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Stakeholders in northern Ambergris Caye are complying with the recommendation to adopt aerated septic systems to better treat sewage and wastewaters. The investment in this environmentally friendly upgrade is believed to be the best option in order to co-exist with the surrounding sensitive environment supporting the islandís tourism industry. The new infrastructure has been seen at the islandís popular Secret Beach area and is now been installed at a well- known development called Mara Laguna (formerly known as Barrier Reef Resort) north of San Pedro Town.

Despite the fact that these systems work very well by treating sewage and wastewater, there is still no viable solution for solid waste. Solid waste usually settles at the bottom of septic tanks, which needs to be scooped out or it can clog the septic, up to the point that it will stop working. Ambergris Caye is still burden with the issue that there is nowhere on the island that can treat solid waste. This is the factor believed to drive illegal dumping, as there is nowhere to dispose of it. Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) counts with sewage ponds in southern Ambergris Caye; however, they do not accept solids.

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