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One of the heritage sites we have razed and rebuild as part of the Downtown Rejuvenation Project is the property at the corner of Regents and Cockburn Lane (Cockburn Lane was named after Governor Sir Francis Cockburn 1830 to 1837). The plan for the property is to become a museum dedicated to Mr. Ronald Frederick Greenwood (the property was where he lived) who moved to British Honduras in the mid-seventies and contributed to the development of the city.

Since the downtown area (Albert and Regents Streets) will become a part of our Eco-Museum, and will encourage increased visitations by locals and foreigners, it was thought that the area needed additional areas dedicated to food and recreation, and the reason why a museum and restaurant was envisioned for this property.

The building has been more or less completed and we have been busy establishing content which will connect the property to Mr. Greenwood’s and Belize’s heritage. The uploaded photos will present some of the artwork we have chosen to make this connection. Inside the building, which will have a dual purpose (museum and restaurant), is where most of the Greenwood’s work will be displayed. The display will include four of Mr. Greenwood’s paintings (attached) along with some other belongings we are trying to acquire. On the outside, a portion of the fence is being used to present a display of historically significant events in Belize’s history through stamps that were made to commemorate those events. The property should be completed by end of April.

The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project