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Corozal Football Association Meeting
Corozal Football Association takes this opportunity to invite all current club owners/managers for a special meeting that will be held at our located at the Andres Campos Civic Center on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 6:00pm sharp. The meeting is aimed at discussing the start of the CFA Closing Season Youth Tournament 2019-2020. Gentle reminder that all players NEED to be duly registered via the FIFA Connect platform in order to participate in the upcoming tournament.

SSB Belmopan needs a Legal Services Manager

FCD EYG, MHH, BBA Cleanup Campaign Benque to Succotz
FCD Environmental Youth Group, Benque Basketball Academy, Mormon Helping Hands, community members and the relevant authorities conducted a cleanup campaign from Benque to Succotz Village where a total of 68 bags of garbage were collected.

FCD Leadership and Teambuilding Training
Chamberlain Consulting Limited conducted a Leadership and Teambuilding training for 20 members of the FCD Environmental Youth Group and Todos Por Un Mundo Verde with the support from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

Taste of Belize 2020!
Time to mark your calendars for BTB's signature culinary event, Taste of Belize 2020! An event where you can savor our culture and enjoy Belize's traditional flavors, while cheering on your favorite chefs/bartenders is one you don't want to miss.

Yuum Kaax
Yuum Kaax the representation of nature. Today Yuum Kaax continues to be very important between the Yucatec Maya specially for the ritual known as Wahil Kool done in the Maya village of Patchakan.

Portion of Hicaco Street blocked Feb 26 & 27 on Caye Caulker
The Caye Caulker Traffic Control Committee and the Caye Caulker Village Council are hereby informing the general public that the portion of Avenida Hicaco Street: between the basketball court and the police station, will be blocked for the entire day on February 26th and February 27th, 2020.

Letter from PM Barrow to the Leader of the Opposition
Dear Sir, Your letter to me of February 14th, 2020, is additional confirmation of what all right thinking Belizeans already know: you and your Party are the most outrageous hypocrites and frauds ever known in the modern politics and governance of our country. One of the principal points in your screed of a letter, is the unbelievably self-righteous rant about the so-called illegality of Supplementary Appropriations. I point out that all Supplementary Appropriations were fully debated and overwhelmingly approved by Parliament during my tenure as Minister of Finance. Your pretend anger in this regard is a nauseating example of the patent and knowing falsity of your position. The history of Supplementary Appropriations started under our Independence Constitution with the People’s United Party.

Belize is one of the First Countries to Support New Global Alliance “30by30”
In 2019, Belize joined nine other countries in supporting the United Kingdom-led initiative “30by30” aimed at safeguarding the world’s ocean and protecting its precious wildlife. The 30by30 initiative is a call to action for at least a 30% target of the global ocean to be under protected status as marine protected areas by the year 2030. This call was first made by the Government of the United Kingdom at the United Nations General Assembly last year, at which Belize was represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Honourable Wilfred Elrington. Belize currently has approximately over 20% of its marine territory under some form of protected status, which includes marine reserves and spawning aggregation sites.

Miss Doris passes away on Caye Caulker
I wish to inform the Caye Caulker Community of the untimely passing of the owner of Tree Top's Hotel. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

List of Pharmaceutical retail establishments
The Ministry of Health shares the most recent list of Pharmaceutical retail establishments and Licensed Import/Wholesale establishments as of January 31st, 2020.

Corozal Tourism Police on bicycle patrol
CTC Release - "Mayor Rigo Vellos and the Corozal Town Council, meeting another committment to the people of Corozal. Preparations underway to have our Tourism Police on bicycle patrol for the benefit and safety of our local and international visitors. Furthermore, they will be there to protect our municipality - especially our bay from littering and for the protection and conservation of our recreational areas. We will keep you updated as these will be sworn in as Special Constables in order to carry out their duties in accordance to the law".

Juan Carnaval in Cayo
On Saturday, March 7th, the Juan Carnaval is coming to Cayo. They'll have a parade from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Juan Carnaval is a Mestizo Cultural parade that involves music,dance and folklore characters.

Last week, fishing was mixed with an average bag of bonefish, a variety of Snapper species, and one Tarpon and three Permit landed. A fair amount of wind made conditions challenging.

Maintenance of the Water Treatment Plant in San Pedro
Belize Water Services informs its customers in San Pedro that there will be low pressure in the water supply which will affect the entire San Pedro distribution system as follows: • Monday, February 17, 2020 from 11:00 pm to Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 5:00am • Tuesday, February 18, 2020 from 11:00 pm to Wednesday, February 19,2020 at 5:00 am • Wednesday, February 19, 2020 from 11:00 pm to Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 5:00 am This low pressure is necessary to build storage to accommodate planned maintenance of the Water Treatment Plant. Customers may experience discoloration when water is restored.

Carnaval Photographic Exhibition in San Pedro
Coming Soon! Carnaval Photographic Exhibition @ the San Pedro House of Culture. Friday, February 21st, 2020 @ 7 pm.

Massive Demonstration Sunday Feb 23
All roads lead to Belize City.

Channel 7

NTUCB Makes Six Demands
On Friday's news, we told showed you what the leaders of several unions had to say in response to the PUP's call for a demonstration against corruption in public life. 
The PUP turning up the public pressure on the Barrow Administration after the fall of senior Minister and leader-elect John Saldivar.  But, the opposition won't get any direct support from the unions, who want to steer clear of any accusation that they are showing favorites and behaving in a partisan political manner.  The National Trade Union Congress of Belize, the umbrella union, has decided, however, that they want to protest in the name of good governance - and they plan to do so before the PUP hits the streets.

Min. Panton Says GOB Needs To Listen to NTUCB
As you saw those six demands are being squarely made to the Barrow Administration. And it's an administration that's on the ropes right now.  Its party leader elect was forced to step down last week as leader and to resign as minister in a cloud of scandal.  And in the next 7 days, the party faces double protests: one from the National Trade Union Congress, and the other from the opposition PUP. Today, UDP Area Rep Tracey Taegar Panton told us the NTUCB demands loom very large on the government's agenda: Hon. Tracey Taegar-Panton - Albert Area Rep: "I think we have reason to be concerned. And I think that as a mass party we need to certainly listen to the concerns of our social partners. If there are ways to address those concerns than I think we're ought to..."

Boots Unfazed by PUP Protest
We also spoke to her colleague, Senior Minister Boots Martinez - and he kind of said, "we'll see" - but wanted to spend more time talking about the PUP:.. Jules Vasquez
"On Thursday the NTUCB will protest, the BNTU decide if it will join them and then on Sunday, the PUP will protest."

Ashcroft Wants Into Peace Movement Redistricting Lawsuit
So, while the unions are preparing to demonstrate on behalf of good governance, the Belize Peace Movement, a sister organization of the Belize Progressive Party is proceeding with its lawsuit against the Government.  They say that the country is long overdue for a re-districting exercise because the disparity in the sizes of the different electoral constituencies is becoming more pronounced.  They make the point that according to the constitution, these divisions should be as equal in size as possible, to ensure that each vote has the same value in an election.

They Killed Kyla
Another teenaged girl has been killed - the third such death recorded this year.   On Sunday evening 17-year-old Kyla Young was at a friend's home on Glynn Street, hanging out.  They had no clue that a killer was lurking.  And, without them even knowing, Kyla along with 24-year-old Anselma Flores and 25-year-old John Peters became targets in a ruthless gang rivalry.   Here is Kyla's story.  On Sunday night Belize City saw the murder of another teenaged girl. 17-year-old Kyla Young was hanging out with friends in a yard on Glynn Street near the Salvation Army school when at least two gunmen entered the yard and shot them. Her mother thought she was off on a weekend trip she spoke to us today but remains uncertain about the sequence of events that lead to Kyla's death.

Two Mur-dur's In 10 Minutes
There were also two murders in the village of Hattieville on Saturday morning - but this one followed a different pattern, where weed vendors, or as they are known, "dur's", are targeted for turf.  And so it was on Saturday, when Two men who worked as handymen-gardeners but moonlighted as weed vendors - were seemingly executed in an organized fashion within 10 minutes of one another. Cherisse Halsall went to Hattieville to speak with the families. The mayhem started at 9:50. 26-year-old Ronnie Anderson was riding his bike in the new site area when he was shot. We spoke to Anderson's pregnant girlfriend this morning and asked her if she believes Anderson was targeted:

Testy Exchange
The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition are sparring tonight, but not in the House of Representatives, they've gone old school, with a war of words in long letters that they have exchanged.
The Leader of the Opposition threw the first salvo with his four page letter on Friday, which is over a thousand words long. He points to, quote, "Unconstitutional and Criminal Public Spending" end quote.  Her's referring to the January judgement of the Chief Justice on Supplementary Appropriations Acts which eh said were unconstitutional.  Briceno says, quote, "This confirmed the view long held by the People's United Party that the profligate spending under your leadership was illegal and most likely corrupt."

Can Tracey T Lead The UDP?
And while the PM showed he is in fighting form with that combative and dismissive response, he will need to stay sharp because there are many battles ahead for his administration limping into its final few months in office.

Boots Denies Facebook Fake News
We spoke to Taegar - Panton today because she wanted to clear her name after a fake news facebook post which went viral this weekend.   It alleged that John Saldivar had supposedly snitched on his colleagues and disclosed which of them he was funneling Lev Dermen's campaign financing to.  It named Tracey Panton, Boots Martinez and Edmond Castro - as having received proceeds.  It further alleged that their names and text messages also came out in that Utah courtroom - which we can confirm is bogus and baseless.   Since then, Saldivar and Tear Panton have put up their own posts dismissing the fake news story.

Tracey Says Fake News Post "Vexed"ť Her
There was an even more emphatic denial from Tracey Taegar Panton.  In a statement, she said, quote, "Few things vexor move me to a point of anger.  The deliberate, vicious, malicious attack on my  character, reputation and integrity merely for political or personal  gain is certainly one of them." Today she said it is all made up - and that she never received money from John Saldivar: Hon. Tracey Taegar-Panton - Albert Area Rep: "Absolutely categorically unequivocally untrue. I have never met these characters that are now in the court of Utah and I have never had the opportunity to share not even a bank account with my predecessor, the honourable Herman Longsworth. Not for cheap political gain, not because of some cowardly act by someone who wanted to target me for whatever reason will I sit back and allow it to happen. It cannot happen. It will not happen. I will certainly, I can defend my character and I can defend my reputation."

Teenage Solider Shot in City
A BDF recruit from January's intake was shot this afternoon.  18-year-old Wayne Perry was a part of the BDF pass out ceremony two weeks ago, but tonight he is in the hospital with serious gunshot injuries - and it wasn't friendly fire.

Manslaughter for Patricide
In 2010 he was charged for killing his own elderly father, but today Belize City resident, Glenford Grant. Pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter, in the advice of his attorney, Audrey Matura. On May 14, 2010 Glenford Grant was at home #15 Oleander Street, Belize City along with his father, 80-year-old Clifton Grant and his niece when Grant attacked his father, beating him up in his face and head.

He Allegedly Killed His Neighbour Over Barking Dog
Another big case is in court this week. In June of 2018, 58-year-old Manuel Pacheco, a well-known jeweler from Belize City, made headline news after he was charged with murder for the shooting death of his next-door neighbor, 50-year-old Jose Villanueva. His trial without jury started today, and the prosecution called one of their main witnesses to testify against him. Villanueva owned property right next to Pacheco's business place, known as Pacheco's and Son's Jewelry, which located on East Collet Canal. The two had a history of disputes. Well, evidence from this witness today is that the two began to argue over Villanueva's dog.

Peace Movement Calls Dibs On Campaign Finance Reform
At the top of the news, we showed you how the National Trade Union Congress of Belize has decided that it will demonstrate on behalf of good governance. It's an important issue at this time due to the public unraveling of the UDP's John Saldivar in the wake of the Lev Dermen scandal.  One of the demands that the NTUCB is making is that the Barrow Administration enact campaign finance legislation. If passed, campaign financing laws would strictly regulate politicians, and their ability to raise money to fund election campaigns.  One school of thought is that campaign financing reform in Belize could address corruption in a meaningful way.

Domestic Stabbing Leads To Chopping
A domestic dispute in Belmopan resulted in a chopping last night. It happened when Oren Nunez, a man barred by a restraining order from going near to his ex-wife, violated that order by stabbing her and her boyfriend in her home. And when the chaos of the altercation was over Nunez had been chopped. Police told us more, earlier today.   ACP Joseph Myvett - Head, NCIB: "Last night, sometime around 8:30 PM, Belmopan police responded to information of a misunderstanding or a dispute at Custard Appel Street, Belmopan City at the home of one Curless Nunez. Upon the police's arrival, one Oren Nunez was outside of the fenced yard with apparent chop wounds and was bleeding. What the police know so far is that Oren Newness, who is separated from Curless Newness..."

Like Cain And Able
And there was also knife action in Belize City - and, this one was an interfamily dispute.  On Friday night, two brothers Kurson 19, and Kirk Howard, 26, were at a residence on Neal's Penn Road when they got into an argument.  Kurson allegedly pulled a knife and stabbing his older brother Kirk. Kirk  then got hold of the knife.    Police told us more: Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero - Deputy, NCIB: "On Friday the 14th day of February 2020 around 9:25 PM police visited the KHMH where they found Kurson Howard and Kirk Howard with stabbing injuries. They are brothers. Information reveal that they were at an area when they got into a fight. One stopped the other one. Afterwards, the other person took the knife away and inflicted the stabbings to the other one. Both are in stable condition at this time."

Santander Worker Sinks to His Death
A Santander tractor operator drowned yesterday in the Valley of Peace area. 29-year-old Kenrick Grinage went off duty at midday and headed to the riverside. His intention was to cross the river but the boat to ferry workers across wasn't there. That's when Grinage attempted to swim across, he wouldn't make it. And today police told us what they've been able to find out about his drowning. ACP Joseph Myvett - Head, NCIB: "Shortly after midday, Mr Grinage reported off duty from Santander where he is a tractor operator where he proceeded to the riverside..."

Channel 5

PM Barrow Unleashes on the Leader of the Opposition
Reeling from the Saldivar scandal, PM Barrow has unleashed on the leader of the Opposition in a lengthy and stinging letter, calling John Briceńo and the P.U.P. the most outrageous [...]

Powerful N.T.U.C.B Prepares for National Demonstration
Two demonstrations are take place in the next few days against the government. The People’s United Party will take to the City streets on Sunday but before that the unions [...]

N.T.U.C.B. Says No Elections until Demands are Met
The N.T.U.C.B. is making urgent six demands on the government to address before any elections are called.  The Congress wants campaign financing laws to be implemented and is also clamouring [...]

N.T.U.C.B. Demands Independent Investigation of John Saldivar
The last time the unions collectively took to the streets was in 2005 when the P.U.P. was in government.  The Saldivar scandal has stirred widespread anti-corruption calls and prompted the [...]

A Call to Join the N.T.U.C.B.
As we said, the theme of Thursday’s demonstration by the N.T.U.C.B. is “Only the People Can Save the People” and as such union leaders, today made a call for members [...]

John Saldivar Tells His Side of the Story
On February fourteenth, John Saldivar finally admitted that he received monies from fraudster Lev Dermen, just as Jacob Kingston had testified in the U.S. District Court of Utah. Days earlier, [...]

Kyla Young, Minor, Murdered in Gang-Related Shooting
A seventeen-year-old girl was murdered on Sunday night as she played cards along with friends at a house on Glenn Street in Belize City.  Kyla Young is the second person [...]

Ronny Anderson is Gunned Down in New Site Area, Hattieville
Police in Hattieville are investigating two murders. The first happened a little before ten o’clock on Saturday morning and the victim is Ronny Anderson of the New Site Area. Anderson [...]

Kenroy Danderson is Murdered at Bus Stop Near Police Station in Hattieville
The second murder in Hattieville on Saturday morning was execution style. Police were called out to an area about one hundred yards away from the village’s bus stop, near the [...]

B.D.F. Soldier Injured in Shooting
Just after three o’clock this afternoon, the violence continued on the south side of the city. One man was shot in the vicinity of Violet Lane in the Saint Martin [...]

CJ Hears Lord Ashcroft’s Redistricting Application
The redistricting case before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin entered a new stage today when attorney for Lord Michael Ashcroft, Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck was allowed to present an application.  That [...]

Peace Movement Has No Issue with Lord Ashcroft Joining Case as Interested Party
Meanwhile, attorney for the Belize Peace Movement, Arthur Saldivar told the media that should the court determine that Lord Ashcroft joins in the case, it would not delay trial, as [...]

Popular Jeweler on Trial For Murder
The case of popular Belize City jeweler, Manuel Pacheco started this morning before Supreme Court Justice Colin Williams.  Pacheco, who lived on Cockburn Lane, is on trial for the murder of [...]

Argument Ends with Brothers Stabbing Each Other in Belize City
A confrontation between two brothers in Belize City ended in their stabbing over the weekend.  The Howard brothers, Kurson and Kirk Junior, are now recuperating after the unfortunate incident during [...]

Man is Robbed and Stabbed on Newtown Barracks
There is a second stabbing incident to report on tonight which also occurred on Valentine’s Day in Belize City. Rene Ranguy was walking on Newtown Barracks when he was accosted [...]

3 Injured in Vehicular Accident in Corozal
Three persons were injured in a traffic accident in Corozal Town. It happened this morning at around five-thirty at the northern entrance in the area of Santa Rita. A vehicle [...]

Samadhi Owner in Contact with Belize over Grounding at Reef
The Department of Environment continues to investigate the damages to the barrier reef on February ninth, when a yacht owned by U.S. billionaire investor, Daniel Loeb dropped anchor on the [...]

Is There Foul Play in the Apparent Drowning Death of Roy Grinage?
A Saint Matthews resident is dead after he apparently drowned while attempting to cross the Belize River. Roy Grinage, an employee of Santander, was heading home on Saturday afternoon and [...]

Chopping-Stabbing in the Capital City
Police are also investigating a domestic stabbing-turn-chopping that happened in Belmopan on Sunday night. Sometime around eight-thirty that night, police were called to a house on Custard Apple Street, where [...]

The Weekend Sporting Highlights
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]

The Reporter

Michael Ashcroft Pushes His Way Into Belize’s Politics
Attorney for Lord Michael Ashcroft, Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck today presented the grounds for an application to have the Court allow Lord Ashcroft to join in the redistricting case which the Belize Peace Movement has brought against the Elections and Boundaries Commission.


Man drowns in Cayo
A resident of Saint Matthew’s Village drowned over the weekend, but his relatives believe that foul play was involved. 28-year-old Roy Kenrick Grinage went swimming in the Belize Old River on Saturday afternoon, just after one o’clock.

NTUCB dissatisfaction with the government
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) is preparing to demonstrate this week against their dissatisfaction in the way the government is handling certain matters. The demonstration is planned for Thursday in Belize City and will have the participation of the majority of the unions.

Two brothers stab each other while arguing
Two brothers, 26-year-old Kirk Howard and 19-year-old Kurson Howard were hospitalized over the weekend after they inflicted stab wounds on each other. The incident occurred in Belize City on Friday night when they were both socializing at their house. An argument reportedly unfolded which escalated to Kurson pulling out a knife and stabbing Kirk in the leg.

Government Minister threatened to sue media houses and anyone who tarnishes her reputation
A Government Minister has threatened to “take appropriate action” against any person or entity that seeks to assassinate her reputation. Minister of State in the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Commerce, Tracy Panton issued a statement this morning categorically denying any allegations of corruption levied against her. In her statement she wrote, quote, “Few things vex me or moves me to a point of anger. The deliberate, vicious, malicious attack on my character, reputation, and integrity merely for political or personal gain is certainly one of them.

Daylight shooting leaves teenage boy hospitalized
A recent graduate of the Belize Defence Force Intake 65, Wayne Perry was the victim of a daylight shooting that occurred just before 3 o’clock this afternoon. The 18-year-old was riding his bicycle home when he was shot on Violet Lane, Belize City.

PM calls the PUP ‘outrageous hypocrites and frauds’
The Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister are engaged in a war with words over the impending amendments to the constitution as was ruled by the Chief Justice. The People’s United Party indicated via a letter to the Prime Minister on Friday, February 14 that, quote, “You should be in no doubt, that PUP will vigorously oppose any proposed amendment to validate your Government’s illegality.

NTUCB declares their 6 demands from government
It’s the year of a general election and while we anticipated the heavy campaign ads to begin within the first quarter of 2020, what we did not foresee was the depth of scandals and allegations rocking the United Democratic Party and the Barrow administration. Ordinarily, the unions are on the sidelines looking and keeping quiet. Tonight, however, we can tell you that the silence is over.

Man stabs ex-wife and new boyfriend
Three people were stabbed on Custard Apple Street in Belmopan around 8:30 last night. The dispute which led to the chopping occurred between Oren Nunez, his ex-wife Curlis Nunez, and her common-law husband Eric Mejia.

Two men murdered ten minutes apart in Hattieville
The weekend violence started with a double murder in Hattieville Village on Saturday morning. Two men were shot minutes apart, and the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not they were connected.

Founder of ACB does not know who runs organization
The Association for Concerned Belizeans (ACB) was a group that aided in the bringing down of the PUP Government back in 2005. At the time it was made up of known UDPs including Jeremy Spooner, David Vasquez, Lois Young Barrow and Karim Berges, to name a few.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

P.M. confirms appeal of supplementary allocation decision and attacks P.U.P. for “hypocrisy”
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dean Barrow, says the Government plans to appeal the […]

PAHO hosts design launch of 3 of Belize’s health facilities to be safer and greener
On Wednesday, February 12th, 2020, the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) hosted the […]

Belize among first countries to support new Global Alliance “30by30”
In 2019, Belize joined nine other countries in supporting the United Kingdom-led initiative “30by30” aimed […]

Man on a bicycle attacked by a gunman
Belize City police have confirmed a shooting in the old capital. Shortly before 3 p.m. […]

Ex-husband attacks woman and her new spouse
Curles Nunez and her new common-law husband, Eric Mejia, were attacked last night at their […]

Police launch criminal investigation in death of Roy Grinage
On Saturday, shortly after midday a man drowned out west. He has been identified as Roy […]

Brothers who stabbed each other recovering, stable conditions
Two brothers are listed in a stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after reportedly […]

Motor Solutions Limited keeps you moving
Celebrating 15 years of service, Motor Solutions Limited (formerly Belmopan Motors) is committed to providing an […]

Police: No one charged for two murders in Hattieville on Saturday
On Saturday morning, two men were gunned down in Hattieville, Belize. The first to die […]

Police: Teenager’s murder caused by George Street-Pregnant Alley beef
Police say that the death of Kyla Young, 17, is as a result of the […]

American billionaire’s yacht damages Belize coral reef; owner pledges to work with Belize Audubon Society
A yacht belonging to American billionaire investor, Daniel Loeb, is being investigated by Belizean authorities […]

Belizean Devon Ramos earns Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics from Taiwan’s top university
Belizean student Devon Trop Ramos of Dangriga has earned a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics […]

Shooting in Belize City: One dead, two injured
Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that claimed the life of Kyla Young,17 and injured […]

Calling all nature lovers: Tropic Air now offering Lamanai river tour
Tropic Air, the company that brought you the serene aerial Blue Hole Tour and the adrenaline-pumping […]


Where do our Lobster Fishermen go during Closed Season?
Every February 15th, I get to wondering what lobster fishermen get up to during the closed season. Lobsters need to go on honeymoon for a bit, so they can make more delicious babies for years to come. That means no lobster fishing, and it means my mind wonders what these fishermen are up to during the off season. I mean, I think I have an idea: *cleaning, fixing and upgrading their traps *sorting their gear *meeting with clients and figuring out their next season’s requests

Caye Caulker Lobster Fest: June 26 – June 28, 2020
Held annually on the island, June is the perfect time to visit the island. You not only get to enjoy beautiful weather but you also get to devour the fresh, tasty lobsters! Not only that but also to enjoy the company of friendly locals and visitors as they all come together to celebrate and share culture. The days at each location are filled with exciting activities and contests for everyone to enjoy. Lobsters can definitely be considered as one of the most delicious foods on earth. You also get to choose lobster in a variety of ways to eat.

Solo Getaway Trip to Belize
Going solo might be a scary and lonely idea for some, but it is an experience that can also empower you and bring a fresh perspective of yourself you never knew existed. Solo traveling means freedom, independence and a chance at an unforgettable adventure. Traveling solo allows you to create your schedule when and where and how you want it to be, however you like, with no compromises. Belize is the ideal location for a solo getaway. 

Belize’s National Agriculture and Trade Show 2020
Festivals, fairs, and various events are a very important part of Belizean society. It’s either go big or go home for these things, and the National Agriculture and Trade Show is nothing less than that. Come celebrate the abundant agriculture and farmers who provide rich provisions for us every day! This event first began in 1970 and has been getting bigger and better ever since. It will be on May 1, 2 & 3, 2020, and is definitely the most popular and attended event in the country. It lasts for a total of three days which is filled with excitement and many different experiences. It is held in the capital of Belize – Belmopan, this is located about an hour from Belize City. The location is at the National Agriculture Show Grounds.

How to Spend Five Amazing Days in San Pedro and Caye Caulker, Belize
Previously, we posted a blog about spending 5 Days in Cayo, Belize; and, it's only fair that we do the same for those who love the sand, sun and sea. It's time to pull out those beach towels and flip flops and spend 5 Days in San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Here are 5 days in San Pedro and Caye Caulker in Belize: Snorkel/Diving/Snuba Diving, Caye Caulker Catamaran Sail, The Great Blue Hole, Fishing, Barbecue Catamaran & Sunset Sail.

International Sourcesizz

Concentration of Saharan dust haze
People with respiratory ailments are being asked to take precautions this week. The Barbados Meteorological Services is monitoring the progress of a thick concentration of Saharan dust haze located in the central Atlantic. The Model data indicates that the plume of dust haze is forecast to affect Barbados as early as Wednesday morning, with an improvement expected around Friday.

CARICOM staff tribunal launched
A new CARICOM institution was launched here today to act as a referee for the Community’s own public servants, spread out among organs and agencies across the 15-member bloc. The Caribbean Community Administrative Tribunal (CCAT), to be based in Port of Spain, was inaugurated at the headquarters of another regional institution – the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) at Prince Road, Pine. The tribunal is intended to provide an avenue for open ventilation and final resolution of employment grievances between CARICOM’s institutions and staff.

Mormon in $470m fraud bought homes and supercars
A California businessman teamed up with a senior member of a secretive polygamist sect to defraud the US government of $470 million which he then used to buy fast cars and luxury homes, a court was told. Lev Dermen, the owner of a chain of Californian truck stops, and Jacob Kingston, who belongs to a breakaway Mormon sect called the Order, went on a four-year spending spree in which they bought properties in the US and Turkey, and cars including a $1.7 million Bugatti and a golden Ferrari. Lev Dermen is alleged to have bribed the prime minister-elect of Belize in the fraud.


  • National Trade Union of Belize Host Press Conference, min. The NTUCB positions in preparation for demonstration.

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  • Nadando con tiburones en Cayo Caulker, Belize, 2min. La sensación de nadar a menos de un metro con tiburones que miden más de tres metros es única y posible en la reserva marina que hay en los arrecifes de coral en Cayo Caulker

  • Parish members return from helping build homes in Central America, 2min. Members of a local tri-parish recently returned from a mission trip to Belize, where they helped build homes.

  • Belize cave tubing, 4min.

  • Jeff Mishell's SCUBA tour of Belize, 62min.

  • Travel to a Private Island in Belize with ME!, 6min. My travels to a private island in Belize, including deep sea fishing, scuba, boat theft & a shooting.

  • BELIZE CROCODILE RESEARCH INTRO, 3min. Introduction to a more comprehensive video in the works. Crocodiles were handled with appropriate permits from the Belize Forest Dept.

  • Mennonites in Belize | Ferry Crossing at Baking Pot, 1min. This is a glimpse of the Baking Pot ferry, commonly referred to as the Spanish Lookout ferry since it used to be the main entrance to the Spanish Lookout colony although it is no longer part of Spanish Lookout. It was originally built farther downstream at the spot where the Mennonites first arrived in 1958. It was washed away and damaged more than once; it was rebuilt a few times and relocated to the Baking Pot area where it is still in use by light vehicles.

  • Travel around world Belize San Pedro island, 3min.

  • Manta ray swimming at sapodilla keys(Belize), .5min.

  • *Better Belize It*, 5.5min. Me and a few homies took a trip to belize to see the Mayan Ruins and the City!!