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The San Pedro Sun

Vivelo Y Gozalo, El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro is back!
One of the most anticipated annual island celebrations, El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro, has once again taken over the main streets of downtown with a colorful jamboree filled with paint and the popular street dance known as Comparsas. Under the theme Vivelo y Gozalo, the festivities started on Saturday, February 22nd with official ceremonies along with a block party and will culminate with the symbolic burning of Don Juan Carnaval (the celebration’s patron) on Wednesday, February 26th.

Anke Doehm’s court case again adjourned
There are no indications as to when the criminal court case against American National Anke Doehm will hear a verdict. Doehm, who continues to face a charge of ‘Cruelty to a Child,’ in connection with the death of her adoptive daughter, Faye Lin Cannon, was in court on January 16th. As on previous occasions, the trial was adjourned. Doehm is now expected to be back in court on March 5, 2020. The Supreme Court in Belize City, where the trial is taking place, was unable to say if the case will see closure anytime soon.

Ambergris Today

Carnaval Day 1: Painting And Dancing On The Streets Of San Pedro
Carnaval in San Pedro officially kicked off on Saturday, February 22, 2020 with a Carnaval Fiesta Block Party at the Central Park. Spectators at the Central Park were entertained by dances performed by the San Pedro Dance Academy and Titans Mas Band. There were food booths with lots to eat and drink and bouncy houses for the children to enjoy.

Various Belizean Sources


Wildtracks Update: Life in the Nursery: Meet Charlie!
Charlie is a young Yucatan black howler monkey, and part of the Wildtracks Nursery Troop. In June 2019, Charlie was found separated from his troop on a fallen tree in an area that had just been bulldozed to make way for sugar cane. Charlie was very timid when he arrived at Wildtracks, and very upset about taking milk from a human. The only things that calmed him were his hammock and grapes! He started coming out of his shell when he was introduced to Obi, another member of the Nursery...and from then on, he hasn't looked back!

Ms. Isabel Guerrero Passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the Guerrero family on the passing of Ms. Isabel Guerrero. May her friends and family find the strength in each other to overcome this great loss. May her soul rest in peace.

Miss Destinee Arnold visiting Caye Caulke
The Beauty Ambassador for Belize Miss Destinee Arnold will be in Caye Caulker on February 29th! Refer to flyer for more info.

CDB, UK to improve safety and climate resilience along arterial road on Belize’s east coast
The Governments of Belize and the United Kingdom and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) today launched the Coastal Highway Upgrading in La Democracia, Belize. The current unpaved roadway traverses mostly low-lying terrain and has poor drainage, making it impassable at certain times of the year. Climate change is exacerbating the risk of flooding in the area.

Belize, Your Natural Niche for Outsourcing Services
OO Statistics (FV5)Emerging technologies and changes in consumer preferences continue to contribute significantly to an increase in global demand of companies seeking to outsource parts of their operations to nearshore locations. Studies estimate that the Global total spend of the Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market will increase to four (4) Trillion USD by 2030.

Sarteneja Easter REgatta 2020
April 12, 2020

Corozal General Public Town Meeting
A General Public Town Meeting was held this past Friday night, February 21st at the Corozal Town Hall by our Corozal Community Policing Unit, our Belize Police Department's Top Brass headed by #Commissioner of #Police Chester C. Williams, Corozal Town Council and the Corozal Safety Advisory Committee to discuss with the general public, the probing issues of safety and crime in our Corozal District. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Douglas Hyde and special invited guest was Mayor Rigoberto Vellos. In its transformation, the efforts of the Belize Police Department has always been to bridge the gap of confidence building measures between the community and the police department to fight crime together.

Popol Vuh reading in San Ignacio
On the eve of La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge, the Wildfire Artzmosphere is having a Popol Vuh reading.

Shenseea will be performing on Saturday at Galvez stadium
Cayoooo!!! Coming alive early in 2020. Spread the word. Tell ah friend to tell 5 friends. This one is real. The West is surely the place to be in 2020.

The fishing this week was greatly improved by a lovely weather week with lighter winds and far less cloud cover. Good numbers of Bonefish were landed, and the flats enjoyed clear water, which made sight casting a lot easier.

Welcome signs were installed in the communities of Arenal, Santa Familia and Cristo Rey
Over the weekend, 3 welcome signs were installed in the communities of Arenal, Santa Familia and Cristo Rey. FCD continues to support the protection of the Mopan-Macal Rivers through community participation. This awareness approach is being led by community leaders who form part of the Binational Watershed Alliance, supported by the British High Commission, Belmopan Belize.

MAXIMO Book Presentation
The Image Factory Art Foundation invites you to the book presentation "MAXIMO." This story is in memory of the legacy of Maximo Perez, as the last Alcalde of San Jose Yalbac. He was an avid advocate for social justice, equity, and respect. More importantly, he believed in community resilience, and the continuance of the Maya bloodline in Belize.

Channel 7

PUP Pulls Massive Crowd
On Wednesday's news, we showed you the NTUCB's good governance march. They were making it clear to all political parties that the biggest thing on the minds of their members going in the 2020 general elections is the issue of corruption. At the NTUCB's rally, Opposition Leader John Briceno made a bold claim that his party would be able to mobilize 10,000 Belizeans to show that the unions aren't the only ones unhappy with the Barrow Administration's status quo. Here at this newsroom, we were skeptical of this boast, but yesterday, the PUP mobilised with the kind of mass street support, and flexed with the kind of muscle that it hadn't shown in decades to send a message loud and clear to Belmopan.

UDP, Leadership Carousel Continues
And while the PUP showed sufficient and surplus muscle, machinery - and let's not forget, money, the UDP continues to drift embarrassingly out in the political deep - still without a consensus leader to replace the retiring Dean Barrow. the word coming out of this weekend is that Cayo North's Omar Figueroa will be the man - and this picture - taken on Saturday seemed to show broad based support. But we're told it was just picture taken at a fundraiser for St. Andrew's Primary school in Cayo - not a caucus to endorse him.

Should Hon. Bev Have Gotten Upgraded to Full Minister?
We spoke to both Montero and Williams at a groundbreaking for the Coastal Road Paving project - which we'll tell you all about later in the news. We also asked Williams about what some perceive to be a recent slight. She was recently elected second deputy leader of the UDP - and is Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration. Fair enough, that's usually the role for a first term representative, but what happens when that rep is also the third most senior person in the ruling party? We asked Williams about that today in view of the fact that another minister of state - Omar Figueroa was upgraded to full minister last week:...

President Of The Senate Proposes Campaign Finance Reform
And while most of the UDP is busy doing political contortions to get over and around this divisive John Saldivar issue, President of the Senate Darrell Bradley ain't got no time for that. He spent the weekend coming up with draft campaign finance legislation. It's based on the US model and integrates other elements. And, right now Bradleys ays it's the only conversation that Belize needs to have if it really wants to get rid of money politics:

24 Year Old Man Killed, 61 Year Old Woman Shot
A 33-year-old man is dead and a 61-year-old woman partially paralyzed. That's after a pair of motorcycle riders rained bullets over Rio Bravo Crescent. The man, Ezekiel Usher, was hanging out in front of his neighbour's house. The woman, Joyce Edwards, was riding by in the back seat of her son in law's car. Tonight, he's in the morgue, and she's in the hospital partially paralysed. Here's that story. On Saturday night at 10:00, the unthinkable happened in Belize City, an innocent woman visiting from out district, a woman whose daughter says she rarely ever leaves her PG home, was shot in the Faber's Road extension area of Belize City.

Man Allegedly Killed By Nephew
43-year-old Shane Budram was killed in cold blood on Friday night, the alleged gunman was his nephew. Budran who has been in the news over the years for crimes such as robbery, gang affiliation, and attempted murder is said to have been making efforts to change his life. Neighbours say he had become somewhat of a father figure to young boys in the area. And it was his newfound put to right attitude that put him in the line of fire. This morning Cherisse Halsall headed to Jump Street to find out more.

Elderly Canadian Killed?
An elderly Canadian national is dead after events that police believe involve foul play. 78-year-old Canadian James Slemp - who lived off the Hopkins Road - was reported missing by a friend on Friday. And this morning police found his body in the Fresh Water Creek adjoining his homes. But it was no drowning. Head of National crimes Investigation Myvette told us more. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, NCIB: "On Friday, shortly before midnight, one Thomas Pou visited Hopkins Police Station and he reported that his friend, one James Slemp..."

Raging Fire On Raleigh Street
A family in Belize City lost their home in a fire on Saturday morning. It happened Raleigh Street in the St. Martin's area, and cell phone footage captured the fire in progress, showing a wooden 2-bedroom home completely engulfed in flames. We are told that it was being rented by Sharon Zelaya, her husband, her daughter, and her two grandchildren, ages 2 and 4. At this time, the authorities believe that the children were playing with matches in a room when which for out of control and cause that part of the house to catch fire. It quickly spread, and although the occupants were able to get out safely, they lost everything.

Coastal, The Richest Road Ever
In 1986, a team of rugged forest officers from the Melinda Forest Station took 5 months in the deep bush to cut a line from Gales Point Manatee to La Democracia at mile 31 on the Western Highway. And that line that they cut, gave birth to the Coastal Highway. In the 30 plus years since, the Coastal has remained the most tempting, but ultimately frustrating shortcut between central and southern Belize. If you're going from Belize to Dangriga - it cuts about 28 miles off the trip. But, with the road as rough as it has been, you might get a puncture, or, worse, you might just slide off the washboard surface. And don't even think of going coastal in the rainy season!

Funders Defend Choosing Imer As Contractor
As we have reported, the contracts were awarded to the joint venture firm of Imer Hernandez Development Co. Ltd./ along with a Mexican firm, Construcciones y Carreteras, in the amount of $62.9 million Belize dollars for Lot 1 and $70.2 million Belize dollars for Lot 2. Today, Hernandez represented the consortium - and we had to ask the funders about the contractor who has become a lighting rod for controversy:

Hon. Rene Not Ready to Hit The Road
Today's event was to start the works off and it should be completed in 36 months. That led us to ask Works Minister Montero about whether he will be around for the opening Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "Is it of some concern to you or some pain that you might not be around when they open it because maybe the UDP won't win the next general elections."

A Weekend Of Rampant Sexual Assault
It was a weekend of rampant sexual assault as 2 women and a minor were raped in the Cayo district. The perpetrators in these rapes range in relation to the women as a stranger, a BDF soldier, and a common-law-husband. ACP Myvette told us more about the ugly incidents.

Guilty of Robbing Meatpie Mecca
27-year-old Michael Arnold, the man accused of robbing the elderly owner of the popular Pou's Meat Pies in Belize City, has been convicted. Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer has decided to grant him leniency with a fine, and a suspended prison sentence. The incident happened on January 5th, 2016. 58-year-old owner Maria Pou had recently collected $500 in rent money from a tenant. She didn't keep that money for very long because shortly after it was handed over, she was attacked by a man who got into a scuffle with her.

Channel 5

Thousands of P.U.P. Supporters March Against Corruption
The People’s United Party is energized tonight. In the thousands, supporters came from the villages, towns, cayes, and from the two cities in what looked like the greatest show of [...]

‘Call Elections Now!’
The People’s United Party’s massive demonstration on Sunday culminated at Battlefield Park in downtown Belize City hours after its start. The crowd flooded the area of the Supreme Court spilling [...]

Opposition Leader Says It is Time for a Change
The People’s United Party’s demonstration was announced two weeks ago when Leader John Briceño released the party’s proposed agenda on campaign financing, making five demands on the government. Briceño is [...]

Police Out in Full Force for P.U.P.’s Demonstration
The demonstration and rally went without a hitch on Sunday. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and his team kept law and order as demonstrators marched through the streets of the Old Capital [...]

Nephew Murders Uncle in Wild Belize City Shooting
Shane Budram was shot and killed near his house on Wagner’s Lane in Belize City and tonight police are looking for his nephew, Raheem Budram, as the suspect in his [...]

Ezekiel Usher is Gunned Down on Rio Bravo Crescent
Twenty-four hours later, there was another murder in Belize City. Shortly after ten o’clock on Saturday night, Ezekiel Usher, an employee of Transparent B.P.O., was gunned down across the street [...]

Foul Play Suspected in the Death of a Canadian National in Hopkins
Police are also investigating the suspected murder of a Canadian national who was reported missing on Friday, after a friend was unable to make contact with him. Just before eleven [...]

Canadian Retiree Robbed in San Pedro Town
A sixty-year-old Canadian retiree was robbed on February fifth in San Pedro Town. The Canadian national visited our studios to share his story. According to the victim, he befriended a [...]

Victim Says Police Investigation Sluggish
According to the Canadian national, the investigation into the robbery has not advanced since the incident two weeks ago. He wants the full force of the law on the woman. [...]

Darwin Prado, Charged with Double Murder, Denied Bail
Twenty-four year-old Darwin Prado, charged with the double murder of Casey Lozano and Marlon Spain, remains behind bars after being denied bail by Supreme Court Justice, Antoinette Moore on Friday.  [...]

Michael Arnold is Fined for Robbery Conviction
In the court today, street figure Michael Arnold, aka “Teetie,” a Pickstock resident, was found guilty of robbery. Arnold was given a non custodial sentence and was fined two thousand [...]

Briceño’s Continued Call for an Independent Investigation into John Saldivar
Former National Security Minister, John Saldivar has been on the airwaves extolling his innocence after he was named in a court in Utah for taking money from the accused fraudster, [...]

Did ACP Marco Vidal Clear Lev Dermen?
After denying that he received monies from fraudster Lev Dermen, John Saldivar later admitted that he received fifty thousand U.S. dollars from Dermen during a trip to Miami in 2014.  [...]

A Woman Claims She was Raped by a Soldier Near Arenal Checkpoint
There are three disturbing reports of rape from the west in our newscast tonight. We start with the case of a woman in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, who claims that [...]

Woman is Raped by her Salvadoran Common-law Husband
There is another case of sexual assault of a woman in Cotton Tree Village. The victim is recovering at the Western Regional Hospital after she was raped at knifepoint by [...]

Police Investigate the Rape of a 14 Year-Old Girl
In Camalote Village, Cayo District, there are varying versions of a report of the sexual assault of a fourteen-year-old female minor. Police say that while a medical exam conducted on [...]

Family of 5 Displaced by Fire, Needs Your Help
A family lost everything when a fire swept through their house on Raleigh Street, Belize City. Tonight, they are appealing for assistance to rebuild their lives. Two children and their [...]

Fender Bender Victim Says Vehicle Owner Refuses to Settle Matter
A man, who was involved in a fender bender about a month ago, says that the person responsible doesn’t want to own up to his responsibility. Dennis Wright says he [...]

Coastal Road Improvement Officially Underway
The Coastal Highway Upgrading Project was formally launched in La Democracia today with attendance from representatives of the governments of Belize and the United Kingdom, as well as the Caribbean [...]

The Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in Sports...]

The Reporter

Is Stress Healthy?
By: Dr. Abigail Joseph. We all have problems in life. Whoever professes to not have any is probably not human. The truth is – problems come in all sizes and forms but we control the gravity of the situation and determine whether or not they will spiral out of control.

VIDEO: Compol Chester, Answers Key Questions From ‘THE REPORTER’
Just days ago Commissioner of Police Chester Williams revealed that ACP Marco Vidal had been placed in charge of investigating allegations of corruption made against former Minister of National Security John Saldivar.


Thousands answer People’s United Party’s call to demonstrate
Dozens of chartered buses rolled into Belize City on Sunday morning transporting men, women, and children for the PUP’s demonstration on corruption. It was a demonstration that took the PUP from an opposition party of only press releases to one who now has the attention of the ruling party and the political enthusiasts.

PUP members talk about corruption in the Government
Corruption is the platform that the PUP demonstrated yesterday; calling out the Barrow administration on several issues. Julius Espat from Cayo South went even further when he challenged the Police Commissioner and the Director of Public Prosecutions to do their jobs or else…...

How testing for Coronavirus is done
With Belize now having the capability to test for the novel coronavirus, we reached out to the Director of Health Services to allow us in the lab to see firsthand, how it’s done. Given the greenlight, Reporter Courtney Menzies visited the Central Medical Laboratory to bring you the following story.

Michael Arnold guilty of robbery and wounding
27-year-old Michael Arnold was found guilty for robbery and wounding before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. He was spared from jail time but was still fined two thousand dollars and slapped with a suspended sentence of one year

Ryan Young remanded to prison
21-year-old Ryan Young was remanded to the Belize Central Prison after he was charged for one count of aggravated assault with a firearm. The gunplay incident occurred Thursday, February 20 in Belize City.

Belmopan Resident lost in Southern Belize
A Belmopan woman is currently lost in Southern Belize. Sandra Garcia was found by the police officers and they are asking for the public’s assistance in finding her family. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.

14-year-old minor raped; police say there are several versions of the story
Two women and a minor in Cayo District were victims of rape over the weekend. The first occurred on Friday night in Camalote Village, when a 14-year-old went to visit someone in the village but the person was not at home.

Police on the hunt for a Salvadoran man who allegedly raped a woman
The other incident occurred on Friday night at around 8:30 in Cotton Tree Village. A 32-year-old woman reported to police that she was at home with her common-law husband when they began talking about her Facebook account.

Woman raped by a man in camouflage
Then on Sunday just before midday, a 25-year-old woman of Benque Viejo del Carmen Town reported to police that she was raped. The victim says she had just gotten home when she was approached by a man in camouflage clothing who raped her.

A conference for Men
The Reformation Team Belize is hosting its 4th annual Men’s Conference under the theme “Reclaiming your identity as a man”. The conference hopes to connect to the men of Belize and enlighten them about the meaning behind being a man and their role in society.

House Fire On Raleigh Street A house fire in Belize City on Saturday has left five persons displaced. The fire began sometime after midday on Raleigh Street in the Saint Martin’s Area.

Guinea Grass Village Has A New Substation The residents of Guinea Grass Village in Orange Walk now have a police substation in their area. The station was opened on Friday, and will see two officers manning it.

Rotaracters Park Project At KHMH Pediatric Ward Rotaracters were engaged over the weekend in Belize City with park rehabilitation projects. Their first project was St Ignatius Primary School on Euphrates Avenue where they installed a swing set.

CARICOM Pushes Belize To Pursue Sarstoon Protocol Heads of Government in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have urged Belize to continue their efforts towards the development and implementation of a protocol for the Sarstoon River. The discussion was had last week during CARICOM’s...

Man Allegedly Killed By Nephew 43-year-old Shane Budram was killed this past weekend allegedly at the hands of his own nephew. According to police, Budram was at his home on Wagner’s Lane, Belize City, with some family members when he got...

Man Killed Close To Home An employee of Transparent BPO is dead and police are looking for his killers. 33-year-old Ezekiel Usher was on Rio Bravo Crescent in Belize City when two men rode up and fired several fatal shots...

Rotary Park Project At St Ignatius Primary School Saint Ignatius primary school in Belize City was gifted with a two hundred-thousand-dollar park structure and bicycles today. The Rotary Club of Belize City and the Rotary Club of Edmonton in Canada collaborated to bring.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Renowned Mexican artist to appear at 2020 Street Art Festival
Today, the Embassy of Mexico in Belize announced that renowned Mexican artist Giovanni Fabián Guerrero […]

Are your roads & highways better now than 12 years ago?
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

Elderly woman and man shot, man succumbs minutes later
Shortly after 10 o’clock on Saturday night, gunshots rang out in the Rio Bravo Crescent […]

Shane Budram killed by his own relative?
On Friday night, a man was killed in Belize City. He has been identified as […]

Man detained but released after allegedly raping teen
Shortly after 8 o’clock on Friday night, a fourteen-year-old female minor and her mother visited […]

Woman raped by BDF soldier on Arenal Road, Cayo
A soldier of the Belize Defence Force has been detained for rape. At this time […]

“Children with matches caused Raleigh Street fire,” says Belize Fire Service
The Belize National Fire Service (BNFS) says that its investigation into Saturday’s fire on Raleigh […]

New Coastal Highway upgrade to commence
The Governments of Belize and the United Kingdom and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) today launched […]

Belizean nurses off to Taiwan for training
Five Belizean nurses are to be trained for 18 months at Chi-Mei Hospital in Tainan, southwestern […]

15th annual Women’s Awards coming up, do you have any nominations?
The Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children (SEWC) and the National Women’s […]

Ministry of Health addresses fake coronavirus news story: No confirmed cases in Belize
The Ministry of Health said today that there is absolutely no truth to an article […]

Verdes regain PLB lead after Bandits slip
A shock on the island on Saturday cost Belmopan Bandits their Premier League lead for the […]


Wildtracks Celebrates Thirty Years of Habitat Conservation and Threatened Species Rescue and Rehab
Wildtracks, founded by the dynamic British duo Zoe and Paul Walker, started their good work in 1990 and was registered as an NGO in 1996. Located near Sarteneja, the largest traditional fishing community in Belize within the Corozal District, their altruistic organization not only rescues, cares for and rehabilitates monkeys and manatees but other threatened species as well. Their efforts expand to four different issues; awareness and outreach, sustainable development, threatened species, and habitat conservation.

Our Late February Weather has Been BEYOND Gorgeous
Over the weekend, we had a bit of a “cold front” blow through. Winds coming in from the north – lowering the humidity, adding just a touch of chill to the northerly breeze. Absolute weather perfection. It could be no nicer right now. Things will change again later this week – there is a much stronger north wind coming in (currently predicted for Thursday) that should bring a bit of rain and cooler temperatures. Probably our last “cold front” of the year – and then things start heating up for Easter.

Placencia Lobster Fest: June 26 – 28, 2020
The dates are out for Placencia Lobster Fest 2020! The 22nd annual Lobster Fest will be taking place on June 26th– June 28th. Plan your Belize Vacation around the Placencia Lobster Fest! This is the best time to visit Belize as you get to enjoy these delicious crustaceans. For 2020, the lobster season officially opens on June 15th, 2020.

How To Plan An Amazing Group Trip In Belize
If you’re looking for a fun vacation destination for your family or a group, then Belize should be at the top of your list. The weather in Belize is ideal nearly all year long, flight times are short from most places in North America, the official language is English, and it is packed with exciting adventures waiting to happen. The great thing about traveling as a group is that you will typically be eligible for a number of group discounts. Most resorts, hotels and tour companies in Belize offer discounts for groups. Depending on the size of your group, you can enjoy many of the adventure tours in Belize with only your group. When planning your group vacation in Belize, it’s important to work with a local Belize expert guide to get ideas on what to do and see as well as picking the perfect hotel or resort for your stay.

Corozal House of Culture celebrated its 8TH Anniversary on February 24th, 2020
The National Institute of Culture and History, through the museum of Belize, invited the public to celebrate its 8TH Anniversary at the Corozal House Culture on February 24TH, 2020. This year's event highlighted the landmarks of the "Corozal Town Historical Walk Tours". The Corozal House of Culture partnered with the Second Year Tourism class from CJC, were eagerly awaited your visit. The students from CJC, toured the various schools and groups of adults was on a separate Tour that attended the event.

International Sourcesizz

Bacalar: low-key stunner in south Yucatán wants to keep it that way
There are places in Mexico that retain their charm yet swarm with tourists – think of the town of Sayulita on the west coast. Then there are places swarming with tourists that have become charmless – like the hotel zone in Cancún. At this point Bacalar — located on a finger lake of the same name just above the Belize border in Quintana Roo — is still so stunning that it feels you’ve stumbled upon some magical land. Unlike similar places in Mexico, its “lake of seven colors” is surprisingly quiet, the water breathtakingly clear and the prices incredibly modest. You can rent an entire house right on the water for US $100 a night (less in the off season) and head out to one of the local balnearios for a day of swimming and picnics for about $2.50.

Modern technology reveals old secrets about the great, white Maya road
Did a powerful queen of Cobá, one of the greatest cities of the ancient Maya world, build the longest Maya road to invade a smaller, isolated neighbor and gain a foothold against the emerging Chichén Itzá empire? The question has long intrigued Traci Ardren, archaeologist and University of Miami professor of anthropology. Now, she and fellow scholars may be a step closer to an answer, after conducting the first lidar study of the 100-kilometer stone highway that connected the ancient cities of Cobá and Yaxuná on the Yucatan Peninsula 13 centuries ago.


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  • GLIMPSES of BELIZE 2020, 6min. This is a summary of the various cultural landscapes in and around Belize City, based on three consecutive visits in the months of January and February in 2020.

  • EXPLORING BELIZE - RIO FRIO PART 1, 3min. On a recent trip to Belize I was able to film in a few locations of Rio Frio to see what bio diversity I could find! This particular location at the opening of Rio Frio Cave, has several species of livebearer present along with tetra/shad that can be seen in the more open water!

  • COMMUNITY REVITALIZATION MURAL PROJECT (Belize city 2016-2017), 4min. Belize City Community Revitalization Project (2016-2017)

  • Travel Through | Belize, 12min.

  • Eating The Best BBQ In San Pedro, Belize | Central America Barbecue Tour, 6min. This week's episode takes us to the pristine island of San Pedro, where we visit RAIN OR SHINE BBQ, to chow down on their amazing chicken and sausage. This video is guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

  • INDIGENOUS RIGHTS MAYA WORKSHOP at COCONUT HUT, 63min. This workshop and information shared was the first time in the history of Belize that this level of information has been brought together and shared... ENJOY!

  • Accion Deportiva, 60min.