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The San Pedro Sun

Gabriela Varela returns from participating in the Miss Reina Hispanoamericana pageant
San Pedro resident Gabriela Varela returned to Belize on Tuesday, February 11th via Tropic Air to San Pedro Town from the Philip Goldson International Airport. She participated in the 2019 Miss Reina Hispanoamericana pageant on Friday, February 8th, held in Bolivia. Reina Hispanoamericana is an annual beauty pageant celebrating Hispanic heritage, language, and culture, which started in 1991 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Originally restricted to the ten countries in South America, it now sees participation from more than 20 countries.

Belize Cybercrime law to secure credit card payments
The Belize tourism industry stands to benefit greatly by having its electronic payments infrastructure secured by Belize’s first cybercrime law. The Council of Europe and the Forum of Presidents of Legislative Assemblies (FOPREL) of Central America and the Caribbean are helping to draft the law at a four-day workshop hosted by the Ministry of National Security at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel from Monday through Thursday, February 13th.

Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge celebrates women with Ladies Night event
On Saturday, February 8th, the Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge hosted a Ladies Night event at the Dirty Martini, a cocktail bar located at Mahogany Bay Village south of San Pedro Town. For a fee, part of which was a contribution to the Lodge, attendees enjoyed a hearty buffet with refreshments while mingling and participating in an auction at the end of the evening.

Belize Hosts First Mesoamerica Project Executive Commissioners Meeting
Belize hosted the First Meeting of the Executive Commission of the Mesoamerica Integration and Development Project under its Co-Presidency Pro-tempore of the Mesoamerica Integration and Development Project. During the meeting, Presidential Commissioners of the Project received Belize’s Work Plan and Calendar of Activities of its Co-Pro-Tempore Presidency. Mexico serves as a Permanent Pro-tempore Presidency of the Project.

Ambergris Today

Hon. John Saldivar Resigns From Cabinet
On Thursday, February 13, 2020, The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) announced that the Hon. John Saldivar submitted to the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow his letter of resignation from the Cabinet of Belize. Hon. Saldivar’s resignation is with immediate effect and is done, Hon Saldivar explained, to give himself an opportunity to get out from under the cloud of suspicion resulting from the barrage of accusations leveled against him. He expressed the hope of regaining the confidence of the public and the support of Cabinet once he has cleared his name.

Lobster Season Closure Announcement
The Fisheries Department has informed fishers and the public that the lobster season will be closed on February 15th and it will remain closed until midnight of June 14th, 2020. Anyone found in possession of lobster during the said period will be prosecuted in accordance with Section 3(1) (b) of the Fisheries Regulation, Chapter 210 of the Subsidiary Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2000-2003.

BEL Installs New Generation Unit For Caye Caulker
Customers of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) in Caye Caulker will soon benefit from a new 1705kW capacity generation unit that arrived on the island early Wednesday, February 12, 2020. The unit was sourced from Panama in January to provide increased generation capacity and reliability of power supply.

Various Belizean Sources


Job opportunity at the U.S. Embassy. They need a chauffeur
Closing date: February 20, 2020

World Water Day 2020 Poster Competition
Deadline March 4th.

2020 World Water Day Award
This award recognizes and encourages greater contributions to the advancement of water resources management in Belize.

BNN calls on GOB to introduce campaign financing legislation immediately
In the context of this week’s political fallout in the wake of testimony given in Utah courtrooms, the Belize Network of NGOs (BNN) calls on the Government of Belize to take all necessary steps to immediately introduce campaign finance legislation to set out transparency and parameters on how funds are provided to political parties and candidates vying for public office. We believe the new campaign finance laws should include limits on the size of contributions to political parties and political candidates, require that all campaign contributions be declared, that spending in elections be regulated, and that election expenses be made publicly available and subject to limits for candidates and registered political parties, among other provisions. We urge the Government to introduce such campaign finance legislation before the passage of the budget for the new fiscal year.

Closure of the Lobster Fishing Season
The Fisheries Department takes this opportunity to inform fishers and the public that the lobster season will be closed on February 15th and it will remain closed until midnight of June 14th, 2020. Any person found in possession of lobster during the said closed season will be prosecuted in accordance with Section 3(1) (b) of the Fisheries Regulation, Chapter 210 of the Subsidiary Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2000-2003.

John Saldivar officially resigns from Cabinet
The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) announces that the Hon. John Saldivar this afternoon submitted to the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow his letter of resignation from the Cabinet of Belize. Hon. Saldivar’s resignation is with immediate effect and is done, Hon Saldivar explained, to give himself an opportunity to get out from under the cloud of suspicion resulting from the barrage of accusations leveled against him. He expressed the hope of regaining the confidence of the public and the support of Cabinet once he has cleared his name.

National meeting of the Parliamentary Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition
Under Belize’s current Co-Presidency Pro Tempore of the Mesoamerica Integration and Development Project, a national meeting of the Parliamentary Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition, coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), was held today, February 13th, in Belmopan. Speaker of the House of Representative Honourable Laura Tucker-Longsworth and President of the Senate Honourable Darrell Bradley chaired the meeting.

Barbecue sale for the Corozal Bay Sailing Club
As you all know we are the largest sailing club in Belize and are very active, as such there is always the need to improve/fix our equipment for the kids. We will be having our delicious annual Barbecue fund raiser on 28th February between 10:00am and 1:00pm at Frank’s Meat Products. We thank you in advance for your support! N.B. Tickets will be available at Frank’s


Come for a spectacular evening of family fun and entertainment. Lots of Games of Chance - Great prizes - Presentations - Dances - Food - Drinks Saturday, February 29th, at the St. Francis School Auditorium from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Come out and support a worthy cause!

Books in Bags is a great initiative
SHOUT OUT the Belize Resorts & Lodges that have already signed up for our NEW "BOOKS in BAGS" program . The program is open to all Belize accommodations - all they have to do is invite their guests to bring children's books in their luggage for the Tek Time fi Read project.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Knives Outdated, Come to Daddy, Charlie's Angels, Dolittle.

Channel 7

Text Messages Big Reveal! Saldivar Asked Kingston For 50K USD
Today in Utah, Jacob Kingston's testimony finished his testimony after the defence retired.  And, tonight, Jill Parrish, Judge for the US District Court for Utah has released the transcripts of text messages exchanges between John Saldivar and Jacob Kingston.  And we know it is John Saldivar because the cell phone number in the text messages is the number we have for him form many years, up to the present day.   We will present everything that was entered into evidence.  It begins at 3:10 pm on February second, 2011, Saldivar opens saying "Hey Jacob".

Saldivar's Seppuku
And so, there it is, we can say with certainty now that John Saldivar's consistent denials, right up until Sunday at the UDP convention were false.  Here is proof he positioned himself to get money from Lev Dermen through Jacob Kingston, and he confirmed he received it.  As we said, the number in the messages is known to be his number.   This text transcript was released from the Utah courthouse at 5:10 PM, and it surely would be enough to force the Prime Minister to fire Saldivar who he suspended indefinitely yesterday.  

Faber Says Saldivar Can Still Make A Comeback
And we also got a chance to speak with Patrick Faber - who Saldivar defeated in a leadership race a few days ago. Again, this was before we got the text message transcript, but here's what Faber said about Saldivar's resignation: Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education: "Well as I've often maintained, John and I are friends, so it does bother me to see what has now become his faith but as you have pointed time and time again on your now extended news cast, Saldivar is a fighter and he's one who keeps coming back. I think they had said that about Clint, so I wouldn't count him out altogether just yet. I believe he is the kind of person who will do whatever kind of introspection he needs to do and he will come back. I mean, I should know, I have been his opponent several times and I know that he doesn't give up."

COMPOL Says Police Continue Work Without Saldivar
But, right now the priority for the Prime Minister is to find a new Minister of National Security.  Today's release says he has, quote, "immediately embarked on consultations with his Cabinet colleagues and expects shortly to designate a new Minister of National Security." End quote. Today we asked the new commissioner if he knows who it is: Jules Vasquez: "Sir now how this affect the functioning of the police department? We live in a state where citizen security is a major issue. How does the transition affect you all in terms of Mr. Saldivar had one leadership style and suddenly he's vaporized politically and now you all are back Elodio Aaragon, a former colleague of yours is holding the portfolio. How does it affect the function and direction of the police department?" Ches

Faber Talks About The UDP Tangle
So, as you heard, in the meantime, Minister of State Hon. Elodio Aragon, Jr. will oversee the affairs of the Ministry. And who will take over the UDP?  Last night we told you that the new favorite to do so is the unassuming Hugo Patt.   But, Patrick Faber might have something to say about that.  Today he met with the Prime Minister at his Belize City office.  He didn't tell us what the meeting was about - but we did discuss who should lead the UDP:..

Will Faber Run for Leader Again?
So, with all that said, will Patrick Faber run again when the UDP has a convention to elect another new leader?  Today, he wasn't sure:
Jules Vasquez: "Saldivar's fall was foretold. Did the convention just exist as a battering-ram to get you out of the way because you no gwen lead fi we party, that's how some people felt right?" Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education: "That's certainly how you felt; I've heard you repeat that over and over in your extended newscast. Anybody who was a standard bearer and all of my colleagues..."

PUP Go On the Offensive
At the top of the news, we showed you the text messages exchanged between Jacob Kingston and the UDP's John Saldivar. The text messages imply that Saldivar traveled to Miami in February 2014 to pick up $50,000 US dollars in cash, a payment which Kingston says he made to Saldivar on behalf of Lev Dermen.  Saldivar continues to assert that he is innocent and that he will be able to clear his name of any wrongdoing. In the wake of this scandal. - and before the test messages were received, he has resigned from the Cabinet, and he has also stepped down as the UDP's Party Leader Elect. 

PUP Plan Major Protest
So, to show that the PUP has the weight of the general public's support to bring pressure against the Barrow Government, they are organizing a grand protest in the next coming days. Here are the details that the Opposition Leader shared on that demonstration at today's press conference: Hon. John Briceno - Leader of the Opposition: "Yesterday I directed all our standard bearers to begin intense efforts to culminate with a massive mobilization through the streets of Belize. (Applause) And on Monday, we are going to announce that date, so that we could get all citizens, PUP, UDP, social partners, private sector to join together, to join as Belizeans and to ensure to tell Barrow in one word, enough is enough, end of the corruption."

PSU Calls For Saldivar to Resign, He Did
Ahead of Minister Saldivar's resignation came the Public Service Union's assertion that Prime Minister Dean Barrow had not responded proportionately in the wake of yet another corruption scandal. 

Deputy Compol Segura Acquitted, Can He Make A Police Comeback
Turning now to police matters, Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura was acquitted today in the Belmopan Supreme Court.  His trial for various traffic offences resulting from the death of a 54 year-old woman, and the serious injury of her taxi driver in a 2014 accident, started last week before Justice Cumberbatch.

Drug Case Dropped Against Supt Chi and Constable Norman Anthony
In other news of a cop getting off a serious charge. The high-profile drug trial of Police Superintendent David Chi and Constable Norman Anthony concluded in a rather abrupt manner today. All charges against the two police officers, as well as the two alleged Mexican drug runners, Eli Figueroa Nunez and Azariaz Manzano have been dismissed. That's because the state couldn't produce enough evidence to prove that they committed any crime.

COMPOL Laments Absence of Witness
So, now that the case has fallen by the wayside - what will the commissioner of police do about it?  For sure, it's a major embarrassment after all the fanfare that accompanied the arrest of two police officers. Today, Chester Williams was matter of fact about it:

Wanted Man in Belize Arrested in Honduras
News reports out of Honduras are that the 38-year-old Belizean, Rodwell Arzu, who was wanted by Belize Police in connection with the 2019 murder of 41 year-old Geraldine Flowers, has been captured in Puerto Cortes.  Viewers may remember the disturbing murder of Geraldine Flowers. On the morning of July 28, 2019, Flowers reportedly allowed Arzu to enter her home in the New Site area of Dangriga Town. He has been identified as her ex-common-law husband, and the two reportedly had a protracted history of domestic violence. She decided to speak with him, and somehow, that discussion escalated into a quarrel, and later to her murder.

Police Look For Suspects In City Shooting
Belize City police are looking for suspects in a shooting incident from yesterday evening which landed 2 men and a 17-year-old minor in the hospital. Sometime before 4 p.m. yesterday, 25-year-old Kelvin Oliver, a resident of Jane Usher; 25-year-old Errol Brown, a resident, JR Street; and a 17-year-old male minor were walking on Water Lane, heading into Baghdad Street.

Baptist Found Guilty Of Murder
For just about 3 and a half years, 30-year-old Valentine Baptist, has been on remand for the murder of 19-year-old Devin Parham. Tonight, he is back at the Belize Central Prison after Justice Colin Williams today found him guilty and gave him a fixed sentence of 26 years and 7 months for Parham's murder. 

Suspended Sentence For Hospital Bully
35-year-old John Burke has received a suspended sentence of 18 months in a case of dangerous harm.  On August 1, 2016, Burke and another man, Kareem Egan, beat one Mario Zelaya unconscious.  Zelaya was walking in the corridor of the KHMH, heading to the emergency section of the hospital when he was brutally attacked by Burke and Egan. 

MOH: Like It Or Not, Corona's Coming
The World Health Organization is reporting that there are almost 47,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus worldwide, with fewer than 1 percent outside mainland China.  8,200 are severe cases, and there have been 1,114 deaths in china.  It has been transmitted to 24 countries, with 441 cases outside of China.   The human body has no immunity to the novel strain which has now been officially labelled COVID-19.   It has not reached Belize, but today the Ministry of Health held a press briefing to say, that inevitably, it will:

The Surveillance Rumor Response
And the ones doing the mobilization right now is the Ministry's Surveillance Response Team.  A part of that means responding to rumours, and they told us about that today: Lorna Perez - Surveillance Officer MOH: "In the event that we detect a suspected case that requires that level of screening because we must understand that there is case definition, there is certain criteria that has to be met for this screening to actually happen..."

Asian Travelers Suffered A Humiliating Night on Airport Floor
And, this weekend, that response had to go to the Phillip Goldson International Airport where 12 persons of Chinese descent arrived on an American Airlines flight form Los Angeles - a few of them exhibiting cold symptoms.   This triggered a response form the Ministry, but also from the Immigration Department, which led to a kind of push and pull. We heard both sides of it today:

Influenza Kills Belizeans Annually
And while the COVID-19 has caused the care, the regular flue kills Belizeans every year.  Today, we got a review of the numbers over the last 10 years: Dr. Russell Manzanero - National Epidemiologist, MOH: "The amount of admissions that have been in hospitals, have been over almost a thousand every year. Of these we've had, for example from 2008 to date, we've had over 900 related deaths to severe Influenza in Belize. I guess what I am trying to get at, is that for Influenza for us, the seasonal Influenzas, the viruses that are out there, is killing our own individuals in our own population. So, we have over 900 deaths related to severe, acute respiratory infections in Belize." The mortality rate for the regular seasonal influenza is just below 2%, while the COVID-19 is just above 2%.

The Reef Report Card
The Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative has put together the latest Reef Report Card. It's the annual assessment of the entire Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System - which passes through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. 
To measure the comparative health of the entire system, marine biologists have sampled 319 different sites along the reef, looking for indicators of a healthy reef system. After collecting all that data, they can then determine which part of the reef system has improved, and which parts are in danger. Well, this year's report card is ready, and according to the experts, at this point, the health of Belize's reef, unlike its mesoamerican neighbors, has improved. And initiative director Melanie McField told us that on this report card day Belize is at top of the class:

Assessment For Super Yacht Damage Super Small
This week we've told you how a superyacht owned by hedge fund billionaire Daniel Loeb ripped up a portion of Belize's reef. 
It caused major damage to the Lighthouse Reef Atoll area after the luxury yacht threw its anchor right unto it.    And, the 75-foot chain of the "Samadhi's" anchor was seen to break off pieces of the reef as it tracked along. And after that the Samadhi just rolled out, leaving the costly, irreparable damage in its wake.  Luckily for Belize, international arms of OCEANA were able to use their networks to reach out to Loeb and the company that manages his yacht. 

A Moment For The Manatees
Belize is the last stronghold of the endangered Antillean Manatees in the world and this Friday, we have the chance to support our gentle herbivores, cocktail in hand.  The Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research institute is having its fifth annual "Cocktails for the Manatees" event tomorrow night at Old Belize KUKUMBA Beach. Jamal Galvez told us why you should buy in: Jamal Galvez - Program director, Clear Water Marine Aquarium Research Institute&: "It's the fifth annual Cocktail for Manatees. This event is for Belize and it is to promote and protect an endangered species of Belize. Literally, Cocktails and those things don't go together but I ensure you they do once you come to the event. ."

BEL's Big Unit On The Small Island
Belize Electricity Limited is reporting tonight that its generating unit, which was purchased from Panama to improve Caye Caulker's Electricity grid, has arrived, and they are already in the process of installing it. Their press release form yesterday says quote, "Customers in Caye Caulker will soon benefit from a new 1705kW capacity generation unit that arrived on the island early this morning. BEL teams have commenced preparations to connect the unit to the power system and conduct testing for 48 hours with the island's load.

Channel 5

Messages Between John Saldivar and Jacob Kingston Revealed
We have heard about the text messages between John Saldivar and Jacob Kingston; well tonight we will share them with you.  The string of texts were presented in the Utah [...]

Saldivar’s Fall from Grace in 72 Hours
John Saldivar was elected as the next leader of the U.D.P. on Sunday at a convention with all the bells and whistles and he portrayed himself as the future of [...]

Kareem Musa Takes on PM Barrow, John Saldivar
The People’s United Party today called a press conference to discuss the state of the nation and called out the Prime Minister to deliver his promise that he would fire [...]

P.U.P. Pledges to Put an End to Corruption
Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his cabinet in 2008 were elected on the platform that they would eradicate corruption. PM Barrow himself had gone on record to say that he [...]

P.U.P. Gets Battle Ready; National Demonstration to be Held
The People’s United Party is mobilizing to hold a national demonstration against corruption in government and others ills.  Leader John Briceño sounded the clarion this morning as the fallout from [...]

P.U.P. Unveils Policies
Along with a national demonstration, the People’s United Party also unveiled its strategic plan to effectively deal with corruption in government.  Leader John Briceño says that policies will be implemented [...]

Decomposing Body Found in Corozal
There is news from Corozal, that the body of a man has been found inside a van on a property located on the Santa Elena Road.  According to the reports, [...]

Charges are Dismissed Against David Chi and Co-Accused Men in Drug Plane Land Case
The case involving two cops and two Mexican nationals accused of landing a drug plane in the Orange Walk District crumbled today in the Orange Walk Court. David Chi, Norman [...]

Former Deputy ComPol Acquitted of Manslaughter by Negligence Charge
In the Belmopan Supreme Court, another former high ranking cop was freed of charges.  Former Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura was acquitted of the charge of manslaughter by negligence [...]

Wanted for Murder, Rodwell Arzu is Captured in Honduras
A man wanted for murder in Belize was captured in Puerto Cortes, Honduras. Rodwell Arzu, a resident of Independence Village has been on the run since July of 2019; police [...]

Ministry of Health Prepares for COVID 19
This morning, the Ministry of Health held its first press conference to discuss COVID 19, formerly known as the corona virus.  Health officials in Belize have been working diligently to [...]

Where is NEMO on Coronavirus?
According to Director of Health Services, Doctor Marvin Manzanero, the Ministry of Health has been working closely with NEMO in coming up with a course of action to combat an [...]

Immigration Officials Explain Recent Corona Virus Scare
From an immigration and border management perspective, Horace Guzman described the incident that happened at the Phillip Goldson International Airport over the weekend.  He says that while the twelve Asian [...]

P.U.P. Standard Bearer Says Belmopan Constituents are Rejecting Saldivar
In the constituency of Belmopan, the P.U.P.’s Standard Bearer Oscar Mira says that the constituents have had enough of John Saldivar. The embattled U.D.P. Area Representative has resigned his ministerial [...]

Opposition Leader Demands Forensic Audit of Petro Funds
In his statement this morning, John Briceño spoke of the Chief Justice’s latest ruling against Dean Barrow and his government. In January C.J. Kenneth Benjamin ruled that over one billion dollars [...]

Toledo West Area Rep Condemns Million-Dollar Contracts Awarded at Julian Cho Tech
Julian Cho Technical High School remains without a principal tonight. It has been months since the school has been thrown into disruption and word to News Five is that three [...]

P.S.U. Issues Statement on John Saldivar
As we told you John Saldivar has resigned from Cabinet as Minister of National Security which means that he now is without a ministry and only holds the title of [...]

Good Indicators for Belize on the Health of the Barrier Reef
While the health of the Meso-America Barrier Reef system is not in the best shape, in Belize it is showing significant improvements. A report card was released today which shows [...]

3 Persons, Including a Minor, are Injured in City Shooting
Three persons, including a seventeen-year-old minor, were injured in a shooting on Baghdad Street in Belize City on February twelfth. Around four p.m., Errol Brown, Kelvin Casimiro and the minor [...]

Teen Escapes Gunfire in Corozal
There was also a shooting in Corozal Town and fortunately, the intended target escaped unhurt. On Wednesday night, a gunman waylaid Michael Franklin and as he exited his house, the [...]

Healthy Living – Demystifying the Novel Coronavirus
Earlier, you saw the Ministry of Health’s first press conference on the new coronavirus or COVID Nineteen. They used the opportunity to update the public on the latest discoveries of [...]

The Reporter

John Saldivar Offers Full Resignation: Gone From Cabinet
Just four days after he was victorious at the U.D.P. National Convention and assumed the post of U.D.P. leader elect, John Saldivar has offered his full resignation from the Cabinet of Belize.

Rodwell Arzu Apprehended In Puerto Cortes, Honduras
A Puerto Cortes, Honduras media house is reporting the capture of Rodwell Arzu, 38. Arzu has been on the run from Police since July 30, 2019, when he shot and killed Geraldine Flowers at her home in the New Site area of Dangriga.


PUP responds to the PM’s decision to suspend John Saldivar
The Opposition Party (PUP) was to address the media this afternoon in a formal press conference but that was moved to tomorrow. They did, however, ask the media to meet with them briefly following a meeting at Independence Hall. According to the PUP Chairman Henry Charles Usher, their meeting was mostly to discuss party policies. We’ll get to that later.

What’s next for the UDP ?
The suspense of what would be John Saldivar’s fate was all over by early afternoon. After what we were told was an intense meeting among the UDPs and after failing to get an interview with the Party Chairman, Michael Peyrefitte, the UDP’s Facebook Page went live with a statement from Peyrefitte.

Hugo Patt loses his cool with the media
A few days before the convention we told you of the allegations that delegates were receiving land in exchange for their votes. Minister of Lands, Hugo Patt was asked about this as exited today’s emergency Cabinet meeting.

BCCI urges PM to investigate the Dermen and Saldivar scandal
As if things were not bad enough for John Saldivar, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry is now asking the Prime Minister that a criminal investigation be launched into the Dermen and Saldivar transactions. The Chamber has joined the Opposition Party in suggesting that the Government puts the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty into effect where the Government could request any and all documents and information including testimonies to carry out their investigation.

Saldivar Career ended?
53-year-old John Saldivar may be seeing the end of his political career and may just go down as the shortest-serving Party Leader Elect for the United Democratic Party. Party Leader Dean Barrow has asked for his resignation as the UDP’s Party Leader Elect and has suspended him from Cabinet.

Tarrus Riley concert 2020
Tarrus Riley is the first international artist to arrive in Belize for 2020. Riley is a Jamaican-American Reggae singer. He is here with Dean Fraser and the Black Soil Band for a concert to be held on Valentine’s Day at the Belize City Civic Center. Riley is known for his tops hits such as “She’s Royal” and “Gimmi Likkle One Drop.” This afternoon, Love News went to meet him as he touched down at the Philip Goldson International Airport.

Kendis Gibson gives tips to Belize’s media
We often report on workshops, but today the media had a training of its own. The Belize Tourism Board organized a “Best practices for media reporting during a crisis situation” featuring Kendis Gibson, a reporter from MSNBC Live.

No is no
46-year-old Ervin Pitts was convicted for raping a 34- year-old woman back in April 2016

Noewellin Williams sentenced
46-year-old Noewellin Williams is serving eighteen years in prison for the murder of his common-law wife. This morning in the courtroom of Justice Colin Williams a mitigation plea was heard from, Williams. Allegations are that Williams stabbed 33-year-old Roxanne Pop on Central American Boulevard in Belize City August 2017.

Man drowns in Southern Belize
Yesterday around 5pm, police officers went to a farm along the Swasey River in the Independence area of Stann Creek District where they saw the body of a man. The man was lying face up on a small island in the middle of the river.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Yacht owner cooperating with authorities after dropping anchor on reef,” says Audubon Society
Photo Credit: Bloomberg The Belize Audubon Society (BAS) updated the nation on the status of […]

Belize hosts Mesoamerica Hunger-Free Program
Under Belize’s current Co-Presidency Pro Tempore of the Mesoamerica Integration and Development Project, a national […]

Lobster Fishing Season closed
The Fisheries Department informs all fishers and the public that the lobster season will be […]

Text messages between John Saldivar and Kingston released
The Salt Lake Tribune and the U.S. District Court of Utah have released to us […]

Belize outpaces region but overall reef health down
The overall Reef Health Index (RHI) is down for the first time since measurements began […]

Richard Harrison being laid to rest
Belizean businessman, writer, analyst, politician, environmental champion, Richard Harrison is being laid to rest today. […]

Belize Network of NGO’s calls on Government to take steps to introduce campaign finance legislation
The Belize Network of NGO’s (BNN) issued a statement today calling on the Government of […]

John Saldivar formally resigns from Cabinet
In light of mounting allegations and calls for his resignation from cabinet, John Saldivar, who […]

Public Service Union tells Saldivar “Fi God sake just goh!”
The Public Service Union (PSU) issued a statement today, joining the public outcry for the […]

New laboratory inaugurated to help cane farmers fight froghopper pest
This week, the Government of Belize (GOB) and the European Union (EU) inaugurated the first […]

Belize hosts 1st Mesoamerica Project Executive Commissioners Meeting
Belize hosted the first meeting of the Executive Commission of the Mesoamerica Integration and Development […]

Miguel Segura walks free
Almost six years after the fatal traffic accident that claimed the life of 54-year-old Succotz […]

Irvin Pitts convicted of rape
A jury of 6 women and 3 men deliberated for about 90 minutes Wednesday before […]

Noewellyn Williams sentenced to 18 years on manslaughter charge
Noewellyn Williams, 44, charged with murder and who later pleaded guilty to manslaughter, was sentenced […]

NICH and Cultural Stakeholders launch Belize Living Heritage Website
Today, the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), through the Institute for Social and […]

Opposition leader says he will resign if PUP loses next election
Following a press conference this morning, Opposition leader, John Briceño fielded a host of questions […]

PUP calls for massive demonstration
The People’s United Party (PUP) hosted a press conference this morning in Belize City addressing […]

Johnny Briceno to Belizeans: New PUP Government will implement UNCAC and campaign finance legislation
The People’s United Party (PUP) is currently hosting a press conference this morning. PUP Party […]

Opposition leader proposes new policy measures to hinder corruption
Opposition leader, John Briceño, is currently having a press conference in Belize City, addressing the […]


Visiting Tikal Maya Ruins from Belize
Since 1979 Tikal has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is very important to Guatemala’s tourism. And being that Guatemala borders Belize, it’s easy to visit these ruins in a day from Belize. So not only can you experience the wonderful world of the ancient Mayas in Belize, but you can also experience them in Guatemala. In order to fully plan your trip here’s some information about the Tikal Maya Ruins: Tikal is located in the northern district of El Peten at the Tikal National Park. The location is set in very dense jungle areas so that when you’re walking from one plaza to the next there is an entire jungle canopy covering you. However, the temples themselves are cleared from the growing vines and trees.

Teens and Travel in Belize
Every parent is aware that a teenager while on vacation can either break or make your family trip. Here are some activities sure to make even a teen happy and satisfied while visiting Belize. Teens are some of the most enthusiastic travelers filled with energy and expectations. However, their interests and schedules don’t always align with younger siblings or parents. This makes traveling a bit tricky and challenging. This guide will help give some ideas of places and activities Belize has to offer which will make the trip enjoyable for your teens based on their personality and interests.

How To Spend One Perfect Day In Orange Walk, Belize
Most people don’t put Orange Walk Town on the top of their list when they’re planning a Belize vacation. That’s a mistake. This charming, bustling town is a great place to spend a day soaking up history, sunshine and awesome delicious food. Where Is Orange Walk Town? Orange Walk Town is the capital of the Orange Walk District. It is 53 miles north of Belize City. The district has a population of about 40,000. Start at Banquita’s House of Culture. This lovely museum sits at the mouth of the New River. It’s the perfect launching post for your Orange Walk explorations. Learn about the history of this town that was central to Belize’s trade in sugar. Fortify yourself with a snack before heading out to your next stop.

Artist Meet Up was held on Thursday February 13, 2020
A wonderful afternoon was spent at the coconut hut here in Corozal at the meeting of the Corozal Artists By the Bay was held Today at 2PM. Many artists attending along with Debra Wilkes and Judy Wilson and Craig Courtright and Hassan Artiste. Formal elections were held and the artist's group is on its way to putting Corozal art on the map. You can visit them this Saturday at Art in the Park or at their next meeting on March 26TH, 2020 inside the Coconut Hust, at 2PM.

Romantic Belize Resort: Portofino, San Pedro
Explore Belize’s romantic side with Portofino Resort! Subtly nestled on an intimate stretch of white sugar sand beach and dotted with tropical palm trees, Portofino is the best place for a romantic escape! Its charming cabana-style rooms, stunning Caribbean views, and friendly staff define barefoot luxury and guarantees an experience of a lifetime! If romance is the question, Portofino is the answer! Whether it’s time to rekindle romance or to celebrate your love for each other, this hidden gem will certainly not disappoint!

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Mesoamerican Reef's declining health alarms scientists
The condition of the world's second-largest coral system, the Mesoamerican Reef stretching from Mexico to Central America, has taken a turn for the worse and faces further threats from climate change, according to a new report. Extending nearly 1000 kilometres from the northern tip of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula towards the Bay Islands in northern Honduras, the Mesoamerican Reef is second in size only to Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Daniel Loeb's Yacht Damages Belize Coral Reef
A luxury yacht owned by hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb damaged a pristine reef atoll in Belize near the famous Great Blue Hole, a popular diving site. The 200-foot (61 meter) Samadhi, owned by Third Point founder Loeb, was filmed last Sunday anchored at Belize’s Lighthouse Reef Atoll. A spokesperson said Loeb was not in the vessel at the time. The Financial Times first reported the incident and said there would be an official investigation.


  • PUP Press Conference 13th Feb, 2020, 47min.

  • Ministry of Health Response Plan for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), 57min.

  • Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence, 7min. Since 2009, the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence has been serving the Pickstock constituency and surrounding communities through the provision of programs for all members of the family. We learned more about the work of the Institute and heard from beneficiaries in this story.

  • Belize Eel, 20sec. Knock Knock... Who's There!

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  • PUP Committee of Caye Caulker officially launch the first PUP office on the island, 1hr13min.

  • Video from the Career Fair at Sacred Heart Junior College, 3.5min.

  • Belize: Laidback, Friendly, and English Speaking, 4min.

  • Coconut-Inspired Belizean Cuisine with Chef Sean Kuylen, 3min. Watch this clip of an upcoming episode of The Belize Travelcast with chef Sean Kuylen where he gives us a culinary lesson of coconut-inspired Belizean cuisine.

  • Girls Trip to San Pedro Belize!, 15min. Here’s a look at my Birthday Trip to San Pedro Belize with my girls.