed on Friday morning in Belize City. Police told us more about how they held up E&R:...

Gender Equity in Education
As you heard earlier, the Prime Minister's wife will engage with youth tomorrow morning, this morning the PM was doing his part for the future of youth in education by signing a loan agreement with the IDB.

The Book Of Budna, A Lament On Lawmen
Joseph Budna - he's a man both known and notorious. He most recently made the news when he escaped from a Guatemalan Prison in July of 2019. Since then we thought he'd happily retreat to his village home in the west.

Child Dies Day After Vaccination
And, finally, tonight a family in San Estevan, Orange Walk is deep in the throes of grief after their newborn baby boy died under mysterious circumstances. On Saturday, Andriel Augustine - who was born in November of 2019 died at a private clinic. His doctor said he had a very high fever and came there with no pulse.

Channel 5

Ronald Michael is Gunned Down on Ordonez Street
It’s a big night of news from murders in the city and the south to a courtroom in Utah, U.S.A. for a high profile case of fraud which extends to [...]

Business Ernesto Williams is Murdered in the City
The second murder victim in the city is well-known businessman, Ernesto Williams.  Williams was executed early on Friday night as he headed to his vehicle which was parked on Orange [...]

Brian Harris Succumbs 5 Weeks After Being Shot
There is another shooting under investigation by the police. The victim of that incident was Brian Harris who was shot multiple times in mid-December in the Farmers Site area of [...]

Wahn Notha Drug Plane Land Da Belize
The airspaces above parts of southern Belize, Guatemala and Mexico were busy with illegal flight activity over the weekend where suspected drug planes are said to have landed.  In the [...]

Drug Plane Landings in Mexico and Guatemala
There are other reports of drug plane landings close to the northern and western borders.  A soldier was killed and three persons injured in a shoot-out involving Mexican law enforcement [...]

Trial of Lev Dermen Gets Underway in Utah with Jury Selection
Accused fraudster Lev Dermen who owned a chain of gas stations under the name Noil Energy in Los Angeles, is headed to trial. “Noil” is “lion” spelled backward and it [...]

Denroy Nicholas Killed in PG Ahead of Supreme Court Trial in Griga
There were two murders in southern Belize. A Punta Gorda resident was to appear in court in Dangriga today, but his life was cut short on Sunday night. Twenty-three year [...]

Hide & Seek Bar’s Owner is Gunned Down – Almost 4 Years after He was Targeted
The usually popular Hide & Seek in the Bushes Bar and Chill Spot is a recreational establishment but three nights ago it became the scene of a murder. Businessman, father [...]

Shaquille Perrera is Injured in Drive-by Shooting
There was another incident of gun violence in the city on Friday night and fortunately the victim survived the attempt made on his life. Shaquille Perrera, a resident of Ramsey [...]

Cotton Tree Village Resident Busted with Firearms and Ammunition
Twenty-five-year-old Omar Ibanez was busted on Saturday night with a cache of weapons and ammunition. San Ignacio police at a checkpoint near Red Creek they stopped Ibanez who was driving [...]

E.R. Construction Targeted by Armed Robbers
Located on mile two and a half on the Philip Goldson Highway, E.R. Construction was targeted by a pair of armed thieves on Friday morning.  Investigators are reviewing surveillance which [...]

Shane Bennett Charged with Attempted Murder
Investigators believe that Shane Bennett is the man who attempted to murder thirty-seven-year-old Anthony Parks on the morning of January twenty-second. Parks, who remains in a critical but stable condition, [...]

Two-Month-Old Baby Boy Dies After Being Vaccinated
Police in Orange Walk Town are investigating the mysterious death of a two-month-old baby boy. Adriel Augustine died on Saturday afternoon, less than a day after being vaccinated at the [...]

Belize Health Official Monitoring Coronavirus Outbreak
Health officials in Mexico and Colombia are investigating their first cases of the deadly coronavirus spreading from China. Here in Belize, authorities are closely monitoring and the Ministry of Health [...]

Fire Destroys Home in Punta Gorda Town
A house was destroyed by fire on Saturday afternoon. The fire broke out at around two o’clock at a house located on the Cerro Road in Punta Gorda and owned [...]

Joseph Budna Alleges Police Harassment
The infamous Joseph Budna is back in the news. He escaped into Belize from Guatemala where he was serving a twenty-five-year sentence for kidnapping and extortion.  He managed to successfully escape [...]

Is Joseph Budna Paranoid?
Budna says that he is attempting to make a formal complaint with the Professional Standards Branch to have the matter addressed.   Joseph Budna, Claims Police Harassment “If you are [...]

G.O.B. Signs 10 Million-Dollar Education Programme with I.D.B.
The Government of Belize signed a ten-million dollar agreement with the I.D.B. this morning. At the signing, the I.D.B. Country Representative and PM Dean Barrow spoke about the educational quality [...]

Legendary Basketball Player Kobe Bryant Dies in a Helicopter Crash
Lakers and basketball superstar Kobe Bryant is dead. The NBA MVP, his thirteen-year-old daughter, six friends and the pilot were all killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday. The helicopter [...]

James Adderly & the Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities....]

The Reporter

The Lev Aslan Dermen Case Continues In Utah
Local media houses are monitoring the trial of Armenian American Levon Dermen, which starts today. There have been allegations that Dermen, known to have close ties to Minister of National Security John Saldivar, paid bribes to two Government officials in Belize, as he tried to get Belizean diplomatic status and likely other political favours.

Denroy Nicholas Shot In Punta Gorda: Died Moments Later
Police are investigating a murder which occurred in Punta Gorda Town last night. Around 9:00pm (Sunday Jan 26th.) Police were called to Toucan Street in the cemetery area...


Weekend Crimes
A 24-year-old man survived an attempt on his life on Friday night. Shaquille Perrera, a Belize City resident was shot whilst walking on the south side of the old capital. Senior Superintendent, Hilberto Romero spoke on the incident and their preliminary findings.

Missing woman down south
The family of Julia Mejia has grown concerned since they have not heard from her in a very long time. Stann Creek Correspondent, Harry Arzu spoke with one of Julia’s sister in the following report.

Business man murdered in Dangriga
Within a period of 72 hours, four men were fatally wounded. There is no indication that either incident was connected which makes the job of the investigators a bit more perplexed. We begin with the first homicide on Friday night in the south. 32-year-old Darrel Glenford Bermudez Laurie was shot at his business establishment on Friday night as he attended to a customer. Our Stann Creek Correspondent, Harry Arzu went to the scene looking for answers.

Man fatally shot from behind
A shooting in broad daylight has left a man dead and his family in mourning disbelief. Reporter Courtney Menzies went out looking for answers in this latest murder of 28-year-old Ronald Michael.

Body of a man found in San Pedro
The body of man was found earlier this afternoon north of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. The man, whose identity is being withheld, was found in his house after he did not show up to work.

Well-Known business man ambushed and killed in Belize City
The second businessman to be murdered was leaving a party when the shooter ambushed him in Belize City. Reporter Alisha Valentine has the story.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize: Five dead from gunshot over the weekend
Over the weekend Belize recorded an onslaught as five persons lost their lives in four […]

Justices of the Peace raise alarm over “disrespect”
The Association of Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of the Supreme Court is upset […]

Friends for Conservation and Development engages in youth exchange
On January 25 and 26, 2020, Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) hosted an exchange […]

Suspected narco-plane lands on highway in Quintana Roo
Mexican media reported this morning that a suspected narco-aircraft landed middle highway in Quintana Roo, […]

Tropic Air’s Black Hole Drop tour is an intense experience: Are you prepared?
The Maya Mountains and all its wonders are among the most visited destinations in Belize […]

Police find 5 guns, 450 rounds of ammunition, links to Guatemala
On Saturday night police conducting a vehicular checkpoint made a huge bust. Cotton Tree resident, […]

Police rule out robbery and drug war in death of Glenford Bermudez
Shortly after 6 o’clock on Friday night there was a murder in Dangriga, Stann Creek. […]

Police: PG murder linked to previous attempted murder case
Sometime around 7 o’clock last night there was a murder in Punta Gorda, Toledo. The […]

Police to review cameras to find Ernesto Williams’ killer
On Friday night Belize City businessman, Ernesto Williams, was gunned down. He had just exited […]

Ronald “Boom Boom” Michael shot dead on Ordonez Avenue, Belize City
Ronald “Boom Boom” Michael shot dead on Ordonez Avenue, Belize City This morning gunshots rang […]

“More than one kind of coronavirus,” says Director of Health Services
The Ministry of Health (MOH) continues to monitor the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and recently issued […]

Canadian mom who fled to Belize with son sentenced
A woman from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada charged in connection with a child abduction case in which […]

Denroy Nicholas shot to death in PG
One man is dead following a shooting in Punta Gorda last night. Reports are that […]


Fish Right, Eat Right – Securing our sea’s bounty
With the Caribbean Sea running along the eastern border of Belize, both residents and visitors can reasonably expect fresh seafood as part of her cuisine. Our home base on Ambergris Caye in particularly a prime example of this, with snapshot views of fishermen cleaning their catch onshore either early morning or at sunset. Idyllic, right? Well, a campaign to ensure these views carry on to future generations has been put into place, hoping for seafood to remain viable in the years to come. ‘Fish Right, Eat Right’ is a brand that highlights establishments who source their seafood responsibly. It is a collaborative effort amongst fishers, retailers, restaurants and most importantly, the consumer.

Historical & Picturesque Maya Ruin In Belize – Lamanai
Imagine a thrilling boat ride followed by archaeological beauty to experience and capture right before your eyes. Lamanai is the third tallest Maya structure in Belize and stands at 33 meters tall. Lamanai is also known as the “high temple” high above the jungle canopy and provides a mesmerizing view over the river. It features three large pyramids or temples, open plazas, various restored stelae, and a ball court. This Maya ruin is an isolated location in the jungle on the banks of the New River lagoon with a few crocodiles. Lamanai comes from the Yucatec Maya word “lam’an’ain” or “submerged crocodile”. It is situated in the north of Belize, in Orange Walk District.

The Caribbean Journal states Belize Has Quietly Become a Caribbean Hotspot
Long a well-kept secret for travelers in the know, Belize has quietly become a full-fledged Caribbean hotspot in recent years, buoyed by one of the region’s fastest rates of tourism growth. And now it’s borne out by the data — Belize just set a new all-time record for tourist arrivals to the destination, Caribbean Journal has learned.

Maya Traditional Uses of Forests
Forests provide communities with clean fresh-water, medicine, food, non-timber forest products, recreational opportunities, spiritual benefits and other ecological services. Wise Maya communities practice sustainable extraction of forest resources to supply their basic needs for a healthy and sustainable living. Forests are prominently known for providing and maintaining clean water. They are critical in minimizing soil erosion, reducing and absorbing polluting chemicals and natural filtration system allows the discharge of clean water in watersheds. Forest communities directly depend on lakes, rivers and streams for their household needs, consumption, irrigation and recreational purposes. Clean water is a critical and valuable natural resource for all living organisms.

Casinos in Belize
Scattered from the North as far as out West, gambling in Belize is an option (and a fun one at that!) All casinos have full-service restaurants and bars, some have nightclubs and nightly entertainment as well. The legal gambling age in Belize is 18 and you must provide identification before entering any of the casinos noted below. Corozal/Chetumal Border- Northern Belize: Princess Hotel and Casino Freezone. North San Pedro – Ambergris Caye: Captain’s Casino. Belize City, Tropicana Resort and Casino, Princess Casino Belize. San Ignacio – Cayo: San Ignacio Hotel, Princess Casino, also home to NEXT nightclub.

International Sourcesizz

Francis Ford Coppola's Cassa Zenda: First In
Travel, as they say, is about the journey. But Cassa Zenda places its bets on arrival. By the time the black speck on a vast, glassine lake sharpens into a private dock, you will have spent the better part of a day in a speeding motorboat and the last two hours purring slowly up Guatemala’s serpentine Rio Dulce. Here, steep canyons spring up on either side of the muddy riverbank, ushering you into a silent, primordial tableau of tangled green jungle dotted by thatched dwellings. River traffic slows to little more than a few families line-fishing from canoes.

Delta launches innovative solution for pet travel
Delta is ushering in a new best-in-class travel experience for pets and their owners with the exclusive launch of CarePod. The introduction of this state-of-the-art pet travel carrier, which provides many industry-leading features including real-time updates throughout the journey, heralds a new standard of first-class safety and care for pet air travel. The CarePod pet travel carrier has several innovative safety features that make it the ultimate air travel experience for pets: Stronger, industrial strength walls that are insulated to protect your pet against potential temperature fluctuations when moving between different climates and travel conditions. Multi-layered windows and doors with specially angled blinds to help create a calming environment for pets by blocking out visual stress from unfamiliar environments.

Ocean ambassadors dive into marine conservation
One thousand six hundred and twenty-five miles south of Oxford, five Miami University students spent a week of their J-term submerged in the Caribbean Sea. From Jan. 11-19, members of the Miami Scuba Diving and Snorkel Club took a trip to Tom Owens Caye, an island 25 miles from mainland Belize, to delve, dive and help preserve the ocean. “It’s what you think of when you think of an island in the middle of the ocean,” said sophomore Jake Humbert, the club’s vice president. Palm trees and conch shells cover the island, which only spans an acre and a half. There is no cell service or running water.

Narco showdown in the south of Quintana Roo
Since the early hours of the morning, various criminal acts have been reported, including a confrontation with soldiers in the town of Nuevo Israel, in southern Quintana Roo A confrontation between alleged criminals and members of the Army was reported, this in the south of the state of Quintana Roo where the arrival of a small plane has stood out, which could well be an air vehicle of an organized crime group, they have reported injured soldiers, AMLO confirmed the facts during his morning conference.

Cayo Espanto, Private Island Resort in Belize Offers Ideal Couples Getaway
With Valentine’s Day and the season of romance quickly approaching, Cayo Espanto, is a private island resort that offers you your own secluded getaway. Home to a total of seven villas and located three miles off the coast of Belize, Cayo Espanto is a barefoot luxe island resort perfect for intimate getaways. Each villa comes equipped with a personal butler, private dock area and customized meals set by the on-island world-renowned chef – allowing couples to enjoy their time on the island without a care in the world. The paradise background of the Belizean waters, spa offers and incredible sunsets make for the perfect romantic getaway.


  • Adolescents and Youth Engaged for Change & A Sustainable Future, 2.5hr. Adolescents and Youth Engaged for Change & A Sustainable Future Forum hosted by the Spouses of CARICOM Leaders Action Network -SCLAN in partnership with the Special Envoy Belize

  • Police bust men with illegal firearm and ammunition at Red Creek checkpoint, 2min.

  • Rendevous Caye, Belize, 15min.

  • Biggest Speed Bump in Belize, 1min. Belize only has 3 stop lights in the whole country. How do they control traffic? SPEED BUMPS! There are thousands in Belize. But this one in Corozal is the biggest one ever. It is extremely effective.

  • Nurse sharks by the boat, min. Snorkeling....

  • Chinese New Year 2020 - Year of the Rat, 35min.

  • Corozal Graffiti Festival 2020, 5.5min. Beautiful Art and Crafts. Here is a short photo snippet for you to enjoy. Corozal has raw and wonderful talent.

  • Belize Accommodations at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, 2min.

  • Belize - Turneffe Atoll, 13min.

  • Zip Lining In Belize 2019, 13min.


  • Deep drop Fishing in belize, 2min. Good over night trip over at turneffe atoll.

  • Accion Deportiva, 67min.