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Today's Belize News: February 8, 2020 #540469
02/08/20 06:40 AM
02/08/20 06:40 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: The Way I See the Equal Opportunities Bill
It is incumbent on me as a citizen and son of the soil to lend my voice to the conversation that I believe is critical and extremely consequential to the health and well-being of my country as I have known it for the past seven decades or so. In spite of the realization that my country has been gradually becoming less recognizable on an annual basis, the memories of my childhood in the City and the society I knew still tug at my heart. My Mother and my Father are buried at Lords Ridge Cemetery and hence, I guess, my reluctance to leave it. They were exemplary patriots and servants of this nation. I offer this cautionary word in honor of them.

Meet our new reporter Julissa Torres!
The San Pedro Sun is pleased to introduce its newest staff reporter, Julissa Torres. She comes from the Orange Walk District and is only weeks into calling San Pedro home. She attended Muffles Junior College, where she explored the humanities and obtained an Associate’s Degree in Law and Psychology.

Tropic Air welcomes new Beechcraft 1900D Aircraft
On January 31st, 2020 Tropic Air welcomed the delivery of its first and brand new 1900D Beechcraft. The model is described as a modern twin-engine, 19 passenger regional airliner and is manned by a crew of two. The Beechcraft arrived at the Philip Goldson International Airport at 4:15pm after a ferry flight from the United States.

SPHS football girls place second at Northern regionals
The San Pedro High School football girls won second place and the boys won third at the Northern Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) regional football championships held at the Louisiana Government School field in Orange Walk Town last Saturday. The SPHS boys won third place by goal differential, as they had only conceded one goal, while Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico had received three goals from the BHSA boys.

Gregorio Najarro to be sworn in as the new president of the Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye
In the upcoming months, the Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye will be officially swearing in a new president. Taking over the helms from current president Andrew Ashcroft will be Gregorio Najarro, a well-known islander from the Escalante Sub-division south of San Pedro Town. Najarro will start his one year-term in June 2020. Najarro hopes to increase the club’s membership. “I hope to achieve this by promoting Rotary, using the services of the media and every opportunity available to let our islanders see how the club works for the benefit of the community,” said Najarro. He emphasized that as a community, working together is the key to all successful projects.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro High School Presents Honor Roll Students
San Pedro High School takes pride in presenting to you their first semester Honor Roll Students. Congratulations to all the students for all their hard work and perseverance.

Belize Signs Treaty On The Prohibition Of Nuclear Weapons
On February 6, 2020, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Belize to the United Nations, H.E. Lois M. Young, acting on behalf of the Government of Belize, signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The Treaty was adopted on July 7, 2017 and opened for signature on September 20, 2017. The goal of the Treaty is for the total elimination of nuclear weapons. This signing demonstrates the support of the Government of Belize to a world free of nuclear weapons.

Belize Ban On Gillnets Must Be Decisive Says Oceana
AN ON GILLNETS MUST BE DECISIVE - Without meaningful longevity, potential success will be undermined and fishers will be shortchanged Thursday, February 6th, 2020 – In December 2019, in the context of unwavering advocacy for more than two decades and widespread national support, the Government of Belize took the historic step to declare gillnets destructive.

Various Belizean Sources


Scarlet Macaws Feeding
This afternoon, alerted by their loud calls, I got to watch 42 Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao cyanoptera) feeding on a Banak tree (Virola multiflora or brachycarpa) for over an hour, roughly one third of the entire population of Belize!

Ministry of Health Clarifies Misleading Statements of a Suspected Coronavirus Case at the Northern Border
The Ministry of Health continues its active surveillance activities across the country and has had the active involvement of multiple partners at all levels. It is this surveillance that has allowed the Ministry to have a timely interaction and follow-up of cases of epidemiological interest as it relates to the current novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak. It is in light of this that the Ministry clarifies a situation that has unfortunately become a social media post and news item with misleading and untruthful statements of a situation at the northern border last night.

Passport Services Interruption
Notice from H.E. Daniel Gutierez, Ambassador of Belize to the United States of America, regarding the continuation of Passport Services using the current requirements (Forms 3A/B and 4A/B).

Belize Signs Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
On February 6, 2020, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Belize to the United Nations, H.E. Lois M. Young, acting on behalf of the Government of Belize, signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The Treaty was adopted on July 7, 2017 and opened for signature on September 20, 2017. The goal of the Treaty is for the total elimination of nuclear weapons. This signing demonstrates the support of the Government of Belize to a world free of nuclear weapons.

Peace Corps Belize Vacancy
Peace Corps Belize seeks qualified candidates to fill the post of Response Program Manager. Deadline to apply: February 28th, 2020.

Cayo Animal Welfare Society upcoming clinics
The Cayo Animal Welfare Society is having low cost clinics in Bullet Tree on the 15th and 16th, and in Succotz and Benque on the 22nd and 23rd. More will be announced soo. Please share the fliers, and they are asking for volunteers. Thanks, CAWS, for helping keep the animal populations in check.

Voice of the West Elocution Contest
The Rotary Club of San Ignacio had their Voice of the West Elocution Contest last night. Congratulations to the three 1st place winners from Eden HS! Original Poem: Adrian Harris. Recital of a Poem: Leniesha Castillo. Persuasive Speech: Ethan Landero. Great to see.

US Embassy Looking forGardener
The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the following position: Gardener. Closing date: February 21, 2020

The Ronald Frederick Greenwood Museum and Restaurant
One of the heritage sites we have razed and rebuild as part of the Downtown Rejuvenation Project is the property at the corner of Regents and Cockburn Lane (Cockburn Lane was named after Governor Sir Francis Cockburn 1830 to 1837). The plan for the property is to become a museum dedicated to Mr. Ronald Frederick Greenwood (the property was where he lived) who moved to British Honduras in the mid-seventies and contributed to the development of the city.

Laguna Seca Ferry Loses its Cable
Cable on ferry broke and ferry floating out to sea with 3 vehicles and people on board..our truck was next trip..these ferries are old and cables were bound to snap! Praying that the Ministry of Works acts quickly to rescue the vehicles and people stuck on the ferry as the men are trying to pull on the cable to prevent ferry from drifting further out to sea.

2020 Taipei Lantern Festival “Together We Glow” – Embassy of Belize, Taiwan hosts Press Conference
The Embassy of Belize to the Republic of China (Taiwan) hosted a Press Conference today to unveil lanterns depicting elements of Belize's Maya-Mestizo Heritage: the Lamanai Mask Temple, Deer Dance Festival, and Marimba. For the second year in a row, Belize will be participating in the Taipei Lantern Festival on February 8-16, 2020 and the Taichung Lantern Festival on February 8-23, 2020. The lanterns on display in Taichung will be depicting the Great Blue Hole as well as an array of species of marine life found in the Belizean Barrier Reef.

The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE, has successfully completed its first Job Preparedness Training for 2020!
The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE has successfully completed its first Job Preparedness Training for 2020! Today, 45 participants have been certified after completing a three-week Administrative Assistant Training. The programme covered both the soft and technical skills necessary to prepare participants for work as effective administrative professionals. Some of the topics covered included time management, conflict management, organizational skills, professional etiquette and much more. The Belize Training and Employment Centre hopes that this intense, interactive programme will contribute greatly to the future accomplishments of these participants.

Get Plastic Trash Off the Street!
Hi, my name is Candy and I am a business owner and proud resident of Corozal, Belize. Our community is raising $5,300 BZD to purchase a used plastics shredder and here’s why: Plastic trash is a global problem. I’m asking you to help me make Corozal an eco-jewel in the Caribbean.

Targeting Vehicles at Muni
This is a total chance by the Belize Airport Authority... they pay one person all day to target vehicles at the Belize Municipal Airport. They do this to force people to pay for parking inside BAA parking lot across Maya. This is one single policy aimed at chancy hardworking Belizean! I don’t see any problem in someone using an empty space for a few minutes. This few minutes parking cost this vehicle owner $35.00 while he waits for his love one to get off the plane!

Coronavirus Operational Plan in Corozal
Corozal Community Hospital Surveillance Team met yesterday to activate the Coronavirus Operational Plan and met with Border Management, Customs and Immigration for the implementation of the screening program which commenced today Saturday, February 8th, 2020 at the Corozal Santa Elena border on persons entering the country with international flights through Mexico.

Consejo Road Grading Completed!
We would like to invite all residents of Consejo including those living off Consejo Road. Please attend and increase your knowledge of Consejo Road and have your questions answered. In attendance will be the Consejo Road Committee along with representatives in charge of the Ministry of Works locally and nationally. Monday February 17th, 1:00 pm at the Millennium Restaurant at Consejo Village. Attached is a document called advantages of maintaining Consejo Road, please have a read. Also attached are the scan copies of receipts received from contractors for work carried out and check received from Consejo Village Council.

Between the Yucatec Maya people of Belize there is the story of the Wáay . The plural of Wáay is Wáayo'ob . For the ancient Maya the Wáay refered to a animal that shared its essence with each person; a kind of "accompanying spirit". The wáay also spelled as Huay can refer to a person who can control this accompanying spirit or transforms into an animal while asleep . After conquest due to religion this legend was more associated with evil . A Wáay can be either good or bad . A wáay can use its powers to benefit a community . Also can use its powers to do mischievous acts .

President of the National Institute of Culture and History, Sapna Budhrani, visits staff
Today the President of the National Institute of Culture and History, Sapna Budhrani, visited NICH's various offices to surprise staff with more than 10 years of tenure. Ms. Budhrani commended them for their invaluable contribution to the preservation and promotion of Belize's Culture and HIstory and thanked them for their continued service to Belize!

Channel 7

Mayor Belisle Busted With Dermen & Kingston?
Tonight, we have the first picture with Lev Dermen, Jacob Kingston and a Belize Government official. It is Belmopan Mayor, the UDP's Khalid Belisle.  He is seen in a 2015 picture in an embrace between Dermen and Kingston, flanked by two of John Saldivar's side-men. The picture is taken in front of a private jet at the Phillip Golden International Airport.   Now, it fits in perfectly with testimony from Jacob Kingston yesterday in Utah in which he said he and Dermen, quote, "had dinner with ministers from Belize, (and) mayors", end quote.  
Belisle was quick to put out a statement this evening saying, quote, "the group picturewas taken in late April or early May of 2015 at the conclusion of a brief meeting I had with them at the Phillip Goldson International Airport ahead of their departure from Belize that afternoon."

Media Mad Over Closed Convention
And so while all the storylines, all the political maneuvering and machinations will converge at the Civic for Sunday's historic national convention, we'll only be able to tell you a part of the story.   That's because, as 7News first reported days ago, the UDP has decided that the convention will be closed to the media.  That's unheard of in the 21st century, and our records indicate that the last time anything like that happened was way, way back in November of 1996 when the PUP selected its leader to replace George Price. We had to do a deep dig into our archives to find that day when Said Musa emerged victorious in the event held at the Belmopan Civic Center.

How Will PM Barrow Handle A Saldivar Leadership?
And so, on Sunday, a leader will emerge - and if it is John Saldivar, there will be a week of extreme tension ahead for the UDP.  That's because Jacob Kingston will be on the stand in a Utah Federal Courthouse most of next week and he will continue to testify about his relationships and connections in Belize.  Court documents we have seen say that will include text message exchanges he had with John Saldivar.  Saldivar has said, and repeated that he had no corrupt dealings with Kingston or Lev Dermen and has nothing to fear from that testimony. But, what if something emerges? Then what would the UDP do with its new leader, who is supposed to take over the Prime Minister's post from the retiring Dean Barrow?  It's a grim possibility that Barrow himself addressed in his press conference on January 15th:..

Ashcroft Seeks To Join Redistricting Suit
And while the Barrow Administration continue to grapple with the Lev Dermen scandal, one of the PM's old adversaries, Lord Michael Ashcroft, has re-emerged in an interesting case that could re-map Belize's political landscape.  Ashcroft wants to participate in the redistricting lawsuit that the Belize Peace Movement and others have brought against the Government. He has made an application before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to join the lawsuit as an interested party. You'll remember that the re-districting lawsuit is a challenge from the independent politicos behind the Belize Progressive Party, their Belize Peace Movement, the Vision Inspired by the People, and a coalition of other nationalists.

MOH: No Cause For Concern About Coronavirus
Last night, we told you about the Coronavirus scare at the northern border.  Well, today the Ministry of Health is saying, it was no scare at all, just absolute due diligence and timely surveillance. A statement says, quote, "Our surveillance team had been alerted days ago of a Belizean student returning from China; surveillance and screening measures had been set up for his arrival at that border. It should be noted that the student went through four border entrances where he was cleared at all points prior to his arrival in Belize.

Health Employees Detained At Mex Border
But the real emergency for the Ministry of Health last night was on the other side of the border, where Mexican authorities held three Ministry employees and their vehicle overnight. The team lead by Dental Surgeon Dr. Raphael Samos, along with a clerk and a driver went to Chetumal to purchase three dental chairs.  But, it seems they didn't have the full tax paper work to bring the chairs back over into Belize.

Caught A Cop With A Gun Stolen (From The Police!)
A cop who was acting up at the northern border was caught with a stolen gun - and, get this, it was stolen from the police department. That's right!  Here's how it happened.  Police say that at around 7:20 last night, they were called to the Corozal Border, where a Police Constable was resisting the border authorities and giving them trouble. He had a firearm in his possession, and one of the responding officers relieved him of the weapon.

A Real Good Resolution For The Real Deal Gramma
Carolette Gideon, also known as The Real Deal, has been in the News this week. That's because of her impassioned campaign to get help for her grandson after he was knocked down on Faber's Road extension.  Well, get help she did.  Attorney Steve Perrera saw our story and contacted Gideon to take the case on Pro-bono. He went to the insurance company and invoked an underutilized clause called "no fault".  It basically means, despite who is at fault, the insurance company is liable to pay medical expenses up to five thousand dollars.  

Ammo Found, Drugs Gone By Water
Tonight, more is known about that drug plane which was found burnt up in Monkey River yesterday morning.  As we told you, police found a twin engine aircraft, identified to us as a Piper Navajo which had landed in the grass beside an airstrip that had already been destroyed.  The only clearings were for the lights which were used to guide the plane in.  When police searched the area they found a trove of weapons and accessories, including several machetes, gallons of gasoline, plus a red kitbag that had been buried

Weed Tea? Or Cannabis In A Can?
Someone was trying to push some major drug traffic through the post office - pretending the prohibited product was iced tea!   On Tuesday, a suspicious parcel arrived at Belmopan's Post Office loaded. Employees of the Belize Postal Service called police to say they suspected the package contained drugs. 

Report Shows Negligence On Water Taxi
You will remember the tragic incident in May of Last year, where the two sisters, 10-year-old Yamiri Yasmin Guy, and 8-year-old Kimberly Melissa Guy, died on a water taxi when it exploded at the Ocean Ferry Belize Water Taxi terminal.  
Well, 7News has obtained a copy of the final report investigating what went wrong.  That report suggests proper care was not taken to ensure that the gasoline and fumes in the vessel's tanks did not escape or spill. The Port Authority investigators interviewed crew members, passengers,  police investigators, BDF bomb experts and others to inspect the vessel's electrical wiring, its engines, and its fuel tanks.

Guns Found In Stann Creek Waters
Earlier, we told you about the cop caught at the border with a gun allegedly stolen from precinct three police.  But, we showed the wrong weapon in that story. And we apologize.  The guns we showed were actually found yesterday when a team of joint law enforcement authorities went out to Tobacco Caye in the Stann Creek District. That's where they found these two illegal weapons and ammunition. 

The Lotto Is An Olympic Affair?
Last year we told you how the government put the Belize Government Lottery, including  Boledo, Jackpot Lottery and Ordinary Lottery out to tender.   The requirements were tough to meet, and there were some questions about which company could fill the role. Well, reports to our newsroom say that an unlikely applicant has appeared.  It's the National Olympic Committee, also known as the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association.

The Queen Of Calypso Takes On Watina
If you were a fan of MTV's Making The Video, you'll have a good idea of what's about to take place in Hopkins over the weekend. That's because Trinidadian recording artist Calypso Rose and Belize's own Garifuna Collective are set to make the music video for their cover of Andy Palacio's "Watina". Cherisse Halsall went to the airport to meet the Calypso legend. Here's her story:

Fires in Belize District
Two structures in the Belize district were completely destroyed by fire today.  The first, a restaurant, in Hattieville village burned down at around 4:15 this morning. Neither the building nor its contents valued at approximately $3,500.00 were insured.

Victims Fighting Back Robbers
Ladyville police are investigating an armed robbery where the assailants targeted a woman using a toy gun - and she put up a fight that sent them scampering. At around 8:45 last night, 48-year-old Elizabeth Borland was walking home when, at the corner of Jackson Street and Egbert Quilter Street, she was grabbed from behind.  Her assailant robbed her of her purse which contained her house keys, and 3 cellular phones.  Burt, Borland wasn't about to let that go and struggled to get back her stolen purse from the robber.

EU-LAC, Say What?
Viewers may know about the European Union - Latin America and Caribbean Foundation or (EU-LAC) for short. It was created in 2010 by the Heads of State and Government of the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Member States. This foundation is a tool of the EU-LAC partnership, and it was given the mission of strengthening and promoting bilateral ties between the 62 member states. 

Channel 5

A Look Ahead at the U.D.P. Leadership Convention
There is a flurry of activity leading up to the national convention of the United Democratic Party on Sunday.  This Saturday, both Patrick Faber and John Saldivar are holding separate [...]

Patrick Faber Weighs in on Media Restriction
Restricting media access to cover Sunday’s national party convention, in an era where the dissemination of timely information is most critical, is a counterproductive decision taken by the executive of [...]

Media Restriction Aims to Prevent Campaigning, Says Patrick Faber
It is well acknowledged that the election of the person, who wants to lead the U.D.P. and ultimately the country, should not be a closed event. Despite the restrictions, News [...]

2012: Lev Dermen and the Belize Connection
In Salt Lake City this week, Jacob Kingston revealed that accused fraudster Lev Dermen became interested in Belize in 2012.  Living a high lifestyle, the accused fraudster would wine and [...]

Belmopan Mayor Issues Statement on His Encounter with Dermen & Kingston
Now to the photo in circulation which shows Mayor Khalid Belisle and other associates, who are likely to be on the delegates list of this weekend’s convention. They are photographed [...]

ComPol Gives Details of Monkey River Drug Plane
Overnight on Wednesday, a suspected drug plane landed in the Monkey River area. An operation team, headed by the Joint Intelligence Operating Centre, had been alerted of the aircraft en [...]

How to Detect Local Actors in Illegal Drug Plane Landings
ComPol Williams says that almost daily, reports are received of suspected drug planes, but the location where the aircraft will land is unknown and so officers are often times deployed [...]

Belizean Student Returning from China is Cleared of Coronavirus
There is no suspected case of coronavirus in Belize; that’s the message coming out of the Ministry of Health today. This afternoon, the ministry responded to reports of a person [...]

Surveillance/Monitoring System by Ministry of Health at Work
The ministry release says that the student will remain in isolation and has no positive epidemiological link to any coronavirus. The situation gives health officials an opportunity to review and [...]

Well Known Businessman Richard Harrison Killed in Accident
The grieving family of Richard Harrison is beginning the painful preparations of his funeral in San Ignacio. The well-known businessman was killed on Thursday in a freak accident on the [...]

Belize Bank to Appeal CJ’s Ruling on UHS Debt
Attorney for the Belize Bank Limited, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay this evening filed an application for leave to appeal a ruling made last month by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin in [...]

Will Lord Ashcroft Be Allowed to Join as an Interested Party in Redistricting Case?
Today, Lord Michael Ashcroft made good on his interest to join the legal battle along with the parties seeking for a re-districting exercise to be conducted before this year’s General [...]

Retired B.D.F. Captains Pens Letter to Brig. General Ortega
It’s been a week since the reports of multiple sexual harassment and abuse emerged from within the B.D.F.  Those reports were mostly about offences committed within the training school, but [...]

An Update on the Police Investigation into the Auditor General’s Report
When we caught up with the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, he confirmed today that an investigation continues into the Auditor General’s Report on the National Sports Council. Former Consul [...]

No One Will Be Spared in Police Investigation of Audit Report
Williams says that the police will be guided by the directives of the Director of Public Prosecutions. But what about those who seemingly have political clout? ComPol Chester Williams also [...]

Closing Arguments Submitted for Rape Case
In the court, the Prosecution and the Defense in the rape trial of Ervin Pitts, wrapped up this evening during their closing arguments before Supreme Court Justice Colin Williams.  A [...]

Man, Charged for Murder, Still Has No Attorney after Almost 5 Years on Remand
A number of bail applications were heard today. Gian Lee Guerra appeared before Justice Antoinette Moore to apply for bail but he could not be considered because he does not [...]

Meighan Brothers Couldn’t Get Bail
The Meighan brothers: Shaquille, Tyrone and Ellis were not able to be considered for bail today because their case file is still incomplete. The trio, charged with Being Members of [...]

Man Accused of Shooting at a Police Officer is Granted Bail
Attorney Hurl Hamilton secured bail for Jahliel Petillo from Supreme Court Justice Antoinette Moore, provided he abides by certain conditions. These include that he report every Friday to the Police [...]

Peace Movement Wants G.O.B. to Move Ahead with UNCAC
The executive of the Belize Peace Movement wants the government to move ahead and to implement the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. Today, one of its leading representatives, Paco Smith, [...]

Calypso Rose Covers Watina and Films Music Video in Hopkins
Legendary musician Calypso Rose arrived in Belize today where she will be shooting a music video for the first single from her new album, Forever Young.  The lead single is [...]

ComPol Begins Tour; First Stop San Pedro
The Commissioner of Police Chester Williams commenced his official tour of the country. His first stop was in the islands of Caye Caulker and San Pedro, comprising the jurisdiction of [...]

ComPol: 2 Substations Needed for San Pedro
As part of the tour, a town hall session was held with residents and various stakeholders in San Pedro on February sixth. While the police department was lauded for its [...]

47 Participants Certified in Administrative Assistant Training from BTEC
The Belize Center for Employment Training wrapped up its administrative assistant training course today with a passing out ceremony for almost fifty trainees.  The participants did three weeks of trainings, [...]

Two-Day COBEC Conference Wraps Up in Belmopan
The Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation thirty-second conference also concluded today at the UB Campus in Belize City. COBEC has been around for over thirty years and it connects Belize [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: February 8, 2020 [Re: Marty] #540470
02/08/20 06:40 AM
02/08/20 06:40 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


US prosecutor probes fraud spending in Belize
The trial of accused fraudster Lev Dermen continues in the US District Court in Salt Lake City, Utah. Yesterday, Jacob Kingston was led to the court in handcuffs to begin his testimony, which will continue for the next several days. Dermen, who is also known as Levon Termendzhyan, was the business partner of the Kingston family, four of whose members have been charged in the massive fraud case involving their company, Washakie Renewable Energy, which was used to defraud the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) out of $511 million dollars.

Businessman Richard Harrison, 55, dies in traffic accident
A tragic traffic accident between Miles 55 and 56 on the George Price Highway, in the vicinity of Ontario Village, claimed the life of Belizean entrepreneur and former politician Richard Harrison. He was 55. Police reported that Wilmer Kornelson, 48, a truck driver of Spanish Lookout, was driving a truck loaded with pine lumber. When he turned a curve, the lumber that was strapped onto his truck dislodged and fell into the road. Harrison, who was traveling in the opposite direction, heading west, collided with the many pieces of lumber that fell from the truck.

Faber vs Saldivar on Sunday
The United Democratic Party (UDP) will make political history in Belize on Sunday, February 9, when 570 delegates, chosen from among all 31 electoral constituencies, decide which of the two candidates vying for leadership of the party will be the new UDP leader. The governing UDP will also make another kind of history, because the independent media will not be allowed inside the Belize City Center, where the convention will be held. The media will be banned from the convention until after the party has conducted its business of carrying out elections and setting party policy in the form of motions.

Another suspected drug plane found
On January 26, less than five days after an intact suspected drug plane was found abandoned in the remote area between Crooked Tree, Belize District, and Shipyard, Orange Walk District, another suspected drug plane was found, but this time in a remote area between Monkey River and Punta Negra, Toledo District, in the south of the country. The plane was seen severely damaged and burnt. It is believed that it crash-landed and it was deliberately destroyed. The person or persons who were traveling in the plane were nowhere to be found, and it is not known what cargo it was carrying.

BSI/ASR threatens stevedores’ earnings
Last September, Amandala broke the story that ASR/BSI was conducting “experimental runs” on the highways, using trucks to transport sugar to the port at Big Creek, in the Stann Creek District, and in that manner, was bypassing the Port of Belize Limited, in Belize City, which uses stevedores to load sugar barges for transportation of sugar to the overseas markets. Those “experimental runs” have been having hard-hitting effects on the earnings of approximately 150 Belize City-based stevedores, represented by the Christian Workers Union, (CWU) which has been engaged in protracted negotiations with the receivership of the Port of Belize Limited (PBL) for better working conditions for its members.

BNTU and MoE say progress achieved on some issues
The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), the Minister of Education and the Ministry’s technical staff held a marathon negotiating session today to address several issues that are of pressing concern to the union. The negotiations were held against a backdrop of instructions from the union’s general membership to initiate industrial action, if the issues were not addressed to their satisfaction by the Ministry of Education (MoE). After negotiating for more than 5 hours, both sides came out of the negotiations claiming that progress was made on some of the issues that they discussed today.

Meighan brothers charged with being members of a gang
It was with heavy police security that three brothers — Ellis “Juice” Meighan, 27; Tyrone “Debo” Meighan, 26; and Shaquille Meighan, 23 —were escorted yesterday to the Magistrate’s Court on a charge of being members of a gang, namely, the Banak Street clique of the Ghost Town Crips. They pleaded not guilty to the charge when they appeared before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts Anderson. Because of the nature of the offence, they were denied bail and were remanded. They told Senior Magistrate Anderson that they were threatened and they feared that they would be beaten by the police while they were being taken to prison.

Post-mortem shows that Khris Gentle, 26, drowned
A post-mortem exam conducted on the body of Khris Gentle, 26, a fisherman of Cemetery Lane, was carried out at a medical facility on the Boom-Hattieville Road yesterday. At the conclusion of the exam, the doctor who conducted the autopsy, certified that Gentle’s death was caused by asphyxia, as a result of inhalation of fluid consistent with drowning. Gentle’s family and police said that no signs of foul play were seen on his body.

Diego Correa, 35, arraigned for murder of friend
Diego Onorio Correa, 35, an unemployed resident of Libertad, Corozal District, has been remanded until April 6 for a charge of murder. Police allege that Correa stabbed Juan Mendez, 37, of Concepcion Corozal District, causing his death. The incident occurred Saturday night in Concepcion in Mendez’s yard. Daniel Mendez, Juan’s brother, told the media that they were socializing with Correa, who was their childhood friend, in the village on Saturday night.

Jesus Monteroso, 20, remanded for the murder of Daniel Cano, 27
Jesus Monteroso, 20, a sales clerk of Paraiso, Corozal District, has been remanded for the stabbing death of Daniel Cano, 27, of Concepcion. He was taken this morning to the Corozal Magistrate’s Court, where was arraigned by Magistrate Ed Usher, who read the murder charge to him. No plea was taken and he was remanded until April 23. The vicious stabbing occurred at the home of Antonio Anderson in Concepcion on Saturday night.

Editorial: Falling merchandise exports, increasing dependence on services
It’s not the prettiest picture that’s seen when we take a first glance at the latest data from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) on our exports and imports for 2019. The SIB says that between January and December 2019 we exported $411.8 million worth of goods, and we imported $1.97 billion worth of goods. In terms of dollars, goods we imported exceeded goods we exported by $1.56 billion, and expressed as a fraction, our imports exceeded goods we exported by almost five times. The picture is not as bleak as it looks at first glance. A sizable chunk of our imports are destined for the Commercial Free Zones, so our import bill is not as large as we see in the report. The SIB says that the cost of goods imported into the free zones went up from $324 million in 2018 to $329.9 million in 2019.

In Belama, Apollo Street is a continuous drain on City Hall resources
In August 2014, there was a contract signing at the Ministry of Works conference room, in Belmopan. Government signed contracts that were valued at 5 million dollars under the Flood Mitigation Program that was funded by a US$10 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). At that Ministry of Works contract signing, M&R Construction signed a contract for $1.8 million. The contract was for the upgrading of Apollo Street, a main thoroughfare in the Belama area. That upgrading work was reportedly supposed to have been done in 9 months, by May 2015.

BATSUB is the modern “old pirates”
The Defence Ministry’s CEO says the article by the Daily Maverick, which says that the British army uses land in Belize for training, “has a lot of inaccuracies.” During the heydays of British colonialism in Belize, the Colonial Power had the entire country to itself to rape and plunder its forestry resources at will. That should have ended with the arrival of independence, especially in light of the “appropriate time” defense guarantee the British Government set as an easy exit, leaving its territorial dispute with Guatemala unresolved. An audit report done in Belize for the British Ministry of Defence has confirmed, however, that the British Army has been using large portions of Belize’s land mass to train its soldiers and has not been paying anything to the country for the use of this land.

More flack for the Equal Opportunities Bill
While the community still has mixed emotions concerning the Equal Opportunities Bill, new entities are joining the band of those not in favor. Since January, the Anti-Discrimination Steering Committee, through the efforts of the Special Envoy of Women and Children, The National AIDS Commission and other partners, has made numerous attempts to build transparency and support for the bill. These attempts include the countrywide public consultations which took place from January 11th-18th, a media breakfast with the Belize Council of Churches on January 21, a Q&A meeting with the Ministry of Education on January 30 and a series of informative posts on social media.

Shots from Melchor fired at Western Border Customs building
The Customs and Immigration building on the Belize side of the Western Border was damaged by gunshots last night after it was shot at multiple times by an unknown shooter from across the Guatemalan side of the border. Luckily, no one was hurt. A complaint has been made to the Melchor de Mencos police so that an investigation can be launched into the shooting of the building.

“Dumb Things Parents Say To Their Children”: a booklet by a former Amandala reporter
Parenting is a skill that some people learn through trial and errors. The errors from the trial, however, can leave devastating results for years in the lives of the children, unless serious counseling is sought. A Belizean who has been living and teaching in the United States for almost three decades has addressed this most sensitive topic, in a kind, compassionate way in a small, but powerful booklet by the name, “Dumb Things Parents Say To Their Children”. Jennifer Betson Williams is presently visiting her family members and took time out to stop by Amandala to share her work with us. Before she went to live in the United States, Williams worked at Amandala as a reporter.

From The Publisher
Those of my generation who did history at the high school (“Ordinary”) level in the 1950s and 1960s basically studied mostly British and a little European history during the last part of the fifteenth century, the sixteenth century, and a large portion of the seventeenth century. If, like myself, you went on to do history at the Sixth Form (“Advanced”) level, then you would do a lot of European history, cum British, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, perhaps even some nineteenth century matters. This is a long time ago, so I cannot be sure of the specifics. I think that when we started history at St. John’s College in the first form, we began with the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, which is when Henry VII became King of England by becoming the victor in the so-called War of the Roses. Thus began the Tudor family dynasty in English royalty.

Cricket Corner – Brothers Keagan and Kristan Tillett dominated Brilliant’s game
Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Sir Barry Bowen/ Harrison Parks 2020 Cricket Competition kicked off over the weekend with some very interesting and exciting matches. I’m pleased to highlight you with the results by starting with Western Eagles vs Northern Spirit.

Belize City primary school basketball update
Primary school basketball, female (F) and male (M), continues daily with games in the afternoons at Swift Hall; and while some of the teams are not very competitive, with a number of lopsided scores resulting, there are a few teams that stand out, and some raw talents beginning to emerge in the Belize City Primary Schools Basketball Tournament 2019-2020.

C-Ray Full-Throttle Thursday Race results – February 6, 2020
Here are the results of this morning’s C-Ray Full-Throttle Thursday Race, that left from in front of Data Pro and travelled to the Hattieville roundabout and returned, for a total of 23.8 miles, averaging 24.9 mph in a time of 56.49 (56 minutes 49 seconds). The station prize going (Prison) was won by Brandon Cattouse; and that on the return (Fresh Pond) was taken by David Banner, Jr.

The legendary Belizean boxer of the 1970s, Raymond “Sixteen” Thompson, hails the late and legendary Gustavo Marin as Belize’s greatest boxing trainer of all time. Not only was Marin one of the best cornermen, who had the back of many of the legendary Belizean boxers, like Roy “Shorty” Clarke, Trinidad-born Fitzroy Guisseppi, Leroy Hardiman, Frank “Tukutak” Humes, Thompson himself, and many others, but he ran the most progressive and successful boxing gym in the country, that produced the best boxers in Belizean boxing history at his famous “Independence Gym”. The legendary Gus Marin, according to Thompson, trained his fighters with some of the most effective conditioning training techniques, that “ripped” them into serious shape for a fight.

She painfully looks for identity as the lifeless body of her son is laid out in the back of the Belizean police truck: that has become a common sight now in a kind of civil war involving black-on-black crime that has engulfed the nation state of Belize. It has become very sad now for many Belizeans to watch those heart-wrenching images of the destruction of a young population of Belizean young men who were supposed to be Belize’s hope for the future. But most deeply hurting for many of us is to stomach the devastation of the young mother who cries out for help with her tears that have exposed the promises that were never kept.

Our sociable, not so sociable, and reclusive tribes
I have said that my tribe, the Kriol, is the glue to this nation because we are the tribe that is racially, culturally mixed up with all the other tribes in Belize. It is a Garifuna Belizean, Chico Ramos, who sang, A wahn marid to ahn, but that sounds like a Kriol anthem. I told you I don’t know everything. It isn’t gazetted, but Chico might be Garifuna/Kriol. In this risky discussion I note, based on my day-to-day observations, how the different tribes in our country interact in this beloved nation we call Belize. Ah, I’ve been this way before, so call this my latest look.

EOB = PUDP betrayal
Today, January 28, after having gotten a copy of the EOB (Equal Opportunity Bill), I had just gotten through a review when I was told, “You have wasted some hours of time. The deal has been done; the Prime Minister has signed the agreement.” Yesterday, making a declaration, the Leader of the Opposition had stated: ‘I haven’t read it, but I approve it’, or words to that effect. I have never in my life felt so disrespected.

Master Emerson Jerome Duncan
There had been no noteworthy developments that we knew of during the month of July that affected the matter uppermost on all our minds, but in early August a rumour had started going around that Jerome and Dr. Francis had been seen having a discussion at a table in the far corner of the doctors’ lounge. Of course nobody had been near enough to hear what had been the subject of conversation. The only thing that could be said was that the meeting seemed a cordial one, which really provided no clue since both men were known for their polite manners.

Derricia Castillo-Salazar writes Brigadier General Steven Ortega
Dear Brigadier General Ortega, I am writing to you on behalf of myself and other former officers of the BDF, and on behalf of the over 400 citizens of Belize and civil society organizations who have signed a petition to ensure that the matter of sexual abuse and assault in the BDF is fully investigated, and the culture of violence against women in the BDF is changed.

InSight Crime’s 2019 Homicide Round-Up
In its annual Homicide Round-Up, InSight Crime looks into the country-by-country murder rates and the factors influencing them.

The Reporter

Lord Ashcroft Applies To Join Redistricting Case
The redistricting case before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin took an interesting twist today, when Andrew Marshalleck, Attorney for Lord Michael Ashcroft presented an application to the Court to be allowed to join the Belize Peace Movement and other interested parties who are before the Court with the case.

MoH Confirms No One on Flight Originated from China
Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero, has confirmed with the Reporter that there was no one originating from China on a plane which arrived in Belize from El Salvador this week.

Police Charge Shane Bennett for Anthony Parks’ Murder
Police have arrested and charged Shane Bennett, 33, of Independence Village for the murder of Anthony Parks.

MOH Clarifies Media Reports Of Coronavirus Case In Belize
The Ministry of Health says there are misleading statements of a suspected Coronavirus case at the Northern border.

The Facebook Samaritan
Albert Magdaleno manages his page under the name Ladyvillenews Highlights. A quick browse through his profile does not even reveal much about the man. He makes posts also under subtitles such as “Blast from the Past”, “Laughter is the Best Medicine” and “Be Your Own Boss.”


Richard Harrison’s brother speaks on his untimely passing
Yesterday, 56-year-old Richard Harrison died after being involved in a road traffic accident on the George Price Highway. Harrison was a well-known businessman from San Ignacio Town whose family is known for their Big H Enterprise.

Erlin Gomez charged for assault of a teenage girl
40-year-old Erlin Gomez was remanded to the Belize Central Prison after he was charged for two counts of sexual assault. A fifteen-year-old minor alleged that he touched her inappropriately on her genitals and grabbed her breast.

Coronavirus scare proved to be false
Reports on social media last night alarmed residents as one news media had posted that a person was detained at our border with Mexico after they were exhibiting signs of influenza. The reports stated that the Belizean national was returning from a trip to China and had signs of respiratory illness.

Public Service Union engages in anti-corruption training
The Love Foundation, through funding by the US Embassy, has rolled out a lecture series on Anti-Corruption. We have been following past few training sessions with different organizations, and today, it was the Public Service Union’s (PSU) turn.

House fire in Belize City is quickly extinguished by firefighters
A small wooden house was completely destroyed by fire yesterday in Belize City. According to the owner, Floid Burgess, he was in front of his yard on Ebony Street with his friends when he smelled smoke coming from behind his house. Sleeping inside the small wooden structure was his nephew, Orlando Burgess.

Lord Michael Ashcroft back on the frontline
Lord Michael Ashcroft is back on the frontline as he has applied to be included in the Redistricting case before the Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. The late application forced the Chief Justice to give an additional week for preparation.

Tick Tock; time approaches for new UDP party leader to be selected
With less than 48 hours left for the UDP Convention on Sunday, it is anybody’s guess who will be the new party leader. At some points in the last few months, things seemed in favour of Faber and then there were some instances where Saldivar seemed to be ahead in the race with the support from the majority of the Cabinet members.

Men beaten then sent to jail?
A family in the Cayo District is claiming that the police are abusing their authority. Yesterday, 20-year-old Juan Ico and Marvin Ical went fishing and got into an altercation with persons who live at a farm nearby. Love News understands that the altercation ensued when the persons from the farm insinuated that Ico and Ical hit their dogs.

Are UDP delegates being bribed by Ministers?
In the days leading up to Sunday’s convention, we have received reports of the delegates being bribed by certain Ministers, in the hope of securing a seat on the UDP Executive on Sunday. One such allegation of bribery has to do with the issuance of lands. According to KREM’s News Director, Marisol Amaya, a long queue was observed at the Lands Department.

Public Meeting in San Pedro
The Commissioner of Police has initiated a countrywide tour and is engaging the public in various municipalities. On Thursday night he was on Ambergris Caye where he met with key stakeholders in the tourism industry and the community. Among the main issues discussed were the reduction of crime on the island and the consumption of alcohol as one of the major causes of traffic related incidents. Our Island correspondent has the details.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Should there be less constituencies in Belize City and more in the districts? – Lord Ashcroft joins redistricting case
Lord Michael Ashcroft this afternoon made common cause with the Belize PEACE Movement’s efforts to […]

Belize Training and Employment Centre graduates new cohort from job preparedness training
The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of the Belize Trade and Investment […]

Dear UDP delegate:
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

Belmopan Mayor says Dermen/Kingston meeting before plane photo went nowhere
Mayor of Belmopan, Khalid Belisle, is the latest United Democratic Party politician forced to explain […]

Picture surfaces showing Mayor Khalid Belisle with Lev Dermen and others
On Thursday, February 7, Jacob Kingston, an associate of alleged international fraudster, Lev Dermen testified […]

Shane Bennett charged for the murder of Anthony Parks
Police have officially charged Shane Bennett, 33, of Independence Village for the murder of 37-year-old […]

Belize Peace Movement calls out Barrow Administration on corruption
The Belize Peace Movement has called out the Government of Belize (GOB) and Prime Minister […]

Calypso Rose in Belize to shoot video with The Garifuna Collective
Today, Stonetree Records announced that in co-production with Maturity Music (Trinidad) and Because Music (France), […]

Gallons and ammunition found near burnt aircraft in Southern Belize
Authorities issued an official report today regarding the discovery of a suspected drug plane yesterday […]

COLA says John Saldivar is not “the way forward” for the U.D.P., nor Belize
For various reasons, the organization Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) says it does […]

Prime Minister Barrow on Faber campaign ad; should not be interpreted as an endorsement
The United Democratic Party (UDP) issued a statement saying that Prime Minister Dean Barrow has […]

Scientists urge action to save Central American peccary from extinction
Scientists are calling for countries in Central America to take immediate action to keep the […]

“The River of Art Flows Everywhere” on display at the Benque House of Culture
The Benque House of Culture is inviting the public to join them tonight at 7:00 […]

Shyne Barrow: Prime Minister remains neutral in support for either candidate
Son of Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, Shyne issued a statement last night saying that PM […]

Belize signs Treaty on the prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
On February 6th, 2020, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Belize to the United Nations, […]


Pelican Rescue: Be Careful with Our Dive Bombing Friends!
Yesterday, as we docked the boat at the back of San Pedro town, I spotted a brown pelican – and something was definitely not right. His beak looked wonky and I wanted to get a bit of a closer look before I alerted my friends at ACES – the wild animal rescue heroes we are so lucky to have on Ambergris Caye. My guy had a different issue. I sent the photos to Chris and Christina and left to take my dog to the Vet. We had a 1pm appointment.

A February of Love and Celebration!
We have officially kissed the New Year goodbye and are now embracing 2020’s exciting happenings. February has much to offer, not only is it the month of love but also signals the arrival of El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro! Planning on spending Valentine’s Day on Ambergris Caye? There’s no shortage of romantic venues on La Isla Bonita! From dinners overlooking a warm sunset at Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace to a cruise onboard the YOLO, we can help you impress your special date!

About Belize Sea Turtles
The Belize Barrier Reef is so rich in wondrous species of sea life that this gentle reptile is sometimes overlooked or downright ignored. I remember as a child on school vacation, on an undiscovered San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, how thrilling it was for me to go out with our neighbor, “Don Rafa”, who made his living from the sea. We woke up at dawn and set out for the fringe of the reef to see what bounty we could catch that day. At that time, it was legal to catch sea turtles and sell them for their meat and eggs, also, to use the turtle shell as raw material for all kinds of utensils. Today, this is not allowed. We now must protect and preserve them from extinction.

Forbes “Best in Travel” – Eight Underrated Destinations to Visit in 2020
With everyone rushing to announce the “best” places to visit in 2020, we’re looking at another list: underrated, off-the-beaten-path destinations where you can immerse yourself in nature or culture far from hordes of international tourists. That’s not to say these destinations aren’t known among in-the-know travelers and frequent fliers: they simply deserve much more credit than they get. From charming, cosmopolitan cities to historic gems and untapped beaches, here are 10 underrated places you should visit in 2020—plus, where to stay and what to see.

Backpacking Through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala: A Cheaper Way to Live
One of the best ways to start a backpacking trip through countries like Mexico, Belize and Guatemala would be to book a flight to Cancun, Mexico, and use that city as a starting point. There are many international flights that reach this location and just about all of them are quite affordable. Once you have made it to Cancun, you can pass through the various beaches of Cancun, then pass through Playa del Carmen and then Tulum, before making your way into Belize. Since you are the only one who knows how much time you have to spend on this trip, know that all three of these countries have plenty of hostels to provide room and board.

Solo Female Travel in Belize — Is Belize Safe?
It depends — I think Belize is good for some but not all first-time solo female travelers. If you already have a good amount of travel experience and have just never traveled solo, or if you have lived in a big city, you may have a better time in Belize. Why is this? Because the street harassment is significant, especially on the islands and beaches. It’s hard to go anywhere alone on Caye Caulker without the men yelling stuff at you. It happens day and night, whether they’re on their own or with others, and it can make you feel threatened.

International Sourcesizz

The Simone Biles vault that might be too risky for the Olympics
Widely considered the best gymnast of all time, Biles tweeted “2020” along with eyes emojis and a question mark, letting others consider the possibility of seeing this vault in competition. Will Biles actually perform this skill at the Tokyo Olympics or in other events this season? Probably not. But that mere chance, and the potential she showed in the video, will fuel discussions about Biles’s dominance in this sport.

Mexico, Don’t Stand in the Way of Central American Migrants Headed for the U.S.
The American immigration system needs a complete makeover, but López Obrador’s government shouldn’t act as an extension of the Border Patrol.


  • Campeonato Centroamericano Infantil y Juvenil, Belice 2020 DAY 4 Morning, 2hr58min.

  • Campeonato Centroamericano Infantil y Juvenil, Belice 2020 DAY 4 Morning, 2hr58min.

  • Campeonato Centroamericano Infantil y Juvenil, Belice 2020 DAY 4 Afternoon, 4hr45min.

  • Four Seasons- Caye Chapel, Belize, 2min.

  • Travel is a Force For Good, 2.5min. A classroom of students from Oakland travel to Belize for a transformative travel experience. We captured the kid's adventure and the transformative experiences travel offers.

  • Boys In Belize, 8min. Scuba diving.

  • Belize Horseback Ride, 1min. T'initz Tours Belize offers a fantastic jungle ride near San Ignacio, Belize. This gives a nice , quick look at the experience - enjoy!

  • The Incredible Protection Of The Manatees Of Belize, min.

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries, 2min.

  • Belize Now, 31min. In the headlines: The Ministry of Immigration discusses changes in the passport application process and we learn about two organizations that are bringing hope to their communities. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now.

  • Scuba dive San Pedro Belize and Mahahal Mexico, 10min. Scuba diving at San Pedro, Hol Chan, Blue Hole, Half Moon Cay and Mahahual Mexico in January 2020.

  • Cahal Pech in Belize, 8.5min. leider funktioniert unser Blog im Moment nicht und darauf wollten wir euch in diesem Video hinweisen! Wir sind gerade in Belize und haben die tolle Mayaruine Cahal Pech bei San Ignacio angesehen. Diese schönen Eindrücke wollen wir natürlich gerne mit euch teilen und zeigen euch somit ein wenig von der Ruine. Sie ist beeindruckend und wenig besucht also schaut es euch an! ;-)

  • Belize '19 - Day2, min. Day 2 of our sailing trip to Belize in October of '19.

  • Belize Diving Trip, 14min. These clips are from our first two days of diving off Ambergis Caye, Belize. We saw lots of reef shark and our dive guide appeared to have 'pet' nurse sharks at each canyon we dove. I've seen a decent amount of nurse shark in other locals, but usually they're just sitting on a sandy bottom. These followed us the whole dive.

  • CAMERAS GO UP in COROZAL, 5min. The Corozal Police Department will be putting up more of these around town. Get involved with fighting crime by coming to the Citizens Advisory Committee on the last Thursday of the month. Corozal Police Department 6 PM.

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